i literally fell in love with her all over again during this interview

Was Spock the first human/Vulcan hybrid?

First contact between humans and Vulcans occurred in 2063. Spock was born in 2230. If you listen to some Star Trek fans, that means 167 years passed before both our species decided to bear some sex fruit. Let’s be real though, 167 years is a long time for two civilizations to interact with each other without at least someone from one group deciding to bone someone from the other group, particularly when you consider the populations of both civilizations numbers in the billions.

We might say, “Maybe interspecies sex was just too big of a taboo! Maybe it took that long for barriers to finally start coming down.” Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it’s like Hagrid once said of Dobby the house elf: “Yeh get weirdos in every breed.” Even if 9,999,999,999 humans thought the idea of having sex with an alien was weird or unnatural, there would always be at least one exceptionally progressive person who could see beyond everyone else’s prejudices and pre-conceived notions, and I’m certain the same is true for Vulcans. I would almost be willing to bet that at least one of the first Vulcans who rolled off the T’Plana-Hath on that April morning in 2063 in Bozeman, Montana saw one of the locals and thought, “That human is aesthetically pleasing.” And all it takes is a spark, right? Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear a Vulcan pickup line?

And all the panties fell off as if by magic.

Moreover, in 1957, 106 years before official First Contact between humans and Vulcans, a small Vulcan survey ship crash-landed near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. There were only three survivors, and of those three, one of them just couldn’t stop himself from falling for the single mom who ran the local bar. Granted, Maggie didn’t know Mestral was Vulcan, but he definitely knew she was human, and a trivial thing like species didn’t seem to matter to him.

Smitten personified.

But wait, just because a few amorous, adventurous, or convention-hating humans and Vulcans might be willing to stand up and proudly (or maybe more discreetly) proclaim, “Love is love, fuck the haters” and get naked with each other, that doesn’t mean they were making babies because after all, humans and Vulcans are genetically incompatible and it would take a feat of medical engineering to swap gametes, right?

Argue if you want, but human/Vulcan sexy time dates back to at least 2153.

People who believe Spock must have been the first hybrid usually stake this claim on one or more of four arguments:

1.     Humans and Vulcans didn’t shack up routinely enough
2.     The science of making a hybrid baby didn’t exist until Spock came along
3.     Gene Roddenberry said so
4.     Spock clearly felt isolated as a child, but he wouldn’t have if there were more hybrids like him

I’ve already poked enough holes in the first claim. Maybe there weren’t a ton of interspecies couples, but I feel confident in saying there were at least some and some is all we need. And once people decide they like each other enough to form relationships, it’s usually not long before at least some of them start thinking, “You know what would make this better? A smaller version of us!”

As for the science behind making a hybrid baby, it existed in the mid 22nd century. Spock wasn’t the first. That’s a fact. Elizabeth, the hybrid child of Charles “Trip” Tucker and T’Pol, existed in 2154.

Pointy ears and pinchable cheeks.  

Elizabeth sadly died as a result of the improper cloning techniques used to conceive her, so there are many who would take the statement of “Spock was the first human/Vulcan hybrid” and simply add the caveat of “to survive.” Perhaps. But in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime,” Trip says:

I spoke with Phlox. It turns out there was a flaw in the technique that Paxton’s doctors used in the cloning process. Human DNA and Vulcan DNA, Phlox says there’s no medical reason why they can’t combine. So if a Vulcan and a human ever decided to have a child, it’s probably be ok. And that’s sort of comforting.

So a Denobulan doctor knew a way to make hybrids a full 75 years before Spock was conceived. Maybe the technology was untested and required some refining, but by even a modern a technological timeline, 75 years is an eternity.  

There’s an interview between Gene Roddenberry and Mark Lenard which claims Spock was the first, and so a lot of people might be happy to believe whatever Roddenberry said was the gospel. In the interview, Roddenberry is interviewing Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek, asking him questions about humanity and his life when the subject of Spock comes up.

Mark Lenard: Spock’s mother Amanda is an extraordinary woman.
Gene Roddenberry: And Spock was the result? The first human/Vulcan mixture?
Mark Lenard: No, not the first, but the first to survive. As you must know, an Earth/Vulcan conception will abort during the end of the first month; the fetus is unable to continue life once it begins to develop its primary organs. The fetus Spock was removed from Amanda’s body at this time: the first such experiment ever attempted. His tiny form resided in a test tube for the following two Earth months while our physicians performed delicate chemical engineering, introducing over a 100 subtle changes we hoped would sustain life. At the end of this time, the fetus was returned to Amanda’s womb. At the ninth Earth month, the tiny form was again removed from Amanda, prematurely by Vulcan standards, and spent the following four months of Vulcan term pregnancy in a specially designed incubator. The infant Spock proved surprisingly resilient. There seemed to be something about the Earth/Vulcan mixture which created in that tiny body the fierce determination to survive.

So for some fans, maybe that counts as proof. But Gene Roddenberry had a lot of conceptual ideas about his beloved Star Trek that conflict with actual canon and modern science. For a prime example, just look at the treatment of star dates. So maybe it’s me, but I don’t think something is canon just because Roddenberry said it in an interview once. Furthermore, if we take that interview as canon, how do we explain this scene from The Final Frontier where Spock is delivered from Amanda (not a “specially designed incubator”) and presented to Sarek?

Then Sarek went and uttered one of the most dick lines in Trek history.

Lastly, there’s the isolation that Spock feels. How can we explain how lonely he is if it’s not because he’s the only hybrid? Quite easily, actually. Every single person in existence has felt misunderstood and alone at times. As children, our worlds are very small and our social circles consist of our immediate families, school mates, and our parents’ associates. That’s pretty much it. When we aren’t exposed to people like us, it’s very easy to imagine Rocket Raccoon might have been onto something when he said, “Ain’t no thing like me, except me!”

But that’s very rarely literally true, as every kid who’s ever been the only minority at their school or any teen who’s ever been the only gay person in their tiny conservative town will tell you. As we get older and achieve the freedom to strike out and meet people on our own terms, we often learn we weren’t quite as unique as we thought and there are whole groups of people out there who are black or gay or disabled or whatever it was that left us feeling so alone in our formative years. I think that’s why Spock’s character resonated so much with viewers – he was a symbol for all the misfits out there who knew just how much it sucks trying to fit into the fabric of a society that seems so different than they are.

 Proof that regardless of species, kids can be fucking awful. 

Vulcan was a big planet. By the time Nero destroyed it in Star Trek: 2009, it had more than 6 billion inhabitants. Even if there were only 100 human/Vulcan hybrids by that point in time, the odds of an average Vulcan encountering one would still be incredibly small. It’s entirely possible Spock may have felt like he was the only hybrid because he might have been the only one in his community, but the universe is a big place with plenty of room for other human/Vulcan hybrids he and those vicious bullies never met. 

Spock was clearly pretty special. Even people who hate Star Trek and know almost nothing about it know who Spock was and recognize the Vulcan salute Leonard Nimoy made famous in his portrayal of the character. But just because Spock’s human ancestry made him unusual doesn’t necessarily mean his conception was some completely novel, groundbreaking, pioneering leap for interspecies relationships either. 

I can’t say I know many Vulcans, but I think I have a pretty firm grasp on humanity. Despite homosexual, interracial, and interfaith relationships being taboo and even illegal in many countries until relatively recently (and sadly still are in some places) there have always been people who decided they didn’t care and took a chance on love. So I don’t buy the idea that humans and Vulcans could live and work together even in a limited capacity for more than a century and a half before making the jump into starting families.

