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literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 9
  • Interviewer: Big spoon or Little spoon?
  • Luke: What? This is a funny question.
  • Calum: How many people are spooning?
  • Ashton: Is it like a spoon train?
  • Calum: Is this a spoon train?
  • Luke: Spain?
  • I: how many is a spoon train?
  • Calum: *without missing a beat* up to 10 people
  • Ashton: I'm a little spoon
  • Luke: I kinda like litt–being a little spoon.
  • Michael: Really?? Eugh!
  • Calum: *shaking his head* No
  • Ashton: What do you mean 'eugh'
  • Luke: Being a big spoon your arm gets numb
  • Ashton: Yeah
  • Luke: You wake up and you can't feel your arm
  • Calum: Theres noting more emasculating than being a little spoon
  • Michael: *at the same time as calum* Big spoon all day everyday
  • Luke: I think you know what? If your comfortable with someone, I think you can be a little spoon.
  • Ashton: Me and Luke are little spoons because we're cancers
  • Luke: *laughing* cause we're cancers
  • Ashton: It's a cancer thing
  • Calum: What sign are you?
  • Michael: Scorpio
  • Calum: I'm Aquarius
  • Michael: I'm big spoon. You'll never get me not being big– the only time I'm not the big spoon is if I'm crying. And then in that case–
  • Calum: *taking over Michael* And i've never cried
  • Michael: I'm full fetal position
  • Ashton: Cancers are always crying, we just cry about stuff

I’ve always thought Kyungsoo’s personality is interesting. He may not be as bubbly as the other members but he carries this charm that doesn’t even need a show or an explanation. It’s just there. Every time I look at him, I find myself admiring him not as an idol but as a person. Not in a romantic way, I guess, but you know, he’s beautiful in his own way. Like, literally everything about him is fascinating. His voice. His smile. His laugh. His soul. He’s genuine, and I’ve learned genuine people are good at heart. He doesn’t act. You can tell he loves what he’s doing. Although he seems reserved, he has a great deal of being true to his actions. I don’t know, man. I’m getting emotional tonight and I just want to say I cannot blame Jongin for falling in love with Kyungsoo because honestly, who doesn’t fall in love with a guy like him? He’s a solid 10/10.

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{{a quick question for the mun, i really love your art! I was just wondering if you had taken any art classes or perhaps your job is focused around. My crappy sketches are nothing compared to the art you post. I was also wondering if you had any tips on how an artist like me could perhaps improve their art/drawings? If you are too busy please don't worry about answering this. I hope you have a good day! :) }}

Okay so I thought long and hard how to do this and I finally came up with how to explain!




2. Make lots of artist friends! Even if you have to go up to them and say, “Hey, we don’t talk much, but I wanna improve my technique! Would you be willing to critique me and/or do drawing competitions to help me improve?” YOU SHOULD DO THIS. ART RIVALRY (so long as it’s friendly) PROMOTES GROWTH!!! THINK ABOUT IT??? 


I’ve declared people my art rivals before! Now I got even better! It’s like a competition for artists!

3. If an artist hosts a live stream for drawing? ATTEND. IT’S A FREE ART CLASS. You can learn how they line, sketch, color, shade, ETC. and it’s beneficial to see as many techniques as you can so you can develop your own style!

Here’s my Picarto in case you wanna follow it and see my techniques! XD


Practice. That’s it. It won’t come overnight. It won’t come in a few weeks even, but little by little you’ll see improvement. In a few years you’ll notice a huge difference, and if you draw even one pic a day? You’ll be better than the day before. I’ll show you:

And here’s one of me in 2017

See? I only got better with time! You can too! I remember building up the calluses on my fingers- I remember drawing till my fingers blistered, I remember the cramps, and the pain, and the wrist exercises to help them… it’s all about practice!

I hope this helped?

Sincerely, Mun Zombbean


2016 is so nearly over and while that is kind of terrifying, it’s also been a seriously great year. I mean, it’s been exhausting. Genuinely, literally, exhausting, but great. I got a new job, something that has actual career prospects, I got my first car, I passed my degree and I got to celebrate it with my favourite people, I made it to over 10,000 followers on this blog! It’s been a year of enormous changes, all of them good, but maybe that explains why I feel like I need a month-long nap now. 

To look back on my year in sketchbook form, I thought I’d pick 12 of my favourite sketchbook pages, 1 for each month of 2016! I probably missed a few, but seeing as I’ve posted one every day so far this year, there were a lot to go through! 

Anyway, what I wanted to say was thank you for your support and your always lovely feedback - I haven’t received a single mean message this year, which is insane, so thank you all for being so wonderful and sweet :) It’s still like the highlight of my day whenever anyone tells me that I’ve inspired them to draw or something - it’s insane, and I still don’t quite believe it, but it’s awesome. 

