i literally laughed at this for about five minutes

Testosterone Boys

Reader x F*ckboi!Yoongi ft. Taehyung
A little end of the year party tradition gets taken too far.
Genre: Smutty, Angst
Word Count: 7.1k
Part 1 of 2

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“No! It’s not happening.”  

“C'mon. It’s harmless. Seriously, it’d be like a chill thing.”

“No, Yoongi. There’s no way I’m doing that.”

“Why not? There’s seriously no ill feelings behind it, I only need them for a little bit and then you’ll get it back.”

“Why can’t you take no for an answer, Loser. I’m not giving you my underwear. Bye.”  

Yoongi sighed as he followed you outside of the house party to the backyard. The music pounded through the walls from inside, blaring fast beats and obscene profanities, echoing past numerous houses down the street. The cold air hit your cheeks that were tinted red from the alcohol and the heat of the copious amounts of bodies ‘bumping and grinding’ on one another.  

Even outside, the yard was filled with scattered groups and couples. Each of them drinking from those infamous red, plastic cups, taking hits off of each others blunts, or connected to their partners lips. Pushing past them was no easy task, consistently bumping into intoxicated bodies as you made your way to the empty swinging loveseat.

You ran your hand through your hair as you sat, attempting to catch a breath. The party was suffocating. It seemed as though people flooded every room, corner, crevice and pocket the household had. The bathroom; occupied by two girls from your Literature class going down on the All-Star Quarterback whose only response to the disturbance was “Do you wanna join?”

The bedrooms were either locked and if they weren’t you wouldn’t dare go into them anyways. Oh no, you’d learned your lesson the first time you’d ever gone to a house party of this size. Turns out, High Schoolers were a lot kinkier than you could ever have thought.  

Any other room was full of people trying too hard to impress their peers when in the end it didn’t even matter. You never saw the point in these fiascos. High School lasts 4 years and then it’s over with and you don’t ever see these people again. They weren’t important to you in the long run.

So, why were you here in the first place? Well you could thank your 'best friend’ for that. Park Jimin. After well, years, of begging for you to try another party saying, “It won’t be like the first one, I promise. I won’t leave your side and we’ll have fun, just the two of us, okay?” He finally got you to agree to try it once more making him swear he really wouldn’t leave you alone at any point during the party. But, here he was; weak as a kitten as soon as his ex walked in, begging for some alone time to 'talk’.

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The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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A/N: Okay~
I’m on a roll, I guess? like updating the series right after 24 hours… I wonder what’s up with me. However, I’m happy to say, that I’m happy! I love hearing from you guys, about how you liked it and everything. So please, drop by the ask box with your thoughts, and I’m very open to criticisms that could allow me to grow.
Thanks again! ♥

GENRE: Fluff, Smut, Angst
WARNINGS: mentions of alcohol, swearing, a pretty matured read.
WORD COUNT:  1,647

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honestly the ‘friends-locking-them-in-a-broom-closet’ trope for early narumitsu would be great. maya opens that closet seven minutes later and they’re literally just having an argument at close range

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Oh my god! That story with SI employees and the Rouge Avengers! I can't stop laughing! Please make that a fic someday! I literally laughed for a good five minutes! You are amazing!

Lmao they finally get sat down at the conference table and they’re juuuust about to begin speaking when Friday says, “Boss, there’s a problem.”

“OH MY GOD!” Steve shouts, nearing the end of his rope.

Tony sighs. “Yes, Friday, what is it?”

“You appear to be sitting with people that have caused you and yours physical harm in the past,” Friday began pleasantly. “It is in my code to protect you.”

“What,” Tony says and then, “Friday,” and then, “No–”

“I am releasing the Battle Bots,” Friday says pleasantly, and then there was a klaxon.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Tony says, standing. “Fucking book it.

Steve, Sam, Wanda, and Clint hesitate. Natasha is on her feet and out the door almost before he finishes speaking, dragging Scott behind her because just because he didn’t know Tony didn’t mean he should die.

A panel slides open in the wall and then there’s the sound of wheels on the tile.

“That… That’s Dum-E,” Steve says, confused. “Hey, buddy–”

Dum-E makes a horrible screech and bashes into him, smacking him in the head with his fire extinguisher.

“You fool,” Tony says. “Complete and utter.” He looks at Clint. “Dum-E is not the Battle Bots.”

Clint grabs Wanda’s wrist and flees as well.

“Jesus Christ,” Sam says, moving to help Steve up and get him out of the room.

Dum-E waves his fire extinguisher after them, then rolls aside so the bots coming up behind him can zoom out, lasers shining threateningly.

“Don’t hurt my employees,” Tony warns them.

They beep an affirmative before burning rubber to whiz out of the conference room.

Tony watches them go, then walks over to Dum-E and pats his chassis fondly. “Was that revenge enough for you?”

Dum-E waves his fire extinguisher and beeps happily.

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Everyone says this but it's true and bares repeating: I love this blog. It's the best thing ever and I'm so grateful for all the work you put into keeping it this way. That said, I have a request. I have this trope that I love, which is rather hard to look for: Stiles being forced by circumstances to reveal his bamf to outsiders. Like in Etharei's "Hide a life of war". Preferably outsider POV. Bonus points if it's canon compliant (any series). But if u can't find that, canon outsider POV Sterek?

Thank you so much! This request is actually pretty specific, so we don’t have fics exactly like this for you. If any of you dear followers has one, please share them with us!

However, we have some recs for you! You should check our Outsider POV and BAMF Stiles tags but we’ll also rec you some other fics so enjoy!


