i literally looked at this picture and my first thoughts were 'hahaha i hate him so much'

I Want It Fast, I Want It Loud, I Want It My Way

a/n: THIS PICTURE FUCK. i’ve rode many of things in my lifetime. ;-) just not a thigh, so this might not be accurate but heyyyyyyyyy it’s fine. and if we’re gonna be honest here, how many of y'all actually even rode a dick? let alone a thigh hahaha.  love y'all :-) (smut warning obviously) 

I’m tired. I can feel the familiar ache in my body. I want nothing more than to go home and sleep for hours on end with no interruption. “C'mon, love, lets go.” I whine into Harry’s ear. His arm that is wrapped around my hip tightens, “okay, hold on.” He absentmindedly replies. I huff out. I don’t want to hold on. What the hell am I supposed to hold on to anyways? I notice a chair on the other side of the room and I instinctively follow to it. 

 When I am seated, I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. “Alright, up you get. It’s time to go, yeah?” Harry awakes me from my quick nap, a whine slips from my lips as I’m placed on my feet. “No.” Harry chuckles lowly as he bends down and urges me to get on my back. A sleepy smile etches on my face as I climb onto him. He stands up with ease. My head falls onto his shoulder as I fall asleep with Harry’s scent lingering around me. 


 It’s hot. I can feel sweat seeping through my shirt. 

My eyes open and adjust to the darkness. The clock reads three-thirty A.M., I can hear Harry’s breathing next to me. It’s relaxing. His arms are pulled under his pillow as he lies his head on it, curly hair flopping over. His mouth is slightly ajar, and I can’t help but look at his lips. They are such a nice shape, they’re so pink and full. The shirt I have on is soaked through with sweat as I peel it off my scorching body. The cool air soothes my skin and I sigh with relief. 

With my head back onto my pillow, I continue to stare at sleeping Harry. How can one human have so much beauty to them? Not just his looks either, he has a beautiful soul as well. My eyes skim back to his lips. God, his lips. If only they were kissing me right now. Down my neck, onto my collar bone. Biting and nipping, leaving a hickey in its place. 

 I play with the idea of waking him up just to do that, but he needs his sleep. When I make up my mind to be a good girlfriend, I groan and roll over. I hate that I’m a good person sometimes. My head is still spinning with the thought of Harry kissing me all over as I close my eyes and try to sleep. Minutes pass before I huff out and grab my phone. 

Looks like I’m not going to be sleeping tonight. One perk of having a famous boyfriend is that I can look up smut about him and totally try it the next time we have sex. And that’s what I do. I head over to my Tumblr app and type in “Harry Styles smut”. The first thing that pops up is an ask. The ask reads “OKAY but imagine riding harry’s thigh i Am HURT. You would grind down on him and it would hit your clit just right and his hands would leave marks on your hips and he could feel you soaking through his jeans, and he just gets off to you getting off FUCK”. 

 Okay what in the hell is thigh riding and why am I so wet now? My mind starts racing after smut with thigh riding involved. I’ve never heard of thigh riding, but I’m already liking it. I stay up a few more minutes, maybe hours, who really knows? Looking at smut that includes thigh riding. I’m aching for the feeling of it right now. My internal conflict is raging inside me and I think I have to wake Harry. The sleeping boy next to me looks so peaceful. How could I wake him up just to ride his thigh? I can feel myself pulsing for this feeling. “Fuck.” I groan out, I can’t wait any longer. My hand starts to shake his sleeping body, “Harry.” All he does is let out a soft groan. This is going to be harder than I thought. With a swift pull from the covers, both of our bodies are uncovered. 

Harry is naked from his hips up and he looks fucking great. The tattoos sprawled across his toned body never looked so appealing in my life. I want to run my tongue over everyone of them. Black  shorts that were around my hips fall off with a swift motion from my arms, my underwear following. Fire is in my veins. Harry visibly shutters from the loss of the covers but I climb on top of him to bring him warmth.

 "Y/N?“ He mutters, his voice raspier and deeper from sleep. Fuck, I’m literally dripping for this green eyed man. “Baby, I want to try something..” I say while unleashing kisses to his jaw and neck. “At-” He stops to check the time, “5:47 in the morning?” Huh, guess I was looking at smut longer than I thought. “Yes baby, please, I’m literally dripping for you. Plus, you have to get up an hour anyways for work.” I moan out, I can already feel his erection through his pajama pants. “Well if you insist.” He smirks. “What did you want to try?” He sits up holding me in his lap. My legs are by each of his hips and his large hands are roaming my back, hips, and thighs. “Well it’s kinda weird, but I really want to try it.” I tug my lip into my teeth, nervously awaiting his response. “Yeah? What’s it then love?” “Well- I- just- let me show you. Take off your pants.” I instruct with a shaky voice, he obliges as he lifts me off his lap. He is left in his tight boxer briefs. 

I manage to mount back onto his lap, positioning myself over his left thigh. “What’re you doing babe?” Harry asks me with puzzlement in his eyes. “Just..” I moan out as I begin to move hips on his lap. The contact of my clit to his thin boxers form incoherent moans. Harry’s hands move to my hips, gripping them. “Oh so you like thigh riding, huh?” Harry’s voice is like gravel on a road sending me to move faster as his hands insinuate rapid movements. My head nods feverishly as he moves me faster. I feel his lips attach to my breasts, sucking lightly. 

Curls are in my hands as I rock back and forth in his thigh. Cotton boxers against my clit work expertly together with the collaboration of my movements and Harry’s lips. Pleasure is racing through me leaving a beating heart and restless moans. Thoughts are construed in my mind as I try to piece together all the overwhelming things that are enveloping around me. Fuck, I’m so close. “Harry…” I moan out and he gets the hint. His inked hands grip my love handles tighter and my moves pick up pace as we move with the rhythm of an imaginary tempo. “Come for me.” Harry barely whispers in my ear as he adds a nibble to my ear lobe and before I can stop myself, I am sent over the top. An orgasm rattles through me with blacked out vision and shaking hands. Spearmint surrounds me as my head collapses into Harry'a shoulder. “I didn’t know you were into that.” Harry’s voice flows out to me and I laugh, “Yeah I didn’t either.” The clock now reads six-fifteen. 

Before Harry can react, I roll off of him and fall into my spot on our bed. The covers are pulled up over me, I hum in response. “Get some sleep, my angel.” Are words I hear before I drift off.

[one-shot] ten weeks

Title: ten weeks

Rating: NC-16

Warnings: crude language, smut, allusions to alcohol use, undertale spoilers

Genre: idk does this count as fluff? hs au, smut, pastel/punk, slight angst, slight crack bc it isn’t an amazingphilia fic if there isn’t crack of some sort

Pairing: phan yes and inkling of kickthestickz

Characters: meme boy as a pastel princess, meme daddy as a punk asshole, some other people as punk asshole’s friends

Summary: the following is an account of the ten weeks punk delinquent Phil Lester was forced to befriend his sworn enemy little flower boy Dan Howell after his parole officer decided to cuff them together to stop them from bickering (and the three weeks that follow).

