i literally spent hours and then gave up

Things I’ve Done as TDA Characters
  • Emma: Replied with only sarcasm during an hour long conversation
  • Jules: Made like a hundred pancakes and only ended up eating one
  • Cristina: Gave someone a sincere smile before pointing the middle finger at them
  • Mark: Got yelled at by my mom for making a mess in the kitchen, and then got yelled at for not knowing how to make a decent sandwich
  • Ty: Spent hours at a library just reading books
  • Livvy: Chased my brother while applying the snapchat filters on his face
  • Dru: Got approached by an attractive guy at the club, when he introduced himself and said hi, I literally turned around and just walked away
  • Tavvy: Curled in the fetal position for hours on end
  • Kieran: Threw shade at my friend's friend
  • Malcolm: Ate a large pizza while contemplating my life choices
  • Diego: Strutted around the house in my sexiest outfit

ruff-boi-magnus replied to your photoset “Hun you are glowing… literally ”

Wait. Since their teeth glow, wouldn’t the rest of their skeleton glow too? Would cartalidge glow too?

ya prob (unless its the nerves glowing, maybe both) a while back I tried to draw it like the skele was glowy but gave up cause not enough skillz

might come back to it and see if I got the skillz this time

every relationship starts with a kiss | peter parker x reader

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A knock on your window stopped you from studying your Spanish textbook. (okay, you weren’t really studying, more like staring at the words in utter frustration for your test tomorrow). You looked up from your book and saw the one and only Spider-Man hanging (literally) outside of your window. You smiled and ran over to it to let him in.

As soon as the young hero climbed in he took off his mask and gave you a hug. Even though he just spent a good couple of hours outside in the cold, he still felt warm and you were grateful that he was sharing his body heat with you. 

“I got you something.” Peter said when he released you from his arms, much to your disappointment. You smiled. “What is it?” 

“Close your eyes.” You gave Peter a look, saying; “really?”  but you did so anyways. Peter gave you a soft smile even though you didn’t see it cause it meant a lot to him that you would trust him enough to close your eyes. After all he knew you were very cautious about things. One time when he snuck into your room, it was dark and you somehow ended up beating him with a baseball bat.

Peter reached into his back pocket (yes, his suit has a pocket) and he took out his surprise. He looked back to your cute little face before giving you some odd instructions. “Open your mouth a bit.” You obliged, even though you were worried about what this could mean. 

Peter than popped the surprise into your mouth and you immediately opened your eyes, when your mouth recognized the flavor. “You got me kisses?” You questioned. Peter nodded as he took out the rest of the Hershey kisses which were in that kiss shaped bag.

You smiled. “See this is why our relationship works.” You then gave the boy a kiss on the cheek before taking the bag from him like a greedy little kid. 

“Hey I want some!” Whined Peter. And that was how you spent the rest of your night.

Honestly when I think about it I’m kind of ticked that we didn’t get more episodes involving the girl disguising themselves and sneaking into places together after Usagi’s solo episodes in Classics. Like. Could you imagine them finding out a plot happening at a high class party and going under cover–except they do so alone without telling each other that it’s happening or what the heck the plan even is?

So Usagi goes as a Princess again because we all know Usagi well enough at this point to know that being a princess never goes out of style and also excuse you she’s ACTUALLY a princess and she’s going to get mileage out of it some how you guys. Mamoru is her prince because since when does Mamoru have a choice in anything?

Minako popping in as a triple threat model/actress/singer who writes on the side and also saves puppies in low income countries with a freaking fantastic rack and a sparkling number with Artemis around her goddamn neck as a dead cat mink again, somehow she has an entourage of handsome open shirt men to follow her around and pose around her at a snap of her fingers, and she’s speaking with a fucking ENGLISH ACCENT BECAUSE YOU KNOW SHE WOULD.

Rei fucking arriving as a CEO. A CEO to what? How dare you even ask. How dare you breathe in her direction? Don’t you know who she is? She’s President Rei Goddamn Hino , take her business card which she lamented herself, and get out of her way before she gets her lawyers to sue you. (Rei could easily just say she’s Senator Hino’s daughter but I think we can all agree she’d rather die than ever say those words)

Makoto is a world famous cook with a loving husband and two beautiful children waiting at home for her with a garden in the back. Why do you need to know all that? Because Makoto spent hours on this identity and you’re going to listen–now shut up and let her tell you about how wonderful her fake family and fake job is. Also, she’s in another homemade ballgown and if someone doesn’t ask her to dance again I will kill a man.

