i literally screamed when he smiled


Let’s start off with how it looks when he’s debating on something.

When he stares at the ceiling and you can see how defined it looks and how it accentuates the beauty of his neck

How delicate it can look at times


How his masculine  jaw contrast with his adorable face # can just jump off now

and how it’s perfectly showcased when he brings his sexy out in performances




His manly yet soft edges that makes him look so ethereal

but then he frees the holy forehead and that jaw suddenly becomes your next sin

you just want to run your fingers gently on that good sharpness # don’t lie to yourselves

When his jaw suddenly has that cute/sexy boy next door vibe #tf am I saying now

How perfectly sculpted it looks when he sheds a tear

How mature it makes him look  when he makes those oh-so-not-fetusey-faces

When he literally flaunts the goods like : “ You wished you could touch me”

When he’s focused on work and that jaw screams at you : “I’m about to look sexy in a few seconds, just wait for it”

When he’s jealous and does that tongue thing ,and his jaw suddenly becomes sharper for no coherent reason #yeah fml

When he’s all skeptical about something and his jaw looks extra defined

how about when he frees the forehead and is focused on something too?! CAN I JUST DIE NOW.

Don’t smile at me ,you son of a fetus. YOU’RE ILLEGAL AND I DON’T DO ILLEGAL SHIT!



EXO 101: A Crash Course

Park Chanyeol 

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Soft baby by day, sexy mofo by night. Can do everything?? Sing, rap, dance, cook, act, write and produce music, play the guitar (classical, spanish, lead, and rhythm omg) and the piano and the drums, has the body of an elf king. He’s also AMAZING with children as shown [here - skip to 12:17 and WATCH you won’t regret it] and dogs too! All animals really. He’s Korean Snow White. With abs. And if Snow White was extra. 

Also the kindest soul ever. He’s always smiling, even when he’s down. He literally said, and I quote; “No matter how difficult something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot.” His then-girlfriend nicknamed him “Happy Virus.” Constantly buys his members gifts, is very tall (well over six feet), and he’s the most extroverted and sociable person - actually friends with everyone. 10/10 amazing human.  

Byun Baekhyun

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Don’t let him fool you!!! He looks soft but he will fuck you up with his cheeky lil smile and pelvic sorcery and unearthly vocals and uGH. His wit is unparalleled like omg, so sassy and hilarious and sharp. Also a huge nerd when it comes to anime, manga, and video games. Once gave a picture of himself to another member as a gift, the lil shit.  

He’s incredibly passionate about his career and his members, and I think it was Kyungsoo who said that it’s Baek who keeps them all together at times. In summary: Byun Baekhyun is what happens when a demon and an angel do the do. 

D.O./Do Kyungsoo:

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Do Kyungsoo? More like Do Me, Kyungsoo. I’m sorry I’m so thirsty Ksoo…I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, he single-handedly saved the human race from extinction with his voice. He’s savage af, so much so that he’s affectionately nicknamed “Satansoo” and he will smack a bitch. He’s also so soft and squishy at the same time, you’ll get whiplash. And his acTING. Lord in heaven. And I believe he didn’t even have acting lessons?? The nerve of him. He, too, is sex on legs, and he might be quieter than the others, but y’all best listen when he talks cause boy bout to spill the tea. 

He’s also very paternal in that he takes care of the other members a lot, like when Kai, his roommate, isn’t feeling well, he’ll care for him or go out to get food for him. And he can cook really well. I’m gonna stop now before I end up writing an entire dissertation ;’)

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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Oh my god. Anyway. Zhang Yixing is the perfect contradiction. On the one hand, he’s an actual baby lamb - laugh and all. On the other hand, he’s the human embodiment of the NC-17 rating. Like, hide yo kids. Yixing is also one of the Chinese members of EXO, so he often leaves to promote his solo music which is in Chinese, and he works so incredibly hard and deserves all the success. He also writes the lyrics, and composes and arranges the music! 

And…his dancing. Proof that god exists. There is literally no part of his body that Yixing does not have absolute command over - and you can see it because he is so precise, confident, and sexy. :’) 

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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I actually had to cover his face while writing this because holy–

Yup. Moving on. 

Actually, back to his face (and the rest of him): Remember when Da Vinci was conceptualizing the Vitruvian Man (lol only 90′s kids will remember…1490′s kids, that is). You know that picture of the guy with another pair of arms and legs superimposed on him, inside a circle? The drawing theorizing the ideal proportions of the human body? Yup, true story: Junmyeon was Da Vinci’s muse. Suho’s face is so symmetrical, it inspired mathematicians to write the golden ratio. He is a genetic miracle, a statistical outlier, a national treasure–

Anyway *sweats*. ALSO. Let’s talk about his personality. Myeon is the mom of EXO, the leader, so he’s naturally very parental. He actually chose the stage name “Suho” because it means guardian. He always does his best to keep his kids the members together and doing what they need to be doing. Always pays for things ($Junmoney$), and is the person a lot of them confide in and go to for comfort or advice, especially Sehun. 

He’s such a dad too - like his dad joke ratings are off the charts. 10/10 would build you a tree house and tuck you in at night. 

Oh Sehun

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Maknae. Icon. Legend. Used to have a lisp. 

People sometimes think he’s cold or reserved because of his face, but as you can see in the gif, he’s literal sunshine. He once cried on stage because he was knocked on the head by a camera - but he wasn’t crying because the injury hurt, he was crying because he wasn’t allowed to perform because of it, and he felt like he was disappointing his fans. He also cried during a radio show when asked about his other members - he said every night before he falls asleep, he prays for them and he prays that they all stay together and are successful and happy. And now I’m crying. 

Everyone is in love with him

His dancing resurrected me from the dead, put my children through college, and ended world hunger because damn we are fed when that boy moves. 

Sehun was once invited to Paris for a Louis Vuitton fashion show and became king of France. I’m not kidding. All he did was show up, and there was a huge crowd already there to greet him as if he were royalty, and he was voted best dressed at the show by Vogue. He went to the Louvre, and people were studying and appreciating him, the actual art.  

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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Ah, little dino bby. He’s iconic for many reasons: 

1) His smile. It curls up at the corners like this :}

2) When he laughs, he literally goes HAHAHAHAHA like wow, amazing, I want this as my ringtone

3) He screams a lot. Nickelodeon once made a show about him called Jongdae: The Last Pterodactyl

4) HIS VOCALS. Un-freaking-believable. He’s the male version of Mariah Carey. 

5) Speaks really good Chinese! (He’s Korean) 

6) An amazing human?? He donates to charity so often and he doesn’t do it for publicity either. He takes good care of the other members too. 

Jongdae, let me put a ring on it. 

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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HERE WE GO. My precious boy :’)

Minseok. The eldest. Also known as the best person to ever exist. Like Kyungsoo, he doesn’t talk much because he’s a shy lil bean, but once he warms up to you, the things that come out of his mouth are so deep and cute and funny and wowow I want ten of him

Is the least likely to cry

Was chubby (and so adorable!!) as a little kid, and now he has a six pack. Because of his weight as a kid though, he has spoken many times about the issue of body shaming and how people’s perceptions of a person shift based on how they look. He once said these words that made my cold, dead heart beat again: “I don’t have an ideal type. If our hearts match well, then she will look pretty to me.” 

Has the strongest arms in EXO. They all arm wrestled and he won and it was the funniest thing ever. 

Is not only an idol, he’s also getting his Ph.D. Dr. Kim. I can’t believe….

Wants to open his own coffee shop, and I don’t drink coffee, but I would chug any dish-water-coffee-grinds-filth that he would serve me because damn I love him. 

Kai/Kim Jongin

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The Bias Wrecker. Or just your bias, plain and simple 

Kim Jongin is one of nature’s greatest accomplishments. His gams are the eighth wonder of the world - and he puts them to use when he dances, like please kick me in the face with those omfg 

His laugh. Astounding. Also don’t stand too close when he laughs because he will hit you. It’s just what he does lmao

He’s basically a hip young old man - so hot but so sleepy. He’ll sleep at any given opportunity. 

