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Could you do a scenario with the M and S brothers walking in on there s/o playing with themselves while saying their name? (Aka thing about them~) ;^)

  • Ayato: “A-Ayato…more…” You moaned softly, you had toys that you used whenever Ayato wasn’t around to pleasure you right when you wanted.

“Hm?” Ayato had heard you whimpers ad moans from afar, so he walked down the hallways and opened the door slowly, “More of what? I’m not eve-.” Ayato’s eyes widened as he saw you spread out on your bed with a toy shoved inside you. He watched you shoot up, he smiled at you frightened look.

“Well, pancake was very desperate to have me inside her.” He walked over to the bed and you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

“N-No..I mean, yes but-!” You wanted to think of a way to keep Ayato from catching on, but he already knew. You were cut off when he slammed your arms above your head
“A-Ayato!” You squirmed, but he just tightened his grip.

“Stay still.” He frowned and pushed his knee up to push the toy further inside you. He smiled as you began to moan and beg for him to stop, “Does it hurt…?” He laughed and pushed harder until he felt ready himself, yanking it out and beginning to take off his own pants. He nudged your legs apart with a wicked grin, “You want more? I’ll give you more.” (WHOA-)

  • Reiji: As a ’lady’ (That’s how Reiji always refered to you as) you were NOT supposed to touch yourself in such a place, but you couldn’t take it anymore! Reiji sexually starved you to the brink of insanity! You decided enough was enough. Being sneaky, you slipped into your room and made sure that your door was locked before slipping  your hand inside your skirt and beginning to pleasure yourself. It felt wonderful being able to receive some type of pleasure for once, instead of feeling like you  weren’t ever allowed to have sex or pleasure in your life ever. The closer you got the edge, the louder your voice became. “Reiji…R-Reiji!” You arched as you felt  yourself about to reach sweet relief, but a voice stopped you.

“What on Earth are you doing, s/o?” Your eyes shot open to see Reiji standing at the foot of your bed  with a frown. You gulped. “You know I told you to not do what you’re doing right now, don’t you?” He walked over to the side of your bed and crossed his arms with a sigh, “I guess I need to properly punish you for this. You better be ready to take full responsibility for what you’ve done.”

  • Laito: Laito had been away lately without a real reason, and you were getting very lonely. You and Laito were very sexually active, and not very afraid to be out there about  it. Kanato, Ayato, Reiji, Shu, and Subaru had gotten their fair share of moaning and groaning waking them up in the night when you and Laito got into it. But tonight,  you thought you were going to die! You couldn’t figure out why tonight of all nights you body wanted something inside of it fast. You ran up to yours and Laito’s room since the two of you shared a room. You frantically yanked open the dresser drawer and smiled, there it was. Laito always had toys handy, always. You didn’t waste  anytime stripping your clothes off and beginning to push it inside you. Vibrations pulsed through your whole body, your toes curled and you grabbed the sheets. “Laito! Yeah…L-Laito..harder.” You rolled your hips as if he was there, but something stopped you.

“Oh my! You must of been so lonely.” You knew that voice, you grinned andshot up partly embarrassed,

“Laito!” You smiled as he brought you into his embrace. He had come back to you,

“I’m sorry it took so long, I had some things to handle. But I’m back now…” And you couldn’t be any happier, not just sexually happy…but just happy. (Awe!)

  • Kanato: Kanato never wanted to have sex, ever. EVER. It drove you up the wall and made you want to scream at him, but you knew if you did that he would kill you. So, once or twice a month you would sneak into your room and say that you felt ‘sick’ and pleasure yourself since nobody else would. I mean, Laito would but you really didn’t love Laito the way that you loved Kanato. You laid down on your bed and began to pleasure, you were too scared to keep toys around just in case someone were to come across them. “Kanato…” You groaned and twisted. You didn’t even get that far before you heard the bed creak and your eyes shot open to see Kanato sitting there, covering Teddy’s eyes. He tilted his head,

“Why are you doing that? If you needed me so badly, you should of just asked.” He sat Teddy aside and climbed on top of you. You blushed,

“Whenever we start to get…into it…you just turn me away.” You looked away, but then glanced back at him when he began to laugh.