Ami is literally just Ami Mizuno. She doesn’t need a fake identity, her mother had a ticket to this event and didn’t want to go, so she gave it to her. If the girls had just asked her, she might’ve been able to get them tickets too.

Haruka and Michiru weren’t invited–they’re the main event

Setsuna was invited because she’s the top in like ten different fields and thought it was time to treat herself with pleasant conversation with her peers and a few fine glasses of wine for one single evening. She brings Chibi Usa and Hotaru as her lovely little dates and watches with pride as the two of them talk to a few adults and stun them with how wise and polite they are.

And then Setsuna looks across the room, sees every single one of the Inners, knows it’s them, makes eye contact with Ami, and then slowly takes a long drink from her full wine glass. 

It’s going to be a long, looooong night. 

Halfway, Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys!💕 It’s been awhile and I’ve been ITCHING to get back at writing this! So, the rest of the story is going to be a more modern/everyone-has-an-actual-job-and-life AU, unlike the first two which were inukag childhood AUs. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!  (ノ・ω・)ノ ❤ ❤ ❤

[Ch. 1] - [Ch. 2]  

The birds were loud. The birds were so goddamn loud. They woke me up before I even had a chance to attempt to sleep through my alarm clock, let alone come up with a lie to my wife about why I had to call in “sick” for work today.

Neither would’ve worked anyways; she’s always on my ass about stop being lazy and you have to go to work today! Or sometimes she wouldn’t say anything at all. She would just give me this look that made me both grunt and shiver at the same time. I hated it.

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i actually really enjoy that maggie specified that her and kara get along, that it’s supergirl that bothers her. because in 204, you see her annoyed at supergirl showing up on her crime scene, and in 219, she says why. she doesn’t like her there because it interferes and it sometimes even throws cases out and frees criminals. except supergirl doesn’t care about the aftermath, only the in the moment. she saved people? good. doesn’t matter if she also destroyed a building, contaminated evidence, and gave the defense a way to throw out the case.

maggie’s disdain towards supergirl in 204 makes a lot more sense when you get the context she specifies in 219. it was obvious beforehand but she’d never said it, no one had. everyone just let her do whatever she wanted but i hope now she takes a bit more consideration into account and recognises that she can’t just swoop in to take the credit, when she feels like it.

she literally showed up after 17 hours. 17! that’s an entire day maggie spent out there, talking to the criminals, almost getting them to give themselves up. it was an entire, long, hard, dangerous day of hostage negotiation and supergirl showed up at the end to “save the day”. and doesn’t even realise she is, in the eyes of the law, a vigilante. she may stand for good and hope, she may save people, but she also does things that she should take a minute and consider/ask if she can, before doing it.

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Mmmm so what would Farkles sweet 16 be like then