I am definitely rambling at this point, so I’ll just say thank you and bring on 2017!

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was iron first any good? it has like a crazy low score on rotton tomatoes and everyone seems to hate on it so i don't know if it's worth watching :/

Well, to be completely honest with you, i never look at rotten tomatoes, i always trust imdb and it currently has 8.5/10 (while jessica jones has 8.2, luke cage has 7.8 and daredevil 8.8). BUT, scores aside, it is good. Since it got released more and more positive reviews have surfaced. The feedback is positive. The negative reviews, after watching the show, seem like they were written by biased people who made up their minds about the show before even watching it. The pace is similar to the other shows, the acting is great, the chemistry between the characters is fantastic (finn jones has great chemistry with LITERALLY everyone on the show) and not for one second does it feel like danny rand is some sort of a white savior. He makes it clear from the beginning that the iron fist is a title that must be earned, it’s not about being the “chosen one” or about being “special”. Danny is not the first iron fist that has existed. Now, although in the comics -granted the character was created in the 70s- there are many issues, scott buck and the rest of the writers have done a good job at dealing with them, so the result is a new, better version of the iron fist. All the characters are so well written (danny’s anxiety attacks and trauma, colleen’s past and her choices, the meachum’s family drama with their abusive father, claire’s development to a true wise badass, etc) the fight scenes are beautiful (and yes, there is a corridor fight scene which continues in an elevator! you’re gonna love it!) and not to mention the surprises in the second half of the season (especially that one character who’s going to leave you wanting more, trust me). But I don’t want to spoil anything. Bottom line is, if you are familiar with iron fist’s comics, you’re gonna love it. If you are not familiar but you’re intrigued and interested in it, you will enjoy it as much as the other netflix marvel shows :)

Listening to BYG’s X

 Having no idea what the lyrics means at first & jamming  (I’m the Zelo kind of jamming )

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Song ends & I’m just

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Logging on Tumblr &  People asking if BYG’s stan are ok and I’m like ????

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Everyone talking about some ‘Banana shake , flying on a strawberry sky canvas’ & Indigestion every night


Ook ?

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Finally starting to read the lyrics

Take it SLOW part start playing 

Keep it slow now ,DON’T TRUSH , It goin’ to be alright

Drenched in sweat unlike normal sweat MADE IT

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When it ended I’m literally like this for a good 10 minutes

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The song got me like 

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Recalling the song & lyrics before going to bed 

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WOW this was some hardcore mind blowing sh*t

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Gifs not mine credit goes to the rightful owners

Tbh Bang yongguk will never cease to amaze me . His lyrics still had that ‘Innocent touch’ ?? Like Idk man that was a sick beat & deep lyrics out there . Love N sex , idk it’s just make me think it’s btw idealistic / realistic , innocence & a bit of fantasy in it ? When a man has those intense feeling when becoming one with his partner or maybe how even a one night stand can be meaningful didn’t he say Today you’re  mine or smtg or straight up we’re the one being deep abt it ? IDK WHAT I AM SAYING imma just stop talking what 

Admin Bong- 


A/N: Can we all take a moment to look at this banner I made, because I’m so proud of how that turned out! This was requested by an Anon, so if you see this, I hope you like it!
Also, I literally spend like 10 minutes to find a good GIF for Sam, why was that so hard???

“Dude, why do we have to go to some billionaire’s party?” Dean whined as he and his brother walked through the crowd of people dressed to impress. The boys themselves were in suit and tie, but they weren’t here to party or for the booze. They were here on a job. Though Dean wouldn’t mind some of the booze by now.

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Top 10 Girl Group Songs

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Rules: List your top 10 favorite girl group songs and tag 10 people! (I took the “u” out of favourite because I live in America and it’s against the law to spell favorite like that) Also you included some female solos, so I’ll list those, too! They’re in no particular order.

1. Ready For Your Love - J-Min

2. Fire - Taeyeon

3. Goodbye - 2NE1 

4. Happiness - Red Velvet

5. Hobgoblin - CLC (sorry, liv)

6. Chase Me - Dreamcatcher

7. Star - Heize 

8. Into The New World - Girl’s Generation

9. Hopeless Love - Park Jimin

10. Fantasy - Fei

IG i’ll just tag the same people: @plsinx @ayo-jin @knkruinedmylife @batl7 @henmi @756cm @akatsukinoito @softjihun @mapibee @himawarishinzo

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what type of girls are you generally into ?

okay so this is gonna sound stupid cuz i’m literally no prize i’m like .. 1.7 out of 10…But i’m so picky about people i like. There’s like … a list of criteria one must pass and then once they get past that part then there’s another list and it’s … IM SO EXTRA BUT IM SO PICKY AND ITS NOT GOOD TBH i’ve turned down some rlly great ppl because i’m like “number 213 on the list not met. Eliminated.”