Alice: Helo!! My gf is (unfortunately) a n00b in video games and couldn’t defeat a carrot so she made me write a few parts!! One of them is related to undertale and um it’s heavy spoilers for doing a genocide run!! (dont worry im p sure dnp won’t do one so you can read) ((check out how bad ass phil is in this fic for defeating this guy))

Charlie:Ten Weeks by Charlie and Alice Present Jack U ft. Audrey HAHAHA (no srsly guys listen to Jack U its electro genius) anyway this is the result of the realisation that there are no fics in the phandom that address the handcuff trope ;-; so i decided to write one to indulge myself as well as other tropes i wanted to write for like poet!dan (technically i didn’t write it audrey did), poet!phil (okay i wrote this one i swear), pastel!dan, and punk!phil.
And does this count as a collab anymore if you coerce your girlfriend into writing the smut and a scene concerning Undertale? Anyway yes a “collab” between hte gf @lestersbitch and I with a special feature from @valdimire!! Audrey thank you for helping me write such an important scene in here, you’re literally one of my favourite poets (there’s a hint for you sneaky shits). Anyway  soz for long a/n here we go

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My personal experience meeting Bobby

So to begin the reason I was able to meet Bobby was because of my best friend, whom I will refer to as Y in this post for her own privacy. A little background about her, her family and Bobby’s family are very close and have known each other for a while. Her family and Bobby’s family live very close together so they see each other often. Y went to school together with Bobby until he moved to Korea his sophomore year of high school to become a YG trainee. 


Y and I had planned on eating together on Saturday. Since Saturday was Bobby’s last day here though she wanted to make sure that I was able to meet him. He didn’t have enough time for lunch so we decided to go get snocream instead. She is the sweetest girl ever, she told me afterwards how she “was so scared that he wouldn’t have time to go out cause she really wanted me to see him.” So I got to snocream and went on the bus to meet Y and Bobby’s cousin, who I will refer to as JH. For the record, Y, JH, Bobby and I are all the same age. JH, Y, and I ordered our snocream and then went out to the car to wait cause it would take about 30 mins for our order to be ready.

I got in the car and the first thing I see is Bobby just curled up like a ball in the passenger seat which I thought was really funny. Y introduced me by saying “Ya Bobby this is my friend Madeline” so he turned around to say “annyeonghaseyo” and bowed his head at me before turning around. Y replied at him saying “she’s not korean” so he turned around and said hello instead haha. Before I got there apparently Y was telling Bobby how I was coming to eat snocream with them. Bobby asked “is she my fan?” and Y lied to him saying “no she has no idea who you are” to mess with him LOL. So when I got in the car he had no idea that I was his fan.

Since JH, Y, and I are all college students we talked about school and stuff. Y and I were telling JH that he should come visit us at our school and come to a party sometime. We proceeded to talk about drinking and such and Bobby said that he doesn’t like drinking cause he doesn’t like the taste. I told Bobby that I could change that if he came to visit Y and I at school and he laughed and smiled at him. According to Y, Bobby’s always wanted to come visit her at school to see what college is like but he never has enough time when he comes to the US. Also since he usually comes in December/January, Y and I are usually on winter break. I talked to Bobby and JH about Y’s drinking habits since they’ve never seen her drunk. I told them about she get’s really emotional and cries when she’s drunk which they thought was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. I showed them some pictures of her when she got really drunk and just some funny pictures of her in general which made them laugh. AND HE TOUCHED MY PHONE LIKE 3 TIMES, I was honestly freaking out internally. Anyways, the pictures weren’t the most attractive photos of her but Bobby and JH kept saying in korean to her that she’s the prettiest girl they’ve ever seen. Bobby even said that Y is prettier than Beyonce which was really nice and funny LOL.

While we were waiting Bobby kept saying how it was really hot in the car. The windows were fogging up from the heat so he start playing around and writing on the glass. First he wrote his signature on the windshield. After that he started playing around with the sun roof. JH, Y, and I were talking until we noticed he was up to something cause Bobby and Y’s younger brother couldn’t stop laughing. We looked up and they were drawing dicks on the sunroof glass. We all said that the dick they drew looked so small and sad so Bobby said he would draw a better one, He proceeded to draw the weirdest looking dick I have ever seen in my life. The dick he drew looked like a rounded edge upside-down triangle. After he was done all of us just burst out laughing saying what the fuck kind of dick is that. He got hot again so he would kept opening the car door to cool down. Eventually he decided to just get out and walk around the parking lot. At one point he randomly started dancing which was cute. 

A few minutes later we decided to go check on our order. So we all went on the bus to get our snocream before going back to the car to eat. Bobby had the honeydew flavor at first so when JH asked him how it was Bobby said it was a little too sweet for his taste. JH was nice enough to trade his taro with Bobby’s honeydew though. Bobby liked the taro better than the Honeydew. He started complaining about how it was cold now and kept putting his hands in this weird position cause they were cold from holding the snocream. After we finished eating we were trying to clean up all the cups and stack them together. They made Y’s younger brother do it cause he’s the maknae of the group haha. When he was trying to figure out how to do it Bobby told him to scoop the contents of one out into the other cup and called him a dumb (insert curse word here) in Korean as a joke which made everyone laugh hahaha.

Y and I got out of the car to throw away the cups. Y told Bobby to get out of the car to take a picture with me which he was confused about. Meanwhile I was starting my car and connected my phone to the audio system, my car started playing I Like 2 Party by Jay Park. He got out of Y’s car and heard the music playing and said something to Y about the music. I couldn’t hear exactly what he said but I definitely heard him ask something about Park Jaebum. Y told me that he was surprised because he didn’t know I was into kpop since Y didn’t tell him. So Y finally told him that I like kpop and that I was a fan of his and he said that he liked my shirt hehehe. You have no idea how happy I am that I wore that shirt on Saturday LOL. So I took a couple pictures with him before saying thank you and I told him he smelled good which made him smile at me haha. I’m a very straightforward person so I will say whatever’s on my mind so that’s why I said that to Bobby. Y came over and I hugged her for a while and saying goodbye and how I would miss her cause I probably won’t see her until I go back to school. Y kept saying “anajwo” to Bobby so he would give me a hug but I didn’t make a move and neither did he so it was just awkward haha. I waved goodbye to her and when I got to my car door I looked up at Bobby, who was looking at me, so I smiled and waved while he did the same back and ugh can I just say how adorable he was when he waved at me. 