  • Okay Riley gets EVEN MORE stressed and screwy about this than Maya’s because he knows about the book
  • He’s not supposed to know
  • No one was ever supposed to know about the book
  • She was so caught up in Maya’s party she made a fatal error and showed him
  • It’s supposed to be a damn surprise party
  • But he knows she’s throwing him a party
  • She done fucked up
  • Not to mention after he gave her an amazing Sweet 16th birthday- and then an amazing Sweet 16th party for their one month anniversary- like now she knows she has to step up her fucking game here
  • She’s like 80% sure he didn’t look through his section in the book but she still worries he did
  • She enlists Maya’s help obviously but Maya is…significantly less useful than Farkle was at calming her down in this situation
  • But Riley literally needs any help she can get so she’s not complaining much
  • Okay so they start the planning a little after the Valentine’s Day Fiasco so everyone knows they’re dating by now
  • Which makes it harder on Riley because now that they’re public Farkle is all over her 9000% of the time which she has absolutely no problem with but she can’t plan his surprise party in front of him!!!!
  • But she also can’t exactly say “I can’t go out with you tonight I need to plan your party” and she knows he knows all her tells when she’s lying
  • u g h
  • Not to mention, her and Maya’s party turned out so well mostly because Farkle’s rich
  • She obviously can’t make him pay for his own party and her and Maya’s budget is currently consisting of 50 bucks and some spare peanuts omfg
  • But she’s trying to keep it together. She’s been planning this thing for 4 years, for crying out loud.
  • She spends the whole month she has to plan it screaming internally
  • Farkle’s so fucking unhelpful too like he’s definitely aware she’s planning a party for him but he’s severely underestimating how stressed and worried she is about this omfg
  • So he keeps joking around like constantly reminding her his birthday is the 21st and every time he sees her writing something he asks her if it’s party plans and stuff and she’s SO UPSET AND HE’S JUST NOT SEEING IT FARKLE COME ON
  • He literally doesn’t figure it out until he made some comment like “Oh my parents wanna do something on the day after my birthday, so the party can’t be that Saturday” and she BURSTS INTO TEARS
  • And she finally explains that she’s honestly so fucking upset he knows about this because she just really wanted him to be surprised, like to just genuinely catch him off guard for once and show him how much she and everyone loves him, and her feeling of being surprised at the party really reinforced that, and she’s so mad at herself for showing him the book in the first place but she was sleep deprived and after everyone had forgotten her birthday she didn’t feel like she could trust anyone else to put in enough effort with Maya’s party but now the surprise factor is ruined and he won’t even give her a little space so she can order the damn flower arrangements and SHE’S ALL WORKED UP
  • And he’s really not sure why she’s so invested in the element of surprise here but he’s trying so hard to calm her down omfg like he knows she loves him he’s not gonna doubt that because he’s aware she’s throwing a party??? If anything seeing the book reinforced for him that she loved him omfg
  • And she’s still upset because he’s not totally getting it but he promises to give her some space to do whatever she needs and that calms her down a little
  • So now her and Maya are diving into the planning and Riley’s not as rushed as she was with Maya’s so she’s thanking Jesus on the daily
  • They’re trying to come up with a location that at the very least he won’t be expecting
  • Maya’s suggesting really random places like abandoned warehouses and other buildings so they can make it like an underground rave and Riley’s…honestly not hating the idea but she’s not sure how they’d pull it off
  • The baker was hardcore judging them because their instructions for the cake was “as chocolate as humanly possible to make it. With chocolate frosting. And the writing and details in orange frosting. And maybe throw on some sour gummy worms for decoration.”
  • Because Farkle is a sugar fiend everyone is honestly impressed he’s not diabetic yet
  • Maya wanted the cake to read “Happy Birthday Asshole” and Riley wanted something about how amazing he was but it was simply too many words to fit. They settled on “Happy Birthday Sparkly Farkly” which they started calling him after an arts and crafts accident in fifth grade. They know he secretly loves it but he always acts mad when they call him that in public. So it felt like the best way to convey affection to him on his birthday lmao
  • Maya and Zay put in a mass order for shirts/hats/jackets/banners/etc that read ‘Farkle Nation’ omfg
  • Lucas knew that since it was a party for Farkle there’d be way too much sugar and took it upon himself to order way too many Edible Arrangements bouquets omfg Maya made fun of him for 3 weeks about it
  • Omfg they decided they had to take a page from Farkle’s book with the giant blown up pictures but they were like. Do we wanna be sweet or do we wanna embarrass him.
  • The answer was both
  • So they got two pictures blown up lol- one super cute one of them attack kissing him at the same time after 8th grade graduation. It’s honestly the cutest picture they’ve ever taken.
  • They were struggling on the embarrassing one tho and they were lamenting about it and Cory was just like wait and ran out of the room and came back 10 minutes later holding The Picture