Surprise, Surprise (G.D)

Request: “Hi! Can I request an imagine where Gray and Ethan are on tour and reader comes to visit them (Gray and her have been secretly dating for quite awhile) and when it gets to the questions, somebody asks the twins if they have girlfriends and Gray’s like ‘just a sec’ and goes backstage and carries reader on stage like 'here she is meet my gf’ (because that sounds cute af)”

A/N: I changed up the request a lil, so I hope you don’t mind :)

Word Count: 3,600 +

Warnings: Cursing, and fluff :)

“It’s the best idea I’ve had in a while, I’m sure it’ll work, E.” You spoke to your best friend over the phone as you took a bite out of your granola bar. Your legs were crossed and your sunglasses were perched on the bridge of your nose as you waited for your flight number to be called. You were currently on your way to New York to give your boyfriend a surprise visit, you’ve been missing him like crazy. All around the walls of your apartment were pictures of you and Grayson, of you and Ethan and all three of you. You stared down at your phone wallpaper, there stood Grayson, grinning like an idiot. You closed your eyes, letting your mind fill with his voice. You could hear him teasing you like he’s just feet away, your mind fills with the witty retorts he always comes up with and his heart-warming laugh. You wanted to call out for him softly, as if he could crawl out of your phone screen but this wasn’t Hogwarts and you were no Hermione Granger.

But there was a bright side to all of this, Gray and Ethan were in New York for a very big reason. The two seventeen year olds took the world by storm, they were hosting a television show in New York City and you couldn’t be more proud. They’ve been going back and forth between Jersey and New York, but you knew for a fact they’d be in NY today. It would be the first episode of their show, Grayson begged you to come before, he even offered to pay for your flight but at the time you were too caught up with work.

After begging your boss for a week off, you made a deal for your next vacation you’d have half of it off so you could take this week off. You were okay with it, you didn’t really care, you just wanted to support your boyfriend on his first day of being on TV. You knew the nerves would get to him, especially at night. He was a worrier, he tended to over think things at night and that was why he barely got any sleep. You knew he probably had trouble sleeping last night as well, that was part of why you wanted to visit. Not to just see him, but to calm him. Even Ethan had his occasional doubts but you were always there to show them the bright side of things.

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heya, i know this'll be a load of hassle for you and i completely understand if you don't want to but could you explain the whole mclennon thing a bit more for me? i know they were obviously very close but i'm kinda new to it all so i'm still a bit clueless about things.

Once upon a time, in a land called Liverpool, lived 2 young boys named John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

John was a witty, funny guy, who didn’t like school and preferred to wander the streets with his school mates and play banjo. Paul was a smart guy who had really good grades at school and occasionally played piano with his father at home. Since his mother’s death, Paul became obsessed with music, exchanging the trumphet his father gave him for his birthday for a guitar. He really knew how to play it, and sometimes he showed his music skills to his friends at school. One of them, Ivan, saw his talent and thought it was a good idea to make him know another friend who was into music as well: John. They met on a hot, humid day in 1957 in a church hall, and it was love at first sight.

Paul thought John how to play the guitar, how to tune it, John thought Paul how to skip school and write songs together in his house when Jim was at work. For his birthday John got some money and he decided to spend it in Paris with Paul. They stayed one week, visiting the city, frequenting art cafés pretending to be artists, planning their future, and sleeping in one bed in an old motel. They loved to be alone just the two of them, and sometimes they felt reality and the pressure of their family too suffocating. ‘Playing the guitar is all very well, John, but you’ll never make a living at it.’ said Mimi. “You have to find a steady job.” said Jim. When they wrote ‘Oh Johnny Johnny!’ , one of the very first songs of them, they expressed their hopes and dreams to go away, cause Paul’s father and Mimi were too oppressive and they wanted to leave Liverpool and live happily just the two of them.

When fame arrived, they became closer than before. They wrote songs eyeball to eyeball in Jane Asher’s house, and while they pretended to adress those songs to their supposed girlfriends, they were nothing but love letters they sent each other. If I fell, a song they recorded while holding hands or Here there and everywhere, a song Paul wrote at John’s house while waiting for him to wake up. And Nowhere man, You’ve got to hide your love away...the list is too long to mention them all. They were the most important person in each other’s lives, and the songs they wrote were the proof. “John’s princess”: that’s how the people who worked at Abbey Road called Paul. Maybe they were joking, or maybe they listened to some weird kisses noises while they were busy recording ’Think for Yourself’. When the Beatles made a Shakespeare sketch on tv, Paul played Pyramus while John played Thisbe. After that, they both bought 2 cats naming them Pyramus and Thisbe: John gave Thisbe to Paul, and Paul gave Pyramus to John.

While the Beatlesmania hit the world and the Beatles too, John’s main problem was try to find someone who could keep his feet on the ground (Help!): a crying need for help only Paul could solve. They even had a secret code they used in public to talk to each other, the spider hand thing’. In Florida they ended up crying together one night confessing how much they loved each other. Cause they knew it, but they never had the courage to say it, and in that moment, in which the whole world seemed to love and want the Beatles more than anything else, what they really needed were just each other. When the ‘bigger than jesus’ issue emerged, John was on the verge of quitting. Before the interviews he cried, he couldn’t stand one more question about it without feeing guilty. And it was always Paul who helped him, talking for him, reassuring him, telling him it would pass.

The fame was too much and they decided to quit touring and spend some time alone. The Sgt. Pepper era arrived: John and Paul lived a couple of miles away from each other, they all bought new houses, had an indepent life, but they always spent time together and not just to write songs. In that period they were more closer than ever. One night they were in the studio and John took too much LSD and he went to the roof, scaring the rest of the band. Paul took him home, and for the first time he took LSD too, cause he wanted to be with John, always. In misery and in fear. And they had this incredible, fantastic trip together, looking in each other eyes for hours, and Paul helping John to not get hurt. Their relationship was at its peak. When Brian died, everyone was shocked. The first thing John did after he heard the news was looking for Paul, when they met they hugged tightly. They felt lost, but they still had each other. They went to India, thanks to George who introduced them to the Maharishi, a ‘guru’  John saw as someone who could give him the right answers. But it didn’t happen, it turned out that the Maharishi took advantage of the girls in India, and John and Paul, who went there to try find the meaning of life, ended up discussing about each other and their relationship. Friends? No, we’re more. Boyfriends? Absolutely not. How dare you, we are the Beatles! We are in the 60s, a homophobic society who would bury us alive if we’d admit we feel something for each other. Suddenly, the person who mattered the most for John took a step back, cause John exposed him. Because they never really talked about what they were for each other, and for a long time it was convenient for Paul, who could play and joke with it as much as he wanted. But John never took it as a joke, as something futile. It was important for him, and he suddenly felt betrayed.

When they went to New York for the Apple press conference, in the car that took them to the airport Paul brought a woman he had met: Linda Eastman. John felt annoyed and bothered enough to step in Abbey Road a week later with a new fiancé: Yoko Ono, the woman who soon started to replace John, talking for him, taking decisions for him, and keeping her eveywhere, even when Paul asked to write songs together. Paul couldn’t talk to John anymore. John always needed to be reassured, he constantly needed someone by his side who could stay with him 100%, and this time the partner wasn’t Paul anymore. And he literally started using her against Paul. “I don’t want to hold your hand anymore” he told Paul right after a session at Abbey Road. Paul was devasted, he left Abbey road crying while Mal brought him home. He wrote Oh!Darling, Let it be, The long and winding road, the whole album was filled with tragic love songs. But why? He was engaged with Linda! He loved her. Who he really was talking about? During a Let it be session, they confessed each other that all those tragic love songs made them look like they were lovers.

