i literally started breaking bad 2 days ago this is fate


hmmm ok so i love this plot i just had to write about it as fast as i could

its for a lovely anon yep yuppidily doO sORRY ITS BEEN IN MY ASK BOX FOR SO LONG AND I NEVER MADe IT SSHGGG

- aight so ever since mark was young, he trained to become the best knight in all the land

- he learned about his enemies and he’s friends

- he always trained with his pals

- they called themselves 

- “the dream knights”

- lame name ik 


- “fucking lame??!?!//? is that how you disrespect me?!??!/@ your amazing friend??!?/2/1/”

- honestly jeno gets shook everytime


- marks knight legion thing has always been your legion enemy

- y'all have been fighting since the beginning 

-  mark didn’t really know who you were

- until that fateful day

- you were seeking around his land

- and he found you on his way to the washroom

“jfc all i wanted to do was pee in peace”

- you guys had a sword duel

- and you won 

- so ever since then, he’s been training EXTRA hard to fight you and beat you

- when y'all attack again, he goes out to find you

- he see’s you settling renjun and low-key gets jealous cause

- he trained just to fight you and now renjuns fighting you??

- as he’s watching, he realizes how good you look

- not just when you’re fighting, but in general

- ofc u beat renjun

- so u turn around to see mark standing right behind you with his lips slightly parted


- y'all start fighting

- and like

- u guys aren’t even trying

- ur just getting lost in each others eyes during the battle

- tbh he literally gives up

- “eYY wanna ditch?”

- no- we’re literally- jfc we r literally in the middle of a fight r u dumb” - u

- honestly mark 

- but u decide to ditch anyway cause like, its mark amirite

- aight so y'all ditch

- and it becomes annual

- like evrytime ur legions fight, u guys ditch

- lmAO thE drEAm tEaM fOunD ouT

- “moorK?!? is that y/n!???1 oUR enEMy!@?!? ooOooo I’m telling taeyong”

- “don’t YOU DA Re”

- its gucci tho

- lol but the dreamies told taeyonG

- but did he care??? no not really actually 

- anyway

- so like u guys meet up a lot LIKE 

- hella everyday

- and u guys have like deep ass convos 

- “why are we enemies”

- “bc like 678 years ago ur legion stole bread from ours”

- lol truth

- onE dAy 

- you guys were having another deep ass convo a the just

- pecks???your???lips???



- que marks cute lil giggle

- mark giggling = you giggling

- “giGGle”





- he like always pecks ur cheeks

- n it makes u blush

- he also compliments u a lot

- “wow ur so good!”

- “ye cause I’m better than u”

- mark silently cries at night

- u guys always compare like gear and stuff

- who has the better sword

- who has the better armour

- lmao u always have the better shit tho


- but didn’t rly care

-”ahhh young love”

- lolol 

- you guys like ended the 678 year war

- not rly

- but kind of cause your leaders didn’t really care much

- “if they’re in love, then whats the point? we can’t break them up”

- so like no more figHts but there r still a lot of grudges

- like the dreamy with mark not telling them for 4 months

- so

- in conclusion, mark is a babe and djdjskjksjksjskjsk 


How to win at kid IT.

When I was younger (think ~15) I was the family IT guy. Still am actually. Back then I used to help countless people free of charge, due to my mother whoring me out for her friends and co workers. I did not like it but I had little say about things. Honestly it was a minor annoyance most of them were pretty cool people and appreciative of my help. The biggest thing that annoyed me was my mother volunteering me when I had other plans.

I did it until the fateful day I dealt with “Harpy”. Harpy was one of those late middle aged bitter as shit women you find every so often not one positive thing came out of her mouth. I honestly have no idea why my mom wanted me to help her. She brought me her computer LOADED with viruses and malware. When she dropped it off the only thing she said to me was “fix it” no thank you no description of the problem nada. So I get all the malware cleaned off viruses removed get it going again I almost had to completely wipe it and reinstall windows it was so bad. I give it to my mom to drop off to harpy.

About a month later Harpy complained to my mother that I had broken her computer and it did not work right. So my mother brings it back home. I look at the computer and figure out what happened. The idiot woman reset all her icons to arrange by name by accident.(FYI if your getting free help don’t try to cover your own incompetence with “it’s your fault you touched it and it broke because of you”) When I originally got the thing was so infected with malware and viruses it barely boot up. Lucky for me I had a backup. I kept a rolling backup of all the computers I worked on before I touched anything for 5 computers just in case shit like this happened. I restored all the viruses and malware.Told my mom give your friend back her computer its just like it was when you gave it to me last time.