Looking back I kind of regret not wishing him a safe trip back or that I look forward to his debut or something more fan like since he knew by that point that I was a fan haha. But for those of you wondering his English is good, he has not problems speaking English. He spoke mostly Korean though because I was the only non-Korean of the group so I’m sure he was more comfortable speaking Korean. He’s just a regular teenager honestly. He’s funny, dorky, chill, and nice. He’s very good looking in real life. Every time he smiled, my heart melted though cause he was way too adorable. It was nice to see the side of him that isn’t super bad ass rapper Bobby. Now that I have experienced both sides of him though it’s kind of hard to imagine how they are same person. Bobby can be a regular dorky guy or he can be this incredibly charismatic idol. I think we all forget about how all these idols are just regular human beings sometimes. 

Honestly I’m still stunned that I was able to meet him. Y always reassured me that she would make sure I met Bobby whenever he came to the US but I honestly never thought it would actually happen. I got so excited when she told me he was coming to the US. But after he arrived she wasn’t sure if I would be able to meet him for other reasons which I was a bit disappointed about I’m not going to lie. I tried to keep a positive outlook though, that there would be other opportunities to meet him cause I don’t like to be negative. But Friday night when I was texting her she was saying how she was trying to text him to see if he was free during the day on Saturday. She texted me the plan Saturday morning and no lie I was freaking out internally all the way to meet them. I couldn’t stop thinking about what would I say and what I should and should not say. 

Now that it’s actually happened and I’ve met my #1 bias, I am so grateful and I realized how lucky I truly am. This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was presented with and I’ll never be able to forget it. I’m so eternally grateful to my best friend for making it happen for me cause she knows how big of a Bobby fan I am even though she hates to hear about it haha. I think I’ve told her 3 times since I last saw her about how much I love her and how grateful I am for her being my best friend. So if you are reading this Y, although I doubt you would read all this shit, I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH <3

But yeah that’s about it, if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask! I’m sorry it was so long but if I don’t write everything down I’m afraid that I will forget about it. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my personal experience!

Welcome to Monster High: Review

the DVD of Welcome to Monster High comes out today! please support the official release!

I meant to do this review a month ago when I saw it in theaters but I am a horrible procrastinator.

Before I get into the movie I want to talk about the screening itself as this is technically Monster High’s first theatrical release and it was a one day one time only special event by Fathom and it was at 10am in only one theater in my city.

I hated every moment of this screening. I’m not a morning person by nature and the very idea of making kids wake up early on a Saturday to see a movie for them is horrifying to me and I have a new found respect for all of y’all with children who took them to this and movies like this, you are gods among us, we are so very weak. There were only about a dozen people in my showing, 5 parents with their kid(s) ( hovering around ages of 8-12), one lone 16 year old and then me and my friend - two tired 20-somthings with pink & purple hair.

I’m a little bummed the turn out was so low but at that time on a Saturday morning I shouldn’t be surprised, I honestly don’t know what Fathom and Mattel were expecting with this time slot, but that’s enough of that! on to the Review!

I arrived a little late to my screening (did I mention I’m not a morning person?) so I don’t know how many of these little shorts they played before the movie began but the one that was playing when I arrived was Clawdeen’s which you can watch now on their You Tube!

This my longest Monster High Movie review to date! so long in fact It has a part 2!!! which will be up shortly. I wanted to cover everything and there is so much new stuff, there is no way I could be brief. I’ve been invested in this franchise for 6 years and I felt like I owe to to the series and you to give you my honest thoughts on this new direction so grab yourself a snack and a drink before strapping in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Spoilers & pictures under the cut! So if you don’t want to be spoiled proceed with caution!

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fanficsnfood-deactivated2017080  asked:

Aye I'm a delulu shipper too! Anyway if Baekyeol is actually real, how do you think Chanyeol reacted to this whole Baekyeon thing?

Oh God Yes, a delulu one, we’re going to get along super fine~ Okay so on to your question. First of all, I’m going to be discussing what I think about BaekYeon before moving on to answer your question. Reason is, to understand what Chanyeol is going through, we need to know first, what is actually the situation he’s in. You get me? Let’s go then!

WARNING: Extremely delusional. This is gonna be long too. Plus, everything I’m going to write is based off of my opinion. I’m clearly saying that what I’m going to write here is what I think, and I accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way. If you hate delulu shippers then don’t press the keep reading button okay? :)

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the GazettE Vancouver live report

This is very. very. very. long. I’m sorry. I just wanted to express every single detail I could remember about this live.

So on Thursday May 5th of 2016, I went to my first GazettE concert ever. They played at the Vogue theatre in Vancouver and I flew over from Edmonton with my VIP ticket. 

We arrived at Vogue at about 9:30am and there were already 16 people in front of us. Most of the fans in front of us had flew in from Japan to see the GazettE. Some had been there since 6am. Their dedication was insane. I’ve been with the GazettE since Guren’s release in 2008, but it has been 8 long years of waiting until I was able to finally see them.

Eventually there was I think maybe 2 or 3 Canadian flags being passed around. I wrote on one of the small ones and then drew their looks from Undying on the bottom of a bigger flag.

Starting from maybe 2pm, I could start to hear the band doing sound checks inside the theatre. I pressed my ears onto the door and the two clear, distinguishable songs that I heard was Uruha’s guitar part for Ominous, right before the ‘True dread’ part, and the whole band rehearsing a part of Undying. Strangely enough, through that door was the first time I have heard Ruki’s voice in real life. 

During the about 45 mintues before doors opened for VIPs at 6, manager-san+others came out with the VIP tour shirts and checked everyone’s names off of their list and handed them out. They also handed out wristbands to those who are Heresy afterwards.
When the door opened my heart skipped a beat. I went to buy merch while my friend saved us a spot in the front row. Heres a picture of my merch.

I proceeded to run onto the floor. I was directly in front of Uruha a little more centered at the front row, but since the stage was small, I could see Ruki and Kai both easily. I had to turn to look at Aoi but I had a very clear view. The only regret was that Ruki blocked my view of Reita almost entirely. But I was in the front row! I was in front of my day 1 bias Uruha!
The concert was to start at 8. It was a long, long, excruciating 2 hour wait. I had checked out the barricade, and thought about how I’m going to hold onto that railing and headband until I die. In the end a staff picked up the mic and told us to not take pictures/videos and to enjoy the show. Everyone had been screaming at this point and all of a sudden, the yellowish light that had been pointed towards the audience shuts off and everything is pitch black. Then a bright blue light lit up the stage and NIHIL started playing I immediately felt tears wet my face.

Kai was the first to come out on the stage. He came onto the stage smiling like the sun I always thought he would have. I felt like his smile was radiating light.
I don’t remember the order of members coming out to the stage. The moment I saw Uruha I had been captivated. Shocked. It was a one of those moments that a person would remember for the rest of their lives. He was absolutely stunning. The venue was quite small and I was so close to the stage. I could see his every feature clearly. He had a masculine face with beautiful, sharp cheekbones and jawline. His contacts were light grey with a dark ring. He had a fan near his pedal and his hair was moving in the wind. It looked so soft, a dark honey brown color. It was a moment of absolute sublime. I literally do not how to put this into words.
Ruki had an air of sophistication around him. He was charged, excited, made faces at the crowd and had a very stoic, dark yet arrogant feeling. His neck strips looked really good, and he had a huge, huge hat. He was so tiny. His heels were taller than my wedges. I laughed.
Aoi was also stunning, he smiled and bowed at the audience, and his hairstyle!!! It was sleek and complimented his features very well. He received his guitar and his hand was on his hips. He had the sassy, superstar vibe that we all know and love about him.  
Lastly, Reita. Something I had never realized about him was that his Dogma mask only has one eyehole!!??! Damn that poor, poor guy. I think he couldn’t smile that naturally because his mask was really tight on his face and pulling his lips. But he smiled so much regardless.

