i literally got lost


Ok nobody is talking about this and I have to say something cause I literally lost my shit at this scene. When I got engaged about a year ago, you want to know what I was doing the entire first day? THIS! I was literally holding up my hand and admiring my ring and everything it meant about my past and my future. So when Viktor was standing on the beach, by himself staring at the ring the man he loves just gave him it broke me. It is so special. Yuri on Ice is so special.

So truth of truths, with the election over and Trump having won.

I’m kind of intrigued on what we will see happen. And I admit I’m even reveling in Tumblr and Twitters meltdown because people literally are overreacting 5000% because I guess their brains got lost of something.

My predictions…
1. People on this shit site will continue to act as if the apocalypse is happening. And continue to act as if this election is the complete embodiment of satan: i.e. the cis, white-supremacist, hetero patriarchy omgs!!! (Seriously y’all throwing so many buzzwords, your speeches sound like chainsaws with all that buzzing). If Trump winning is the apocalypse in your mind, skip to step 7.
2. Trump will be sworn in.
3. America will literally be no different off for at least 2 years.
4. Trump will be fought against in public opinion every step of his way in office.
5. He will only have 1 term.
6. He will leave office at the end of his term and the US will largely be unchanged and undamaged.
7. Life will go on.

So for some detail, I didn’t care for him to win, but I also recognise how the US government works. And for Trump’s presidency, public scrutiny of him is going to be at such a high that anything progressively questionable or even anything mundane he does is going to be given the worst rep ever. With that in mind, he won’t be able to make any truly damaging policy, checks and balances exist people, we are fine.

I decided to go for a run in the rain and naturally I got lost so I ended up going 3.5 miles when I meant to go 1. Typical. Totally worth it though. 😝

Pokemon Go in a nutshell

I think my introduction to the real world and how I became aware of my own mortality was when I watched Bridge to Terabithia with my mother in theaters for the first time and being completely blindsided and hysterical sobbing 




What an adventure! I literally lost sleep because of this but it’s fucking amazing!! I love it so much you guys don’t understand!! Kudos to the iplier team for the spectacular work and effort they put into it. I can’t express how much this interactive choices videos made me happy and made my valentine’s special :) thank you Mark and the whole team!! You made the whole community smile 💖

Okay The High Noon meme is funny and all that, but can we just take a moment to talk about


anonymous asked:



ok so my gfs dad usually buys me weed but recently he was like “u smoke way too much im not buying u more” so i needed to find my own dealer……thn tonite at 12am i went on tinder and made a prof just to ask for weed and i just agreed to meet up w the first guy in like the middle of pittsburgh …..he ends up not killing me and he sold me tha weej like really cheap and he was rly cool so we gave him $25 applebees giftcard i had in tha purse.
 anyways so i start to drive home from the middle of the city and then we get lost literally 4 times and i almost got hit like a fuck load of timez and then when we get home the guy texts me a video on youtube of him singing nd playing guitar and was like “check out this vid of me singing! :)” but not in a creepy way but like. he just wants evryone to see his music. and it was pretty good so i told him it was.
n thats it

hhah look at the VERY FIRST ONE I GOT

(i tho this was a fiction generator wtf)

Hufflepuffs Realizing They Have Crushes on Members of the Other Houses

Ravenclaw: Yeah… I literally got lost five minutes ago. I have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about… I don’t even think they’re really talking to me anymore… more like… the air… Maybe I should ask them to clarify? I mean, I don’t really care about the physics behind the shape trees grow into… But I don’t want them to stop either. It’s just nice to hear them talk. It’s so cute… *blushes* “What? Yeah. I’m okay. I’m totally listening.” So cute…

Gryffindor: Wow they’re so funny and talented and amazing. I’m kinda jealous. And I really wish I had that kind of self confidence. Maybe if I hang out with them more it’ll rub off on me. Who am I kidding? That’s not why I wanna hang out with them… 

Slytherin: That person just totally slayed me in the chair auditions. I practiced for hours… I wonder how much they practiced. Now that I think about it, they’re always in the practice rooms. They’re even more dedicated than me. I don’t really mind though. I didn’t wanna be first chair that bad. They really seem to want it. Good for them. The others don’t really seem to feel the same… *hears people whispering behind their back* *The Slytherin clearly hears it as well and scowls* 

*Jumps to introduce themself* “Hey, I’m _____. I’m really excited to be stand partners! I’ll work extra hard, so you don’t have to worry about me being a slacker! Okay?” *:D*

 *Slytherin’s brows go down in suspicion before they relax and they offer a small smile* “Okay”

*Hufflepuff blushes* I’ve never seen them smile before. It’s such a nice smile… *_* <3


I haven’t had internet since Jan 3rd so this blog is basically dead but good news is the ano who wanted a Kageyama fic that’s done just need editing.

