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The whole "I want you to hate me but now I don't think you're capable" friends with benefits imagine was sooo good, & Bc I'm a fan of cheesy happy endings it'd be a nice surprise if you did a part 2? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to, but it doesn't hurt to ask! :)

(You’re so cute :’) here you go babe I hope you like it!!)

Part 1


That’s how many times Michael had tried to contact you.

You knew he didn’t feel the same way but the things that he said to you? The hurtful, venomous words he spat left a pitiful stain on your heart that you couldn’t wipe off as much as you tried.

Love hurt like a bitch. That was a given. But you didn’t think that he would brush it off without so much of a talk that would clear the air and give you some closure.

But you heard nothing from him.

He was back in LA, from the countless tweets you saw on your feed of the boys emerging from a restaurant tonight. You rolled your eyes at the pictures. He looked so, happy? Carefree?

Needless to say you were the exact opposite. You shut your laptop and decided to head to bed, silencing the ever so growing thoughts that erupted in your head. Was he with another girl? Did he even like you anymore forget about love?

You thought he was at least your friend. The late night discussions you two would have sometimes mixed with the breakfast in bed in the mornings, tired smiles combined with the sex hair both of you had always made you smile.

But to Michael I guess it meant nothing.

You heard a pounding on the door, wondering who in the hell was knocking at nearly, you checked your phone, midnight.

Sighing you threw the covers off as you slipped on your slippers and proceeded to yell at the person who decided to disturb your sleep.

Opening the door, an incessant trail of curse words were about to leave your lips until you saw that familiar set of blonde hair and those eyes that could stab you in the heart with one look.

“Mike?” You questioned, surprise lacing your features, undoubtedly as you took in the man you loved.

He looked good. Put together. But the words behind his eyes told you otherwise. He brushed past you as you stood there for a minute, realizing what was happening. You literally just saw him on your computer screen and didn’t think he would ever show up to your place. But he was always full of surprises wasn’t he.

You slowly made your way into the living room, not knowing what the fuck to do at this point. Awkward wouldn’t even describe the situation right now.

“I know I said some pretty shitty things to you the last time we talked.” He started, taking his jacket off as you took in his body. Damn, now’s not the time to think about that Y/N.

You brought your attention back to Michael as he continued to his what looked like prepared speech.

“I’m a fucking idiot I think we all know that.” You cracked a tiny smile at that, sitting on the armrest of the couch as he grinned a little at the uplift in your mood.

“I said that because I didn’t want to be in a relationship that would just hurt you in the end. Why do you think I just fuck and leave huh? So I’m not tied down? Because I don’t want someone that I could come home to at night and just cuddle the shit out of and talk to about literally everything? No. It’s because if I did let myself fall for someone, it was going to end bad. It’s just inevitable.”

You didn’t know he started walking closer to you with each sentence he said, making your heart pound like a hammer.

“But then you came along.” His voice softened instantly when he reached you. “And fucked everything up.”

You let out a strangled chuckle as the tears you didn’t know started forming in your eyes.

“And then I fucking fell for you. You made me want to be that boyfriend who does all that romantic shit for you like buy you flowers, well in your case pizza,” he laughed as he put his arms around you, “and watch those chick flicks with you, but with you it’d probably be horror movies right?”

You nodded as you smiled and embraced him from the torso, looking up at his breathtaking eyes that you could never get enough of.

“All those things I just said, you tend to like the exact opposite which is one of the many reasons why you stole my heart in the first place.” You laughed as you leaned up and pecked his jaw, completely defying the traditional characteristics and likes of a girlfriend.

But that’s what he loved. That’s what he wanted. Because he was different too. But in the best way possible.

“I love you. Have for awhile now. And I really hope you still feel the same way.” He brushed his lips on yours, missing the way you two fit together and moved in sync.

And it might take some time for Michael to properly fit back into your life, but he knew that it was going to be worth it. Because you’re worth it.