Dogma started before I was mentally prepared for literally anything. I screamed so loud that my throat felt like it was ripping, but it was a fleeing pain only to be taken over by the pure ecstasy I felt while watching these 5 guys perform.
So just about the setlist. I cant believe they played both Deux and Ominous!!!!!!!!! They’re my favorite songs from Dogma! I really didn’t think they would play both. When staff brought out their acoustic guitars I knew Ominious was part of the setlist, but holy shit Deux. The part where Ruki sang “kimi to boku wa” I literally (figuratively) melted into a puddle of tears and my soul went to heaven and back.
They also played their TOXIC/DIVISION staples like Fadeless, Suicide Circus, Derangement, etc. The crowd was super hyped for all of these songs since we all knew them, and we headbanged along with the members and stopped to appreciate the softer parts. Ruki gave his mic to the crowd many times during these familiar songs to sing.
One song that really surprised me was actually Bizarre. I really did not enjoy that song in Dogma. But holy sweet mother of god is that song the best live. The recording can’t even be compared to the shocking, heavy, thick, atmospheric, unity, screams of that song live. Everyone was headbanging and I felt such a sense of unity to both the band and the crowd. The two songs I felt that the strongest were Bizarre and Ugly. Maybe Rage too. Really DOGMA was an album made to perform live and they killed it.
Another song that stood out to me was Undying. I fucking. Love. That song. It was so. So fucking amazing. Before the song started, Ruki said “This song is called Undying” like we didn’t already know that hahaha. The part where the song goes “Life don’t change my fate. God entomb MY HATE” I just lost all of my shit. I couldn’t physically move. I just stopped and stood in stillness and silence for a while just absolutely in shock of the beauty that just grazed my life by these 5 men. At the beginning, Ruki grabbed the mic and said “Thank you Vancouver” and the audience went crazy. It definitely sounded more like “Thank you Vankuba.” Ruki’s English is so cute.
Immediately after Undying was Filth in the Beauty. The second Aoi’s guitar started, the crowd lost their shit and the band knew it. Everyone was doing their circle head bangs in unison and it was fucking great.  He would give the mic to the audience. I remember very distinctly once he allowed the audience to sing “sexual disagrace” and did his devilish cute half smirk when we did it well. This was the last song of the main set. It went by so fast.

I’m gonna talk about the members in the main set. I’ll save the encore entirely LOL. I was shocked at how well Uruha handles spotlight. His stage presence is unreal. He perfectly execution of all of his many guitar solos. He was super excited and extra flirty with the crowd. He was really really feeling himself, doing many spins, hair flicks, pointing at the audience and making faces, hyping everyone up. He would head bang crazily and was extremely omnipresent and charismatic. He looked like he was really really enjoying himself. At a lot of times, he would go past all of his pedals and boxes and stuff in front of him right to the edge of the stage, and we would all reach out our hands towards him. And he had been smiling. Smiling. Smiling the whole time. During the slower songs like Deux and Ominious, he would get serious and his eyes would become piercing and cold. He would look very graceful and had an air of sophistication and elegance. I just think he had a blast at this live and made the best out of himself and his guitars and it translated to the crowd extremely well. He would absolutely light up and enjoy the attention he received from the crowd. One personal moment I had with Uruha was during UGLY, he was played his solo and I think he screwed up for a tiny moment. He shook his head at himself and I saw that and laughed. Then he looked up at me and saw me laugh and laughed back at me in slight embarrassment. It was an intense moment of euphoria and when we made eye contact I felt a chill go down my spine. Anyways I talk too much about Uruha moving on.
Ruki was absolutely fucking amazing holy. He literally sounded exactly the same as the recordings if not better. His singing voice is so magnetic and and smooth, but his screams are so thick and raspy. It resounds through the entire concert hall and was near perfection. His stage presence was huge. His dances are literally so hilarious. I forgot which song specifically but he would throw one leg and the opposite arm up and switch. He was really feeling himself during the live. I mean like. Literally feeling himself. He did the thing where he would roll his hips while massaging his crotch during Bizarre and like damn. Just. During I think Ominious I think, he held out his hand perpendicular to the ground and waved only his middle finger and his hips to the music very sensually and sing deep into the mic. Then he turned his hand up and signaled “come on” to the audience with his middle finger. Before the start of Suicide circus, he held the mic in one hand held the cord with his mouth and other hand and spanned his arms out. He was backlit with blue and at that moment it was truly beautiful. At the start of Ominous he got one of those lantern things from the Dogma PV and it had a flame in it. He would pause his singing to lick the lantern from the bottom up the side seductively. Once the song got heavier, he threw the lamp dramatically onto the ground. He also came towards the edge of the stage a lot and engaged heavily with the audience. At one point during the main set he leaned over the edge of the stage and reached out his hand. Because the stage is really close to the audience, and because I’m tall and have long arms, I was able to touch his hand briefly. I’m sure I had a look of utter disbelief on my face because he smirked slightly at my reaction. During the short MCs we had he screamed “I LOVE VANKUBA!!” And “ARE YOU READY VANKUBA” etc. He was very mysterious and seductive and energetic the whole show and it was so fucking great.
Aoi wasn’t feeling it this live. I assumed it was some sort of equipment problem since he went to his guitar tech guy very often. Turns out one of his pedals was broken (since he tweeted about it after) and he was kindda chapped the whole live. He wasn’t smiling all that much and wasn’t too flirty with the crowd. He wasn’t like the SUPERSTAR AOI KONEKO CHAN I was expecting. He stayed mostly on his side of the stage and didn’t do his sexy backward bending body roll thing either. Still, don’t get me wrong, he was stunning and absolutely charismatic. It just seemed like he didn’t enjoy himself as much as he should have. This changed completely during the encore in which his equipment got fixed. I’ll talk about that later.
I watched Kai smile and laugh at the back and I wanted to take him into my arms and never let go. Drummers usually have a small stage presence because they literally can’t move. But Kai was just beaming. Radiating with light and his smile. He would bounce up and down in his seat and headbang with the rest of the band. and watching him I just feel so warm because how wonderful it is to look so happy doing something you love that much. I’ve always loved it when I see him hit the cymbal really hard and then reach to grab it immediately to silence it, and now I’ve seen it in real life and I’m so happy. During Ominous at the quiet parts with no drums, Kai would keep the beat with his body silently so he could come in and keep the tempo correctly and at those moments he would be serious and focused. He was really everything I had imaged him being and did not stop being sunshine for even a moment.
Reita, seriously unfortunately, I was not able to see a large majority of the time. He came up to the front a couple times and got low and did his swaying back and forth thing he does all the time. He did the thing where he would stick his tongue out to the crowd a couple times. During Filth in the Beauty, he pointed to the crowd then his head, and did a swirl with his finger to tell the crowd to do the circle headbang and it was super cute. From what I saw he was really enjoying himself and had paid concern towards Aoi a couple of times. His hair was super cool. It did not bounce or anything when he head banged leading me to imagine how much gel is on his head. LOOOOL.