  • From 5th grade
  • When he was still all glasses and bowl cuts and turtlenecks
  • And their art project went so very wrong and he ended up covered head to toe, front to back in glitter omfg
  • Cory had the perfect picture of him looking like a human disco ball and pouting into the camera.
  • The girls knew that as Farkle’s best friends it was truly their duty to blow this picture up and hang it on a wall for all the party goers to see
  • Riley decided since they were going more rave theme they didn’t really need flowers but she still got orange roses and daisies anyway because she’s a sentimental piece of garbage
  • She figures they can set some bouquets next to Lucas’s lame ass healthy fruit flowers and she needs to see the what the place looks like to figure out if she can do anything else
  • Which brings us to the next problem: They literally still do not have a location omfg
  • Which is kinda a problem
  • So they’re freaking out when in swoops Stuart Minkus right
  • And Riley doesn’t wanna tell him jack shit because there’s a high probability he’s just gonna run home and tell Farkle everything
  • And Minkus is like ‘Riley please I didn’t tell him I gave you girls keys when he spent months trying to figure out how you were getting in the house. I didn’t tell him when Maya dyed his hair blue in his sleep and it took him 4 hours to notice. I didn’t tell him when for a science project you had set up hidden devices all over his room that you could press a button and ‘beep’ at any given time to make him think he was going insane. I didn’t tell him when Maya installed a porn virus on his school laptop. Why on Earth would I let you girls down now?”
  • Lmao so they tell him every thing and they mention they’re still looking for a location right
  • And he’s like…Girls you are aware I basically own half the city right?
  • And they’re like SHIT because that honestly slipped their minds omfg
  • So he listens to what they wanna do and he thinks it’s a weird idea but he does own a couple of abandoned buildings from projects and whatnot that just went south and he was never really able to sell
  • So he draws up a list of ones he can prove are entirely safe and gives it to the girls and basically tells them to have fun lmao
  • Okay so they spend two days looking around at these sites right
  • And most of them are just big open spaces which would be helpful but they still wanna keep looking
  • And then they stumble upon this really weird place omfg
  • Okay so according to Minkus’ note, it was a warehouse but then they tried to turn a extra floor into apartments but everyone fled the place because they were claiming it’s haunted
  • The girls read that and called Lucas, Zay and Smackle to come with them to see it because they read that note and they were just like “…Obviously.”
  • So they get there and the bottom floor where like factory work was happening has been cleared of any machinery except there’s a weird tiny stage there. They’re figuring the short-lived apartment building tried to have activities down here or something.
  • Okay and then above that on a landing is this big office-y sort of room with one glass wall so you can look out of it and see the floor (although there are blinds and other walls)
  • And then around that is just this extra floor that literally has really tiny fully furnished studio apartments like it deadass looks like everyone living there got up and left in the middle of the night it’s so creepy
  • So Riley’s starting to get excited omg she’s like “Okay so we have the actual rave-ish party on the bottom floor, and then we could-”
  • “get a projector and screen a bunch of his favorite nerd movies in the office space!” was Maya’s great contribution
  • And then omfg Lucas was like “Oooh and if anyone gets too tired from the party they can lay down to rest in the apartments!”
  • And everyone’s staring at him for a moment and Maya’s just like “You’re right that’s exactly what people would want to use them for good boy.” lmao
  • Okay so now they gotta get the word out to the school obvi
  • Riley and Zay handle inviting people and they manage to tell evvverybody it’s in a haunted building omg so a lot of people are going lol
  • Maya and Smackle leave one day and come back with a shit load of glow-in-the dark paint and black lights
  • Riley enlists Lucas who enlists his jock friends to go through the factory and clean everything lmao
  • Since they had to go after practice and stuff it takes them like a week to get it all done
  • For a present, Riley manages to get him tickets to an underground robot fight, an actual record album of Pippin signed by the original cast, and bought a star in his name; When she told Maya, the blonde’s only response was ‘he’s gonna nut’ 😂
  • Okay so we’re now…Maybe a week and a half from March 21st, Farkle’s birthday
  • And Riley’s still upset that she can’t actually surprise him
  • And Maya’s just like “Why don’t you just avoid him completely until the party and make him think he pissed you off so he’s relieved to be surprised.”
  • And Riley’s like “No Maya you don’t understand he let’s me make out with him”
  • So avoiding him altogether is out of the picture in her mind😂
  • So they’re spit balling plans to surprise him back and forth for like an hour and they’re getting more and more pathetic lol
  • But then ZAY SAVES THE DAY
