i literally had to keep pausing it and screeching from the feels

When We Collide (Part 5)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”No way! Seriously? They really kicked you out of college?”

You rolled your eyes and glared over at Nicole for being the gossip snitch, something she had been her whole life but you really had wished she would have kept this to yourself just for a while. It was, after all, pretty humiliating when you thought about it.

“You sound like you’re surprised, Joey.” You commented with a glimpse in the eye and lifted your beer up to your mouth, letting the taste explode your senses and cool down your pre-sweating forehead.

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Daddy Devil  { Dominance }

<– [Prologue] | [Submission] –>

Words: 5,630

Genre: Smut/Demon!AU

Warnings: Daddy kink, bondage, bdsm, etc.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM NAMJOONNNNNNNNNN!!! Love of my life, seriously. I have some many feels towards this man, ahhhhh

Anyway! Please enjoy this story! I’m not sure if there will be more following this, but if there is, I’ll be writing it at my own pace, whenever I feel like it, so ^^ fair warning~

In the meantime, please enjoy! It’s been a while since I posted the prologue, so if you need a refresher, or haven’t read it, I suggest you go and do that~ <3

You’re too tipsy to deal with anyone else tonight. Dragging your friend’s home from the bar had been trouble enough—especially when multiple male demons had paused you along your route to flirt and offer companionship for the night. Somehow you’d managed to convince them to turn down the strange offers, and had finally managed to shove them through the front door of their apartment building. You hadn’t even bothered walking them up to their floor, too fed up and tired and horny (you blame it on the alcohol) to even think about wasting another second on their drunken asses.

Managing to hurriedly walk home to your own apartment, you tumble inside and lock the door behind you. Third level rarely has many crimes, but you can never be too safe—especially when the residents of each level are allowed to travel freely…for the most part.

Dragging yourself through the tiny kitchen of your studio style flat, you pad into the main area and pull your tight fitting shirt over your head, shivering as the soft fabric brushes over perky nipples. Despite your minds weak protests, you’d decided to be a little…adventurous in your evening out, and had ventured around town without a bra. It excited you—like your own little secret…unless someone was sharp enough to notice, but at that point they’d earned the treat of knowing anyways.

Sighing blissfully, you sensually coast your hands across your chest, gripping the soft mounds. The artificially made moonlight illuminates every inch of your body, but on the third story of the building with no one else around, you can’t be bothered to draw the curtains, far too occupied by the way your vagina aches for more with each tug of your nipples between your fingers.

Head lolling back, eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks, you continue to pleasure yourself, crafting an imaginary scene behind your eyelids to aid the growing pool of heat between your legs. Immediately, like all the other times, a tall, dark figure comes to mind. You can’t see the face of the man, but his body is sinful—his hands possessive as he grabs at you. You imagine him feasting on your breasts—all tongue and teeth—his vocabulary sinful as he stakes his claim, making you his.

“Fuck…,” you breathe hotly, your panties becoming soaked, and you hurry to undress yourself. Looping your thumbs under the band of your pants and also your panties, you tug them down in one fell swoop, kicking them from around your ankles and tossing yourself onto your bed.

One of your hands coasts down the expanse of your chest and stomach, migrating between your thighs. Your wetness immediately covers your fingers as you pull apart your folds, clit throbbing with anticipation.

Digging your heels into the messy sheets, you arch upward, a wanton gasp leaving your lips the second your fingers touch your most sensitive bud. Rubbing the swollen area slowly, you dip your digits down towards your opening, coating yourself in your wetness.

However, before you get the chance to touch your clit and pleasure yourself to your release, you’re interrupted. There’s a tap at your balcony window, and your eyes shoot open, blood running cold when you see a man sitting there, smirk on his face.

And not just any man…its Jungkook.

“Yah!” you screech at him as he innocently tugs at the glass door wall, happiness apparent on his features when he finds that it’s not locks. Sliding it open, clearly not caring of your state of undress or the fact that you’re bounding to your feet, haphazardly wrapping the white bed sheet around yourself, Jungkook steps inside.

“Maybe I should hang around your apartment more often,” he comments teasingly as he glances you up and down, and you scowl, knowing that he can tell how red your face has turned.

For the most part, you’re unfamiliar with Jungkook, but you know him. Everyone does. And for the most part, in return, he knows everyone. It’s his job to keep track of third level residents, after all, so he’d made a point to become acquainted with everyone. So, in the most basic sense, you know him. You’d encountered him maybe about a dozen time during your stay, and none had been unpleasant—in fact, you’d actually sort of taken a liking to his fun yet somewhat shy personality. But now—with him approaching you slowly, hidden intent marking his gaze—you’re wondering where that dash of shyness went, and if you’d ever known him at all.

“Y/N,” he beckons, voice calm. Jungkook extends his hand towards you, and your heart thrums, fingers twitching at your side because even though you have no goddamn clue as to why he’s here, he’s…tempting.

But you hold your ground, not giving in, your eyes narrowing at him.

“Why are you here?”

Jungkook grins and rolls his eyes. “You ask too many questions.”

Before you can blink, Jungkook is suddenly chest-to-chest with you, your nipples poking through the sheet and pressing into his sculpted chest.

“Hey–!” you begin to protest—because that’s the first damn question you’ve asked!—but Jungkook silences you with his lips, his tongue lapping up your surprised gasp and contented moan. Sadly, your contentment doesn’t last long—shattering the moment Jungkook grabs the end of the sheet you’re using to shield yourself and tugs—hard.

His strength obviously inhuman, you’re sent spinning and are only saved from sure disaster to yourself and your apartment by the fact that Jungkook grabs you—his hands steady on your waist as he waits for your head to stop spinning.

