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30 day otp challenge | day 5: kissing

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Dating Jaebum would be like:

-being pretty confident when asking you out and you actually asking him how he managed not to blush while saying those cheesy words

-a lot of back hugs

-he’s the type to hold your hand all the time

-like if he needs to do something he would try to do it without letting go of your hand if possible -‘’Jaebum, I’m not going anywhere…’’- ‘’Shhhh’’

-making you wear his shirts just so he can take them off you after few minutes  seconds actually

-you two laying on the couch cuddled up to each other doing literally nothing the whole day, just enjoying each other’s company

-you planting small kisses on his jawline and him kissing your forehead

-heated make out session while you’re straddling him

-him singing ‘’Confession song’’ and you having to either run away or hug him so he doesn’t see your face because you’re blushing so hard

-taking long walks but stopping every few minutes to take a pictures

-having movie nights every week and somehow it always ends up with him choosing the movie and you don’t mind that since you always enjoy it and sometimes you don’t even get to the movie

-you wearing his black hoodies and going around the dorm pretending you’re him

-’’(Y/N), what are you doing?’’

-’’What do you mean? I’m sexy and confident leader of GOT7.’’

-other boys are probably filming this let’s be honest

-you two going to restaurants together and you having to ignore the stares of other women  you’re not blaming them…who wouldn’t stare at him

-but you can’t help it sometimes and your jealousy probably shows on your face because after your come home he always makes sure to show you that you’re the only one he cares about

-talking about jealousy…he’s type to glare at every guy who’s talking to you and he doesn’t like you hanging with any guy if he’s not there

-it’s not like he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t trust them

-his group members are an exception because he knows they only see you as a sister or more likely as a mother  since you’re with their father of course you’re going to take care of them

-catching him staring at you lovingly while you’re doing something random like washing the dishes

-he will never admit it but he caught himself thinking about how your married life would look

-him being very dominant in bed

-waking up to realize you can’t move an inch because he’s hugging you tightly

-he likes to snuggle his face into your hair so he’s always the big spoon

-promising each other to act normal before you go out but in the end everyone is looking at you two anyway since you’re either laughing too loud or being extremely touchy-feely

-him kissing you in front of the boys not embarrassed at all and completely ignoring their whistles- ‘’You guys seriously need a girlfriend…’’

-long conversations on the phone when he’s away on tour and he needs to know every single detail of your day before he finally answers your questions about his

-him making you breakfast and then laying in bed with you and trying to feed you while ignoring your protests

-you encouraging him and helping him to calm down whenever he’s under stress and questioning his own decisions as a leader

-pulling you into a hug when he comes back from practice and you shouting that he’s sweaty but still snuggling your face into his chest

-although he’s pretty confident he would probably become a stuttering mess in front of you from time to time especially whenever you tell him you love him and he would definitely make sure to tell you the same every single day

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Would ya like to share some Gabe/Reaper headcanons?


  • I see Gabo as someone who can’t wake up before 9 am without being pissed at literally everything in existence
  • He owns pm every possible article of clothing with the words “juicy” written on it
  • He wears hoodies every single day, if you were to open his closet theres an entire section for only them 
  • At the PT meeting he’ll say that he’ll have a talk with his son and daughter about what they did, but will actually high five them and give them advice on how to do what they did better 
  • He has a flare for the dramatics, such as making exaggerated gestures and laying down in public, much to the dismay of his entire family 
  • “Say that about my kids one more time Helen, I dare you.
  • “Hello my name is Gabriel Reyes and I haven’t slept in over 4 years.” 
  • Makes his kids matching sweaters that they have to wear even when they’re adults
  • Owns a barn owl 
  • Will put salt in Jack’s coffee if he pisses him off
  • Will fight you if you insult his kids 

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“I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Jackson is making fun of your stretch marks when you wear shorts to school and Isaac stands up for you because he’s one of your best friends and he loves you?

Warnings: Bullying/swearing

Note: I can relate to this as I have stretch marks, and can I say if you are feeling self conscious about it, don’t be because every second person has them and a tiger has gotta earn their stripes right? :) xx

You knew it was going to be a bad day the minute you woke up with sweat literally dripping down your face. You felt gross with your whole body splayed out with the fan going at maximum speed, your covers left discarded on the floor. As you forced yourself out of bed to avoid the wrath of Coach you grunted in response to your mum yelling out to you that ‘It’s the hottest day so far this year on record, dress for it sweetie!’ from downstairs. 

You were standing in front of the mirror with your jeans on but already you could feel your thighs starting to sweat, you didn’t even know sweat could be produced from your freaking thighs. Thighs. The things you hated most about yourself. You weren’t a big girl by any means, you were healthy and in shape but somehow your body had forgot to tell your skin to keep up as it grew throughout puberty causing stretch marks to form. If you could get rid of anything in the world it would be stretch marks, well after you got rid of world hunger and poverty and all that, duh. 

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OT3 Squad Headcanons (Teen Friskriel)

Asriel remembered every valentines day he celebrated with Chara and Frisk.

Chara still doubts that they can be good, but pulls through with the help of Frisk and Asriel.

