i literally have no sources guys help

  • Price: I'm VERY laid back. I only care about 2 things:
  • Price: Every person on Earth and their opinion of me
  • Price: The crushing psychological weight of being alive

Guys I literally started having a breakdown in English and I held it together but I had to leave and break down in the bathroom and I’m such a mess and I don’t know how I’m going to keep managing school like

I have to and I will but I have so many tests and essays I have two essays due this weekend (so if anyone wants to help me find some quick sources/help me analyze some poems I will love you forever) and I am so unstable like my mood swings are crazy

The BPD stuff is coming back I think, bc that’s the only thing that really explains all of this, but I think I’m officially gonna see my psychiatrist bc this cannot keep happening

My absolute favorite whump trope

Character A (typically a male character in my imaginings) and Character B (typically a female character in my imaginings) are walking along in a serious situation when someone spots a potential shooter. Shots ring out and Character A tackles B to the ground, hoping to save them. When the panic clears a moment later, A sits up and looks down at B, terrified to find there is blood all over them. They begin to frantically search them for a wound as B can only look up, equally horrified as they see the true source of the blood on their friend above them.

Character A says something like “you’ve been hit! I need help!!”

At which point Character B says “No I’m fine- It’s you!”

*Character A finally realizes that they’ve been wounded and pass out*

Guys. I have literally dreamed about this prompt for YEARS. I’ve thought about writing it into SO MANY FANDOMS!! But I never either wrote or saw a good example of it, so I never mentioned it…until now. You know those gifs of Designated Survivor I posted earlier??? Well there’s a clip to match on Youtube.. and guys…ITS IS WORD FOE WORD EXACTLY LIKE MY DREAMS OF THE PERFECT WHUMP!!! I’m drooling. This is amazing. I feel complete now.


Arthur Recap Season 7 Episode 6 Pick A Car, Any Car

The Read family is causing a traffic jam because the Read Family Fun Bus has broken down in the middle of the road. Arthur explains that the family car holds so many memories for him. It was the car he rode in as a baby, the car he and D.W. shared snacks in, and the car he played with Pal in.

“I guess you could say I grew up in this car,” says Arthur. He looks worriedly at David and Jane, who are inspecting the engine. “I sure hope Dad can fix it!” he says.

The Reads take the car to the mechanic, who informs them that they’ll need to make costly repairs. At dinner, David complains that it would cost more to fix the Read Family Fun Bus than to buy a new car. D.W. gets excited about the prospect of buying a new car and imagines a unicorn themed camper while David imagines a black all-terrain SUV that can transport any delicate cakes across bumpy roads. Jane imagines a cherry red roadster to speed off into the distance away from her family and their obligations.

Wow. Guys, do you think Jane is unhappy in her marriage?

Anyway, Arthur is the only one vehemently opposed to buying a new car.

David and Jane tell Arthur that if they can’t sell the car, it will probably be sent to the junkyard. We know Arthur has had bad experiences with the junkyard (see Arthur’s knee) and you know he won’t be able to stand sending the Read Family Fun Bus there. He has a nightmare where he tries to break out the car from the junkyard but the evil mechanic crushes it.

I’m surprised any sardine cans didn’t make an appearance either.

Anyway, I guess the Fun Bus is good enough to sell since the mechanic comes by in the morning to put a for sale sign on it. Now the Reads head over to Crosswire Motors to pick out a new car and Ed Crosswire shows off to his flunkies on the art of making a sale.

I want to make a note that the leader board says Ed has made 50 sales while his four other employees haven’t made any. Maybe he needs to call in Alec Baldwin for a motivating pep talk.

David makes the rule that they won’t buy a car unless they all like it. This turns out to bite him in the ass because Arthur finds something wrong with every car they find. Ed even recruits Muffy to close the sale and she offers Arthur a ride in a car from one of the lots to tempt him. Arthur sees right through her and insists he doesn’t want a new car, no matter what. “You don’t understand! That car was like a member of our family!” he tells her.

Muffy points out that cars get replaced all the time (which is a valid point) but Arthur feels insulted and insists on walking the rest of the way.

Back at Casa de Read, Arthur glumly watches David sell the Read Family Fun Bus to the mechanic. Buster is there and the two hear a weird rattling noise coming from the engine. “I wish I knew what it was,” says Arthur. “Then maybe I could save the car!”

This gives Buster an idea and and he tells Arthur to have a phone, a radio, and lemon water on standby the next day before the mechanic comes to pick up the car.

The next day, Buster reveals his plan: they will call into Car Talk, an NPR Peabody award winning radio show about automotive repair, who might be able to help. Arthur explains his situation to the hosts, who are pretty friendly and funny. The mechanic arrives in the middle of his phone call and the Car Talk guys get serious. They don’t like the sound of a mechanic making house calls and tell Arthur that they can’t help him unless they can hear what sounds the car is making. With the lemon water and ice, Buster does a good impression of the engine noise and the Car Talk guys suggest there is a rattle–a literal one–in the tailpipe.

Arthur breaks up the sale between David and the mechanic to tell them that he is on the phone with the Car Talk guys. The mechanic gets a little panicked when he hears that and tries to convince David that he doesn’t have a tailpipe to check. With the Car Talk Guys’ help, David figures out where it is and pulls out Baby Kate’s rattle. 

“I guess that could be the source of your problems,” admits the mechanic sheepishly and goes away. David and Jane are thankful to Arthur for saving them a lot of money and offer him the reward of his choice. Arthur just asks for a ride in the Read Family Fun Bus. Aw.