“You asshole!” is the first thing you cry, pounding your fist against his chest, knowing that he probably doesn’t even feel it. Having the balls to laugh at your futile efforts to detach yourself from him, Jungkook slips his hands down your sides—causing you to shiver—and grips each of your ass cheeks. He then proceeds to lift you up, leaning backwards so your chest is pressed flush to his, and without warning launches backwards and flies from your apartment window.

“Jungkook!” you scream, goosebumps prickling your skin as the night air rushes over you. Down below you can see buildings and a few scarce people in the late hours of the night, but that doesn’t fix your embarrassment in the least. Jungkook—the goddamn little shit of a guardian—is holding you by your ass, naked, and flying you over the entire damn city.

“Yes?” he finally responds, humor in his voice, and you match his gaze, eyes ablaze.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” you hiss in a harsh whisper, not wanting to be seen or heard, dear god. “Put me down this instant!”

“Yeah?” he grins, licking his lips, and all of the sudden his grip on your ass disappears. You startle, eyes going wide as you fall away from him.


Before you can even finish there’s a strong hand on your ankle, and you squeal as you flip upside down, hair falling down towards the fading city below.

Jungkook!” you scream, attempting to clench your legs together, but it seems Jungkook has already gotten a perfect eyeful of your attributes, his teasing gaze now filled with undeniable hunger.

“I’m jealous,” he says, flipping you with ease, cradling you in his arms as if you’re a princess. “But He’s already asked for you, so I can’t lay my claim.”

You blink, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. What the hell is he talking about?

“What? Who asked for me? What the fuck is going on, Jungkook. You literally just came into my home and stole me away—while I was naked, mind you, which is unkind—to me and everyone, considering no one needs to see what it is I’ve got going on.”

Jungkook snorts a laugh. “What you’ve got going on, Y/N, is something I wish I’d noticed sooner—”

“Oh hush. You’re a baby.”

Pausing, Jungkook’s gaze darkens, tinting with dominance, his eyes flashing a hypnotic color of red.

“If you ever come back to third level and are returned to my domain, I promise I’ll show just how wrong you are…”

You gulp, thighs tightening as the threat tugs on the orgasm which you had been unable to reach just a few minutes earlier. You want to ask him what he’d do—because dear god the thought is suddenly so wonderful to imagine—but more importantly…

“Why would I not come back to third level?? Jungkook, where the fuck are you taking me?”

“To your daddy devil.”

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Just Ask - Part 9

Originally posted by bovaria

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: YAYAYAYAY. We’re getting somewhere!

Part 8

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Scooch Over. | yuta

Member: Nakamoto Yuta / Reader
Group: NCT
Word Count: 900+
Genre/Warning(s): drabble, love-hate, fluff, language…idek.

Scooch Over.

“There’s a thing called personal space, and I don’t think you understand that concept very well, Nakamoto.”

“There’s a thing called indifference, and I don’t think you realize that’s how I feel right now, babe.”

Snapping your head around fast enough to give yourself whiplash, you send a fierce glare at the infuriatingly smug Yuta, and not to mention, whose shoulder is flush against yours as you try to lounge on the dorm’s couch in peace. How inconsiderate.

An offended scoff resounds from your lips:

“I’m not your babe. Not even close.” Your clarification comes out harsher than you had expected.

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#6 | Game Over

Based off this prompt -  We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

“Get out of the way Jeon”.

“No, you stop trying to get ahead of me. Just stay back, I’m the stronger one here”.

“Pfft, really? Is that why we’re losing here”.

“Hush  ____, just make sure no one attacks from behind”.

“I don’t get it? How is this teamwork if you’re doing all the work. I wanna take part too”.

“Gaming is no joke _____ . Besides you suck at this”.

“And we’re dead. Congratulations Jeon! I hope you’re satisfied with your hard work”.

“I shouldn’t have teamed up with you. You’re a terrible gamer ____”.

“Well atleast I’m keeping you company” you spat out at Jungkook, who for the last hour only managed to get on your nerves.

You thought it would be a great idea to visit the boys with a fresh batch of homemade cookies you baked. But to your utter dismay only Jungkook was only one in the dorms.

Although you didn’t intend to stay, silently excusing yourself after having placed the batch on the kitchen counter, Jungkook who was bored invited you to a game he was hooked on.

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Lucky Charm

**Reader request: I just found your blog and i gotta say, it’s so great. If your request are open could please you do a sam one like reeaally fluffy where reader is having kind of a bad day and she’s just sad and sam comforts her? Thanks honey!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You’re having a rough day and nothing is going your way. That is, until Sam comes home.

Word Count: ~1,100

Warnings: Angst, fluff, goofy Sam.

A/N:  Thank you @i-is-for-inspiring for sending in this request, and your kind words! So sweet! I love Sam fluff, this was fun to write :) I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

“I know,” you whispered into your cell phone as the voice on the other end continued to rise. “I know,” you repeated. “I know.” You were largely speaking just for your own peace of mind at this point. Your mother had stopped listening to you 15 minutes ago, when she launched into her predictable tirade about how being a hunter was the worst decision you could have made.

“It’s like you’re trying to disappoint me! DIdn’t we give you everything, y/n? Didn’t we?!”

“I know.”

“And yet you’re out running around with those two monsters, lying to people, killing people. Y/n, I escaped that life to give you a better one, and I just can not believe this is the thanks I get! Do you see that?!”

“I know.”

Your soft responses had become the your only effective coping mechanism. Your mother was never much of the ‘reasonable’ sort. So you just hunker down, take the verbal beatings, then hang up and pour yourself a glass of wine. 

And of course she had to call on today of all days. The day you were driving yourself crazy cracking a case of children who were turning up dead in Mississippi - but you were not getting anywhere, especially not on the phone.

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The Vamp and The Beast

um, heck yeah I can anon!!