Not to be that pretentious person with a degree in two highly advanced sciences but I am and Im literally in the business of working in human biology and how drugs, chemicals, medications, etc. affect us BUUUUT that “Black people are genetically superior” mess is just that. A bunch of mess. And somehow they always use studies that were conducted in the 50s and 60s like that wasn’t jim crow era like STOP IIIT!!! My own company doesn’t really like to let us use statistics more than 10 years old and even then we have to do a bunch of investigative work to make sure that the statistic was gotten in an ethical way, with a good enough sample size, over a suitable course of time.

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opinion on the forgotten and kill the dj? Kill the dj was my fave song to listen to (I was literally raised on american idiot, and uno came out when i was like 10 but i didn't know it was green day lmao) and the forgotten always puts me at ease for some reason?? Idk what people think the good songs are from the uno dos tres albums :")

ah I agree, The Forgotten is underrated💕 my faves from the trilogy are Carpe Diem, Lazy Bones and Let Yourself Go. I can’t say the same about Kill the DJ though, sorry 😅

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When you get this, list 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from!

1. Oh gee, idk man, ice cream?
2. Good gravy this is harder than expected. Not midterms?
3. Seriously, I’m at that point in the semester where everything has lost all meaning
4. Oh! I thought of one, Fullmetal Alchemist
5. I literally have the last of my 8 midterms tomorrow and then I just have to write like 40 pages worth of term papers within the next three weeks so I don’t feel anything anymore tbh

The other day I was doing Birdie’s hair and commenting on how ridiculously long it was and that it needed to be cut.  We were discussing how short to go and she said, “No offense, Mom, but I don’t want my hair to look like yours.  I want mine to look good.”  And just DAMN, the shade from the 10 year old!  So then Muz makes a comment about me needing aloe vera for that burn, and Birdie got super concerned, “What burn?  What happened?  Are you okay?”

It made me laugh so hard.  My sweet girl, who is one of the least malicious people on the planet, had no idea how hard she’d roasted me and then took Muz very literally.  

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magnus bane ! thirst away!!!! :P

aaaah finally my king, my god, my everything                                          general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life WTF i can’t press this enough like wow my thirst level just hit the roof
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang fucking pleas i would die for you u gorgeous gorgeous man
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: mMMMMM here we go i mean i love literally everything but like he’s so incredibly kind, compassionate, intelligent and powerful like i could go on for days this man has never done anything wrong in his entire life and he continues to help people even tho most of them don’t even deserve it just for the kindness of his heart he is so GOOD and he could kill u with a snap of his fingers but also at the same time he could treat you sososo good and be there for you and love you he has so much love in his heart he is a pure angel i don’t care how much demon blood he has inside him and also like he is so hot like murder me daddy and keep being the best dad you can be for the kids out there
worst quality: this is so sad but the way he let’s himself be manipulated sometimes i mean he can defend himself and he knows now when people are just using him for his abilities/sex/whatever but he’s just been treated so badly during his time alive and he wants to believe in the goodness of people so that can or at least has led to him being manipulated HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED PLEASE LOVE HIM
ship them with: alec my man my dude sidenote: PLEAS PROTECT THEIR RELATIONSHIP @WRITERS
brotp them with: so many people yall couldn’t believe these are just a few of them: simon/magnus, jace/magnus, clary/magnus, luke/magnus, izzy/magnus, magnus/raphael, magnus/catarina/tessa/ragnor
needs to stay away from: valentine if u touch this man u will probably die but also like if there is even a slight chance of magnus dying u better catch these hands @toad also camille this emotionally abusive bitch just better stop!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                 send me a character?

tagged by @ambassadorpavus fellow gryffindor cat lover right there 8) also i knew you’d like that post about the assassin’s creed soundtracks, i literally thought of you while typing

rules - copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that tagged you…most importantly, have fun.

a / age – 16
b / biggest fear – becoming like my mother aka a worthless abuser
c / current time – 8:17 pm
d / drink you had last – water
f / favourite song – my love by sia
g / ghosts are real? – there’s no proof they aren’t
h / hometown – mannheim
i / in love with – myself
j / jealous of – the good looks of susan sarandon at age 70
k / killed someone – not yet lmao
l / last time you cried? – sunday because of my lovely mum
m / middle name – it should be minerva or abigail or abby… but sadly it isn’t
n / number of siblings – a smol brother of 8 years
o / one wish – receive as much love as i give, because damn, i have so much to offer
p / person you last called/texted – my borderline buddies support group
q / questions you’re always asked – “why is your english so good?” the streak started a few years ago and it hasn’t stopped
r / reasons to smile – my brother, my best friend and future wife, fictional characters and ships, good books, inspiring music, sunshine, good grades, unexpected compliments, having a good day in this borderline hell, supportive people on tumblr, cats!!!!!!, also the dentist so they can get to your teeth (that was lame…. i’m not sorry)
s / song last sang – fairytale by alexander rybak (great when you just need to smash out emotions lmao)
t / time you woke up – 6:00 am precisely
u / underwear colour – differs, mostly black and white. rn it’s white lace
v / vacation destination – SCOTLAND SCOTLAND SCOTLAND. and then australia for my wife
x / xrays you have had – 1
y / your favourite food – anything italian as long as it’s veggie
z / zodiac sign – libra

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For your OCs: 9, 10, 11, and 17 for E?

letter e is tyler!