They married their partners both in May, first Paul, then a week later John. They split up, you would say, this is the end. Well it’s not, they never really quitted. Because they spent 5 years, from 1970 to 1975 writing songs to each other: ‘How do you sleep’ ‘Dear Friend’ ‘Too many people’,Jealous guy’, in which John admitted that he got mad at Paul in the late 60s cause he was jealous.

John separated from Yoko in 1975. He met May Pang, and from that moment he started calling Paul again, dreaming to meet him again. He asked everyone if it was a good move to do. He asked May Pang, who said “Yes! of course! do it!” he asked to Paul Simon who replied Come back to Paul!”. They met in Los Angeles on a weekend. John was playing when Paul unexpectedly stopped by. When they met the room hushed. They looked at each other and started off tentatively, with a handshake and an inside joke: “Valiant Paul McCartney, I presume?” Lennon said, referencing the Shakespeare sketch they did. McCartney immediately responded: “Sir Jasper Lennon, I presume?”.

They played together and it was like coming back to the old times. John felt an excitement he hadn’t felt for years. He was ready, he wanted to come back to him, to England, to Julian. But Yoko came back, and all the hopes and dreams suddenly fell away. In 1976 Paul was in New York and they saw each other again, he didn’t know that was the last time he ever saw John. In 1980 John felt depressed, cause Yoko was leaving him for another man, and he didn’t feel creative enough to write songs anymore. He wrote a desperateJust like starting over’ on the tune of the old 50s song he played with Paul, asking him to come back together. Paul was ready, John too. Destiny maybe not. John died, and left Paul full of regrets and words never said to him that he transformed into songs: ‘Here today’, ‘The lovers that never were’ ‘My brave face‘, just to mention some of them.

John is dead, Mclennon is over? Nope. Cause Paul will not just keep writing songs about John and their beautifully tragic love story, but he even got a song from John, from the afterlife. I’m not kidding. In 1981, Paul worked on his tribute album to John Lennon called Tug of War. One song in this album is Get It, to which he invited Carl Perkins. Carl loved the experience and the following morning he wrote My Old Friend for Paul in appreciation. In fact, he recounted to Paul that usually when he writes he needs a pen and a sheet of paper to record his thoughts on, but this time the words just stuck with him. He then played the song to Paul. And Paul, upon hearing the song, went out of the room crying. Linda who was left with Carl explained that Carl’s words hit Paul hard because John’s last words to Paul when they last met before he was shot down were, “”Think about me every now and then, old friend”, words, which Carl unknowingly put into this song. In an interview Carl Perkins said: “Paul was crying, tears were rolling down his pretty cheeks, and Linda said, ‘Carl, thank you so much.’ I said, ‘Linda, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.’ She said, ‘But he’s crying, and he needed to. He hasn’t been able to really break down since that happened to John.’ And she put her arm around me and said, ‘But how did you know?’ I said, ‘Know what?’ She said, ‘There’s two people in the world that know what John Lennon said to Paul, the last thing he said to him. But now there’s three, and one of them’s you, you know it.’ I said, ‘Girl, you’re freaking me out! I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ She said that the last words that John Lennon said to Paul in the hallway of the Dakota building were, he patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘Think about me every now and then, old friend.’‘McCartney really feels that Lennon sent me that song, he really does.’”

Close friends to Paul revealed that he talks about John in the present tense, and sometimes he admits that when he is writing a song but can’t finish it, he asks John for help, feeling him by his side and always being able to correct it and finish it.

This is the story of two men who loved each other so deeply that they wrote the greatest songs of music history about it.

Golden couple - Alexander Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Golden couple

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine Alexander dedicating his emmy to you, his wife, and your children and expressing how much he loves you and dreams to be in a movie with you.

Originally posted by gabbiesworld

“All you guys.” he took a deep breath, thinking for a split second as he glanced at his costars “The ladies of the show. Thank you.” he added placing a hand over his heart “For uh making this boy feel like one of the girls.” he nodded his head as the crowd, along with you, cheered for him and laughed.

“There are also some incredible women I want to thank.” he continued “My mother, who took the flight right from Stockholm, Sweden to be here today. That means a lot to me.” he said and you grinned, clapping along with everybody else as you looked at your mother-in-law and she smiled back before both of you looked at Alexander “Oh and- and-” he remembered something as it seemed “Thanks for giving birth to me. That- that was pretty cool.” he shrugged softly and you giggled as the crowd laughed.

“And of course this is dedicated to the three of the most beautiful women on the face of Earth, other than my wonderful mom, that I have the great pleasure to call my daughters and wife!” he grinned, locking eyes with yours as you clapped with a big smile along with the rest of the audience “My wife really above everybody not just for putting up with me, not just for- for loving me so much as to be the mother of my child for the third time. Real big great job for that honey, I don’t know how you do it!” he chuckled and the audience laughed as you shrugged.

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Dancing with the Stars- Tom Wilson

Originally posted by hockeyeurs

Ok guys so I have never seen Dancing with the Stars. Really. Unless it’s hockey or cooking, I don’t tend to watch TV so I’m just kind of winging it! Hopefully I don’t mess it up too bad, but we’ll see! Enjoy!

Warning: like one curse word

@scottish-kid Request: I know you have a lot of requests but could you please do a Tom Wilson one where his girlfriend is on dancing with the stars and he gets jealous and protective? Sorry to add on.


              You knew Tom wasn’t going to like it the moment your partner played the sensual song.

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A Different Sort of Team

Marichat May Day 24: “I owe you one…”

This is sort of a Superman!AU, with Chat Noir as the superhero and Marinette playing the part of Lois Lane. But while Lois and Marinette both have black hair, blue eyes, and are journalists, that’s where their similarities end.

In this oneshot, there are no miraculous. Instead, people are born with superpowers. Chat has the power of destruction and Marinette has the power of luck and quick-wit to get out of a compromising situation. However, she doesn’t deem these as enough traits for a superhero so she mostly stays out of it.

She went for journalism since she thought she would have a better chance at making it as that instead of a fashion designer. But she does do fashion on the side for herself and for her friends.

So, without further ado, I hope you like it!

“It has been confirmed that Chat Noir has been captured by The Mime. The two were last seen fighting inside of The Louvre. Witnesses say that The Mime had been threatening to massively rob the historical museum, and it wasn’t long after that Chat Noir came to the public’s cry for help. Police have not yet been able to-“

Marinette turned off her television with a grimace. That mangy cat, getting himself into trouble again. This was the third time this week! For once could he just do his job without needing her to save his tail?

She checked her phone, although she could already predict the gist of her newest text message.

P. Perry Patterson: Are you at the Louvre yet? I need that interview and pictures with Chat Noir when he gets free or it’s your job, Cheng!

She sighed before shooting back a text that confirmed that she was on her way there. Standing from the couch, she reached out to grab the black blazer that was hanging off the back of it. From there, she slipped it on over her red-collared blouse and fastened the two lower buttons, completing the pantsuit look. Forgoing the usual pumps she would wear to the office, she slid her feet into a pair of black flats. It was hard trying to save someone in heels, after all.

After grabbing her purse and door key, Marinette briskly walked out of the apartment.

So much for a day off.

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You Deserve Me

Pairing: Andy Dwyer x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2366

Author’s Note: Jealous Andy would be interesting and incredibly fucking cute. I want to thank my main @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me because she’s amazing and I love her.