Very fond of fried chicken. And dogs. But not in terms of eating, for the latter

Learned ballet for ten years and it shows, and I just wANT TO SEE HIM IN A LEOTARD DAMMIT

He has darker skin than the other members which people used to make fun of him for and still do comment on, but he says he loves it and he is proud of his body :’) we are too bby!!

Other random facts

EXO originally had 12 members but 3 left and we’re not going to talk about it okay? okay

- Chen and Xiumin are married best friends. Xiumin actually said in an interview that Chen is “like my wife” 

- Sehun is now officially Lord Oh Sehun of Glencoe, Scotland because his fans are the most Extra and purchased the estate for his birthday :’) 

- Chanyeol once folded one hundred paper cranes for his girlfriend as a gift, but in the middle of doing this, she called him and broke up with him

- Baekhyun can’t cook for shit but at least he’s pretty 

- Kai dated F(X)’s Krystal 

- Kyungsoo once said to the camera that he is “not pure” 

- Yixing starred in a gay sci-fi movie where he and this other dude have a baby

- Suho is a health nut. Just like how girls always have pads and tampons on them, Suho has multivitamins 

For @the-porcelain-doll-xo because I’m the friend that wants to drag you into hell with me, and I can’t wait for you to get into EXO ahhhhh ily <33

BTS Reaction #25 - You apologize every time you say something funny/cute about them

anon asked: bts reaction to you apologizing every time you say something funny/cute about them? thank you!

Seokjin: “You’re so cute!! You get embarrassed every time you compliment me~ Do it again! Say something cute about me! Don’t apologize!”

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Yoongi: -happy squish gets a little flustered himself- “Jagi, you don’t have to get so embarrassed when you compliment me so don’t apologize either… I mean it’s cute as shit that you do but… Whatever just… You’re cute too, okay?”

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Hoseok: “JAGI YOU’RE SO CUTE I COULD SQUISH YOU TO DEATH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH-” (Just literally screaming and this gif every. freaking. time.)

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Namjoon: -let’s be real he’ll tease the f- out of you.-

“Is it funny when I do this?” *kisses your red cheeks* “Should I apologize myself for doing this…?” *puts his hand on the side of your neck and kisses you deeply, then just winks and walks away, smiling at your flustered state*

Originally posted by junghoseok

Jimin: -He thinks this is the CUTEST THING EVVERRR so he does everything he can (no matter how stupid he looks) to get you to compliment him again-

Originally posted by hajimajimin

Taehyung: *does something cute on purpose so you get embarrassed and compliment him…. 3 seconds after he becomes a complete tease*

“Jagi~ you’re blushing again. My oh my what am I going to do with you when you’re like this baby? You’re so beautiful…”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: “Huh…?” *chuckles and gets a bit embarrassed himself* “What, why are you apologizing? I like your compliments and your jokes. You can feel more comfortable when you’re with me. I won’t make fun of you for that!” *bunny smile*

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Dating Hoseok (JHope) Includes:

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  • this is literally the only song i think about when I see jhope
  • highkey dripping in confidence
  • all he had to do was go up to you and smile and he knew you’d be hooked
  • *smiling* “Hey Y/N I was wondering if-”
  • “yes.”
  • You’re basically dating Hoseok now, a literally ball of sunshine
  • The sun aint got nothing on him
  • constantly screaming
  • “HEY Y/N”
  • “IDK”
  • lots of hugs and kisses
  • he’s just hella into skinship cause any given moment to touch you is just great
  • he’s the type to slide his hand all the way up your thigh under the table then smile sweetly at you like nothing ever happened when you let out a little yelp
  • overall he just uses his smile to try and cover up anything he’s done
  • “You’re smile can’t compensate for everything,jhope”
  • “Are you sure about that Y/N”
  • “Jhope you burnt the fucking kitchen down, I’m pretty sure.”
  • he calls you his princess and you call him your sunshine
  • cliche? maybe. cute? yes.
  • he’s so extra it’s just
  • jhope babe pls stop
  • he celebrates every little thing
  • every. little. thing
  • all this to lowkey piss you off
  • “Y/N did you know that it’s been a year today since we first held hands?”
  • “bab-”
  • “Oh and it’s also been a year today since the first time you kissed me.”
  • “that’s nice but-”
  • you embarrassing him during dance practice cause, i mean, what are girlfriends for
  • “y/n stop you’re emb a rr a ss in g m e”
  • dates with him are just so fun and lit they could be to literally anywhere
  • forehead kisses are a required must
  • him being your ultimate hype man
  • random “i love yous”
  • random aegyo attacks LI KE jhOPE PLS I DONT HAVE LIFE INSURANCE YET
  • him doing complete 180s and turning into the most sexual person ever and licking his lips every damn time he’s speaking to you
  • he’s a double threat, being able to rap and dance
  • so not only is he a damn good kisser, he’s got them dancing hips
  • stamina for daayyss during sex damn
  • slow, sensual sex that leaves you an exhausted mess but still begging for more
  • he will fuck you anywhere he don’t give a fuCK
  • will sometimes end up bonking heads with each other and leave you both laughing
  • there are times where you won’t even get to have sex properly cause you’re both just two laughing messes
BTS reaction to their gf dancing a duet with another boy


He would be really proud of you. He would be jealous that he couldn’t dance as well as your dance partner but he wouldn’t show it. Also, if he saw that boy getting too close he would feel a little worried and nervous.

“That was incredible, jagi. Maybe you could teach some of those moves.”

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He would feel embarassed of himself but he would be amazed by the way your body moved. That feeling would change as soon as your dance partner touched your body. If looks could kill, well… You know.

“You were amazing but, I mean… Did he really need to get that close?”

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He could'nt stop smiling when he saw you dance like a professional. He also would feel frustated that he couldn’t be your dance partner but wouldn’t show it. Yoongi would probably feel inspired by you.

“Could you dance for me on the MV’s from now on, please?”

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He would literally scream your name the whole time. Hoseok wouldn’t even mind about the guy that was dancing with you. He knew that he was better and someday you two could dance your own duet.

“Hey! That’s my girlfriend! That’s my awesome sunshine!”

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He would be really happy for the fact that you enjoyed dancing as much as him and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. But, in the other hand, he would feel really jealous. He would try to not to show it but he would end up failing and asking you a lot of questions about him: “Is he a good dancer? Why him and not me? Did he touch you where he didn’t have to?…”

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He would feel really happy and proud for you. V would'nt care about the other guy but as soon as he touched you, he would feel a little hurt. When you finished he would try convince you to dance a duet with him till you accepted.

“Oh, yes! That’s my jagi! I’ll dance even better than him. I promise.”

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He would be serious all the time. He wouldn’t take his eyes off from your partner but the moment he saw you dance he would literally be shook. He was really jeaolus because he wanted to dance with you but he wouldn’t say anything because he’s too shy.

“Literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But it would be better withouth that guy over there.”

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My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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anonymous asked:

how much do you love auston matthews?

so, so, so much.
auston matthews is the highest drafted latino EVER. he is and will be an inspiration to SO MANY kids that have never seen someone like them on the ice and on tv and publicized like this. he will be the best and little kids will look at him and say, “i want to be auston matthews one day.” and thats just. thats just so incredible.
you know what else? this desert boy from arizona went to a coyotes game one day, said to his parents, “i want to do that,” and then DID. of course, credit to his parents for supporting him and encouraging him and making sure he COULD do it, but on auston’s part–he had to know he had to be better than everyone else. he had to know he needed to work twice as hard to get noticed in the way everyone else would.
and so he DID. he practiced and worked and pushed himself until he was BETTER. (and better, and better, and better, and finally, best. he went number one, yall. number ONE.)
and he has broken RECORDS this season, yall. records.
but megan, you might be saying. you havent said anything about AUSTON MATTHEWS yet, and you’re right. ive talked about his accomplishments and how inspiring he is.
so. let’s talk about auston.
this wonderful boy is nineteen years old. god i love him. anyways.
he’s nineteen and he’s an absolute MEME. he has a harambe sweater that he LITERALLY WEARS UNIRONICALLY PROBABLY. he cant dance for shit. he doesnt celly for goals until he cant handle keeping it all in and EXPLODES. (speaking of which: when he does that double ski pole thing and just SCREAMS? my favorite goddamn thing in the whole world.)
he’s a goofball and a wonderful teammate and a leader. and he is in love with hockey and carpools with his best friend and smiles shyly at the media when they question him. he gave all four (FOUR!!!!) of his debut pucks to his mom. his legs shook on his draft day. he comments on his friends’ instagram posts from years (2013 for connor brown’s, i believe) ago. he chirps his teammates on social media and at practice. he has no idea how to dress himself without layers and layers on clothing.
TD;LR: i love auston matthews so, so, SO goddamn much. because i look at him and i see his accomplishments and i feel so incredible proud, but i also look at him and see the parts of his personality that he’s let us see and i see myself. i see a kid who’s barely an adult, who smiles and laughs but obviously feels the pressure, and i see him doing incredible things anyways.
that wasnt a short tdlr. i dont care. i love auston matthews.

