i literally need one more thing to fill a set

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How did you learn to lipsync?? whenever I did lipsyncing it doesn't even look like the character's saying actual words. If you could, can you possibly provide some tips?

I learned lip sync mostly from studying other animations and from acting it out myself. ^^ I am no way an expert, but these are some important things that I’ve learned:

  • -Set your frame rate to 24 fps. This doesn’t mean that you have to literally draw 24 individual pictures per second (though you can if you want the challenge), you can just work on mostly 2s and draw in 1s where you need them (1s are 24 drawings per second so each picture fills one frame, while 2s are 12 drawings per second where one picture fills two frames). This is especially important for lip sync because at some point you’re going to need more frames to fit in the mouth shapes you need for certain sounds and fast talking.
  • -Don’t try to animate the letter sounds. This will just make the lip sync a jumbled mess and it won’t flow. Instead, animate the key sounds you hear in each word so it all smooths out and flows. For instance, when animating the word “has”, you can skip over the “h” sound and go right into the “a” mouth shape and then the “ss” sound for the s.

I highly recommend reading though this tutorial. It goes into more detail about everything and has list of more helpful tips & tricks at the end. Hope this helps! C: