i literally have zero complaints about it

Honestly I could literally replace the cutscene of the Chantry blowing up with Anders killing Elthina directly and it would change literally one line in the entire end game. One. An optional line that you Hawke can say. Oh, and I guess one loading screen that mentions that it killed “Everyone in the Chantry” with zero mention of any other collateral damage (which, granted, is actually about what I would predict in modeling the explosion, I suppose)

Like I have so many complaints about how the finale of The Last Straw was done. It was thoroughly incoherent, lacking in appropriate context, and full of a confusing mess of narrative assumptions that was clearly written in a huge rush with basically no critical thought put into making it internally consistent and we wind up with this emotionally disconnected nonsensical physics defying explosion of a barely populated building with wildly inconsistently expressed collateral damage wherein the entire plot needs Anders to have been pushed to the point by extreme circumstances in order for his narrative arc to make sense while at the same time holding the idea of slaughtering en masse a group of imprisoned people who have less connection to the guy who blew up the Chantry than you do because - and I’ve text mined the hell out of this dialogue and plot summaries and this is literally the only consistent rationale they give internally - “the people would riot and kill the mages anyway, so we have to do it so none of them get hurt doing that.”

And all because an apostate killed the Grand Cleric, mind you, not because of literally any other mentioned potential collateral damage. But I guess in DAI they’re just going to mention rubble patterns so absurd that I’m pretty sure the Chantry would have had to be a few square miles large? Like I was there for it and rubble doesn’t work like that but okay.

Like honestly at this point I’m over here concluding that literally the only reason they went with an explosion - particularly over something way more symbolically satisfying, like the Chantry burning down in flames - was to trigger a knee-jerk ‘explosion=terrorism=bad’ reaction and then panicked when some pro-mage people went ‘uh he kinda has a point though’ and retcon in a bunch of inconsistent fallout, because they only want fans taking complex moral stances about hard choices and morally grey ‘do the ends justify the means?’ situations when they’re the ones they’ve pre-programmed into the game.

Like I love this game but it’s such a fucking mess, so yeah, my official opinion on the Chantry Boom isn’t even “Anders was right” or “Anders had the right motivation but there was too much collateral damage” - it’s “I honestly don’t find the scene coherent enough to judge on an ethical level?”

ETA: This post was made out of frustration with Anders hate and pro Circle people and I am blocking every single person who reblogs this with any variation of “Yeah Anders sucks.” I am done fucking around here.

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Heya PBG! Long time fan! Love all of your stuff. My favorite videos are probably your minecraft/ terraria hardcore videos. There was just one really big annoying problem… McJones. I honestly don't mean to sound rude, but a lot of my friends and people I've talked to think the videos would be 4000 times better if he wasn't there or his mic was muted. It sounds really rude but there are a lot of thing I haven't watched because of him.

You do realize he’s my brother right? He also helped create the show, and it literally wouldn’t exist without him…? Also, also, I get zero complaints about him in the comments, messages, etc.

Also, also, ALSO, I have it on good faith that 

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Do you have any idea why this fandom is loving Dean more? Every. Single. Person. who has said they ship Dencer after their last scene, I literally have zero respect for. He literally said he couldn't stand to be around her if he couldn't kiss her/be sexual/physical with her, knowing damn well everything she went through and how she's struggling with an addiction only he understands? What an asshole, I'm sorry.

Yes I agree. I think some people are so desperate to see Spencer with someone other than Toby that they’ll literally take anyone. Spencer is the only liar who hasn’t been in an actual relationship with anyone else since meeting her endgame partner, which apparently this rubs people the wrong way. I even read a complaint about it once (this was during 5B). This person pointed out that we’ve only seen Spencer commit to Toby and Alex (which lasted for two seconds, had no depth and was pre-Toby anyway - as this person actually took the time to point out). Apparently this is unacceptable when the other girls have all had multiple relationships. The funny part is that they’re hypercritical of Toby, pick apart everything he does, analyze his behavior by making a whole bunch of stuff up… but completely ignore the fact that every other guy to show up in her life is hardly a class A citizen. It’s getting the point where I almost wish a decent guy would come into Spencer’s life just so the anti-Spoby fandom could ship her with them and not break my fucking heart because they apparently don’t even care about finding her someone dependable, goodnatured and age appropriate. All because they’re so intent on hating Toby.

And can I say something else? Dean scared the shit out of me this episode. Even in his first scene he creeped me out. He was not his usual levelheaded self. He was irrational, clingy, agitated. He was desperate to please in his first scene; explosive and resentful in his second. His obsessive/addictive personality was starting to shine through, and it wasn’t pretty. It’s also a) foreshadowing for a toxic, unstable relationship that Spencer was the one to bring this behavior out in him, and b) so dangerous because she has a lot of the same issues, though arguably not as bad. Even if she didn’t have a boyfriend, even if her life wasn’t a war zone right now, this relationship would have been a recipe for disaster. It’s a time bomb, and I’m genuinely concerned for anyone who can’t see that.

It seems most people’s complaints about the new Smash Bros characters are ‘not another fire emblem character’ and ‘oh god not bayonetta there goes the ratings’.

Some even go as far as to say it’s now a fire emblem fighting game and that the game is now mature rating?

Point one: The Mario series has 7 playable characters. Fire Emblem has 6 now. No complaints about the Pokémon series having had 6 since Mewtwo, but okay. Your point is invalid.

Point two: Shulk literally has a alt outfit that’s him in his underwear. Never mind Zero Suit Samus, who everone claimed was also sexualized. Bayonetta basically still wears what could be seen as a bikini when she does Smash attacks. Your point is invalid.

How about we all shut up about ‘oh no shitty characters ahhh’ and look at how interesting their move sets are? I mean, fuck, yeah, I’m bitter too about some choices, but EVERYONE is literally making the same stupid ass jokes as if there’s some kinda global hivemind I wasn’t invited too.

TL;DR suck it up, go play something else or dont buy them.

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Are you ever annoyed that, since you're the most public figure in Magic R&D, people blame you for things you don't control, like the story or the power level? It seems like that would get tiresome after a while. (FWIW, while I'm less than happy about some of the stuff coming out of creative and development, I think design is doing an awesome job and have literally zero complaints about the design of recent sets)

Early on it used to upset me, but I came to realize that people need to vent and part of my job as spokesperson is to be a target for that venting. Being in the public eye takes a thick skin. I’ve gotten used to it.

Okay so first of all: if you DON’T WANT TO SEE ANT-MAN, don’t see Ant-Man. If you ONLY WANT TO SEE ANT-MAN BECAUSE PEGGY CARTER IS IN IT FOR TWENTY SECONDS, don’t see Ant-Man. If you hated the first Iron Man, don’t see Ant-Man. If you’re like super invested in villains having complex backstories and understandable personalities, DON’T SEE ANT-MAN.

If you find yourself helplessly endeared by Paul Rudd’s face and you miss Marvel movies actually being fun to watch, YES GO SEE ANT-MAN.

More of the pro/con breakdown under the cut, along with spoilers if you want to avoid those.

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