i literally wear them every day

Anyway, I bet Kravitz hates Barry and Lup. Not because they’re liches, he’s used to liches. Liches are his job. But they don’t even have the common decency to act like liches. They’re so goddamn domestic and upbeat and ridiculously in love and it makes every single one of his instincts go wild because this- this is not how liches are supposed to act. It’s not right. Can’t you guys go hang out in a cave and make ominous statements and stuff? It would make him a lot more comfortable. 

Even their sense of fashion freaks him out. Lup “phoenix isn’t just a metaphor, I literally need to put fire patterns on everything I own” Taaco and Barry “I just have the one pair of jeans and I wash them every day” Bluejeans aren’t following the rules of necromancy. Even their spooky robes are in a primary colour and it horrifies him. 

Imagine you were a crime fighting hero, and then one day these two clowns came to town looking like they escaped from young couples group date night, making out and giggling as they expertly rob a bank. They invite you to dinner and set you up with their brother and refuse to ever wear ski masks. On a professional level, the way Barry and Lup have approached undeath upsets Kravitz. You can’t just make necromancy into your own personal happily ever after! That’s not allowed! Stop it, both of you, you’ll give everyone else ideas. And please, can you wear at least a little black?

I am Japanese Dan and Phil fan. And I have bought the Japanese pink cap of them, and I am wearing it every day.

Sometimes I get asked “What’s Dan and Phil?” Because it LITERALLY says “Dan and Phil” in Japanese. As I am socially awkward person, I get a bit nervous every time but I like the cap anyway.

What I wanted to say was, I love their merch with Japanese on them. Most Japanese love to see anyone who loves Japan or anime because it makes us feel kinda proud. At least, I do not find any racism or something.

Thank you

ダンとフィルや、phan達が日本語使ってるの見るとなんかほっこりするから、 差別とかあんま気にしないでほしいな まぁ議論はよく見てないけど

Concept: stop calling autistics “whiny” because they literally want to scream and claw their skin off when they wear wool, or because eating certain foods make them want to or actually throw up, or because the smell of gasoline makes them gag, or because colorful lights give us panic attacks.

Certain sensory stimuli are literal hell, when I say I cannot eat a deli sandwich I mean I literally cannot eat a deli sandwich, as in I will likely go into a total breakdown or physically throw up if I am forced to. I get nauseous even trying to make one.

The Gangsey + Halloween

Gansey: Dresses up as an obscure historical figure nobody has heard of but that he admires. Would have dressed as Glendower for the 10th consecutive year in a row if it weren’t for his friends hiding the costume. He hates to see the streak broken, but other heroes deserve some recognition. Goes around trick-or-treating and delivers people unwanted monologues about historical facts that nobody asked for. Is very confused why his bag of candy seems more empty than the others by the end of their night.

Blue: Dresses up as Gansey. When somebody asks who she’s dressed as she responds either “a nerd” or “a fashion disaster” or “your average white privileged male.” Eats candy out of her trick or treat bag along their route and openly scoffs at teens in racist costumes. Purposely makes sure to scrape the boat shoes she’s wearing along every surface she can to which Gansey replies, “I told you they were durable!” Ends up burning them at the end of the night in a festive bonfire with Ronan’s assistance. 

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30 day otp challenge | day 5: kissing

thanks to the boo thang thatsmistertoyou for helping me come up with phil’s caption!

please do not repost anywhere, thank you <3

Some of my favorite voltron headcanons
  • Shiro has made the team travel to the other side of the universe to go to a specific space mall that sells a special hair conditioner that makes his white bangs look flawless.
  • Hunk always does everyone’s laundry and he is TIRED. He “accidentally” puts a red sock in the weird altean washing machine the castle has. Shiro actually thinks they rock the pink and makes them wear it every Wednesday (wink wink get it?)
  • Keith occasionally lets out a “bless your heart” whenever someone says something dumb or naive.
  • One day Shiro and Allura start arguing:

Allura: *says something in altean and storms out* 
Shiro: Wait what did you say??! 
Allura: Oh I don’t know. Maybe I insulted you. Maybe I confessed my love for you. You’ll never know. 
Shiro: ಥ_ಥ

(Coran knows what she said. But won’t tell Shiro. Cos he’s a lil shit)

  • Now Keith and Lance do the labyrinth exercise perfectly without a single electrical discharge.
  • Shiro has a great voice and can literally sing any kind of music. He can perform I Will Always Love You and Hallelujah perfectly. He also knows the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody word by word and can even rap the Alphabet Aerobics. The team discovered his talent as he was leaving the shower one day singing a somehow emotional rendition of Barbie Girl.
  • Allura and Coran refuse to tell Keith and Lance how to use the pool. They eventually ask Hunk, Pidge and Shiro for help. The team spends days in the pool room brainstorming ideas, looking for buttons and control panels but they find nothing. “FOR THE LOVE OF ALTEA” Shiro screams once out of desperation. Coran and Allura laugh their ass off.
  • Shiro, definitely at some point: My back hurts from cARRYING THIS TEAM 
  • There is a slipperies epidemic. Apparently, not only middle-aged alteans can get it. The entire team is Sick (haha) Of It™, except for Pidge, who learned how to slide around like Coran did and can now go around the castle way faster than her tiny legs allowed her to. Also, their lions refuse to let them in because they are sweaty and disgusting.
  • Shiro tries to teach Pidge some self-defense techniques. Turns out it was completely unnecessary (obviously) and Pidge is the one who actually teaches Shiro a thing or two.
  • Keith: Anyone who’s ever seen my soft side has to die. I can’t have them running around with that kind of information. 
  • They eventually go back to earth and somehow bump into Shiro’s ex-girlfriend. Allura is Not Happy.
  • Shiro also finds out about a boyfriend Allura had back in Altea and gets jealous. “Was he handsome?” “Of course.” “Was he in shape?” “He was ripped.” “Did- did he have nice hair?” “Shiro stop doing this to yourself.”
  • Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith sneak into Shiro’s room one day to check his closet because they cannot understand how he can wear those super tight clothes without being uncomfortable ????? Shiro actually does get uncomfortable sometimes but won’t tell anyone and keeps wearing it for the sake of fashion.
  • The team finds out that Keith plays tHE VIOLIN. He somehow let it out by accident and now they all want to search the entire galaxy to look for a violin for Keith to play for them. He’s glad that they’re in the middle of space and can’t find one. But he lowkey misses playing because it was a huge stress reliever.
  • Lance now yells “GET REKT BOI” whenever he takes out a galra.
  • Pidge, Hunk and Shiro make Coran manipulate the castle all the time to trap Keith and Lance in small places together. This only feeds Lance’s belief that the castle is haunted and is somehow trying to kill them. Keith secretly knows it’s them but doesn’t say anything.
Shower Thoughts

-You’re sitting around listening to music and you mutter “are you nasty” as you work on some stuff.
-Tyler, Mark, and Ethan overhear it. Between the three of them, one of them knows what it is but refuses to tell the others.
-Mark and Ethan google the phrase to see what it’s from, while Tyler says “it’s not really a big deal. Why’re you acting like the world’s gonna en if you don’t figure it out?”
-A week later as Tyler had forgotten about it and moved on with his life, he’s greeted by Ethan saying Mark needs him.
-That’s how the three of them ended up in front of you, all wearing the same outfit:

-You didn’t know why or how or what or when or anything, but it didn’t stop you from chortling for the next three days, and every time you heard the phrase “are you nasty?” from then on out.