Until We Get There by allyasavedtheday

Five times everyone else realises Stiles and Derek are in love and one time Stiles and Derek maybe realise it too

The Amazing Part Is by TroubleIWant

You’re in love with a beautiful boy, and the amazing part is that he loves you back. He’s all dark honey eyes and buttermilk skin, moles down his neck that he lets you kiss and kiss again. He’s all sharp laughter and too wide sweeps of his arms, and it’s been ten months but you’re not thinking about your first anniversary you’re thinking about forever.

Suffering by mikkimouse

Stiles and Derek are very, very obvious and very, very oblivious.

Lydia is very, very tired of it.

Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like Fisting by mikkimouse

Stiles thought the shirt was hilarious, okay? He’d laughed for at least five minutes when he’d first seen it and had bought it without a second thought. Something like that? He had to own it.

Besides, “Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like fisting” could practically be his life’s motto.


On the Ropes by 42hrb

College is a time for growth for Stiles, both literally and figuratively. With the help of his college friends he finds an outlet for all the anger and frustration he has in his life.

And then Derek Hale finds him. He’s not exactly mad about it.

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the beginner’s guide to the up10tion members

yo i literally worked on these for 6 hours (tho it doesn’t look like it) and i created some sick intro slides too but unfortunately i found out five minutes ago about tumblr’s 10-photo limit

anyways these are for anyone who’s interested in up10tion! i hope these are helpful, and if they’re not, i hope they’ll make you laugh a little at least :)

click on the photos for higher quality bc tumblr makes weirdly low-quality previews

(requested by @hereforsnacks. hope you enjoy reading it!
also for @actualasiantrash i love you)

A Perfect Encounter - Part 3

Bucky Barnes x Reader AU!

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: sometimes, being at the wrong place at the right time means that your life can change.  

A/N: This is the third chapter of my prompt for @just-some-drabbles celebration!

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13 @amrita31199 @jeleners143 @storiesbyvmkessel @memory-of-a-goldfish @sphnybrid @satans-knitting-club 

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

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Birthday Surprises

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,250 (i know, sorry lol)

Warnings: Fluff, alcohol mention and that’s it (:

A/N: This is my late birthday gift to @evansstackie !💖 Love you Jas and I hope you like this and also I had to sneak in @greedysforloves and myself into it as well (:

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Bucky wasn’t good at planning things. He was more of a ‘go with the flow’ type of person and he never really figured out why but it did start to become more apparent that it was because he didn’t want any chance of disappointment happening. Things had a tendency of not going the exact way he wanted when he strategically planned things. However for this occasion, he was more than willing to forgo all of that.

It was your birthday and he wanted you to spend it being happy and surrounded around people you loved. That meant gathering up who was in the tower at the moment and holding an impromptu meeting twelve hours before it was your actual birthday.

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Request: AHHHH I love your bulletlists so much oh my gosh yesyeysysyeysysysyzyyyy anyways! may i request a ridiculous bff!bts (if you can write humor). if not bff!bts sounds fun as it is :))))
Members: Rapmon, Jin, J-hope, Suga
Genre: platonic fluff!!!
A/N: I’ll do the hyung line and maknae line in two separate posts!! I am digging all these best friend requests I’ve been getting lately damn


  • Will go on shopping trips with you that last like all day 
  • Super helpful with every shopping decision you try to make, gives you his honest opinion but puts it gently unless he really hates it
  • If you mention that you have a big event coming up he’ll be at your house in a second because Worldwide Handsome has to make sure you’re not gonna be embarrassing him since everyone knows you two are friends
  • “You’re doing this not to be helpful but to make sure I don’t embarrass you?”
  • “Yes exactly”
  • “Are you sure I’m the embarrassing one?”
  • Argues with you over what kind of food you guys are gonna get, sometimes just to purposefully bug you 
  • “You talked about wanting to get pizza like 5 hours ago what do you MEAN you don’t want it anymore??”
  • He laughs a lot when he’s with you!! God bless that windshield wiper laugh 
  • If you laugh at his puns it’s even better because your laugh makes him laugh and vice versa 
  • Plus the man thinks he’s hilarious enough as it is 
  • If you buy something he thinks he has the right to it too, especially when it comes to food
  • Makes you a grocery list and fusses when you don’t buy everything on it because he’s trying to make sure you have ingredients for him to cook with and also all his favorite snacks
  • “Seriously please just buy me these chips every time I buy some and take them to the dorm the little shits I mean maknaes eat them”
  • “Fine only because I love you”
  • Nags at you like a parent half the time 
  • “I TOLD you to wear a coat didn’t I??? What if you get a cold hmm??? I can’t take days off to take care of you yanno!!”
  • If you did get sick tho he’d drop off medicine and soup and strict instructions for you to rest and a timetable for when to take what AND he’d check in when practice was over and- you get the picture
  • Because he really cares about you!! You’re his best friend and he doesn’t like seeing you suffering, he likes it when you’re healthy and can goof off and complain about the members with him
  • Although this totally could have been avoided if you had just worn a coat I mean what 
  • Totally picks up on whatever you need when you’re upset, from venting to a disney movie to a pint of ice cream or all of the above
  • If you need it, he’s had it ready for the past five minutes and is ready to be the best most supportive bff ever 
  • Doesn’t let you overwork yourself for even one second- if he thinks that you are, he’ll pull you away and force you to spend some quality time relaxing with him 
  • Does dorky dances with you a lot, you guys wind up coming with a whole routine that the rest of Bangtan will NOT let you do in public because it’s EMBARRASSING and EXTRA 
  • Suga won’t even stay in the same room when it happens, he just leaves 
  • Jin is just a very caring and often dorky best friend who wants the best for you!!


