i literally lolled


Noiz x Usagimodoki, prolly a print for EOY 2014.

so i’m watching stranger things s2 and the kids are arguing about creatures from the upside-down, and whether they are Always Chaotic Evil.

dustin: (defensively) [if something’s from the upside-down], that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s bad!

mike: that’s like saying just because someone’s from the Death Star doesn’t make them bad!

i can’t lie. i actually literally lolled.


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  Hello beautiful people!! Soooooo…I’m sure i’ve seemed distant, just dropping Fic bombs that no-one expected ( don’t fret, i didn’t expect it either), but i’m starting to find that light i had lost. AND since i have hit my first Milestone(!!!!) I had this really awesome idea!!

   I want to collaborate with someone on a new series! Idk how long it’s going to be. Idk what member it’s going to be about, but i want to do it! Plus this would be a great addition to making a friend (since i’m lacking in that area)! If anyone is interested, literally anyone, doesn’t matter if you’re a big channel, or just starting out, please don’t hesitate to message me! 

   I also just want to mention some really freaking amazing writers and people that have been so kind and loving towards literally anyone:

@jin-the-middle , @btssmutgalore , @knjns , @kpopunnie16 , @yoonminnings , @seokjin-seng , @daeguksbitchu , @funtaesy , @bts-outfit-imagines , @jungblue , @an-exotic-writer , @suho , @hobibliophile , @kainks , @kenwayer27 , @kpopbrowniefics , @littleclumsyqueen , @monstaccato , @mrsmon , @namjoonsgurl , @namjoonsrightdimple , @namnessa , @tayegi , @textmebangtan , @versigny , @vertically-challenged-mcnugget , @war-of-hormoan 

   And i know there were so many more people to add but these were the ones that i read most often or talk to often and they’re amazing! If you haven’t checked out their pages you definitely should! 

   Well that’s all for now, please don’t be afraid to message if you’re interested {: Just be aware that if i do get a few people that would like to collab, that i will put all names in a randomizer and it will be chosen from there. 

   I love you all and can not thank you enough for the support <3