(literally called shower thoughts bc this is what i imagined in the shower as i was listening to this song. BTW that is the first image you find on google when you google ‘are you nasty’)

BTS Reactions - You crying because they left for tour

It was late at night and you were texting one of your friends. Your boyfriend left to go on tour two months ago, and you’d been crying most of the time since. You could feel your depression was getting worse, and you were really struggling. It was still at least two weeks until he came home, and you didn’t know how you were going to get through it. As your friend reads about your struggles, they decide to forward this information onto your boyfriend, so they can help you.

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Things That Have Happened This Quarter at School

I need to make a list of these things and it’ll grow as the year goes on:

  1.  Discovered there are 9 ouija boards on my floor
  2. Found out my residents perform seances to try and become possessed by a chatty spirit
  3. Met someone that was possessed in high school and loves queen Elizabeth LITERALLY LOVES HER, and knows every fact about her
  4. Been texted asking if I was dead because a possessed speaker listed my room number and dead
  5. Been offered a banana with a condom on it with no context and when I told them I’m allergic to latex they proceeded to recoil and throw banana
  6. used three brooms to get a phone of the roof with several witnesses
  7. decorated hell spawn cookies
  8. found a beautiful box that I have been sitting in for three days playing video games 
  9. Had same student with the banana explain to me about his sparkly underwear shorts, which he was wearing with two mesh shirts. Amazing kid. 
  10. Girlfriend zoned by a man whom wears a green arrow hat every day, funny guy actually. 
  11. Been invited to a seance
  12. Had a girl want to marry me, and told that she’d wait for me. (she’s a freshmen I’m a junior and RA in the building. I would literally lose my job.) 
  13. Managed to fall down two flights of stairs consecutively and somehow be okay
  14. Discovered the disgusting taste of seaweed tea soup made out of desperation. 
  15. Had someone sneeze charcoal in my face 

Shooting for something awesome 😁😁 This is my 100th outfit change for the day… okay -slight exaggeration😅No, but seriously I feel SO BAD - I’ve literally put makeup on every single one. I’m just like “Please let me take these home so I can wash them” 😭😭. For the ladies that don’t know, I don’t ever wear foundation unless I’m at photoshoot so I have NO idea how to dress myself when I have it on 😂 I keep forgetting that it transfers on to clothes 😫 If you look closely you can see it in the middle of my top! … I don’t even know how I got it down that far hahahaha oh the joys of makeup 😝😝 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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Would ya like to share some Gabe/Reaper headcanons?


  • I see Gabo as someone who can’t wake up before 9 am without being pissed at literally everything in existence
  • He owns pm every possible article of clothing with the words “juicy” written on it
  • He wears hoodies every single day, if you were to open his closet theres an entire section for only them 
  • At the PT meeting he’ll say that he’ll have a talk with his son and daughter about what they did, but will actually high five them and give them advice on how to do what they did better 
  • He has a flare for the dramatics, such as making exaggerated gestures and laying down in public, much to the dismay of his entire family 
  • “Say that about my kids one more time Helen, I dare you.
  • “Hello my name is Gabriel Reyes and I haven’t slept in over 4 years.” 
  • Makes his kids matching sweaters that they have to wear even when they’re adults
  • Owns a barn owl 
  • Will put salt in Jack’s coffee if he pisses him off
  • Will fight you if you insult his kids 

gevalover  asked:

Idk I love your headcanons I love your blog I love e v e r y t h i n g- :'))) ndjdjdjxhd (I need headcanons can u do headcanons? Some glacier or lava headcanons? U can? No problem Can I wait? I can wait.... :') )

Lucky for you my friend, lava was next on my list cause it was requested a few times a while ago!! So you won’t have to wait ;)) I have some glacier ones here if you’re interested but I should have a part two coming out soon!! ❤ (*whispers* also I love you thank u, smorch)


(just so you see it!!) and also tHANKS I love u all so much :’’’)