Summary: Dan and Phil have met unfortunate fates in their lives, being turned into monsters they didn’t ask to be. When they two finally come face to face, hatred slurs and a combat result into something they least expected.

Paring: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Genres: Supernatural AU!, vampire!phil, werewolf!dan, Angst and Fluff

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: none.

A/N: omfg I really hope this was what you wanted anon! I tried to be fluffy but hold up to the werewolf and vampire theme. I am actually quite proud of this and I hope you like it! :)

story under the cut 

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Not Home Enough; Part Three

[Pairing; AJ Styles X Reader X John Cena]

      “Sit.” He demanded, nodding at the one, of many, empty arena seats. A couple days, and texts, have passed by- and here I am.. finally giving up the answers that AJ needs, wants, and well.. deserves. “There’s plenty of time before people start showing up, so start explainin’.” There was plenty of time, he was right. It was almost two, and the show didn’t start until seven. “What do you want to know first?” I started this mess with.

      AJ settled in, two chairs away from me- keeping his distance and eyes forward, towards the ring. “Where is she now?” He vaugley asked. “At home, with John.” I responded, as if I were on trial. “Where does John think you are?” He moved on with. “Does that matter?” I shot back, instantly. AJ took the warning, and shifted his brown locks from his face. It took him a minute to want to continue before he spoke again. “So Jules, huh?” AJ semi-laughed, bringing his eyes to mine. 

     “I keep hearing Renee call it out in my dreams, every night. A name that I’m entitled to know.. or was.. before last week, you know?” He pushed, throwing his eyes away from mine again. “I know.” I shied, guilt seeping through each word. He dropped his head, and with it so went my heart. “Why..” He whispered.

     “I didn’t.. I didn’t know how to, Ajge.” I attempted before being snapped at. “Oh, don’t you dare call me that!” He yelled, denying me eye contact- his head falling to where it just was. In seconds, it was back up in utter disgust. “Hey AJ, I’m pregnant! would have been a great start, (Y/N)!” He literally spat, spit flying from his mouth in rage. I understood his anger, so I let him have it. 

      “We had a marriage, Allen. A life-long commitment.. and you threw it away the minute that you.. did what you did.” I pointed out, directing fault back to his shoulders. “I just.. couldn’t tell you. I didn’t want to, I didn’t know how to.” I paused, only to catch my breath. “You proved to me that you weren’t in this, the second your phone went off that night! If you couldn’t be there for me, your wife!” I screeched. There was no way in hell that you could be there for a child!” I sang back, realizing now that my finger was pointing to his face. His head snapped and he shot from his seat, then he set off every possible explosion inside of him. “Ohh, you! You do NOT get to decide that for me! What I did, I will admit and accept.. but you.. there is A LIFE HERE NOW, BECAUSE OF ME. BECAUSE OF US.” AJ started to pound into his chest with his pointer, veins popping from his arms and face shaking with disbelief. 

      I kept my mouth shut, as I didn’t want to shove even further. I waited until he simmered- toning his anger down.. physically, at least. His chest rose with an urge to keep breathing, a need to continue- despite the warnings his heart sent. He sat back down, and exhaled everything that his blood pressure had pent up. “John.. (Y/N)? John!” He granted me the attention but with a twisted, curious, and confused face. “How fucking long.. has that been going on? Please tell me this wasn’t to get back at Nikki.” In that second, AJ triggered the wrong nerve. 

      I hadn’t even noticed how far I had lunged forward until the sting of my palm set in. “Son of a bitch!” I shouted, to both AJ and my hand. Adrenaline and annoyance kicked in, and the burn of my flesh was the least of my problems. “Nikki!” I scoffed. “Nikki, Allen! You’re never going to change!” I degraded in the ultimate condescending and demeaning tone. AJ’s face remained cheek-up, not facing me directly. “This was a mistake.” I croaked, hoarsely, through held back tears and dug up feelings. 

     Dismissing the error of sitting with him, I turned my back and took a step forward. “Don’t.” AJ muttered, grabbing my wrist. “Don’t you walk out again.” Looking past his gleaming, bright blue eyes, I could see his soul begging. “Please, (Y/N).” He requested. Instinctively, I snatched my wrist back from his tight grip, and planted myself back in my original seat. 

      Two minutes or so went by in complete silence. What was there to say at this point? How could you.. try to repair what might already be so beyond broken? Thoughts as so ran through my mind at a million miles per second. Here sits my ex husband, who I struck over bringing up his mistress in a defending tone. The father of our child sits two feet from me, and I have nothing left to say to him- until he took the moment into his own hands. 

      AJ huffed again, and reached back into his back pocket- pulling out his worn, leather wallet.. the one he had always used. He refused to look at me, still, and he was back to square one. Until he pulled out what was mine.. once. I studied his moves, watching what was to come next. A small flop of his wallet against the chair bordering us later- he held a shiny, sparkly ring. My ring. 

      It lie between both of his pointer finger’s knuckles and two thumbs. An almost silent gasp escaped my lips when I had realized just exactly what it was. Anger or pride- whatever it was, defied his face from mine. I felt the tears welting in his eyes, pooling together- waiting to spill over, like an overrun dam. They didn’t, for he didn’t blink. He only gazed at the dancing diamonds to the lights above, seeing what was.. and what was supposed to be. With a roll of his thumbs, the rock setting centered to both of our attentions.

      Tiffany. He knew I wasn’t materialistic, but said it was the exception.. since I’d have it for life. Thank God for his salary, since I didn’t know that he bought a ring, and not a car. Three weeks into it, he finally cracked and told me how much.. $15,400. It wasn’t the 1 carat, nor the diamond he bought.. it was the name. I told him to take it back, and we could find one that wasn’t such an investment.. but he said that it was perfect. 