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If you're down a would LOVE a little something with Adore winning AS3 (yes I know she's not on it LET ME DREAM) and Ru being like "so what are you gonna do with the money?" and Adore responds with "well I'm gonna spend it on the best fucking honeymoon EVER" and everyone's like ?!?!?! and she's like "oh yeah I forgot to mention I totally got married right before going on the show" *cue smug smirk* and Ru's all "OMG what??? anyone we know???" and BAM! cue Bianca.

I really hope I did this prompt justice. It was actually really fun to write! Enjoy ✨💕

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[ Here are some of my coherent thoughts on Shoushitsu + Tri overall, hopefully more organized than the string of upper-case letters I splattered across everyone’s dashboards a few days ago. This is INCREDIBLY long and all based on my personal speculation and the limited knowledge of mythology + themes outside of the adventure-verse, so I hope that dividing it into sections is helpful if anyone actually wants to read this and everything should be taken with a grain of salt. ]

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Early in the Morning | Jack Avery

Everyone in the Why Don’t We house was asleep. Well, almost everyone.

The boys who were constantly on the run with meetings, recording, interviews, traveling, and writing new content together were always exhausted. Going to bed as soon as night fell was the result of that busy schedule.

Their photographer, on the other hand, was a different story because she hated sleeping.

(y/n) knew that disliking the very act that was necessary for her body to function properly was stupid, but that didn’t keep her from feeling that way.

She had always been night-wired; her best work during school and dabbling in the area of writing always came out in the early hours of the morning.

That’s why when the clock hit two, (y/n) decided that she couldn’t sleep; her mind was too preoccupied with too many things. She rolled off of her mattress on the first floor of the house and immediately changed into her swimsuit.

There were many activities that (y/n) absolutely loved doing in the early hours of the morning, but swimming was one of her favorites.

There was just something about slipping outside into the dark, still world and moving about quietly in the calm water while thinking about everything and nothing under the sky illuminated by L.A.’s city lights.

She slid out the door that led to the backyard a few moments later without a sound and was swimming in the cool water right away.

It was night time, but (y/n) didn’t feel that strange sense of loneliness that usually comes with the solitude of the night. Rather, she felt peace.

While she began to swim laps down the length of the pool, Jack stirred awake inside.

He sat up in bed after several minutes of trying to fall back asleep, figuring he just needed to go to the bathroom and get some water before crashing again.

After leaving his and Daniel’s room quietly and using the restroom, he made his way down to the kitchen to grab a water bottle from the fridge. Well, that was his intention of going downstairs.

When he passed through the living room, however, his eyes landed on the doorway to the space where (y/n) slept, and without thinking about what he was doing, he was walking towards her room instead.

At first, he was surprised to discover that she wasn’t in her room, let alone her bed, but then thought about it for about three seconds and wasn’t surprised at all.

He knew the girl that he had developed feelings for better than he cared to admit and knew she was up somewhere being productive.

Jack turned on his heel, allowing his eyes to gaze across the backyard. That’s when he spotted (y/n) in the pool.

A grin crawled onto his face without his right mind as he watched her move from end to end of the pool in her normal swimming routine.

In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to join her.

This may be one of your last chances….

Once that thought ran through his head, he was rushing to his room and changing without another second of hesitancy.

(y/n) slowed during one of the laps she was in the middle of when she spotted a figure - whom she quickly recognized to be Jack - reaching the side of the pool. She began to tread water as the curly-haired boy settled down on the cement, just dropping his legs in.

He met her eyes and smiled gently.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” she replied, the smallest of smiles making it’s way onto her own face.

“Mind if I join you?”

(y/n) rolled her eyes in his direction playfully; they had always had a very comfortable relationship with one another and the polite pleasantries were extremely unnecessary at this point.

He grinned at her before getting in and swimming over to her in a weird doggy-paddle motion that made (y/n) laugh.

“You dork,” she scoffed, splashing water in his direction to cease his advance towards her. “I’m surprised you’re up.”

“I would say the same about you, but I’m actually not at all.”

Neither were aware of how much time passed.

They talked about random things like  missing home, what the future tours held for the boys, what they wanted to accomplish, and other topics that they hadn’t really explored before.

“Let’s race,” Jack said suddenly, after what must have been two hours of laughing, talking, and teasing.

(y/n) studied his face to see if he was joking and soon realized that he wasn’t, despite her obvious conditioning in the water.

“Alright,” she said, “down the length of the pool?”

“How about down and back?”

She agreed with a nod.

Jack yelled, “Go!” momentarily forgetting what time is was, and they were off.

When (y/n) flipped over at the end of the pool to turn around and head back, Jack was at least three strokes behind her.

She rushed to the other end, determined to win, but Jack, who had pushed with all of his might to reach her right before the finish, grabbed onto one of her arms mid-stroke and pulled her back.

In a mess of protests and laughter, she was pulled into Jack’s chest. She struggled against his grip, but to no avail; he had won.

She stopped struggling when his back hit the end of the pool, and only then did she really realize how close they were to each other.

She looked into his eyes and he looked right back into hers.

“I win,” he whispered.

They stared at each other like there was literally no one else in the world.

But then, something flashed in his eyes.

His face fell. And he let go of her.

In one swift motion, she was once again alone in the water. He had turned around so his elbows were propped up on the cement that lined the edge of the pool.

She stared at his back for a second, replaying the actions of the last event in her mind, before copying his position slowly.

What did I do wrong? was running through her head. She didn’t want to ask, but desired to understand.

“Why did you pull away?” she said, so quietly, he barely heard her.

Jack let out a silent sigh and mentally cursed himself for his actions.

Now she thinks you rejected her.

“Zach loves you, you know,” he mumbled.

(y/n) heard him but didn’t utter a word for a good amount of time, completely dumbfounded.

Her thoughts landed on the boy who was a year younger than her. They had always been close - very close - but she had never looked at him as more than friends. Before this morning, she was positive he viewed her in the same way.

What?” she stammered incredulously.

“Zach likes you. A lot,” Jack repeated in a slightly louder voice.

“What… how do you know?”

“Well, one, he told me. Two, do you see the way he looks at you? Or how he literally goes out of his way to do anything for you? He’ll stare right at you when you’re talking. He’ll make sure you always have everything you need. But you know what sucks most of all? You do all of that right back to him.”

Yes, I do it all back! He’s my best friend and I care about him! And why do you even freaking care? What does this have to do with you letting me go just a second ago?!”

“I freaking care because I want to be him! I let you go because of him!” Jack yelled.

That shut (y/n) up.

She stared at the boy whose chest was heaving with frustration. He was beautiful, as always, but there was something about him standing there in the moonlight that made her heart beat faster than usual.

“And I’m stuck in the middle of it all,” he said, voice breaking and desperate. “Stuck between watching you two fall in love with each other and all this crap, but… he’s my best friend and I care about you. So much. So I step back. I have to.”

(y/n)’s throat swelled with emotion as she watched Jack sort through his own feelings.

“(y/n)… he loves you… and I know you love him too.”

His tone made her heart break, but after several seconds of silence, the smallest of smiles made it’s way onto her face.

“I don’t love him, you idiot,” she whispered.

Jack’s face contorted with confusion. The smile on (y/n)’s features only grew.

“I love you.”

Enthusiastic Fighting – One-Shot

A/N: Tadaa, here it is. Let me know what you think, please? And if you want on/off the tag list.

“That freaking bastard,” Steph whispered to herself, closing the Youtube video she just watched. “Tom Hiddleston, you stupid git.” Did she really just watch her boyfriend complaining about her during an interview? Well, not knowingly complaining for the public, but she knew exactly what he’d meant with his answers.