      • Nya: Cole where’s Kai
        Cole: idk he’s probably off practicing his backflips on the roof like he said he was going to earlier today.
        Cole: oh hOLY CRAP *jumps out of his chair* KAI I SAID NO
      • how can they be each other’s impulse control when they both do stupid things
        • Kai: so I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute
          Nya: it is impossible for you to make the oven that hot-
          Kai: COLE YOU’RE A GENIUS
          Nya: you are going to kill us all
          Kai: *lights hands on fire* LET’S GO
        • please don’t ever let them in the kitchen together they’re a disaster
      • Cole is hurt and offended when Kai tells him he doesn’t like musicals and he has to have a serious sit down and think about “is this really the boy i want to spend the rest of my life with after he just said that"
        • Kai is like “fine I’ll tolerate them for you” but on the inside he’s like google how do I learn every single musical to impress my boyfriend
        • Cole show’s him the movie version of phantom of the opera and he actually rly loves it
        • when Christine sings this song it reminds him of his dad and he cries
        • Kai: I can’t believe Christine and Raul are us except in an alternate universe where Raul isn’t a possessive jerk who goes ‘haha silly Christine’ when she tells him there’s a psychopath trying to kidnap her who’s been following her for her whole life
          Cole: ok but who would be Christine
          Kai: obviously you because you’re so pretty
          Cole: :D
          Kai: and because I sound more like Carlotta when I sing.
      • they are both so sappy you have no idea, if you don’t like PDA stay away from these guys they will be so in love it’s not even funny
        • smooches!!! head smooches, cheek smooches, hand smooches, lip smooches, nose smooches, lots of smooches all the time
        • and if you tell them it’s gross they’ll do it even more
        • oh hey yeah and they smooch each others scars all the time too bc now they both have scars and they just wanna tell each other they’re beautiful because of their scars rather than despite them
        • the amount of times the team will wake up and they’ll both be passed out on the couch from pulling an all nighter and they’re just cuddling each other and they’re like “idk who’s limbs belong to who” they’re just tangled around each other
        • “where is my boyfriend” “he went to pee like 3 seconds ago” “then he needs to pee FASTER”
        • Kai: I’m not clingy i don’t know what you’re talking-
          Cole: hey guys I’m back from grocery shopping
          Kai: COLE *jumps on him and hugs him like a koala and doesn’t let go for the rest of the day*
        • if you want one of them it’s 98% likely you’re going to get the other one too
        • don’t ask them to do anything when they’re spending time together they’ll be like “you are asking me to step away from the love of my life?? my source of life and joy?? I can’t believe you want me to die why would you do something like this to us”
        • *kicks down door* “my ‘my boyfriend is sad’ senses are tingling”
      • arguably the two most passionate members of the team so put them together in a relationship and they’re like “boundaries?? taking things slow?? idk her I only know dying for my boyfriend whom I love and have been dating for 3 days”
        • for real though Kai was like “so when we get married” and cole just completely didn’t even question it and they’d only been dating a week  
      • Cole has one of those silent laughs, but if you get him to really laugh it’s the loudest most genuine beautiful thing you’ll ever hear and Kai actually forgets how to breathe after he hears it the first time so he makes it his mission to make him laugh like that more often, even if I means he has to “accidentally” fall down the stairs
        • speaking of, cole didn’t know how to handle his feelings to start with so he’s like a tiny kid like “ugh I hate him and his stupid pretty face and his nice smell and his soft hair and his sparkly smile”
        • Cole: sorry I’m late I was doing things
          Kai, stumbling in with dishevelled hair and out of breath: he pushed me down the stairs!!
      • when they get back from being abandoned in space and Zane dies, Kai hates the stars
        • he hates looking at them, he doesn’t think they’re pretty, they’re an awful reminder to him
        • but one day when he’s just staring at them in disdain, Cole comes along to talk to him and when Kai turns round to look at him, he sees the stars in every part of him
        • they reflect off him and make his hair gleam and his eyes sparkle and his skin glow, and suddenly the stars are the most beautiful thing Kai has ever seen
      • Kai: *jumps out at Cole* RAAAAH
      • when they team up in battle it either goes brilliant or terrible
        • if it goes well they can take out an entire army by themselves, they’re so in sync
        • if it goes terrible they come back singed and muddy like “yeah we’re sorry but we blew up half of ninjago city and only got 3 bad guys”
      • Jay: you stink Kai
        Cole: *punches a hole through the wall* WHAT did you just say about my boyfriend
      • they’re both troubled beans and they have nightmares allllllll the time, so when they do they will just sit up with the other and tell them that it’s OK and that they’re there for them and lots of cuddles and head smooches
      • *laying on the floor*
        Kai: I wonder which of us could climb the temple wall faster, that would be an interesting competition
        Cole: haha yeah it would

        *both scramble up and sprint to the temple wall*
      • the only rocky (hehe) part of their relationship was when cole first got his orange death hands hands, he was worried he couldn’t control it and would hurt Kai if he touched him, and Kai is always scared that he’ll blow up and hurt Cole, so they kinda avoid each other for a while and stop being all clingy with each other and it made them :((
      • they fire jokes off the back of each other all the time this is canon here are some canon lines from the last episode of season 6 because I watched it last weekend
        • Kai: ha, looks like we crashed your party!
          Cole: and to think, we forgot a wedding gift!
        • Kai: you’re a real tough guy when you get each of us alone,
          Cole: but let’s see when you get us together!
      • so Kai may suck at singing but he’s a great dancer, and him and Cole choreographed a whole “boyband style” routine to bye bye bye and it’s the best dance you’ll ever see
      • Kai: do I even weigh anything to you?
        Cole: it’s like holding a bunch of grapes
      • Kai’s favourite animal is a lizard so if they ever see one running around cole with scoop it up and be like “Kai I found you another child I love u bby” and Kai is like “cole pls I love you too but this is the 7th one you’ve found this week”
      • yeah so I mentioned that Cole is basically a cat when he wants a hug like he’ll just lay all over you
        • one time Kai is tryna send an email on his laptop, and cole just comes in and lays across his lap all over the keyboard and the email accidentally sends with “good evening, I’m emailing you regarding augknciqnwinf617_wgvdi!hr:8@he/////////////////”
        • Kai can’t even be mad because Cole is cute and he’s smilin and he just wants a hug
      • Lloyd burst into the room once because he heard yelling and he thought they were fighting but when he got in they were just going “NO I LOVE YOU MORE” “OH YOU THINK YOU’RE A BETTER KISSER THAN ME?? COME OVER HERE AND PROVE IT” “FINE BUT IF I WIN YOU HAVE TO KISS ME” “THAT’S PRETTY GAY BUT OK”
        • and Lloyd sees them sat in a pile of junk and clothes and he’s like “what are you doing”
        • and they just go “um we’re packing in case of a zombie apocalypse, duh” and Lloyd just. leaves. because. guys. you live in a floating ship why would you need to pack for an apocalypse.
      • Cole finds a “100 ways to say I love you” prompt thing and he leaves Kai notes every morning with one of the messages on
      • Kai: good morning everyone
        Cole: good morning Kai I love you and you’re the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen!!
        Kai: *literally combusts*
      • it’s tragic because Kai’s clothes are too small so cole can’t wear them without stretching them so Kai buys a huge jumper one day only for the fact that he wants cole to wear one of his sweatshirts
      • Kai: oh, you wanna go??
        Cole: yeah fight me you-
        Cole: Kai i’m your boyfriend you egg what were you trying to achieve
      • for someone who flirts a lot Kai sure is oblivious to when people flirt back
        • Cole: hey Kai I need to go to the hospital, cause you’ve got me seeing stars ;))
          Kai: ha! Good one cole, testing out the good lines for the ladies
          Cole: … Kai…
          Kai: yes
          Cole: Kai I’m gay
          Kai: oh!
          Cole: I was saying that to you
          Kai: oh!! haha no cole, you’re supposed to use pick up lines on people you like, like when you wanna take them out on a date. that kinda thing
          Cole: just. excuse me. for a minute.
          *walks into his room, calmly closes the door and then screams into his pillow for 3 minutes*
      • Cole: hey Kai can you pass me some water
        Kai: *high kicks it across the room*
        Cole: ….. w HY

      Ask me ninjago headcanons!

      anonymous asked:

      How would Oda Forces + Uesugi-Takeda Forces + Kennyo react to MC's modern clothing?

      Oooh, I love this! You’re my first IkéSen imagine request, lovely, so thank you very much! Sorry for the delay!

      In this, imagine the MC (you) is wearing her modern-day clothes from the day she arrived in the Sengoku era again, just to be nostalgic, because she misses her old stuff a bit, or wants to for… alternative reasons ;)

      So, that means she’s wearing these clothes, meaning a white shirt and jumper, and then a beige jacket and skirt. It’s mentioned that they got a bit ruined with the near-death experience and all, but considering her skills in fashion, she’s been able to fix them up and clean them up so they’re basically like new.