  • Okay so they had already planned on using any element of surprise they can get in the first place- because of that, even though Farkle was pretty much expecting this party to be on the Friday after his birthday, they had scheduled it for his actual birthday, which was Wednesday. Cory Matthews was already preparing to play dumb on their behalf when most of the sophomore class and whole knows how many other kids skip school on Thursday lmao
  • So anyway Zay was like “Riley why don’t you just convince him you had plans set for Friday but they fell through and now there is no party”
  • And Riley’s like but he knows my tells!
  • And Maya’s like “…but if you start crying he’d turn into a panicked mess and wouldn’t know up from down.”
  • So everyone is like holy shit this could work
  • And that’s the story of how on a Sunday night Farkle was very confused when Riley ran into his room sobbing that she’s the ‘worst girlfriend in the history of romantic attraction. Fuck, even Neanderthals would’ve made better girlfriends than me!’
  • And she’s straight up sobbing into his chest and this poor boy is like “WHAT THE FUCK” he doesn’t know what to do and Riley’s now crying to hard for him to make out a concrete sentence
  • And she really lays it on okay homegirl manages to drudge up fake tears for like 40 minutes you should be proud
  • So he finally gets her to calm down a bit and he wants to know what’s wrong and she’s still got her face shoved in his chest so he can’t read her tells and she’s like “We had this whole thing planned we were trying to rent a huge room in Hard Rock Café on Friday for your birthday and all our friends and family would be there and it wasn’t even anything amazing like you did for me and Maya but my budget was significantly smaller but I was hoping you wouldn’t mind BUT IT ALL FELL THROUGH AND NOW WE CAN’T HAVE A PARTY FOR YOU! The restaurant made a mix up and accidentally canceled our reservations and we can’t get anywhere else on such short notice and I can’t even get a refund for the canceled reservations so it’s not like I’d be able to take you anywhere other than an Applebees anyway so now I don’t know what to do and you’re leaving for the Hamptons Saturday morning so it’s not like I can throw anything else together and I’ve let you down you deserve a girlfriend so much better than me honestly you should just call Isadora to see what she’s doing! I’m so sorry Farkle!”
  • Like Riley is really selling this holy shit Farkle is beside himself on her behalf and he’s trying to calm her down and tell her that she’s amazing and he loves her and trying to convince her that he really doesn’t need a birthday party at all omfg
  • She’s still crying when she leaves his house but he managed calm her down a little omg
  • Okay so now it’s Wednesday, Farkle’s birthday right
  • School is normal, Riley baked him brownies for the occasion but still looked like she’d burst into tears at any moment
  • So it’s now like…8′o’clock at night, right
  • And suddenly he gets a text from Maya that’s like “omg I’m part of one of those groups where you get really abstract text clues about where a movie marathon is happening and there’s one starting soon in a haunted building and they’re doing all your War of the Stars movies or whatever I need you to drive me”
  • And Farkle’s like “Okay but Maya you clearly don’t care so why are you even going in the first place??”
  • And she’s like “I can make myself suffer through sci-fi for your birthday. Riley’s coming too, leave now or I’ll hurt you.”
  • So he picks them up and he’s like “aren’t you guys dressed a little nice for a movie marathon??” because Riley’s got her hair all curly and she’s in this tight black and white dress with that’s very distracting and Maya’s at least in a romper but it’s like. A fancy one that’s all silver and black
  • But Maya makes some comment like “I don’t need a dress code for life” and Riley’s staring out the window still in full blown sulk mode about the party falling through
  • So okay he follows Maya’s directions and pulls up to this fucking abandoned warehouse and all the lights are off inside and it sounds dead quiet and he’s like “Yeah no we’re gonna get murdered aren’t we?” and Maya’s like ‘probably’ and heads inside, texting the whole time
  • So he sighs and him and Riley start walking over and he’s trying to get her to tell him what’s wrong and they’re right at the door she’s got her hand on the handle and she just sighs sadly and says “I really don’t deserve you, Farkle.”
  • And before he can #panic and try to cheer her up she smiles and says “But you probably deserve me,” and opens the door and shoves him inside
  • The lights flash on and everyone’s screaming ‘surprise!’ and he’s just so.
  • WHAT
  • The two giant blown up pictures are hanging on opposite sides of the room. Tables filled with a lot of junk food (and for some reason fruit bouquets????) and drinks pushed up against the walls so there’s still a huge amount of room for people to dance. A tiered chocolate cake (with gummy worms??) that looks taller than him is up on a stage next to where it looks like Zay had set up DJ equipment. The blinds are open in the designated screening room so he can see the projector set up. As far as he can see, almost everyone in the room is wearing some article of white clothing-hats, shirts, sweatbands- and they look normal but Zay’s got extra boxes of them on stage that he clearly intends to throw to the crowd. There’s also plain white banners hanging around the room, he’s a little confused about that. And he’s also seeing Riley’s got orange roses and daisies scattered across the room. This boy is just. so shocked and confused right now omfg.