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Translator Problems|| Taehyung

Request - @theb-tchyidol said:                                                                      Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reader x Taehyung where she’s part of BTS and can speak Korean and Japanese, but they don’t know that she’s from an English background so she can speak English as well(because she doesn’t look like it), and they find out by hearing her sing English songs while cooking them breakfast. Btw love the Wings series, can’t wait for the next one!      

This was so long ago, I’m so sorry Dx     

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. BTS)

Genre - Fluff, Humor (of what I can provide, since I’m not a very funny person)

Summary - Being a member of BTS is a title enough. But when the members get to know that there’s another walking translator in the house (other than Namjoon), the roof falls.

You chucked the cube of butter onto the hot pan, the sizzling of the butter barely a whisper with the music blaring through your earphones. You were more than thankful for the quite morning - the boys were fast asleep, and a breakfast of crunchy toast and bacon seemed much more appealing as the smell of the meat wafted to your nose.

Taking a deep breath, inhaling the smell of the cooking bacon, your lips had already begun moving along to the song’s lyrics.

True - you had your own songs, and being the maknae after Jungkook, you had gotten the same amount of attention as him, if not more. But it wouldn’t hurt to wake the boys up with loud singing, would it? Especially if the song was their favorite. Even so, maknaes were meant to create ruckus.

So you sang. Loud, clear and beautifully. And while you did so, you chucked in slices of bacon and bread and cooked their and your breakfast. Taehyung would definitely love to be woken up to the smell of your cooking and you in his shirt. After all, the boys did favor your cooking over Jin’s. And that always fed your pride. Even if it was just a teensy bit better than his.

With the loud music ringing in your ears, you hadn’t been able to hear the padding of pairs of feet to the kitchen and neither did the screeching of the chairs on the floor alert you. It was only when you turned around to lay the table did you almost scream and chuck the plate at one of them; seven pairs of red and puffy eyes staring at you. They were barely conscious.

‘Could you guys care to be more louder next time?’ You sighed, placing the plates in front of them.

Jungkook shrugged, ‘I thought you didn’t appreciate us making noise?’ It sounded more of a slur of stringed words than a coherent sentence.

You snorted, 'I know what I say-’

'You know English?’ Jimin piped up, interrupting you. You glanced over to him. His puffy face was propped up in his hands as he ran a hand through his raven black hair.

'Yes, why?’ You turned around again to grab the plates on which the food was kept. During that time, the boys had exchanged surprised or unknown glances.

You twisted back around to notice them. 'What?’

'You never told us?’ Jin questioned, his eyebrows tightening as he frowned. Or tried to.

You gave him a blank look, 'We’ve stayed under the same roof for three years and now is when you notice I speak languages other than Korean?’

'Wait, you speak more?’ Taehyung was now wide awake. And he had probably not noticed you standing with his shirt on. Well, this was interesting.

'Yes, genius. I speak Japanese as well. Must I remind you who taught you to greet in those languages for the world tour?’ You had by now taken a seat beside Namjoon, who was simply eyeing you. More like assessing you.

'Yes?’ Hoseok lifted his upper lip, baring his teeth. You huffed, 'Did you boys drink last night?’ You had slept too early to even know when they had even arrived last night.

'No?’ Namjoon frowned this time. You stabbed your fork into the bacon.

You gave a long glare to all the boys, one by one making them uncomfortable before they reached for their respective plates and ignored you, incoherently mumbling apologies before they began eating. You lastly glared at Namjoon. 'Do you honestly not remember me teaching you Japanese?’

He shook his head slowly, not even a flicker of recognition flashing across his eyes as he picked a piece of bacon and shoved it into his mouth. You offered him a look that suggested he start thinking.

‘You boys had literally wined because you didn’t want a translator at the interview, so I did the job for you - and then you guys hadn’t left me for a week because you apparently wanted to “learn more”‘ You quoted with your fingers, but they simply stared at you. You sighed.

The breakfast went by so silently you could have cut through the tension in the air with the blunt edge of a knife. Then all too suddenly, Jungkook slapped a palm on the surface of the table, making everybody jump.

'What?’ Yoongi shot daggers at the younger.

'She’s right! She did teach us Japanese and English during the world tour because Namjoon hyung was too much of an asshole to bother!’ he paused riht in time for the older to yell a ‘Hey!’ before he went on, ‘We just never let her speak during the interviews!’ He exclaimed, all the drowsiness having flown out of the window.

You smiled, but didn’t beam, 'Took you long enough’

Taehyung who had been on your other side, reached for your waist, 'Aw, we were just messing with you, though’

‘How did you learn the languages anyway?’ Namjoon asked curiously. You looked at him, ‘My parents had settled in England after I was born, that’s how I learned English. As for Japanese…well, I was done with reading the subtitles than watching the anime so I taught it to myself.’ The boys looked at you with genuine appreciation.

You snorted again, 'That was probably the most hilarious prank you guys have ever pulled on me’ You stuffed the last piece of toast into your mouth.

'You fell for it, though’ Jin suggested.

Shrugging, you began picking up their plates.

'By the way, Y/N,’ You turned to look at Jungkook. And the smile he gave you made you inwardly groan. You knew where this was going.

But you still asked, 'What?’

'Teach me English so I can talk to Charlie Puss and Justin Hyung, please?’

You yelled at Namjoon who had spat water all over the place as he snorted a laugh.

Charlie Puss reigns again.

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Blood traitor or Best Friend

Summary: Reader is sorted into Gryffindor which comes as a surprise to almost everyone. Draco, her best friend stops talking to her for five years and when he finally does talk what he says pushes her off the edge.

Warnings: ATTEMPT TO SUICIDE, loneliness, basically everyone being a dick to the reader. ANGST!!

A/N: I have no clue what possessed me to write this fiction. It was extremely difficult for me to write this, and please please please to anyone and everyone reading this do not hurt yourselves. Even when you think that no one loves you, even when you think that you can’t go on, when you think that you are not enough or feel overwhelmed. Know that you are loved, you can fight, you are more than enough and everything will be okay. :)

Parings: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Originally posted by evansmaximoff


Not a single soul breathed, no one blinked. No one even dared to look you in the eye as McGonagall took the ratty sorting hat off of you. As you walked to your new house, you saw the disappointment, anger, and disgust written all over his face.

That had been five years ago. Even after five years, no one dared to come near you. No one attempted to be your friend. The fear in everyone’s eye didn’t hurt you anymore. The whispers that followed you didn’t make you cry anymore. The lonely Hogsmeade trips didn’t keep you up at night. But the look in his eyes hurt you, his silence towards you made you cry, and his dates to Hogsmeade trips kept you up at night.

Your best friend stopped talking to you five years ago. You thought he would speak to you after the initial shock of your sorting wore off. He didn’t. You thought he would speak to you during the holiday break when you two returned to his manor. He didn’t. You thought he would speak to you after your exams were over. He didn’t. You waited for five years and still he didn’t speak. You tried everything you could to get him to say something to you. Nothing worked. Although his parents were disgusted by the fact that you were sorted into Gryffindor, they still treated you with the utmost respect and tried countless times to get their son to speak to you.

It was the holidays and you were staying at the Malfoy Mansion. Fearing your father, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy forced him into your room, as a desperate measure to get him to speak to you. “Draco,” you said, eyes stinging with tears.

He looked at you, his grey eyes piercing into your soul and said, “Blood traitor! How are you even his child? Why would I speak to you? You are filth!” leaving the room without another turn.

