i literally wear them every day

Concept: stop calling autistics “whiny” because they literally want to scream and claw their skin off when they wear wool, or because eating certain foods make them want to or actually throw up, or because the smell of gasoline makes them gag, or because colorful lights give us panic attacks.

Certain sensory stimuli are literal hell, when I say I cannot eat a deli sandwich I mean I literally cannot eat a deli sandwich, as in I will likely go into a total breakdown or physically throw up if I am forced to. I get nauseous even trying to make one.

Some of my favorite voltron headcanons
  • Shiro has made the team travel to the other side of the universe to go to a specific space mall that sells a special hair conditioner that makes his white bangs look flawless.
  • Hunk always does everyone’s laundry and he is TIRED. He “accidentally” puts a red sock in the weird altean washing machine the castle has. Shiro actually thinks they rock the pink and makes them wear it every Wednesday (wink wink get it?)
  • Keith occasionally lets out a “bless your heart” whenever someone says something dumb or naive.
  • One day Shiro and Allura start arguing:

Allura: *says something in altean and storms out* 
Shiro: Wait what did you say??! 
Allura: Oh I don’t know. Maybe I insulted you. Maybe I confessed my love for you. You’ll never know. 
Shiro: ಥ_ಥ

(Coran knows what she said. But won’t tell Shiro. Cos he’s a lil shit)

  • Now Keith and Lance do the labyrinth exercise perfectly without a single electrical discharge.
  • Shiro has a great voice and can literally sing any kind of music. He can perform I Will Always Love You and Hallelujah perfectly. He also knows the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody word by word and can even rap the Alphabet Aerobics. The team discovered his talent as he was leaving the shower one day singing a somehow emotional rendition of Barbie Girl.
  • Allura and Coran refuse to tell Keith and Lance how to use the pool. They eventually ask Hunk, Pidge and Shiro for help. The team spends days in the pool room brainstorming ideas, looking for buttons and control panels but they find nothing. “FOR THE LOVE OF ALTEA” Shiro screams once out of desperation. Coran and Allura laugh their ass off.
  • Shiro, definitely at some point: My back hurts from cARRYING THIS TEAM 
  • There is a slipperies epidemic. Apparently, not only middle-aged alteans can get it. The entire team is Sick (haha) Of It™, except for Pidge, who learned how to slide around like Coran did and can now go around the castle way faster than her tiny legs allowed her to. Also, their lions refuse to let them in because they are sweaty and disgusting.
  • Shiro tries to teach Pidge some self-defense techniques. Turns out it was completely unnecessary (obviously) and Pidge is the one who actually teaches Shiro a thing or two.
  • Keith: Anyone who’s ever seen my soft side has to die. I can’t have them running around with that kind of information. 
  • They eventually go back to earth and somehow bump into Shiro’s ex-girlfriend. Allura is Not Happy.
  • Shiro also finds out about a boyfriend Allura had back in Altea and gets jealous. “Was he handsome?” “Of course.” “Was he in shape?” “He was ripped.” “Did- did he have nice hair?” “Shiro stop doing this to yourself.”
  • Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith sneak into Shiro’s room one day to check his closet because they cannot understand how he can wear those super tight clothes without being uncomfortable ????? Shiro actually does get uncomfortable sometimes but won’t tell anyone and keeps wearing it for the sake of fashion.
  • The team finds out that Keith plays tHE VIOLIN. He somehow let it out by accident and now they all want to search the entire galaxy to look for a violin for Keith to play for them. He’s glad that they’re in the middle of space and can’t find one. But he lowkey misses playing because it was a huge stress reliever.
  • Lance now yells “GET REKT BOI” whenever he takes out a galra.
  • Pidge, Hunk and Shiro make Coran manipulate the castle all the time to trap Keith and Lance in small places together. This only feeds Lance’s belief that the castle is haunted and is somehow trying to kill them. Keith secretly knows it’s them but doesn’t say anything.

30 day otp challenge | day 5: kissing

thanks to the boo thang thatsmistertoyou for helping me come up with phil’s caption!

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Shower Thoughts

-You’re sitting around listening to music and you mutter “are you nasty” as you work on some stuff.
-Tyler, Mark, and Ethan overhear it. Between the three of them, one of them knows what it is but refuses to tell the others.
-Mark and Ethan google the phrase to see what it’s from, while Tyler says “it’s not really a big deal. Why’re you acting like the world’s gonna en if you don’t figure it out?”
-A week later as Tyler had forgotten about it and moved on with his life, he’s greeted by Ethan saying Mark needs him.
-That’s how the three of them ended up in front of you, all wearing the same outfit:

-You didn’t know why or how or what or when or anything, but it didn’t stop you from chortling for the next three days, and every time you heard the phrase “are you nasty?” from then on out.

(literally called shower thoughts bc this is what i imagined in the shower as i was listening to this song. BTW that is the first image you find on google when you google ‘are you nasty’)

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Would ya like to share some Gabe/Reaper headcanons?


