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NCT Promposal

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I think Taeil wouldn’t really see what the big deal in all this prom stuff was. Like he’d definitely want to go to prom but he wouldn’t make a big show of asking you. He genuinely wouldn’t know that a promposal was thing and when he saw some kids doing them at school he’d think they were just being extra. He’d probably just ask you like hey do you wanna go to prom while the two of you were studying. You’d be totally okay with it tho because you know he’s a simple guy and you love him for that. This gif is him when you say yes.


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Okay Johnny would be the exact opposite of Taeil. He’s all about the promposal. He would watch all the other kids at school and spend his time plotting something super special for you. He wouldn’t mean for it to happen, but whatever he did would attract a lot of attention. I can see him getting those cool gold letter balloons to spell out prom, and making a sign on the glittery poster board that says something about how prom with him is going to be golden and that you’re his gem.


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Taeyong would be shy af about all of the prom stuff. He loves you so much, so in his heart he wants to do something super big, but for some reason he’d be a little scared. He’d still be a insecure, no matter what you said to him. You’d probably end up having to ask him. That would really boost his confidence and motivate him to ask you, even though you already asked him. He would probably show up to your house with flowers and apologize for not asking you (because he didn’t want you to think that he didn’t want to go with you). You would tell him that its totally fine, and then he would ask you to prom just because he wanted to be the one to do it.


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Yuta would get super competitive during prom. He’d want to outdo all of the other boys because he wanted your promposal to be the best. So of course he would do something in front of everyone. I imagine he’d do something soft like stuff your locker with flowers. He would randomly ask you to get something from your locker in the middle of the day when the hallways were the busiest/ most crowded. And just imagine opening your locker and like a thousand flowers tumbling out and a note asking you to go to prom with him (and everyone just awwing in the back). And he would have the cutest smug smile the rest of the day after you said yes (because obviously you would say yes).


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Oh boy Doyoung would be super cheesy during prom. I think he’d want to do something super cute but just between the two of you. Also he would have like 1002082309 ideas and he would try to do them all. He’d get so caught up in trying to get everything together that he wouldn’t realize that prom was in like 3 days. So when he finally realized, he’d rush to your house with a bunch of your favorite snacks and he’d ask you to go to prom with him and he’d explain what happened. He’d feel really bad so you would invite him to watch a movie and yall would eat all the snacks. Also you’d tell him that you thought it was cute how he worked so hard on everything and then the two of you would make plans to go prom shopping.


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Okay so since Ten is the literal inventor of art/drawing he would def draw you something. Y’all would both probably like Goblin this is non negotiable. So he would probably get you the plushie even if you already had one. And he’d draw you a really pretty card with some cheesy/romantic quote from the drama. He’d take you on a date just to ask you to prom because he’s such a sweetheart. And he’d give you the card then. He would probably bring you like flowers and chocolates too because he’s cheesy af. ^the gif is him doing his happy dance bc you said yes


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Jaehyun would do something cute. Okay so like he would make a poster board designed to look like an Instagram profile. And he would glue a bunch of cute couply pictures of the two on dates and stuff on it. (Like he would cut them into squares and arrange them in the Instagram layout). He would be dorky and make the username your ship name (tbh yall wouldn’t even have a ship name he made it up just for this). The actual promposal would be in the bio, like he would put something about making even more cute memories at prom if you say yes. ofc you would say yes, and after all the prom stuff was over he would always tease you about hanging up his poster in your room.


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Awwws okay I feel like Winwin would be the shyest. He would highkey lowkey be freaking out about how to ask you, because yall wouldn’t be dating. Yall would be really good friends tho (and he had the biggest crush on you). He would be really nervous that you would say no, and also he would be freaking out because he thought he couldn’t come up with something as good as the other boys. He would also be too shy to ask any of them for help. So anyways one day you stayed after school for a club meeting or something and he stayed for a practice or smthn. And yall saw each other while you were waiting for your mom to pick you up so the two of you started talking. And then out of the blue he would ask you. You would look really confused because he jumbled his words, so he thought you said no. But then he repeated what he said slowly and you said yes ofc. Both of you had the biggest smiles when you got home and the next day at school.


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Everybody knows that Mark is the sweetest. So he would do something super adorable and elaborate. Like everyday at lunch he would give you candy or something and a card. And then after like a week or to he would ask you on a little picnic date to the park and he would tell you to bring all of the cards. When you got to the park you saw that his picnic was just candies and pastries and little cakes and cookies. And he’d give you one more card that said smthn like “the only thing that could make this day sweeter was if you said yes.” And you’d be super confuesed and he’d tell you to put the cards together. And did it would say something like “will you go to prom with me?” You would c r i. (and say yes ofc).


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Lol this boy is a savage. No one can escape him not even whoever he’s dating. So he would basically pretend to forget about prom. Any time you would bring anything about prom up he would act like he wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Like you would tell him “aww did you see Mark’s promposal?” and he would say “lol who’s Mark? What’s prom?” Honestly you would be so busy with school that you wouldn’t even notice that all your friends were ready for prom and that he still hadn’t asked you. Once the last of your friends had a date he would finally ask you. He would do something super simple like bring you a chocolate bar but make his own wrapper that said “prom?” At this point you would have figured out what he was doing and you would try to get him back by telling him that you were busy that day. But as soon as you saw him start to freak out you’d tell him you were kidding and you’d say yes.

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