      I hope this is what you meant, sweetie! Let me know if it isn’t and I’ll redo it for you ;)

      It’s sort of a bit… heavy in places, but this is the way I took it, so hey ho. Just tell me if you want a less sexy set of responses!

      Oh my God I forgot Ieyasu someone execute me ;-; he’s done now… *cries for my baby*

      Also I’m really sorry if you meant different clothing like jeans or something; when I read “the MC’s modern clothing” I thought you meant just the ones from the prologue ;-; I’m so, so so sorry oh my God I suuuuuck >.<

      Oda Forces (In which you maintain a permanent residence with these warlords!)


      • Confusion is the only way to describe his reaction
      • When he sees you in the hallway in the morning, he immediately starts blushing just because he can see your legs and he’s not used to it
      • But it’s not a bad thing, not at all
      • But wait
      • Other people can see them too
      • You’re waiting for a respond from him while he processes these thoughts, but eventually see that he’s frazzling himself by the second and laugh out, “Morning, Hideyoshi. I thought I’d wear my modern clothes for the day. Remember them?”
      • He doesn’t speak a word, and you actually really start to doubt yourself and become self-conscious
      • This only worsens when he grabs your hand, tugging you back toward your room at break-neck pace
      • But he’s so warm and you start to click on to what’s happening
      • Once you’re both in your room, he clears his throat, eyes dancing back and forth between you and the wall. “Uh- sorry about that. I remember them.”
      • This does not give you any sort of confidence, at all
      • “Oh-”
      • He’s kissing you before you can speak, so deep you stumble back and have to grip onto him for balance
      • “I’m sorry, because the thought of anyone else seeing you like this eats away at me I really don’t like the thought of them seeing you, but that’s selfish of me-”
      • You kiss him this time, and he almost dies with relief that you’re not angry
      • “Then, I’ll only wear them for you. Make sure you can come see me tonight; I’ll be waiting for you in them.”
      • He almost collapses, bless his poor soul
      • But he also takes a bit more time to… appreciate the new attire while he’s in your room ;)
      • Basically, he’s late for his report meeting with Nobunaga, but he honestly could not care less~
      • Who am I kidding he nearly cries and begs for forgiveness while low-key trying to neaten up his dishevelled hair and askew collar
      • You have to stifle a laugh on your way past Nobunaga’s room, listening to him pour out like 50 different apologies
      • Nobunaga smirks at you since the door’s open tho
      • You avoid him for the rest of the week month year day


      • You go to do some work with him in the afternoon and he’s so absorbed in his writing that he doesn’t even notice you
      • But then he sees your leg when you sit next to him
      • Instant blush, instant wtf, instant oh my God-
      • “Are those the clothes you were wearing on your first night here?”
      • You internally gush because he remembers
      • “Yes! I wanted to wear them again for the day, so I decided to put them on, since I managed to fix them.”
      • He’s silent
      • And he just stays silent
      • For like three minutes straight
      • On the inside, he’s dying
      • Your leg is right there. Your chest is so easy to see. Your skin is so smooth and he just wants to touch it-
      • Bad Ieyasu! That would show your emotions!
      • He has to clear his throat before he can speak because he’s low-key dying
      • “What’s the point in wearing them?”
      • Ouch
      • Well done, numpty
      • You see through his words and blush though and know he’s actually not annoyed or anything, so you just shuffle a bit closer, chirping, “Because it’s nice to have some time remembering my old life, even though I love my new one. It’s what made me who I am, so it’s important to keep it close to me.”
      • “… right.”
      • He’S lOsInG hIs ShIt HeLp YoU’rE sO SwEeT aNd PuRe AnD iT RuInS hIm
      • You’re both quiet for a moment, until you finally sigh, guessing he’s not that bothered by it
      • “So, what can I help with?”
      • Ieyasu used surprise kiss!
      • It was very effective
      • … and it was also followed by Ieyasu feeling you up and making out with you for the next hour
      • And he only stopped because Nobunaga dropped by, too


      • He sidles up to your door in the morning, wanting to see you before he gets to work, and nudges the door open to pop his head in. “Good morning, kitte-”
      • He can’t finish his sentence
      • The first - and only - thing he sees are your bare legs, and the skirt fitting wondrously over your rear, as you fix your clothes up
      • You turn around, blinking in surprise, but then you’re beaming at him, greeting, “Morning, Masamune! I decided to wear my old clothes today. What do you think?”
      • There are very few things in this world that can leave Masamune Date speechless
      • This is one of them
      • His throat works so hard while he tries to speak, but it just doesn’t work because he’s genuinely that taken aback
      • But then all of a sudden the One-Eyed Tiger swings back into action, and he all but bounds over to you
      • Expect to be kissed very hard, very deep, and with lots of teeth and tongue ;)
      • He takes advantage of the different clothes, running his hands over your thighs, then your waist and behind just a little
      • You end up panting by the time he pulls back, growling huskily, “You’re a cruel kitten.”
      • You can barely think, let alone respond. “W-What?”
      • He just grins ferally, breathing heatedly into your ear, “You’re going to drive every man in this castle insane, working and looking like that. I’ll have to keep you with me for the day, so none of them see anything they shouldn’t.”
      • Cue your already fierce blush exploding even brighter
      • He doesn’t let you out of his sight all day
      • But you don’t mind at all tho


      • He ends up running into you in the corridor of the castle in the middle of the day, and as soon as he sees your clothes, he actually pauses with surprise
      • Wow
      • Like, wow
      • He would never admit it, but he thought you were beautiful the first time he saw you in your clothes, and now he’s seeing them again, fixed and you being his, it’s sort of nearly winds him
      • “Mitsuhide? Are you okay?”
      • He comes back so suddenly, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is, “My, my. I wasn’t expecting you to change your name, ___.”
      • You don’t get it
      • But then he leans down and hooks an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against him and whispering in your ear, “I believe I should now call you Lady Temptation, seeing as you’re flaunting your beauty even more than normal.”
      • You nearly die, half from his words, and half from the fact that his fingers are trailing up the back of your thigh, ascending higher and higher by the second
      • Ohhh, lord…
      • Good luck keeping a straight face, chatelaine
      • “I wasn’t… ah…”
      • He’s smirking so wide, watching you crumble under his touch
      • I swear to God he is a full-on sadist and no one can convince me otherwise
      • “Hm? You weren’t what, Princess of Azuchi? You weren’t trying to tempt me? Perhaps the others, then?”
      • That earns him a very sudden, but also not very powerful, punch in the chest
      • He ends up chuckling very darkly under his breath
      • “Of course not! I just wanted to wear them again because I felt like it, excuse you!” Cue the indignant huff. “And I… wondered if you’d like seeing them as well…”
      • Mission accomplished, in Mitsuhide’s mind~
      • He gives your thigh a very brief squeeze, teeth nipping at your ear, and you squeak in surprise even though you enjoy the sensations
      • “Well then, it appears that there is no issue. You were correct; you’re beautiful. Congratulations on reading me so accurately.”
      • And then he lets you go, kisses your hand just like he did the first time he met you, before sauntering off down the hallway and leaving you stunned
      • You just can’t win with Mitsuhide