  • He thinks he’s recognizing more than half of the student body in this room honestly what the fuck how is this happening
  • Everyone’s still cheering and taking pictures and Maya’s shoving him into this hot pink sash that reads ‘BIRTHDAY BITCH’ in glitter and he’s just staring in shock still omg
  • Riley’s smirking at him and nudging him like “Did I surprise you???” and all he can do is nod and she’s squealing and hugging him in excitement
  • So Zay finally gets the microphone at his stand working and he’s like ‘alright LETS GO’ and all the sudden the lights cut out and black lights are lighting up and all the plain white stuff he’d noticed before were now proclaiming “FARKLE NATION” in glow in the dark paint he’s freaking out omg
  • He can barely figure out what songs are being played because Riley’s got his hand and is dragging him to the dance floor and he’s getting completely swept up in this party omfg
  • Riley’s living for the fact the look of surprise never leaves his eyes all night
  • They dance for hours with occasional breaks for food and drinks but everyone’s really having a great time
  • They can hear people screaming at whatever movie they’re playing on the projector
  • They decide to attempt to cut and pass out slices of the cake around 10:30. They shoved Farkle on the stage and Zay made him stand there as he got most of the party goers to sing happy birthday and then Riley was like “here eat your slice right now while Lucas and I try to pass out pieces” so Farkle was left to awkwardly stand on stage in front of hundreds of people and try to eat a diabetes-ridden slice of cake and of course Maya shoved it in his face after a few bites 😂
  • Omg so the party gets back in full swing right and at some point around Midnight Riley and Farkle end up in the last row of seats they had set up in the projection room and they’re watching Paranormal Activity or something
  • Well they’re supposed to be watching it lol in reality they’re all cuddled up and whispering because Farkle wants to know how the hell she pulled this off
  • And she’s looking out a crack in the blinds, watching Zay try to get everyone invested in a line dance and launching more shirts out of a shirt cannon and the screen is casting a blue light over her and he’s obsessed with how it looks
  • And she’s like “I was really set on surprising you because you always surprise me and I figured I should return the favor one of these days”
  • And he’s like “I thought you wanted to through me a party because I was such a loser when we were kids?” and she shoves his shoulder and they’re both smiling (although she doesn’t deny he was a loser lmao)
  • And now she’s listing off all the times he’s surprised her, like she didn’t think the sad-looking kid on the playground would be her best friend and talk about space with her, she didn’t think Dracula would save her from drowning, she didn’t think he’d show up at the hospital after she’d gotten her tonsils out and read to her the whole stay, she didn’t think he’d ever get rid of that awful bowl cut (lol), she didn’t think his playground feelings for her would turn out to be real and deep, she didn’t think he’s make her fall in love with him, her list keeps going on
  • And she’s finally like “so I really wanted to surprise you for once, okay? I wasn’t joking with the ‘I don’t deserve you’ thing. But I’ve always been a little selfish and I love you too much and I just wanted you to know that.”
  • And so of course now Farkle’s on some sappy tangent about how amazing Riley is ya-da-ya-da-ya-da
  • Annnd now they’re making out
  • And now they’re still making out but sneaking out the door in the room
  • Why are they heading to the apartment sections
  • Children no,
  • Why are they tying that stupid sash Maya gave him around a door knob to one place
  • Children get away from the bed,
  • (No but yeah I think you can figure out where that moment goes)
  • And let’s just say that was their first, ah, ~moment~
  • And it was rather spur-of-the-moment, sure, but I don’t think either of them are gonna complain too much okay
  • They sneak back down to the dance party a little after that
  • Zay starts some crazy contests up he’s really digging the DJ thing
  • The rest of the party is amazing and everyone has a great time
  • Riley and Farkle don’t leave each other’s sight the whole night and I think Maya is a little suspicious about why Riley’s lipstick is messed up and Farkle’s blushing so much, but she convinces herself it’s all the dancing and doesn’t bring it up lol
  • Lucas is off in the corner fussing because literally no one has touched his Edible Arrangements and it’s like 2:30 in the morning wtf guys
  • People start clearing out around 3:30-ish
  • It’s still talked about as one of the best parties ever even as they’re graduating
  • The girls crashed at Farkle’s place for the night rather than drive all the way back home (the warehouse was closer to him)
  • So he’s lying in bed and instead of staring at the planetarium ceiling he’s staring at Riley who’s softly snoring next to him
  • And he’s still seeing flashing lights in his eyes and hearing songs he can barely recognize and his heart hasn’t returned to normal beats yet and he’s not sure if that’s from the dancing or the milestone he and Riley crossed but it’s a good feeling
  • He wasn’t expecting anything at all but he definitely had a Sweet Sixteen and wouldn’t change a second of it
  • I really want you people to know that I had ‘Darude- Sandstorm’ stuck in my head for the entire 2 and a half hours it took to right this
  • UGH

