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Marry Me (Thanks From Kat #18)

@alejandra925 asked: Hi Kat! Congrats on the 2.5k followers! I have a RebelCaptain prompt/story request. I’d love a surprise marriage proposal or scavenger hunt proposal story for our beloved Jyn and Cassian.

Now, as it turns out, I am not a romantic person. Like, at all. I literally have spent so much time staring at a blank Word document with this prompt in mind, thinking of literally nothing to write. So, in short, this prompt is way late and I am so, so sorry about that. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I managed to come up with! (Also, as an apology, it’s also a full 1,000 words!)

With this prompt, I am concluding the Thanks From Kat series!! Thank you to all of my followers and especially to those who sent me amazing prompts. You all are lovely and I’ve loved getting to know some of you through this :)

The alternate title for this fic is “The One In Which Kat Using Way Too Many Italics”


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I just spent time trying to get screenshots of thomas’ hair bc i literally have no idea how the fucc it actually works and I’ve just been winging it this entire time.

This is all I got so far:

I’m gonna go thru a few more videos bc he’s always looking to the left (our right) in his vids. Never noticed that until now when I actually need him to turn that way for drawing ref reasons :v 

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one time after i decided to Stop flirting with a guy bc i found out via trusted third party he was :// but before he figured this out bc it was literally like,,,the next day he sent me a message that was like "hey i'll be over in the main building in like twenty min" to be like "hey u should watch for me ;)" and instead of responding i hid in the bathroom for half an hour and that pretty much was just the way the rest of the time i spent at /that/ job went

i’ve hidden in many bathrooms for many different reasons it’s a great tactic


Which gem would you choose?

happy valentine’s day yall

i didnt include steven and the others because i literally ran out of space maybe ill do another one of these!

Reasons why i love chickens

They’re literally like fickle feathered cats!!! Seriously, they can be snuggling onto your lap one second, and then they’ll refuse to come 10 feet towards you 

They also love begging for food even when they’re not hungry, like the chubby little bums they are 

And the best part is that they’re so amazingly diverse! like you got the Really Big Boys like the Jersey Giants and Brahmas 

And then there’s the itty bitty Serama that can fit in the palm of your hand 

Then the fabulously bearded Ameraucana 

The fluffy Cochin 

The stylish Modern Game

Plus the elegant Phoenix!!!

So in short, all chickens are beautiful and i love them all

me??? doing bad art??? its more likely than you think

I gotta say the first time an internet friend told me Thomas had taken part in heathers, I sat there for a full minute and legitimately thought “ah yes, he must’ve played the red heather” then spent the next 4 minutes crying as I realized my mistake, so have some Thomas Sanders featuring some rlly good leggys bc high heels make everyones legs look bomb

@thatsthat24 i apologize for this lmaaoooo


akaashi in this chapter was the best because he literally… did not have to do any of that like he tried so so hard (look at his face in those panels. he is so stressed) to get bokuto back in the game – but they didnt need him to win at all (e.g. washio says this SUPER OUTRIGHT)! and then when konoha at the end tells akaashi “you ignore him if u want” he basically ignores him completely O|-<

i bet after the match akaashi’s regretting everything

I’ve spent some time lately trying to figure out why, exactly, it always rings false to me when people call Viktor a “playboy.” And I think I figured it out:

Viktor Nikiforov believes in love.

Viktor is definitely presented as a playboy. That’s not the problem: he has millions of male and female fans who literally swoon over him, he’s noted for being “free with his charms,” is called “the world’s hottest bachelor,” and his initial behavior with Yuuri is very forward, physical, and flirtatious. Even seven episodes of character growth in, his initial reaction to comfort Yuuri is kissing him.

So it’s not that Viktor doesn’t have the groundwork laid for this interpretation.

Most “playboy” archetypes fall into this pattern of having been hurt in the pat by someone—a parent, a friend, usually a former lover—and they are now jaded and no longer believe in love. The love interest is there to facilitate the playboy’s growth by being warm and loving and caring and everything the playboy needs and convince them that love doesn’t have to hurt. The playboy’s character arc takes them through this long trial in which their love interest is used as free emotional labor and an emotional punching bag while the playboy works out his personal issues.