14 things for a broken heart

1) No matter how long you stare at your phone, he’s not going to text you.

2) The boys you let into your bedroom will not make you forget him.

3) Write. Write until your hand is cramping and there are tears landing on your paper

4) Don’t stalk his social media. You’ll end up missing him even more.

5) DO NOT READ OLD TEXTS. Especially after midnight

6) Don’t ever compare yourself to his new girl. You are beautiful.

7) It’s ok to cry. Scream into your pillow and then stain it with tears.

8) Don’t beg for him back. If he wants to come back, he will.

9) Wearing low cut tops and push-up bras to impress him won’t bring him back.

10) Literally do not read old texts, can’t stress this enough.

11) If he misses you, he’ll call.

12) When you see him and feel like crying, smile. Smile so big because you don’t need him.

13) Don’t make up scenarios in your head about him hoping they’ll come true. They won’t.

14) You don’t need him

—  I hope this helps
Best Kiss

OH MY GOD! I found this super old imagine on my wattpad! This was my first ever imagine. I just want to see y’alls reactions to my shitty writting so, ENJOY!

I don’t usually sit in the crowd while watching Justin perform, I’m usually back stage waiting for him to finish his amazing concert to comfort him but today was different. Today for some reason I felt like sitting in the mosh pit with the fans.

No one had seemed to recognise me yet -thank god- but it seems like I spoke too soon.

The fan beside me was screaming so loud, I literally thought she was soon going to cough up blood from tearing her vocal cords. I stood in my spot, looking down on my phone until Justin’s voice echoed through the microphone, notifying us that he was ready to perform the next song.

I smiled, putting away my phone and looked up, spotting Justin sitting on the edge of the stage, girls mobbing at his feet as he kneaded a hand through his buzz cut. Thats when the piano started playing the tune of life is worth living and I sighed taking a deep breath.

This song means a lot to me for one particular reason that I have a hard time talking about.

Justin waited for the intro to end before starting the song.

“Ended up on a crossroad, Try to figure out which way to go, It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill,
Running in the same place. You got your hazard lights on now, Hoping that somebody would slow down, Praying for a mira-” Thats when his words began becoming sloppy and his voice started to crack. I looked up closely at his face to realise that a few tears had escaped his eyes, not realising that they had escaped mine as well. This was a touchy song for both me and Justin.

He sniffled before sighing deeply “Uhhhh!” He groaned in to the microphone “Guys! My eyes a sweating!” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

The girl next to me seemed to have been getting teary eyed as well and once turning to me, seeing me with tears, she couldn’t help but a let a few fall as well. All until she noticed who I was.

She froze in position. “Oh my god!” She yelled. “Your Y/N! Justin’s girlfriend! can I get a photo!”

I smiled and took her phone from her hand. “Sure.” I sniffed, sliding the screen of her iphone into camera. I wiped my tears, took a couple photo’s before leaning away.

“Thankyou!” She jumped. I nodded my head, turning to look back at Justin but stopped in my tracks once realising that the girl’s outburst had attracted more fans.

“Oh my God Y/N!” They all scream at different times, making the whole arena even louder if possible. They all started shoving cameras in my face, yelling for an autograph or photo. The sudden change in attention of his fans at the front of the mosh pit must have caught Justin’s attention because his voice echoed through the mic asking,

“What’s going on over there? Everything okay?”

The girls yelled out, realising that Justin had - kind of - noticed them and began going wild. Some started shuffling towards Justin, others still trying to get a photo with me while everyone in the area around me screamed my name.

“What!?” Justin yelled as he leaned over towards his fans in front of him who were yelling what was going on in excitement.

“Y/-….Y/N in the crowd?” He asked.

The fans nodded frantically. Some yelling out responses.

“Y/N?!” He yelled out. I shoved a hand up, showing Justin were my presence was in between a mob of girls. He chuckled, before leaning down next to Mikey -one of Justins body guards- who was guarding the stage in the mosh pit.

They exchanged a few words before Mikey was then seen making his was over to me. He struggled, but managed to get me through the crowd of girls and to the front of the mosh pit, where he lifted me on stage.

“Woah, okay!” I yelled at Mikey’s sudden actions. I steadied myself on the stage and Justin walked next to me, wrapping a hand around my torso. He bent the head mic away from his mouth, holding it in hope for the crowd not to hear what he was about to say, but it seems as if they did.

“Babygirl what are you doing in the crowd? Shouldn’t you be back stage?”

The crowd went wild at the nickname.

I nodded. “I wanted to watch you tonight.” I giggled sadly. “It didn’t really go as well as planned.”

He chuckled. “I can tell.”

I looked over to him, spotting the tears from before which had began drying and swiped my thumb over them. He noticed the same stains on my own cheeks, doing the same action towards me.

“I’m guessing your finding the song hard to compose yourself as well?” He asked sadly.

I sighed, knowing he already knew the answer.

He smiled, grabbing my hand before turning back towards the crowd and bringing his mic back to his mouth. “Who thinks Y/N should sing Life Is Worth Living with me tonight?”

Everyone began cheering so loud, I was expecting the ground to start shaking. My eyes widened. “Justin!” I yelled in disbelief. He laughed. “Scooter is going to kill me.” I sighed.

He laughed again. “Sorry babe.”

I’m not a famous singer or anything, but I have been told I do have a good voice.

Thats when someone from the crew came out on stage with a hand mic and gave it to me. I smiled and thanked the person as they ran off stage. Justin then sat me on the edge of the stage, where he was sitting previously, causing my legs to dangle off the ledge. As I sat in this position, he came up behind me, placing himself down with either leg on either side of my body, his chest pressed against my back and head resting on my shoulder.

“You ready?” He asked.

I smiled. “Born ready.”

He gave the pianist a thumbs up as the song started to play. The intro came to end as Justin began to sing. “Ended up on a crossroad, try to figure out which way to go, It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill, running in the same place.”

The crowed cheered. Yelling, screaming girls, phones everywhere illuminating the stage even more as I took over the next verse. “You got your hazard lights on now, hoping that somebody would slow down, praying for a miracle, who’ll show you grace?”

“Had a couple dollars, and a quarter tank of gas, with a long journey ahead, seen a truck pull over, god sent an angel to help you out.” Justin sang.

I started again “He gave you direction, showed you how to read a map, with a long journey ahead, said it ain’t over. Oh, even in the midst of doubt.”

“LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!” We sang in unison. Once again, the cheers of the crowd picked up.


Soon the song came to an end, leaving us to sing the last lines.

“Life is worth living again! Another day, Life is worth living again!”

We both stopped singing, tears brimming in our eyes as we stared at each other. The crowd was wild at this point but what really set them off was when Justin’s eyes flickered down to my lips, and we began leaning forward until our lips connected.

We kissed for a few seconds, our lips moving in sync with each others before he pulled back and rested his forehead on mine. “Best show so far.” He smiled.

I smiled before adding, “Best kiss so far.”

me when i think about how jongdae baekhyun and chanyeol will be literally screaming when yixing walks in the door and junmyeon kyungsoo and minseok will have the biggest warmest smiles on their faces when they go to hug him and say “welcome home” and how jongin and sehun will wrap an arm around his shoulder and welcome him back as “hyung” and everyone will be happy and laughing and yixing will finally be with his boys again and he will feel Loved again i’m so emotional

The Demon King and His Princess

Finn Bálor Series  - Part One

Click Here for Part Two

What happens if the Bálor chose you to be his princess, but you never knew the kind of destruction and heart break that would come with falling in love with Demon King himself.