The next day I got a call from the Harpy literally screaming and cursing at me telling me “Your was an idiot s&*t kid who does not know computers. How dare you break my F&%#ing computer” ect. ect. Fortunately we had an old fashioned answering machine I picked up the same time as the machine it got everything. That was that I had had enough. I took the bus to my mothers work she came rushing out thinking something horrible had happened and I played the recording for her. When it finished I told my mother from now on its 30 bucks an hour with 2 hours upfront. Or I’m not touching a damned thing.

She took it and whenever one of her friends asked for free PC work she played the recording for them. Saying that’s why I won’t help anyone for free anymore. Word got around the office that not only had harpy screamed at their co-workers kid but cost everyone their free personal slave.

The pro part comes in about a year later. My mothers boss asked my mother if I was still fixing peoples computers she said yes. He wanted to hire me part time over the summer to help out the regular IT guy and wanted to set up an interview. My mom told me. I called the guy up and we set up a time. The interview went really really well but I did not want to work with the harpy who screamed at me. I asked him if harpy still worked there he said “yes she does do you know her?” I told him I did know her and I cant take the job due to an event that happened about a year ago. He of course asked what happened I said “I really don’t want to get into it but he could ask my mom she can give him details.” Come home told mom how the interview went and she still had that tape I could hardly believe it. About 2 months later harpy got the axe.

Apparently she was sweet as could be to the boss and a complete bitch to everyone else. The tape was enough to get the boss to start looking real close at everything she did. My mom still reels at how fast Harpy got written up for shit she had pulled for years.

She Looks Like Her Daddy Part 2

Prompt: Reader dated Captain Boomerang (George ‘Digger’ Harkness) years ago before his thieving days –They break up, she comes to America to start over only to find out she is pregnant.  

Pairing: Digger Harkness X Reader

Warning:  Cursing, flashbacks, angst, and some serious feels

Here is PART 1, PART 3, PART 4 , PART 4 ½, and PART 5

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“She’s a perfect baby girl.” The doctor told both you and your mother as she finished washing the infant, wrapping her in a blanket, and placing her in your arms. Looking down at this perfect bundle brought tears to your eyes. Chubby pink cheeks and a big head with a little blonde hair growing in. 

“I wish Digger was here to see this…” 

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its 1:25 am and i have school tmrw but IT IS FINALLY FINISHED

lots of thanks nastyinkhakis​ for the inspo and for not like fighting me or smth when i kept sending her small snippets

fun fact: i used a randomizer to decide what ficlet goes where, so this series of related drabble-y things is not only non-linear, but also not even in the order i wrote them in. exciting. This exists in some weird modern au where they all stay together f o r e v e r

isn’t it funny-

-how obvious and oblivious are so closely related?

Or: 9 times that Hanschen and Ernst were obviously, obliviously in love and 1 time they get their shit together.


Georg doesn’t really mean to say “Why don’t you go bother your boyfriend,” it just slips out.

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #30

 BTVS 2x09 What’s My Line Part 1

Stray thoughts

1) This is the first episode of a two-parter, so I’ll give you my verdict after I rewatch 2x10. Heads up: this two-parter is not among my favorite BTVS episodes.

2) Willow looks so giddy in the career fair. And of course she would be.

3) “I shouldn’t even be bothering with this. It’s all mootville for me. No matter what my aptitude test says, we already know my deal. (…) Do the words ‘sealed in fate’ ring any bells for you, Will? Why go there? I’m sorry, it’s just… unless Hell freezes over and every vamp in Sunnydale puts in for early retirement, I’d say my future is pretty much a non-issue.” This is kind of sad. It’s just yet another teenage experience Buffy has been deprived of. And it’s not just this particular experience, but the whole teenage constant feeling of possibility, that “I could be or do whatever I want, my whole life is ahead of me” thing. Buffy never got to enjoy this prerogative that most of us take/took for granted. 

4) Why would Dru need to do a tarot reading to know what’s coming? She’s a psychic, after all. And I know they used the cards as this device to literally show us what was coming, and they are pretty, but it just doesn’t make sense.