So the main set list ended and all the members left the stage after bowing and thanking the crowd. The audience immediately started shouting “encore” for quite a while I think, maybe 15 minutes? During this time a bunch of people went to Aoi’s side and fixed up his equipment I think. When Kai came out everyone screamed and screamed. He had changed from his stage clothes to the Malum shirt. He didn’t go right to the drum set, but instead stood around and said thank you to the staff and the audience. Reita came out after and walked around the stage as well, still wearing his stage clothes. Aoi came out and talked mainly with the staff, presumably about his equipment and had also changed into a tour shirt (the one with the circle print). Uruha came out with the Malum shirt but cut into kind of a sleeveless muscle tee with big armholes on the side so you can see some of his torso from the side. His choker was visible and very. Very. Very attractive. He smiled his famous duck smile when he was all set and looking at the fans. It was a genuinely happy smile I think. The type that he couldn’t hold back. I was awestruck that moment looking at him. Ruki came out last with a plain Canadian flag draped around his body. He walked around a bit with the flag on him and took it off and waved it around. He proceeded to thank Vancouver (Vankuba LOL) many many times and said “I love Vancouver” which was met with screams and laughter. He then put the flag down on the box thing in front of him, and started Hyena.
Hyena has always just been a really hype song. Aoi seemed to have fixed his problem with his equipment and was back to 100%. He was flicking his hair, running around the stage, headbanging with Reita and smiling and engaging with the crowd. Kai looked extra happy tbh, he would focus and look at the other members and look at the crowd a lot more than he did during the main set. Probably because he knows the song so well he doesn’t need to concentrate on actually playing it. A smile never left his face. During the famous Uruki fanservice in Hyena it was so funny. They had both gone in the middle and Uruha was leaning down so Ruki could reach high enough to put his arms around Uruha’s shoulders. They stood like that and played for a while before Uruha leaned down for the much anticipated kiss. But it was so funny because the brim of Ruki’s huge hat was getting in the way and stabbing Uruha in the face and Uruha got really close, they laughed with each other, and the kiss never happened. I loved it, it was so so cute and the crowd laughed and screamed.
Cockroach was the next song! Man Aoi was just really into it during this song.   He came over to Uruha’s side of the stage and Uruha went to his. On our side he traced his hand up his body while doing a slow sexy body roll and then ended with a hair flip and wink. He also put his fingers out and signaled “come on” to the audience super seductively. Everyone kind of ran around the stage and exchanged spots with each other. Reita rocked out with Kai a little bit at the back as well. Ruki was doing his little wiggly dance a little bit and again coming up to the edge of the stage to hype up the fans. I remember every time a member would come close to the stage, the people behind me would pile and squish me tightly into the metal bar and I swear my ribs are bruised from that. Its all worth though.
And lastly it was Tomorrow Never Dies. I knew this was going to be the last song because they have been doing it at all the tours. I started crying almost immediately and it was just tears and tears and tears. Uruha went up to the main stage with Ruki again!! And Ruki again put his arms around Uruha’s shoulders. They rocked back and forth a bit and Uruha scrunched up his nose and made faces at the crowd while in Ruki’s arms. During the part near the end of the song where its softer and theres only guitar, Ruki held out the mic for the audience to sing “don’t kill yourself”. He usually did his half sexy smirk when the audience sang but this time it was more of a big, bright smile and it melted my heart. And so the song was over. And It was over. Over.
They song ended but they all walked around and lingered the sound of their instruments. Ruki began to speak to the audience. He thanked Vancouver over and over and told us we were crazy and we were great. Then they joint hands. The audience did too. I held the hands of the people next to me and we bowed to each other. After this, the members began throwing things to the crowd. I CAUGHT ONE OF URUHA’S PICKS. THE BLACK ONE.

 He then stood up on the box thing and pointed to specific people and made faces at them in the audience before throwing the pick in their general direction. I held on to his pick tightly with my hand as I cried out of disbelief and joy and I watched him enjoy himself and smile at the audience. Aoi; however, left the stage quite early without throwing many of his picks at all. Uruha went over to Aoi’s side and took the picks off of the mic stand and started throwing them to that side of the stage with an kind of apologetic smile. He threw maybe 5 or 6 of Aoi’s picks before coming back to his side. I guess it was because Aoi was kind of upset this live that he wanted to get off the stage quicker, but I’m sure his fans understood and supported him in their disappointment. Uruha also spit his water up into the air and it landed on the audience slightly in mist form and I was content with life at that moment. Ruki didn’t actually spit water but rather sprayed the audience with the bottles itself before throwing them into the crowd. And so they exited the stage. And the lights turned on. And it was over.
The crowd began to chant for an encore again, but was quickly told by the GazettE staff and the security that they will no longer be coming out. Staff started coming out of the side and dismantling the mics and guitars and tape. Staff also grabbed whatever guitar picks were left and threw them into the crowd. One guy tossed a handful of Uruha’s pick kind of near me and there was a scramble for them and someone elbowed me in the ribs LOL. Then people started to leave the venue and I gathered up my merch and put my shoes on and began to leave as well.

