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You're always saying that people are too nice to you so I'm gonna do it, im gonna be the mean anon! uuhhhh ur bad at mario kart

shes been playing for 37 hours straight and still cant beat steven



LIKE EITHER LANCES PARENTS DIED WHEN HE WAS YOUNG (OR WERE MURDERED) AND ALFOR TOOK OVER AS ‘ACTING KING’ ONLY TO PUSH LANCE TO THE SIDE OR LIKE MAKE IT SEEM HE WAS DEAD OR MISSING AND ANNOUCED ALLURA AS THE HEIR  (and lance was too young to remember he’s the rightful heir until someone [zarkon? coran?] tells him straight up that he’s the prince, maybe zarkon was trying to start a civil war to weaken the alteans, maybe coran thought what alfor did was wrong)

OR ALFOR OVERTOOK LANCE’S PARENTS EITHER BECAUSE THEY WERE EVIL OR FOR THE POWER (i mean this guy was friends with zarkon, they must’ve had something in common also he literally creates the universes strongest weapon, WHY?

WHATEVER THE REASON LANCE IS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE THRONE BUT HAD IT STOLEN FROM HIM and allura doesn’t know because she too was too young to remember the previous king and queen


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people aren't seeing the worst in robert, he IS being the worst atm, the robron dynamic has become chrobert 2.0, this is literally happening on screen right now, we're not making this up! it's too awful to watch right now and it's understandable?? good on you if you can stomach this but you don't have to be condescending to those who can't

I’m not being condescending. That would imply that I understand that POV. I literally do not see it. I just don’t. I don’t think the circumstance, Robert’s actual struggle as a character or them as a couple are anything alike to Chrissie and Robert. Is Robert being written stupidly? Sure. But it does not for me for a FUCKING moment negate everything he has done before this. That’s not how life fucking works is it? If I were a person who’d changed for the better but something happened where I made some bad decisions and fell back on habits, would that literally make me a bad person? My growth would then mean nothing?

Because they are showing Robert freaking out but they are clearly showing why and it is all about Aaron. People forget that he was a mess. People forget that he was drunk. People forget that he was going to tell the truth. People aren’t taking into account how he is the only thing Aaron can rely on and Robert knows that. Or if they dont forget apparently its not important enough to take into consideration in regards to his motivation. BUT I’m not making THAT up. The show has CLEARLY shown their love. And that fear of losing that is the motivation.

Not because of fucking money or power or wanting to keep up appearances. Not because Robert wants to keep fucking Bex, he clearly does not, and have Aaron at home. He wants to be at home with Aaron. This isn’t a fucking thrill for Robert. The man is miserable and terrified. He isn’t even thinking ahead. He has no idea what he is doing. This is so fucking far removed from the affair that it’s a joke except for the lying. He is lying but his reasons? Not in any way the same. And Robert hates himself for it.

But it doesn’t matter because some have already made up their minds long before this or they don’t get the motivation. I could list why it is different in detail but I find at this point it’s not even worth the bother.

And that is on them. I don’t even mean that in any sort of critical way really. Personal experience or lack of experiences color people’s perception. They see one way or don’t another. It is what it is.

I’m not going to pretend I understand and on my space I’m going to call out what I don’t understand or like. I’m also not going to on to attack them on their space where they can say what they want to say bc that’s what their blog is there for.

But I am going to, after months of hearing how Robert is the worst and this couple is ruined, put my foot down and say I’ve had enough.

I do not like the Robert hate. I do not like that people, not the show mind you, BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY ARE NOT SAYING THIS, keep negating the person he now is. I hate that Robert is not allowed to fuck up ever without it destroying him as a character apparently. I am pretty sick and tired of the negativity.

It’s not the show that is driving me away. It is literally the fandom.

You obviously can and do feel whatever way you do. (Thanks BTW for giving me permission to do the same. Really.) I don’t have to agree, like it or even understand it. I simply have to respect you enough to leave you to YOUR space to feel that way.

Appreciate the same.

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!! OH MY GOD IT'S A LITTLE SMALL DETAIL BUT I GOTTA GUSH OVER IT: YOU. DRAW. LEAF. WITH. RED. EYES- OR AT LEAST CLOSE TO THEM AND THAT IS A+. DON'T GET ME WRONG THE WHOLE "GREEN EYE, LEAF WITH HER LAST NAME BEING GREEN" STUFF IS OKAY BUT HELLO?? I LOVE?? RED-EYED LEAF??? IT SUITS HER SO MUCH MORE?? IT'S UGH- okay my gushing about her eye color aside your art literally makes me so happy this is my otp and seeing your art is like, bringing my feels to the max thank you,,

OH MY GOD THANK YOU YES???????? I LOVE LEAF WITH REd eyes and theres a reason cuz i used to like her with brown eyes but i thought it would be nice to start new and fresh but my hc GREEN ALREADY HAD GREEN EYES Even though i changed it later and leaf with blue eyes is…no…..because surprisingly i love leaf but i hate…pokespe!blue… AND  i also liked green as a name for the rival better than blue so i made leafs last name redwood


I see leaf as this nice girl but also a badass so HER RED EYES MAKE FOR REALLY COOL SCENES LIKE THIS,,,,FYI ITS MY ULTIMATE OTP TOO LIKE….every otp i have stems off the base of conflicting yall dont even know…..why yall think i like hanbaki so much…

You hold up your phone and press the round large circle to record what you were about to do. Robbie Kay was standing beside you, bending down a little to get into the camera’s view.