Originally posted by kevinsteen

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Daryl x Reader - Hot and Bothered (Request) [SMUT]


Requested by @criminal101reidI don’t know if I have, ask you this already or not (mind like a sieve lol) but I would love some Daryl and Reader car smut, I was thinking around Season two were they stay on the highway just in case Sophia came about, (I just love the Daryl from the first season, and I still love him now) xxxxx

I hope you like it ♥



“Daryl, today you take (Y/n) and stay on the highway, maybe Sophia will come back there”

“What the hell Rick?! You know I’ll be more useful looking for her into the woods”

Sighing, I put my hand on Daryl’s shoulder: “C’mon Daryl, you heard the boss”.

Irritated, Daryl walk away from Rick and toward his tent to grab his crossbow.

Me and Daryl are really close…I don’t know what we are actually.
When He came back from the city without Merle he opened up to me, we talked about a lot of emotional stuff and somehow that led us to have sex.

It happened just once, we didn’t talk about that and we carry on like nothing happened.

Are we friends? Friends with benefits? Who knows? Daryl is so stressed out so I prefer don’t talk  with him about that for now.

We have to concentrate and find Sophia.


We spend hours under the hot sun, sit on the car’s roof but there was no sign of Sophia.

“Dammit! Why am I here? Stupid sheriff, he knows very well that I’ll be useful into the woods”

“I can’t believe you still don’t get it”

Daryl turns toward me, waiting for me to continue

“I mean, you want to work alone and if someone is with you, you treat them like shit because ‘I’m Daryl Dixon and you don’t know shit about how to move outside’” I say, mocking him.

“Shut up you don’t know me”

“See? That’s a way of punishment, maybe Rick hopes that staying here doing nothing will help you think about how you could be more affable”. I say, rolling my eyes.

“Good luck with that princess”

I blushed at the pet name: “Shut up Dixon”.

After that we pass time in complete silence, scrutinize our surroundings.

After a little while, Daryl start to get more irritate, walking back and forth, I could tell he was tired to doing nothing but stay on this highway.

I start to check him out

“Even if he was sweating he’s sexy as fuck! I mean look at his arms, I’d give anything to feel them around me, and feel his big hands all over my body just like that night… No! (Y/n) snap out of it! You have to concentrate”

However, I start to get tired to doing nothing but sit on a car roof so I get off it and walk toward Daryl until I found myself right in front of him.


“It’s just…I’m so tired doing nothing and you seem irritate…actually you’ve been angry at everybody lately, for no reason” I say, while I run my hands up and down his chest.

He get stiff at that: “What are you doing?”
“Just think about a way to…” I stop just to get close to his ear and whisper sensually “…a way to get all that tension out of you”.

Taken aback by my behaviour he grip my wrists, stopping my movement: “What do you mean by that?

I free myself and then trail my hand down and start rubbing his clothed cock: “C’mon Daryl you know that very well, please just let go”.

He moans and grunts before finally give up and start kissing me passionately.

He nip my neck hungrily while I keep running my hands on his chest and arms:
“Oh god, Daryl”

He trail kisses up my neck, to my jawline and finally he kiss my lips slowly.

“What do you say if….we move this…into this car…” he says between kisses.

I feel so much pleasure just from his kisses that I’m not able to answer him so I grab him by his shirt and pushed toward the car.

While he’s still devouring my mouth he try to open the car door.

Once he open it, he sit on the driver seat while I sit onto his lap.

He finally close the door, but before kissing me he stare right into my eyes, caressing my cheek.

I smile at him and take the initiative and I kiss him again.

This time the kiss is slow and sensual, it looks like his tongue is making love to mine.

Grunts and moans escape from our lips.

Suddenly he move his big hands under my simple blue t-shirt: “No bra? You’re so naughty”

Smiling while he keeps kissing me I’m just able to say: “Too uncomfortable” before he start to play with my boobs.

“Do you like when I play with your tits, don’t you?” While he says that he pinch both my nipples making me scream: “Yeah just like that”.

I start to tease him, grinding on him slowly, pressing my already wet core into his clothed cock: “You’re such a tease, and you’re wearing too much clothes”.

He literally rip off my t-shirt, however I was so lost in pleasure that I didn’t complain.

“You’re tits look so good” he says, kissing and sucking on my boobs, leaving purple marks.

“Yeah, just like that” I say, grinding on him harder and faster.

After a particular hard thrust, he moan loudly.

I take advantage from that, and start to bite and sucking his neck until I take his lobe into my mouth.

That action makes him moans loudly and he thrust up on me.

“Oh fuck yeah” I moan while I start to take off his shirt.

“You’re so impatient” he scoffed, taking off his shirt and throw it into the backseat.

I lay a trail of kisses from his neck to his chest, I take a nipple in my mouth, biting and sucking it while I play with the other.
“Dammit (Y/n)” He grunts, fisting my hair in a way that he’s able to pull my head back and stare finally at me.
“I know what are you trying to do” He whispers.

He trace my lips with his thumb, which I took into my mouth, sucking it slow.

“You dirty girl, I’d love to feel your beautiful lips on my cock but it will be dark in a short time, and I really need you to ride my cock”.

His words almost made me cum, so I start to take down my jeans and panties while he unzip his trouser, taking out his erect cock.

When I sink down on his cock, both of us let out a loud moan
“oh fuck you’re so big”

I start to grind slowly, I love seeing him like this, with his mouth wide open for the pleasure and his eyes shut tightly: “you’re so wet baby, keep going”

The way his voice sound, his expression and the fact that he start to thrust up while I sink down almost make cum

“Daryl, I’m close”
He put his hands onto my shoulders to keep me down onto his cock while he start to thrust into me hard and fast.
“Do you like my cock in you, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes, I do”.

“You’re taking it like a good girl” he says before attack my breast again, sucking on my left nipple.

“aah, Daryl I’m going to…”
“Let’s do it together”

With a last thrust we both reach our high

“Oh yes (Y/n) take it, just take it”

I muffle my screams onto his neck, coming so hard, it’s the best orgasm I ever had.

Once we rode out our orgasms I stay with my head buried onto his neck, leave little kisses here and there, while Daryl massage my scalp sweetly.

“Stay with me”

Taken aback by his words I look up into his eyes “What?”

“Listen…I’m not good with all this emotional shit, I don’t know what it is but even the first time we had sex, I felt something that I’ve never felt before…So please tonight at the farm stay with me in my tent”
Remembering how he looked at me before, I smile at him before answer: “Of course I’ll stay with you Daryl”.

A small smile appears on Daryl’s mouth who just hugs me tightly.

I bury my face onto Daryl’s neck again: ”I know we should go, but I wanna stay like this for a little while”

“That’s fine for me”.

After a moment of silent he added: “We should come check this highway more often”.

Gold (Gabriel x Reader)

Request(s): Did someone say Gabriel requests?! I would love a gabe mate!one where they are the only ones to see their wings but only when there is like a connection made (emotional love sort of thing) and Gabe helps the reader out after a nightmare and when she wakes up she is under a dome of golden wings and its like that for weeks until she tells gabe how beautiful they are and like a fluff ending? Sorry if its long


Okay…. How about the reader is separated from her family and she keeps having nightmares about them dying in the worst possible ways. Sam and Dean have tried everything to help, but they can’t really, so they’ve giving up. They’re still there for her if she goes to them of course, and Cas has tried as well but nothing he tries works. Gabe staying in the bunker for like a few nights because of idk… And everyone sleeps through her screaming, but he hears her and you know, throw in some fluff..
Word count: 1608
Warnings: Nightmares, graphic descriptions of death.
A/N: Cover art and beta’ed by @pepperwoodatnight

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Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Mum!” you screamed. Someone was grabbing you from behind and holding you, stopping you from running to your mother. A vampire had her by her throat, and you saw every detail of her death. Her screams rung in your ears, the smell of guts and blood attacked your nostrils. You screamed for your life when the vampire drained your mother completely, and only then did the vampire let your mum go, and she fell to the ground with a thud.
(Y/N)!” Sam yelled when he shook you. You screamed and shot up from the bed in a second, Sam catching you in his strong arms. “(Y/N), talk to me, what was it this time?” he asked softly.
“V-vampire,” you stuttered and took a deep breath. You let Sam wrap his arms around you and stroke your back until you’d calmed down.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” you shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen, and all you could do was watch as it tore your father to shreds, and then your sister.
“Wake up, come on, sweetie,” Dean urged and shook you lightly. You sat up and looked around, covered in cold sweat. “Hey hey, take a breath, you’re okay…”

You weren’t okay. Never. Almost every day started with a cold shower and a heavy layer of concealer to cover up your dark circles that became more and more prominent for every nightmare. For weeks this had been going on. Sam tried to comfort you and talk about it, Dean tried to get you drunk at night to ease the dreams, and Cas tried working some mojo on you, but nothing ever helped.