You stand there waiting for him to come back and console you or waiting to wake up from the nightmare, but nothing happens. His words still ringing in your ears, you struggle to breathe. All of the tears that you fought off for the past five years flood through your eyes. All of the bad thoughts that you fought to keep deep down burst through to the surface and you wail.

You never wanted any of this. You never wanted to be his heir. Never wanted to grow up around wizards who were terrified of you. You never wanted anyone to know that you were his heir, or to get sorted into Gryffindor.

All you ever wanted to be was to be you, and have people around you who loved you for you. Draco was the only person who ever made you feel like that. You had hoped and hoped that Draco would come around to make you feel like that again. You hoped that he would say those three words that he uttered to you before he went up to get sorted. That was the first time Draco Malfoy’s words knocked the wind out of you. Right before his name was called he leaned in to your ear and whispered, “I love you.” When he was on the stool, he had looked over at you, and smiled at the look on your face. But now he knocked the wind out of you by saying “You are filth.”

You couldn’t take the pain anymore, you made a quick decision and wiped your tears away. Rummaging through your trunk your fingers close in on the dagger you were looking for. It was an impressive present from your father, a family heirloom that was passed down from generation to generation. You never paid much attention to it, as it was just another reminder of who you were supposed to be. Taking the dagger out of its sheath, you close your eyes and slit your wrist open. Sharp white pain shot through your body but it was nothing compared to what Draco’s words made you feel.

You don’t really remember what happened but you were brought back into consciousness after hearing the shrilling scream of your father.

“WHO DID THIS TO MY DAUGHTER!!!” he demanded.

“I’m sorry my Lord. We don’t know how this could have happened. The last person to go into her room was…” you heard the hesitant voice of Lucius Malfoy come to a halt.

“Who Lucius?” your father calmly stated. Everyone that was in the room understood that the person to enter last into your room would be dead in a matter of minutes.

“It was me,” Draco stood up. “I’m the one who did this to her. All she wanted was for me to talk to her and I pushed her into killing herself. I’m sorry.” You could hear the guilt and the self- loathing in his words, as he drops to his knees and cries. You somehow find the strength to get up as you father raises his wand on him.

“NO!” you exclaim with all of your might.

“My love, you need rest. Lie down, he will never hurt you again, nor will his family,” Voldemort says as he tries to push you back to your laying position. When he raises his wand again, you run and shield Draco.

“I said no, father. Stop this!” you say while pushing his wand to the ground.

“Explain yourself” he demanded.

“This family has been there for me through everything. You left father, for all we knew you were dead. They didn’t have to care for me but they did. Even after I got sorted into Gryffindor they still let me into their house and treated me with respect. Draco may hate me father but please don’t kill him. There is no me without him,” you beg your father. Though you knew it was next to impossible you saw a brief flash of affection on his face. He was your father but you knew that he only kept you around so that you would be his heir, and carry out his legacy.

“Very well” he replied and swiftly apparated out of the mansion.

Mr. Malfoy was the first to speak, “Dear, we are going to leave you be, you need to rest. But thank you for saying that to your father.” And with that he left followed by his wife. You suddenly realized that you were still holding on to Draco. You let go and quickly stand you only to be hit with a wave of dizziness. Thankfully Draco was there to catch you before you fell to the ground. Without saying anything he picked you up bridle- style and laid you back on you bed.

“I’m sorry” he muttered as tears fall down his pale cheeks.

“For what Draco?” you ask venom dripping in your words. Sure you just defended him but he didn’t talk to you, didn’t acknowledge your existence for five long years. You weren’t going to let him get away easy. “For not acknowledging my existence or for not speaking to me for five years and then finally managing to say that I am filth?”

You closed your eyes and continued because the look Draco was giving you made you want to forget everything and hold him. “Are you sorry that you didn’t stand up for me during school? Are you sorry that you pretended not to see me crying as I walked out of the Great hall every single morning for two years? Are you sorry that you let that toad Pansy push me down? Or are you sorry that you kissed her right after she did that? Maybe you’re sorry that you joined in when literally everyone accused me of putting Potter’s name into the goblet. Or maybe you’re sorry about that interview you gave to Rita Skeeter on how much of a messed up child I am? Please explain to me what you are sorry about?!?!?!”

You struggle to breathe as all of the disappointing, depressing memories come crashing back. “Are you sorry that you loved me?” You whisper- out partly hoping that he wouldn’t hear, being afraid of the response you would get.

“NO!” he screamed, you jump at the sound of his voice. He has never taken that tone with you. When your fearful eyes meet his, he turns away and heads for the door. Typical, you think to yourself. He was going to walk out on you and never talk to you again. To your surprise he goes to the door only to lock it and comes back. “I’m sorry. I am so very sorry. For not standing up for you, for not consoling you when you cried, for letting Pansy push you, for kissing her after she did that, for joining in while the school accused you, for the interview. I am so sorry. I was a bumbling idiot. When you were sorted into Gryffindor, it was a shock. I didn’t know how to talk to you, it was like there was possibly a whole side of you that I didn’t know about. But after a while of thinking it made sense to me on why the sorting hat chose to place you into Gryffindor. You never were the type of person that sought out power. You didn’t want to be known for who your father was, you wanted to be accepted for who you were. And not to mention you are one of the bravest people alive, you always stood for what you believed in and were eager to help others even when you were a child. It only made sense that you were placed into Gryffindor. The shock wore off and I was going to start speaking to you but then I became a stupid child, I became afraid, I didn’t know how to speak to you. By that time, I was already getting the reputation of being the Slytherin prince. I wanted to be powerful and that consumed my mind so much. I wanted to hurt everyone and anyone that hurt you but I didn’t because that would have broken my reputation. I wanted more than anything to help you, to console you, to hold you. I didn’t try hard enough, I never tried hard enough to reach you. I should have tried to reach you, and now I pushed you to the point of suicide. I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve your love, your kindness, your time. But I want you to know that I never have nor will I ever be sorry for being in love with you. I love you, and nothing will ever change that. I am so sorry for everything that I did. I hope someday you will forgive me and I will do whatever it takes to gain your forgiveness,” He finishes in one breath and finally looks at your tear stained face. Without saying another word, he gets up and makes sure you are lying in a comfortable position and turns to leave. You grab hold of his hand and look at him, understanding what you need he laid down with you, engulfing you in an embrace. You whispered an ‘I love you’ to him thinking that he was asleep only to have him squeeze you closer to his chest, and you go to sleep smiling into his chest.

Maybe you weren’t ready to forgive him, but you never stopped loving him.

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain what Nikolaj's (bless his shippy ways) JxB play idea was all about? I keep seeing this reference, but no one's mentioned the context. Also, would you happen to have a source for that 'he outright said he'd pick JxB over JxC' thing? Sorry for barging in your inbox with all these questions; feel free to ignore them if they're too much trouble. And thank you either way- I really admire your JxB-related enthusiasm and optimism!

Hm they could be referring to this interview from 2013. When asked “Jaime and Brienne or Jaime and Cersei” he said,

“As an actor, I think they’re both amazing relationships. As myself? I don’t think the Cersei thing is very healthy. I just hope for the guy. I hope he will move on, to be honest. The relationship he has with Brienne is one which has evolved into this beautiful mutual respect which is a great way to kick off a relationship.” 

It’s no secret he has been shipping JB since way back to season 3, so all of this nonsense of “Nick is lying in the interviews” and “they are forcing him to say that Jaime and Brienne stuff” is completely delusional. 