“I only turn you away because I don’t want sex unless you want it.” He shrugged and leaned down, “know that I know you do want it, you better prepare yourself.”

  • Shu: Literally whenever you wanted to shave sex you just rode him. There wasn’t a time he didn’t hear you.
  • Subaru: You and Subaru were very shy about your sex life, so when he found you screaming his name with something shoved inside of you..he was shocked. He did give you what you wanted though. all night long.

I’ll do the M brother later! I’m out of ideas for them right now. 

It’s late and I found a bunch of good Supernatural gifs to explain my dog’s reaction to things that happen in public.

Someone pets her without permission:

Someone tries to feed her:

Another ‘service dog’ screams at her:

When both of us see a child being dragged out of the store by a parent because they’re being a brat:

When a child screams “PUPPY” for more than 2 minutes straight:

When someone says that “she so cute”:

When someone baby talks her:

When someone tries to ask me about my disability/why I need her:

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are you lgbt and if yes, have you had to come out to people? if you did then how did you do it?

Yeah! i’m gray-ace panromantic but when i was 10 i defined myself as bisexual and then when i was 13 i identified as pansexual. In high school I ended up just identifying as bisexual and still do because i’m tired of explaining myself to people lmao. 
I’m out to all of my friends and most of my close family members. I told the internet first and started to date a lovely transman named Jakob when I was 14 and  that kind of spurred me to tell everyone. The next people I told were my friends. They were all sitting at the lunch table at school and I went up to the table, slammed my hands on it and was like “I have something i need to tell you all” and then i like told them my sexuality in the most dramatic way. They just stared at me and my friend Brittany goes. “Rachel… we already knew that” and that was that. 
I then told my mom through email while i was at my dad’s house for summer break lmao. She wrote a long message about how she’s also bisexual and she loves me still. So then I told my dad, step dad, step mom, and my aunt because I just really wanted to show Jakob off to people and my step mom was excited bc she’d never met a bisexual person before. My family were all very supportive of me. 
Then I told my siblings. I told my sister first and she screamed “I KNEW IT” and then ran downstairs and screamed it to my brothers and they all kind of laughed and teased me about it. 
Ever since I came out to my family, i’ve literally never hid it from anyone. It’s pretty much the first thing that comes out of my damn mouth when i meet people now bc i don’t want to have friends who don’t agree with my sexuality. I’ve definitely been friends with people before who have found out and stopped talking to me so that’s why it’s important to me. My friends are usually all very supportive or also tell me that they’re on the lgbt+ spectrum. We have a joke going where i’ll be like ‘oh my god guys i’m so gay’ and they’re like. “Really??? Since when?? You’re GAY? wow” or something like that. It’s nice. 

What's The Catch? - George Weasley Imagine


Im so glad requests are open again!!! May i have a request where the reader is dragged to the twin’s shop when it finally opens up by her friends (shes not really one for pranks because she usually ends up being the butt end of them) and while shes looking around she bumps into George and is surprised at how nice and sweet he is especially after all the times him and his brother pranked her back at school!! Thank you so much i really REALLY love your imagines!!!

•(Y/f/n) = Your Friend’s Name (Most likely a girl friend)•

•(Y/e/c) = Your Eye Color•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Let go of my foot! I’m not going!” I screamed as (Y/f/n) dragged me across the room while I lay on the ground whining.

“Come on! It’ll be fun! Everyone’s going!” She exclaims, I grab a hold of the foot of my bed clutching it tightly.

“Why do I have to go?! I don’t even know the Weasley’s!” I yell but she yanks my foot making me lose my grip on my bed.