  • One of those friends who’s really into doing things separately but in the same room
  • Especially likes it if you can guys can read in the same room and then occasionally tap on each other’s shoulders to excitedly talk about a super fun part in your books
  • Always tries to find common ground and interests with you because he likes have really long discussions about the things the two of you like
  • Wants to help you decorate your apartment and like he has nice style but also keeps trying to hide Ryan plushies all over the place 
  • Whether you’re with him or not, if he thinks that you’d like some food he’s trying, he’ll save a little so you can give it a shot too 
  • If you’re together, he nudges you slightly and goes “Yo this is really good” and you don’t even have to ask if you can try some because you know you’re always allowed to
  • If he goes out alone or with the members, he saves a little to be boxed up or asks for some to go because he knows you’d think it’s hella good
  • Friendship selfies!!! Lots of them
  • Y’all are blessing everyone’s timeline with some damn cute friend photos wherever you go together 
  • You taking photos for Kim Daily (bless that man for his daily photos, RM is the real mvp yall) 
  • Always casually mentioning you to other people, same with your likes
  • Says things like “Oh me and my best friend recently started reading/watching/whatever this series” 
  • Will ask for help with English sometimes, and if you speak any other languages you can bet that he wants to learn them as well
  • He really enjoys learning languages and if it means you guys can communicate in better ways, or hell just more ways than your presents ways, he’s all for it!!
  • He may even propose that the two of you study a language together!!! How fun,,
  • A very thoughtful person to come to when you’re upset- he listens to you very carefully and asks questions to make sure he has the fully story
  • Gives you amazing advice and reminds you that you’re not alone in dealing with your problems and that he’s really happy that you came to him for help what a dad
  • Feels like he can talk to you about anything and everything- even if you don’t quite understand something he’ll sit down with you and explain it the best that he can 
  • We all know he can get a bit philosophical at times and he really appreciates having a friend like you to listen to him ramble about things
  • Appreciates it even more if you offer your own opinion or debate with him a little bit 
  • You guys often stay up later than you should just talking and to him it’s really really nice to have someone he feels he can open to like this that isn’t in his group 
  • Like he loves the boys but sometimes it’s nice to have that outside perspective you feel???
  • He’s just really grateful to have a friend like you man


  • Likes to do lots of silly things to make you laugh because he’s an actual beautiful ray of sunshine 
  • He’ll do lots of girl group dances or make silly jokes or tell you funny stories- anything he can think of that’ll have the two of you doubled over and cracking up with laughter
  • A very touchy best friend??? Like he doesn’t hesitate to initiate skinship so long as you’re comfortable with it 
  • He doesn’t really think skinship has to be romantic all the time, especially since Bangtan has never been known to shy away from it with each other, so he doesn’t see the problem with him slinging his arm around your shoulder or ruffling your hair or little things like that 
  • Trusts in you to take care of his boo-boos whenever he gets one, from splinters to scrapes to bumps on the head 
  • “I got a splinterrr :(“
  • “Okay comere it’s gonna hurt a little but-”
  • “It’s okay!! I trust you!!”
  • But then yells when it hurts and you’re like dhsdjfhe I WARNED YOU 
  • Cries during movies with you 
  • WILL WATCH ROMANTIC COMEDIES WITH YOU WHAT A B L E S S I N G he doesn’t even care if it’s a “chick flick” he’s ready to watch and cry his eyeballs out when the protagonists hit a rough spot
  • If one of them dies he’s gonna cry even harder 
  • Trusts you so unconditionally that if you recommend something he’ll buy it without even looking at the reviews 
  • Which may not always be the wisest thing but does Hoseok care??? No because his best friend says it was okay so of course it must be 
  • Has you help him with language skills because like Rapmon, he wants to be able to speak whatever his best friend speaks 
  • If you’re upset, his primary focus is on letting you get those bad feelings out and then cheering you up as quickly as possible 
  • He showers you with verbal affection, telling you what an important and amazing friend you are before giving you a hug, patting your head and reminding you that it’s gonna be okay, he’s here to give you any strength you may be lacking in 
  • Then moves on to making you guys do something that’ll take your mind off whatever’s bothering you 
  • How can you stay sad for long with a best friend like this honestly??? He’s ready to go to the ends of the earth and back in order to make you smile again
  • Always leaves his stuff at your house but he doesn’t even care because it’s pretty much his second home anyways???
  • You nag him about it sometimes but he just laughs it off and like you can’t stay mad at him it’s JHOPE 
  • Your angel best friend who’s blessing u with his presence


  • Sends you links to terrible things like “If I have to look at it then so do you” 
  • You: Yoongi I literally do not need to see anything like that like ever who the hell even showed this to you-
  • Yoongi: Pick a maknae it was one of them
  • You: Of Course It Was
  • Looks to you for input on his music sometimes but because he doesn’t wanna reveal too much he only lets you listen to about five minutes of it 
  • “Idk just tell me if it does or not”
  • “Fhsffhej oh my god you suck” 
  • Likes to relax when you guys hang out together- life as an idol requires a lot of long hours working and he doesn’t have the same energy levels as J-Hope and the Youngins
  • Appreciates it when you don’t make him go out all the time, half the time he just wants to watch a movie or talk for a while
  • Hell if you like napping you guys can nap together he’s totally down for that
  • But that isn’t to say that he won’t still go out and have fun with you!! He just doesn’t go on as many weird, exciting adventures as say Jungkook sneak peek for my maknae line version I mean what
  • Weirdly good at remembering dates for you and will remind you of them 
  • “Hey don’t forget it’s your cousin’s birthday you forgot last year”
  • “How the hell did you-”
  • But when one of the members asks he forgets and you have to remember for him lmfao 
  • Sasses you a lot but will also sass anyone who bothers you 
  • If you guys team up against the other members it just turns into a roasting session that has you and Yoongi high fiving while Jin shouts in the bg about hOW DARE YOU MENTION THAT ONE EMBARRASSING THING HE DID 3 YEARS AGO THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A S E C R E T M I N S U G A 
  • Having a copy of that one predebut photo of him in your wallet just so you can pull it out and embarrass him at any moment in time
  • When you’re upset, he becomes very serious and makes it clear that he’s listening to you intently
  • He’s not the type to threaten to beat someone up for you, he’s more the type to just have you vent and offer any words of wisdom you ask for 
  • But you have to ask because he knows that sometimes people just wanna vent and don’t want advice
  • He’s a very relaxing and comfortable person to be around
  • He appreciates that you understand him enough to know that he’s more than just a grouchy stereotype and that he cares about the people around him even if he doesn’t express it 24/7 like how other people might 
HWTR to Having A Spa Day