While we have basically no backstory on Viktor, he doesn’t appear to have been hurt like this in the past. He’s just a sad, lonely man with major depressive disorder and no friends or family, apparently. Which, as my brother pointed out when I made this argument to him, doesn’t sound very much like a playboy.

As soon as he meets Yuuri at the banquet and realizes, “I could fall in love with this man,” he chases it with everything he has. He already knows how much he wants and needs love and how much good it could do him. He’s not running away from affection, he’s running full-tilt toward it.

Which neatly averts any “using Yuuri as an emotional punching bag,” and for that I will be forever grateful.

My mid-winter break just started, and I’m so relieved to finally have some time to rest :) I literally spent all day catching up on grey’s anatomy haha…


Dumb joke that I spent a liiiittle too much time on.

This conversation cracks me up because the look on her face after he gives his “I’m interested in someone else” line means that she either knows exactly what he meant or that she has literally no idea at all what he meant.  @ziracona​ and I voted the latter (And figured she’d loose it cycling through everyone they know for possibilities).

okay but consider:

Link and Zelda going to live at Link’s house in Hateno Village and being all cute and domestic together. 

Like, them fighting over who gets the bed on the first night…. like Link’s like You take it, you’re the princess! And Zelda’s like But it’s your bed! I can’t make you sleep on the floor in your own home!! And then they just both end up falling asleep on the floor because they literally spent all night unsuccessfully trying to convince the other to take the bed.

Zelda trying to cook something nice for Link and being a terrible cook, but he eats that charred omelette or that lumpy onigiri anyways because she tried and that’s all that matters.

Link going to the river to do laundry and Zelda desperately chasing him to retrieve her undergarments because oh my god he can’t see that it’s embarrassing.  

Them climbing on eachother’s shoulders to clean high places come spring cleaning. 

Them going to the shop together for weekly groceries, oblivious to the fact that everyone around them thinks they look like a married couple.

Them sharing food across the table. 



Scene Reimagining: GX Episode 106
Johan is just really great and intune with duel spirits, I’m in pain. More to come

please do note alter/repost


Talent swap cuz i can

Fuyuhiko is prince, Sonia is mafia, Mahiru is mechanic, Kazuichi is photographer, Ibuki is traditional dancer and Hiyoko is musician

There are some drawings i don’t really know if i should post or not tbh and this is one of them. I just hope i won’t delete it in my sleep (trust me, it has happened a few times already)

like seriously, I did Vetra’s loyalty mission and then rode around Kadara with her and Drack for like an hour last night and Drack spent the whole time asking Vetra if she was okay and telling her that she did a great job raising Sid and offering advice, and at one point Vetra literally said “If only you had raised us, old man” like??? I can not love them more, it is not possible? please, I love this weird krogan/turian family

I’ve been staring at this picture for over an hour editing it and I’m still not over the love on their faces.
[EDIT: this is super late but since I’ve seen this reposted/used in other places, that’s totally fine but pls credit either my tumblr or my instagram (@nari_doodles) thank you!]

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I'm sorry, but I think you should look further into those complaints regarding pearl never apologizing. From your video, I think you misunderstood what they were trying to address; it isn't necessarily about the number of times a character has apologized, but moreso that these apologies are manipulative in nature and frequently pertain Pearl shifting the focus onto HER pain rather than the party she has hurt, forcing them to disregard their own feelings to comfort her.

I was specifically addressing the complaint that she doesn’t apologize enough at all in that post, but I have seen the complaint about her apologies not being genuine enough before as well. I guess I just don’t see it because the only time she’s ever apologized then been “comforted” by someone after apologizing was with Garnet in the Sardonyx arc, and that was after she spent literally like 4 episodes tripping over herself trying to say she was sorry. Every other example in the video ended with Pearl saying “I messed up, and I hope you can forgive me.”

I’ve often been in situations and received manipulative apologies like what you are describing before, and I just felt like Garnet didn’t ever cave in the Sardonyx arc–she didn’t say “it’s okay, I’m sorry for being upset with you.” She said, “you really hurt me, and in order for me to be able to forgive you, you have to get your shit together so I can know that you won’t do this again.” In the end, it was clear that Pearl messed up and needed to change her behavior, and she was committed to doing it. And she did–she learned and grew from it, and I think you can see a marked difference in her character post-Sardonyx arc.