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Be More Chill Senior Year, Chloe's Party

“Michael, where are you going?”
“Jeremy’s house, spending the night.” Michael was almost at the door when his mom grabbed him by the hood. “Ow! Hey, what was that for?”
“You’re not going anywhere without a tooth brush, remember what the dentist said about your braces.” He groaned. “Unless of course, you want that tooth pulled.” He went up the stairs, grabbing a toothbrush before going to leave again. “And Michael.”
“You better not come home smelling like pot again, or else.”
“Your ‘or else’s’ aren’t nearly as scary as you think they are.”
At Chloe’s:
Jeremy was the first one at the party and as more people came in his headache kept getting worse.
'Maybe I shouldn’t have come.’
'Yeah but that’s the smart thing to do.’
'Do you ever not have something to say?’
'Jeremy, I am a supercomputer. I have a response to every stupid thing you do, you just refuse to listen to my suggestions.’
'Your not even real.’
'Yet you still don’t drink Mountain Dew.’
“Hey Jeremy!” Turning around he saw Michael just coming in the door.
“Michael! What took you so long?”
“My moped can only go so fast.”
“You still have that piece of junk? I thought you lost the battery pack.”
“She’s not a piece of junk!”
“It barely goes ten miles an hour and it’s literally missing the seat cushion.”
“Besides the point, look what I brought!” Michael dug through his bag before taking out two bottles of a blue drink. Grabbing a bottle and looking closer it read Mountain Dew Voltage. “They just got this in a few days ago and was saving it for an occasion like this.”
“I thought your dentist said no more sugary drinks.”
“Never stopped me before.” Michael cracked the lid off and took a sip. Jeremy looked at it for a second.
'It’s only blue Mountain Dew…what’s the worse that could happen…'Jeremy hesitated before doing the same then freezing.

How Long? (Main chapter)

Hello! Welcome to my random new BTS series! This is the first and main chapter of seven different chapters for each member. I don’t know exactly what order I will be going in yet but I hope you enjoy it.


(master list will be created soon) 

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It had been six months now that you were living your dream. A whole half of a year since you packed up everything you owned and took off halfway across the whole world.

Brushing hair isn’t a carrier.

People never took you seriously, they thought you were throwing away your life. You never saw yourself sitting in a class room for four years studying something you just didn’t care about. Stylist, you loved that title, you worked so hard to confidently hold that title. To you it wasn’t just simply washing or brushing hair. 

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Im going to tell you my whole story yesterday because it was one of the greatest day of my life and I still can’t believe it happened.
I met the whole cast yesterday (except for Karol because was in a bar and she is a minor) even tho I could first met Gastón in the hotel.
There he was a sweetheart he went out, we were like 7 girls only so we talked with him a little bit and took pictures with all.
Then I, like the very shy person I am, friended all the staff that I could, and I talked a lot with their drivers, they told me that they were going to a bar just when some staff that were with Karol in another signing arrived, and then Gastón confirmed in mediapilaok.
So me and the girls that were there took a van and drove there, 15 minutes after we arrived they did it. Security in Colombia is insane, me and a friend were approaching to Agus and a security man didn’t let us, but then I saw the light of my eyes, I saw Rugge and everything else in the world disappeared for me.
I walked calmly in zombie mode to him and asked “Te puedo dar un abrazo? (Can I fue you a hug)” and he said “Claro (sure)” and when I asked for a pic he said no problem and I took him, then I asked him from a cheek kiss and he gave it to me without a doubt I told him that I was so proud of him, and GUYSSSSS, ¡HIS FACE LITERALLY LIGHT UP LIKE THE SUN! And said “Thank you so so much” and gave me another hug and security took him inside.
Im never will be able to forget his expression when I said that, because I said it so mean it, and god, if I love him before, i love him more even now.
When they were in the entrance of the bar we talked a little with everyone (I’ll post the video and translate later)
Then like two hours ago Sebas arrived and he went out just a couple of hours before wayyyy too mad, a couple of seconds later Jorge went out like following him very fast and talking on the phone, but when he was returning alone we asked for a pic and he said “Ofcourse yeah” and took a lot of pics, gave a lot of hug, filmed a lot of dedicatory messages and said he was so in love with Colombia and that he was planning on coming to live here after Soy Luna ended, I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. But like always, security come and took him inside again.
We waited there until they came out again but went very fast and didn’t took photos with anyone bc security (seriously fuck them) but Rugge sent us a lot of kisses.
Then we all went to our homes to sleep because today is the big day.
Guys I can’t believe this I’m telling you really happened, it all seems like a dream to me now, they were all so nice and looked really bumped for couldn’t take pics, except for one but I am not telling because doesn’t deserve the attention.
Really I am more proud and happy that ever to chose them like my faves ❤️


They are literally calling the current administration and Republicans out on their bullshit by pulling quotes directly from the headlines. 

“…allow Hydra to keep feeding us alternative facts…”

And last week (or was it two weeks ago?) “…Nevertheless, she persisted.” 

This story arc is so timely and I love it SO much it gives me SO MANY FEELS.

Also Framework Grant Ward is the Grant Ward we all deserved. My poor heart can’t handle it. It literally took ALL OF FUCKING EVERYTHING ELSE being as awful as possible for Grant Ward to be good. So deliciously and cruelly ironic. 

Until Next Time - Part 7 and Part 8

Week 4 - The Aftermath

I’m taking a much different approach with this part than I had originally planned. (It’s amusing to see how this has developed and drifted so far away from my original plans.) Since I cut the last one off so abruptly, I thought it would be fun to see how those lucky close friends of theirs react to the big moment. :)

Part 5 and Part 6

Part 9

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