      “I couldn’t get rid of it.. I couldn’t sell it, or give it away.” AJ admitted, sucking in a harsh breath. “I.. I just always had this hope, (Y/N), that I just couldn’t give up on.” And in that, he broke. It wasn’t a sob, nor gush of emotions. It was.. the dam finally breaking. He blinked, and when he opened his eyes again, a tear silked down his rosy cheek. AJ handed me what was once mine, and stood. He took two steps, and was standing in front of me. Warm, rough fingers flowed through my hair and he cupped my temple. AJ leaned down, and whispered a bold statement. “I want to meet my daughter.” He stated, then kissed my forehead, and walked away. 

      Keys clicked away, and the door swung open. I pitched my keys to the center table, and watched them slide into a framed picture of John, Jules, and I. John. “Mommy!” Jules called out, running through the hall- presumingly just leaving our bedroom. She halted right at the hallway’s ending to peek around the corner. Jules giggled once she confirmed that it was me, who had come home. Step by step, I watched as she made her way to springing into my arms. “Ahhh, hi baby.” I said, embracing my daughter- close to the heart. “JuJu, where’s John?” I said into her ear. She only twist to point down the hall. 

     “Alright, Julie Bug, how about you draw mommy a picture, and I’ll be right back to see it, okay?” I said, knowing that would only buy me maybe a minute. She shook her head and smiled, permitting me to make it to the back bedroom. I stepped through the opened barrier to find John sitting on the edge of our bed. “Hi..” I offered, and he returned with a small shift of his head. 

      “Where were you..” John softly spoke up. It was monotone, but not harsh- just curious. “I told you, I went to see my mom, John.” I replied, in an equally soft verse. I watched as he tilted his head a notch further. “I called your mom, after I couldn’t get a hold of you, because Jules missed you and wanted to talk.” Immediate guilt set in, and my stomach turned. “Your mother told me that she hadn’t seen you since last Wednesday, (Y/N).” 

      “John, please. I just.. had to handle something.” I winched, pitifully. “Alone.” I finished, and he relaxed. “Come here.” John said, in an even softer pitch- as he placed a hand next to him on the comforter. My hands snaked their way into my jacket pockets- one falling to palm the expensive band. I sat next to John and propped my head onto his shoulder. 

      “You know you can tell me, whatever it is. Even though I think I have an idea of what it may be.” I lifted my head with the words laced in code. I didn’t dare speak, giving away what I was doing- how I had felt, was the last thing I wanted to do. John dropped his head, and seethed with a different radiance. “I hear you talk about him in your sleep, still. I know you see him every time you look at Jules. And I know that you two talked at work. Then you.. disappeared, and covered it up.” John stated only facts, not even in a hint of anger. “I know what he was to you, (Y/N). I do.” He continued. “But I can’t do this again.. not again.” John said, looking at me with such familiarity and reminders written in his face of what it feels like to be the other person. 

      Just like AJ had done not even an hour before, John leaned in and kissed my forehead. Then he said his finale words before leaving for work, for SmackDown.. the brand they both work for. “So I need you to choose..

..him, or me.” 

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Rumors *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x OC

Word count: 2,473

Warnings: smuttity smut

A/N I wrote this to be during the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. That was actually my favorite panel they’ve ever done, everyone just seemed to have so much fun haha this is Dylan with an OC, but it’s not a part of California Love ‘ight? k cool, enjoy(: -Er

Originally posted by dylanchriscobrien

“I’m gonna be sick,” I whined over dramatically, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine for me after,” Tyler winked, slinging his arm around my shoulders.

It’s my second Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con in San Diego since being apart of the show and you’d think I’d be used to it by now. LOL, wrong! I’m actually really nervous about it. I’ve never loved the attention and I get shy or embarrassed very easily. After hearing some of the questions the audience asked my cast members or the commentary Kevin Smith provided last year, I was terrified to say the least about the questions I’d get. I was so new to the show last year; only three or four episodes had aired before Comic Con and I was fairly new in the acting world, so there weren’t really any juicy questions to ask me. I was totally cool with that, by the way. As a cast, we’ve done so many interviews and answered so many questions on the red carpet at priemeres for different things, but they were all Teen Wolf related. I was not excited to hear what frantic, screaming teenage girls had to ask.

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Tip Toe

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

AU: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,223

Written For: muclbloods + the iconic yellow BMW

Draco has loathed Hermione Granger from a safe, perfectly practical distance for about as long as he can remember.

She’d shown up on the first day of sixth grade with her powder-blue Kipling backpack stuffed with five individually labeled plastic folders—fucking color-coded, too—and she’d proceeded to beat him at everything.


If he got a 99 on an algebra test, she got a 100. If he was publicly praised by their English teacher for his astute use of simile in an essay, she was invited to participate in a district-wide writing contest. She took pristine notes on college-rule notepaper and she stole the state spelling bee trophy right out of his elegant, neatly-manicured hands after he misspelled the word ‘sanctimonious’ and she won the mock Continental Congress debate in their eighth grade history class—while playing as Alexander Hamilton.

She made him feel like the fucking coyote in those old Saturday morning cartoons; wily and arrogant and always just on the cusp of winning—until she inevitably arrived with her laminated book reports and her environmentally-safe highlighters and her ridiculous fucking ergonomically designed mechanical pencils—just in time to either push him off a cliff or directly into the path of an oncoming train.

He hated her.

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Blood and Sand

Hi there! This is just a gladiator au idea that I got and then when the amazing @buckysbackpackbuckle wrote one (ps its very different so don’t worry and also go read it its incredible xxx) I literally was so excited and had to write one myself! So here it is, it’s pretty short compared to how long my updates usually are but I just wanted something easy and fun today :) Let me know what you think!