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Rave Reactions (Avengers x reader)

Good afternoon! I hope your days are going well, I an currently at the beach, spending my Easter on the sand. I wrote all night last night, trying to catch up on requests. I’ve been getting a lot of Peter ones, so just a heads up that I won’t be posting Peter fic after Peter fic. The reason being that I need to keep a variety on my blog, and also come up with my own story lines. Thanks for understanding, xoxo

Request by Anon: Could I request a Avengers team x tony daughter reader.. where she’s a total goth raver. She’s got all the rave gear including a black mask that covers half her face kind of like the winter soldiers. Plus the creepy eye contacts and neon hair extensions. She comes back from a big rave and buck & Steve are just like WTF is that?! She just laughs at them which creeps them out all the more. But then tony comes in and gives her a big hug. And everyone just has a good laugh. Sorry if it’s long.

Warnings: Reader is is raver (?)


Last night was a complete blur. All you remember was the hot, stickiness of the abandoned warehouse and the feeling of lustful bodies pressed up against yours. It was 10am, and you were just getting back to the tower. You crashed with a friend the night before because you didn’t want to be going around New York, drunk and alone. As you walked across the hall, you stopped in front of a mirror, checking to see how you looked. 

Your makeup was slightly smeared, but it looked good above your black face mask that you always wore. The mask only covered the lower half of your face. You got the idea from Bucky, who almost had the exact same thing. It kept your identity hidden, so that nobody would be able to recognize that you were Tony Stark’s daughter. All you wanted to do was have fun without people pestering you with questions about your father’s work. Your hair was a little tousled, but at least your extensions were still intact. Against your H/C hair, the neon blues and greens of the extensions contrasted noticeably. You met your own gaze in the reflection and were a little startled, forgetting that you left your contacts in. You were wearing black out contacts, leaving no white of your eyes to be seen. They were beginning to irritate your eyes, and you decided that they were the first things to be taken off when you reached your room. You tried to flatten out your hair, so that it didn’t look as awful as it did, before continuing your route to your bedroom. 

You walked into the living room, seeing Steve and Bucky chatting on the couch. You gave them a smile, and began to walk away when Steve yelled, completely scared and caught off guard by your appearance. 

“What the hell?!” He stood up, eyes wild. 

“Jesus Christ, F/N. What happened?” Bucky raised his eyebrows at you in disbelief. At least they could still tell who you were, right? 

“You almost scared the living daylights out of me. But seriously, what the heck happened with you last night?” Genuine concern was written all over Steve’s face as the two men approached you. They looked at you, up and down, observing your appearance. “And when the hell did you start dressing like that?” 

You stood, baffled at the two grown men who were honestly scared for you. You began laughing, your voice filling the room. You had seen people’s reactions before, but never like this. They usually just gave you a weird look and went on their way, but Steve and Bucky were something different. 

“Steve… why is she laughing like that? It’s beginning to scare me.” Bucky gave him a sideways glance, slowly backing away from you. 

“I don’t know, but I’m getting creeped out. Those contacts are really getting to me.” He looked away from you, moving away with Bucky. You continued cracking up, doubling over, gripping your stomach as it started to ache. Once you let it all out, you sighed, wiping away some tears from laughing so hard. 

In the midst of everything, Tony walked in, wondering what all the commotion was about. When he saw you, he let out a deep exhale and quickly strode over to you, pulling you into a hug. 

“You had me a little worried there, kiddo. Next time, tell me where you’re staying. Got it?” He gave you a stern look and you nodded. 

“Sorry Dad.” You gave him a sheepish smile, and he pulled you back into a hug. Watching all of this were Steve and Bucky, their jaws slacked at how nonchalant Tony was being. You didn’t notice till one of them let out a small scoff. “Are you guys okay?” You huffed out, cracking a smile. 

“F/N, I don’t think they’re used to seeing you like this.” Tony gestured at your interesting outfit. 

“And you are?” Bucky chuckled, realizing that this was normal for him. “I thought someone seriously fucked her up.” He ran his hand over his face, relieved that you were safe. 

“Bucky. Language.” Steve punched him playfully in the arm. “I don’t want to know what happened, and I don’t want to know how.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head with a smile. 

“Guys, honestly. I’m fine.” You were laughing again and this time, all three men joined in. This was definitely one for the books. Seeing their faces when they first saw you were priceless, and you wished you could have gotten a picture of it. “Can we just take a second to remember that Steve literally screamed when he saw me?” You pointed at the super soldier, causing more laughter to erupt in the room. 

You definitely weren’t going to forget this. That was for sure. 

I hoped you liked this anon, if you’re out there. Remember that I love you all and that I think that you’re all so amazing. Much, much love. xoxo


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Johnlock in ‘The Final Problem’

I know we didn’t get the cannon Johnlock confirmation that we needed and deserved (*cries*), but we still got plenty of subtext. In case you need cheering up, here are (most of) the Johnlock moments from the episode:

  • John helping Sherlock terrify Mycroft with the crazy clown
  • Sherlock getting really, really defensive when Mycroft asks John to leave:
    • “This is family.” “That’s why he stays!”
    • I think this is when Mycroft realizes just how much John means to Sherlock.
    • John’s little smile when Sherlock says that <3
  • When the patience grenade landed, one of the first things Sherlock thought of was John.
    • “Is a phone call possible? John has a daughter. He may wish to say goodbye.”
  • John just lost his wife and has a baby, and he still leaves everything behind to accompany Sherlock on his mission.
  • When Eurus attacked Sherlock, John heard his screams of agony and it galvanised him into action. He literally fended off two orderlies who were trained to deal with mentally unstable patients.
  • Sherlock didn’t even think about asking John to kill the Governor.
    • Despite the fact that John is a soldier.
  • When Sherlock had to say “I love you” to Molly, you could see the pain on his face and hear it in his voice.
    • Partly because he didn’t mean it and hated breaking her this way.
    • Also because the man he loves is standing right behind him.
    • Also, apparently this scene was edited in at the last minute, because nobody except Moffat and Gatiss liked the scene it replaced. Martin Freeman said something about filming a very emotional scene for this episode; but John didn’t really have any emotional scenes? Was the one before this possibly a Johnlock scene?!
    • Also, BEHOLD JOHN’S ACTUAL EXPRESSION IN THIS SCENE. Can you see the tears shining in his eyes? LOOK CAREFULLY.
  • After Sherlock smashed the coffin and went to pieces, John was right there to comfort him.
    • Even though John had almost gone to pieces himself because of what happened to the Governor.
    • Maybe I’m reading into this, but they held hands for a few moments longer than necessary, and is John…smiling?
  • AND MY FAVOURITE SCENE: When Sherlock had to choose who to kill: John or Mycroft, and Mycroft starts insulting John to get Sherlock riled up. Honestly, I loved Mycroft so much in this episode.
    • Sherlock says, “He’s trying to make it easy for me to kill him.“ It’s obvious that neither Sherlock nor Mycroft even considered killing John. Although Sherlock didn’t end up killing Mycroft, he almost did, whereas the thought of killing John was just…unthinkable. Out of the question.
    • Mycroft knew how much John meant to Sherlock, and he couldn’t watch his brother kill the man he loves. (Throwback to A Study In Pink, when Mycroft shipped Johnlock from Day 1)
  • OHMYGOD, throughout this episode, John and Sherlock have been asking each other “Are you okay?” in the smollest, softest voices.
  • The pure AGONY on Sherlock’s face when he realizes that John’s in danger and he can’t reach him.
  • When Sherlock finds out about Victor, he cries.
    • I don’t think he cries about the murder of a long-forgotten childhood friend.
    • He cries because he realizes that Eurus is going to take John away in the exact same way.
  • He hugs his psychotic sister, even though he must HATE her right now, having learnt the truth about Victor, and knowing what she’s about to do to John.
    • Partly because he feels sorry for her, maybe?
    • Mostly because it brings him one step closer to saving John.
  • “It is what it is.” THIS MOMENT. ICONIC.
    • John remembers the hug, he remembers what Sherlock said to him.
    • He acknowledges the fact that The Hug was a MOMENT.
  • MARY’S CD THO. “PS, I know you two. If I’m gone, I know what you could become.”
    • She’s almost directly saying that they’re gay for each other and now that she’s out of the way, THEY NEED TO ACCEPT IT??
    • Look at the meaningful way Sherlock looks at John when she says that <3
  • OHMYGOD. Sherlock’s finally allowed to play with Rosie. THEY’RE GOING TO RAISE HER TOGETHER ASDFGHJKL. Can we put a ring on it now?
  • Honestly, them holding hands when they run out is the only confirmation we would’ve needed.

