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Youtuber! Park Woojin

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Youtuber x Brand New Boys:
Youtuber! Im Youngmin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi

“Love is a lot like dancing, you surrender yourself to the music.” 

  • Youtuber who mainly uploads dance covers
  • But he also does vlogs where he doesn’t speak and it’s in first person pov and there’s just really chill music playing in the background
  • Uses youtube as a platform for him to express his creativity in editing cause in college, he minors in filming so his videos always come up really unique and different as he applies a lot of techniques he learned from his lecturers
  • He definitely prefers filming others rather than himself so it’s more likely you will see close up shots of his best friend, Jihoon, more than Woojin in some of his videos
  • He tried doing a q&a video but it just failed immediately cause he just became super shy when he faced the camera directly and he couldn’t even look straight at it
  • Replies to all his subscribers’ comments and is literally the sweetest person ever and is always downplaying how good he is at dancing
  • “I’m really not that good in dancing, you guys are too sweet.”
  • Yet he uploads a cover of bts’ fire the same day it was released which meant he only took 3 hours to learn and perfect the entire routine and that was super impressive considering how hard the dance was????
  • His behind the scenes video is also really funny cause he is such a dork in it
  • Repeats ‘cut’ like 101 times when he tries to do an intro
  • But his fan base grew when he became part of the youtube group: Brand New Boys where it was basically 4 boys uploading covers
  • Youngmin, Donghyun, Woojin & Daehwi were childhood friends who decided to create the account since they have been composing/choreographing music and dances since they were young
  • They realized they had to film 4 new videos with entirely different content each time they collab and they didn’t relly have time for that so Brand new Boys was formed
  • The four of them would do q&a and sometimes even vlogs  
  • So you were a dancer yourself who mainly does covers & create original choreography
  • You were pretty popular on youtube as you were part of a well-known dance studio (think 1 million studio) and you were one of the main dancers despite your young age as you had trained there since you were little hence you are always on their videos doing demos
  • But your main account wasn’t really popular since you barely uploaded and there were only 3-4 videos
  • One day you suddenly received a lot of subscribers and @ on a youtube channel
  • when you click on it, a bunch of girls was basically saying something about shipping you and a certain someone
  • Basically, Brand New Boys had been doing a live q&a when Daehwi basically exposed how Woojin was a huge fan of yours when the four of them was asked to tell a secret of another member
  • Their subscribers along with your fans from the dance studio just started freaking out and asked you two to collab
  • You were sort of freaking out cause if you had to pick out of the 4 of them, Woojin was undeniably your favourite cause he was so good at dancing
  • Like the thought of dancing with came up before you but you were so embarrassed knowing that he was super popular that you just shook it off
  • But you received a message right after that from Woojin’s personal youtube channel, saying that he was super sorry for disturbing you but if you were actually free, maybe you guys could work together on a dance
  • You honestly didn’t have much to do anyway so you said yes and you guys decided to do work on a cover of Jay Park’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ (guys I did not plan this lmao)
  • Your first meeting was cute
  • Like you guys will just awkwardly make small talks
  • But when it comes to dancing, something in you two just ignite
  • You guys only took one try after the rehearsal to get everything right
  • You were more shocked at how that shy boy just instantly changed right in front of you??? He was literally the definition of hot when he danced
  • Your heart was burning up at how his two different personalities like it was sooo charming to watch
  • So while uploading the video, you guys just spoke to each other about dancing
  • You learned at what age he learned dancing and his favorite dancing icons  
  • In turn, Woojin also learned a lot about you but you mostly did the talking cause he was still super stunned at how pretty you were
  • He did ask you out on a study date after the practice
  • The rest is history after he asked you to be his girlfriend through this super cheesy dance which he uploaded on youtube later on
  • Obviously, you said yes cause who could say no when he smiles with his snaggletooth
  • You will be appearing a lot more on Woojin’s youtube channel
  • There will be times where he just uploads a choreography to for a song that came out back in 2008  to surprise you as that was a song you have been recently listening to a lot
  • You guys will also be doing a lot of dances and you decided to revive your channel and your first video was the ‘boyfriend does my makeup challenge’ which ends up with your face being a mess but it’s okay you still love him
  • Whenever you guys finish filming a cover, silly dance battles will start
  • Woojin will be your dance partner whenever there was a couple part when you filmed for your studio cause that boy gets low key jealous whenever he sees someone else dancing with you
  • Pizza & Netflix is both you and Woojin’s kind of date
  • He will always be sending you song recommendations or his new spotify playlist
  • Eskimo kisses are both your favourite type of kisses

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who requested for Youtuber! Woojin. I will be doing a Youtuber! au for all 4 members of Brand New Boys so 3 more to go ^^ Also, dedicated to @baeijns who is literally the sweetest mutual like she writes the nicest things when she reblogs and her wanna one’s incorrect text messages gives me life <3

A PRIDEFUL Day in the Life of Dan and Phil // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff

Words: 7.1k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: swearing

Summary: YouTube Notification: AmazingPhil just uploaded “A PRIDEFUL Day in the Life of Dan and Phil”

A/N: Thank you so much for 2500 followers <3

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Never use an audio recorder

OKAY.  So this happened a good couple years into our ‘haunting.’  And to this day it’s something I completely regret, lmao.

I had a real nice little audio recorder, kinda like this one?

And I used it frequently in my home.  I didn’t really catch a lot until one night, me and a friend had extensively tried to communicate with who or what I believed to be haunting our home.  Nothing really happened while we were trying but it sure as hell did overnight.    We set the recorder on the kitchen table at about 2 am and turned it on before going straight to bed. 

(Note; Parents were obviously long-asleep since they had work the next day.) 

When we came out in the morning, we found the tape had been stopped after approximately 3 hours of recording.   The way this thing works is that it only stops on it’s own when either the tape runs out or the battery dies.  Neither of those things happened but the recorder had been stopped with an hour left on the tape.

We didn’t really think about that part at the time but yeah, super weird.   SO we rewound the tape and listened, fast forwarding through the 15 minutes of the places heater making a ton of noise.  Then there was some WEIRD SHIT for the last hour about.   

I put on my debunking hat, mostly because part of me didn’t want to think that whatever made the noises were in our home but I came up with nothing.  I’m still in fact at a loss.  There’s a point where it sounds as if something with an incredibly deep voice is a centimetre from the recorder and makes a deep, grunting noise.  With a distinctive ‘W’ sound as well.    It continues on for a minute and then gets further away.  From there it sounds like chairs are being pushed around our hardwood floor, but I didn’t notice anything out of place at all when I got up and looked around.  The voice sounded friggin’ demonic and angry and also sounded like it was about to vomit, which was weird and terrifying.  In the last few minutes of tape, it literally busts out with this blood curdling scream.  It sounds like a goddamn T-Rex or some shit and idk how that would even happen, and then there’s silence.  Silence and nothing else for about 10 minutes until the tape is turned off.  Manually.

I still have this tape somewhere.  I think it’s up at my dad’s place in Fort McMurray and I’m determined to find it the next time I visit because then I can actually upload it.  I don’t believe I ever taped over it because I was so shocked I even got it.   THIS IS LEGIT.  And I WILL PROVE IT SOME DAY.  Maybe y’all could help me try to figure out what it could be.  

I showed my mom the tape the next day I remember and she was so freaked out for the next week.   Good times.  sorry mom

ways adhd is constantly low key ruining my life:

  • I literally forget to eat if I am alone. I will literally forget to feed myself because unless I get up that exact second my stomach is like “hey dumbass you’re hungry” I will forget that I was hungry in the first place.
  • I literally forget to go to sleep. I try to stop myself now because I KNOW what happens when I do this, every time, but a lot of youtubers upload their videos late at night/early in the morning so my dumb ass forgets to fall asleep because I watched ONE safiya video and then youtube recommended me a buzzfeed video and then a liza koshy video and then a jenna marbles video and then I look at the clock on my laptop and holy fuck it’s 2:30 and I need an hour to actually go to sleep oh my god I’m not going to sleep until 3:30 I have to get up at seven fuck I’m so stupid how am I going to get through work tomorrow god what the fuck
  • if I start to do something, like I actually get the motivation and the energy to do something like clean illyria’s tank or do laundry, I cannot stop in the middle or I will never finish it. I clean my room, like actually clean it (put clothes away, do laundry, change my sheets, pick up the trash, pick up the accumulated shit that’s all around my room from months of being lived in, etc), once every MAYBE four months because it takes me like 8 hours to clean it until I’m satisfied. I’ve literally slept just on the allergen cover on my bed for a week because I got interrupted when I was cleaning my room and I kept forgetting to put sheets on my bed until it was time to go to sleep and at that point in the day, every time, I just didn’t care or have the energy to deal with it. so my friend ended up making my bed because he hated how the allergen cover feels. 
  • it takes me an hour to actually fall asleep because I can’t turn my brain off so if I go upstairs at 12:30, I know I’m not falling asleep until 1:30 whether I like it or not. and I usually just take one too many melatonin because I have to work tomorrow and I fucking need sleep like holy shit.
  • I had a really good point for this next one and I completely forgot what it was
  • OH OH OH time! my concept of time is skewed because if I’m engaged in something (watching youtube videos or typing a post like this for example because like, holy shit it’s 12:26 I need to go to bed), I don’t notice the time passing at all. I have literally accidentally stayed in bed for three hours because I was watching videos on my phone and I would’ve bet you $100 that it had only been twenty minutes. but when I’m bored and my brain has nothing to engage in, five minutes feels like fifty minutes and I start spiraling because it’s like if my brain doesn’t have anything to eat (ie focus on) it just starts eating itself (ie spiraling)
  • I’m always tired because my brain is literally always going so I’m not physically tired, like I feel physically okay, I could probably hike up a (small) mountain, sure - but my brain is like, done for the day by 3:30. and it’s a fucking JOKE because I’m not a fully functional person until about 3-4 hours after I wake up and I take my medicine within the first 45 minutes of being awake and it’s most effective for about eight hours so there’s literally like maybe three hours that you can catch me during the day where I have my shit together.
  • I literally failed the drug test to get my current job because the nurse person who did it wouldn’t listen to me when I told her I take adderall and it would show up on the test so I failed the drug test because I had amphetamines in my system do you understand how AWKwARD that phone call was to a potential employer!!!! DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  • there are at least three books that I have multiple copies of because I never got around to reading the first copy I picked up because I couldn’t focus but I saw it in a store again and was like “[jenna marbles voice] HELL YEAH I WANNA READ THIS BOOK” and then I get home and three months later when I clean my room I find the other two copies of the book and it’s too late to return it so I just?????? never read any of them?
  • this is terrible but I like, occasionally forget to feed the dogs or take yeezy on a walk because I’m a piece of shit. I’ve never completely forgotten but I’ve definitely remembered at like 2pm and texted my mom “hey wait did you feed the dogs?” and just……… god I suck
  • the amount of times I have forgotten that I had a class or a make up class since I started training. catch me at the fucking fish wall confused and offended that you’re telling me I fORGOT a class until I realize that I’m a dumbass and I did, in fact, completely forget I had a class
  • today I was midsentence with a customer and I looked up and one of the koi had something in their mouth and I trailed off in the middle of a word and just blurted out “did that koi eat a piece of gravel” because he was swimming around with half a worm in his mouth and interrupting the lady a few minutes later to tell her when I realized it was a piece of worm and not a piece of gravel and her just looking super disgusted 

tl;dr anxiety makes being a person Hard but adhd makes being a person Impossible

So about the Dreamcar show

Y’all, so much happened. 