Max: He’d literally be 100% up for it, oh my god. He wants the whole spa treatment, though: massages, mani-pedi, face mask, etc. Becomes more feminine than you when it comes to having a spa day. He’s one that would let you try out nail polish colors on his nails before you buy them to see if the color looks nice, so he ends up leaving the store with each nail painted a different color. The face masks would be his personal favorite, he’d get all giddy whenever you buy exfoliating face wash or face masks because he likes feeling his face tingle as he scrubs. Max would also dedicate an entire video on his channel on the products that you have bought and would try them out as well. A lot of the products would actually be surprising to him, like the face wash. The second he feels the the tingling from the scrubbing, his eyes would get all wide and he’d ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’. I feel like it’d go along the lines of, “Oh my god, it’s burning! Wait! No! It’s like…tingly. This feels so good…like a giant mint for my face.” Besides him being clueless about a majority of the stuff, he would still love it and enjoy spending time with you. Would actually end up stealing all of your products like he already does with your shampoo and if you think he doesn’t yOU’RE L Y I N G. Max would literally want one of those cucumber thingy masks, like with the cucumbers over his eyes and everything. He’d get so high maintenance with it.

Joji: You wanted to have a little “me day”, where basically you have downtime for yourself and spoil yourself a bit. Joji thought it would be a good idea if the both of you do it together because he wanted to bond, so you decided to do to him what you did to yourself. You had done your hair nicely, pampering yourself, and due to Joji not having cut his hair yet, he wanted you to do his hair, so you gave him small buns/mini ponytails that stuck up out from his head. He would watch you wash your face and then mimic you once you were done. When it came down to the charcoal mask, you told him to shut his eyes as you smeared the dark substance all over his face except for his eyelids. You instructed him to open his eyes as you smeared the product on your face yours. He was shocked at first, wanting to touch it but he knew that it would ruin the mask since it wasn’t dry yet. “Is this going to hurt me?” he’d ask you at one point in a really quiet tone because he was genuinely concerned since he couldn’t really move his facial features. You didn’t know how to tell him about the pain so instead you told him it was time to remove his mask. Ripping a piece of his face mask off before he stopped you by firmly grabbing your wrist, he screamed. You giggled at his response, “What the fuck!” he would yell. Joji wold already know the weird shit girls do for beauty but this would actually surprise him. You would literally take your mask off in two seconds and it would take him more than forty five minutes to take off the whole thing because he’d be so focused on the pain and he’d whine to you about it. He’d actually laugh and scream while ripping the mask off tbh. Would DEMAND you paint his nails and do little designs on them too. He’d get too spoiled, oh my god. “No! I want that design not that one.” he would say. You would say, “Okay, I’ll do it on the next nail.” Then he’d tell you to take the nail polish off and start from the beginning once more. He’d even want you to give him one of those full body massages with those expensive ass oils, smh.

Ian: You recently had done a lot of online makeup shopping and all of your products came in when you weren’t home, but Ian was. He made sure everything was there and when you came home you wanted to immediately try everything because you wanted to see how it left your skin looking. You thought to yourself about how long the process was with putting on makeup and making sure you were on point with everything. But because you were tired, you didn’t feel up for it so you decided to ask Ian if he wanted to be your model. He’d turn into the biggest smart ass about applying make up as if he knew what to do, fight me on this. After an hour or so of him talking circles around you for fun, he’d say yes, not that he was going to deny you in the first place. He would actually end up reminding you about some steps like the contouring and the highlighting, leaving you to ask him how he knows those terms. “Make me look fab.” “Beat my face.” “Bake me like a cake.” were all the terms he would end up saying in order to try to ‘act like understood’ but in reality you would just shake your head at him and wonder why he was such a goof. Personally, I feel like Ian wouldn’t care who made fun of him, he’d actually make fun of himself, tbh, because it wouldn’t make him feel less masculine since he’s comfortable with his sexuality, so he wouldn’t make derogatory jokes at all. He would tell you not to do his eyeliner because he’d want to try it out for himself and it’d actually come oUT GOOD?! Idk but I feel like Ian would do a great ass job with doing a sharp cat eye, sharp enough to slice anyone in half. Would refuse to take his makeup off, and would actually want to do yours because he thinks he’s a ‘guru’ now. Goes through every lipstick you have to find the right shade. He’d be so confused about liquid lipstick, not understanding why it would dry and not smear.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 46

With a side-eyed glance to Shannon, Jared turned to me. I know he suspected we were talking about something else, most likely him, but he didn’t ask. Slipping his arm around my waist, he pulled me into him as Shannon stepped away.

“Stick with Em, okay?”

“Yep. I’ll be fine.”

Jared smiled, “I know you will.” he said as he leaned in to give me a quick kiss before he walked into the room, “Ready?”

Nodding ‘yes’, I stepped back as Emma opened the door. Tomo and Shannon walked in first and you could hear everyone’s excitement that the show, so to speak, was getting started. Jared timed his entrance perfectly, following just as the cheers started to die down.

Throwing his hands up, “Heeeyyyyy!” He loudly said drawing everyone’s attention to him. Of course, cheers erupted once again as everyone realized all three were finally there.