This episode was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really don’t think that Eurus is just going to stay put now; Sherlock said he would take her home and then went back on his word. Playing duets together doesn’t really mean much. I have a feeling we’ll see more of her in the new season - if there is one :(


when the stars whisper

Originally posted by 1980vibes

Genre: fairy!au, based on @lthyl ‘s request which i delayed for a decade and half :*

Pairings: readerxjimin

Words: 3.5K

Summary:  When did we stop believing in fairy tales? 


There’s something whimsical about tonight. Maybe its  the way the stars appear brighter than usual, adorning the inky night sky like sprinkles of gold dust.

Underneath the vast expanses of the starlit skies, the city hustles and buzzes with life. Jimin watches closely, the way humans scurry around like ants lost in a maze of concrete jungles and streetlights. From where he sits perched at the very edge of a skyscraper, wind blowing his golden hair, he feels a certain longing bloom, unfurling its hopeful petals inside his chest.

 Hope is a treacherous thing and he’s afraid of the dangerous desires brewing deep within him.

It’s funny, he thinks, how humans waste away their lives longing for fairy tales and a life of wandering amongst the stars, but the stars don’t hold Jimin’s attention tonight. The only thing he painfully longs for in vain, is something further away to him than the stars are to the humans on this particularly starry night.


There seem to exist certain blank spaces in between the events that you cannot recall for the life of you, and as you stare at the blossoms of blue and violet underneath the skin that stretches taut across your wrists, you can only hope that the you from the night before hadn’t really been involved in anything life changingly stupid.

Being the ever studious and ever so meticulous university kid you’ve always been, it’s hard to decipher what exactly had possessed you the evening before an extremely crucial test to give in to the whining persistence of your sometimes annoying best friend.  

“You’ve been glued to your desk for days, Y/N!” You remember her complain to you in her chirpy voice over the phone. “You need, like NEED, to blow off some steam before you self implode…  explode whichever.”

You spring off the bed, warily approaching the full length mirror that stands in the corner- it’s metallic edges, glint silver in the bleak morning light that now filters in past your rather translucent curtains, throwing a weak yet mesmerising spectrum of iridescence on your white walls. Giving into her constant whining had obviously been a bad idea when she had waltzed away from your side quite early into the night never to return again. Dancing had never been your scene so you groan somewhat remembering yourself flopped at the bar closest to the dance floor instead, as you tried to hold a pretty slurred and very much one sided conversation with the poor bar tender about the beauty of trigonometry.

Assessing your haggard reflection, you’re quite surprised that your drunken self from the night before had somehow held enough decencies to have at least changed out of the skin tight dress before losing to the sweet oblivions of sleep. You inspect your skin closely, twirling around in your ivy blue nightie that barely reaches the top of your thighs, and you’re genuinely pleased when you see no other bouquets of shameful violet decorating your skin. But apart from that, you’re a mess really. Your hair’s a hay stack- with your artfully styled curls resembling more of a bird’s nest now, and your eyeliner’s smudged, as if you had been crying your soul out all night. All that remains of your bright lipstick, is the faint residue of dusted rose that sits engrained within the delicate grooves and creases of your lips and you surely look like a character straight out of some low budgeted horror flick.

In that moment, you halt all movement, surprised when in the wake of a very faint memory which is enshrouded in a brilliant brightness and yet too fuzzy and unreal for you to be able to actually focus on. A slight tingle rushes across the plump flesh of your lips and you bring your hands to your mouth, running thin fingers over them, as you feel your heart beat quicken, for well, seemingly no reason.

“Well, well now-” A sickeningly sweet and ridiculously melodic voice, rings out across your room, and you jump, literally jump a mile out of your skin as you whip around.

“How good of a kisser I must be that you’re still feeling the after-shocks of last night, eh?”

Your mouth falls open in silent terror when your wild eyes finally find the boy, the absolute stranger, who lounges lazily on your bed as if he very rightfully belongs there when you definitely remember waking up alone. He stares back at you, a shamelessly wide smile stretching on his pretty lips, and the smile screams trouble and is nowhere close to sincere. You slowly back up against the wall, your trembling knees seeking the support of something stable because they threaten to give in otherwise.

He rakes a hand through his dishevelled hair, golden strands threading in between his slender fingers before slipping through like fine silk and despite the bubbling fear, you feel your heart flutter in a manner so strange that it’s novel. It thumps like a bass drum against your ribcage- and you’re almost certain that none of it is just because of the adrenaline that pumps alongside fear in your veins. You only watch mesmerized- so thoroughly smitten by the strangers beauty that you actually find yourself almost forgetting that you’re, infact, supposed to be scared, and, no matter how useless an attempt you should be desperately yelling for help. 

“W-who-wha-you?” You stammer out incoherently and your voice is an unfamiliar squeak. 

However he seems to understand, smirking devilishly in response as he, without a care, without a shame, locks his arms around the back of his neck only to lean back comfortably against the head board of your bed. His eyes never leave yours the entire while and you find yourself, withering away by the minute under his intense stare.

“So you don’t remember me? I’m kind of hurt here.” He sneers, smirk wiping clean off his face as a feigned hurt takes over his perfectly sculpted features.

 "I’ve n-never seen y-“ you are cut short and your claims still hang in the air with an empty hollowness because just then he moves so fast, you’d deem it humanly impossible.

And within a flash he’s standing in front of you, grabbing at your wrists  the moment you throw your hands up in defence. With an iron clad grip he harshly pulls you towards the bed, all along treating your body as if you were no more than a life sized rag doll. You let out a piercing scream that’s cut short when you stumble, helplessly falling flat on top of the mattress. Air whooshes out your lungs in a loud huff and alarms go off in your head as you take in the predatory stance with which the boy then leans down, hovering on top of you- trapping you like a defeated animal within the cages of his strong arms, effortlessly barring all your escape routes from underneath him.

“Humans are awfully forgetful.” He accuses, voice sounding a bit breathless. A thin veil of nonchalant calmness masks a desperation, an urgency much greater than what he shows. You swallow, shrivelling like a dead leaf under his the venomous gaze. You’re scared out of your mind, finally realizing how utterly helpless you really are. Lying underneath an absolute stranger in your own bedroom which had suddenly started to feel so foreign in his unwelcomed presence, you’re too afraid to envision the various blood stained scenarios that threaten to conquer your consciousness.