  • I see Gabo as someone who can’t wake up before 9 am without being pissed at literally everything in existence
  • He owns pm every possible article of clothing with the words “juicy” written on it
  • He wears hoodies every single day, if you were to open his closet theres an entire section for only them 
  • At the PT meeting he’ll say that he’ll have a talk with his son and daughter about what they did, but will actually high five them and give them advice on how to do what they did better 
  • He has a flare for the dramatics, such as making exaggerated gestures and laying down in public, much to the dismay of his entire family 
  • “Say that about my kids one more time Helen, I dare you.
  • “Hello my name is Gabriel Reyes and I haven’t slept in over 4 years.” 
  • Makes his kids matching sweaters that they have to wear even when they’re adults
  • Owns a barn owl 
  • Will put salt in Jack’s coffee if he pisses him off
  • Will fight you if you insult his kids 


Houston, we have a problem.

Ya’ll…I have SO MUCH of @9t99‘s stuff on all kinds of materials. I’ve got pillows, currently wearing a “and on the 7th day he made me” sweatshirt, I had journals made, tote bags…like…issa lot because I ADORE their style. 

The problem is…

Like they are coming out with AMAZING stuff every few days and I ain’t got but so much money. Those last 2 are brand new as of this week!

I just got another pillow of theirs not 2 days ago with this design on it!

Please! Save me!

And support them because they are NUTS with it!

9t99 (redbubble)

And follow them here on Tumblr! @9t99!

Got7 reaction to their girlfriend always wearing heels

A/N - I relate so hard to this request bc I literally wear heels every day and cannot live without them lmao. Enjoy the reaction guys~

Can you do Got7 reaction to their gf always wearing tall heels?

Mark: I don’t think Mark would care too much if you wore heels all the time or not. He might prefer a more casual look with some converse or something but as a whole, he doesn’t really mind that much.

JB: JB would probably think you’d look good wearing them and would admire your legs a lot. I think he would love to see you without the heels though sometimes, especially of you’re on the shorter side.

Jackson: Jackson would probably prefer you to not wear heels but would still think you looked amazing. If you were taller than him, he might complain a little about how small he is until you reassure him he’s perfect just as he is.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would love you wearing heels because he does like that more feminine appearance and he’d be unable to stop thinking about how amazing and elegant you looked all the time.

Youngjae: Youngjae would just want you to feel happy and comfortable all the time so you wearing heels is no big deal to him, unless they start to hurt and then he’s a protective little boyfriend who will offer to carry you for a bit.

Bambam: Bambam would take loads of pictures of you all the time because he loved all the heels you would wear with different outfits and he’d create a little photo album of you on his phone modelling them all.

Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom would try and convince you to wear flat shoes more often just because he knows they’re better for your feet than heels are. He’d think you looked really good in them though.

Ok I know we are all very concerned about Kazuma’s disappearance for its obvious implications about the communication gap in Kazubisha

But consider this

I don’t think Bisha even knows how to dress herself without Kazuma. I think that ever since he became her exemplar, he’s monitored the changing fashion of the lower realm and bought clothes for Bisha accordingly. Like, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he laid out her outfits for her every single day. He probably has a hidden room in the manor that contains all of her clothes (like all of them, even 800 year old ones), which are systematically organized according to style, color, and where it would be appropriate to wear them. Hiyori’s gonna find Bisha wandering around with Shikki on because she literally does not know where her clothes are. Or how to wear them.

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Staple closet pieces? Including shoes and jewelry 😊

Alright this is going to be a long post…

My personal style can be described as classy and elegant with a twist of edgyness. Think elegant Kendall Jenner x Bella Hadid x Ulyana Sergeenko candid & formal photos.

Although it happens that I put less effort into dressing for university and other unimportant stuff like just running errands or do some small shopping in town because frankly, I don’t care and do not have to impress anyone with my 900€ shoes and 3,500€ coat. I live in a small town, so this just adds to me feeling indifferent. It doesn’t happen often, but still.. it does happen. However, when I am in a big, fancy town, I of course dress to impress and like I’m about to see my worst enemy. I think that this should go without saying haha!

Aside from that my style is as I have described above.

I used to buy stuff from H&M and Zara a lot and mix it with high-end designers, but now it all shifted to just high-end designers. It’s just personal preference. I am fed up with the poor quality and designer knock-offs. I very much cherish the improved quality that I have with designer pieces. Although the quality from oh so many pieces is pretty ridiculous too, to be honest! Do not think that designers necessarily offer the very best quality for their price. Most of the time the prices they charge can’t possibly ever be justified with the quality of their merchandise. It’s just the name you are paying for, really. This is why my #1 mission is always to look for the best quality in anything. I can see a Valentino dress that is so god damn gorgeous and not like the fabric. Or the beads and embellishments seem to be very cheap. I will not buy it, although I regret it because it’s stunning but whatev.

Understand that I am on a monthly budget just as everyone else is. Yes, I might have a whole wardrobe bursting with luxury and designer names, but I have amassed this all over years, with roughly 80% of my own money and 20% of SD money. I am a very practical person and buy clothing, shoes and jewellry that I am able to wear every day and for any occasion. There are some occasional SPECIAL purchases too, of course. But only when I see something seriously special. I had a phase in which I bought at least 20 pairs or so of Louboutins.. and how many have I actually worn out? Maybe…6? This, too, taught me to be practical.