      • He just gushes and blushes so much it’s unreal
      • There aren’t enough words to describe the ball of absolute delight Mitsunari morphs into when he sees you in the corridor
      • “___! You look wonderful - are those your clothes from your old life?”
      • He’d approach you, beaming and gazing at you with such love and adoration it should be illegal
      • It melts your heart instantly
      • “Yes! I thought I’d wear them again today, for a change.”
      • He supposes you might have days of missing your old life more than others, and that this might lessen the effects of that a bit, so he doesn’t object
      • Instead, he just cups your face very tenderly, popping a kiss against your forehead
      • “Well, you’re lovely as always. They suit you very well, and it seems you’ve fixed them. You’re so self-sufficient and dependable, ___.”
      • He’s actually sort of worried on the inside despite his words though
      • So he ends up hugging you really gently, murmuring, “But please, do be careful while you’re wearing them. People of this people are… not accustomed to seeing such dress, and I fear that they may treat you wrongly for it.”
      • You literally throw your arms around his neck and hug him back so hard he nearly chokes
      • “Thank you, Mitsunari. I’ll be careful, I promise.”
      • You kiss his cheek and head off to finish the job that needs to be done, and he stares after you for a moment, entranced by every single part of you
      • He could just stare at you forever and it wouldn’t be enough
      • He ends up holding his cheek for pretty much the rest of the day and doesn’t lose his smile once


      • Brace yourself because this one does not have the self-control necessary to respond to this in an appropriate way
      • He’d gotten up and gone to work earlier than you, and has been busy all day, so he hasn’t seen you around at all through the day
      • Now he’s called a council to discuss something briefly
      • And then you walk in, legs bare for all the world to see, in your modern day clothes, with Masamune and Mitsuhide very, very close to you
      • Nobunaga almost breaks his own arm from gripping it that hard
      • He’s seen you in these clothes before, but now that they’re fixed, they look even more amazing, and more appetising even than the European dress he saw in Portugal
      • Mineminemineminemineminemineminemi-
      • He can barely think when you sit down with the two warlords, and loses it when Mitsuhide rests his hand on your knee, snapping, “Mitsuhide, Masamune, what do you think you’re doing?”
      • The snake just smiles pleasantly, answering, “My Lord, what do you mean? I was simply complimenting the Lady Chatelaine on her unusual appearance. It seems her ‘boyfriend’ has yet to comment on it, so I took it upon myself to do so, to raise her spirits until he can do so.”
      • Cue Masamune’s snort
      • “Besides, I’m sure at least half of her reasoning for dressing like this is to impress you. Am I right, kitten?”
      • Nobunaga.Warlord has stopped responding
      • You bury your face in your knees, blushing profusely
      • But then Nobunaga almost launches himself up, bounding across the room with such speed everyone genuinely tenses up
      • “Ahh! Nobunaga, what are you doing? Put me down!”
      • You’re over his shoulder in a second flat, his arm locked around your thighs to shield it from the others’ eyes and keep you still
      • “This meeting is cancelled. Hideyoshi, punish Masamune and Mitsuhide sufficiently.”
      • Mitsuhide just hisses out another rattled laugh, and Masamune howls with his own laughter, calling, “Are you going to punish her too, Nobunaga?”
      • Masamune spends the night in a cell
      • You spend it under Nobunaga, your clothes very much forgotten, while he reminds you exactly who conquered you and who you belong to ;)

      Uesugi-Takeda Forces (In which you maintain a permanent residence with these warlords!)


      • So you’re low-key terrified of doing this but end up thinking, “Fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.”
      • Kenshin’s been really, really, really stressed out lately with battles and strategising so much, so you thought you could wear your old clothes for a day, since you feel like it and guessed it might be nice for Kenshin as well
      • But not during the day, because that’s asking for trouble from Kenshin:
        • Other people would be looking at you even more, and they’d end up with Kenshin’s sword through their necks, and;
        • You’d probably get felt up at some point by Shingen, “accidentally” or not
      • So you throw them on before you go to see him in the evening
      • He’s writing something when you go inside, so you wait patiently and kneel in front where he sits to do his work
      • Eventually he finishes and looks up, expecting the same as usual
      • He literally turns to stone for a few seconds straight
      • You’re red already
      • “What are you wearing?”
      • He can’t process anything else and can’t form anything more complex
      • “These are some of the clothes I wore in the future, and I thought it might be interesting for you to see them, since I didn’t meet you when I was wearing them on my first day here.”
      • Oh, boy. Even with his heterochromia, his eyes practically turn black with lust
      • Prepare yourself, chatelaine!
      • “Come here.”
      • You.Life has stopped responding
      • That voice. He may be human but everything about him is godly and just makes you weak
      • You go over to him and stand in front of him, and he immediately reaches out, arm curling around your thighs
      • His lips are on your leg before you know it, and he breathes out against it, “I’ve never seen such fashion, but I’m not opposed to it. It’s extremely convenient, after all.”
      • One second you’re standing, the next you’re straddling him, and he smiles as innocently as a curious child, even though you know he’s got plans that are much more mature waiting for you
      • “Now I can see almost everything that belongs to me. However…”
      • His teeth sink into your neck, and you know it’s going to be a wonderfully rough night
      • “I’d like to inspect my territory, thoroughly, and reclaim it as my own, until the sun rises.”


      • He’s from the future too, so he’s used to seeing modern clothes, but it’s been four years since he’s been around it for an extensive period of time
      • So naturally, it takes him aback when he sneaks into your room in the evening and you’re in your old clothes
      • You think nothing of it, and beam when he slips inside, chirping, “Hi, Sasuke! I didn’t know you’d be stopping by tonight.”
      • It takes him a couple of heartbeats to come out of his daze
      • It’s something he’s seen so often, but it just stuns him, seeing you in such familiar clothing and a way he’s only seen you dressed like twice
      • He ends up blushing, and his heart actually beats faster at the sight of you
      • “Oh- yes, I… I thought we could spend the evening together, doing whatever you would like to do.”
      • You don’t fail to notice his blush
      • You end up grinning away, clicking on to why he’s so red
      • “Sasuke, are you alright? Is there something wrong?”
      • God, you’re going to be the death of him
      • He just sighs in exasperation, knowing you’ve sussed it out and there’s no point in hiding
      • But then he’s tucking his arms around your waist, and you do the same with his neck, his fingers grazing up and down your much less protected back. “There’s nothing wrong at all. You just… you look wonderful, in your old clothes. I’ve only seen you in them a few times, but you’re stunning.”
      • Now it’s your turn to impersonate a tomato
      • You end up giggling with joy, leaning up to press your forehead to his and nudge your nose against his
      • It’s the most adorable eskimo kiss ever and it makes his heart go yay
      • “Thank you, Sasuke. Maybe we can spend the night in, so you can see me in them a bit more.”
      • He’s lifted you off the ground in a second, wrapping your legs around his waist. Your lips find his instantly, and he kisses you hard, then murmurs in a rare, teasing tone,
      • “As you wish. However, I have a feeling they won’t be staying on for very long, at this rate.”
      • Is Sasuke ever wrong? ;)