You whimper softly, a lone tear leaking down your face before you can even realize. Past your blurry vision you try to read the expressionless mask the stranger wears on his beautiful face, but it gives off absolutely nothing. Seeing your pitiful state, something seems to shift in his gleaming eyes, and appearing almost apologetic he straightens up, releasing you from his stronghold with an exasperated sigh. He’s obviously irritated by your inability to recognize him but no matter how hard you try to reach out for the memories that might hold even a fleeting glance of his face, his presence, you come up with absolutely nothing.You wipe your eyes, roughly with the back of your hands and as your gaze shifts up, you very embarrassingly notice, for the very first time the lack of clothing on the boy. He wears a pair of tight black jeans, hugging his thighs just right and ripped artfully at his knees and thighs, but other than that his lean yet muscular torso’s completely bare. It’s strange but you can’t help but notice the way he wears his own skin, with a kind of poise that makes his part-nakedness appear absolutely normal. Infact he even appears regal.

He begins to pace the room lazily, his hands covering his troubled eyes.

When he pauses for a moment his body facing the window and the streaming sunlight at a certain angle, it is as if you’re really looking for the first time and your eyes land on something you absolutely don’t believe seeing. Shaking your head, you blink rapidly- but they refuse go away; they don’t vanish into nothingness like they should, for there was no way on earth that they were real.

But given the angle they are at, growing like giant petals from his shoulder blades are the two thin membranes, fluttering a mile a minute. The boy cocks his head, turning to look at you over his shoulder, as if somehow sensing your bewildered gaze boring into his back. You find it hard to wrap your head around the fact that, indeed there are wings protruding from his back. W.I.N.G.S you spell out in your head for your sanity’s sake. For a moment they still, letting you see the network of veins running all throughout them like threads which glitter like gold everytime they catch the peeking sunlight.

"What are you?” you ask shakily, after maybe minutes or maybe an hour of being rendered speechless.
“A fairy.” He replies, as if he’s only stating the obvious and as if you're nothing more than one those difficult five year olds who only question the most self-explanatory things.

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks, the memory seeping in behind your closed eyelids like the same golden glow that that had lit up the darkest of alleyways the night before, as if the sun had descended down to the earth, merely to brighten that narrow strip of the world around the two of you. The memory comes with the soft sensation of his plushy lips, gently moving in sync against yours, the motion being so sweet, so full of emotion that you can physically feel the butterflies erupt in your stomach like a volcano. You can feel his harsh grip on your wrists, an action contrary to the ministrations of his gentle mouth and you can almost hear his ragged breathing, the thumping of your hearts. As the kiss gets fiercer with both passion and raw desperation so does the blinding light, which seems to be emanating from him somehow, grows brighter by the minute.

The memory comes to an abrupt end the same way the glowing boy had vanished from underneath your touch the night before, leaving you-reaching out for thin air, only to find nothing but the cool damp brick walls and the eerie darkness of the night.

“You’re the guy from the club last night!” You exclaim, cringing at how loud you were being.

He clicks his tongue, chuckling slightly as he turns to face you. “More like: You’re that absolutely breath-taking guy I made out with last night.” He corrects slyly, watching you become a hot mess with your blushing cheeks and indignant huffs.

 "Who also happens to be a psychopath, who calls himself a fairy.“ You retort.

But then your face is serious again, your eyes wandering over to find the tips of his wings,  rising from behind either of his shoulders, the very reminders of the queer possibility that the boy who stands in front of you might not even be human. "Fairies don’t exist.” you state bluntly, not wanting to believe any of it in fears of losing your sanity the moment you do.

“Yeah, the same way your brain doesn’t.” He mocks openly, eyes alight even though his face is deadpan.

“That’s it. Leave now or else I’m calling the police. Hell how did you even break into my room?” You threaten, trying to sound as convincing as possible even though you know your phone’s probably still in your bag which is very conveniently nowhere in sight. You’re sure he senses the emptiness of your threat as well for he shrugs as if to say go ahead, challenging you to do something you obviously can’t do. You don’t move an inch not knowing what to do really. Your eyes keep returning to the wings and you ache to touch them speculating whether they’ll vanish like a dream even with the slightest of your touch.

“What’s holding you back babe?” He asks you the obvious, enjoying your discomfort more than he should. “Just a quick reminder though… most normal humans don’t really see me. Also you should stop staring so much. ” He mutters the last bit and shocked you avert your eyes cursing yourself silently for being so stupid.

“Why do I see you then?” You ask wondering if he was only bluffing you just to keep you from calling for help.“That’s my question to you.” He says in response baffling you even further. “Why do you see me Miss Human.”

You don’t know whether you should laugh, at the sheer absurdity of it all. Not only was a psychotic full grown man telling you that fairies exist, but apparently you were a psychopath as well, seemingly gifted with some supernatural vision of sorts. What were you? A ghost whisperer for crying out loud?

“I’m real” he says, as if reading the turmoil that’s churns loudly in your head, his words looking to reassure to you, your sanity in this absolutely mad scenario. You give your head a shake when you find yourself almost believing him. No way any of this was real.

“Why are you here then?” You ask, standing your ground now more than ever. “Shouldn’t you be fluttering around in some magical meadow tucked away in the forests of never land sprinkling gold dust like confetti?”

“Well, yeah I truly should be.” He replies sounding rather honest, and it takes you aback.  “Also the pollution of the city is affecting my health- I don’t get how you humans live in such filth. Also Namjoon must be missing me.” He completes, saying it all more to himself than to you. You do not understand, neither do you wish to. You were an ordinary girl in an extremely ordinary world. You plaster an awfully fake smile onto your face. “You don’t wish to live in this little pigsty like world of ours, right? Then maybe you should just leave.”

 He chuckles and it’s a rather beautifully troublesome sound.

“Not just yet. This world might be a pigsty but I think I just found my favourite little piggy.”


Time waits for no one.

Neither do you, Y/N- who won’t allow a strange nonsensical fantasy to threaten your very sensible reality. Y/N has never been late for a lecture in her entire 20 years of living and today was going to be no exception.

You storm into your bathroom before he can react, his little term of endearment grating on your nerves as if it were steel wool. You make sure to lock the door behind you (not sure if it were enough to keep a creature like him out though) as you turn on the faucet getting ready to shower. All by yourself, you somehow try to restrain the flurry of emotions threatening to claw out of your trembling heart and driving you berserk. You push fear and logic aside, instead contemplating idly as to what might have lead to you getting caught up in such a sheer misfortune spelled out like a curse on you.  Had you woken up on the wrong side of your bed? Or, had the foolish you assassinated the emperor of a holy land in cold blood sometime in your previous life? Either ways fate had finally latched on to your throat, deciding to make you pay in the most insane and mythic of ways; that was for sure.

Somehow pulling together a somewhat decent outfit and pulling your unruly hair back into a pony tail you stumble back out into your room. For a moment you hope to find the place empty, hope that the fairy had finally crawled back into his fairy tale where it rightfully belonged; but to your disappointment, like an embodiment of every single misery of your own, he stands there, arms crossed across his still very naked chest, in the very middle of your room. The memory from last night trickles into your mind and your heart beat grows erratic once again. An irrational part of you aches to be that close to him once again and that irrational you aches to feel him against you in a way where it was hard to tell where he began and you ended. A shameful blush blooms across your cheeks and you can only hope that it slips his attention. How many eons would it take to grow immune to his obvious good looks?

“Definitely not as sexy as last night but I still approve.” He sings and he seems to be scrutinising you the same way you’re doing him. And the sinister smirk on his astoundingly beautiful face makes the last of pink from your face fade. You literally growl at him in irritation, wondering if a human was strong enough to rip a fairy’s annoyingly pretty head off. However, violence wasn’t an option when your race against time had no intention of losing its pace and if you didn’t hurry you’d be late for your test.

“Go back to your mythical land you useless creature. I’ve got reality to attend to.” You sigh dejectedly, not knowing what to do or expect. How long was he planning on lurking around here? And it’s only for a moment but the smugness falters from his face, and you catch a glimpse of regret and something entirely else through the cracks.

You turn around not wanting to see anymore. Grabbing your house keys from the nearly shelf as you head towards the door to your apartment, you half-heartedly hope that a fairy would have better intentions than burglarizing the flat of an already debt ladden university student. “Well then I hope you enjoy your stay here. Just make sure you disappear by the time I get back.” You say without turning back. Your words are met with silence when you had very much been expecting a lame sarcastic retort and you whip around, your eyes searching for the fairy but finding him nowhere. Maybe you had hit a nerve with your sharp words, maybe you had been a bit too harsh. He was gone.