I was lead up the stairs and let in by the staff member and Aoi was first, followed by Reita, Ruki, Kai then lastly Uruha. I sort of knew this was going to happen but the moment I saw them my mind went blank and I grabbed Aoi’s hands. His hands were so. Soft. I was surprised by how soft and gentle his grip was and I looked at him as we thanked each other. I then told him “you’re a super star” which is far from what I wanted to say but he looked at me, chuckled, and thanked me again. I was kind of expecting him to have the attitude of “ayyyy hell yea I am” but I suppose he probably wasn’t in the mood to be like that. I wanted to say “Muscle milk” to Reita but I honestly just could not. I held his hands and we thanked each other. I was prompted to move on to Ruki. realized that I was looking slightly down at him since I’m quite tall (5’7” + 2 inch wedges) and I laughed quietly to myself. Ruki’s eyes felt like they were bottomless. The depth and stoicism and elegance behind his look was unreal. I thanked him for coming to Canada and he thanked me back. I got to Kai and he smiled super big and bright at me. I said thank you and my voice wavered because I was holding back tears. He proceeded to laugh and reach over the table and pat me on the back. I felt tears come out my eyes as I laughed and thanked him again. He kept smiling and nodded at me as encouragement. So then I moved on to Uruha. I had wanted to say a couple sentences to him, translating to “You’ve always been the most precious person to me. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and your music. I love you.” Pretty simple but I thought it conveyed enough. But seeing him I couldn’t open my mouth. He grabbed my hands and bowed, and said thank you. I didn’t even move my body and just stared at his face. The only thing I was able to say was “Utsukushi..” (stunning/beautiful) which was genuinely what I felt at that exact moment. He smiled and thanked me again and I kind of awkwardly held his hands for a couple seconds longer than normal and I looked at him. He looked at me back and we kind of just looked into each other’s eyes for a couple seconds. I felt like he saw right through me. Everything I had wanted to convey with words, I felt like I have conveyed it at those moment with our eyes. Then, I let go of his hands, thanked him for the first and last time and he smiled at me as I turned around and walked off. He smelled really good. I don’t really know how to describe the smell of his cologne but it was kind of like cleanliness and ashes from a flame. It was a very elegant smell. It wasn’t musky or sweet or over the top. Just really. Really clean. I have to conclude that Aoi had the softest hands and Kai had the roughest.
Afterwards I left the venue my neck and back started being stiff and hurting . I don’t know how the GazettE do this on a regular basis live after live with like one or two days in between. I just really hope theyre taking good care of their body.
The next morning I woke up and checked my twitter for GazettE updates and I had seen all members have acknowledged the Vancouver live the night before in a positive light. Then. Uruha happened. Uruha posted a selfie (on the GazettE staff twitter LIKE WHY. IF YOU WANTED TO TWEET SOMETHING. JUST MAKE A TWITTER. THAT’S WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO). And it was absolutely fucking gorgeous. I felt extremely emotionally attached to that picture because he looked exactly how I remember him looking when I shook his hands literally an hour before that picture was taken. He was beautiful and it was enchanting and I was unable to grasp the concept that I had met that man just the night before.
I had also thought that seeing the GazettE would be a thing crossed off my bucket list. That I would be happy and content with being able to meet the 5 idols that touched my life. However. It definitely had the opposite effect. I have never yearned to see their live again more in my life. I feel more than alive and that everyday I live is another day closer to the next time I am able to see them again. This was an absolutely sublime experience and I am grateful for the joy they bring me and for their existence.

A selfie from before the live for goodluck. I’m on the right.


Okay, this is going to take a very long time to write, so first things first, I would like to point out, a couple days ago, a blog named spillit5sos, which is a hate page for 5SOS, posted an article about 5SOS groupies. It 100% fooled me and about all of the fandom. I almost left the entire fandom, just because of that stupid blog post.But, no fear, I am still in the fandom. I realized, this shit is getting annoying, and I need to point out what has really been happening.

- I would just like to say before I insert these pictures, Ashton is a guy, Calum is a guy, all of them are men. They are attracted to girls. That isn’t a bad thing. I think what spillit5SOS is pointing out, is that they are giving out tickets for these girls to come with them down to their hotel room and have sex. Which is disgusting. But in this picture, Ashton is at a bar, not a concert, not outside of his hotel room. Not outside of a concert. Nope. Just at a bar. Talking to people. He was drunk, and I mean DRUNK. All of them were. 

Here are the pictures spillit5sos shows you

Looks like they are kissing huh? But wait, even if they are kissing, doesnt look like Ash took her home? Doesn’t look like he was handing this bitch concert tickets huh?

But nope, he isn’t kissing her in any pictures. Look closer. Closer.


Sorry for the bad quality, but he is only leaning in to hear what the girl is saying..so yeah lets check that off the list of the ‘5SOS groupies’

Okay moving on

On twitter lately, Im sure you all have seen this, but people have been claiming 5SOS had sex with them, okay, so the proof they put out there, is just ridiculous. Its actually funny how people think we believe this shit. I laughed so hard when someone claimed that a dm was ashton, and it said ‘topless pics? xx’ Even I could photoshop that. Here is the picture of the dm haha :D

Does this even look real? All I have to do is change my picture to that one, then crop out the name at the top, like this person did, and claim that he did it. Easy. 

Oh and here are some more hilarious ‘proof’ that they have groupies guys im literally dying of laughter i cant 


Okay more.

“Throwback to when bianca decided to post everything Ashton texted her" 



LOL OKAY SO THERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL THING CALLED PHOTOSHOP. There is a small chance the dms are right, but I can even photoshop those. Its actually very easy to photo shop dms. And for the stupid iMessage thing, I can do that in 2 seconds. All I have to do is name Luke Hemmings as one of my contacts and msg them dirty things easy as that ok bye




Moving on, I didn’t address the Calum leaving his hotel to meet with 2 girls. This is gonna make you laugh too. Here is the picture

I will try and be a little serious on this one even thought this is stupid.

They say he didnt stop for a picture, and they brought them back to the hotel room. The only problem is, if they had a camera, and they were taking pictures of Calum and these girls, why is there only one picture? All he is doing is walking towards these girls. What proof do you have of him taking them back to their hotel room? Like literally I wanna see the damn picture of these girls going inside of their hotel room. They had a camera, they didnt take pictures. Coincidence? I think not.

So, Spillit5SOS, Show me the damn pics :)

One more thing, the Michael photo.

Okay… this is the picture I cant explain to you guys. Obviously there is a huggeee chance that this is photoshopped. But honestly this picture may be real. I can tell you all the stupid dm shit is fake as fuck, but this mikey pic I have no idea about.

I choose to believe this is real, but honestly, photo shop is a beautiful thing so, Dont believe anything you hear on the internet.

- Please reblog this, I know alot of 5SOS fans are scared, hopefully this will cheer them up a bit. Oh and one of my followers on instagram wanted me to say 


‘groupie shit’ FAKE. 

…thats it.

Her tumblr is pvnk-mikey.tumblr.com

Anyways, I hope you guys have a lovely day and I hope this doesn’t make you worry as much.

Share this shit with your friends.

- Hana<3

anonymous asked:

I was looking at your little trip down memory lane, and I was wondering what the story behind Troye and Tyler doing a tiny chat (or whatever it was)? Did they just pop up? Did they talk to you guys? (I know it was two different times and they weren't together)

(i just have to say, it was a long time ago, so i cant remember much from it, im just reading an old post about me freaking out, like 30 mins after it happened, read it here if u want)

The first one was with Troye and okay the way it happened was, we just arranged a tinychat with a couple people (one of them was troyleroakley​ and the other one doesn’t want to be mentioned).* There was many people there it was scary cos i was the only one with a webcam on. We got Troye there by linking the tinychat on his tag btw. Okay so i was just chillin in my onesie and shit, talking with people and freaking out every time a guest entered the room omg, literally i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Okay so yeah, there was this one guest just being there *still not sure if it was troye idk* but yeah at one point A PERSON CHANGED HIS NICKNAME TO ‘troye’ and i was literally having a meltdown and people were laughing so hard at me, cos i was still one of the two who had their webcams on and omg. Then 'troye’ says he needs to change his browser to get on webcam, idk what was up with that. Okay then 'troye’ comes back later and we are fucking dYING, with anticipation bc he was about to put his webcam on. AND THEN IT STARTS TO LOAD, AND THEN TROYES FACE APPEARS, AND THEN THE BOY IN THE MIDDLE TAKES THE PERFECT SCREENSHOT, i am so happy he did bc that is the only one i think.