As for jewellry, I generally don’t wear jewellry except for my gorgeous silver ring that looks like a flower made of tiny diamonds, with a beautiful big black pearl in the center of it. It is very special to me. As for earrings, I alternate between beautiful pearl studs when I want to look all preppy, classy and elegant (I think that they also make me look younger, funnily enough) and diamond studs and chandeliers sometimes for daytime and evening as well. I don’t care. I wear stuff that is supposed to be worn in the evenings in the day, too. It adds to the ‘uniqueness’ of my style which sets me apart from others. 

Please mind that I am not going to drop designer names (xcept for four) because well, I don’t want to seem like an arrogant, overly spoiled brat who just wants to show off. No! I am happy to provide you with pictures or whatever in private, if a certain piece has piqued your interest or if you want to know which pieces I exactly have, so just gimme a shout.

So, my general staple pieces for the day would be:

* A few pairs of skinny jeans - lighter denim colour without wash, one distressed black one (I like the slits at the knee), a normal black one, a mid-dark denim with a subtle wash. I only wear skinny jeans at this point in my life, with a seldom exception. Full length and I very much like ankle length or a little over the ankle in summer. Skinny jeans accentuate my lean and long legs - and I like to shift focus on my legs. 

* Skinny black leather pants. Normal ones, not like the Givenchy & Saint Laurent zipper thing.

* This seldom exception would be one pair of black high-waisted, perfectly tailored trousers that are overall just a little bit wider. 

* Two pairs of black cigarette trousers like Audrey Hepburn used to wear.

* As for t-shirts and tank tops, I like basic black and white ones. Round-neck, V-neck, doesn’t matter. I do not like any kind of prints unless it’s an okay print. Well I guess I am guilty of owning the black & white Balmain tank tops with the three golden buttons on the left shoulder haha but these are the only printed shirts in my wardrobe because they do add a little bit of sophisticated edge to my day looks.

* Elegant silk blouses are also a must in my wardrobe. Here, I like playful pussy bow blouses and a bit more ‘daring’, statement blouses. Although I do not like statement or ‘IT’ pieces in general and usually stay far away from them. I like to wear these blouses with my black high-waisted trousers.

* I am a sucker for coats. I own a lot of coats. Fur and normal ones. I adore a good camel coat and am also a sucker for military-inspired coats. The colours of my choice, for normal coats, would be camel, black and navy at this time. Other colours for fur coats.

* I fucking love capes and have quite a few. Black ones, mid-length to the middle of the thigh I’d say.

* Jumpers / Longsleeves / etc. Here, I am always looking for good quality cashmere, and wool. Mainly wearing them in autumn and winter. I like turtleneck pieces a lot.

* Warm Scarves - all my scarves are of a cashmere/silk mix. I also wear them when it’s cold or just throw them over my shoulders on a chilly summer night when I’m out at a dinner party or so. 

* Fancy Scarves - silk. I sometimes wear them under/over a blazer, with a normal button down shirt and a high-waisted skirt. 

* Skirts - one high-waisted black leather mini skirt, a black high-waisted heavy wool skirt / knee length

* Shorts - different pairs of mini denim shorts, beautiful lace mini shorts, black leather mini shorts

* Blazers - oh boy. I love blazers. I have so many. Again, black and navy coloured blazers. I have this beautiful slim, perfectly tailored black blazer that is a bit longer than a usual blazer - just beautiful. one of my fav pieces.

* Jackets - love. black leather jackets for the edge, but elegant leather jackets. I also dig black leather jackets with a beautiful embroidery on the back side. and uhm *coughs* of course the classic - the Chanel jacket. normal black and beige. is an absolute must have. and so versatile! I have the cropped versions as they fit my body far better than the regular length ones.

* Dresses - oh uh. I collect dresses. For any occasion. However I prefer short dresses, above knee length and mini dresses. Do have a couple of mid-calf length dresses, though. Here I say that the fancier the dress, the better. But it still has to look absolutely beautiful and not dramatic. Although I would have loved to have that black/red and red Proenza Schouler ostrich feather dresses just because they look so badass.. but where the hell would I have worn it to.. that’s the other question haha! I love brocade, I love silk, I love lace, I love velvet dresses. My dress colours are usually black and red but I also do have some white, silver, blue dresses. As for the regular shopping day in town, I just wear a long black dress with gladiator flats and that’s it. Dun care. Bye, Felicias. 

* Shoes - sexy black high pumps, the famous espadrilles (I like wearing them in summer with my ankle-length skinnys), the famous Balenciaga boots with the cutouts at the sides and the two buckles with silver hardware, not gold (literally every Russian jetset baby has these boots omg haha), velveteen ballet flats, silken/satin ballet flats, gladiator sandals (which are bound up to the knee), sexy suede overknee boots - I like my overknee boots to be of mid-thigh length, sneakers (have so many omg..leather and suede (apart from the one pair of Nike sneakers I like to wear on long haul flights. various models, various colours), various black combat boots that look more delicate than ugly and harsh, lace-up high heels, platform pumps, I LOVE high heels! gosh… it’s hard to describe without naming the designers and the particular models because it all sounds so vague and ugly haha! I like classy shoes as much as I like very special models like embellished shoes or just some fancy colours, etc.

* Silk Pajamas - I have a pair of baby pink ones and a pair of baby blue ones.