“Once things start, we’ll head in.” Emma said.

Giving it another few minutes Jared easily had everyone’s attention so Emma and I could slip in and move to the back of the crowd. Like the other Meet and Greets I’ve gone to, this one was set up much the same. The only difference was that everything was taking place in just this room so it was a bit noisy.

I was quiet for no other reason than to listen to the conversations between everyone as the guys made their way around the room. Jared was definitely in his element as he chatted and goofed around.

Emma was on her phone, replying to one of many emails she receives in a day. Jared was busy and not a distraction so she could catch up and take a minute to breathe.
Once she was done, we started to chat. Knowing what she walked into earlier, I was sure if given the opportunity, she’d bring it up so I wasn’t surprised when our casual conversation turned more serious.

“About earlier,” she started seemingly uncomfortable, “I heard what happened. Are you okay?”

Taking a deep breath I quietly answered her, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

Glancing at Jared while Emma and I spoke, I could see he was carefully watching and knew what we were talking about. Despite trying to keep a smile on my face, I’m sure he could read me like a book. Although he knows Emma would only try to be supportive, it really didn’t matter. He doesn’t like to be the source of gossip and the fact that our little argument was making the rounds was upsetting.

“I just want to forget about it and move on, ya know?” I said not wanting to be rude but also trying to make it clear I was very much done with this particular topic.

“I totally get it. I just wanted you to know I’m here if you need to talk.” Emma said warmly.

“Thank you, Emma.” I said sincerely, “I really do appreciate it.” She nodded as I added, “I’m sure I’ll end up taking you up on that offer…”, hoping to lighten the mood a bit.

By the time this subject was put to rest, hopefully permanently, the Meet and Greet was nearly over. As Reni made the announcement detailing how the photo session would go, out of the corner of my eye I saw Jared walking towards us. His brow furrowed, he didn’t seem happy. Emma noticed it too and quickly excused herself to go help Reni, instead of dealing with an irritated Jared.

“What was that about? You looked upset.”

“No, it’s fine. We were just chatting.” I reassured him.

No need to get Emma in trouble, her intention was sweet and I was grateful. I was happy her and I had become friends.

“Alright.” He said as he looked around the room, probably for my next babysitter.

“Don’t worry about me, Sir, I’ll be a good girl.” I smiled innocently, “I’m just going to stay here and watch.”

His blue eyes darkened as he let out a deep growl, “This won’t take long then we’ll go back to my room, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” I said just before Robert approached us and was in earshot, followed by Emma.

Any further flirting would have to wait.

“Photographer’s ready.” Emma said to Jared.

“Okay, I’m going.”

For the next half hour or so Emma, Robert and I sat around talking until they were done with the band photos. Everyone would now file out so they could claim their spot for the show, either in front of the stage or on the side of it while the guys had time to eat then warm up.

Once the room started to empty, Jared waved me over to him so we could head back to his dressing room. Taking the back of my neck in his hand, I felt his fingers squeeze into my skin.

Pressing his lips against my ear as we walked he whispered, “All I could think about was how much I enjoy hearing 'Sir’ roll off your tongue, amongst other things, my flirty little girl.”

I could feel my pussy clench as my mouth watered. If he asked it of me, I’d drop to my knees right here in the surprisingly empty hallway. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t wouldn’t happen though. As we rounded the corner, his dressing room door was propped open and Emma, Shannon, Tomo and Robert were all inside.

“Fuck.” He said in a low growl.

Shannon caught a glimpse and from the look on his face, not to mention the giggle he let out, he knew he just cock blocked his brother. He loved it too.

“Foods here!” Shannon said in his cheeriest voice as he held up his plate of food.

Shannon elbowed Jared as I heard him say 'shut the fuck up’ and I giggled, brothers will be brothers. Tomo was none the wiser as he grabbed a few more chairs, dragging them near the couch so we could all eat and chat together.

As we finished eating, it seemed like Jared was more like himself than he had been all day and that was probably a relief to not only me but everyone else as well. A frustrated Jared isn’t exactly the easiest to deal with.

“I’m going to my room,” Shannon said, standing up to throw away his trash, “We have like twenty-five minutes, right?”

Looking at her phone, Emma said, “Yeah, about that.”

Then in unison, Jared, Emma and Tomo all said, “Don’t be late.”

The look on Shannon’s face was priceless, I couldn’t help but laugh. Apparently he was notorious for being late to literally everything.

“Vivie, don’t you believe them!” He said, waving them off as he swung his arm around my shoulders, “It’s all lies!”

“I don’t know, I could kinda see it.” I laughed.

Pulling his arm from my shoulder he huffed, “That hurts…” but couldn’t hold his giggle back. “I’m goin’. See ya in an hour!”

“Twenty-five minutes!!” Jared shouted after him to which Shannon waved him off.

A few minutes later, the rest of us were cleaning up our trash as everyone else started heading out themselves. Still on the couch, Jared watched as I cleaned up our mess. Just as I was about to sit back down with him, I heard my phone start to buzz. Fishing it out from my overstuffed bag, I saw I had four texts waiting to be answered.

“Someone called?” Jared asked.

“No, it’s just texts from Kelly.” I said as I sat down next to him, my eyes still on the screen.

“Anything important?”

“Umm, not really. Just confirming meetings I have scheduled when I get home.”


I could tell he didn’t want to think about parting anymore than I did. Still, our time together was coming to an end already which is crazy because it felt like I had just gotten here. Tossing my phone back in my purse after a quick reply, I turned my attention back to Jared.

Without saying a word, he pulled me across his lap and into his arms. Wrapping my arms around him as I buried my fingers in his hair I pulled him close. Finally resting my head on his shoulder, his scent invading my senses.

“I don’t want to think about leaving yet.” I quietly said.