      • Okay, so you could tie a piece of fabric to your face and Shingen would still say you look beautiful
      • But just
      • Oh my God
      • When you walk into his room to say good morning, he just loses his shit
      • He can see your legs at all times and the skirt accentuates your figure and your shirt very much doesn’t hide your chest and it makes you look so beautiful and just
      • Omgomgomgomgomg wow my sweet angel is so beautiful and gorgeous and breath-taking and at the same time I want to tear the clothes off her but I approve fiercely of this fashion
      • He’s dead, pretty much
      • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t move or anything; shock is not something Shingen’s capable of
      • He practically runs over to you and scoops you up, twirling you around and watching you giggle
      • He’s just a huge fluffball when it comes to you
      • He can’t help it
      • Meanwhile, you’re ecstatic about his reaction, to say the least
      • “Good morning. I take it you like the modern world’s clothes, then?”
      • He kisses you like you’re the only thing in the world, palming your sides and back, and also your thighs just a bit
      • Then he’s kissing your jaw and neck, uttering in such a sweet voice honestly it’s baffling considering that he’s a warlord, “I love them. They’re absolutely beautiful, and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. People wear things like this often in your time, then?”
      • “Well, a lot of people, men and women, wear trousers as well, but a good amount still wear skirts. Although, it’s usually girls who wear skirts and dresses, but that’s been changing lately.”
      • He’s so fascinated and also in awe despite being vv confused about men in skirts because he’s never seen that before…?
      • Also he’s healthily turned on I mean come on, this is Shingen we’re talking about
      • “Do you have something to do right now?”
      • Uh oh-
      • “No, I don-”
      • Hello, floor~
      • You’re going to be late for your jobs, that’s for sure ;)


      • [Ayyo to those who know “Colors”] EVERYTHING IS RED, HIS SKIN, HIS FACE, HIS CHEEKS~
      • He doesn’t expect to come and get you for a meeting with Kenshin, only to be met with you in your old clothes
      • And his face just erupts with blood
      • Something else does as well but I don’t do NSFW so I’ll just leave it at that ;)))))
      • One does not simply stand in front of Yukimura goddamn Sanada with their legs bare
      • What does he do
      • He can’t think
      • You look so good
      • And also he can’t move now because if he does he may just tackle ravage take devour touch goddammit
      • You get the idea
      • So, naturally, as always when he’s flustered, his less cool side comes out
      • “What are you wearing? What is that?”
      • You know he’s flustered, or suddenly has a life-threatening fever, so you’re not bothered
      • “They’re my clothes from my old life, from the modern world. I wanted to wear them today for a change since I fixed them up.”
      • You’re so fecking smug as you walk over to him, all calm and innocent
      • “Let’s go. Kenshin won’t appreciate being kept waiti-”
      • With Shingen, it was “Hello, floor~”
      • With Yukimura, it’s, “Greetings, wall~”
      • He nearly throws you against it and kisses you completely weak
      • He’s also feeling you up just a bit because oh my lord the way the way he can touch your legs and sides and feel your chest against his so much easier wOW
      • By the time you get to the meeting, you’re very late
      • Kenshin is pissed
      • But you’re both bright red so he just ends up clicking on and rolling his eyes
      • “Do me a favour and leave your personal affairs until the evenings. It’s sickening.”
      • Shingen collapses from laughing so hard


      Kennyo (So is it just me or does anyone else see him as like really lewd, like his actual personality is just the complete opposite of someone supposedly holy and devout? Please tell me I’m not the only one ;-;)

      • You go to see him in the evening when he comes back from meeting with his make-do gang of nutjobs vassals, who were able to get info on Nobunaga
      • So he’s all smug and pleased with himself already
      • And you walking in with those clothes just seals the damn deal
      • Prepare yoself
      • If you thought he was a demon before, you’re going to think he’s Satan now
      • You close the door behind you and he just stops dead, stood in the middle of the room thinking
      • Holy hell
      • YES PLEASE
      • His eyes basically turn jet black and if you thought he was going to react all “You’re beautiful” then you’re dead wrong
      • This man is so permanently stressed out that whenever he has a spare moment he’s almost always just ready to have you
      • “I remember those clothes. They’re the ones you were wearing on your first night here, were they not?”
      • His voice is so deep you could drown in it
      • Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm-
      • “Yes. I felt like wearing them again today since I fixed them up.”
      • He’s crossing the room before you’ve finished, trapping you back against the door and gazing down at you with shameless lust
      • “So, you’ve been wandering around here all day like this?”
      • He’s already touching your thighs and his teeth are on your neck and ohhh yes-
      • “Y-Yes, I have… ah…”
      • “You should be more careful. It seems you have a habit of enticing demons.”
      • Say goodbye to the clothes~
      • “Consider me well and truly enraptured, my lovely little temptress.”


      Houston, we have a problem.

      Ya’ll…I have SO MUCH of @9t99‘s stuff on all kinds of materials. I’ve got pillows, currently wearing a “and on the 7th day he made me” sweatshirt, I had journals made, tote bags…like…issa lot because I ADORE their style. 

      The problem is…

      Like they are coming out with AMAZING stuff every few days and I ain’t got but so much money. Those last 2 are brand new as of this week!

      I just got another pillow of theirs not 2 days ago with this design on it!

      Please! Save me!

      And support them because they are NUTS with it!

      9t99 (redbubble)

      And follow them here on Tumblr! @9t99!

      5trawberry-tallcake  asked:

      Staple closet pieces? Including shoes and jewelry 😊

      Alright this is going to be a long post…

      My personal style can be described as classy and elegant with a twist of edgyness. Think elegant Kendall Jenner x Bella Hadid x Ulyana Sergeenko candid & formal photos.

      Although it happens that I put less effort into dressing for university and other unimportant stuff like just running errands or do some small shopping in town because frankly, I don’t care and do not have to impress anyone with my 900€ shoes and 3,500€ coat. I live in a small town, so this just adds to me feeling indifferent. It doesn’t happen often, but still.. it does happen. However, when I am in a big, fancy town, I of course dress to impress and like I’m about to see my worst enemy. I think that this should go without saying haha!

