i literally spent hours and then gave up

Things I’ve Done as TDI Characters
  • Emma: Replied with only sarcasm during an hour long conversation
  • Jules: Made like a hundred pancakes and only ended up eating one
  • Cristina: Gave someone a sincere smile before pointing the middle finger at them
  • Mark: Got yelled at by my mom for making a mess in the kitchen, and then got yelled at for not knowing how to make a decent sandwich
  • Ty: Spent hours at a library just reading books
  • Livvy: Chased my brother while applying the snapchat filters on his face
  • Dru: Got approached by an attractive guy at the club, when he introduced himself and said hi, I literally turned around and just walked away
  • Tavvy: Curled in the fetal position for hours on end
  • Kieran: Threw shade at my friend's friend
  • Malcolm: Ate a large pizza while contemplating my life choices
  • Diego: Strutted around the house in my sexiest outfit

armsbendback  asked:


(And also @thrillingest, who also asked for orange)

what makes you feel warm inside? 

On Friday night I had some company for the wait for my bus home. Turns out sitting in a bus stop at 3am isn’t so bad when you’ve got someone to cuddle up with

what’s your favorite halloween tradition? 

I love dressing up. I don’t have nearly enough non-halloween excuses to do so now I’m not at uni any more

what’s the last thing you learned? 

I learned from duolingo that there’s a french term for a hangover that literally translates as “hairache”

when’s the last time you felt obsessed?

I got the pre-alpha of Oxygen Not Included last week

I am not proud of how many hours I’ve spent playing it since. 

what’s your favorite article of clothing?

Right now, the knitted jumper my mum gave me for christmas. It’s my favourite shade of blue and it has this lovely celtic knot pattern through it, and it’s really warm

in grade 7 when i played gta san andreas i would always just steal cars and drive around like the countryside for some reason idk why but i’d always listen to the country music stations and i remember this one that was like “one step forward and two steps back” and i told my friends about it in year 7 and we literally spent a whole lunch hour walking one step forward and two steps back and i remember i gave up cause it got boring adn the bell went off and i was in class again and i looked out the window and two of my friends were walking up the stairs backwards because they were STILL doing the one step forward two steps back thing and like wow thats commitment. that damn song made them late for class