In bullet form for readability/it’s 1AM and I have work in the morning because I’m an adult.


I got there like 45 minutes after doors opened because my days of lining up mega early for shows are over.

  • That’s a lie
  • I just had to work til 5 and it was raining all day so I didn’t wanna sit outside anyway

So I walk into the venue, and??? It’s so empty??? Like what the fuck??? I went to the bathroom, which is wayyyyyyy at the back and in the basement, I hate getting to it during packed shows because you CAN’T MOVE. That venue is not safe and there are not enough exits BUT ANYWAY.

When I got back upstairs I went to the merch table and bought a tank top

  • Warning if you see Dreamcar: it fits weirdly small???
  • But I love it
  • Also they didn’t do that thing I hate when bands jack up prices by like $10 because of the conversion rate.
  • It’s $35 online and I paid $35CAD.
  • Joke’s on you that’s only like $20US
  • Help our dollar is a fucking joke

Then I went to the stage and despite the opening band staring imminently I was only two people from the front???


I mean, I don’t know if I would go seeking out their music but they were really fun and had fantastic energy. The lead singer kept making eye contact with people in the front and it was slightly awkward but also endearing as hell. I kept getting distracted during their set because I decided most of the rest of the band looked like other people

  • The keyboard player looked so much like Jamison Covington from JamisonParker
  • Does anyone remember them? They had like one album in maybe 2005 and I loved it
  • But it’s so emo
  • Listening to it now is like??? Was my world ever that dark? Damn son.
  • The drummer looks just like a dude I went to high school with and played in Concert Band with
  • But it is not.
  • That dude is a DJ now though
  • The percussionist lowkey reminded me of what’s his face from Cabin in the Woods… the stoner one. 
  • Cabin in the Woods is a great movie


I mean is it any surprise that they’re great live? All of them have been performing for so long so like… they know their shit. But there’s a lot happening all at once, it seems like. You’ll maybe see when I post my video of All Of The Dead Girls once it finishes uploading to YouTube. But I guess it’s partly because Tom, Adrian & Tony are so used to playing together but sometimes it’s like there’s their show happening and then there’s Davey being Davey around them and it is a lot.

  • Someone yelled “You’re good!” between songs and it got a good laugh out of Davey who was like, “I’m glad you think so???”
  • Like what an odd thing to say???
  • The other three have mastered the art of keeping Davey on topic
  • If he sounds like he’s about to go off on a tangent just start the next song it’s great
  • “If only that would work during interviews,” I’m sure Jade/Adam/Hunter is muttering to himself in the distance
  • They covered Don’t Change and it was amazing, I wanted to get a video of it but it was such a different (more upbeat) version I didn’t even clue in on time lmao
  • During the bridge of Kill For Candy, Davey and I shared a moment during the first “Let it dissolve on your tongue” and it was magical


It rained literally the entire day here, so when I walked out of the venue and it wasn’t raining anymore I thought, y’know what, I’m gonna stick around for a bit, try my luck meeting these dudes. But only until 11:00. That’s my cut-off. I’m a responsible adult.

  • This is a lie
  • It’s cute that I believed it though
  • Also it was still raining but it was a very fine mist so it wasn’t that bad
  • This is also a lie it was terrible and my hair went to shit

There were like 25 people waiting, at the peak of it. After about an hour, some people had left so there were maybe 20 or so. Not bad at all, right? About half of those were No Doubt faithful, who seemed to be a very tight-knit group who all knew each other from various No Doubt events and trips and stuff. They were super nice and – bonus! – most of them couldn’t be fucked about Davey. But we did talk about the show, how awesome it was, and the fact that Davey is secretly jacked was mentioned – not even by me!!! And most of them agreed that a) it should’ve been a longer set and b) they should’ve covered some No Doubt because Davey singing I’m Just A Girl would be delightful.

  • Somebody made the joke that the guys snuck out past all of us and were probably on the public transit bus that went by
  • “But then they’ll get to Sherbourne station and get shanked.”
  • If you know Toronto at all you know that’s probably true
  • If there was anywhere in this city where a repeat of “what are you gonna do about it, pink shoes?” was gonna go down it’s motherfucking Sherbourne St.

Finally at around 11:15 or so, security & tour management came out and set up a barricade by the bus, telling us all to line up in twos. Ok cool. We did. 

  • Tom came out first and the orderly line went to shit because he just like, walked right out to chat and take pictures and sign autographs. I was trying to stay near the barricade and missed him entirely. Oops. 
  • Tony came out next and did the same thing, but actually on my side. I got a picture with him and he signed my ticket.
  •  Adrian stayed by the barricade but was very chatty with people. I also got a picture and autograph from him.
  • All of them seemed to like, know some of the No Doubt die hards who were there and I think that’s so cool, they’ve always seemed like this huge, untouchable band to me but they’re so cool with their fans

All three of them got on the bus, and because of the No Doubt fans stepping back I was pretty much at the barricade. The tour manager came back and asked who we were still waiting for so of course were like, obviously Davey. So then came the new instructions:

  • Single file lineup please (I ended up third, so cool)
  • No photos
  • This is 900% ok I’ve seen my pictures with Adrian & Tony I know what I look like
  • I’ve been standing in the rain for two hours I look like I live in garbage and a family of raccoons have been living in my hair for the winter
  • No hugs either
  • Also fine because who honestly wants to hug a bunch of damp strangers???
  • Just a chat, an autograph, and keep the line moving
  • Awesome, we’re grown ups, we can do this
  • Oh shit now I have to think of something to say

So then Davey appears in that long hoodie/cloak… thing… which I SHOULD have asked where he got it because I love it but obviously I think of things to say after the fact, so whatever. He was really chatty and smiling at everyone and it was so nice. The first two conversations happened as I was trying not to awkwardly stare at Davey. I’m not gonna be the one who makes it weird.

  • This is also a lie
  • I don’t think I made it weird though

When it was my turn, he asked how I was and I said “amazing” because I was, and the teenage version of me fainted then and there, she was not at all prepared for this moment.

I might’ve rattled off something about how his music, whether AFI or Blaqk Audio or Dreamcar or any other project, has been such a big part of my life for almost half my life now, so thank you and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it

  • I don’t think that was weird
  • It was true, too
  • “Thank you, I hope that’s a good thing.”
  • I mean.
  • Obviously.
  • So I said it’s absolutely a good thing, thanked him again, and mentioned I would see him in like 3 weeks (!!!) for some AFI shows. 
  • ‘Cause y’know. He’ll remember.

And then I walked back to the subway and went home, 18-year-old me screaming internally.

tl;dr I saw Dreamcar, they were amazing, I finally met Davey Havok after 15 years.

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 2

Part 2 of 2! What if various Naruto characters had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all? Part 1.

1. Naruto: Username - NineTailsOfRamen

Naruto would predominately blog about ramen. He would make sure to set up a queue to post or reblog a new photo every couple of hours with uplifting captions underneath them. He would also rave constantly about how everyone should eat at Ichiraku. 

Post 15: Man this is making me suuuper hungry

Post 27: Ate this bad boy today!! Extra Chashu and naruto!! (that’s also my name heheh)

Post 56: Guys guys you NEED to eat at Ichiraku okay he is like the GOD OF RAMEN

2. Sakura: Username - PinkHairDontCare

Sakura would post motivational things such as body workouts, words of advice and things to lift peoples spirits. She would also (unknowingly) reblog Konan’s photos of flowers from time to time. 

Post 34: Here’s my daily routine for workouts in the morning! Try and add a few extra push ups or sits ups if you can manage it!

Post 44: DON’T GIVE UP. You can DO IT. There is nothing in your way of achieving your goals except for you! I know you can do it!

Post 78: Super beautiful Sakura tree; much like myself! ;))

3. Sasuke: Username - saszuke

Sasuke would literally just post about his thoughts and feelings throughout the day. He would never reblog anything but rather upload his own photos of things like the sunrise or the sky during a thunderstorm. He has a feeling that all the lovely anon messages he’s getting are from Itachi but he can’t be sure. 

Post 6: Actually ate breakfast today. That’s a new one. I haven’t been committed to eating breakfast in a long time. Had eggs; they were alright.

Post 21: Here’s a photo I took last night; managed to capture some lightning during the storm. I feel it reflects my personality pretty well.

Post 50: To the anon who keeps sending me nice things; who are you??? Are you Itachi?? It’s kinda creeping me out tbh

4. Shikamaru: Username - StitchedDream

Shikamaru would be on Tumblr quite a bit when he’s bored. He would reblog pictures of the sky and super comfortable looking bedrooms or beds. He keeps promising his followers he’ll upload a selfie of himself but he’s too lazy to do it.

Post 40: These clouds are me. Not even joking

Post 67: I kinda just laid down today and didn’t get up for like 4 hours. I didn’t even sleep.

Post 89: I want ALL of these beds. Just one big room filled with beds. That’s the dream. 

5. Chouji: Username - FoodIsAlwaysMyMood

Chouji would of course blog about food. He mostly uploads his own photos of various places he goes and the food he eats there. He’s gained a huge following and always takes suggestions on what to try. 

Post 345: Tried the new BBQ chicken at my local BBQ place today! It was AMAZING. The texture was PERFECT. Here’s a photo!

Post 400: Someone suggested I give a miso based ramen a try; so I did! It was SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT.