Thick steel screeches as two blades clash against each other and meet in a shuttering ‘X’. James the Champion of Rome – hiems et miles, or more affectionately named Bucky by the Roman populous, leans forward and brings his face close to yours through the gap in the glinting metal, taking in the intimate details of your blood, sweat, and dirt caked face. You’ve fought and killed 5 trained fellow gladiators before him. In a row. One after the other. And he was at last called upon (because a champion doesn’t fight a mere slave-woman, a gladiator legend like James deserves more honor than that apparently) to finish off the spectacle, to finish off you for you are the spectacle. James is desperate to see what you’re made of as he searches your features for a hint at where all this “unwomanly” and nearly god like strength is coming from, because whatever it is he wants it.

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Soon. pt 3 | minhyuk

Member: Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 3,800+
Genre/Warning(s): romance, fluff, drama, angst.
Parts:  one | two | three four

Originally posted by sungyeolwoohyun


“Come back home, Minhyuk…”

Maternal worry settles in the words emitting from the speaker of Minhyuk’s cellphone. He tries to grin through the obvious discontent in an attempt to alleviate his mother’s concern, even if she can’t physically see it. Perhaps it’s more of an act to authenticate his own self-assurance.

Ever since you both stepped foot inside of your abode after hauling his belongings out of the dormitory, Minhyuk made it a necessity to contact his parents. Thus, he’s left to explain the details of his “failure,” but you’d rather he not describe his misfortune that way.

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Aithérios || Yoongi

Originally posted by lethargicmin

A/N: I stayed up until 5am working on this the other day… and now it’s almost 3am and I can happily say I’ve completed my first scenario since my return from Korea. :)  I hope you all enjoy this (it’s a mess, honestly), and please please please let me know what you think of it, and if you would like me to continue the story or not. 


Summary: Min Yoongi is a vampire, and you’re dying in a hospital. 

Word Count: 2,609

Genre: Angst, a lil Fluff, Supernatural

Warnings: Mentions of death and a car accident (brief)

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staos, ch3: at least this can’t get any—

on Ao3 | on ffnet 

1 | 2 | 3


ok so i don’t feel great about this chapter and today has been a kind of awful day, but i start senior year tomorrow (muffled anxious screaming) and i have no idea how heavy my workload is going to be.

i don’t really like this at all but take it while you can.

Marinette makes a face at her phone as it rings. “What?” she grumbles after she answers.

You read the messages. And I just have to say… WHAT THE FUCK!” Marinette yanks the phone away from her ear as Alya screeches into the speaker.

Marinette rubs her eyes. “Al, do you know what time it is? It’s too late for whatever this is.”

It’s not too late for you to be out with Chat Noir.”

Marinette is awake.

She is wide awake, heart racing, blooding pumping loudly in her ears. “W-what?!” Tikki hovers nervously, having been woken up by Alya’s scream. Marinette gives her a terrified look.

Alya knows Alya knows Alya knows Alya—

Mari, someone got a picture of you and Chat on your balcony.

All the tension leaves Marinette and she slumps against the back of her chair.

Alya doesn’t know.

Marinette hadn’t even transformed today because of the Ladybug and Adrien thing—

Oh shit.

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Spectrum - Ch 9

Chapter Index: [ 1 ] - [ 2 ] - [ 3 ] - [ 4 ] - [ 5 ] - [ 6 ] - [ 7 ] - [ 8

Alright, so I did split this chapter in half. Hence, said breakdown I was alluding to previously won’t happen in this one. But I hope you’ll find a few interesting things in here, regardless.

Chapter 9! In which there’s a lab excursion, a skeleton and a fish lady talk about identity crises, and Alphys watches something that isn’t anime.

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Notifications (3/16)

Notifications | Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they both could never have even dreamed of meeting each other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well they could both be happier. | Phan | Mature |Co-Written With insanityplaysfics |  Words 31,240

This Part: 1,874

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil. 

Author’s Note: Hey guys, sorry that this update is a little later than I had hoped. Life was just keeping me busy! Anyway, thanks to katthequeen520 and mostlikelyprocrastinating for being super awesome beta’s. The next update will be on Tuesday on insanityplaysfics‘ blog, so keep an eye out for that!

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“Glad you both finally decided to join us,” Emma quipped snarkily as Phil followed Dan into the conference room. It was a late Friday afternoon, and once more Phil found himself being dragged to a planning session for “Only if We Don’t Say Goodbye”. However, it appeared Dan Howell had actually decided to grace them with his presence.

“Lovely as always, Emma,” PJ laughed, from where he was sitting across from her. Phil simply scowled. Tossing himself into the seat next to PJ, Phil tried to focus his attention on Emma and Charlie.

“Okay, so first things first, casting,” Charlie said, looking a bit excited. “Starring alongside Dan Howell and Phil Lester, we have Finn Harris, Troye Sivan, and Bethany Mota.” He gestured to the newcomers, and Phil took a few seconds to examine just who he’d be spending the next few months with.

He recognized Troye Sivan, a singer/songwriter who was just getting into acting. Though he wasn’t sure who the other two were. Finn was attractive, he was probably playing the rival love interest then. And Bethany, the only female main character, would obviously be playing Dan’s character’s best friend. Which left Troye to play Dan’s roommate.

It was a well rounded cast, Phil had to admit. A mixture of fresh and recognized talent that would be sure to peak viewers interest.

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All Of The Hell I Had To Walk Through

Okay, so I know that many of our talented writers have written their takes on how 4x11 should have gone… and now here’s mine (obviously, I stole the title from Christina Perri, for reasons).

(also on ff.net and AO3)


“I told you, Swan… I’m a survivor.”

After that breathtaking, earth-shaking, knee-weakening kiss they stood there for a while, noses almost touching, smiling at each other like idiots. But after a few moments, when the adrenaline rush started to ebb away a little, a touch of sadness and concern trickled into Emma’s expression.