It’s a happy ending for now but we all know that sometime within the next five years or so, the Fun Bus is going to break down for good and then Arthur will really have to pick a car–any car.

Grade: A+ (I really shouldn’t give this such a high grade because there are a lot of plot holes. The Car Talk radio’s wiki page states that they screened callers days in advance and recorded segments before their broadcast so there’s no way that Arthur, even if he did manage to beat other callers, would be able to receive live advice. However, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka the Car Talk Guys) were really fun guest stars so I did up the grade for that. Additionally, since the mechanic did not find the rattle in the tailpipe (even though it was in an obvious place), only offered David $200 for the car, and got panicked when the Car Talk guys were mentioned, I assume that the guy was a scammer, which makes this episode even more intense. Plot holes aside, this was a fun episode and I can’t bring myself to dock points for that. I will add that a sardine can reference in the junkyard scene would have made this an A++.)

Rating: 100% intense. Unintentionally helping your family avoid a scammer and saving the family car is intense.


so I kinda wanted to make a soppy little post..

I just wanna say that I would be nowhere without my bands, and they are literally my only sources of happiness. They have helped me through some really dark times, and I am forever grateful for all their music and their inspiring lyrics that have helped me too. They really are the best therapy. I hope some of you guys can relate to this, and yeah thats my post!

Big love to:

  • All Time Low
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Tonight Alive
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Paramore
  • Blink 182
  • We Are The In Crowd
To all the gun guys here please read

I need help, I’m doing a speech thing for school and my topic is “Is gun control effective in stopping gun related crime?”

Now from what I’ve seen here I’m leaning toward the side that it doesn’t help.

So I need all the opinions, sources, stories, information you have literally anything that will help me. If it doesn’t look or seem helpful just send it over please!

Please help me with this, thanks!

anonymous asked:

i feel like you guys should do a bit more research before reblogging bernie glorifying posts. he complimented fidel castro and never has voted for even the simplest gun laws. sure he's a (generally) nice guy but after smearing hillary's campaign for 8 months, i don't think he's the kind of person you guys want on your blog :/

for what it’s worth, he is absolutely the type of person i would want to have on a blog that i help run. in answer to the points you’ve posed here:

his complimenting of fidel castro was initially done in 1985, and what he specifically said was “[castro] educated [cuba’s] kids, gave them healthcare” which as far as praise goes is a whole lot better IMO than statements Donald Trump has made about Vladimir Putin & this year … (source link for bernie’s statement)

and he has voted on gun laws … he literally cosponsored two of them this year (source link)

to your last point, as we are all now painfully aware, hillary ran an inadequate campaign. i’m not saying it was bad, just not good enough. and now we’re stuck with you-know-who …

but beyond all that - because guns are not the only voting issue i care about in my representatives - bernie has a long voting record on a number of things, included but not limited to protecting women’s access to safe abortions, civil rights, and environmental protections

so chill with the :/ because yeah, i for one, will continue to support bernie sanders until i’m given real reason not to.

-mod y

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been completely MIA for the past months and I’m so super sorry about that. School has been rough, and life has been rough but I’m still slowly chugging along. I just wanted to send out a PSA that if you would like to commission me, I am still open for commissions. I’m trying to take my best friend to a concert for her birthday and I need to save up at least a couple hundred dollars. Art is my only source of income right now and I would really appreciate all of the help. It’s her 21st and she’s literally my platonic soul mate and I want her to have the best birthday ever. If you could signal boost or commission that would be great! I have….

$5 single commissions in flat color

$10 pair commissions in flat color

$15 single commissions full color

$20 pair commissions in full color

As well as $25-30 commissions featuring scenes from fanfictions, au’s, oc’s, with intricate backgrounds ect ect.

Thank you guys for sticking around! And please tell your friends!

there is no secret.

ahg okay so I’m getting a lot of asks like:

what’s inspiring you to draw these things, what’s the secret behind your art ? Please share your secret, What master artist did you draw from to learn ?

and it was getting kind of frustrating, so I made this post to address this, hopefully once.

firstly, thank you Jude bby for calming me down (I’m so tired and irritable today, forgive me) and helping me to break down this mindset that’s in a lot of younger/beginner artists/or not even beginner artists.


Okay so 

I’m frustrated with these asks, cause it’s not only getting repetitive, but it’s also kind of very..um..how do I even find the right word..it’s unnatural ?

so I asked Jude to help me pinpoint the source of this mindset in people, and she said it’s just simply that

it’s expectations.

you guys expect yourself and each other to improve and to have improved by a certain time, certain age.

And you feel you must expedite that process by doing specific things like “drawing from master artists” or trying to find that “secret inspiration” that your favorite artists seem to have.

when literally, there is no secret.

lemme repeat

there is no secret. absolutely nothing.

it’s just the same old years of practice and continuous drawing + observation and lots of thinking.

and this expectation thing, I think it’s just doing you more harm then good.

It’s good to work hard and push yourself to keep going. but expectations and these deadlines you’re putting on yourself?

I feel like you’re putting something so specific and regimented onto something so organic and ambiguous as art and your growth in art.

Like, yes there are certain practices that have been proven to help you gain a more solid understanding of fundamental concepts like proportions, structure, values, etc. Certain practices like studying from life, drawing daily, etc.

but as my gf worded it:

As an artist, the true beauty of art is the artist’s interpretation and representation of visuals.

Just don’t aim to be a replica of someone else. Cause you’ll never be like someone else, nor will anyone else ever be like you.

So don’t worry and assume that someone else has some edge over you, or they have some secret formula that you don’t have. Cause it’s not true, just do your best and goodluck!

thank you Jude for helping me make this post //kisses