“Then don’t.” He whispered, weaving his fingers in my hair as he held me tighter to him, “Stay a little longer.”

My head told me I shouldn’t be contemplating that as an option but my heart was telling me otherwise. I didn’t want to leave him but at the same time I knew I shouldn’t stay. Closing my eyes to my emotions, I sighed against his neck feeling torn.

“I can’t do that as much as I want to.”

My head won out and probably always would. Memories of a time when I was lead by my heart only to have it broken, along with the rest of me, were still very much present in my mind. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again.

“I know, I just thought I’d throw it out there.” Jared said, shifting himself against me, “I should get warmed up.”

He was disappointed, I know he was. Or maybe just resigned. I could see it on his face and I could feel it in his body as he immediately tensed.

Biting my lip, I wanted to stay cuddled up against him but he was determined to get up. Moving myself off his lap and out of his way, he got up then walked to the desk immediately putting his earbuds in.

As his voice began to echo throughout the room, I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I answered him the way I knew I should but I know Jared doesn’t take NO for an answer very easily. Staring at him, I could only hope I could be strong enough to not fold.

anonymous asked:

how would the rfa and v react if mc got quite loopy, like she's kind of drunk but she's an affectionate, fuzzy kind of drunk (not enough to throw up tho) so she's kind of saying their name in a funny voice and fussing all over them and rubbing her cheek against theirs, and playing with their hair, just like completely being all affectionate and silly on them -even pinching their cheeks- you get the idea x"D

Hahaha ^-^ Thank you for being descriptive or else I would have written something completely different ^^;

I also have, like, no experience with drunk people or being drunk, seeing as neither I nor my friends drink, but I assure you I tried my best!

I hope you like them, anon! (/ `~`)/* (have a flower~)


  • “MC?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung~?”
  • “W-What happened?”
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about~”
  • “W-Well, you look drunk…”
  • You giggled, “Have I ever told you that you’re the cutest?”
  • He laughed nervously, “Uh, I guess. A couple times…”
  • You hugged him and placed a loud kiss on his cheek, “You’re so adorable~”
  • He laughed, still a bit confused, but pat your head in slight amusement.
  • You started purring.


  • “Zen~”
  • “Yes, babe?”
  • “Come ‘ere!”
  • “Uh…okay?”
  • He found you sprawled out on the couch, “Hello, Zenny-poo~”
  • His eye twitched and he looked at you in confusion, “When did you get drunk?”
  • “I was literally gone for five minutes, MC wtf”
  • “You’re so pre~tty!”
  • He smiled, “Ah, thanks.”
  • He picked you up, “Let’s get you to bed…”
  • “You know what?! You and the others always ask me if I ate lunch, but I never get to ask you!”
  • He nodded, “Mmhmm…”
  • You lazily pointed your finger at him, missing his nose and poking his cheek instead, “So? Did you eat lunch, Zenny?”
  • He nodded, sighing, “Yes, MC. I had lunch 5 hours ago…at noon.”
  • You giggled, “Good!”


  • She came home from work to find you laying on the floor with a bottle in your hand.
  • You were staring at the ceiling with a dreamy smile on your face.
  • “MC! Are you okay,” she asked frantically.
  • She sat you up when you started pinching her cheeks.
  • “Wat r chu douing, Ehm, shee?”
  • You giggled, “Jaehee, you’re really pretty~”
  • She blushed, “Oh, why thank you. But, did you drink while I was at work? You know it’s not good for yo–”
  • You put a finger to her lips, silencing her.
  • You let out a long, “Shhhh”
  • You hugged Jaehee around her shoulders and started running your hand through her hair.
  • “So soft~” you purred, causing her to blush.


  • Of course, him being a lover of wine.
  • He has a lot of it.
  • You had somehow gotten your hands on it, and when he got home from work, he found you talking to Elizabeth III about politics???
  • “Um…MC? Are you alright?”
  • You turned around, jumping at the sight of him.
  • “Ju~min!!! You’re ho~me!” you exclaimed.
  • You ran to him and engulfed him in a hug, rubbing your cheek on his chest.
  • He was a bit shocked, but hesitantly hugged you back.
  • He felt your hands go to his hair and you started to pet his head.
  • “Your hair is su~per soft! Like a kitty~”
  • A lightbulb seemed to go off above his head.
  • “…MC?”
  • “Yes~?”
  • “Did you, perhaps, have some wine today?”
  • You giggled, “May~be”


  • He just laughs at you when he finds out.
  • He takes the chance and cuddles with you until you fall asleep.


  • He’s such a sweetheart.
  • “MC?”
  • “He~llo Jihyun~”
  • “…I don’t remember buying alcohol…”
  • You giggled, getting up from your spot on the couch to greet him.
  • He felt your arms wrap around his neck and your head rest in the crook of his neck.
  • He gently hugged you back and suggested that you get to bed.
  • You agreed, but only if he carried you.
  • Him, knowing the layout of the place by heart, didn’t mind.
  • After putting you to bed, he set a glass of water and some medicine to help if you have a headache the next day.