      Aside from that my style is as I have described above.

      I used to buy stuff from H&M and Zara a lot and mix it with high-end designers, but now it all shifted to just high-end designers. It’s just personal preference. I am fed up with the poor quality and designer knock-offs. I very much cherish the improved quality that I have with designer pieces. Although the quality from oh so many pieces is pretty ridiculous too, to be honest! Do not think that designers necessarily offer the very best quality for their price. Most of the time the prices they charge can’t possibly ever be justified with the quality of their merchandise. It’s just the name you are paying for, really. This is why my #1 mission is always to look for the best quality in anything. I can see a Valentino dress that is so god damn gorgeous and not like the fabric. Or the beads and embellishments seem to be very cheap. I will not buy it, although I regret it because it’s stunning but whatev.

      Understand that I am on a monthly budget just as everyone else is. Yes, I might have a whole wardrobe bursting with luxury and designer names, but I have amassed this all over years, with roughly 80% of my own money and 20% of SD money. I am a very practical person and buy clothing, shoes and jewellry that I am able to wear every day and for any occasion. There are some occasional SPECIAL purchases too, of course. But only when I see something seriously special. I had a phase in which I bought at least 20 pairs or so of Louboutins.. and how many have I actually worn out? Maybe…6? This, too, taught me to be practical.

      As for jewellry, I generally don’t wear jewellry except for my gorgeous silver ring that looks like a flower made of tiny diamonds, with a beautiful big black pearl in the center of it. It is very special to me. As for earrings, I alternate between beautiful pearl studs when I want to look all preppy, classy and elegant (I think that they also make me look younger, funnily enough) and diamond studs and chandeliers sometimes for daytime and evening as well. I don’t care. I wear stuff that is supposed to be worn in the evenings in the day, too. It adds to the ‘uniqueness’ of my style which sets me apart from others. 

      Please mind that I am not going to drop designer names (xcept for four) because well, I don’t want to seem like an arrogant, overly spoiled brat who just wants to show off. No! I am happy to provide you with pictures or whatever in private, if a certain piece has piqued your interest or if you want to know which pieces I exactly have, so just gimme a shout.

      So, my general staple pieces for the day would be:

      * A few pairs of skinny jeans - lighter denim colour without wash, one distressed black one (I like the slits at the knee), a normal black one, a mid-dark denim with a subtle wash. I only wear skinny jeans at this point in my life, with a seldom exception. Full length and I very much like ankle length or a little over the ankle in summer. Skinny jeans accentuate my lean and long legs - and I like to shift focus on my legs. 

      * Skinny black leather pants. Normal ones, not like the Givenchy & Saint Laurent zipper thing.

      * This seldom exception would be one pair of black high-waisted, perfectly tailored trousers that are overall just a little bit wider. 

      * Two pairs of black cigarette trousers like Audrey Hepburn used to wear.

      * As for t-shirts and tank tops, I like basic black and white ones. Round-neck, V-neck, doesn’t matter. I do not like any kind of prints unless it’s an okay print. Well I guess I am guilty of owning the black & white Balmain tank tops with the three golden buttons on the left shoulder haha but these are the only printed shirts in my wardrobe because they do add a little bit of sophisticated edge to my day looks.

      * Elegant silk blouses are also a must in my wardrobe. Here, I like playful pussy bow blouses and a bit more ‘daring’, statement blouses. Although I do not like statement or ‘IT’ pieces in general and usually stay far away from them. I like to wear these blouses with my black high-waisted trousers.

      * I am a sucker for coats. I own a lot of coats. Fur and normal ones. I adore a good camel coat and am also a sucker for military-inspired coats. The colours of my choice, for normal coats, would be camel, black and navy at this time. Other colours for fur coats.

      * I fucking love capes and have quite a few. Black ones, mid-length to the middle of the thigh I’d say.

      * Jumpers / Longsleeves / etc. Here, I am always looking for good quality cashmere, and wool. Mainly wearing them in autumn and winter. I like turtleneck pieces a lot.

      * Warm Scarves - all my scarves are of a cashmere/silk mix. I also wear them when it’s cold or just throw them over my shoulders on a chilly summer night when I’m out at a dinner party or so. 

      * Fancy Scarves - silk. I sometimes wear them under/over a blazer, with a normal button down shirt and a high-waisted skirt. 

      * Skirts - one high-waisted black leather mini skirt, a black high-waisted heavy wool skirt / knee length

      * Shorts - different pairs of mini denim shorts, beautiful lace mini shorts, black leather mini shorts

      * Blazers - oh boy. I love blazers. I have so many. Again, black and navy coloured blazers. I have this beautiful slim, perfectly tailored black blazer that is a bit longer than a usual blazer - just beautiful. one of my fav pieces.

      * Jackets - love. black leather jackets for the edge, but elegant leather jackets. I also dig black leather jackets with a beautiful embroidery on the back side. and uhm *coughs* of course the classic - the Chanel jacket. normal black and beige. is an absolute must have. and so versatile! I have the cropped versions as they fit my body far better than the regular length ones.

      * Dresses - oh uh. I collect dresses. For any occasion. However I prefer short dresses, above knee length and mini dresses. Do have a couple of mid-calf length dresses, though. Here I say that the fancier the dress, the better. But it still has to look absolutely beautiful and not dramatic. Although I would have loved to have that black/red and red Proenza Schouler ostrich feather dresses just because they look so badass.. but where the hell would I have worn it to.. that’s the other question haha! I love brocade, I love silk, I love lace, I love velvet dresses. My dress colours are usually black and red but I also do have some white, silver, blue dresses. As for the regular shopping day in town, I just wear a long black dress with gladiator flats and that’s it. Dun care. Bye, Felicias. 

      * Shoes - sexy black high pumps, the famous espadrilles (I like wearing them in summer with my ankle-length skinnys), the famous Balenciaga boots with the cutouts at the sides and the two buckles with silver hardware, not gold (literally every Russian jetset baby has these boots omg haha), velveteen ballet flats, silken/satin ballet flats, gladiator sandals (which are bound up to the knee), sexy suede overknee boots - I like my overknee boots to be of mid-thigh length, sneakers (have so many omg..leather and suede (apart from the one pair of Nike sneakers I like to wear on long haul flights. various models, various colours), various black combat boots that look more delicate than ugly and harsh, lace-up high heels, platform pumps, I LOVE high heels! gosh… it’s hard to describe without naming the designers and the particular models because it all sounds so vague and ugly haha! I like classy shoes as much as I like very special models like embellished shoes or just some fancy colours, etc.

      * Silk Pajamas - I have a pair of baby pink ones and a pair of baby blue ones.

      * Lingerie - am a lingerie addict, but which girl isn’t?