* Lingerie - am a lingerie addict, but which girl isn’t?

* Silk Robes - long dressing robes, short morning robes, everything. Black, white, red, and the pastel colours from above (babypink, babyblue)

* Invest in good stockings! Quite a few pairs of normal black ones. And black ones with the sexy seam at the backside for more..well, special evenings and occasions ;)

* Hats - Maison Michel; different colours, made of felt 

These are pretty much my staples. I am so sure that I have forgotten many many other things, but this should suffice. I have written a post on my personal fragrance choices which you might want to check out if you are interested in this as well!

Any more questions, just ask!

Day6: dating Sungjin would include

▪ having the human definition of sunshine as your boyfriend (all of them are sunshines ok). Congrats.

 ▪ this man’s smile turns your whole world around

 ▪ his hugs feel like absolute heaven 

▪ like he just takes you into his arms and holds you really close to his chest and strokes your hair with one hand with the other holding your lower back 

 ▪ no one from the group dares to tease him about you 

▪ (ok except maybe Jae bc he’s older but shhh he does it when Sungjin isn’t listening) 

▪ always asking for your thoughts and opinions as he shows you new music that they’re working on 

▪ he goes into fan boy mode whenever he sees you fangirling over them and their new comebacks every month 

 ▪ like you’d literally call him the day before a new music video drops, and he’s so happy and giddy just to hear your excitement 

 ▪ you becoming really close friends with all of the members and being like one big family 

 ▪ the boys basically becoming your guys’ kids

 ▪ you being amused whenever he scolds the maknae line bc he looks so dang cute yet scary at the same time and it’s really confusing

 ▪ “y/n stop laughing, they got dirt all over the ground! Wonpil I swear, if you wear your shoes inside again I’m shaving your head in your sleep" 

 ▪ cue sassy Dowoon “good luck finding him in his own bed, hyung. This punk is always trying to sleep with me”

 ▪ him coming up with the cutest/ugliest pet names for you

 ▪ “honey bum bums” “angel” “sweet cheeks” “bae” (bless jae for teaching him) 

▪ when he sees you laying on the couch and paying too much attention to the TV, he’ll get jealous and tell you to scoot over

 ▪ only to have him lay you on top of his body and nuzzle his face into your neck ▪ you obv don’t mind, you’re glad bc he’s not this needy most times 

 ▪ goes into mama bear mode and frets over you if you ever get sick 

 ▪ you love hearing him sing to you before bed, and ofc he obliges 

 ▪ loves buying you perfumes and scented candles and such, he says it’s bc you always smell so good so whenever he smells something he likes, he’s already bought it

 ▪ sharing sweets as you watch movies and dramas on your couch 

 ▪ then he’d pretend you have something on your lips then casually go in and kiss it away

 ▪ holding your hand whenever he’s nervous or sad and you doing the same

 ▪ there’s no such thing as simple pecks on the lips 

and  ▪ when he’s kissing you, he’s 500% focused on you and your lips and he’s giving it his all 

▪ super passionate about everything, esp you 

▪ like jae, he’d support you through everything and everything you stand for

 ▪ honestly, can we share him? I’ll take him off your hands on the weekends 😋

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Dating Newt Scamander Would Include... [Part Two].

Because you guys are awesome, and really took a liking to the first set! Here are some more! If you haven’t read, here is part one!

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  •  One of his desired and favorite things to do with you is to sit close to one another, whether cuddling or not(which, it usually is cuddling), with a warm cup of tea whilst he listens to you talk about your day.
    • And of course, in return, you happily sit there and listen to him talk about his as well. While he likes to use hand expressions, you’ve fallen out of his lap a few times while he was talking, but it was always resolved with a warm kiss to your forehead as he apologies. You laugh, kissing his nose while informing him, “it’s wonderfully cute that you get that excited.” 
      • Imagine him nuzzling his face into your hair as you talk. He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. He hadn’t felt such a sensation in years, and to know you can make him feel so secure and at home was something he took great pride in.
        • Sometimes no words are said, and you merely soak in being so near to one another while reading books.
  • Getting an inevitable attachment to Pickett. In which, the Bowtruckle takes a sudden liking to you (after) figuring out what was going on between you and Newt.
    • Pickett probably loves the two of you together, and urges Newt to kiss you more often, or to be more affectionate.
      “Should I hold her hand?” Newt murmurs, more to himself without expecting an answer.
      “Just, do it.” Pickett replies with a squeak from inside of his jacket.
      • Because the two of you are so cute and shy together, it silently suffocates him.
  • Imagine knitting him a new Hufflepuff scarf. 
    • He’s literally so hesitant about wearing it though because “Oh god, what if I ruin it? What if I tear it? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”
    • You hush him quietly and kiss his cheek, “If you do, I can always knit you another one.”
    • Probably sleeps with it every night, because he really does adore you for taking time out of your day to make something for him.
  • (Based off one of the deleted scenes). Newt showing you the scars on his body, from previous creatures he’s caught that didn’t give him a necessarily good time.
    • He doesn’t regret them, nor does he blame the creatures for giving them to him. If anything, they’re a reminder that goodness and kindness do come at a cost.
    • “They’re not dangerous, someone just treated them like they were…” He whispered to you quietly as your fingers reached forward to brush against one of the white scars on his bare torso. Newt didn’t flinch away, but watched you as you did so with his usual awkward stammering.
  • Tracing the freckles all over his face, his arms, and his chest. 
    • Probably ticklish, tries to squirm away from you when you do this because you’re t i c k l i n g him very intensely.
      • He’s on the verge of laughing so hard, he’s turning red.
  • Those nights when you wake up, only to find him sitting away from you, his hands pressed against his lips in thought.
    • You try not to scare him as you sit beside him, but alas, you do and he jumps out of skin as you perched yourself beside him. “I’m sorry,” He says to you, “Did I wake you getting out of bed?” You shake your head and wrap an around around him.
      “What are you doing awake?” You question.
      “I couldn’t sleep, too much going on in my mind right now for that… Quite a predicament, isn’t it?” He played with his fingers in front of him, subconsciously tilting his body towards your warmth. “Why are you?”
      “No reason,” You rubbed his back gently, “Tell me what’s bothering you.”
    • And, it’s nights like this that you finally get a more clear view of his time at Hogwarts.
  • Newt finds himself staring at you during the most mundane actions.
    • Especially when you give him a smile. He’s slowing building a visual dictionary of all your smiles, and what they seem to mean. Your “i adore you/I love you’ smile is by far his favorite, and it constantly leaves him wondering how he was so lucky to have found you.
      • Also stares when you’re taking care of newborn creatures. Something about seeing you so maternal and loving towards his creatures sets his heart on fire, and leaves him briefly wondering if you were the same way with actual babies.


