i literally just ruined my own life

look i already have enough ships that i am trash for, so i don’t need anymore to ruin my life. so i go into rogue one telling myself “this is going to be a gritty war movie, no romance whatsoever, just awesome battles, no shipping allowed”. AND LITERALLY AS SOON AS JYN SWIPED CASSIAN’S BLASTER I FELL DOWN THE SHIPPING TRASH COMPACTOR THAT IS ‘RebelCaptain’. they are canon in my own mind and no one can tell me otherwise. i hate myself for succumbing to yet another heart wrenching ship

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As much as I love seeing all these lovely messages on my dashboard and in my askbox (you adorable little butts, keep the love coming), don’t think that the fandom was run over by a tsunami of hate an violence.

It’s literally a couple of assholes thinking they have the moral high ground but are still too cowardly to own up to it. These entitled snowflakes represent about .04% of the fandom.

All I care about is an innocent artist falling victim to a vendetta. These people don’t care about the art or whatever it is they see in it, this is just an excuse.

They decided to ruin a life.

so I’ve posted abt this on twitter somewhat but. a brief update on me: my depression coupled with my various other bad brain things™ has been like, exponentially worse as of late and literally ruining my life and getting in the way of school and with my relationships with everyone I care about so… today I’m going to make an appointment with the school psychiatrist to see if I can finally get an actual diagnosis (there’s literally no doubt I’m depressed I just haven’t seen a professional about it) and hopefully get medicated bc I want to get better but I… can’t pretend like I can do it on my own anymore. it’s just been so bad. so wish me luck on that 👍👍