“But when you said goodbye to me,” she finally said, “you thought you were going to die, didn’t you?”

Hook swallowed and licked his lips a little nervously. “Swan, I…”

But she put her hand to his cheek in true remorse. “I’m sorry I didn’t come for you sooner,” she cut off his explanation, “I knew something was wrong with you, I knew it. But…”

“Emma, no… don’t be,” he interrupted hastily, and she could hear the tension he felt in the way his accent shone through a little more; he pronounced “be” almost like “bay”. “I’m the one who has to apologize. It’s all my fault. I need to tell you…” Suddenly, he stumbled a little, the physical and emotional torture of the past days finally taking its toll on him.

And, like a ton of bricks, it hit her again – It hit her hard – that she’d almost lost him, that he’d almost died in front of her eyes, although he’d promised her she didn’t have to worry about him because he’d always survive. Oh yes, he had survived, but this time it had been a really close call, and not even she – the goddamn Savior – had been able to do anything for him, she’d have been condemned to helplessly watch. If it hadn’t been for Belle, she’d have had to bury another man… not just someone she’d been with, but the fucking love of her life, she knew that now, and she also knew she’d never have been able to recover from that. And suddenly, a burning fury gripped her insides, tearing viciously, a fury at that damn pirate who almost had broken his promise, the only one who had never broken a promise he’d given her! Emma knew that her fury was irrational and he didn’t deserve it, no matter what sick twist of events had led to that situation… but she also knew one more thing: she wasn’t able to deal with that just now. She just couldn’t. For the moment, she was simply grateful for the fact that he was alive, and she’d figure out how to deal with the rest of it. But not now.

And so she did what she’d always done best: she avoided, at least for the moment.

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Can’t Let You Go || Neymar Jr

anonymous said: could I have an imagine please where you’ve known Neymar all your life and you are now boyfriend and girlfriend! Then he signs with Barça and you move to Spain with him?

I didn’t want to use y/n for this one, so I decided to name this girl Malia.

“I cannot explain how happy I am every time I wake up to those beautiful eyes.” Neymar smirked as I squinted my eyes, adjusting to the light. Neymar had flipped over the covers excitedly, strolling over to the master bathroom’s door. I had no intentions of getting out of bed early and as I flipped myself over to glance at the nightstand clock, I immediately wanted to shut my eyes again. 

It was 10:53. And I know for some people it was a late start to the day. But for me, my time, it was 8:53. I loved sleep and since I was potentially always busy with my job, I would take any extra sleep I could get. Since it was Saturday I was not up for any early morning stuff, so with a huff I rolled onto my side to catch some extra z’s.

“Wake up Malia!” Neymar shouted from the bathroom, and by the way his voice gurgled, I assumed he was brushing his teeth. He knew how long I’d like to sleep in late on weekends, usually he let me stay in the warm covers until noon.

“I wanna stay in bed for at least three more hours.” I whined.

“We’re going to my parents’ place for lunch and dinner, so we’re basically spending half of the day there, and you take forever to get ready. So pick up the pace, you know what?” Neymar suddenly asked and my eyes shot open. I had a slight feeling he was going to do something insanely stupid (as always.)

Before my eyes even adjusted to the sunlight for the second time, the warm duvet was being pulled off of my once heated body. I, on the other hand was being thrown like a sack of potatoes onto Neymar’s shoulder. 

“I’m literally gonna kill you if I ever get down from here!” I screeched, hitting his back violently, which made about zero difference in him putting me down sooner. Neymar only laughed, setting me down onto the washroom counter.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing his lips softly. Neymar parted his lips, pulling me closer to him. He lifted me up, making me wrap my legs around his slender torso, “Okay, let’s stop. I don’t think I want to have sex on the washroom counter. So let me get into the shower.”

“Alright.” Neymar gave in, setting me down.

I stripped off all my clothes, folding them neatly on the bathroom counter and then I made my way to the shower, opening the cold glass door. I stepped in and adjusted to the water, then pulled the thingy and the hot shower water spilled out from the shower head. I squirted a generous amount of shampoo onto my hands before massaging my scalp. I opened my eyes and caught Neymar leaning on the counter, staring right at me. I had known him all my life but I had never gotten comfortable with him staring at me, when I was nude.

I was always self conscious about my body, and he was intimidating me greatly.

“Can you stop staring at me, please.” I laughed and Neymar rolled his eyes and turned to the counter, proceeding to brush his teeth. After lathering myself and washing my face, I stepped out of the shower. All the glass shower walls were steamy and the bathroom was too. Neymar wasn’t there anymore so I assumed he was getting dressed.

“Malia, what do you think? Denim, or Nike?” Neymar asked me, his clothes strewn across the bed. I tightened my towel around my body and picked up the Nike t shirt. He nodded and kissed me softly on the lips, letting me go to the walk in closet. I picked out a pair of simple black leggings, along with my black Marvel sweatshirt. I found Neymar’s white Adidas high tops and slipped them on, strolling out of the walk in closet.

“Mal, have you seen my…” Neymar trailed off as he turned to me. “My Adidas high tops.”  He crossed his arms and I smirked lightly. They went with my outfit and I was not going to take them off. 

“They go with my outfit, find other shoes.” I giggled as Neymar narrowed his eyes towards me. “Just wear your black Nike sneakers.” Eventually he gave up and slipped them on, slapping my bum before running off to the front door.

“Can’t keep your hands off me?”

“No, not really.”

I grabbed his hand, intertwining them with mine. He locked the door and then suddenly cupped my face with his hands, smashing his lips against mine. I parted my lips and struggled for oxygen. I slapped Neymar’s chest but he held me tightly, his tongue entering my mouth and both our tongues fought for dominance. He finally pulled away, our lips pink and swollen. I gasped, my chest falling up and down as I finally had oxygen. Neymar smiled towards me and we both headed to the car.