  • Imagine Newt constantly writing Love Letters or sending Postcards on his travels, when you’re not with him.
    • While he’s sitting down writing them, he always pulls out the picture he has of you from his coat pocket and sits it in front of him. Newt sighs quietly, thinking of how much he missed you, and the things you did for him. 
    • Always ends them with a small ‘Xoxo’ followed by his name. 
    • Usually, it’s just fluff, but he always accentuates how much he misses you, and how much he wished you were with him because he was feeling alone.
      • He totally brings you home small trinkets from his journey’s. You keep them on a shelf in your room, next to the stacks of letters and post cards. He’s gotten careful about not buying absolutely shiny items, otherwise he knows Niffler will find them.
      • And in return, you collect things during your day out and about, that you know he’ll love and gift them to him when he comes back to you.
  • Always crying when he comes back.
    • The two of you are literal messes as he sets his case down to embrace you in his arms, with no reserve at the moment because he needed to hold you close.
      • You digging your face into his neck and whispering, “I missed you so much…”
        “And I you.” He replies, and kisses your forehead with so much love. 
      • Lasts a few minutes, before he pulls away and tugs out his notebook, “You’re not going to believe what I’ve found.” And so, on the walk back to your place, he explains very happily and jumpily what he had found out during his journey.
      • Sometimes, he comes to a stop during his banter and just stares at you. “I never thought I’d miss someone as much as I had missed you…”
        “Well, you’ve got a duty to finish your bo-”
        “Travel with me.”
        “I said, ‘travel with me’. Pack your things,” He rounds you so he’s in front of you, “come with me… Think of it. The two of us, discovering the unknown, finding things that are… Fantastic and beautiful. It’d be like… I don’t quite know… Living a dream everyday.”

Likes and reblogs are much appreciated, thank you, thank you! I hope you guys enjoyed the second installment! Have a good day/night, and stay tuned for more Newt!

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can you explain the network thing to me? im quite confused and if its not a bother could you please?

alright. so basically it all started in like 2003 when a new wave band called “the network” released an album on billie joe armstrong’s record label. some fans listened to the band realized that this was literally green day except in disguise. as soon as this information came out, green day IMMEDIATELY denied having anything to do with the band despite it being….so obvious. literally if you google pictures of the network, it’s just green day wearing ski masks and duct tape lmao.

after this, the two bands became arch enemies. every single time billie is asked about the network, all he says is “fuck the network”. the network did a single interview one time where it is revealed that none of them actually speak english, and once questioned about their their suspicious ties to green day they flip their shit and start fighting each other/the interviewers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPWbZRlu3TA

here is another quote from billie joe armstrong,

“I just wanted to talk about the rumors and the bullshit that has been going on lately. All I gotta say is fuck The Network. These guys are totally spreading rumors. I try to do those guys a favour by bringing them to this country and putting out their record and this is how I get repaid, by talking shit about my band. Unfortunately there is a contract and I have to put out their record. The only thing I can say is Fuck you, Network. Bring it on.“

the last time the band was active was in 2005, when they opened for green day (they literally opened for themselves, disguised as their own enemies). yeah so basically it’s just the members of green day being weird and extra but i would totally check out the network’s music!! it’s very different and experimental, but cool nonetheless 

Dear Teen Wolf fam: you should watch Riverdale

Okay.  Okay.  O…. kay. Look, let me tell you this first, okay?  The entire show is beautiful, beautiful trash.  It’s the campiest camp that ever camped.  This is a group of people that watched RuPaul’s drag race and thought it was an instructional video on how to be a human being.  Everyone is so extra, and they’re like that all the time.  Obviously, by the end of episode 5, I was like this: 

How soon did I know I was going to love it?  Incredibly soon.  Pretty much from second 4 of the pilot, which opened with the Blossom twins - a boy and girl of 16, pale as snow, flaming red hair - holding hands while wearing all white outfits and getting into a rowboat.