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Jensen has definitely come a long way and I love it. If somebody told me back then that Jensen would be showing his underwear and talking about it with fans I would laugh at them. Hurray for Jensen AKA Nesnej.

the way i view jensen: reserved, a bit shy, grumpy, very serious and manly and doesn’t do anything silly to draw attention to himself

the way jensen actually is: hey fan i’m not obligated to actually interact with do u wanna see my rainbow boxer briefs and talk about our underwear for five minutes 

nummienumziecatz  asked:

What are your Nordic headcanons? :)

Oh boy I have so much, but here’s some that are my favorites:

-Iceland is good with talking to people when it comes to mental illnesses and suicidal behavior because he talked to Greenland out of their pain multiple times (Greenland’s suicidal rate is the highest last time I checked and I feel that Iceland and Greenland are best friends tbh)

-Norway watches RuPaul’s drag race. His favorite is Alyssa Edwards

-It takes forever for Finland to get a joke but once he gets it he’ll laugh for five minutes straight then stop, but he’ll think about it like an hour later and start laughing again

-Norway doesn’t really laugh as much because he has that laugh which is literally wheezing

-Denmark tried to slide down the stairs once… he broke the rails

-Iceland runs a successful tumblr blog and he dabs ironically

-Sweden is partially deaf and has a detached retina

-Denmark is most likely somehow married to a stripper in Vegas

-Finland LOVES roller coasters. He will go on them for hours and the rest of the Nordics don’t want to ride with him

-Sweden’s hair color changes from blonde to dirty blonde often

For the anon that asked: For a prompt, Nico on laughing gas, Will making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.
I hope this is what you had in mind. Enjoy! :)

Will was sitting at the Apollo table talking to one of his siblings, when Nico dropped himself on his lap and pressed their lips together forcefully. Will made a surprised noise at the back of his throat and steadied himself by putting one hand on the table and one hand on Nico’s hip, pulling him closer and holding him still.

He faintly heard campers around them laughing or whistling, but was too preoccupied by the dark-haired boy currently kissing him like there was no tomorrow. This was not a normal occurrence. It was far from normal. Nico did not do public displays of affection. The most Will ever got out of him was a peck on the lips that barely lasted long enough for them to actually feel anything. But he respected Nico’s choice and if PDA made him uncomfortable, then the last thing Will wanted to do was force him.

A little voice at the back of his mind told him he should probably pull back and find out what had gotten into his boyfriend, but for some reason the feeling of Nico made everything around him unclear. He didn’t hear his sibling make gagging noises, or the voice in his head. Just the feeling of his lips moving against Nico’s soft ones. And Nico wasn’t attempting to pull back either.

The thing that finally got Will out of his trance, was a tap on the shoulder and someone clearing their throat behind him. For some reason those two things snapped him out of it and made him pull back. Nico made a complaining noise and when Will looked at him he looked completely at ease and not at all embarrassed. His lips were swollen and his hair was a mess after Will had run his hands through it.

Will probably didn’t look as collected. He awkwardly looked around and felt his cheeks go red at the amused expression of the people around him. He smiled shyly. He suddenly remembered the tap on his shoulder and turned his head, only to find Leo standing next to him and looking down at them. For some reason he had a guilty look in his eyes. Will wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out why.

On his lap, Nico was currently touching Will’s hair and giggling like a ten-year old after rubbing it on his cheek. He was not acting like himself. At all.

Will quickly made the connection between Leo’s bashful smile and Nico’s weird behaviour and shot Leo a look arguably as scary as Nico’s could be.

‘What have you done to my boyfriend?’

Everyone around had gone quiet and was watching the show in front of them unfold attentively. Leo scratched his neck and looked at the ground before looking up at Will, avoiding his eyes.

‘Well, it’s to say I – um – the thing is —‘

‘Valdez!’, Will warned him, his voice lower than usual. Not many people got to see this side of Will as he usually was too nice, but he could be really intimidating.

Leo took a deep breath and said at incredible speed: ‘IdidanexperimentandsomelaughingasgotfreeandNicoaccidentelyinhaledsome. I’m sorry, please don’t kill me. I’m too young and awesome to die.’, and he proceeded to run away backwards to make sure Will wasn’t following him, and stumbled once or twice doing so.

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Rest and Rick-laxation review

Man, can we just take a second to appreciate Justin Roiland’s voice work here? Not only does he have to do three versions of two characters each, he has to take them to their absolute vocal limit. That entire scene of them sitting in the UFO must have been hell on his throat. 

So Rick and Morty decide to take a vacation at an alien spa, and as a result of an alien sauna…thing end up splitting off into two distinct selves. Which, if I’m parsing this correctly, represent the qualities they value about themselves or most wish to be (henceforth dubbed Healthy Rick and Healthy Morty) and the qualities they think are problems or that they view as toxic (henceforth Toxic Rick and Toxic Morty), as exemplified by their sickening, snot-like composition. It’s a pretty clever conceit for some character study, but the twist that the Detoxifier operates on a subjective notion of what each of the pair define as “toxic” about themselves becomes frustrating to parse if you look at it too closely.

Morty’s arc is pretty easy, given that it’s really his episode here. He starts off wanting to stop adventuring for a while so he can enjoy his high school years, even if they’ll be spent being too nervous and awkward to ask out his crush. After Rick admits that they need a break after the six week long Abadongo Cluster excursion and his subsequent detoxification, he’s split from all the insecurities that were “holding him back” and is left as a cool, affable smooth operator who doesn’t have to constantly work through his nerves and self-loathing to do anything. Of course, this is through the lens of what a 14 year old boy thinks a “healthy” self should be, which is basically a poster child for toxic masculinity — an ”alpha male” for whom emotions are merely performative actions to manipulate women into dating him, which is a really brilliant move to incorporate that idea on the writer’s part given the kind of fanbase Rick and Morty has garnered. It’s telling that the first thing a female friend messaged me halfway into watching the episode was “Detoxed Morty makes me so fucking uncomfortable” while it took me, an slightly oblivious straight male, until Morty literally said “red pill or blue pill” to get the point. And the end, he decides that living as a miserable, nervous teenager having to work through his issues is better than climbing to success and having no ability to appreciate it. So from that point of view, the subjectivity conceit works well. Where it gets a little fuzzier is with Rick.

Toxic Rick warrants little explanation if you’ve seen the episode, or really any episode of the show. His healthy self even gives a laundry list of the attributes he’s meant to represent. But it’s a bit unclear as to what “Healthy Rick” is really meant to represent, leaving this episode fairly lopsided in terms what we’re meant to take away from it.