That was a complete lie or just a sad excuse so I wouldn’t have to go to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. When (Y/f/n) found out about the grand opening she almost fainted with excitement and screamed so loud she could probably break a glass goblet better than the fat lady in Gryffindor’s common room portrait. Everyone knew the infamous Weasley twins for their amazing pranks and rebellious attitude. Girls literally throw themselves at the twins if they had the chance. The twins may look the same and act the same but I feel more drawn to George. If he saw me at his shop, he probably wouldn’t recognize me. I’m just a victim of his pranks. That’s why I’ve never been very fond of his and his brother’s pranks. The whole castle is almost completely empty due to mostly all of the students going to Fred and George’s prank shop after, they’re big leaving scene everyone adores them.

“Please! I don’t want to go by myself!” She begged. I sigh and roll my eyes.

“If I say yes, will you let me go?” I mutter, she nods her head and pouts her bottom lip.

“Fine!” I exclaim, standing when she let’s go of my foot. I’m already deeply regretting it. I storm out of the room with her trailing closely behind me. She’s skipping behind me happily as I scowl in anger. I fan my face with my hands once we reach outside due to the sun’s extreme heat. We reach their shop and I can’t deny that it’s definitely eye catching. The shop pops with color, a giant version of Fred or George smiles with it’s top hat in hand. People are coming in and out with bright smiles on their face. I squeeze in through the talking crowd and my mouth opens up slightly as I look at the shop. It’s amazing.

“What do we do now?” I ask (Y/f/n). I hear no response. I turn around quickly to see that she’s not behind me nor anywhere in sight. I should at least look at the products since I’m here. I sigh and make my way towards the side of the shop, where bright colorful products sit presented on shelves. I run my finger over the label of the product.

“Weasley’s famous skiving snackbox” I say to myself. I look at the price. One Galleon. Sadly, I had no money to buy anything. I decide to leave due to me not having money and not finding (Y/f/n) but right as I turn around to leave I bump into a solid figure. I hear multiple things hit the ground. I immediately get onto my knees and start to pick up the boxes that say ‘Fainting Fancies’.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you!” I exclaim trying to pick up as many boxes as I can.

“Don’t apologize. It’s my fault, I didn’t look where I was walking.” An awfully familiar voice said. This person’s hand is pale and from the corner of my eyes I see vibrant red hair. I look up and make eye contact with eyes that were already staring at me. His brown orbs make contact with my (Y/e/c) ones. He smiles widely at me making my cheeks heat up.

“Didn’t we go to Hogwarts together? I swear I have you for potions.” He asks still staring into my eyes intently.

“Yeah, we had potions. But I’m still in Hogwarts.” I say, picking up a few more boxes.

“I’m George. George Weasley.” He holds out his hand and I shake it softly.

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I give him a small smile.

“Do you have any questions at all?” He asks me as I pass him all the fallen boxes that I have collected from off the ground.

“No, I was about to leave. Good job with the shop, you and Fred should be proud.” I smile turning around but don’t make it far due to George grabbing my hand.

“You didn’t want to buy something?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t bring money and I just came here with my friend.”

“Take something, it costs nothing” he smiles. My eyes widen. Why is he being so nice to me? One day he pranks me and now he’s like the sweetest guy I have ever met.

“Oh, really, I’m fine. I don’t want to cause a hassle or anything.” I say assuringly.

“Nothing bad is going to happen, beautiful. Just grab anything.” I look at him a moment longer, his smile is warm yet welcoming. I can trust him. I hear a squeak from behind me, I turn around to see a large cage filled with little Pygmy Puffs. I awe as they come closer to me and watch me with big eyes. I pick up a small pink one and look into its small round face.

“What’s the catch?” I say raising an eyebrow, obviously there has to be some kind of deal because everything comes with a price.

“You and me, Tomorrow. Three broomsticks.” He smirks. Is he asking me on a date?! George Weasley is asking me on a date!