Paige in that moment: this is not at all what I expected

We meet the main characters very quickly - Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Veronica Lodge, who meets the aforementioned two in this scene:​

Veronica regularly wears capes. No one thinks this is weird

And though Betty and Veronica take a brief detour into Love-triangle-fighting-over-Archie land, that ends at about episode two and they form a friendship that has you going:

​I ship it #BandV5eva

There’s some problematic stuff, isn’t there always, including the stereotypical “gay best friend” Kevin, but I’m willing to overlook it in favor of the fact that a) it seems like he’s starting to get his own storylines and b) he’s the only one that realizes that he is somehow the least gay person in Riverdale despite the fact that all these people are heterosexual.

Kevin about everything that happens in Riverdale.  In a way we are all Kevin

Also, the parents are just as batshit insane as their children!  And are all played by 90s stars!  Luke Perry!  Skeet Ulrich!

Spoiler alert: they both got hot in their advanced age

And I have not even GOTTEN INTO CHERYL BLOSSOM, or

everyone in this show is extra but Cheryl is THE MOST EXTRA

You will hate her.  You will love her.  You will wonder if she and her brother were boning.  

Cheryl Blossom is flawless.  She has two insane evil parents and a one-eyed grandma.  I hear she wears furry six inch heels as part of her pajamas.  I hear she regularly has nightmares when she sleeps…. in her dead brother’s bed.  Her favorite pastime is accusing people of murder.  One time, she strutted into her brother’s funeral wearing all white and a birdcage veil, and her mother told her she was petty.  One time, she walked down the stairs of her house wearing a red satin gown and carrying a candelabra.  It was awesome.

How Cheryl Blossom regularly walks around her house  #same

Actual Cheryl Blossom quote that is literally her every second of every day

​And I haven’t even talked about Jughead yet!  HE IS MY SON WE MUST PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS



give them their own spinoff immediately in which they dismantle the kyriarchy with smooth jams and cat ears


the part of the meme that looks like a cinnamon roll but will fuck you up

Anyway in short I’ve barely scratched the surface of how batshit insane this show is and you should watch it immediately

Okay this is a sort of fuck-coworkers story (and its pretty short) because I don’t technically work WITH them, just for the same company. I’m a cashier, and they do delivery.

Anyway, I was on my way into work after a particularly long day at school, I hadn’t washed my hair in a couple days, I was wearing my least flattering bra and I had all my work clothes on. Aka, I looked flat chested, my butt is hidden (so you literally can’t see it), and I look disgruntled in every way possible.

I walked by the delivery truck, they were picking up more stuff to deliver. The driver is walking to his truck, behind me…and I hear “Hey cutie.”

Alarms are going off in my head because this is the first time, in 18 years of life, that anything remotely related to catcalling has happened to me. So I turn around, give him a “dude what the hell” look, and walk away shaking my head.

My coworker (who I actually work alongside) is just inside the doors so I go to her, get a hug, and tell her what happened. She says that the delivery guys hit on people all the time…

Looking back, I wish I’d turned around and said “Hey creepy.” to the delivery guy. He was at LEAST 15 years older than me.


Ridiculously Abusive

Things my parents have said to me:

-(me wearing a long shirt that reaches my knee on a hot day)

mom: “go change, you have a little brother in this house. Hes not supposed to be seeing girls like this”

-“i dont care if you dont like this dress, i like it and youre wearing it tomorrow”

-(me: trying to explain to my mom that there are other things i could do with my life besides being a doctor)

mom: “so, i was thinking that i could enroll you into the health science academy. you told me you wanted to be a doctor, right”

Me: well-

Mom: great. I’ll schedule for next week

-Being sent to my room or having someone throw something at me when i stand up for myself

-hiding things very well

-not being able to wear makeup at 16, because it will make me look too grown up, and men will rape me because they find me too attractive

-me having paranoia on whether my mom hears my conversations or is listening somewhere

-literally, no joke. Last month, i was talking to my friends and laughing in my room, and from outside my window, i hear her say “i can hear you laughing in there”

-visualizing other adults as your parents

-being dragged away to the bathroom to get yelled at because youve embarrassed one of your parents

-staying in your room all day long except for hygiene, chores and food

-silent crying in your closet after you’ve just got beaten

-getting close connections to adults and silently pleading inside your head that they could help you out your situation

-parents not believing mental illness is a real thing, so you cant talk to them about your anxiety or depression

-being scared to go home every day after school because youre scared that theyve found something to yell at you about

-being pinched and told to shut up when you try and tell them something interesting in public

-being told about how skinny you are (fast metabolism) and not knowing what to do

-being made fun of because of your body

-parents invading your body to see if you have undergarments ( literally was just walking around with a skirt when my grandma pulled up my skirt to make sure i was being proper)

-not being able to pick anything you want to wear because it doesnt suit their taste

-being really protective over something because its the only thing they dont know about

-social anxiety

-looking up whats wrong with you, and submitting to that role because youre sure thats somethings wrong with you afterall youve been told thats something not right with you, right?