Post 567: Here’s a photoset of every meal I had this week! It looks like quite a lot now that I see it but everything was INCREDIBLY TASTY! Let me know which one is your fav!

6. Suigetsu: Username - ThinkingBoutH2Hoe

Suigetsu shit posts. A lot. And he doesn’t even care. His blog has no theme whatsoever; sometime he posts porn and sometimes he posts photos of birds. He follows Kisame and reblogs a lot of his posts about sharks too.


Post 444: Kisame Senpai this shark looks SO COOL YOU ARE THE COOLEST


7. Rock Lee: Username - TheMostYouthful

Rock Lee obviously would post anything and everything to do with training and fitness. From reblogging fitness videos to uploading his own routine, he’s followed by heaps of people who look up to him. They get a bit weirded out when he posts a lot of close up photos of Gai, though.




8. Gaara: Username - RedCactusPanda

Gaara doesn’t like telling anyone he has a Tumblr. He prefers to stay anonymous but LOVES posting about cacti and succulents. He always asks bigger blogs questions about how to look after his own and posts photo of his own secret cacti garden. 

Post 32: This little succulent has grown so much since I got him! I’ve named him after one of my friends; but not saying who!

Post 55: Someone suggested I would probably enjoy having some marimo’s so I got some! Here they are only two days after I got them and they are pretty cool looking :))

Post 70: Here’s my collection after 4 months. It’s grown a big bigger than I originally wanted but I love them all anyway!

9. Kiba: Username - 99PercentDog

Kiba posts dogs. And a lot of them. That’s all he posts as well; constantly reblogging photos or uploading his own of Akamaru (which get pretty popular).

Post 100: Look at this husky!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Post 150: THIS IS AKAMARU! Isn’t he the most handsome dog you have EVER seen?? This is a video of him asking for food haha look at those adorable eyes that I can never say no to goddamit


10. Haku: Username - It’sAlwaysWinter

Haku is always posting his best selfies. He reblogs a lot of posts relating to snow and winter as well, but it’s mostly selfies. A lot of people think he’s a girl. He likes shutting down perverted men who message him. 

Post 106: Me today~ :)) I really like my hair in this pic

Post 142: Thanks to the kind anon who told me my eyes were beautiful, but not as beautiful as my face on the floor :))) you’re the man

Post 600: Oh yeah, by the way. I’m a guy. A dude. A male. Surprise!

Hold my breath for me

JiHope Bingo

Week: 5

Square: jealousy

Summary:  Jimin is jealous and Hoseok is the only one who can help him.

Notes: i’m sorry to everyone who’s asking where the other fic’s chapters are. The thing is that uni has started and work has, too, so i literally have no time, but i’ll upload soon i promise! So, with this story i’ve completed the my coloumn of the jihope bingo. It was so much fun partecipating and reading your stories, thanks to all who partecipated and the ones who read our stories! Love you <3


“Jimin, don’t forget your bottle”

Namjoon glanced at the floor where Jimin was curled on himself, his arms around his legs in a fetal position, rolling back and forth on his backside. With a powerful roll Jimin managed to sit up, stretching his legs long and bending forward, his forehead almost touching the material of his pants. The concert was starting in few minutes and warming up was necessary above all, and since they warmed up their voices in the morning during the rehearsal, the only thing left was to stretch their bodies. Apparently, not everyone thought their voices were ready enough, Jimin could notice it by the non-stop chatting coming from the other room, filled with small laughs here and there. His bandmates appeared a few minutes later, Jungkook with his arm stretched under his chin as the other arm would keep it in place, and Hoseok turning his head around to stretch his neck, laughing and whispering something that Jimin couldn’t hear clearly from the floor, not that he had interest in it anyway. The two boys almost didn’t notice the one on the floor until a soft hiccup caught their attention.


Hoseok called, and the boy appeared from behind the couch on his fours, before another hiccup escaped from his lips and he immediately tried to cover his mouth with his hands.

“Poor thing”

The older helped Jimin standing up and sitting on the couch together, rubbing his hand on his back. Jimin felt his face burning up by the simple gesture of care from his hyung, but the hands on his face were enough to cover it. Jungkook sat on the floor between Jimin’s legs, looking between his hyungs and waiting for Jimin to stop hiccupping.

“Be sure you’ve got enough water before getting on stage, we cannot risk of having you panic in front of the crowd again”

The older’s words were like a good medicine for Jimin, that’s why it was always him to stay and comfort Jimin when he had hiccups attack. It didn’t happen very often, but lately Jimin has been suffering by it a lot, and the group just didn’t know what to do with it anymore. A moment before, Jimin was okay, doing his things normally, and the moment after he would start hiccupping and not stopping until Hoseok would have calmed him down. Seokjin told him it was better if he’d see a doctor, but in Yoongi’s opinion, the kid was just going through a phase where he was feeling insecure and anxious, so the hiccups would be just a sort of relief for his body when he gets tensed.

Maybe it was really like Yoongi say, but sometimes the hiccups would show up in totally random moments. For example, one night, Jungkook and Hoseok had stayed in the practice room over the practice’s hours, excusing themselves for working over a track the younger had asked Hoseok to help him with. There was no need to hide the fact that Hoseok was the best dancer in the group, in Jimin’s thoughts, but the fact that Jungkook had clearly asked Jimin not to interfere with their private lessons had the latter hiccupping in his pillow all the night long, trying not to wake up Taehyung on the lower bunk, until his two bandmates would come back, Hoseok silently sneaking inside their shared room and hearing the muffled hiccups coming from the top bunk, tiptoeing to the younger to ask if he was okay, but Jimin would just ignore him, faking to sleep.

Somehow, it was always Hoseok to help him go through it. No matter how much the others would stay close to him, Jimin would calm down only when Hoseok was on his side. It happened on another night, when Taehyung and Hoseok were hanging out together, spending the night out like two old good friends, that Namjoon had called them worried and asked them to come back soon since Jimin could not even speak from hiccupping too much. They’d come back, Taehyung had collapsed on his bed, his arms under his head without even caring to look at his two friends on Hoseok’s bed, the older holding Jimin under his arm and telling him that it was okay, that he was home now. Jimin had fallen asleep after an hour of cuddles with his hyung, and Hoseok had left him there to go and sleep on Jimin’s bed above Taehyung’s.

It didn’t pass unnoticed. All this time, Yoongi has been watching what was happening. Jimin being alone and starting hiccupping, Hoseok being the only one who could cure him. So Yoongi got an idea. He took Hoseok to his studio, with the excuse of discussing about a new track for the album, but instead it ended up with Hoseok crying and Yoongi patting his shoulder to show his care. When Hoseok left, Jimin saw those red eyes behind that fake smile, but didn’t say anything when Yoongi followed Hoseok right after, shrugging his shoulders to the younger. Hoseok sat on the couch in the living room, his face in his hands when Jimin and Yoongi arrived after him.


Yoongi called, sitting beside him and leaning over him to nuzzle his nose against Hoseok’s neck, his head tilted in a way that Jimin couldn’t see what the older was exactly doing, but the moment he did so, Jimin curled his hands in fists and opened his mouth to speak, but something crawled up from his throat before he could even speak, and he crushed in a shower of hiccups. In that moment, Hoseok lifted his head in shook, looking astonished at the younger who was already covering his face with his hands, but seeing Hoseok staring at him in such a surprised way got him so embarrassed that he had to run away and hide in his room.

When Hoseok opened the bedroom’s door carefully, he wasn’t surprised to find the younger sprawled on his stomach on Hoseok’s bed, face buried in the pillow and loud hiccups echoing in the empty room. He sat on the edge, and as usual his hand flied on the younger’s back, massaging it with care, noticing how Jimin had jumped at the contact. The hand travelled on his back, up to gently close behind his neck and then down, to his leg, which got Jimin turning his head away from the pillow to glance back at his hyung, who was smiling at him as his fingers travelled on his clothed thigh in slow motion. Hoseok pushed his leg on the other side so that Jimin could turn on his back, Hoseok between his legs leaning toward him, until Jimin could feel the soft blows of hot hair from his nostrils. Hoseok was looking down at him with such a blissful face that Jimin almost felt embarrassed his hiccups were ruining the moment, but then the older finally lowered his head and placed his lips against Jimin’s in a soft chaste kiss, nothing passionate, just skin against skin, and Jimin was trying to look anywhere but his hyung’s face, while Hoseok had his eyes closed, enjoying the moment. When Hoseok pulled away, sitting back on his heels, Jimin was still there, petrified, his flushed cheeks bloated with the air he didn’t exhale and his lips sealed in a thin line. The moment Hoseok caressed his face, Jimin felt like he could breathe again, letting the air out all at once, his chest rising up and down as he panted lightly.

“Jimin, your hiccup is gone”

At Hoseok’s statement, Jimin got the urge to cover his face with his hands again as he always did, but when nothing really came out, he removed his hands in awe.

“But, how?”

“You’re so silly, Jiminnie”, Hoseok chuckled, “you just had to hold your breath for ten seconds”.

anonymous asked:

care to share your wonderful and very valid opinions on dan's liveshow tonight?

goooodnessss i’m fucking reeling after that live show honestly. dan was … well, not exactly in high spirits, but he was animated and laughing and so, so unbelievably open with us about so much. i was fucking excited to hear him share honest perceptions of himself and his career as an entertainer and public figure, as well as so many candid thoughts on his relationship with his audience, all surrounded, of course, by just the sort of lovely phil mentions and anecdotes that reiterate the interwoven nature of their lives even despite his self-consciousness that so many more people were going to be watching this than his old younow-only live streams. this ls was just so full of the kind of actual insight into dan’s mind and his life that we rarely get and that i absolutely live for. noteworthy things for me, grouped into general categories: 

1. meta about himself: 

  • in an extension of (imo) the most important thing in the memes video, dan openly and explicitly talked about his mental health struggles. this was amazing to me. there was no attempt to defuse the seriousness of the conversation, but there was every attempt to actually explain to us that all of the mocking commentary and self-deprecating humor and the ‘ready for death’ comments are a way for him to cope with his genuine struggles with anxious/depressive tendencies. it’s yet another confirmation that with dan and his questionable humor, the discussion should never really be ‘is he joking or is he serious’ as though the two cannot co-exist (i wrote about that in like a million posts after the memes vid so sry for redundancy). rather, he IS joking and poking fun of himself, genuinely, with actual appreciation for the humor of it, as a way to deal with more serious (and also genuine) underlying issues. he talked about why this is healthy for him. he talked about how it means he’s not letting his “mental health problems” define him. it’s all just. so much further than he’s been willing to go with us before on that subject, and i was so grateful to him and proud of him in that moment. jfc i’m emotional rn 
  • a semi-explicit not-straight mention. he just fucking admitted (again) to not being straight in the oblique and sidelong way that he’s so good at, using his hair as a segue. for people who want to get the exact quote tattooed on their ass like me: ‘i feel like i prefer it [wavy] to being straight … ’cause my hair ………….. doesn’t want …….  to be straight. inside jokes. so here i am. wavy dan … .  is rising.’ then, a few seconds later, when people are complimenting his not-straight hair, someone says, ‘it’s like you,’ and dan says, ‘thank you.’ 
  • identifying as other various things that are sort of new (not being straight aside): slytherin (hyfr, thank god he stopped clinging to the idea of himself as a gryffindor), introvert, infj maybe but probs not, and a scorbus shipper
  • his number 1 crush now is albus potter. cool 
  • weird earring discourse. he started to talk about them by saying “they’re gone” and then promptly got distracted??? ? what the hell was that about? and then later he came back to the subject and said he wanted to try a singular thin copper ring like connor or troye while sporting the wavy hair. just the thought of that has me weak at the knees so that’s where i’m at. everyone pray for phil, who will likely have breathing problems shortly.