9. their theme

honestly, tyler’s biggest theme is found family. as in found family and people who truly love you and treat you right are more valuable and more family than those related to you by blood. like, tyler was born in another dimension to its evil queen and her husband who is so scared to try anything that he literally doesn’t speak. so i mean, his childhood was… not pleasant.

he escaped to earth, was adopted by another family, and found good friends, but he’s still technically “bound” to his birth dimension. so when that dimension is basically destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up, everyone expects him to be destroyed as well - but no, his bonds with the family and friends he found on earth are too strong.

oh, and another theme for him is “don’t be afraid to ask for help.” like, he’s so convinced that whatever he does, whatever he feels, he has to bare the burden alone. he doesn’t, as he learns by the end of his story.

10. their fashion sense

one word: depression.

tyler just… doesn’t give a single shit. he always wears dark colors, generally long-sleeved, and they’re for the most part mismatching and strange because he just doesn’t care. honestly, it’s rare to catch him without his signature black hoodie, too.

11. their family life


i mean, the couple who adopted him on earth are pretty cool. they’re loving and they give him everything he needs, but he isolates himself in his bedroom most of the time and his parents have no real idea of how to help him.

his life with the queen, however? well, he either was taken care of by her servants (particularly a demon named bek, who was and still is his father figure), or the queen herself “took care” of him. not very well.

i mean, he’s the prince of this whole dimension, and the king and queen’s firstborn. he’s supposed to have lots of potential and be basically perfect. but he’s not. he was born with a different kind of magic (weaker) than that in the royal family, and when his mother found out, she was furious. and she abused him. and neglected him. and focused all her efforts and love and care on his younger sister.

17. their ambitions

at first, tyler has no ambitions. he has… no life, really. no motivation. his real ambition is to die, honestly… maybe listen to some cool music along the way, he doesn’t know.

but as time goes on and he slowly gains more confidence and love, tyler realizes his love of dancing, and boy is he good at it. he plans to become a professional dancer or, perhaps, a dance instructor for young kids once he returns to a normal life on earth.

oh my god i love tyler. he’s my second oldest currently existing oc actually. so… it was a lot of fun talking about him! thanks for the ask, jillian!

send me a letter (a-w) and a number: https://lesbianspacenerd.tumblr.com/post/158897248262/describe-your-oc

get to know me tag meme

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tag 20 people you’d like to get to know:

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name: Jadzia

nickname: Jazzy (literally everyone calls me Jazzy)

gender: Female

star sign: Leo (hell yeah)

height: 5′2….I’m short, I know

sexual orientation: straight (like the only straight person on this site) 

hogwarts house: GRYFFINDOR

favorite color: Orange

favorite animal: Ummm……..Elephants? But also giraffes and monkeys and lions (regal as fuck)… all animals, final answer

average hours of sleep: I like sleep alot…5-10 depending if I need to get up in the morning

number of blankets i sleep with: 4-5

cat or dog person: Both! I can’t choose

favorite fictional characters: Bitch please, as if I can answer this

favorite bands/singers: hmm…Troye Sivan, the cast of Hamilton, Ariana Grande is my gurl, Amy Winehouse, Pentatonix, Ed Sheeran

dream trip: Everywhere

dream job: Having a full time job at my library…I’m only part time rn.

when was your blog created?: I think its almost been a year…

current number of followers: 221

what made you decide to make a tumblr: wanting to talk about books with people…it use to be aesthetic as fuck, but now it resembles my messy mind

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better!

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better!
I was tagged by @spamanao ! Thank you so much 💖💖

name/nickname(s): Nicole! I don’t really have a nickname rip I’m not cool enough for that

favourite colours: Pastel colours mainly ig, blues, greens and white!

last song I listened to: Gasolina, Daddy Yankee I literally hate myself

favourite TV show: Hannibal!!! It’s so good even if the fandom can be toxic at times

first fandom: technically THG but I regard that as a low point in my life and I try to ignore and and pretend it doesn’t exist, so in my mind, free! maybe.

hobbies: being lazy and playing video games. I can also play violin
books that I’m currently reading: I’m trying to make a fic rec list and I’m reading loads of fanfic rn trying to find the best ones, i think that counts

worst thing i’ve eaten: liquorice is toxic

favourite place: London and my bed

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