i literally watched 3 movies today

sooo my laptop cable shit the bed and started fucking sparking electricity at me at a joint where the rubber casing cracked as well as generally just not working so i had to buy a new one… unfortunately i need my laptop rn to turn in assignments so im literally only gonna be turning it on to hand shit in/send it to my lecturers before the new cable comes… no other laptop usage whatsoever so goodbye to video games and drawing and watching movies and writing anything else…..

the craziest thing is that my phone charger cable ALSO died today and i had to go to town to buy a new one… but that was much easier to get and much less expensive 🙄

anyway all this is to say im phone bound probably for like 3-5 days depending on if the seller actually ships me the cable when they said they would

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relationship status: lol single

favourite colour: like a burnt red

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

last song i listened to: hurricane by halsey

last movie i watched: um i hardly ever watch movies, it’s probably gotg2 (unless the last episode of downton abbey counts as a movie lol)

top 3 tv shows: game of thrones, idk what else but the last two shows i watched were downton abbey and the thick of it 

top 3 characters: amy elliot-dunne, margot roth spiegelman, sansa stark

top 3 ships: literally don’t know lol

fic(s) i’m currently reading: i’m gonna change this to book and it’s a lovely textbook called british politics today lol

people i’m going to tag: @put-on-ur-warpaint @kaleidoscopeeyeschicagothighs @loyalyoke @doritograntrogers @slytheringranger @my-anaconda-wants-a-revolution @asiandutchgirl @thatweirdbritishblog @eyerolls-r-us@eyeonspringfield

Your lovey today

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*Pregnant reader* A/n I have no idea what its like to be pregnant  also IDK how far along you are so ya hope you enjoy.

Writer: Athena (for @floralpeaceofmind)

Being pregnant was not hard, well kind of, but having a boyfriend that was crazy over protective of literally everything I did was the hard part I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without him being right behind me. On the other hand whenever I needed anything he would be there to help me, like when I got a random craving at 3 a.m., or when I just wanted cuddles.

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to sit in front of a fire and watch movies with Brett. “You okay?” Brett asked as he walking into the kitchen from the living room making my head turn to him. “I’m just ugh today,” I said shrugging my shoulders. “Well, I have an idea.” Brett smiled, hugging me from behind, rubbing my belly lovingly. “How about you go lay down and I’ll bring up snacks and we can watch movies all day.” He said kissing my ear. “Sure” I smiled making my way to my room. 

A few minutes later Brett came in with popcorn and candies. “Hey, where were you hiding that candy?” I asked more playfully than actual anger. “Nowhere,” he smirked climbing into bed with me, we started watching Disney movies just relaxing until the baby kicked, it surprised me making my gasp a little. Brett snapped his attention to me with a very concerned look on his face. “What’s wrong?” he asked in worry. “They’re kicking,” I said barely in a whisper as if we had to be quite for some reason. I grabbed his hand placing it on my very pregnant form. “See.” We both smiled as the baby moved again, he moved his head down placing a soft kiss on my stomach. “I love you,” he said to my belly rubbing soothing circles on it, then looking up to me. “And I love you too.”