Asriel wears nothing but shorts when he’s jogging with Undyne. It didn’t take long for Chara to wolf ehistle at him and Frisk to shout “NICE SOLID ASS!” much to his embarassment.

The first time he opened up his feeling for Chara and Frisk, The three of them became as inseperable as ever. The days is just filled with kisses, hanging out in arcades late at night, being in slumber parties, reading comics, dating, and all that jazz. Asriel never wanted anything more than this.

It took five years for him to confess, he’s seventeen now. Chara concluded the goat is an adorkable nerd.

Asriel was always in bad health due to how much he was cooped up underground. So Undyne trained him even if it literally kills him. Bonus points for the humans seing the adorkable got getting toned.

Frisk likes to get Charas hair Braided. No one but them can touch their hair.

One time Chara vandalized Linda’s house for misgendering Frisk.

Chara and Asriel kicked the shit out of a bully who picked on Frisk.

Asriel took on body building, While Chara took on MMA and Frisk heads a monster rights activist group.

Asriel got enough courage to ask Frisk and Chara to marry him. Chara went red while Frisk nods happily and in tears. They are all twenty one.

In their wedding, It took Asriel fifteen times to get the vows right. Much to everyones amusement, He is still a dork.

Asriel planned and teached Frisk and Chara how to properly take care of kids but it’s still their decision on whether they want to or not.

The first time Asriel went in heat, Chara carried him to the bed and Frisk locked the room. Safe to say no one can sleep that night

kiyotaka ishimaru 

  • takes people literally when they’re being sarcastic or joking
  • has ten of the same outfit so he can wear it every day 
  • is extremely loyal to his personal morals and automatically shuns people that don’t follow them (at least before the sauna fight)
  • has an FP (favorite person) that he is closer to than anybody else. is no longer able to function when that person dies
  • has zero tact. doesn’t know what tact is
  • talks too loud in normal conversations and doesn’t realize he’s doing it

i’m not saying autistic ishimaru but yeah i’m absolutely saying autistic ishimaru

this morning, on rush hour BART, i was crammed up next to a cute-ish queer couple (i read them as a transdude/queerfemme combo) who kept making out with each other. cute, i thought. yay. but then (i could have been misinterpreting this, it’s always so hard to know for sure) i am pretty sure that they were making fun of my outfit? when i was literally right next to them.

the thing is, i have to wear biz-cas every day (heavier on the cas than the biz). i don’t like the way that i dress at work, at all. it makes me feel bad. i can’t dress the way that makes me feel comfortable because it’s not considered appropriate for an office job, even an office job that involves lots of time walking the streets and hanging out in very dirty hotel rooms, like mine does. so, i have gotten made fun of a lot for the way i dress outside of work, because it’s very distinctive and not everyone’s cup of tea. i can get behind that, because i’m doing what the fuck i want and fuck them if they don’t get it.

but the thing is, i know i look bad at work. it’s a choice. it’s partially for invisibility, because i am on the streets where a lot of violence happens, because i don’t want to draw attention to myself. partially because i am over a size 14 and the amount of cute work-appropriate clothes has diminished greatly once i crossed that threshold. and it feels weird to have people be judgy of something that i can’t get behind myself.

i was filled with white hot rage. i glared at them. i missed pittsburgh, because pittsburgh with all its faults, all its flaws, all its drama, did not contain one queer person who made fun of my appearance for no reason. the stakes were high so we stuck together. we had solidarity.

this duo appeared to be in their mid-20s. they were dressed impeccably, in expensive looking clothes. lots of brown, tweed, tan. the femme was wearing tights that were gorgeous and had to have cost at least $40. i wanted to snarl “fuckin’ yuppies” at them but i didn’t, on the off chance that i was wrong. they got off at montgomery street, of course. the financial district, if you were unawares. i stayed on until civic center, seething.

i deal with the contempt of gender normative straight people every day. i am used to it. i mostly don’t care. i care when rich queer people are shitty to me. when they demonstrate the breadth of their lack of understanding. when our queerness still means we have nothing in common.

but wait, i do care about the contempt of straight people when it affects my clients. on tuesday i went with a client to a department of public health hearing. his building isn’t accommodating his mental health issues and his room is considered a safety hazard because he can’t comply with pest control rules. i didn’t dress up, because everyone who’d been to these hearings told me not to. they said, it’s not like criminal court. the judge is nice. they want to help you there. everyone who told me this was a cis, gender-conforming straight woman.

i went there and the judge did not listen to me. he said that my requests for reasonable accommodation for my client were, in fact, unreasonable (they aren’t.) he completely dismissed everything i had to say. it was a horrible experience. and i can’t ignore the voice in my head (grown louder since the incident of this morning), saying, if you were pretty, maybe he would have listened to you.

it doesn’t matter that i am a competent and maybe even excellent advocate. it doesn’t matter that the law is on my side and that discriminating against a disabled person because of their disability is illegal. and that i know this and that everyone at that hearing knows this. i am a freaky person representing another freaky person. the opposition is a man who is always seen as a man, wearing a suit, speaking in a calm and reasonable tone that he never uses with my client when a judge is not present. it does not matter what we say, he will be believed and we will not. the yuppie queers on the train this morning were just another reminder. your contempt is killing us. there is a meaning behind this cheap outfit and this lawnmower haircut that you’ll never know.

in december, my boyfriend told me, “you just weren’t made for this world, sweetie.” he said it with a little frustration and a little sorrow. this was also in a conversation about how i dress. he’s right. i wasn’t made for this world. i have one foot in the world of the Sane, of the Job-Havers, of the credibility. I am trying to reach my hand out to my clients and drag them over too, but in the bay it feels like there’s always someone with a $50 stainless-steel water bottle and theoretically good intentions who just wants us to go away so they don’t have to be bothered to look at us.