5) Angel hugging Mr. Gordo is the cutest. He’s such a dork. Also, he looks kind of stupid.

6) “There’s a surprise. Angel comes with bad news.” Funny how this still held true way after he left the show.


Angel:  Yeah. I’ll never be a kid.

Buffy:  Okay, then a regular kid and her cradle robbing, creature-of-the-night boyfriend.

I know Buffy’s line is supposed to be funny “oh haha she’s cracking a joke about the age difference and his vampirism haha” but actually this is exactly what bothers me about the Buffy/Angel relationship in the early seasons. She was just a girl. Literally. She was 16! And for the sake of argument, let’s say he was 26, which is how old he was when he was turned (I’m not gonna say he is 240something because that wouldn’t be possible in the real world). Can you see how wrong is that? Why would everyone around Buffy be so on board with their relationship? Giles knew about it from the start and he thought that it was “rather poetic” since she was the slayer and Angel was a vampire. I don’t want to get nasty, but I just think it is utterly wrong that the writers - and as a result the characters - and the fandom romanticized a relationship that was, at the very least, questionable. 

I guess this is because Sarah didn’t look like a 16-year-old. Well, Sarah wasn’t. She was 20 at the time. But even if Buffy “didn’t look 16″ she still was. And just so that you can understand why I feel this way, this is what Buffy would’ve looked like at 16.

Do you still think it would be okay for Buffy to date Angel?

And don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy their relationship and all the fluff and the angst and most of their scenes are really romantic and everything. Angel was Buffy’s first love, after all, and he really did love her, and they grew up and they still loved each other. But there’s still something very wrong about a 26-year-old man following a girl around since she was 15 and claiming he had loved her the moment he saw her. 

Oh well. Let the unfollows begin!

8) Xander as a prison guard doesn’t make much sense, but Buffy as a police officer totally does. She had been policing the streets since she was 15, after all, right?

9) “She’s the gnat in my ear! The gristle in my teeth! She’s the bloody thorn in my BLOODY SIDE!” Well, Spike was definitely obsessed with Buffy since day one, wasn’t he? And yes, it is not healthy at all. 

10) “Whatever comes out of your mouth is a meaningless waste of breath. An airborne toxic event.” Sometimes, I’m Snyder.


Recruiter:  The test was irrelevant. We’ve been tracking you for some time.

Willow:  Is that a good thing?

No, Willow, that’s not a good thing! That’s fucking creepy and scary!

12) And FINALLY they meet!

I love how he smiles when he realizes he has finally found “that girl”. <3

13) This dude looked super scary.

14) And this dude looked super creepy. And not just because of his wormy physique.

15) And she’s just plain gorgeous.

And btw, why did she beat up the guy in the plane? That’s not very slayery of her!

16) Watching Buffy as she skates is a nice reminder that, no matter how many apocalypses she has stopped, she is still a girl. And that’s what she keeps saying.

17) Of course, this girly girl will slice your throat with her skates if you mess with her or her boyfriend.

And now I’m laughing at Angel’s open mouth in this gif. Just look at him.

18) This was pretty cool but I’m so glad CGI has greatly improved over the last 20 years. Thank you, science.

19) I laughed at this way too much.

Giles:  Well, perhaps my words of caution were… a little too alarming.

Xander:  Ya think?

20) Oh, Willy the Snitch! Whatever happened to him? He just kind of disappeared, right?

21) Man, Angel does love a dramatic entrance. Or exit. Especially if there are shadows involved.

22) “Who are you? If you tell me what I need to know I won’t hurt you.” And you’re trying to threaten the girl who just kicked your ass?

Try again.

23) Oh, Kendra’s accent. What a gift from the heavens.

24) Vampire strength is a fickle thing in this show. Just two episodes ago, a bunch of vampires had broken a steal door, and yet somehow we’re supposed to believe Angel can’t break out from that flimsy cage?


Cordelia:  I can’t even believe you. You dragged me out of bed for a ride? What am I, mass transportation?

Xander:  That’s what a lot of the guys say, but it’s just locker room talk. I wouldn’t pay it any mind.

26) And then the first amazing WTF moment in BTVS.

27) And of course…

There weren’t that many “TBC” in Buffy, right? I guess we’ll have to wait! ;)