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I’m Not Losing You

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Words: 1044
Requested by Anonymous: Hello! I think you’re awesome and I love that you’re taking requests!! :) Would it be possible for you to write a Dean x Reader where the reader gets hurt on a hunt (with a little gory detail) and Dean has to take care of them afterwards.

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         You watched the window as it got closer. You knew you were going through it. There was no stopping it. The demon was too strong and you were going to fall from the second story window. You were going to die.

           You felt the ground seem to shake as you hit it hard. You felt the pain radiating throughout your entire body. Mostly, your right side. Something was broken? Everything was broken?

           “Y/N!” Dean screamed your name from the window you had just fallen from, looking down at you in horror.

           “Alive,” you croaked.

           You heard the commotion continue, but you couldn’t move to do anything to help. You just hoped Dean would take care of the demon and get to you so you could go to the hospital. You needed help and you were not afraid to admit it.

           “I’m here,” Dean rushed to you soon after, “I’m right here. I’ve got you. What hurts?” he asked.

           “Whole right side,” you said, “Broken.”

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