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*Curtsies* do you think being passionate about Shakespeare you have to fit into a certain type? Like I'm a total hippy with bright clothes and I'm super bubbly but I just really love Shakespeare. I always feel like a poser because I'm not 'normal'.

*Curtsies* No? Not at all? I don’t think anyone who wants to sit around fangirling over a playwright who died 400 years ago is ‘normal’? I don’t know why but there seems to be this weird myth on Tumblr that English majors or lit students are all a certain ‘type’ of person and that literally couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’ve got about twenty people in our MA and among them are former sorority girls, former student athletes, former med students, former fashion models, dancers, actors, painters, Jews and atheists and Christians and Muslims, gays and straights and transgender folks, whites and POCs, people who wear frilly sundresses every day and people who wear leather and winged eyeliner and have multiple tattoos… There is no standard Shakespearean. We are as diverse as Shakespeare’s characters themselves.

20 days ago I attempted suicide after being institutionalized for 3 months. I wasn’t able to listen to any music, wear makeup or a bra, or eat real food, to name some of the things that sucked about it. Well the attempt was serious and very close to successful and while I was in the ICU I got my phone back and started listening to them. I became completely unable to listen to anything else, and still can’t. I love them so much and they literally saved my life. I write a |-/ on my scars every day because I haven’t had the money for a tattoo yet. I feel like Truce was written directly at me, along with many other songs. I thank God every minute of every day for those boys and I cry thinking about how grateful I am.


the concept of  wireless earphones is already making me so angRY, like I already loose my earphones on a tri-weekly basis as it is, and these are long white visible tangly things that are often connected to something I carry around all the time, and are in all difficult to loose. Wireless earphones on the other hand, are like getting another fucking pair of earrings, small inconspicuous objects, that when not in your ears are easily misplaced/dropped and if you lose just one of them, the pair is ruined, no matter how expensive they were. 

I have probably lost tens of dozens of earrings, but thats ok, I accept the high probability of a short lifetime when I buy a pair, because they are objects that don’t really have much of an impact on my day to day life whether I wear them or not, however, for an object that I use literally every day, objects that can make or break a day, ugh goddamn just


One of the big complaints I’ve seen about Arrow is that there are too many people in masks. And I have to wonder if these people know ANYTHING about the comics or Green Arrow. Oliver is not a solitary hero in the comics. He has a found family, and every single one of them wears a costume and fights crime. I can all but guarantee that the EPs knew this and planned to have Thea become Speedy and Laurel become Black Canary from day one. Now, I could definitely argue that the writers don’t know how to juggle this many heroes and still tell stories that highlight each of them, but that’s not a problem with the masks but the writers not knowing how to balance out an ensemble show period.

But I have been waiting since day one to see the Arrow family form. It’s just a shame that they wrote Roy off the show. And to those who are wondering, the Arrow family usually includes: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Roy Harper/Arsenal (or Speedy, in the early years), Connor Hawke/Green Arrow II (aka Oliver’s adult son), and Mia Dearden/Speedy II. This family is nearly as important to the DC universe as the Batfamily (Batman? Also not a lone hero type in the comics) and for those who complain that everyone Oliver knows is a crimefighter, that’s a comics thing too. He literally doesn’t have anyone close who doesn’t wear a mask. This has been a storyline in some comics, it’s been touched upon. Like it or not, that’s the character. And while Arrow is very clearly paving its own way and pissing on the comics, apparently some things remain and I’m just so glad that we have a live action version of the Arrow Family.

on very rare occasions im like “I’m a chill larrie it’s fine” and then I remember I literally wear a fucking anchor and rope necklace I got because of them every day and am like “oh yeah that’s right you sold your soul to them long ago”

So I reached my first thousand today-

Uhh- I guess I’ll do a giveaway. 

So I make bracelets that sort of look like these

But a little more detailed now. (These are my friend and I’s- and I wear mine literally every day.) I make them for my friends and they are pretty pricey to make. I swear I’m not being cheap. 

I’ll do three of these-  and send one to the three winners. 


1) you have to be following me- I will be checking 

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Oh yeah, and also- I’m not too sure about international mailing outside of Canada and the US… So If I can’t do it you will just get a free fully done drawing of my characters doing whatever you like. Idk. 

I’m going to have this giveaway going until May 15, 2015

then I will announce the winner. 

Good luck- and I hope this works.