2. meta about his relationship with audience and being an entertainer: 

i’m going to be honest. someone like dan who seems to be fundamentally so uncomfortable with people’s attention and people talking about him, probs should not have a career that rests entirely on those exact things. dan’s relationship to the audience and his own perception of his role as an entertainer are convoluted with sharply divergent and contradicting emotions. he seems to wildly fluctuate between two extremes: first, being thrilled and happy that his actual job is to bring other people happiness and that he has substantively changed lives (which helps to ease some of the debilitating existential fears he has about the pointlessness of his own existence) and, second, struggling with the inability to stop examining everything he puts out there from the perspective of the audience and the discomfort that that produces. basically once dan releases something into the world it becomes the audience’s thing with which to do whatever they want, to analyze how they see fit, to pick apart and examine. and the same applies to his actions, his speech, his behavior, and all. of. it. is beyond his control. it seems like that terrifies him and confounds him in equal measure. it was just so clear through so many of the little comments he made and rants he went on during this live show: 

  • the acknowledgement that putting the live streams on dini elevates them to a much huger audience (he talked about last week’s getting 600k views as opposed to his usual ~25k) and that this stresses him out, unwittingly forces him to be more staged and ‘performance’-y than he generally is in live shows, which in his mind are supposed to be candid, unplanned, and natural
  • noticing negative comments so frequently like ‘dan you’re so boring’ then getting visibly flustered. just another demonstration of his tendency to gravitate towards (and be affected by) negative feedback even while receiving hundreds upon hundreds of positive messages
  • this progression: “thoughts on black butler?” “it’s okay.” *5 mins later* “so many animes so little time, plus one or two you should avoid … like black butler.” this is dan at his most typically self-contradictory, which is a result of wanting to avoid expressing negative opinions to his audience and stay diplomatic and not alienate people with opinions that don’t match theirs but then UTTERLY FAILING because that’s just not who he is and he can’t actually control the urge to say what he actually thinks/feels
  • everything about this. fucking. tHIS: “welcome to the internet people. do you think you could survive this maelstrom? imagine yourself—a dog, a peaceful person, a chill swaggy human of the earth, at one with nature, but also an intellectual, purveyor of fine memes (side note: what a fucking way to describe himself lmao)—decide, ‘hey, I’m just gonna learn this thing on the piano. why not …’ and then imagine all of a sudden thousands of opinions attack you. someone’s saying, ‘you’re amazing’ someone else is saying, ‘you’re shit.’ how do you deal with that? how do i deal with that? well i’ve been on the internet a long time, and the answer is really simple. i’m simply dead inside. and expect nothing. … the less attached you are to the physical universe the less seriously you take everything.” this is dan describing, not for the first time, something that sounds quite like dissociating to cope w the anxiety he feels about not being able to control how the audience sees him, not being able to please everyone with who he is and his opinions and his content, etc.
  • the fact he can’t upload a new fb prof pic bc if he does ‘it’ll be a thing that people comment on’ or, in other words, talk about. which is bad.


despite the bleakness of all of the above, dan is okay in part because he has phil. phil who encourages him to take time to recharge, to rest and recuperate and do things that will calm him. who buys him aesthetically pleasing and serene presents because calmness is what dan needs most. who comes up with the idea of daily gaming videos in december both because it will be a lot of work and occupy dan’s days so that he doesn’t feel the existential emptiness of the conclusion of the tour, but also because gaming videos are fun and they make dan happy and they make him laugh, and in dan’s words ‘they were just what he needed’ in december. phil knows exactly how to soothe dan and, in that vein, the terrarium story honestly made me so warm because even though it was genuinely tragic and my heart aches to think of dan meticulously crafting this perfect, pristine little garden and fussing over all of the details in the way that he does, and then having to see it shatter and go to waste, i’m just so fucking emotional to think about phil coming in, probably seeing dan about to go into an emotional breakdown, and then making him laugh. because that’s what phil gives dan. peace, and humor. and you could tell that dan was trying to communicate that to us–that even though he was ready for death to take him or w/e, he was able to laugh too. pretty much entirely because of phil. and he said that proudly despite this new humongous live show audience of 600,000+ people, despite his self-consciousness about all those eyes on him. all of the other phil mentions sprinkled throughout were incredible too, including: 

  • the happy spon of phil’s latest video and the assurance that no part of it was exaggerated
  • his genuine confusion that a brand would try to send them separate promo gifts as though they’re not one conjoined entity 
  • the little story of them doing their pokemon battles and each wrecking the other
  • ‘now that i’ve done a dinof vid and phil’s done his, we’re gonna do some gaming videos on dapg and then *we’re* gonna, just do some life things’ imo: phil’s birthday and then. who knows??? they’re moving
  • which brings me to: AN ACTUAL EXPLICIT CONFIRMATION THAT GETTING MORE #STORAGE IS ON THEIR ACTUAL AGENDA and they imminently plan to do so, and as a result, “find out if there’s a better way to live and have loads of crap at the same time” kill me

ok so. i’m a mess. that live show literally was one of the best i can remember ever watching. i actually screamed twice. i didn’t know that was even possible. so … gonna go eat and like. lie on the floor and process everything for the next twenty hours. pray for me. thanks

(live show: i have hobbit hair now! - 01.17.17)

Friends (Part 9)

Chris Motionless x reader

Warning: Language, Donut-thieving, scheming

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8)

A/N: As I might be unable to post tomorrow, I decided to go ahead and upload Part 9! Enjoy!

How come they don’t put a lot of marshmallows in cereals?” Ricky complains as he picks through a box of Lucky Charms, and you shrug your shoulders as you open the stove, leaning down to grab the long dish out; you hoped this would fill the guys up halfway, at least.

If not, they could order pizza again for dinner.

You glance over towards the living room as you set the deep dish onto the stove, seeing the rest of them playing Xbox or strewn on the couch, Chris using his laptop at your desk as he works on something.

The two of you still hadn’t talked about the other night.

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{PART 12} Being on a reality T.V show with GOT7 & BTS

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (featuring members of GOT7 and BTS)

Genre: Fluff // Angst // Drama // Comedy

Summary: You are the leader of a very popular idol girl group. You are taking part in Koreas version of “Big Brother” where you will live with GOT7 and BTS for three months. You start to get close to Jaebum, GOT7′s leader. What will happen?

A/N: There are mentions of period and blood in this scenario.

Also, I apologise for the late upload of this weeks chapter :( As you may or may not know, I broke and dislocatied my elbow a few days ago so it is a little difficult for me to write at the same speed as I usually do. But I tried my best anyway, and here it is! I hope you enjoy :)

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7} {PART 8} {PART 9} {PART 10} {PART 11} {PART 12} {PART 13}

Generally speaking, you never really had too much trouble with periods. They were irregular, only blessing you every 3-4 months at best. You had previously been to the doctor about it before to get it checked out, but you were perfectly healthy as you had been informed that it’s normal for many women to have them irregularly. So with that in mind, you were hoping that mother nature wouldn’t be so cruel to you during your time in the Big Brother house.

But you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Getting to sleep that night wasn’t a problem – however, you awoke at 4am with what felt like something literally carving out your insides. You opened your eyes which had already been adjusted to the dark and scrunched your face up in pain, taking on the foetal position as you tensed your body up in an attempt to override the pain. You heard soft snores to your right – Jaebum was fast asleep as were the rest of the housemates. You lay in bed for another while, before deciding that you couldn’t take much more of it and hobbled into the bathroom.

After getting a good look at yourself, you realised two things; One – you were not going to be able to wear your comfy pyjama shorts for the next few days and; Two – how on earth were you going to be able to continue with the challenges? It was quite literally the heaviest you had ever seen it, plus the pain was getting more and more severe by the second. After cleaning yourself up and trying your best to make as little noise as possible, you found 2 aspirin in the vanity cabinet and swallowed them with water from the tap. You studied your reflection in the mirror, looking at how the colour had drained from your face, making you look peaky and sick as you splashed some water around yourself. “Hopefully these will kick in soon and I can get back to bed…” you moaned to yourself, looking at your watch and realising that the alarm would probably be going off in another 2 hours or so. You turned off the bathroom light before tip toeing quietly back into the bedroom and silently slipping back underneath your covers. You rolled onto your right side, adjusting yourself before laying your head down and resting it on your pillow. As you waited for the pain killers to begin to work, you opened your eyes to notice that Jaebum was facing in your direction, sound asleep. A smile crept on to your face at how peaceful and child-like he looked as he slept, his plush lips twitching every so often in his dreamy slumber. It was times like this that part of you wished he was able to climb in beside you, his chest against your back as he spooned you to sleep while he tucked your hair behind your ear and whispered sweet nothings to you…rubbing your tummy with his free hand and…

Before you knew it, you had drifted back off to sleep, thinking of Jaebum and the things you silently wished could happen.

Just as you suspected, 6:30AM on the dot, the alarm began screaming ‘good morning’ to you all as everyone struggled to sit up in their beds. You awoke once more, feeling the cramps and pain surging through your stomach with every tiny movement you attempted to make while everyone began getting up and getting dressed.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head~” you heard Jaebum say softly as he sat down on the side of your bed, pulling the covers down to see your face – to which he immediately knew something was wrong.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern as his softened morning features turned into serious ones.