The car ride wasn’t even close to silent, with Neymar blasting his music and singing along. Begging for me to sing along with him, I giggled but refused. Eventually, I blasted my American pop songs to which Neymar was finally silent, but it was my turn to jam out. Soon enough, we pulled into the driveway of the Da Silva Santos’ household. Neymar opened his car door, rushing over to the passenger door to open mine. I kissed his cheek softly and thanked him, exiting the car and making my way up the walkway and towards the door, knocking.

“Mal!!” Rafa shrieked as she flung the door open. She embraced me into a bone crushing hug and I stumbled back a bit, bumping Neymar a bit as he chuckled under his breath.

“Rafa, nice to meet you. I’m your brother, remember me?” Neymar waved his hands in front of her face. Raf scoffed and kissed his cheek but grabbed my hand quickly, pulling me into the warm, welcoming home. Gil and Jo sat on the couch as well, along with Thayse and Julia.

“Mal!” Thayse and Julia squealed, getting up and hugging me tightly.

“Wow, am I getting all sorts of recognition.” Neymar snapped jokingly and Thayse laughed loudly before giving him a hug, followed by Julia. He joined Gil and Jo on the couch as me and the girls started discussing random things.

Before we engrossed in conversation, I remembered to be polite and greet Neymar.Sr and Nadine. Before I could enter, Davi ran out of the kitchen, clinging onto my legs tightly. I giggled, picking him up and kissing his cheeks multiple times.

“How’s my baby.” I cooed, and he kissed my lips.

“I’m good Lia.”

I marched into the kitchen with Davi in my arms and walked over to Neymar.Sr who was bringing the dishes over to the dining room.

“Ola Senhor.” I smiled brightly and Neymar.Sr brought me into his arms, enveloping me into a hug. “Can I help with anything in the kitchen.”

“How many times do I tell you Malia, you’re a part of this family. Call me Pai? Okay? Sir makes me feel older than I actually am.” Pai joked and I laughed, walking over to Nadine who was cooking ferociously, as usual.

“Hello, minha querida.” Nadine greeted, pausing for a second to give me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. “Where’s my cheeky son?” 

“Finally! Someone asks for me.” Ney suddenly appears in the kitchen, wrapping his arms around his mum. Both parents laughed, and I also heard chuckled from the living room. Neymar kissed Davi on the head and steered me over to the kitchen table, where he sat, dragging me down to sit on his lap. And, although Davi was on my lap too I felt like we were breaking Neymar’s legs.

“Everyone in this house seems to love Malia more than me.”

Rafa walked into the kitchen holding her phone, “It’s because we do.”

Pai laughed, making Neymar blush and shake his head disapprovingly, “How ridiculous, Mae, Pai, do you love Malia more than me?” Mae shrugged and said nothing, smiling cheekily as she continued cooking innocently. 

“Ah well.” Pai shrugged and continued picking up dishes and setting them on the dining room table. Neymar looked shocked and I laughed heartily at his facial expressions.

“Well, I’m done and so is dinner.” Nadine announced, making me shoot up immediately, rushing over to the delicious supper that awaited us. 

“Everything looks so good Mae,” Gil complimented, earning a kiss on the cheek from Nadine. “I have to have some of this.” Gil picked up his knife and fork, ready to dig in when Neymar interrupted everyone.

“Wait Gil.” Neymar waved his hands in the air.

Everyone turned to him before he continued, “I have some huge news. I’ve been discussing it with Pai and he’s the only person in the room who knows what I’m about to say. You guys might be my best friends but I still sometimes need to surprise you guys occasionally.”

“Go on.” Raf urged. 

“Well,” Neymar cautiously resumed. “Barcelona, FC Barcelona want to sign me. And, I’ve agreed.”

My eyes grew wide and everyone at the table erupted into cheers, including me. Neymar grabbed me by my waist pulling me closer to him, planting a soft kiss on my lips. Without delay Jo and Gil wolf whistled, making me blush feverishly. Neymar just kissed me again.

“Alright lovebirds.” Julia teased.

Even though I was extremely ecstatic that he would be signing with one of the most successful clubs, there was something I couldn’t put my finger on that made my stomach churn. The knot in my stomach tightened but I continued eating.

“So Malia, how’s everything at the hospital?” Pai asked curiously.

“Good I guess. There’s a patient tomorrow that needs major surgery and I’m extremely nervous since I’m the leading doctor.” I replied. 

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’re a smart young girl. You’ve done this plenty of times querida.” Mae smiled sweetly. “But I must ask, how do you deal with the pressure?”

“I don’t know. It is hard knowing someone’s life is in my hands sometimes. I try and stay as calm as I can for my team.” I responded and everyone nodded.

“So how’s your company Thayse?” People continued in conversation but I drowned everyone out, continuing to eat my food absentmindedly. I rested my elbows on the table and picked at the rest of my food when someone nudged my leg.

“You okay, meu amor?” Neymar turned to me, a brilliant smile plastered across his face. I just nodded and smiled, but I knew he wasn’t buying it at all. “Are you feeling okay? We’re going home soon anyways baby.” 

I shrugged and the rest of the dinner, I was silent.


“Mal, I know that look. What’s wrong?” Neymar asked, once he shut the door of our house. “You’ve been acting shady since dinner.”

I walked further into the house, placing my purse on the chair and setting down my jacket. I didn’t want to respond, and I didn’t know why. But something had been irking me all dinner, but I would tell him after.

“Just let me take my shower.” I groaned in frustration and he nodded slightly, plopping down on the couch and fishing out his phone. I walked upstairs and into the master bathroom, shutting the door and locking it. I took off all my clothes and decided to take a bath instead. I filled it up with water and bath bombs. I stepped into the warm water and decided to relax, letting all my previous worries vanish. 

