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Would you mind my asking... what made you want to be an anti, and then not be one?

I was anti because I was told to be. I felt like I had no choice anyways. At the time it felt like everyone was an anti, or at least all the klance shippers were and that for me that would be my only option to see all this cool stuff. I don’t think there was a time I ever wanted to be an anti, it kind of just felt expected of me. I was a klance shipper, a minor, LGBT+, etc, I basically checked every box for anti so I sort of slotted myself in like everyone was telling me to.

But I was never comfortable in that role. I was never comfortable when i was online because I was on edge all the time. I had to be on the lookout for all these different things and if I wasn’t then I was a horrible person. It got exhausting, being so angry and bitter all the time. My mental health, which was already piss poor at the time, basically shattered. I was anxious and upset all the time and the fandom wasn’t even fun anymore, especially not when I began to see a lot of the harassment shaladins were getting.

It made me so upset that this group that was supposed to protect people like me was really just tearing them down if they didn’t fit into this cookie cutter community, and I am not just talking about ships. People who don’t fit into a mold of a pastel minimalist aesthetic are sort of… ignored. I read on the results of the discourse survey that one anti wouldn’t make an icon edit for someone just because they had a ‘cringy’ url. It just felt so cliqueish and shady and as somebody who was bullied a lot growing up for not fitting it, I hated it.

At this time too I had also discovered a Shklance fic and had fallen in love with it. I hadn’t seen the Shiro tag on it, and thought it was just klance and by the time I realized my mistake it was too late, I was in way too deep. But I was angry about it either. The relationship shown wasn’t pedophilic, it was mutual, respectful, and mature much more so than I had seen demonstrated in most klance fics.

So, I went neutral. I figured if I was neutral I could reblog klance content (which was all I ever wanted to do) and stay out of the discourse. Unfortunately that’s not enough around here. I was literally called a rapist by an anon not long after dropping my new stance of neutrality, and that got me boiling. I started reading up on things and actually seeking out opinions from both sides of the fandom instead of being spoon fed what people wanted me to believe and I was horrified more by how the antis were supposedly eradicating these issues in the fandom. If you think that telling somebody to kill themselves is anyway beneficial to literally anyone you’re a damn hateful fool.

I would love to say that not all antis are like that, but over the past month or so I can count on one hand the number of antis who I consider to be kind people. Not all of them are going out there and telling others to kill themselves over shipping, but every time you like/reblog a post of someone telling another person to go choke, even just in the tags, you’re encouraging harassment. By sitting there and saying ‘not all antis!!’ yet refusing to block or even just unfollow antis who do that kind of shit, you’re just idly supporting it. People are harassing others around here because it gets them followers. By continuing to support them you are supporting their behavior. Cut off their validation and just unfollow them.  

Maybe you think that there are cases when people serve to be harassed, not even for shipping just for being a quirky person and not liking all the Pure Babies uwu on tumblr, and if you do go fuck yourself. I was a kid who was bullied to the point of tears daily and do you know what my school counselor told my mother? That because I was weird, and a little shy, and a little behind on social cues, that I deserved to be excluded, made fun of, and (more recently) sexually harassed by my peers.

You want to protect minors? Stop fucking hiding behind a crusade on tumblr and take the goddamn initiative. Don’t follow people who promote harassment.   Don’t let your friends make fun of people because they have weird habits. Drop cringe culture.

If you are upset by shaladin content, then just unfollow/block the creators. Better yet, download xKit and prevent yourself from seeing that shit in the first place (washboard is the mobile version). You can be an anti without supporting harassment, but if you are one of those antis who think it’s funny when one you guys gets fucking arrested for harassing a woman on twitter, telling her to burn because she wouldn’t give them the twitter handle klance, please realize that you are not a kind person and don’t call yourself one.

TLDR: I was anti because I was told to be, I become pro because I was absolutely disgusted by antis.