i literally have no sources guys help

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been completely MIA for the past months and I’m so super sorry about that. School has been rough, and life has been rough but I’m still slowly chugging along. I just wanted to send out a PSA that if you would like to commission me, I am still open for commissions. I’m trying to take my best friend to a concert for her birthday and I need to save up at least a couple hundred dollars. Art is my only source of income right now and I would really appreciate all of the help. It’s her 21st and she’s literally my platonic soul mate and I want her to have the best birthday ever. If you could signal boost or commission that would be great! I have….

$5 single commissions in flat color

$10 pair commissions in flat color

$15 single commissions full color

$20 pair commissions in full color

As well as $25-30 commissions featuring scenes from fanfictions, au’s, oc’s, with intricate backgrounds ect ect.

Thank you guys for sticking around! And please tell your friends!

To all the gun guys here please read

I need help, I’m doing a speech thing for school and my topic is “Is gun control effective in stopping gun related crime?”

Now from what I’ve seen here I’m leaning toward the side that it doesn’t help.

So I need all the opinions, sources, stories, information you have literally anything that will help me. If it doesn’t look or seem helpful just send it over please!

Please help me with this, thanks!