These are all, but not limited to all the things that have happened just this year.

Good God I Wish I Wasn’t Tall (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: Could you write a Patrick x Reader where there already dating and she’s really tall (like 5"10 or 5'11) and she’s insecure about it but Patrick’s insecure about being short and she finally says something about it and they both assure each other that they don’t mind the others height? also maybe a cute scene about them kissing with the height difference? Thanks!

You grabbed a cookie from the food table, nibbling nervously at the edges as you glanced around the room. It wasn’t like you didn’t like this party. In fact, up until right now, it had been really fun. You, Meredith, Meagan, and Marie had all worn similar purple dresses to show solidarity with each other and with the guys’ new album, since this was the album release party after all. You had all gone out to a fancy dinner beforehand, Patrick holding your hand under the table and glancing at you with a sweet smile all night. The beginning of the party had been great too, you had even gotten to meet a bunch of Patrick’s friends that just so happened to be some of your favorite musicians ever. You felt like you were growing closer to Patrick, to the other girls, and to Patrick’s whole world. You didn’t even mind the paparazzi that followed your group to the restaurant and then to the party, and even inside of it. No, that had all been fine, but the trouble happened when Patrick left your side. Logically, you knew that it was no big deal and  he would be gone for fifteen minutes tops, but you still felt like a deer in the headlights the second he disappeared into the crowd. Being alone around a lot of people was never your strong suit, and being left alone in this big party made you feel like you were back in highschool, not knowing where to sit in the cafeteria. Maybe your highschool experience affected you more than you cared to admit. You were distracted from your self psychoanalysis when two girls stepped in front of you to grab some food. You could tell from the badges they wore on lanyards around their neck that they were either press or hired photographers. The thought made you smile, remembering just months ago when you first met Patrick because you were working as assistant to the photographer shooting during their music video. You had been yelled at multiple times for being distracted- all because you were too busy looking at Patrick. And when he had walked up to you when he was done and asked for your name and then your number, you thought you were the luckiest girl in the world. You’re pulled from your day dream when you hear Patrick’s name come from the mouth of one of the press girl who stand chatting in front of you.

“Did you see Patrick Stump?” the one girl asked.

“Yeah, did you see his girlfriend?” the other asked, prompting you to blush and realize that they had no idea you were right behind them, “She’s really pretty”

“Yeah but she’s weirdly tall right?” the other asked, biting into a brownie, “ At least compared to Patrick”
“She does tower over him” the other giggles, “I would never wear heels like that if I was her”

Your heart crashes in your chest as you listen. Is this really what people think when they see you and Patrick together?

“I mean he’s attractive, rich, famous, and ridiculously talented, you’d think he’d at least be able to find a girl that didn’t make him look like an elf” the girls snorts, biting into a brownie.

“Does he look like an elf or does she just look like a giant?”

The two girls dissolve into giggle as you stand frozen, tears filling your eyes, wanting to run away and confront them at the same time. Luckily, you’re saved from the choice when a hand slides around your waist.

“Hey, sorry I was gone so long” Patrick says apologetically.

“N-no problem” you say, filled with dread as the two girls spin around, eyes going wide as they see the two of you.

“O-Oh my god” the one stutters, staring at you with big eyes.

“W-we’re so sorry Miss, we didn’t realize-” the other rushes out, blush flaming across her face.

“It’s, um, It’s fine, no big deal” you say, cutting her off.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Patrick asks, looking concernedly from you to the girls, taking in both your misty eyes and their embarrassed looks.

“Nothing” you say, clearing your throat quickly, “Let’s go”

You grab his hand, pulling him away from the girls and their stuttered apologies.

“(Y/N), what was that about? Are you okay?” Patrick asks, making you stop walking and look at him.

“They were talking about us and didn’t realize I was behind them. No big deal”

“What did they say? Are you okay?” Patrick asks, squeezing my hand and looking back towards the two girls.

“Patrick, it’s fine, I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the party, okay?” you reply, looking at him, suddenly aware of the fact that he has to look up to meet your eyes. Shaking The thought out of your head, you smile and earn a smile back, and the two of you fall into the party. For the rest of the party, you can’t help but think about how much taller you are than Patrick. It never seemed like much, five or six inches, but suddenly you feel like a monster standing next to him, and you fight a grimace every time you meet someone new or are asked to be in a picture. You feel an immense sense of relief when Patrick asks if you want to go home, so you agree and the two of you head back to his house.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Patrick asked as the two of you walked into the house,dumping his jacket on a kitchen chair.

“What do you mean?” You asked quietly, toeing off your heels.

“You just seem a little…off, I guess. You okay?”

“Im okay” You say with smile that falters as Patrick walks over to you and slides his hands around your waist, looking up at you. You avoid his gaze, twisting out of his arms.

“See, something is wrong. Please just tell me” Patrick begs, staring at you pleadingly.

You stare at him for a few seconds, debating whether you should tell him. “I’m too tall” you finally blurt out, looking away from him.

“What?” Patrick asks, confused.