“Yeah I’m fine, just had a rough nights sleep. I’ll be good once I get some breakfast and coffee in me” you forced a smile. Of course you weren’t about to say “Yeah actually I’m bleeding profusely right now so that’s why I look like a hot mess but it’s no biggie” as you sat up gently to convince him that you were fine. Jaebum sighed, placing his hand on your lower thigh over your bed covers.

“If you couldn’t sleep, you should have woke me. I could have lay in bed with you for a bit” he said softly, looking at you with his intense but caring eyes. You smiled a little, thinking back to your thoughts right before you fell asleep as you began to feel millions of tiny butterflies take flight in your stomach, before another cramp came and killed them all abruptly.

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom” you said, trying to not wince in pain as you swiftly got up and practically ran to the bathroom as you grabbed a pile of clothes to change into, leaving Jaebum sat on your bed in shock as he chuckled silently. He knew something was up with you, he was too quick witted for his own good. But he wasn’t going to force you to tell him either. He got up lazily, going back over to his own bed and listened to the others playfully argue over who was going to shower first this morning.

After cleaning yourself up and fumbling about trying to hide pads and other sanitary items, you changed into your clothes and walked back into the bedroom to be met by half of the people in the room half naked while the others were waiting patiently to use the shower room.

“Only in this house would it be appropriate to call this kind of situation ‘normal’…” BamBam giggled as he adjusted his towel around his waist. Everyone called out agreeing responses, except for you as you desperately tried to pull yourself together. “Maybe I could just go to The Diary Room and tell them…? Ugh no, then the entire public would know that it’s ‘that time of the month’” you debated with yourself, knowing that in the bathroom, you at least had a certain level of privacy and the public, nor Big Brother knew of your little problem.

After everyone had gone and had their shower and gotten dressed, you all began to make your way into the main area of the house. You walked alongside Mark and Yoongi, listening to them idly talk about what they could possibly be doing today, when all of a sudden a huge cramp surged throughout your entire body, causing you to stop in your tracks and place your hand on the wall as you clutched your stomach with the other. “Why is this so intense? What’s wrong with me?” thoughts like this began to flood your mind, making you panic even more and altering your breathing. Yoongi was the first one to notice that you were no longer walking beside him and Mark.

“Hey where did (Y/N) go? Oh shit” he said, as he looked back and saw you completely fall to the floor. Mark looked at Yoongi who was moving faster than he had ever seen him move in his life, before his eyes found you, laying on the ground. His mouth fell open as he ran back with Yoongi to the hallway to find that you had broken out in a cold sweat.

“She’s in a cold sweat but she’s super warm. Are you sick (Y/N)? Did you catch a cold?” Yoongi asked as he sat you up against the wall, before hunkering down in front of you. Mark on the other hand, was kneeling right beside you with the back of his hand across your forehead, looking more concerned than ever.

“Did you hit your head when you fell (Y/N)? Do you feel dizzy or nauseous at all?” he asked calmly, trying to assess the situation.

“I didn’t…hit my head…but I feel really dizzy. Can you p-…please get Hyemi” you managed to blurt out in between short breaths. Even in all of this, you didn’t want to tell them it was because you had intense pains from your period. Yoongi nodded at Mark before getting up and leaving in search of Hyemi. Mark sighed through his nose, his face ridden with concern and sympathy for you as he caressed your cheek gently. Without meaning to, you rested your head into the crook of his neck, feeling tired and exhausted as all of your energy drained from your body. Mark, still being worried for you, couldn’t help but want to protect you as he put his arm around you and gently rubbed your back while using his other free hand to push your hair that was sticking to your forehead with a little sweat back off your face.

“You can tell me what’s wrong, you know that right? You can trust me.” Mark said in a low voice into you ear, his tone sending chills throughout your body.

Just then, the doors to the Big Brother house burst open and a team of medical staff came running in, causing the rest of the housemates to jump and scream as they didn’t know what was going on at all. Jaebum, who was standing next to Taehyung and Jackson, scrunched his eyebrows together as he scanned the room and realised the only two people that were missing were you, and Mark – before deciding to run after the medical staff in the direction of the hallway leading to the bedroom.

He was met by you, laying against the wall with Marks arms around you, almost cradling you into his chest as the medical staff began to examine you. Jaebum felt a mix of worry, concern, and jealously ignite inside of him as he approached you all. Upon seeing your face, completely drained of colour and your sullen expression as you attempted to talk to the medical staff, he pushed past them to kneel down beside you. Mark looked over to his friend, giving him a pensive look as Jaebum quite literally pulled you from Mark’s arms and into his own.

“I knew something was wrong with you, why didn’t you tell me earlier when I asked you?” he questioned you softly, looking into your eyes and trying to get you to be more responsive. You placed your hand on his chest, taking deep breaths as instructed by the medical staff.

“I don’t want to be rude to you or Mark, but this is kind of…a personal problem and I’d feel more comfortable…if you both left for a bit” you replied, biting your lip and hoping they wouldn’t take it the wrong way. Jaebum looked at you, confused, before seeing Mark rise to his feet.

“Come on JB, let the medical staff do their job. Come on~” he persuaded him, holding out his hand as Jaebum looked at him. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and even betrayed by Mark, his memory flashing back to how he held you just seconds ago. Without even thinking, Jaebum looked at you once more and pressed his lips to your forehead, giving you a light, chaste kiss and staring back into your eyes.

“You’ll be okay, alright? Be strong. I’ll be waiting for you.” He said, before giving your hand a light squeeze and rising to his feet and walking over to stand beside Mark as they proceeded to walk back into the main room to let everyone know what was going on.

You eventually told the medical staff that you had gotten a really heavy period, that it wasn’t usual for it to be so heavy and that you hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet. They took your temperature which was a little higher than usual, but assured you that it was nothing to worry about. They managed to calm you down as they informed you that since you were on your period and you hadn’t got any fluids in you, you had become dehydrated and your energy levels had completely depleted.

“So, since you are in this condition, we recommend complete bed rest for the day. Don’t worry about the challenge at all, Big Brother have already made a decision to let one person from the other team sit out today’s challenge to even out the teams. So just focus on getting plenty of rest, eat well and drink a lot of liquids, okay Miss (Y/N)?” the kind man of the medical staff said, smiling at you and rubbing your shoulder. You nodded at him, letting out an embarrassed smile at all the fuss you had caused once again. The medical staff helped you to your feet, before taking you back into the bedroom and assisting you in becoming comfortable in bed.

“We’ll get the person from the other team who volunteers to sit out to come and bring you some nice hot soup and bread, in the meantime – here’s a bottle of water. Drink up alright? You’ll be fine Miss (Y/N), don’t worry about anything” the man said once more, before all of them waved goodbye to you as they filed out of the room.

The medical staff returned to the main room before they brought the rest of the housemates up to speed on the situation – kindly without revealing to the entire house that you were on your period.

“…With that being said, we have been told to inform you all that since (Y/N) will be sitting out on today’s challenge, to make the teams even – one person from the other team will be required to volunteer to sit out today and it would be nice if they could sit with (Y/N) and make sure she is alright. So, when you have decided who will not be participating in today’s challenges, could that person please go to the diary room and inform Big Brother? Thank you very much!” the medical staff all bowed before they went through the glass doors and headed up the stairs to exit the Big Brother house.

As the rest of the housemates all took in the situation, Mark didn’t waste any time in going up to and approaching Jaebum, pulling him to the side out of ear shot of the others.

“So…doesn’t that mean you’ve won the challenge now and everything’s over?” he said more quickly than he planned to, referring to earlier when Jaebum kissed you on the forehead. Jaebum studied Marks expression carefully, as he also recalled how cosy Mark looked as he held you close to his body.

“No. Big Brother made it clear that it has to be on the lips, and that it has to be wanted on both sides. I can’t just go up to her like I did and give her a surprise kiss.” Jaebum said simply, not taking his eyes off his older friend. Jaebum didn’t like what he seen earlier, and the fact that Mark had just pulled him aside to ask him this question greatly confused him.

“Oh, I see…sorry I must have forgot if you mentioned it before.” Mark said, half forcing a smile and nodding at Jaebum. Jaebum smiled back at him, not sure of what Mark was thinking…what his true intentions were, before they both joined the rest of the group to discuss who wouldn’t be taking part in today’s challenge.

You lay in your bed, sipping on the bottle of water and trying to get comfortable, thinking to yourself how embarrassing everything had been. You thought back to the way Mark held you close as you quite literally nearly passed out. “And then Jaebum came…” you remembered, not fully being able to recall the entire way of things, when you heard a knock at the bedroom door; making you jump a little and snap back to your senses.

“It’s okay, you can come in!”

The door opened slowly, your eyes never leaving the frame as you found out who would be sitting with you while the rest of the housemates took part in the challenge. You sat up, smiling at them as you playfully patted the space beside you on the bed.

“So you’re my caretaker for today?”

why [yoongi&you]

Summary: getting involved with a gang due to his father’s debts, yoongi didn’t expect that you who he kept safe, would have a bad end.

a/n: here is the mafia!au you asked for, dear Bullet. i was struggling so bad, since last week i barely had any fuggen sleep. stupid work place. -_- so this is crappy for me. i just kept erasing, kept rewriting, erasing, rewriting, and finally decided to upload this in hopes you would like my pure trash writing. T_T i am sorry if this didn’t come to your content. I will make everything better for you in the future.

Originally posted by hugtae

In and out, in and out, in and out.

It’s easy for one to say when they just want to finish a business that involves with crime doings. Just deliver the case in, and out the door you go and life will be back to normal.

But was life ever normal?

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aaaaaaaallrighty guys! I’m super tired :3 

Of course I haven’t done anything productive this week.. I should have read a book for uni, do lots of other stuff buuuuut..nope! I read fics instead.. ehem..enough blabla! I know you only want me for my weekly destiel fic rec list ;)

Title:  Just Gonna Sit there?

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,200
Summary:When his brother abandons him at a college sex party, Castiel tries to find somewhere to sit quietly and wait for his ride to return. Feeling more than a little out of place, he wants nothing more than to leave, until a gorgeous and almost naked man falls into his lap. Maybe he can stay for a little while.