okay so ! im not going to get my new ID anymore,,, sister didnt want to. so we’re going tomorrow. i could go alone but the place is in the center and i do Not have the courage to go there alone

so i guess… ill organize some school stuff and sew? i got a commission to hand in soon and– almost had another blargh but they havent gotten back in touch!!! she’d be a return costumer too ): but i upped my prices since then so i guess she didnt want,,,,,,,, sad

also figured im gonna sell the teddiursa i made and the costumer gave up on literal hours before we were going to meet lmao. shes the one who spent the money tho, and selling to someone else for only a lil bit less is gonna give me a lotta more money than she woulda given me so

man, sewing rly isnt practical. like, a practical way of getting money. i havent updated my page in some time… im gonna update it and start posting some simpler plushies. llike the torchic i made for my sis thats literally two balls. gonna make a pichu. gotta sew the dratini, post her again…. hm plans plans

in grade 7 when i played gta san andreas i would always just steal cars and drive around like the countryside for some reason idk why but i’d always listen to the country music stations and i remember this one that was like “one step forward and two steps back” and i told my friends about it in year 7 and we literally spent a whole lunch hour walking one step forward and two steps back and i remember i gave up cause it got boring adn the bell went off and i was in class again and i looked out the window and two of my friends were walking up the stairs backwards because they were STILL doing the one step forward two steps back thing and like wow thats commitment. that damn song made them late for class


So it’s been about a week since the whole hacking/doxxing debacle. 

TL;DR Info:

I’m safe.

All my videos are set to private.
My Twitter is deactivated until further notice.
All my email accounts have been resecured.
My paypal suffered some damage.
My tumblr(s) are mostly unharmed.
My old Youtube channels ‘TheoryBrony’ and ‘VocalTheory’ are no longer
under my jurisdiction.

If you receive any messages from either of those accounts, ignore them.

And as you all know, I am ShutUpAdachi/stfuadachi on all platforms.
(excluding barasans)

I will never ask anyone to message me on any account other then those. (until further notice, as I am still debating a change of url.)

Full story and current state of affairs under the cut.

Keep reading

The fact room service did not have lemonade, only made my craving for it even deeper so the moral of my story is I spent a good two hours going to 6 different stores trying to find lemonade before I gave up and turned back around only to find a little store down the road from the hotel that had it. Can you say fucking rude?

hanasaku-shijin  asked:

literally i just got home and the story in your "drunken girls" post just gave me diabetes good lord

Psssst :3

“S-sorry,” was the first word out of the girl’s mouth. A sort of half slur, half hiccup quickly swallowed back as she stared in what was no doubt a nearly drunken daze, unable to dredge up the needed common sense to know that the last thing Weiss needed was someone looking at her like this- 

-with bile stretched down the front of her blouse and tears in her eyes, running the mascara she spent hours perfecting before the party. But it was just that, an offhand apology, and it faded the moment golden eyes traveled the length of her torso, recognition settling amidst the haze of alcohol. The girl held up a hand, imploring as much as one could be when obviously drunk, pushing back unruly black hair with the other. “I’ll be right back.”

The interaction was so brief that Weiss nearly believed it to be some figment of her imagination - the hum of the lights and the exhaust fan the only thing present to keep her company, but it was only minutes before the door opened again, the girl pushing through with a sweater in one hand, and something positively small and furry in the other.

“These are for you,” the girl said, moving close to push the sweater to Weiss’ chest. The girl’s eyes were soft despite the vibrancy, cheeks flushed and a gentle upwards curl to her lips that practically radiated warmth. Weiss couldn’t help but stare up at her, this odd ache building in her chest as the throbbing of her heart echoed in her ears.

Weiss would always remember it as the first time her heart skipped a beat.