i literally follow over 300 people

Yo. I don’t make these, ever, but I made this when we didn’t have power and I thought it was pretty so why the fuck not use it. I do have internet back now, so long as the idiots at Time Warner don’t fuck with it again. ALSO, Cole is over 300 at this point which is amazing and I’m really happy because I do love him and have put so much time, effort and mental strain into him. I hope those who interact with him like him too and I really would love to RP with a lot more of the people that I follow. 


@timestarjump; Ali I don’t care if we don’t fucking RP on here, you’re amazing and just deserve to be given credit for putting up with me. A love you, you’re literally like a sister and I HOPE that Cole get’s to bug the shit out of Levi constantly after I reply to your reply to my open. XD

@konohanotenten; LOOK IT’S CALEB’S FUTURE WIFE. Poor Tenten. YO TENTEN-MUN, I know we got the shit going on with the OC I made with her, but I really want to do some things on here with Cole and Caleb more because Caleb adores her. Not just her hair but the fact that she is so kind and loving. I love your portray of Tenten and I hope we get to plot a lot more than we already have!

@konohasflcsh; IT IS COMPLETELY BECAUSE OF YOU THAT I EVEN EXIST TO THE NARUTO FANDOM. SO, HOKAGE-MUN, THANK YOU FOR PAYING ATTENTION TO MY LITTLE SHIT. You’re writing is fabulous, and I adore your muse that every time you rely to the thread I legit get so excited. Minato is the cutest shit ever and anyone who doesn’t think so can f i t e me. XD I would love to plot more, especially missions from their childhood and them as kids in general because there is just so much potential to be have with what we did plot! Don’t ever doubt your writing because you are fabulous in everything.

@lonely-godokaeyo; YO. YOU’RE MY FIRST ACTUAL SHIP ON HERE SINCE REMAKING HIM. DO YOU FEEL THE PRESSURE YET? XD Ah, I know I bug the shit out of you constantly and I don’t actually answer the threads enough, I have one in my draft now, but I do adore the dorks despite all the shit that we put them through. Not to mention, you putting up with me and my screaming, is impressive all on it’s own. Thank you for Rping with Cole and letting me scream at you on Discord! 

@thelazyeditor; Do you hate me for how often I blog hope on you yet? Seriously you have been running Akihito for as long as I have been blog hoping and that is impressive. I adore you and your muse, I love some of the shit we come up with and you are my favorite ship with Anubis. So thank you for following me to the blogs I throw at you and for letting me chuck Anubis at you when I’m on him.

@bloodyrogues; YO. WE DON’T ACTUALLY RP MUCH, BUT WHEN WE DO IT’S AWESOME. NOT TO MENTION GETTING TO TALK TO YOU ON SKYPE/DISCORD IS EPIC. I’m a plot whore, and I love plotting everything with you that I can. I really hope we get to get D and Cole interacting again real soon since D is so adorable with Caleb. 


@sxikii; I already told you how fabulous you are and how much I love Gaara and Caleb, but I really love you alright? XD I want so many more interactions with you, please let me have all of Gaara. 

@incubibaby; Your muse is really different, alright? I’ve been on here for a long time and I haven’t ran into anything like Noah, which makes me really cling to him alright? Them. I love them, and I want Cole to like them, which wouldn’t be so hard if he wasn’t such a goddamn asshole. LET ME LOVE YOUR AMAZING UNIQUE MUSE.

Really fucking amazing people why do you follow me;

@clssrep @redhotkunoichi @fierydog @mindwalkerninja @despairinghxpe @ncviceduelist @paraxyt @leafmedic @hatakiri @shiikkan @hyugaeiji @celestialspitfire @icebloodedprince @setsukix @hexatomb @fcrgetmenct @conseille @svagefaith @forgottcnrcalm @thoughtread @malintxntions @edenlied @kcnko @revertxmus @kakanins @youfondue @enshrxned @princelylight @hexnever 

If I Have Unfollowed You – This Is Not Permanent!!! (pls read)

My dash is kinda going insane right now, and because I followed a bunch of blogs I can’t remember those I read rules for and those I didn’t (I usually keep track). Because of this, I am unfollowing all blogs that have not been established long-term partners (people I feel I’ve written with forever). This week I’m going to be going through the blogs that follow me, re-read rules, and refollow.

So; please don’t take it personally if I unfollow you, my follow count is literally dropping from over 300 down to like 50. It’s just easier for me to keep track this way.


This is for the following of my muses (I’m following you from this ellisindierps account): @thebloodyrose @lostkingofthequarter @fangsxandxcurls @alittlebritishhumour @hawthorneandunicornhair @samehelldifferentdemons @fistfightsandcointricks @withtheshakeofahand @shadedblooms

If any of my followers are in college use slugbooks.com. I talked about this before but you can literally save so much money on books it is ridiculous and I don’t know why more people don’t use the website. I saved hundreds of dollars over the course of my past few semesters. Just wanna help some people out. My sister just about a $200 book for $20. Earlier I bought a $300 book for $26 and a $190 for $10. These books are in good condition too!

holy shit. its been crazy going from nothing to over 300 followers. literally when i started this blog it was a shitty side blog that had all of two followers. its been a long ride with blood, sweat, and tears along the way but you guys have been the best. from the people who interacted with me when i was still a sideblog to the new followers. thank you for a wonderful and amazing year. in honor of my one year i’m doing another give away to thank you!


~ you must be following me (don’t follow and then unfollow. shits not cool)   

~new followers are absolutely more than welcome to reblog

~you must be an active blog (it can be any fandom) 

~giveaway will not happen if there is less than 20 reblogs

~one reblog for person and likes don’t count (i mean you can reblog as much as you want but you are getting one name in the hat) 

~yes i will be drawing names out of a hat 


first place 

  • 2 color drawings of your muse (or a muse of your choice) 
  • a month long promo 
  • a starter of your choice   

second place 

  • 1 color drawing of your muse (or a muse of your choice) 
  • a starter of your choice 

third place 

  • a grey scale doodle of your muse (or a muse of your choice) 

winners will be announced on july 4 or 5, 2014! may the odds be ever in your favor! good luck guys!thanks again for being the best followers ever and giving my goofy ass muses a great year!

anonymous asked:

Okay, so do you know any good Larry blogs to follow? I, erm... may have unfollowed over 700 people this morning. ๐Ÿ˜ณ It seemed like a good idea at the time! Now I regret it. My dash is boring and not very lively. I regret all of my decisions from this day. Anyway! Do you know any good Larry blogs? I really (really) need some more on my dash.

oh my god i would literally pass out if i followed over like 300 people let alone 700 bless your soul idk how you did it. anywho tbh i really only follow larries lmao so i would take a peak through who i’ve reblogged from!! but off the top of my head, some of my fave lovelies are @larryappreciation @mytinylou @bananastagram @breakfreelou @birdalmighty @harryandweed @kindofsharethat @inkedpingu @aboutchopsuey @olivialmighty @priceofsalts @strangenewfriends @wereamanbandnow @fakeaheartattack @createdoutofnecessity @goldbootedbaby @anchoredlou @17siriusblack 💖