i literally drew it at the last minute


Finished the Laurel literally 5 minutes before having to leave for Wekfest. Hadn’t even gotten to drive the car yet with the new swap and suspension setup, but it ran absolutely perfect. Had a great time at the show and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and kindness they’ve shown me in the last 2 and a half weeks that it took to build this. Never thought I could possibly achieve a goal this large in such little time. Overwhelmed by the crowds the car drew and how many people came up to tell me personally that it was their favorite car there. Seems my “old school” touch on the car was recognized too.

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3, 4, and 6!!! For the mem 🤠

Hi Allison <3

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is. 

Sup porco, my shit boy. Couple minute sketch for a warmup tonight.

4: Lineart or coloring?

Huh, this is hard to answer tbh. I spend a lot of time on lineart, but I really really enjoy coloring recently and messing around with color palettes. Let’s go with lineart for this one I guess, since I’ve been focusing on improving that. I either end up with REALLY clean lineart, or literally the sketchiest janky lineart ever because I just clean up the sketch as I go instead of drawing over it.

6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

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IM LAUGHING -- wow! You literally drew that piece last minute to save your own skin smh. I think I'm done lmao

No, sweetheart. I think you’re done. 

Hunters, and how to make it better

I’ve been replaying Metroid Prime Hunters because it’s a game I have a lot of nostalgia for, even if it isn’t exactly a great Metroid game. There’s a lot I still like about the game, not limited to the hunter concepts, atmosphere and music, but there’s also a lot left to be desired. Just for fun, I’ve been thinking of ways one could spruce up the game and make it more appealing to fans of the traditional Metroid formula.

I’m inclined to say the game was designed to be simple, with evident focus on making a good multiplayer (arguably the one point they really succeeded on) and no real care put into the single player campaign. My train of thought is based around improving the single player storyline- though I’m not a game developer and I’m sure a professional could do much better than me.

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Sorry for not posting any art, but I was at the Supernatural convention in Seattle on Saturday!

So let me tell you a thing, the photo op with Richard (Gabriel), Rob (God/Chuck) and Matt (Young John Winchester) almost didn’t happen. Why? The photo op was scheduled to start 15 minutes after Jim Beaver’s panel started, and I forgot that that they overlapped their events like that. So once I realised that I missed the starting time, I rushed to the photo op room and ended up missing them by about three minutes.

However, thanks to the awesome volunteers, they were able to grab Rob (or Richard, I can’t remember who had left) back who had just went into the green room. Since the photographer just left to grab something, I was standing awkwardly next to Matt, apologising and thanking them profusely for being late. He said it was fine. I said, “I was distracted by Jim, because…” And I forgot the word ‘panel’ for some reason and he just said, “Because he was being Jim right?” He laughed and patted me on the shoulder when I agreed.

At this point, Chris - the photographer - came back. So Rob and Richard beckoned me forward. I was able to say a quick ‘hi’ before I was enveloped in the mother of all hugs.

Of course, my hair was in my face because when is it not? So Matt. Fixed. It, “Oh let me fix that for you, I’ve got it!” Good thing I didn’t try to flick my head I surely would’ve nailed him in the face!

Also, Rob’s jacket was the softest thing ever. No joke.

Anyways, as I was leaving, Richard walked with me a short distance, and being the awkward shit I am, I once again thanked him for ‘squeezing me in’. He patted me on the shoulder when he laughed, “Nice pun!”

Dammit Richard, only you would notice something unintentional like that.

Needless to say this photo op has my favourite story behind it.

There isn’t much to say about my photo op with Jim Beaver, we didn’t really talk, but he did like my shirt, “Hunter in training, huh? Nice.”

Same goes for my Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) photo, except I was able to tell him a happy birthday, which he seemed to have appreciated.

So the drawings I did of Jim and Mark are over a year old, and because of that I’m not nearly as confident in them as I was when I first did them.

Mark actually didn’t speak to me when he signed mine, and I don’t blame him. His autograph was at the end of the day, and they were running over. He was scheduled to start autographs at 6:45 but ended up starting an hour later (not his fault), and then was signing until 9:45 at least. We were both tired. And I experienced the same thing with Misha last year, who was scheduled to be the last event of the day and had also been moved from the theatre into the lobby. Literally the same thing happened (although he did try to force a conversation from himself). I was also near the back of the line, as PDF ticket holders have priority only over the convention bought tickets, but not gold or silver passes (and there were a lot of them).

When I got Jim to sign mine, it took him a good minute to actually sign it. He asked me if I drew it, and since I’m awkward, I simply said a quiet 'yes’.

“On the computer?”


