i literally said these lines for 2 to 3 months

I ain’t publishing the ask because you misgendered him but bottom line is:
1. He gave a private blog I talked about csa on to a group chat (including a 14 yr old)
2. Acted like I was some horrible monster and said he “didn’t feel bad about it” when I got pissed about it and then dumped me
3. He was 17 and I was 14
4. I don’t “watch whatever he does” he sent me a message after 4 months of no contact with him TO ME on May 21st, I hadn’t even thought about him in literal fuckin months, he’s the one that thought to try to provoke me, even after he contacted me I didn’t seek him out, besides to tell my friends who he is
5. You’re a piece of shit, leave the both of us alone, Hades may be the biggest pile of trash on the planet but he doesn’t deserve this and neither do I
6. That being said, I know you’re gonna screen this and send it to him, so a hearty fuck you and a half hades, I got friends that will stay by my side through all your lying bullshit