“O-Okay” I stutter out blushing.

“1 O'clock. I’ll meet you there” he winks at me before leaving with the boxes of Fainting Fancies in hand. I slowly make my way out of the shop completely stunned. The little Pygmy puff squeaks and wiggles in my hands.

“(Y/n)! There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Where have you b- What’s wrong?” (Y/f/n) pops out of nowhere but she looks at me intently to see what has gotten me so stunned. I raise the Pygmy puff higher for her to see and I try to talk but I just couldn’t.

“You don’t like the Pygmy puff?” She asks. I shake my head and sigh.

“How much did you pay for this little one? I want one.” (Y/f/n) pets it’s back making it purr lovingly.

“I got him for free.” I whisper, her head snaps up to eye me.

“What do you mean?”

“I got him for free. George Weasley said I could take this little puff home for free.”

“What else did you get or did you only get the Pygmy puff?”

“I… I also got a date.”

“From who?!”

“George Weasley!”

“Ugh! I should have left you at the castle!” (Y/f/n) exclaims throwing her hands up in the air making me bust out laughing. At this moment, I do not regret saying yes.


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Can we please discuss the fact that people actually think that there are Mon-El centered episodes? It bothers me. Like they are not Mon-El centered, there are morals shown through the character that messes up the most. And furthermore, in there "Mon-El centered episodes" he's barely on screen!!

Hahahahaha the only Mon-El centered episode was 2x16 when Kara found out he was the prince. That’s it. 2x12 was a Lena-centered episode. And so was 2x18. But no, no, no. They won’t complain. Because it’s Lena. Don’t get me wrong, I love her character. She’s a badass, and the “i wouldn’t know. I’ve never stood behind a man” line made me scream (i literally made an inhuman noise lmao.) But I can’t fully enjoy her since *cough* you know why *cough*. So anyway. Let’s be honest, they will complain about a character-centered ep (there are only like 2 or 3 of those) unless it’s Lena. Why am I not surprised?!

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(1) your last gifset is killing me. you know why I came to like JM? because i saw him dance! the way he moves is just.. huh.. you know?! all the other lovable things about him I found after I was already hooked. like his angelic voice, the rising sun when he smiles, the breathtaking looks he fires while performing, the way he speaks with a lil lisp sometimes and the heartmelting sound(and visual) when he laughs... also the way he gets shy *internally screaming*

(2) I think you should give out blankets when u make such gif sets, so we all can wrap them tight around us and hide our ugly sobbing bc jimin is just perfect 

Ahhh anon 1000% to everything you said!! you literally listed few of the many reasons why I love him, I will only talk about his dancing here because we will be here all night long if I started to type why I love Jimin haha. Now I’m no dancer and before I got into BTS I never really payed that much attention to dancing I just appreciated groups choreographies as a whole, but when I saw Jimin dance.. idk he awakened something in me and made me fall in love, the way he immerses himself in the music, the way he moves with such sensuality to the beat, the way he knows when to hit a move hard or soft, the way he dances from the his shoulders and arms, his center down to the tip of his fingers and never missing any details, he makes the big and small movements count (hell even his hair dances!), the way he can be fluid and smooth like water but knows when to be sharp and powerful, I think he has something special that only he was born with, any dancer can execute a learned choreography but the way Jimin just puts his twist into it and and makes it ONLY HIS is just… mesmerizing. I’ve (personally) never seen someone in KPOP dance with such emotions and feelings like him, he makes the choreography come to life, it’s art, he paints a picture with his body, you can just feel how passionate he is, he was truly born to be a performer.