Seriously look at Troye’s smug fricking face. Okay at this point im literally a crying MESS, Im trying to film this shit and trying to concentrate on the tinychat and omg it was super hectic. THEN TROYE SEES ME CRYING AND HE GOES 'omg pls dont cry’ and that was too much i just. EVERYONE ON THE CHAT, SUDDENLY OPENED THEIR WEBCAMS and it was so fucking stupid, my computer started lagging like shit and at that point i was crying bc the computer was so laggy, and that bc Troye was there. Then everyone started talking and then the chat basically jammed up and uuUUUUGGHH. Then Troye was like 'guys what should we do so we could to this a little better?’ And then Troye was like 'okay lets arrange a google hangout’ and a couple seconds later he sent a link to the hangout. Well of course i hadnt installed  a google+ hangout shit, and it took a forever to install, and when it finished loading, OF COURSE THE HANGOUT WAS FULL. That was like the worst feeling i had ever felt. So at this point i had turned my webcam off bc i thought i had to if i was going to the google hangout. Then i go back to the tinychat, just to cry and be like , bye troye i think this was my chance. There was a couple other people who also didnt get to the hangout. AND THEN THE BESTEST THING HAPPENS, TROYE COMES BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND GOES 'omg guys what are you doing here, why arent you on the hangout?’ AN I GO: 'omg its full i cant get in’ and troyes like 'aah what should we do no omg’ and idk then he disappears and i cry. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN EVERYONE COMES FUCKING BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND TURNS ON THEIR WEBCAMS, and im literally being ran over VIA INTERNET it was horrible. And in seconds, all of the webcams are full, and one of them is Troye, and when i try to 'start a broadcast’ iT SAYS ITS FULL, and was sad. Then Troye asks everyone to hold out a peace sign, so he can take a screenshot, SO A COUPLE SECONDS LATER HE TWEETS OUT THE PICTURE saying 'came across a few fans on a tinychat’ or something like that. And that was the most horrible thing evER. I started spamming the chat like 'omg no im so sad no how can this happen’ AND THEN:

omg at that moment i didnt even realize that it was actually HIM talking to me *ofc i did, i was just panicking about typing something* okau then he asked me 'tell me your twitter pls’ anD THEN I JUST TYPE MY TWITTER NAME THERE AND HE MUSTVE NOT SEEN IT and then:

Okay then he saw it, and he began to tweet  THE WRONG PERSON, LOOK, MY TWITTER NAME WAS troyeblemakerr at the time, and he began to tweet troyblemakerr, do u see the slight annoying difference. okay so I START TO SPAM THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE TWEETS LIKE, OMG IT ME IT ME NOT HER IT ME and just:

and it was super super cool and it literally made my life

AND THE TYLER THING, i literally dont remember how i got there? i was casually scrolling trough tylers tags (it was like one of the first times i did) and i see just a link to a tinychat and i was super bored, i went in. Then there was tyleroakleyismyqueen with her friend, and that was where we got to know eachother :) we just talked for a bit when suddenly a wild 'nottyler’ appears omg. I can remember alot from it bc it was SUPER unexpected and literally i was not prepared AT ALL, i looked absolutely horrible and ugh. I didnt have my mic on, bc it was broken or smth, so Tyler and Chase just casually chat there while im just watching them omg hahahahah then i just type smth like 'guys lets take a selfie, im taking a screenshot’ and then we pose:

AND THEN I GO 'omg i feel like an outsider cos my mic isnt working’ and then thIS HAPPENS (i posted this there and then) btw also there was literally only me, chases friend and tyler and it was so great.

Then it happily ended like Tyler had to go and it was fabulous, and after that i posted a pic of us on the tinychat and Tyler liked it, jesus. After that we were all just like quiet, in shock, and in disbelief that Tyler was actually there hahaha

OMG IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS, i bow down to you!?!?!

Newcomer Story for Gabi (and everyone else who wants to read)