Now his play H40 +1

Oh God I love an excuse to talk about this play 

-cracks knuckles-

Alright so it wasn’t technically a Jaime and Brienne fanfic play obviously haha, but the characters and the dynamics between them would have read as a 100% IC Jaime and Brienne modern AU fic. I could not stop laughing afterwards because if I wouldn’t have known the names of the characters, I would have thought this was supposed to be Jaime and Brienne especially since they were both playing the parts and he specifically chose her LMFAO HELP 

SO. The Play.

Harry (ncw) and Sarah (gwen) have been married for about ten years. At Harry’s 40th birthday party he has an accident that causes him to become blind (if I remember correctly his friend punched him and he fell?). At the hospital Brienne Sarah is really agitated and a good chunk of this play was them bickering back and forth nonstop and I was in heaven. Her concern for him was being expressed as irritation, and he called her “darling” “baby” and “babe” literally about 100 times during their bickering. 

Anyway, she mentions something about their daughter and school and then leaves to get him tea. 

While she’s off getting him tea, his friend walks in and brings him a gift that was sent by Cersei Harry’s ex from when he was a teenager. I think it was a letter and pictures, but it revealed he had a son who passed away (I think he died in war). Apparently he knew she was pregnant and he wanted to stay and help, but she told him she was having an abortion and to leave, so he left. Jaime Harry is upset because he never got to father this child, and the boy never knew he was his dad. 

Ok for this next bit, I forget if this END-ME-PLZZZ interaction happened before Sarah gets the tea or after Harry finds out about his son. I’m pretty sure it’s after. But anyway:

Going back a bit, Harry’s ex had showed up at his birthday party, and based off of his shock they figured out Sarah had been messaging her, pretending to be him. After Selwyn Sarah’s father passed away, she went into a depression and all of her old insecurities came up again. She went on facebook and messaged his ex, pretending to be him, to see if there was anything there between them. There wasn’t, but she was really feeling down about herself. She ends up inviting her to the party, still pretending to be Harry. 

In the hospital Harry confronts her about this and she starts to cry (their acting was amazing. Gwen can cry on the spot). She explains asks for his forgiveness and -he doesn’t act it out but it’s narrated instead - he “grabs her face and kisses her tears as they run down her cheeks.” Since this was a script read through, some of the plays didn’t act out physical things, so they narrated it. But all the emotional aspects of acting were there and it was intense. 

In they end they make up and I think he gets his eye sight back? It was a temporary thing. 

So basically NCW wrote a JB modern AU and then they both performed it and I died and was reborn. 

Go Ahead and Break My Heart Lyrics Analysis

Okay so a bunch of people requested this but I didn’t have any prompts that really fit with what I wanted to say, so here is a text post!! 

First of all, I don’t think this song had anything to do with HOW they figured out the next step of their relationship. I know he said he was trying to impress her and “get somewhere with her,” but I think he was just trying to sound charming. I mean, I’m pretty sure he tries to “impress” her like almost every day. Remember when he bought his and hers horses? Or flew overnight to go to her son’s birthday party. Anyway, I think this song is about that process obviously, but I don’t think it’s a part of it. I’m sure it did help solidify things though. <3

So my interpretation of the song comes in the context of all the other things we know. Splash was July, then I’m pretty sure Getting Warmer was in early September, and then Make Me Like You, Misery were September 22 & 23, and Truth was October 23. Also in mid and late September, Blake and Gwen both said some pretty cool/magical things were happening in their lives during interviews. 

So anyway that’s kind of where I’m coming from with this analysis. To me, the emotional vibe is the most like Getting Warmer. I recommend listening to that right before this for more of Gwen’s mental state. 

Go Ahead and Break My Heart

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Song Preference: Crazy - Shawn Mendes

requested: yes

word count: 1030

pairing: Shawn/reader

summary: This imagine is based off the song Crazy by a Shawn Mendes listen to it here.

writer: ellie


It’s funny because there is a point in your life when you say “fuck love.” You try so hard to convince yourself that you don’t need it, but then this person comes along and shakes your whole damn world off. In my case, that person was (Y/N). God, did she make me feel al warm and tingly.

After I broke up with my last girlfriend, I decided to give up on dating as long as I had this whole touring thing going on. I regretted not listening to everyone who told me I was too young to date, because maybe 16 WAS too young to date.

For the following three years after that, I kept the idea that I didn’t need any girls to be happy, but then a cold Wednesday night (I remember it perfectly) I found a girl sitting on the beach. I was walking around town to clear my mind from all the stress, and I noticed her hugging her knees and looking at the ocean, which at the time looked jet black.

I could hear the loud music blaring through her earphones. I didn’t recognize the song then, but now I know it’s her favorite one. She must’ve felt me looking at her because her head turned around and smiled as she noticed me.

“Shawn Mendes?” she asked. I smiled back and responded.


She acted so calm. Most girls just claw my face when they recognize me, but not this one.

After about seven months of being a little more than friends but a little less than boyfriend and girlfriend, we had a terrible fight. I don’t want to recall why we started fighting, but it involved her saying she had been waiting for me to do something about us and me telling her that I didn’t need her. After that she stopped talking to me and I had stopped caring about anything.

I was so used of her staying over at mine just because we would have this long ass movie nights where she fell asleep on top of me. I was used to her staying over just because she felt like sleeping next to me. There was never a time where I felt like not sleeping next to her.

Time didn’t exists when I was with her either. When I looked into her eyes it felt like hours even though they were seconds, and when we were joking around, chasing each other, or cuddling, it felt like minutes even thought they were hours.

The following weeks were just a mess. I was always thinking of her. During family meals, during concerts, during interviews. And let’s not even get into when I was home.

Tonight, a cold Wednesday, I’m laying on my bed having trouble sleeping because she is not next to me. It just doesn’t feel right.

I turn my body to the right to check the clock on my nightstand. 1:38.

I check my phone to see if I have any notifications. Only e-mails.

I roll around my bed with my earphones on trying to go to sleep. In one of my attempts to get comfortable, I roll off my bed and fall to the floor.

I sigh in anger and suddenly start crying.  

“Shit.” I whisper to myself. It is so pathetic. I am literally sitting on the floor of my room crying about a girl. After a while when I had calmed down, I raise my head to look at the clock again.


I finally decide to get up, but not to go back to my bed. I slide a pair of jeans on and put a black shirt on to go to (Y/N)’s house.

I make sure to lock my house before leaving and start walking along. It takes me ten minutes to get to her house. I normally wouldn’t ring the doorbell because I knew I was welcome in anytime, but this time I did because I know she hates me.

It takes her a couple of  minutes to get to the door. A rush of excitement goes through me when I hear the keys of the door. The knob turns and (Y/N) appears at her doorframe.

She is wearing pajama pants and a loose shirt. Her hair is all messed up and her face is clean of make up. She’s not wearing socks or shoes and she blinks repeatedly as she rubs her eyes. She stops when she notices me. Her eyes suddenly grow wide and her mouth opens just a bit.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry.” I say.

“Are you drunk?” (Y/N) says in a low voice that proves that she was asleep.

“What?” I ask.

“Your eyes are red.”

“They are.” I say as a statement. “You know why?”

She stays silent.

“Because for the past two months I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I haven’t left the house because the sun annoys me. I’ve been crying a whole lot because of you.” I let out.

(Y/N) stays silent and looks at her feet, which are mostly covered by her pants.

“It turns out I do need you, (Y/N), I need you so bad.” I say. “Do have no idea how boring my life is without you. I don’t know how I used to live without you before meeting you, I really don’t.”

She chuckles, letting me wee that beautiful smile of hers.