      * Silk Robes - long dressing robes, short morning robes, everything. Black, white, red, and the pastel colours from above (babypink, babyblue)

      * Invest in good stockings! Quite a few pairs of normal black ones. And black ones with the sexy seam at the backside for more..well, special evenings and occasions ;)

      * Hats - Maison Michel; different colours, made of felt 

      These are pretty much my staples. I am so sure that I have forgotten many many other things, but this should suffice. I have written a post on my personal fragrance choices which you might want to check out if you are interested in this as well!

      Any more questions, just ask!

      Ok I know we are all very concerned about Kazuma’s disappearance for its obvious implications about the communication gap in Kazubisha

      But consider this

      I don’t think Bisha even knows how to dress herself without Kazuma. I think that ever since he became her exemplar, he’s monitored the changing fashion of the lower realm and bought clothes for Bisha accordingly. Like, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he laid out her outfits for her every single day. He probably has a hidden room in the manor that contains all of her clothes (like all of them, even 800 year old ones), which are systematically organized according to style, color, and where it would be appropriate to wear them. Hiyori’s gonna find Bisha wandering around with Shikki on because she literally does not know where her clothes are. Or how to wear them.

      Got7 reaction to their girlfriend always wearing heels

      A/N - I relate so hard to this request bc I literally wear heels every day and cannot live without them lmao. Enjoy the reaction guys~

      Can you do Got7 reaction to their gf always wearing tall heels?

      Mark: I don’t think Mark would care too much if you wore heels all the time or not. He might prefer a more casual look with some converse or something but as a whole, he doesn’t really mind that much.

      JB: JB would probably think you’d look good wearing them and would admire your legs a lot. I think he would love to see you without the heels though sometimes, especially of you’re on the shorter side.

      Jackson: Jackson would probably prefer you to not wear heels but would still think you looked amazing. If you were taller than him, he might complain a little about how small he is until you reassure him he’s perfect just as he is.

      Jinyoung: Jinyoung would love you wearing heels because he does like that more feminine appearance and he’d be unable to stop thinking about how amazing and elegant you looked all the time.

      Youngjae: Youngjae would just want you to feel happy and comfortable all the time so you wearing heels is no big deal to him, unless they start to hurt and then he’s a protective little boyfriend who will offer to carry you for a bit.

      Bambam: Bambam would take loads of pictures of you all the time because he loved all the heels you would wear with different outfits and he’d create a little photo album of you on his phone modelling them all.

      Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom would try and convince you to wear flat shoes more often just because he knows they’re better for your feet than heels are. He’d think you looked really good in them though.



      thanks to @consumed-by-musicals, @mikeysvibess, @jaredklein, @totalphanofyoutube, @siriusly-loopy-moons, @anotherstellarconversation, @memeing-through-a-window, @i-like-cabbages, @whizzerbegs, @dearevanphansen, and @accioelle7 for the ideas and support! love you guys! their contributions are credited with their tag next to their ideas :)  

      also,, hey,, side note: last year at vidcon I went to his live jackask panel, and he roasted me on the spot (video later), and I can be seen awkwardly dancing toward the back at the end of jackask #69 when we’re all singing the theme song!!

      -          was a fan since 2011

      -          first video he watched: YGS #10: THE MUSICAL

      -          an intelligent human being who studied music theory and film at an actual college who makes fun of grammar while singing about it? SIGN HIM THE FUCK UP

      -          submitted his friend’s crytyping to YGS once and jack made a song about it (@i-like-cabbages)

      -          can and will sing A N Y jacksfilms song since he’s memorized them all

      -          halloween? jared’s singing ‘razors in your apple’

      -          valentine’s day? jared’s singing ‘valentine’s day is a lie’ or ‘a terrible valentine’s day song’ or ‘the valentine’s day song’ or ‘a short valentine’s day song’ or the song from YIAY #312, ‘how to be single on valentine’s day’

      -          what is a ‘real’ christmas carol? jared doesn’t fucking know. jared only knows ‘all i want for christmas is a girlfriend’ or ‘justin bieber’s christmas wish’ or ‘snowpocolypse’ any of the royalty-free christmas songs

      -          any other time of the year: ‘take off your clothes like scarlett johansson’ or ‘paper bag’ or ‘alexander hamilton’  or ‘i’m sick of all these stinkbugs’ or ‘we’re all just assholes talking to a camera’ or any of the YIAY songs

      -          can play the jacksfilms theme on the saxophone SCARILY well

      -          runs the forehead, light switch, waiting until marriage, get paid, get laid, gatorade, and me me big boy jokes into the fucking ground (@consumed-by-musicals, @whizzerbegs, @dearevanphansen)

      -          example a:

      -          jared’s s/o: “so… this is kind of an awkward question, but what turns you on?”

      -          jared: *smirk on his face* “…a light switch”

      -          jared’s s/o: “i’m literally never talking to you again”

      -          greets the group with ‘what up fam squad’ or some variation to that every day (@totalphanofyoutube)

      -          guess what his two favorite shirts are??

      -          that’s right

      -          his limited edition gold foil ‘me me big boy’ shirt and his limited edition silver foil ‘fam squad’ shirt ( @siriusly-loopy-moons, @i-like-cabbages, @dearevanphansen)

      -          wears them religiously

      -          cries when they’re in the wash or they’re going somewhere fancy so he can’t wear them

      -          this man

      -          has watched

      -          every

      -          goddamn

      -          YIAY

      -          known to fucking man

      -          spams the comments with ideas (YIAYdeas) for questions and answers

      -          gets featured on quite a lot of YIAYs and jackasks because he and jack share the same sense of humor

      -          is a pretty well-known face in the jacksfilms community (all of this section comes from @dearevanphansen)

      -          one year, jared decides to go to vidcon just to meet the one and only jack douglass himself (@dearevanphansen)

      -          he’s in the meet-and-greet line and he’s actually pretty nervous and scared and emotional???

      -          like

      -          he’s looked up to jack for so long and now he’s meeting him?

      -          and he’s also exposing himself as the actual jared that keeps spamming him with tweets

      -          so he has no idea how this is going to go

      -          the line is painfully slow and jared gets even more anxious every passing second

      -          but finally he gets to the front

      -          and he’s tearing up

      -          jack smiles at him and waves him over

      -          and jared gives him the biggest hug that he’s ever given anyone ever

      -          he immediately launches into his thanks  and tells him that he’s been watching since 2011 and that he’s looked up to him for almost six years

      -          and jack starts getting a little misty-eyed

      -          and he exposes himself as the jared, the one who always spams the comments

      -          and jack!! is so!! happy!!  to meet him!!

      -          he’s not angry like jared thought he’d be

      -          jack thanks him for all his dedication and witty jokes

      -          at this point, jared’s in total shock

      -          but they got some cute pictures!!

      -          and jack says that he looks forward to working with him on future YIAYs

      -          *loud excited squealing from jared*