You should be rejoicing, truly rejoicing. Afterall, you had finally woken up from your rather drawn out nightmare, but you fail to understand why instead of relief your heart gives you a painful squeeze, leaving you slightly breathless and uneasy. You think back to the inkling of sorrow you had witnessed on his face a few moments ago and you find yourself curious as to how devastatingly beautiful the curve of his plush lips lifted into a genuine smile would look like. You didn’t even know his name, that is, if he had one.Guess you’d never know now and maybe it shouldn’t bother you this much. He was gone and this was definitely good riddance.

You’re not convinced.

“What’re you spacing out for?” His voice rings out once again but definitely not from where you expect it to come from, but you feel the cool touch of his hand as it wraps around your own and you almost immediately jerk back in absolute shock, either from the sudden charge that cackles like electricity where his skin’s comes into contact with yours or from the fact that he’s standing outside your door instead of inside your room- a door he had definitely never gone through. Of course you think.

“So where are we headed?” He asks, his mask of smugness back on in full throttle and the mischief in his voice as present as ever.

“School.” You mutter brushing past him as you go on ahead before he notices the way a silly grin almost threatens to break through.

“Also… put on a damn shirt you monster.”


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Words: 1247
A/N: I would like to apologise for me taking so long, im just way to lazy to start on imagines, but when i first get started… yeah. love you xx

You kicked the demon in the stomach before rolling onto the concrete, taking the seraph sword you dropped a minute ago, jumping up to put the sword right into the demon. As you saw it disappear, you heard another scream. Before you could react the sword in your hand was gone. The demon had knocked it out of your hand, which meant you no longer had a weapon. You tried to kick the demon but missed and instead it grabbed your leg pulling you towards it.

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Got7 react to another idol hitting on you when they have a crush on you? ^^

Just as a side note before I begin, I feel that all the boys would take into consideration as to who was actually flirting with you. If it was an older idol, I feel that they would ALL hesitate on what to do because in Korea it is expected of you to have a level of respect towards your elders. So with that in mind, let’s begin!

Jaebum: JB would be the angry silent type. He’s trying to control his anger inside while he see’s this other idol flirting with you, playfully laying his hands on you. JB is watching the way you laugh with the other idol and thinking to himself “I can make her laugh more than you, dickhead”. I can imagine that JB would go very quiet and clench his jaw, debating on whether or not he should go up and pull you away or be calm and collected about it, before eventually making some sort of excuse to go up and get in between the both of you making it look like he just wants to join the conversation but lowkey just wanting to grab your attention away from the other idol. He would stand close to you, his arm ever so slightly brushing up against yours while silently giving the other idol knowing looks. I think this would be a turning point for JB as he realises that he will have to confess to you soon, before someone else swoops in and takes you out from his grasp!

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Mark: His heart would literally sink. I don’t think he would know what to do. He would see you both talking together and I think Mark would be the type to walk out of the room and go be by himself. He would probably get the wrong idea and think that you might actually like this other guy. If he spoke to anyone about it, he would probably ask one of the other boys for advice on what he should do. I can imagine him then texting you, being very aloof about the situation, asking you what the guy meant to you. And if you replied something like “He was actually really annoying me and wouldn’t stop talking, so I was just trying to be polite seeing as he’s my senior”, he would be relieved but he would obviously feel kinda stupid for acting the way he did. He just likes you a lot and the thought of another guy flirting with you would just make this little baby feel sick >_<

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Jackson: Jackson would be over there SO FAST you have no idea. He would make it seem like he’s actually up there to talk to the idol who’s hitting on you, saying how much he respects his work and how much he looks up to him as an artist. Meanwhile you’re like “What is going on” to yourself as you see Jackson getting closer and closer to you before saying that he needs to talk to you in private for a moment, taking you aside and away from the guy. I think, like Jaebum, Jackson would tell you his true feelings after that because he would regret it SO much if he just let you slip through his fingers. He would be so soft with his huge brown eyes telling you “I got so mad when I seen him with you, I want you to be mine…not his…”

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Jinyoung: Similar to Jackson, I can see Jinyoung going up and adressing the situation head on. Except when he gets there, he can see the obvious awkwardness and how uncomfortable you are with this guy flirting with you. I think Jinyoung would be upfront and say something like “Can’t you see she doesn’t want you flirting with her? Why are you still here?” (obviously like I said, it depends on who this idol was, but I feel like he would say something to that effect). He would take you aside and ask you if you were okay and apologise for being so direct in the situation. I can even see him going as far as embracing you and saying “The only guy I wanna see hitting on you is me…”

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Youngjae: I feel that Youngjae would try to read the situation and not jump to any conclusions. Of course he would feel jealous of this guy, but he would also realise that you are not his girlfriend either so there was nothing he could really do about it. I can imagine that later on Youngjae would be hanging out with you and he would casually slip in the question “So…is there any guy you like?” and you would immediately giggle at this little smol because OBVIOUSLY you like him but you have just been too shy to tell him. When all is out in the open and you both know your feelings for each other, I think Youngjae would laugh and tell you that he seen the guy flirting with you earlier and it made him feel bad. Youngjae strikes me as the type of person to be very honest and vocal about his feelings.

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BamBam: I think that BamBam would definitely confide in the other boys. He would have told them before how he has a crush on you, and now right in front of him there’s this guy chatting you up and being really flirty. I can see them closing ranks and all coming together to go up there and distract this guy long enough so that BamBam could continue being his lovely, goofy self to you. I can imagine that later on, he would confess to you, telling you that he doesn’t want to imagine what would happen if he has to look at another guy holding you the way that he wants to hold you. To which you would literally DIE BC THAT’S SO SWEET WTF

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Yugyeom: Okay I feel Yugyeom would be the hardest to read out of all of them in this situation. Yugyeom is the type of person to smile or giggle when he’s uncomfortable, so I feel like he would literally act like there is nothing wrong, even to the other members. In his head, he would be screaming that he really wants to go up there and just whisk you away and confess to you, but he would be too shy and embarrassed to do anything really, so he would just let it happen. Afterwords, I think he would be a little hesitant to talk with you because he would be concerned that you don’t like him and maybe you actually like this other guy, but like in the case of Mark when you tell him that the guy was really creeping you out, he would feel so relieved and think he was silly for being so shy and embarrassed and go back to casually crushing on you and being the cute little baby that he is~

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Style~Sirius Black Songfic

A/N: I burned 50 calories while writing this. How you may ask? I burned calories because I wrote this while on a fucking treadmill. Welcome to the series of inexplicable events that make up my life, including me bringing my phone to fitness class to write fanfiction of a young Sirius Black based off a modern Taylor Swift song. Gif’s not mine

Based off: Style by Taylor Swift-1989

Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Word Count: 1266

Warnings: Smoking?

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You come and pick me up, no headlights

A long drive,

Could end in burning flames or paradise

Fade into view, oh, it’s been awhile since I have even heard from you (heard from you)

I should just tell you to leave ‘cause I

Know exactly where it leads but I

Watch us go 'round and 'round each time

Sirius Black. He was a player, that was for sure, but I always thought that maybe he wasn’t actually trying to be. Maybe he was just trying to find the right person and ended up going through way more girls than he thought he would. Whether that was true or not, he still dated all these girls and than left them without a second glance. I was, in a way, one of those girls. Except I was special. I was the only one who he gave that second glance to. He came back to me a few times and even though I was almost sure that it wouldn’t last, I went with it. Every damn time.

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Intruder - John Shelby

Request: Hi! could you do a John Shelby imagine where his kids are kidnapped after him threatening someone and his wife has a breakdown and threatens to leave John and take the kids if he doesn’t find them and get them home safe please and thank you!

Intruder - John Shelby

It had happened early in the morning after John had gone to work. Men dressed as police had knocked at the door asking for John. When you told them that he was gone for the day they barged in the house passed you. One grabbed you and held you down while the others went through the whole house, ransacking the rooms. One of them pulled Katie out from under the bed upstairs and carried her down to you.  

“Look at this, found a little one.” He smiled, holding Katie by her braids. He had a knife pressed to her neck.  

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