“I’m sorry.” I finish.

(Y/N) gives a little step forward and looks up at me smiling. “Turns out that no one can replace me, huh?”

I laugh, noticing her reference to my song.

“No one.” I tell her.

“You’re forgiven.” (Y/N) says. I smile as wide as my mouths lets me. “I think it’s like three in the morning, Shawn.”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Do you wanna stay maybe?” she smirks.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend maybe?” I question.

She raises her eyebrows and nods after a few seconds.

“It took you a while.” she tells me.

“I know, I’m sorry.” I say getting closer. “But you won’t have to wait no more for me.”


requests for 5sos are open

5SOS Adventures (All Boys)

Requested by anon - Can you do one where y/n is apart of the band and the guys are like her brothers and it’s kind of a general imagine where you write about their adventures, how they seek comfort with each other, etc. it would mean so much to me

“This doesn’t look like getting coffee to me” Ashton says from behind me. I throw another rock into the water.

“I left the room for a reason” I grumble.

“You don’t want to talk about it?” He asks.

“I am literally destined to be alone forever” is my response.

“I hardly believe that.”

“Steve left because I sound like I have more fun with you guys then I do when I’m with him.” Another rock gets thrown and bounces off of the fountain in the middle of the pond.

“Really” he says more as a statement then a question. “You kind of do though.”

“It’s not. I have fun with you guys and I have fun with him but it’s just a different kind of fun.”

“Ayo” he jokes. 

“I’m not talking about that” I sigh. “He gets mad that we change in the same room even after I explained that you guys are like my brothers and sorry but ew.”

“I want to say no offense taken but oof” he says with a chuckle and I laugh.

“He is right and it’s not like I ever saw myself marrying him or anything but the perception that others have of me really pisses me off. Like I have to fall in love with one of you guys or be a lesbian…” I leave it open ended.

“Remember that time when Luke went to chase you but tripped and fell into that huge puddle?”

“Yeah” I huff out with a laugh.

“He was so pissed so you gave him a hug so he would come down. Remember that feeling when we read the gossips about you and him being in love?”

“This is just proving my point” I roll my eyes.

“No Y/N, I’m proving mine. It went away and all we have is memories of it. Everyone else forgot about that time and sees what we see. Our fans know the truth and you’ll find a guy who hangs out with us and sees that we feel the same about you as we do our biological families.”


“No but. Now come on, we have an interview.” I get up with the assistance of Ashton’s hand and when we get back to the dressing room I tell the others what happened.

“PLEASE wear something to make him jealous” Calum encourages. He walks over to my rack and picks out a tank top and a skirt that is on the shorter side. 

“How will making him jealous help?”

“Probably won’t help you but I never liked him so it helps me” he laughs. 

“I know bub” I tell him. 


“So explain what is happening in this picture” the interviewer asks as she pulls up a picture of the 4 others in a tub and we all laugh. 

“That was during one of our live streams and I almost died laughing because they tried to convince me to join in but when Luke tried to get out they were all pretty much stuck” I explain.

“OH” Michael jumps in. “That’s the day that we had ordered like 400 dollars worth of room service because we wanted to try everything on the menu.”

“It was totally worth all the extra hours we put in at the gym” I reply.

“For you” Luke grumbles. “Mark made me do extra burpees and that sucked.”

“But then I took you out for ice cream and you met that super cute girl” I shake my head. 

“That brings me to my next topic of discussion” the interviewer jumps in. We all focus our attention back on her seemingly having forgotten her presence. “Anyone here in a relationship?” She glances at me I assume because I have been seen with Steve quite a bit on this tour. 

“Nah, not right now” Calum says so I don’t have to. “It’s hard for any of us to really devote our time to someone who we have to unfortunately leave at home. We never rule out the possibility though.”

“Cal is still hoping that Katy Perry reaches out to him” Michael teases and even the interviewer laughs. 

“In all seriousness though it’s hard to find someone who understands the dynamic of our situation” Ashton looks at me. “Being with these four is like being with family 24/7 and if you are with someone who doesn’t understand how the dynamic is then you can’t settle well.” The interviewer shakes her head in understanding. 

“Ever consider dating a fan?” 

“I think it would be awesome” I say. “Having someone who is a fan who appreciates your music and your relationship with the band like Ash was saying would be ideal.”

“Lets play a game” she perks up. “Here is a white board for each of you” she hands them out. “I’m going to ask a question and you tell me who it sounds most like or who is most likely to do that.” We all show our understanding and she looks at her cards. 

“Best dressed” she says and everyone scribbles their answers. We all flip our boards around and look down the line. 

“So everyone says Y/N, including Y/N.”

“Smelliest” we all scribble again. 

“We have 3 Lukes, and 2 Ashtons” she says and I look at the boards. 

“Really? Luke… Ashton farted last week and cleared out the dressing room and hallway” I point out and he giggles. Calum shakes his head and makes an ‘oh yeah’ face before erasing his answer and putting Ash.

“Most likely to be cranky” 

“I’m sure we all have the same answer” I point out before turning mine around to reveal me.

“Last week she threw an apple at Luke while he was in his bunk because she wanted to cuddle and he wouldn’t” Michael tells her. 

“In my defense I was half way through a movie” Luke blurted.

“That you had seen a billion times and I was home sick.”

“You could have come to my bunk.”

“I’m not tall enough to get into your bunk you asshat.” 

“Point taken.”

“Is this what it’s always like?” She asks.

“Oh yeah” Ashton smiles. “Like I said before, it’s like being with your siblings 24/7 so there is fighting that happens between all of us but then at the end of the day we are all better. We actually have a rule of no going to bed angry which is hard to keep sometimes because sometimes we are just angry because we are so tired but it works.”

“Sounds like a family to me” she responds.

“I wouldn’t trade these jerks for anything” I say.

“Not even for Spencer Reed?” Cal teases. 

“Honestly no, not even for Spencer Reed” I laugh. 

“Well shit” he laughs back. “I guess I feel the same though.”

“Yeah” the other three say simultaneously.

“Family” I say and hold my wrist up with a tattoo that says family. “Not just blood”


A New Comers Guide to Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark.

I got really tired and really offended in one fell swoop and POOF a post.

Guys! It doesn’t matter to me one iota whether or not an Avengers fan has read all the comics, a single comic, or whether or not they need explaining what a comic is. A fan is a fan is a fan, and if it’s the movies that won you then I say welcome! Welcome to the strange beautiful world that is Marvel and I hope you enjoy.

I’m really not writing this to downplay anybody’s ship or promote mine. I know what I ship but Steve and Bucky’s bond in the movie is real.  It’s there and I don’t get down on people for shipping, so ship on I say. But… it’s frankly rude as fuck to walk into a fandom that has been active for half a century and start throwing your weight because you think how they looked at each other in three seconds of film negates everything the comics built before. Just on principle you know, on a fan to fan, good way to avoid unnecessary wank level. Am I  right? Okay lets do this.

It’s a respect thing. Respect for the very characters whose screen adaptations caught you by the heart strings. Respect for the decades upon decades of work that has gone into these characters, their personalities and possibilities long before either you I or these movies were even a thought. Comic book canon is a thing. THE THING that made it all possible. Before there was film there were Marvel fans with thoughts feelings and meta about these comic characters- and you don’t have to be part of that to qualify as a fan, but you at least have to know a thing or two about it to qualify having an opinion about their supposed destinies worth reading. So this is a post about catching up.

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'Alive With You'

summary: when you’re an actress, sometimes films can be a bit too realistic for your loved ones

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