I’m glad a lot of people have been liking my Jimin gif sets, I just want to appreciate him in the smallest way possible, thank you! and yes to blankets!! haha I think we will need lots of water too coz damn that boy dances so !@@#$#%#%  

this stupid fucking bitch has gotten on my last nerve. literally anything I fucking do or say she has some shit to say about it. If I laugh or a cough, she mocks me. i have one of my things on the couch, she screams she always asks why I'm “so rude” to her, like bitch I'm rude cause you're rude.

i used to think she was alright cause when she was over at college she would say all this shit like if she supported or cared about me. and when she found out i was trans she said she would support me but she still calls me girl and some other female stuff. even when the rest of my family isn't around, its like she completely ignores that im trans or that she doesn't even care. 

im just so done, everything she does is annoying i cant stand that bitch anymore ugh

“This CUTIE right HERE, is my CUTE BOYFRIEND.”


I was so upset the other day when I found out there was no Akushima route so I went looking to see if there were any fics, and I saw this very short one literally called, ’Akushima Screams at People about his Cute Boyfriend’ and I’m STILL YELLING.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND how there are practically no Akuba fics or art. IT MAKES ME MAD BC IT’S SO CUTE OMFG.

Also I hate that mic of his with a passion.

Good one Marlene. But tiny confusion with this clue, too.

“When CeCe came to Radley, I thought she was Ali. I don’t remember what we spoke about” - Mona in 4x01.

Marlene: “go back and re-watch seasons 3-5, we told you CeCe is A multiple times!”

Ok I’ll admit. Good one Marlene. I totally missed that clue from 401. That line literally screams to me that that was when Mona passed on the A game (she doesn’t remember what they spoke about, oh how convenient…)

Only thing I don’t get is how did Mona find out it was actually CeCe and not Ali like she thought? I thought Mona found out she was speaking to CeCe and not Ali in the 610 finale!? Because if Mona knew she was speaking to CeCe in Radley, couldn’t she connect the dots all the way back then?

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9!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf i wish he was younger because i want more time with him!!!

i thought he was 7 until i just counted then omg

we got him in 2005 when i was in year 6 and he was 6 weeks old when we got him. he wasnt even as tall as a photo and he couldnt get up stairs or even into his kennel we had to put a piece of wood so he could get in but he didnt even use the kennel for like ages because he was too tiny to live outside also he would escape through like every single gap in the fence then he would dig out and we had to put concrete under the fence everywhere cause he would dig out always omg

anyway then he ate his kennel

and everything else we’ve ever tried to give him

and couches and outdoor furniture 

he was literally the biggest little shit of a dog until about 3 years ago when he started calming down 

he caused me so much stress for like 6 years because i was so scared he would have found a way to escape overnight or while i was at school omg or the amount of times ive spent hours walking around the streets screaming out his name

mum would walk him to pick us up from primary school and one time she came without smithers and i was like wtf and she was like he ran away i cant find him and i basically sprinted the whole way home

also i was late to my first day of school in year 9 because he ran away and i refused to go to school without finding him

i hate him so much

i love him so muCH

Truthfully, I was expecting more angry!cas and hurt!cas when he found out about the mark.  I was expecting anger, screaming, hurt, disbelief, betrayal, ANYTHING.  I was expecting him to try and knock some sense (literally) into him, show him how stupid he’d been.  I wanted him to do more than a slap on the wrist, a ‘damn it, Dean’.  But what really happened actually satisfied me.  It surprised me.

I didn’t expect Dean to be the one to run away.  He ran because he knew he let Cas down…and that was too much for him.

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Hi... I just recently listened to 'Execution Commentary' for the first time and I have no idea what Matt was 'screaming' in the song or what the song is about. Can u help?

Hello love :)

the truth is that there aren’t really any lyrics to Execution Commentary. Muse’s official literally says this:

Fun Facts about Execution Commentary:

  • The song was first recorded in 1996 as an outro to “Crazy Days” (which later became “Yes Please”) on the Newton Abbot demo.

  • if you listen carefully, a few words can be distinguished, such as “yeah alright” and “come on”.

  • when someone removed the vocals they found out that a faint laugh can be heard at the end.

  • Matt called the song the worst song he had ever written in 2012.

lots of hugs to you<3