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me: bts doesn’t have to keep us updated all the time, they’re busy, they have lives and they need to rest before their concert. i am nOt going to be one of those fans who’re impatient asf

also me: *when BTS doesn’t tweet for 0.0003 seconds*

Kissing In The Kitchen(High School!Reader x 40s!Bucky)

Word Count: 1041

Summary: High school students Reader and Bucky Barnes have to study for their final history exam before the winter break. Well, only half of the dynamic Reader x Bucky duo had their heart set on actually studying, whilst the other half had other things in mind.

A/N: A request that literally made me squeal when I first read it. EEP okay!! Enjoy babes!!

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Prompt: Soulmate AU, where every pain and mark your soulmate get, you get it too

Pairing: Steve x reader

Warning: none

A. N. I don’t even knew if this make sense.. but enjoy!


I stared at the mark on my arm, .. honestly I’m not expecting any kind of reply.

It started a few days of go, I was in work. Working for the last time before taking 2 weeks off, then suddenly I felt like I was shot or something, repeatedly. 

Then the beating again, I don’t know what kind of work did my soulmate do but I constantly felt like I was In a fight, getting punched and all. Is he like a boxer or something? Seriously it hurt, but I got used to hide the pain.

Then I felt my whole body in pain, it felt like I just fall from a high place landing on something liquid. It was so intense that I fallen from my chair too, gasping for air,

..effectively making my co-workers panic.

 after an hour getting forced resting, the pain naturally subsided.

My boss thankfully is a kind woman, Ms.potts told me to go home now before any other thing happen.

Then I found myself 2 days later, in my home, lying around on the floor, bored out of my mind. I don’t know what got to me but I reached for the f/c sharpie on my desk and wrote,


-your soulmate’

on my arm.

I don’t know if it will work but then a mark appeared under the word,

‘hey, nice to me read your writing.’

I just stared at it for like hours, fangirling in my head, I just communicated with my soulmate!

I quickly wrote under it in my neatest writing,

‘are you alright? you seem to be in great pain.’

Seriously, it felt like.. waiting for boys to text you back.

‘I’m fine now, sorry to put you in pain too. I didn’t know I still had a soulmate.’

I smiled slightly, at least this mean whoever my soulmate is, doesn’t hate me and purposely put himself in pain.

‘it’s fine, what happened?’

‘got in an accident with an old friend, sorry again.. ma’am..?’

I giggled at his confusement,

‘yeah, I don’t know my soulmate is a gentleman.’

‘My parents told me to treat woman right:) ‘

Is that an emoji?? so cute..

‘you were raised right.’

‘thank you, can we meet up?’

Okay, I literally squealed this time.

‘yeah sure, I got two weeks off.’

‘great, I know this cafe down the street, it’s been there for as long as I know.’

‘..wait, is it okay for you to go out? I mean, I don’t know what kind of accident  you got into but it felt very bad so..’


‘it’s alright! don’t worry! but are you allowed to go?’

‘yeah.. let’s meet up in two days at 4 pm’

‘okay then, I will be wearing something coloured f/c, where should we meet?’

‘in the park near the Stark tower’

‘okay then, see you later..?’

it was a few minutes before he replied again,

‘we can’t send our real names to each other, just call me whatever you like’

‘alright, I’m looking forward for the meet up, soulmate’

‘same for me, doll’

I stared at my sharpie-covered arm and left thigh,

…time to shower..


Now here I am,  yesterday I was so excited I barely sleep. I sat on one of the park bench and rubbed the mark from the sharpie, –well I did cleaned it so it only left the ‘doll’ part, for confirmation. 

I stared at the leaves slowly falling to the ground and keep listening to the music from my earphones/headphones 

You don’t need a lot of money
Honey you don’t have to play no games

I smiled at the music, awfully cliché timing, getting up from the bench and just stand near a flower plant, staring at it’s beauty.

All I need is all your loving
To get the blood rushing through my veins

I stared at a man, wearing a leather jacket and with blonde hair, walking to the park.  ‘he’s good looking from afar’, I thought to myself.

I wanna say we’re going steady
Like it’s 1954,
No, it doesn’t have to be forever
Just as long as I’m the name on your tattooed heart

I softly began to sing along, 

You don’t need to worry about making me crazy

I smiled to myself, I relate to the lyric.

‘Cause I’m way past that

“excuse me,”

suddenly a voice interrupted my little singing along,

And so just call me, if you want me
'Cause you got me, and I’ll show you 

I turned to the voice and see the man I had stared at before, “yes?”

how much I wanna be on your tattooed heart

“are you..” he trailed off,

Wrap me in your jacket, my baby
And lay me in your bed

“..doll?” I guessed, showing him the sharpie mark.

and kiss me underneath the moonlight

His eyes widen but he regained himself back, “so.. hi.”

“Hi,” I replied, “what’s your name?”

“I’m Steve, Steve Rogers,” he hold out his hand for me to shake,

Darling let me trace the lines on your tattooed heart

“I’m Y/n, Y/n L/n.. wait.” I shook his hand, but I stopped myself. “you’re captain america..? well that makes so much sense for all that.”

“yeah..” he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, “shall we get going, y/n?”

I smiled, reaching up to grab his hand,

“lead the way, captain.”

Just as long as I’m the name on your tattooed heart