Note:  Woah..just..woah. Wonderful PWP. Absolutely hot! Dean has a thing for exhibitionism. holy frick, this fic. wow this rhymed. I’m a poet! (not..) this fic is A+ and there’s even a happy ending yay! GO READ IT

Title:  Professor Novak

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,200
Summary:The one where Dean needs to pass his college class and Cas is his handsome professor willing to take a bribe.

Note:  PWP. Yes, I’m a kinky fucker and I read lots of porn. this is good porn. very good porn. Also cas as a prof is always super hot. Title:  Sex 101, or: That Time Castiel Asked Dean to Teach Him How to Have SexRating: Explicit Word Count: 50,000 Summary:“‘I want to have sex,’ Castiel announces suddenly.

Dean chokes on his gulp of Baha Blast.”


Wherein Dean teaches Cas how to have sex, and Cas teaches Dean why to have sex.

This fic is filled with music, literature, fluff, angst, smut, feels, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Note:  Oh god. this fic blew me away. I don’t know what it is with Destiel/others lately?? Why am I reading this stuff? I mean, I never liked it?? BUT NOW I DO. The first chapter was SO GODDAMN HOT I HAD TO  PUT MY TABLET DOWN AND DO STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  But it’s not just hot, it’s also funny and there’s plot. Suddenly things are happening. Stripper!Dean things O_o Also there a fabulous drag!queens who save the day I mean how can you NOT love this fic? GO NOW. *throws glitter at you* WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE THIS FIC IS PURE AWESOMESAUCE *throws more glitter and some pink dildos*

Title:  Bunny Tail

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,800
Summary:Dean is sitting in his last class of the day, a boring three hour Sociology course, when he gets a message from his roommate.

Note: I really have no idea WHY but I think those tail thingies are the hottest shit. (This is obviously also a pwp) And goddamnit I mean I love top!Cas but I also love bottom!Cas when he’s written like that in AUs. *can’t decide and runs in circles* BOTH. BOTH IS FAB

Title:  Everything

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:It’s a warm, lazy morning, and Cas’ apartment is bathed in hazy sunlight. Dean reckons it’s times like these that he loves Cas the most, and he wants to enjoy every last moment here together - he’s ready to give Cas everything, and show just how far his love and trust can reach.

Note: ASDFGHJK!!!! These two assbutts will be the death of me. THis is so cute and just..wow! I love reading about their established relationship and how they live their lives together..it makes me unbelieavbly happy! This is kind of porn with a little plot :)

Title:  Show Amongst Us Secret Wisdom

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,3000
Summary:When Dean wakes up female, he and Sam struggle to find a cause. To find a solution, Dean has to expand his horizons: new ride, new bodily functions, and a whole new awareness of angels.

Note:  I love genderbent fics :3 THIS IS MY JAM. Especially love fem!Dean. (Probably because of my love for bottom!dean) This fic is different than other fics in this genre. I mean yeah, it’s a spell and blah but here it’s not just dean whining. And omg the cramp situation with Sam..holy crap I was laughing so hard..poor sammy!

Title:  Thunderstruck

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 64,000
Summary:Dean Winchester, a half-blood Gryffindor joins Dumbledore’s Army in his 6th Year and finally meets Castiel Novak, a Muggle-born Hufflepuff. After Castiel manages to produce Patronus on his first try, Dean is immediately curious about the quiet Prefect and ends up forming an unlikely friendship that doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish.

Note:  I should read crossovers more often. I didn’t know how much I missed Harry Potter until I’ve read this but omg I miss it a helluva lot :/ I simply love this fic. It’s not just about destiel, it’s about Dean and his life at Hogwarts. It’s amazing! He’s a Gryffindor and knows Harry, they experience everything a student would have experienced there - just wow! The only negative thing was..yeah you will see. Love that it has a happy ending. Even tho I would have wished the author had solved it differently.. Anyway, fabulous read!

Title:  Bars Are Not Usually Quite this Filthy

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:  Cas is an overworked college student working as a bartender to get through college. Dean is a jackass tease, dabbling in the idea of flirting with men but having never actually been with a man. This summary literally has more plot than the shameless smut inside. Oh, and Cas just really wanted to feed his goddamn cat.

Note:  What do you want me to say? I love me some porn. God I want more of this. (Especially if Cas’s assumption about Dean is right..oh dear chuck)

Title:  Willowsbend

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 51,000
Summary:In the town of Willowsbend, the Supernatural police unit went by the name of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for Dean, the Supernatural population of Willowsbend was zero. So Dean spent the majority of his time calming paranoid housewives when their pipes rattled and chasing off wildlife that over-zealous citizens were sure must be shifters. It’s a tiring job, full of false-starts and hysterical old ladies. It’s a rare day that Dean has to deal with anything truly Supernatural. That’s about to change, and it all begins with the arrival of one Castiel Novak.

Note: Witch!Cas might be the best thing ever? I love that the supernatural was a part of everyone’s life -  even if it is different to what we are used to. Slow built relationships are something that I enjoy immensely (even tho I DO like my pwps) This fic is so cuuuuuuute. Like a coffee shop AU bit with witches and cop!dean and just asdjsdfk. I’m sorry I’m really tired. I have sent this fic to all of my friends tho..so I (and they) can guarantee you its awesomeness :3

Title:  You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 58,000
Summary:The thing about summers, is that they seem like they last forever, then suddenly it’s slipping through your fingers, and you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. Dean learns that this is true for other things as well, as he works as a counselor at Camp Kripke, the summer after high school. In an enclosed environment like Kripke, rumors fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him and the attractive head chef.

Note: I wish I had taken some time to read this..but, as always, I read it in one go. Now I’m super sad it’s over :’( I want more of Dean and camp shenanigans? I generally love Dean with kids and this is just super precious aaah! I think I need to reread it???!! *cough* I’ve just finished this haha. God I want more. I hope she uploads timestamps? PRETTY PLEASE? The only thing I don’t get is the rating coz - yes -  they do have sex but it’s like 2 scenes and the main thing is over in like 5 paragraphs? so there could be more porn. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect. I loved this verse so much AAAH. 
Okay I think I need sleep now..ermm yes I’m gonna go take a shower and then go to bed! I hope you enjoy this week’s fics :) Love you guys

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It’s Been the Best Six Years of Their Lives

Yay another mediocre 2009x2015 fic


A lot can happen in six years.

Six years can be a small childhood. Six years can be the entirety of training in Medical school to be a surgeon; saving the lives of millions of humans every day. Six years can fill up six page-to-a-day diaries with 2,190 pages documenting every thought, worry, feeling, event, memo, of every day in biro handwriting.

Everyone changes a little bit every day – but over the course of six years, seventy-two months, two thousand, one hundred and ninety days, six years can be the difference between Southampton University, and Manchester University. Six years can be the difference between a law degree and five million subscribers. Six years can see Reading, to Manchester, and back down to London, and six years can be the difference between two shy, giggly boys with matching haircuts drawing whiskers on their faces, and a worldwide tour and a book peaking the UK number one bestseller.

Six years ago, today, can mark the anniversary of something that not only changed the lives of two ordinary boys, but millions of others. They’ve inspired subscribers, kept people awake late at night giggling at a YouTube video when they have a test tomorrow morning at 8 a.m, are surrounded by millions of adoring fans, or just simply made someone, somewhere, smile today.

Six years means something different to everyone.

Six years, for two boys, can be an incredible journey.

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Im sorry-cameron dallas

Im sorry-Cameron dallas

*your his sister*


Tears poured down your cheeks,as you set up the
Video camera,
You sat there,whimpering quietly,as you stared directly into
The lens,
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath to calm yourself
Down,and then you finally spoke up
“Im sorry” you choked out
“Im sorry im such a fuck up” you said your body shaking
“I just…cant live like this anymore,the pain,is eating away
Inside of me,i hear voices,telling me to kill my self,so ive decided,
Thats whats gonna happen,by the time you see this ill probably be dead,
Please dont worry,because when im dead ill be in a place where i cant be
Happy,its just,i cant handle this,i hate myself for this,but please mom,dad,and cam
Dont cry over me,i dont want that,ok,just remeber that i love you,and ill be watching
Down on you from up there okay?” You sniffled
You paused for a bit just staring at the red light flashing on the camera
“Goodbye” you said as you shut off the video camera,
You uploaded it and set up the rope,
You hung it from your celling fan,
You sighed,sitting on the edge of your bed,just thinking

*camerons p.o.v*

“STOP IT NASH” i laughed trying to push nash to the ground
I was currently at nash’s place with the rest if the guys just goofing around
“Cam your phone is buzzing like crazy” said taylor
“Pass is hear” i said,taylor tossed me my phone,
I checked the screen and my notifications on twitter were going
Crazy,people kept on tweeting me a link and telling me too click on it
I looked at it puzzled but clicked in it anyway,
It took me to youtube where i saw a video of my little sister..

Thats wierd..

I though,i pressed play,and saw her tiny frame on the screen,
“Im sorry” she spoke
I watched the whole thing through and i was in tears
“Cam what wrong?” Jack G asked
“Guys ive gotta go” i said pushing past them,
“We’ll come” they all demanded
“Just stay here”
“No were coming”
I finally gave in,
I got in my car,all the guys piled in
I drove as fast as i could,

I knew i shouldnt of left her home alone today,
Something was telling me not to but yet me being the
Dick i am,i still left her

I was crying harder than i’d ever been before, i could barely
I sped along the road,i arrived safely back home
I got out and ran into the house as fast as i could.