“I’m too tall and I wore heels anyway so the whole night I looked like a giant next to you and made you look short when you’re not, I’m just too frickin tall and I-”

“Woah woah woah” Patrick says, walking over and grabbing your hands, “Slow down. First of all, you’re not too tall, you’re perfect” he argues, only prompting you to roll your eyes, “Second of all, where did this all even come from?”

“Nowhere” you murmur. Patrick raises an eyebrow. “Okay, okay, it’s what those girls were talking about, the press girls at the table” you add.

Patrick furrows his eyebrows, “Why would they even be talking about that? What’s their problem” he says angrily.

“Nothing, they were just pointing out the facts- I’m freakishly tall, and chose to wear heels anyway, so I looked like a giant freak standing next to you”

“Listen to me, you are not too tall!” Patrick repeats, “You are the perfect height, and you wore those heels because you loved how they looked right?”

“Right” you agree quietly.

“So who cares what two random girls thought”

“It’s what everyone thinks, Trick. I’m too tall, I make us look weird together” you argue, all of your insecurities about your height flooding into your voice

Patrick furrows his eyebrows again, staring at you with intense concentration.

“You never finish all your food- you always leave at least one bite on the plate” he suddenly says.

“What?” you ask, blindsided by his random topic change.

“You don’t laugh at all of my jokes. You talk in a baby voice to animals. You insist on wearing socks to bed every night, but always pull them off almost immediately.”

“Patrick what in the world are you doing?” You interrupt him, now irritated and confused.

“Listing everything that’s wrong with you” he replies, leaving you even more confused and a little offended.

“You’re really bad at Guitar Hero. You leave your windows rolled down in parking lots all the time. You never know what time it is. Your hair looks crazy in the morning. You sing to the radio even if you have no idea what the song is. You-”

“Patrick, what the hell?” you stop him, glaring.

“Those are all things that are “wrong” with you, or weird.” Patrick says softly, grabbing on of your hands and looking at you sweetly, “And every single one of them makes me love you more and more every day. I could go on, but no matter what, that list will never, ever, ever include your height. You wanna know why?”

“Why?” you ask in a whisper.

“Because I love you and you are perfect in every single way and I would never change a thing about you.” he says sincerely, squeezing your hands “The problem isnt that you’re too tall, it’s that I’m too short”

“Wait. What?” you ask, thrown off.

“Yeah, it’s my fault you feel like this, it’s because I’m so short, I’ve always known that”

“Patrick you are not too short” you say abruptly. He just looks at you, gesturing to his body sarcastically .

You sigh, and then smile, deciding to give him some of his own logic.

“You take really long showers. You forget to clean up your dishes. You know way too much about Star Wars”

“Oh no” Patrick comments, “Guess I set myself up for this one”

“You leave your socks literally everywhere around your house” you continue. “You wear weird smelling deodorant. You always have to sleep under a blanket, no matter how hot it is. You-”

“Alright alright, I get it” Patrick says with a laugh.

“Those are the things “wrong” with you” You repeat his point, “And every single one of them makes you who you are, and makes me fall in love with you more and more every day. I could go on and on, but that list would never, ever include your height. You wanna know why?”

“Why” Patrick asks with a smile.

“Because I love you, Patrick, for who you are and I would never want to change you in any way”

“I love you” he says, grabbing your hand.

“I love you too Patrick”

“So, in conclusion, you are not too tall” he says.

“And you’re not too short” you add with a smile.

“We are the perfect height and the perfect couple” Patrick finishes. “And I am the perfect height to do this”

He stands on his tiptoes, making you giggle, before he places his hand softly on the back of your neck and pulls you into a slow, sweet kiss. You kiss him back, leaning down so he doesn’t have to stand on his tiptoes, and for the first time since you heard those girls talk, you don’t worry about your height or how you look next to Patrick. Instead, you think about how incredibly lucky you are to have found someone as wonderful as Patrick.

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How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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anonymous asked:

How would Toshinori, Aizawa and Midnight react if the first time their s/o spent the night, they found out they prefer to sleep in the nude? What would these 3 normally wear to bed?

Sorry if these seem out of character, this was kind of difficult. I tried my best.


- Toshinori would be super nervous. He would be blushing so hard when his S/O first explains their sleeping habits. This is the first time they’ve spent the night, he’s never seen them naked before!

- “Wait… you sleep in *what* exactly?”

- After getting over his initial shock though, he manages to calm himself down. He says that it’s fine, not a problem at all. In fact, he enjoys the view very much.

- He sleeps in a plain t-shirt and some comfy sweatpants. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.


- He seems a bit shocked at first but doesn’t really make a big deal about it. He has a very light blush, but he quickly manages to pull himself together.

- “Yeah, yeah, do whatever you want. I don’t mind.”

- He’s super chill about it. He doesn’t look at them all too much as he’s worried it might make them uncomfortable.

- Aizawa basically just sleeps in whatever he was wearing that day. He doesn’t even change into anything, he just dives right into bed. What he typically wears is comfortable enough for him.


- She seems a bit surprised but quickly jumps at the chance to tease her S/O. She will literally take every opportunity to flirt that she is given.

- Once her S/O takes off their clothes to get ready for bed, she’ll shower them in compliments about their body.

- She’s just really happy about the entire situation.

- The majority of the time she sleeps in her most comfortable bra and underwear. She may even occasionally sleep nude too.