“Wow,” To his daughter, “Look at this. This is amazing. Just wow. I don’t understand how people can create stuff like this!” After staring at it for a bit, he signed it. Since I had so little confidence in the art, it was a great self-esteem booster to find that the actor himself liked what I drew.

The only real downside to the day was the killer migraine I had. I missed three panels (Mark Sheppard’s (Crowley), R2M’s (Richard, Rob, Matt) and Misha’s (Castiel)). Hopefully I don’t get one today, because since they cancelled the autographs for Jared and Jensen for non-package holders, the only thing I can do is attend the panels (I paid for a Sunday admissions ticket). And I don’t want to miss those.


Holy fucking shit they’re terrible.

I’ve stared at this for like five minutes but I don’t even care because it’s basically art. 

Last year I bought what I thought was a bunch of nice finely tipped pens but were actually art pens so I tried to teach myself how to draw and drew a lot of roses because that was the first tutorial I found and so when I first saw this I was like, well maybe that’s just how the petal is. But there’s literally no need for a ninety-degree angle petal on this rose amongst the softer edges of all the other ones and now I need to go lie down so thanks a lot.

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What was your favorite panel to draw from Yellowcake? Which one do you think turned out the best or closest to how you imagined it to be?

OHH OHH OHH this is a really fun ask!! Thank you so much!

First i’m gonna say that none of them turned out how I expected LOL,, since I went in with experimentation as a primary goal. I do think some turned out better then others though!

Starting with #1: THE COVER CAME OUT SUPER HOT!!!!!! if you’ve seen the alts.. the originals.. this is just so yummy to look at… 

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I literally took about two minutes getting my gems in order before actually fighting Zanza’s last form.

I like to think he just



NOTE: I did this strip ahead of time to make sure I had time to do an assignment and D’OH - looks like I drew the wrong form of Zanza @v@

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Thanks for 1000+ Followers!!!

Wow, when I started this blog I never expected to reach this number, but it just goes to show how much I underestimated Superbat Star power! This is literally the best fandom I ever had the pleasure of being a part of! Thank you so much everyone. I will continue to love Superbat along with the rest of you and do my part to keep this fandom going strong :)

So the reason I drew this picture was because one of the first art post I made was one with this “Shipping box” meme, and I just wanted to give it another try since I think my art has improved some since then. I do and will always SHIP IT!

Bonus pic I thought to do at the last minute last night, lol. I’m so sleepy, but it was worth it hee hee…

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Hey guys, could you imagine what would your cats look like as humans? Or you as cats? I bet you would all be pretty cute

TWEEK: Are you c-calm now, Kyle?
KYLE: Yeah, I guess
BUTTERS: O-ohhhh, I did that once!
BUTTERS: Lemme get my sketchpad!
KYLE: You drew us as cats?
BUTTERS: N-nah, I just drew our cats as humans.
BUTTERS: But I considered that once!

BUTTERS: Here’s Tweek’s cats! That’s Craig, obviously, an’ Clyde’s the one on the bottom, and the last one’s Token!
TWEEK: GAH! W-why’s Token a b-black guy?!
KENNY: Y… yeah, Butterscotch… why?
BUTTERS: I-It’s just how I pictured him, that’s all! He’s got the darkest fur out of all of Tweek’s cats, doesn’t he?
BUTTERS: Plus, he’s the chillest one!
TWEEK: W-well, I guess that’s true…
KYLE: Huh. They look pretty good, Butters.
TWEEK: I-I like how you drew C-Craig. H-he looks really cool.
BUTTERS: Thanks, Tweek! Though I messed up on his mouth and didn’t draw a smile and now I can’t fix it…
KENNY: No, no, it looks fine, Butterscotch, trust me.
KENNY: (Figures that Tweek would like Craig’s the best.)
KENNY: (Though… those are way too accurate to be simple ‘conceptualizing’.)
KENNY: (Besides Craig’s, I guess… unless he’s gotten tanned since the last time I saw him?)

BUTTERS: An’ here’s the others!
KYLE: Let me guess, the fat one’s Eric?
KYLE: Why does he have heterochromia? He doesn’t have heterochromia.
BUTTERS: I couldn’t decide on a shade, so I used both colors!
KYLE: Butters that is literally blue and green, what are you doing.
PIP: Oh dear, is the one with red eyes Damien?
BUTTERS: E-yep! Ain’t he real cool lookin’?
PIP: Well, he certainly looks fine.
PIP: Though his hair is certainly rather… spiky.
BUTTERS: I drew him with flat hair once but I didn’t color it an’ I lost the sketch.
KYLE: That’s Stan?
PIP: Must be. What do you think?
TWEEK: Dude, are you okay?
TWEEK: I-I think he’s catatonic.
TWEEK: A-anyway, the last one must be Kenny, r-right?
PIP: … Astounding. It…
TWEEK: … W-wait a minute, that…
BUTTERS: It looks like… oh biscuits!