The main inconsistency here to people is that Healthy Rick states that he’s “proud to be [Morty’s] grandfather” at the beginning, while he sees his “irrational attachment” to Morty is in his toxic self. While I don’t completely disagree with that complaint, I’ve been doing my best to surmise Healthy Rick’s attributes to keep the episode narratively consistent in my head. And the best I can come up with is this:

After Healthy Rick laughs at his toxic self showing concern for Toxic Morty and trying his best to deny it, we get this exchange:

Toxic Rick: “You think that’s funny?
Healthy Rick: “You’ve got to have a sense of humour about these things! Oh wait, you can’t. You’re literally incapable of seeing the bigger picture. I guess it’s just funny because you’ve never done anything but complain about me being in charge, but if I ever gave you the wheel, we’d be dead in five minutes…You poor dumb sick animal.”

If we’re to compare this to Morty and his arc in this episode, it’s pretty clearly set up that Morty wants to go on a date with Jessica, and his toxic qualities are the things getting in the way of that goal. Rick, on the other hand, doesn’t really have much of an arc here, instead facilitating the re-merging aspect of the plot. But if you consider Rick’s character and his usual goals of traversing the multiverse for his own gain and numbing himself of the consequences, the qualities that help him succeed at that are the things that his Healthy self insults his Toxic self for lacking. And when his toxic side does take the wheel..well, the show probably would have ended at Auto-Erotic Assimilation had he not passed out halfway through his suicide attempt.

Rick knows the grand scope of the huge amoral universe his genius has opened up to him, has calculated his frame of mind to operate well within it and being able to laugh off his mistakes and not stopping to dwell on them, even if they have world-ending consequences. Having a grasp of the “bigger picture” and having a sense of humour, given the world he inhabits and the goals he has is a pretty healthy view of things, at least in his mind. This extends to his view of other people. As he explains to Jaguar in Pickle Rick, his infinite scope of reference precludes the idea of attachment. So he can probably feel sentimental towards Morty as a grandson, but as an entity in the grand cosmic scope of things, he’s pretty disposable. Having an attachment to him beyond “grandson” and “sidekick” is irrational in his mind, and therefore toxic, because it interferes with his work. “Need” is a strong word, after all. He needs a doorstop, but a brick will do, and Morty is his most readily available brick.

While I appreciate the overall point that Rest and Rick-laxation is making, especially with regards to Morty’s arc (anyone find themselves thinking about what their own toxic/healthy selves would be?), the show has done character studies like this before and done them better, namely with Pickle Rick and the mythologues from Big Trouble in Little Sanchez. It’s still a decent episode, but since the whole season has been a character study in one way or another, it would be nice to have, I don’t know, a vacation from it.

Happy Labour Day, America!

Episode MVP: It was nice to actually get a glimpse at Jessica’s character rather than have her just be a focus of Morty’s obsessions. Plus she was pretty integral to the plot and Morty’s arc. I’m giving this one to her.

Favourite bit character: While AWESOME, the Voltron made of drones doesn’t count as a character in my mind, so this goes to the children’s entertainer yelling that Santa Claus is a lie and all the kids at the party were mistakes. May he rest in peace.

Best joke: Everything in the fight between the two Ricks using hidden weapons around the house to tear into each other. I especially loved the attack dog alien that grows with praise.

Final Rating: 12 out of 15 and a half grapples.

You’re the older one - Shawn Mendes

I literally just wrote about myself here lol / masterlist 

“Oh god, stop whining!”, you laughed at your boyfriend. “wait until you come to my age”.

The two of you were currently on a hike and Shawn was starting to slack. Usually you were the one to complain after five minutes, because anything that remotely had anything to do with sport or fitness was hell for you. This time the tables had turned.

“You are like six months older, you idiot!”, Shawn complained from behind you. “It’s honestly not that much!”.

You turned around and played offended. “Uhm, excuse me, young man. Six months are six months…. and they count, okay? Twins do that all the time”.

Shawn pulled a face, as if he couldn’t believe what you had just said, but he chose not to comment on it.

“Are you coming, or what? I’m really motivated right now and I won’t let it go to waste!”

“Yes, grandma, I’m right behind you”. 

Fic: the long road home - 3/3 (Legends of Tomorrow; Rip/Sara)

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Rip Hunter/Sara Lance (Time Canary)

Summary: It’s a long road home, and Rip doesn’t need a map. Just needs someone to point to his heart, and he’s there.

Author’s Note: Final part. I may have new grey hairs on my head trying to get this right. Hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

Read Part One and Part Two

Can also be read on AO3


Part Three:

you need to come back home



Rip chalks it up to coincidences.

How else is he to explain the fact he’s found himself back on the Waverider at least four times in as many weeks? It’s not his fault that members of his former team keep pitching up to the exact place and time he’s chosen to land the jump ship to recharge and restock. He’s made a point of choosing moments that are remarkably dull and inconsequential to history, and yet there they are.

Without fail, trouble like hounds chasing at their feet and they can’t seem to shake them, almost as if they swathe themselves in bait on purpose.

“Hey, look who I found!” Jax shouts as they clamber their way up the stairs from the cargo bay, a limping Dr Palmer between them.

He hears Sara before he sees her, her footsteps on the metal flooring of the Waverider echoing closer as she turns the corner of the corridor.

“Well, since I sent you to get Ray’s idiotic ass back in one piece, that’s who I’m hoping … you’ve found …”

Her words trail off as she locks eyes with him.

And there goes that restless feeling again. Pattering away inside, making him want to run and hide. But it’s the strangest thing, really. Distance used to do the trick, but now he thinks the feeling is the inverse and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. He’s not really sure what he’s supposed to do about it anymore.

“Hello, Sara.”

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