I got up from my bed and put the rope around my neck,
I had a stool to stand on so i could jump,and die faster
I slowly stood up on the stool,staring at the wall
I heard them,the voices

Just do it
Get it over with

“Ok” i whispered
I finally jumped,
My vision got blurry
I couldnt breathe

“Goodbye” i choked

I heard faint footsteps coming up the stairs
I couldnt make a noise so i just stayed there almost lifeless

*camerons p.o.v*

I ran as fast as i could up the stairs and into
My baby sisters room,petrified
I opened the door and she was hanging from her celling fan
I let out a loud sob and ran up to her small body, i hugged her tight
I could hear her breathing a little bit,
Taylor instantly called the ambulance
“Please help me get her down” i sobbed
Nash and carter ran over and helped me get her down from the fan,
I layed her head in my lap and cried into her hair
“im sorry” i cried
“Cam” she spoke barley audible
“Just stay with me okay” i sobbed
I took her hand in mine and held it tight
“Just let me die” she whispered
That broke my heart
“no,please i love you”
Taylor ran back
“there here” he said as 3 men came in,
They put an oxygen mask on her and carried her out
I quickly followed behind
I ran into the back of the ambulance
I sat on the seat opposite her holding her hand
“Whats her name” the man asks
“Y/N Dallas”
“Can you tell me what happend”
“She tried to hang herself” i cried
“It seems asif you caught her just on time,otherwise she’d be
Dead,he hear rate is slow,but it should quicken up in a couple of hours,
Her breathing should take about an hour to get back to its regular pattern,
The hospital will probably keep her in for atleast 2 week,so that they can stabilise
Her,they will probably admit her to a physiatrics ward,and work with her there”
The man said,i just nodded,
I stared at her body laying there lifeless,
More tears escaped my eyes,
The ambulance stopped and they quickly opened the doors and wheeled her in
I ran behind them and followed them into a room where they hooked her up to machines
“She should be fine now,if anything seems wrong,or if she wakes up,just press this” he
Said indicating towards a button,i nodded and thanked him,
He walked out,and it was just the two of us,mom was away on a business trip,she came
Back in a week.
“Why did you do it y/n,everybody loves you,i couldnt imagine
Life without you,im so glad i caught you in time,otherwise,you’d have been dead.
You mean the absolute world to me,ill help you i promise,okay i love you”
I said holding her hand and putting my head down on the side of the Bed,
The door creaked,it was the guys
“Will she be okay?” Aaron asked tears in his eyes
“The doctors said she will be in for atleast 2 weeks,and they will put
Her in a physicatric ward” they all nodded

Suddenly i felt her arm move
“Y/N?” I asked
“Cam” she whispered
“Im sorry” she said crying
“Its okay,hey look at me” i said lifting her eyes to meet mine
“Were gonna help you okay,please please dont ever feel like you
Cant tell me whats on your mind,becuase if you keep it bottled up,
It will kill you,i know because ive been here myself,ive woken up in
A hospital bed,wishing i hadnt,we all love you okay?” I said a tear escaping
My eye,
“Thank you so much cameron” she said
I hugged her tightly,
“I love you” i whispered
“I love you too” she whispered back
I jus wrote this because i thought of it off the top of my head,i hope you liked it,sorry it was so long (btw inwas literally in tears)

Better Late Then Never (Shawn Mendes Fluff)

Summary ~ You have to date a few frogs before you get your crush.

Words ~ 1196

Request ~ Yes

There comes a point in all crushes were you need to realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. My time was about two months ago but better late then never. I sat down on my best friends bed and sighed.
“Oh God, are you still thinking about Shawn? I invited you over to have fun, I don’t want to talk about Shawn any more” He groaned.
“I was just gonna say that I think it’s time I got over it”
“Really?” She asked shocked.
“Yeah I mean, I can’t just stay in love with him for no reason. I mean we are just partners in science, he probably doesn’t even know my last name”
“Well I am going to set you up on a date before you change your mind” She said grabbing her phone, I thought about stopping her but I knew there was no point. If there is one person you should never try and argue with it is my best friend. I just opened up my twitter and upload my new profile picture I took earlier. I finished that and started surfing through some of the tweets. Suddenly I got a notification from Shawn, he had commented on my profile picture.
“Gorgeous x:)”
I smiled down at the comment, I thought about telling Y/F/N not too set up a date but it was too late.
“Okay I have found the perfect guy, you know that guy in my history the one with the two different colored eyes”
“Yes Jason, I asked if he wanted to hang out with you and he was defiantly in to that idea so you are going to hang out after school tomorrow” She smiled before going over the plans for our girls day.
I sat in last class which just so happened to be science. I had my phone in my lap as I replied back to Jason’s texts. He started texting me after lunch, and at first it was just about where to meet but then he started sending me messages about how boring class was, and other funny things. I found it hard to not laugh when we had English together and he kept making funny comments about our teacher or other people in the room. As I sent another text slightly giggling to myself, I looked up and I realized I had missed the whole class. My phone vibrated again, and I opened it smiling at another text.
“Who are you texting so much?” I heard Shawn whisper.
“Oh just a guy” I replied casual.
“A guy! What guy? Do I know him?”
“Jason from English”
“Jason really? I didn’t think you would go for someone like him” He said furrowing his eyebrows.
“Well he is pretty funny” I smiled reading another text.
“Okay well what are you doing after school?” He asked.
“I have a date”
“A date! With Jason? Where are you going?”
“Yeah with Jason, we are going to the carnival” I said as the bell rung. “See ya tomorrow” I smiled before going to meet Jason.
I was about 3 hours into the date and I was looking for anyway of escaping. Jason may have been funny in texts, but in real life he was a dick. He bullied me into going on the highest roller-coaster, then when I got sick he laughed and told me to pull it together. He had flirted with every female worker in front of me, and when I said we should get going he refused and said he hadn’t gone on all the rides. I felt like I was on a date with a 10 year old. When the date finally came to an end we walked back to the car-park to find his car, so he could drive me home.
“So are we going to your house or mine?” He asked.
“Oh you can just bring me home” I smiled.
“Are your parents home?”
“Yeah, they should be home from work” I answered confused.
“Well then we should go to mine, it would be awkward if your parents heard us banging” He laughed.
“What! We aren’t banging” I nearly screamed.
“What? But I brought you on a date, I bought you a Fanta”
“And then you drank it. You have been an asshole this whole date, there is no way this is happening” I gestured between us..
“Then you can walk home” He said before he stormed off. I walked out of the car park and began to walk home, I had been walking for maybe 5 minutes before I decided to stop and call one of my parents. I stood leaning against a wall when I heard someone shout my name, I turned to see Shawn in his car.
“Hey Shawn” I smiled instantly.
“Hey Y/N” He smiled back. “Where is Jason?”
“He is in his car going home” I frowned.
“Oh” He said and I thought I saw a slight smile. “Do you want a ride home?”
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Yes please” I said climbing in. We sat listen to music as I gave him directions to my house.
“So why did you go one the date anyway?” He asked.
“I was trying to get over a crush” I said blushing slightly.
“Oh, I know how you feel?”
“I doubt you do” I laughed.
“What? Why?” He asked confused.
“You’re kidding right? You are the king Shawn Mendes, you play guitar and sing, you are nice, you are funny, you get A’s and literally every girl wants you” I rambled.
“Not every girl”
“Seriously? What girl? I bet she does”
“She really doesn’t. Every time I talk to her she keeps he eyes glue to her desk. When the first chance comes she runs away from me, and if she does actually look at me, she just stares at me daydreaming not even listening to me”
“Okay she is definitely into you” I laughed.
“What? How?”
“She is looking at the desk because she is obviously blushing and she doesn’t want you to see, she runs away because she is scared she will stay something stupid and scare you off. And she is daydreaming but she is dreaming about what it would be like dating you” I explained. I don’t know why I was helping. I didn’t want Shawn to date anyone so why was I helping him get her.
“Interesting. You girls are so confusing”
“Yeah we are” I laughed.
“So you are definitely sure she is into me” He asked as we pulled up to my house.
“100%” I sighed.
“Then she won’t mind if I do this” He said before leaning in and placing his lips on mine. I was shocked at first but I melted into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. We both pulled back breathless.
“You were the crush I was trying to get over” I blurted out.
“Did you get over me?” He smirked.
“No I fell deeper” I smiled pulling him in for another kiss.


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anonymous asked:

Id like the DVD technical jargain please.

All right, strap in chief, it’s time to get into the details (with pictures!).

So, there are two primary types of DVDs, DVD-5 (single layer, 4.7 GB capacity), and DVD-9 (dual layer, 8.5 GB capacity). There are other varieties, such as DVD-10 (those double-sided DVDs you have to flip over halfway through the movie), but those aren’t very commonplace.

So for these new DVDs we decided to go with DVD-9’s in order to fit more stuff on each disc. Now one crucial detail about DVD-9’s, and one that I did not know would be such an issue until it came time to finalize the disc, is something called a layer break. Since DVD-9’s have two layers instead of one, the program being used to create the DVD has to specify a break point where the disc reader transitions from one layer to the other, hence “layer break”. Now normally the authoring software tries to place this in between menu transitions or on a chapter marker so that it doesn’t get in the way, but if the main video on the DVD is very long (as season 3 was), it has to find a place to put that layer break either automatically or by the user setting it manually. Have you ever been watching a movie, usually on an older DVD, and seen a short pause somewhere around the halfway point of the movie? That’s the layer break (I still distinctly remember where Jurassic Park’s layer break was).

Well, one thing I learned during this whole experience is that Adobe Encore absolutely SUCKS at setting layer breaks. So whenever you go to export the final DVD, you’re greeted with, among other things, this:

Notice how that little check box at the bottom is unselectable? Wonder why? So do I. I still don’t know.

So I set the layer break to manual, and nothing happens. No matter how many times I try compiling the DVD, it never EVER prompts me. I test out the sample disc and it works just fine, so I assume it works. So I send it to the replication facility (and bear in mind we’re on a time crunch here because we need to have these before our next convention). 

The next morning I check my email and see this:

Hi Tim,

I received your master discs for this project today, but unfortunately both failed our testing for various issues.  Both masters have issues with the placement of the layer break (not on a cell boundary), which can be fixed by manually picking a layer break in your authoring program and exporting a DDP file for each layer, then supplying them on 2 different single layer data discs.


Well, okay, it’s not the end of the world, those .iso’s must not have been the next option. So I try to create a DDP image, which basically generates two folders, one for each layer.

Still no prompt. At all. What am I going to do?

I do some digging online. There is a program called Gear Pro Mastering Edition that will take your DVD FOLDER (which Encore can also generate, in the form of a folder labelled VIDEO_TS), let you manually set the layer break manually and save it as a DDP image. For six hundred dollars. Shit.

I finally find something called ImgBurn, which will take that same VIDEO_TS folder, let you set the layer break manually, and export it as a .iso, which is a disc image (as if you literally took an exact snapshot of a disc and lifted it off and stuck it on your hard drive. Windows can even created virtual DVD drives to read them). And it’s FREE!

So I try it, and I set the layer break manually (it even has a preview window!)

I uploaded it to the replication house’s remote server, and BY GOLLY! IT WORKS!

I literally spent at least 24 hours in a row trying to fix this one little issue and I hope Encore burns in a fiery pit.

asiangeak  asked:

Do you get money from your videos? If so, how, because I want to take my channel more seriously.

