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Do you think the Galra took Shiro's arm or Shiro lost it in battle and they replaced it?

oh I 100% think they just took it. For one thing, Shiro’s Escape outright proves it. We see Shiro on a surgical table surrounded by things these things that look like giant saws and when he’s crowded by the medics he’s clearly hyperventilating. He’s been here before. And he literally says, “You took my hand. What more do you want?

Shiro also isn’t the only one with prosthetics or mechanical augmentations. There’s the guard in Beta Traz with his injections, Sendak’s arm and eye, even Rolo’s leg–ect. And Rolo also doesn’t say something like, oh, I lost my leg in a battle against the galra. He says, “I managed to escape, but not before I lost something,” which implies they took it while he was still a prisoner. Shiro agrees and adds, “I know exactly how that feels.” Again, it sounds like the galra were very deliberate about all this. 

There’s also Sendak’s whole attitude about it. He views these mechanical components as “upgrades”–as if losing a limb and having a weaponized prosthetic forced on you is some kind of reward. Something you should be grateful for. 

Sendak also says, “I see you’ve spent some time with the druids. They do love to experiment.” And knowing the druids, they’re not just gonna wait until someone conveniently loses an arm to test-run their new tech. There’s also this idea that galra prosthetics are better than flesh limbs. So as far as they’re concerned, they’re doing you a favor. You were already in need of medical attention even if you were “fine” because however you are now, they can still “fix you” so that you’re superior. “Too bad you didn’t get the latest model,” implies that Sendak’s arm is something to be sought after, an “upgrade.” This idea is further perpetuated when Sendak tells Shiro, “You’ve been broken and reformed. Just look at your hand. It’s the strongest part of you. Embrace it.”

Consider the little lizard that Haggar transforms into a monster. Like, that wasn’t a lizard that was suffering from some weird disease or anything. It was a perfectly healthy lizard and didn’t need any kind of treatment, and she still turned it into a monster. Basically, all the prisoners to her are like little lizards. They’re weak and useless as they are but if you work some magic and invest enough quintessence you can create a powerful weapon. 

If you consider everyone the druids experimented on to be robeasts in some capacity–beings that were corrupted with refined quintessence and mechanical augmentation–then I think Shiro’s unfortunate circumstances make more sense. There aren’t all these high ranking galra and generals walking around missing eyes or limbs due to just bad luck in a fight. They were singled out as potential candidates to become these super soldier type robeasts. 

Today, I fucked up... by telling my brother that moths suck blood

My brother is currently 7 and I told him this lie when he was 4.

It all started when I saw a moth in my room and my brother comes in. He asked me what was it, and brilliant me thought: this is a perfect time to prank him. I start “hyperventilating” and told him to run out of the room. We run out of the room and I told him: That a moth! Moths are like vampires, they suck the blood of people and kill when people they are asleep. He gets scared like any 4 year old would and runs into his room. Each time he sees a moth, he literally run full speed yelling bloody murder to his room and locks the door. His favorite attire is turtlenecks because moths can’t get the his neck.

Fast forward to an hour ago.

My mom gets a call from school asking her if she can pick my brother up because he had a panic attack. Apparently today the schools science teacher brought a ton of butterflies to show kids how caterpillars turn to butterflies. When he saw them, he started running and screaming around the room telling everyone to save themselves because moths suck blood and kill people. The whole class started panicking and started running and screaming.

I think it’s time to tell him that moths don’t suck blood or kill people…

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text to roderick.
  • Tanner: i am too fucking terrified to text flynn right now because i literally don't know what just happened or what's going to happen all i did was refresh instagram and saw jane's post and now i'm like nearly hyperventilating oh my god.
  • Tanner: how the fuck could she not tell me?!?!
  • Tanner: or us?
  • Tanner: oh my god holy shit it's like american horror story when the babies had two different dads except one died and the other was the antichrist.
  • Tanner: tbh if one was the antichrist, it'd be the one flynn fathered.

Tbh I really don’t remember much of this because I was so nervous and it happened so fast I couldn’t think straight! He was literally so beautiful in person he didn’t even look real. I saw him and I was like “oh god I am not gonna survive this.”
When it was my turn, I started freaking out and practically hyperventilating lol but I walked up to him I said “hi, I love you!” and he said “aw hi sweetheart!” He pulled me into this giant freaking hug and he smelled so amazing. Like I don’t know how it was possible for someone to smell so nice. Anyway I started crying and my face was buried so deep in his chest that the photographer had to come over and fix my hair and get me to look up at the camera. Jensen was like “alright you good? You okay?” And I said I was and then they took the picture. I said “thank you, I love you” as I walked away and he said “thanks, sweetheart” with that amazing Texan accent of his oh my god I melted. You can clearly see the emotion on my face lol but Jensen looks like a fucking model as always. Best moment of my life.