Hi Gabi! Just wanted to share my “newcomer” story. I have always had friends who have been directioners, and I’ve always heard about 1D but never became a proper “fangirl” until this year  (I am a senior at a small private Christian school in the south) anywayssss most of my friends didn’t (and still don’t) believe in Larry Stylinson but I remember hearing something vaguely about it and thinking “that is so ridiculous no one honestly believes that do they?” I honestly don’t remember how or why but the day of the release of FOUR back in November something clicked inside my brain and I became OBSESSED. I went and bought the album late at night, started watching their videos on Youtube, and I was just drawn to Harry Styles. He seemed so hot and I remembered narratives from back when I was familiar with them and his “womanizer” image so I kept that. I was so set on him being straight. I even wrote a Harry het fic. ( I cringe when I read it now, YIKES.) Well, then I started seeing things. Among them, his interesting choice floral shirts (his clothing in general), his “not that important” quote, I read the “don’t knock it till you try it” interview, and finally when I saw a video of him kissing James Cordon from a while back (2012?) I was like “noooo. nooo way he’s straight.” I was a little disappointed to be honest :) But what really convinced me that Harry was gay was this thought: “If I was Harry’s girlfriend, or a girl that Harry was courting, there is no way in HELL I would 1) think that was okay 2) think he wasn’t gay or at least bi-curious.” so THEN I finally stumbled upon Larry videos (THANKS ELLIE) and things just started clicking. Harry always looked so uncomfortable when interviewers asked him about women. Or he would get this smug look on his face like “you have nooo idea”. Haylor had always seemed awkward as hell so I had no doubt THAT was a PR stunt. And then I remembered a video I watched of Harry at British Fashion Week (BFW) when he went to support Cara Delavingne and he said “that’s not my girl, I know what you’re doing” but like, why would he go to her show BY HIMSELF and then expect people to not think anything of it?? I soon realized that there was one person Harry seemed completely at ease with, someone who made him laugh and giggle and just put all of his walls down and that was Louis Tomlinson. Now, ever since I had heard of 1D and been vaguely familiar with Louis I had thought he was gay. I just did. But when I saw him and became familiar again with him after the release of FOUR I was shocked. He seemed so different. His actions weren’t as flamboyant or flowy, he just seemed changed. HIS BEARD WAS A HUGE SURPRISE. I WAS USED TO HIS BABY FACE (NO PUN INTENDED HAHAHA) but I must admit at the start of my 1D obsession back in November I was an Elounor shipper. Seriously, Eleanor Calder was everything I wanted to be: beautiful, uni student getting an education, skinny, perfect life, DATING A BOYBANDER. I was obsessed with her, pretty much. I followed her on instagram, kept up with her Twitter (she hadn’t tweeted anything since April but WHATEVER MAYBE SHE WAS BUSY, OKAY???111!), and even followed a tumblr account that was Elounor extravaganza. Larry for me was a secret guilty pleasure. I remember I would look up “larry stylinson” tags on instagram and tumblr because I just thought you all were SO funny. After the “Night Changes” music video came out I was literally rolling on the floor with you all’s comments about Ben Winston and his sucky directing. I just kept falling deeper and deeper into this damned rabbit hole and I started seeing the old Louis. Glimpses of him. It would appear in a flash in his eyes or in his smile, and can I tell you something? I realized it was mostly while looking at Harry. Honestly. So I kept doing some more investigation (my grades at school by this point. ALSO YIKES but whatevs) and I saw the TATTOOS. THE DAMN TATTOOS. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. To me at first that wasn’t a big deal because, well, I don’t understand much about tattoos or anything like that but now, when I’m having a day when I doubt myself about Larry I just “THEY HAVE 6 MATCHING TATTOOS AND LOUIS SAID HE USED TO NOT LIKE THEM BUT HE HAS SIX MATCHING ONES WITH HARRY” yup. That’s a direct quote. So back to this amazing story I started realizing what a bitch Modest management was and how fucked up they are. The separation of these two boys who were inseparable on stage and now didn’t even as much as smile at each other was a big indicator as well. “REALLY? YOU CAN’T GIVE YOUR SUPPOSED LADDY BRO PAL CHIPS YOU HAVE TO SET IT DOWN SOMEWHERE SO THAT HE CAN GET THEM HIMSELF? WHAT” (also a direct quote tbh)  and then I also saw that ridiculous video where someone was motioning to Harry to shake Louis’ hand and I wanted to cry. So then came watching the X Factor video diaries (especially 3 & 4) and I couldn’t even watch them all the way through. Like, I had to pause the damn video five or six times to regain composure and just cool myself down from watching those two lovesick puppies. The last step I had to take towards completely believing in Larry was still Eleanor. She was a mystery to me. It seemed like Louis’ family loved her, she loved them, even Anne and Gemma seemed to like her just fine. One day just for kicks and giggles I decided to look up “Eleanor Calder and Harry Styles” on Google, way before I had any knowledge of Larry. It just seemed to me that Harry and El had to be good friends because Louis and Harry were good friends and that just seemed like the “laddy bro pal” thing to do. Right? Your best friend has been dating a girl for three years (who you supposedly introduced him to-but I’ll get to that shadiness later) so you and her are obviously the bestest of friends right? RIGHT? WORNG. SO FUCKING WRONG. I saw maybe one picture, and I’m sure it was a manip of them together and then an interaction of them on Twitter (which I’m pretty sure is a manip as well?) and that was it. Jay only seemed to mention her when they were 1) promoting something (fucking Yorkshire tea train-can you say "awkward as hell”) or when they were at a concert. I remember seeing this video of Eleanor and Danielle and Dan and Jay outside the TCA studios and Jay and Dan didn’t even look at Eleanor. Nothing. And this was when I was an Elounor shipper Y’ALL. I just re-watched it and Jay looks like she’s about stab a bitch. There’s even a part where Jay walks the crosswalk with Dan and completely leaves Eleanor and Danielle standing there. I MEAN. I don’t know about you all but if my son had a girlfriend that I just absolutely LOVED and ADORED I would probably be like “look hun, let’s walk the crosswalk" or SOMETHING. Just… and Dan is like “what have I gotten myself into holy hell” it’s quite a video… Jay actually seems more friendly towards Danielle than Eleanor. So I started seeing holes in the stories and all of the shadiness between the Tomlinson/Deakins and their relationship with Eleanor and Eleanor is just weird. Like, where did she come from? Who is she? All we know about her is her age, her name, where she goes to uni, a couple of her friends, and every piece of clothing she owns. (SHE HAS A FUCKING DEAL WITH TOPSHOP. TOPSHOP) Plus, all or Elounor’s pics are hq and they just look awkward. I’m sorry, they do. It got to the point where I was bored of shipping something that never seemed to have depth to it. How boring are they? Good. You’re gorgeous, perfect, graduating with honors at uni, get along just smashingly with your bf’s family… like SNORE ZZZZ. No relationship is that “perfect”. I’ll repeat that again: no. relationship. is. that. perfect. If you actually believe they are dating and you dig deeper and see what Louis has commented about her you would really hate him. The no x3 incident? IF I HAD BEEN DATING A MAN FOR 3 DAMN YEARS, GIVEN MY LIFE UP TO HIM, JETTED OFF TO WHEREVER JUST TO BE WITH HIM, LIVED WITH HIS ASS AND HIS ANSWER TO IF HE WAS ENGAGED TO ME WAS “NO NO NO” I WOULD…. JUST… OHMYGOD. People comment “oh he was surprised” THE FUCK. SURPRISED? YOU’VE BEEN DATING THE GIRL FOR 3 YEARS. Couples literally date for a week and they’re thinking about baby names and wedding themes and where they’re going to live. WHAT? “no nO NO”  is not acceptable. Let’s just say he WAS caught off guard. THAT’S STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE. I mean, Liam calls his gf “the missus” and they’ve been dating for like a year. A damn year. If he was really dating Eleanor that would just. I would just. I would feel bad for her.  Seriously, and since I’m on that rant I would like to say i have NEVER heard Louis Tomlinson say anything cheesy or romantic about Eleanor. He has NEVER. It’s always “me and my girlfriend Eleanor” “me and Eleanor” like??? Finally, this moment was a while back but 1D were at a radio interview and the interviewer says something like “you’ve been on the road and you’ve been very faithful” and Harry starts fucking LAUGHING and Louis turns and looks at HARRY. HE PHYSICALLY TURNS HIS BODY TO FACE HARRY AND GIVES HIM A LOOK. WHAT. EVENFhsjkdbfkj. I WOULD KILL MY BOYFRIEND IF HE DID THAT SHIT. Louis also doesn’t know how long they’ve dated 5 months, 6 years, 2 weeks, 12 hundred centennials? All the motherfucking same to him!! Louis just seemed like a HUGE indifferent jerk face to me until I started seeing the REAL him. The loving, sassy, protective, caring, PRIVATE Louis. It surprised me so bad to see him protective over his family, his friends, and especially some scrummy kid names Harry Edward Styles. I started seeing the old gentle FLAMBOYANT Louis and that’s just the beginning of everything, there is so much, SO MUCH MORE. Louis and his fonds, Harry and his fonds, MIA days, “sick days”, Leeds bracelet, wedding bracelet. God. I could talk for ages. I kind of went off into fangirl mode and this is probably the longest thing I’ve ever written ever but it’s literally just a snippet. So yeah, sorry you had to read all of this :)