I SWEAR TO GOD I’M NOT DEAD (only slightly on the inside)
Volleyball happened and now I have a bandage on my leg.


Then yesterday I had coffee with six spoons of sugar (I thought it was decaffe and yes I’m a sugar demon)
So then I ran 2.5km in 15 mins to see my friend cos I was buzzed on coffee and sugar but then I got lost BUT I FOUND SUSAN STREET it was literally a sign the world telling me I’m Phan trash and need a life.

Anyway I then got sent home and my friend called me crazy for actually running there and on the way home I SAW DOGGOS by the creek (completely worth almost breaking my legs)

Uhhh so in summary once I get internet I’ll post the fic and hopefully get this blog back on track 🤣

Omgcp characters as thing I've done
  • Bitty: drunkenly screamed "Drunk in Love" whilst walking back to campus from downtown while also eating an apple pie popsicle.
  • Jack: accidentally flirted with a customer and had to turn them down by making a coworker help them and ran away.
  • Shitty: literally yelled feminist ideals back and forth in the middle of the night with my roommate before our neighbors tried to beat down the door to get us to shut up.
  • Lardo: spent at least three days covered in paint after working on a set because showers were inconvenient and only going to slow me down.
  • Holster: binged watched the entirety of bob's burgers instead of doing any of my homework.
  • Ransom: had spent a solid 48 hours working on a portfolio until I curled up on the floor of the library and silent cried while my friends continued working around me.
  • Dex: got so mad I literally fought a cardboard box and lost.
  • Nursey: tripped so hard up the stairs I took out like four other people on my continued assent up the stairs.
  • Chowder: ate six pixi-stix at once and nearly had a stroke from how hard I was shaking from the sugar rush.
  • Kent Parson: while drunk I found a wayward cat and cried about how cute it was despite the hissing and possible rabies.

My favorite part about romancing Solas (and maybe this happens if you’re single too??) is that you get Varric looking at you adoringly. Then, at the end, when you walk up to your room alone everyone fucking stops and stare at you.

SO i found out about this KPOP party in Russia, and i never met/touched/talked to other human being kpoppers in real life, so i was like A PARTY THAT PLAYS KPOP ! so i went AND IT WAS FUCKING LIT, THEY PLAYED ALMOST EVERY ARTIST AND BIGBANG HAD THE BIGGEST SHARE OF THE SONGS, THEY PLAYED BBB, SOBER, CROOKED, ROD, ZUTTER, TONIGHT AND IT WAS LIT, LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING BODY GOT OFF THEIR SEATS WHEN A BB SONGS COMES OUT AND EVERYBODY KNOWS THE CHOREO OF EVERY FUCKING KPOP SONG THAT CAME OUT, it was so amusing and fun it was literally the best party i went to

u never realize how actually good the songs are till u hear them in a club and everybody is just going wild over them

Today I had an appointment from 3 to 4.  I got spectacularly lost, asked for directions, cried, asked for directions again, and arrived at almost 4:00 on the dot.  After taking the same turn I initially thought I should take but chickened out on because I second-guessed myself.

I then proceeded to take the most creative route home I could think of, got lost again, and only made it home by dint of making my way to the local airport, since I know my way back from that area.

Essentially: I got lost for two hours and achieved literally nothing.  Except, we can only hope, a slight level up in problem-solving skills.


Recently added: 

  • The Avengers edition Iron Man Mark VII, which is surprisingly rare
  • Blue Stealth Iron Man (2014 Rhode Island Comic Con limited release)

(MISSING: Funko POP War Machine, which I got but is accidentally sent to and quite literally lost somewhere in Puerto Rico. And the James Rhodes one, for which I’m not willing to pay $50.)