I drained the water and then started to shower, lathering and shampooing for a while. I turned off the water and stepped out, wrapping my hair and body with a towel. I unlocked the bathroom door and Neymar sat on the bed with his phone. I walked over to the dresser, grabbing a plain white v neck along with blue plaid pajama pants. 



“I think we need to talk now.” 

Neymar tensed up and sat up, leaning on our headboard. I sat on the edge of the bed, my back facing him. I could feel my face getting red and guilt washed over me as I blurted out my next sentence.

“I don’t think I can go to Barcelona with you.” I finally confessed.

“Why not?”

Suddenly I burst, anger fueling me in a millisecond, “Don’t you get it? I have my whole life in Brazil, I’m a young doctor and you’re expecting me to drop everything and leave. You mean the world to me Neymar. But I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my whole career.”

“So you’re not committed to me?” Neymar finally broke the deafening silence. “This is really important to me, and I want you by my side through it all.” My shoulders drooped at the last part and let out a frustrated groan. I felt the bed dip and Neymar’s cold hands wrapped around my waist.

“Neymar I can’t do this,” I whispered. “I can’t go with you. And I’m so sorry.”

“I would do this for you, Mal please. You’re my girl and I need you there. I would move with you in a heartbeat. Why can’t you do the same?” Neymar’s voice rose, anger visible in his tone. “I can’t believe you said nothing about this all night. Did you even consider moving with me?”

“Of course I did!”

“I can’t do the long distance thing Malia. I won’t be able to just Skype call you and pretend everything’s alright. I need a partner that’s committed and will always be with me. And, it’s obvious you’re not that girl.” Neymar firmly said. Tears pooled up in my eyes at his heart wrenching words and I finally turned around, faced with an angry Neymar.

“Well, I guess not then.” I sighed. “I can’t stay here tonight and be with you. I have to leave. I’m sorry, extremely sorry that we have to let go. But I guess our dreams are taking us in different directions. That’s how life works sometimes.”

Neymar stood up,” Well I guess I’m going to Barcelona…without you.”

“Well. I love you, I will forever. Goodbye.” I smiled warmly at him. Fake written across my face. Neymar nodded as I grabbed all of my clothes quickly, stuffing them sloppily into my suitcase. Soon, all of me was out of the household. I was no longer in the picture.

I stood in front of Neymar, the door just behind me.

Neymar hugged me tightly, “I’ll love you forever, meu amor.” 

“This is harder than I thought, leaving you is tough. I love you Ney.” I grabbed my suitcase and duffel bags, making my way out the door and into the car. I watched as Neymar stood at the door, tears in his eyes. I waved goodbye and he did the same.

And I drove out, leaving him.

But this time, it might just be forever


30 minutes.

Thirty minutes.

I had thirty minutes to get to the airport in time. Parking was a mess and the shuttle bus took like ten years to gather everybody. I was squished between a woman who smelt like salami and two twin girls who kept pulling my hair. I managed to stick it out and when the driver called my air flight company, I dashed out of the bus as quick as possible, my duffel bag and like eight hundred pound suitcase holding me down.

By the time I had gotten in line for baggage check, I had fifteen minutes. Everything seemed to be going horribly, I had to pee really badly! I grabbed my carry on and rushed to find my gate as soon as airport security was done. I had a minute until Barcelona started boarding, and when I realized I had to pee badly, now they were currently boarding.

Thanks to my bad sense of direction I was forced to sprint about what felt like a three hour marathon. I immediately spotted Neymar who was just getting up to board.

I almost tripped over my shoelaces but immediately ran to him, colliding into him which resulted into us both falling. I giggled as Neymar grunted harshly before realizing it was me.

“Oh my god. You actually came?” Neymar grinned cheekily as he brushed some of my hair out of my face. 

“Yeah. I’ll have plenty of job opportunities but there’s only one Neymar.” I gave him a long soft kiss.

“And he’s all yours.”

Want (Request)

theres this song by this band called The Paper Kites and its called A Silent Cause. the lyrics remind me so much of something harry would do with his girlfriend - w-onderlandd


He knew you were leaving, but he didn’t want to admit it to himself yet.

You had been in his life since the two of you were children; best friends since you were old enough to walk and inseparable throughout your years at school. Both of you had grown up with big dreams of doing big things, and Harry knew that you were starting to get antsy to accomplish them. His success with the band had not gone unnoticed by you; you were more than happy for him and the fact that he was living his dream, but he knew that you wanted to feel that way too. Every time he came home and visited you, he could see the glimmer of jealousy and pain in your eyes because you were still stuck in your home town and he was off exploring grand places and singing for thousands of people.

He hadn’t fallen in love with you until after he became famous. He wasn’t sure exactly what had prompted it; growing up, being friends with you had been easy. Maybe it was that first time he came to see you after being on tour for six months, and seeing you running toward him with your arms out to give him a hug made him feel like he was finally home again. You were a comfort to him; a familiarity; a constant. The more he went away, the more he wanted to come back to you.

When he finally had some time away from the band and his other responsibilities, Harry was looking forward to coming home and spending some much needed time with you. His feelings had grown exponentially over the last few years but he hadn’t acted on them because he was never around. Now, he had an undetermined amount of him off to just be normal again; to the be the Harry that you had grown up with and enjoyed hanging out with. This would be the perfect time to tell you how he felt and then you would take it one day at a time.

What he wasn’t anticipating, was the news that you sprung on him almost instantly because you were just so excited and couldn’t wait any longer.

“I got a job!” You screeched, wrapping your arms around him and giving him a giant squeeze. “They want me to work under one of the biggest designers in New York, can you believe it?”

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