KENNY: Dude.
KENNY: This is your… drawing of Kenny the cat? As a human?
BUTTERS: Y-yeah… oh golly, oh geez, Ken, it looks a lot like you, you must be real freaked out-
KENNY: No, Butterscotch, dude… this is really well drawn. I’ll… I’ll pretend it’s me you drew and not the cat Kenny.
KENNY: I… I’m not freaked out. I promise.
BUTTERS: Y-Ya sure?
KENNY: Promise.
PIP: You… have to admit, that’s such a strange coincidence.
KENNY: Yeah… really strange.

I drew this dude in like literally five minutes last night at 2 am just to make an anartist oc named Henri and Taffeta came up with a bomb-ass backstory for him complete with a tale plot idea so they’re gonna write a tale abt Henri and two of their own ocs

but yeah this is Henri he’s gay and trans af his fave colored pink n he wears pink shades and those dudebro tank tops with bigass arm holes and his hair is a fucking mess at all times


When you are 20 Minutes into Being Fili and Chill and you are the literal definition of cinnamon roll and you give this look (all the time).

 I did @arlymone ‘s emoji challenge, this time for the wonderfully awesome @reallywhatisreality , who requested Fili, in C1, since the last time I drew Filibae as a devil, so this time it’s Fili being very Fili-like! 

I had a lot of fun with this one, altho I admit the halo didn’t turn out how I wanted… And it scanned in even worse as well. I had to go out and buy a new Fili hair colour coloured pencil, altho it’s a little darker than my original Fili hair colour (and probably more true to his actual colour, tbh.), so his hair might seem a little darker then how I usually colour it (I like how it comes out more when it’s lighter, the shading didn’t come out as nicely…) I think little angel Fili is pretty much the most accurate Fili ever. Thorin (and Dis hahahha) might not agree, but I’m pretty sure Fili has never done anything wrong like, ever. Precious and pure and everything that is good in the universe. 

Thank you so much darlin, it was a lot of fun! :D

Give me a character and an emoji! IBEGYOUU!!


The annual celebration of booze, brats, and Bavarians, held in Munich, Germany every year! Let’s stay sober long enough to learn a little bit about it!


It’s actually the largest of many festivals called “Volksfest” which occur all over Germany. They are folk & beer festivals, where people just celebrate what being German is all about. Munich is home to the largest and most well-known of these festivals, called Oktoberfest.

Holy shit! So the Germans just randomly made a festival to beer?

Wouldn’t you?


The first Oktoberfest occurred on 10 October 1810 when Bavarian King Ludwig I had a bitchin’ wedding and invited literally everybody. There were horse races and shit, but also a lot of alcohol. The celebration ended on the 17th. In subsequent years, the city decided to repeat the horse races annually, and such an event (which drew upwards of 40,000 spectators) gave rise to Oktoberfest.


Fuck you.


Though you can attend a Volksfest in almost every German city, it is Munich that draws the huge crowds - nearly 6.8 million tourists descended into the city last year, consuming 6.7 million litres of beer. Go to a (very crowded) beer hall, drink some (very expensive) Oktoberfest-exclusive beer, wear some Lederhosen, listen to some music, stare at some tits, and get toasted.

Munich at night in 2005 during Oktoberfest. Can you spot the drunk?


The end of Oktoberfest always concludes around the holiday of German Unity Day. The dates were specifically modified in 1994 so that way people could get blitzed in the name of good ol’ German Unity. It’s also a day there’s no work, so that works out too. This year, the last day of Oktoberfest is 4 October.

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Top 5 Ziam fonding over eachother

I’m going to try and stick to five. Try. 

Thank you for asking! Here goes-

this was going to be first or last, for obvious reasons. it’s a classic. my absolute favourite. 

i’m exhausted and pumped already. so in love. 

^ this, btw, was after zayn drew a bit and liam fonded over it for five whole minutes and told zayn he’s keeping it if he doesn’t want it. i hat e them. 

THIS ONE ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME THAT IS LIAM’S ZAYN SMILE im dead also look at the thirst at the start omfg

another classic bc zayn is literally not even doing anything. like wtf liam. 

(i feel you, liam)

this is, tbh, under appreciated. it’s such a soft, gentle, fond moment. ouch. 

another under appreciated moment, imo. or maybe people just avoid it because it hurts so fucking much. 

lima your zayn is showing!

aaand i’ll stop now. i went a bit over, but it’s ziam so. it’s okay. 

Ask me my top 5 anything!