Money questions I think are often avoided because it’s kind of a weird topic. I’ll be honest with you, and I’m actually going to explain a few things. Yes, I make money from my channel, it fluctuates heavily depending on how well videos do, if i’m staying consistent or not, when it’s uploaded, like what day of the week, and even what month - because months like January/February are terrible months, and months like November/December are great! There’s a lot of factors, some unstable and finicky that go into how much you make. Plus I’m with Polaris, they get a cut, and YouTube takes a cut. So even as far as I am right now, I still don’t really get paid a whole lot. Nothing livable, which is why I’ve always had another job. If you want to take your channel more seriously, I wouldn’t think about money for a long time, if you’re already treating it that way you’re probably going to be disappointed, it really shouldn’t be your goal in the short term. Your goal should be to have fun and do what you want to do because you want to do it. I notice that a lot of people will look at a site like social blade and see outrageous statistics. Let me look up mine right now.

Over on Social blade it says that I make (on the high end) up to nearly 3 grand a month, and up to over 30k a year. I don’t make even close to that. I’d consider myself very lucky if I was making that much from my channel.

Again though, I wouldn’t look at YouTube and get into the mindset of “I want to make money” You will literally make more money working a part time job at minimum wage 20 hours a week then trying to make money off a channel on YouTube. Instead I think your goal for now should be to get an audience, make videos, have fun, and then eventually in the future maybe look to partner with a network of some kind. I myself wanted to take my channel more seriously, so I worked a part time job and invested my own money back into my channel - which I still do technically. I think that people’s mindsets have been adjusted in a wrong way because people know Youtubers make money, I think they see people like PewDiePie though and other bigger Youtubers, and they know he’s a millionaire, and they’re like ” MAN I COULD DO THAT ” , and they immediately assume they could start a channel and make a lot of money, which just isn’t true. Instead where I’m at right now, YouTube for ME is more like an investment in myself. Every once in a while I put more of my own money back into my stuff not because I’m trying to make more money, but because it’s fun for me and I’m trying to make it better, and sometimes you just need better stuff. 

So it’s really hard to say. I think taking a channel seriously is good, showing dedication to something is a good thing. If you can really show it in your channel and everything, hell i’d write it down on your resume for future employers to check out, because then you have evidence of you taking something seriously, being organized, and knowing how to manage your time and yourself, which are good qualities to be able to show employers. As for YouTube, yes you can make money off of it, but YouTube is a gamble, and you’re investing in yourself for ‘the long game’. It won’t be a short return, it won’t be easy, you’d have to put in a lot of hard work, and that hard work might not pay off. So that’s why everyone says to just do it because you love it, as cliche’ as it sounds.

So. Exactly one year ago I sat down and thought “Hey, what if I document each day of this break for myself and for the fandom to look at later and remember what was happening when literally nothing is supposed to be happening? This is going to be fun”.

(And as I am typing this, in this exact moment, the first proper trailer of Harry’s very first film is released and Louis
tweets about the success of his very first song with Steve Aoki. Literally, this has just happened.)

There’s so much I want to say right now, but most of all, thank you. Thank you for sticking around for so long, thank you for not giving up on the boys and still supporting them. I think that is what matters the most, that we’re
still here and not going anywhere.

Also, thank you for going through all of this together, with me and the posts I have been writing every single day for a year now. I’m not going to lie, it’s not always been a pleasure. There were days when I wasn’t really feeling like
writing the post, there were days when I was excited as hell about writing the post, there were days when I felt like I didn’t want to do that anymore. But I didn’t give up, because I care about you all too much and I know that some of
you are looking forward to these every single evening. And I couldn’t do this to you, even if there’s just a few of you, so I didn’t stop, and just kept going.

I’ve never wanted to do that for attention, or notes, or followers. Actually, the reason why I started this is pretty selfish: I wanted to have something I would smile at when the boys come back. It was never meant to be read by people.
And I put this on my Tumblr blog because it wasn’t followed by many at that time, so I knew that no one would care. I still remember how shocked I was when the first few posts got like, 5 notes or something. And when “1D Hiatus:
Day 20” got about 20 of those. I was so silly wondering why people were even a bit interested in what I was doing. These were just simple posts summing up the day in the fandom? And then it hit me, how amazing and comfortable it must be to just be offline the whole day and not worry about things happening, because when you get home in the evening everything is going to be put in one place. And I thought, this could actually work out, not for myself only, but
for other people, too. So I wanted to do that every single day now, because I knew that there were a few people who were interested. I was going to do that for them. The thought of making somebody feel good, or making them smile, or generally doing something fun for them, was just so nice. I love making people happy with little things, and if there was a chance to do that, even for a tiny audience, I wanted to, so bad.

Then, it all went nuts. Media got interested after there was more than one thousand notes under “1D Hiatus: Day 22” in less than 24 hours. Sugarscape, MTV, Billboard. Most of you found me through these sites. I still can’t believe
all of this actually happened, because I keep thinking “it wasn’t supposed to be this big at all!”. Yet it is! And it keeps growing!

Now I have over five thousand followers, and again, it may sound cheesy, but I would like to say a GIANT thank you for the continuous support. When I remember how much some of you actually enjoy what I do, it always makes my day better, or at least easier to survive.

I have been, and still am, struggling with several mental health issues and they were/are making it extra hard to go on and post every single night. Even if I was tired and felt like sleeping at 9pm, I had to wait for midnight to write
and upload the hiatus post. Even if my dad was trying to make me upload the posts earlier so I could go to sleep at a reasonable time, I couldn’t, because I wanted you to know everything that happened during the last 24 hours, not
more, not less. I really am dedicated to what I do and I always want to give you 100%, no matter what.

The past year has been so different for all of us, with the boys not releasing new music together, nor touring. But somehow, our bond is stronger than ever now. How surprising is that? Who would have thought?

This only proves that we truly are a family, the boys and us, together through ups and downs, always there for each other.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the boys and for every single one of you, especially on this site. You, the people, make the whole Tumblr-experience so fun and special. I can guarantee that we will all remember the
good times we’ve had together here.

And you know what? Despite the unavoidable drama and crazy times, it’s been a hella good year. It’s been. A hella. Good. Year. We’d thought it would be hell, and it wasn’t so bad after all, now, was it?

All in all, I am not going anywhere any time soon. I’m planning to bother you with the hiatus posts as long as these four fellas decide. 

Here’s to the future, folks! Happy anniversary!

regarding dan and the stupid amount of shit he’s been getting recently:

i’m so bugged because lately everyone has been crapping all over dan and his videos and it’s incredibly frustrating. i’ve seen people talk about how “danisnotonfire” and “dan howell” are two completely different people and how if dan’s trailer was a total turn-off for his videos and countless other complaints regarding dan and his work. 

i will try to make this short but i’m very frustrated and it’s because people are incredibly naive and downright rude. you’re kidding yourself to think that you know the difference between “danisnotonfire” and “dan howell”. the truth is, you don’t know dan personally. you have no idea what he’s like around his friends or when he’s by himself. all you know of him is what he chooses to share, and that’s really not a lot! between 4 minute videos every few weeks, hour long liveshows, a couple of tweets and the radio show, please do not think that you “know” dan. the fact of the matter is that the internet is a place where you don’t have to be yourself, you can portray what you want to and no one will be the wiser because they don’t actually know you personally. you can act all high and mighty and spew your bullshit about how danisnotonfire isn’t the real dan, but you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

it might be true that danisnotonfire is all an act, because as we know from his draw my life video, he’s always been extremely interested in acting and it’s really possible that danisnotonfire could just be a character. but really, we have no idea!! from what we’ve heard from people who know dan better than we do, he’s just as awkward in real life as he portrays himself on the internet. maybe he hones in on certain aspects of his personality to be more relatable to the internet, but is that really such a crime? he knows his audience and how to appeal to them. obviously it’s working out for him seeing as he now has over 3 million subscribers (might i add that he went from 1 million in january 2013 to 3 million by december). i don’t see why people are annoyed that he makes videos with his audience in mind? it’s a smart thing to do seeing as more and more people view his content. if you don’t like dan’s videos than you don’t have to watch them!! you can like dan without liking his videos and watching them. if you’re not happy with his content than i have no idea why you would waste your energy complaining about it when you can cut his videos out of your life and still be his fan. dan has said several times over the past few months that he’s incredibly proud of and happy with the content he’s been putting out recently as opposed to the old videos he used to make. if you don’t like dan’s videos anymore, stop watching them. it’s as simple as that. no one is forcing you to watch them and if you’re annoyed with his “danisnotonfire persona” then stop dealing with it.

and if you’re going to continue watching his videos, then stop complaining about how long it takes to upload them and then how unhappy you are with the result. i don’t know if you’ve ever edited a video before, but if you have, you know that it can take an extremely long time. i’ve made videos for school projects before that were supposed to be five minutes and it took several days to get the editing done. it’s a stressful and time-consuming task and dan’s videos are usually on the longer side, meaning it takes him a longer time to edit. he literally spends seven hours straight at his computer desk and avoids sleep to edit the video and try to get it up asap to keep his viewers happy. he’s literally favoring pleasing his audience over his health. he doesn’t have to do any of that. youtube isn’t his only source of income anymore. he has the radio show now and i’m sure it makes him enough money to stop youtube completely. but he enjoys what he’s doing and continues to make videos for us because he likes it. it’s really unfair of people to give him so much shit after it takes a little longer than normal for him to upload because he spends so much time planning his videos and filming and then editing to make a quality product for us every few weeks. dan isn’t a vlogger, he doesn’t sit in front of the camera and talk about whatever’s happened to him that day (not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, but dan probably actually plans out the subject matter of his videos and works really hard to make them something he’s happy with). if you have such a damn problem with it then really, i beg you, stop fucking watching his videos because you’re wasting your time.

personally, i love dan’s videos. you can think they’re shit all you want but i love them and a lot of other people do too. i thought his trailer was really cute (and to the people who are complaining about how long it took for him to make such a short thing, he also had to go back into his old videos and recover files for them which can take extremely long so) and honestly, really, if you didn’t like it and it wouldn’t have gotten you to watch his videos had you seen it as a new fan, then stop watching. no one needs your negativity. like i said, it’s possible to be a fan of someone without being a fan of everything they do. it’s actually good to recognize their flaws so you don’t get too over your head (for example i love dan to death and his videos are great but i’m uncomfortable with the rape jokes he makes). but really, shut the fuck up and stop complaining about dan and his videos because no one is forcing you to watch them. it’s your choice and if you’re disappointed week after week i literally do not comprehend why you keep coming back for more.