  “Hi! Look who I’m with!” You giggle excitedly at the camera. Robbie nodded and smiles.


  “Oh my god,” You mouth to the camera. Turning slightly to Robbie, a sly smile on your face as grabbed a small object from your pocket. “Robbie?”

  “Yes, Y/N,” He smiled at you. Your face reddened at what you were about to say.

  “Can I give you a kiss?” You almost snorted at your stupidity halfway through the sentence. Clenching the metal piece in your hand, you waited for his response.

  “Um,” Robbie smiled at the ground, blushing. “Sure.”

  “Here,” You held out the token you took from a Monopoly game. Robbie looked at the thimble and laughed. He took it happily.

  “Thank you,” Robbie chuckled. You winked at the camera, happy that you finished your little prank with no embarrassments.


“Yes?” You turned back to him. He was looking at the small thimble fondly.

  “Can I give you a kiss?” Robbie held the metal token up with a smirk. You laughed and nodded.

  “Of course,” You held your hand out. Robbie grinned. Instead of dropping the thimble into your hand, he snaked one arm around your waist, pulling you close, and the other hand pulled your face to his. Your lips crashed into his. The kiss was short and sweet. His thumb rubbing circles on your cheek.

  “Wha-?” You huffed after Robbie pulled away.

  “I was never a traditional Peter Pan, Y/N”

Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))

You want someone to pray to? To act like they’re your God?
And God doesn’t treat anyone like nothing. I don’t know- I don’t WANT to know- what kind of angsty teem drama you’ve made out The Bible to be in order to suit your otherkin bullshit…
Instead of creeping people out with your “worshipping”, and having to be “careful” about it, and you seem to be so far up your own ass in believing you’re an ACTUAL ANGEL FROM GOD, WHY DONT YOU PRAY TO HIM. GO TO CHURCH. ACTUALLY READ THE BIBLE. WORSHIP ACTUAL GOD NOT YOUR INNOCENT FRIEND LIKE THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASILY AVOIDED

also you’re not an angel

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Are we not allowed to call Jin a mom anymore? I've never seen any other fandom have a problem with this. Like, in e*xo, Su*ho is known as the mom and not ever has that been a problem so...

afdjkghfd I don’t know how to answer this and I’m sorry if I end up offending anyone but ok-

So, I’m not the shipping God. I dont know what’s right or wrong. What is allowed or isn’t. But what I do think (in my opinion) is that we should (or don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally up to you)

  • stop labeling Jin as the wife b/c he is a male and it’s wrong to try and make everything heteronormative - but carry on calling Jin and x member husbands if you wish
  • dont call Jin ships with members beside Namjoon incest ships
  • dont call him a princess - Jin has pretty much made it clear he doesn’t like being called that anymore (prefers prince)
  • dont overuse the mom label unless he’s stereotypically acting like a ‘mom’ 

And just know that Jin is much more than those labels. He’s a caring hyung, amazing vocalist, great dancer (i’ll fight you on this), has a great sense of humor, super hard working, bts’s wings and the reason why BTS is literally flying off the charts. 

What are your guys’ opinion on this?

i go to this restaurant like 3x a week and i order the same dish and the guy behind the counter still refuses to indulge me when i say that “i’ll have my usual” boiiiii why u gotta ask me to clarify u hECKIN KNOW. U HECKIN KNOW WHAT MY USUAL IS. im not even being like an entitled customer because i have literally made it a point to come in when there’s no rush and he greets me by name because he’s learned my name bruh just let me have a place where i have a “usual” im so emo dont do me like this jerry

please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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just a quick recap: THIS is the reason why i want to make a new billdip tag. one that’s safe for survivors.

i just want to see billdip content, not these whiny annoying posts. they’re completely irrelevant and it makes me feel TERRIBLE! and you know why? because i know my ships are bad. i dont want to tread back on the part of my life that made me like this. but this stuff forces me to. it’s triggering, in an actual, legitimate way.

all this whining about antis this and antis that is literally triggering for me! i dont WANT to see ship drama in the tags! i want to see actual content.

im thinking of making a poll to vote on an alternative billdip tag to use, one without all the junk in it. i want a tag that’s safe for me and other survivors to use. would any of you be interested in that?

disjaneted replied to your post “disjaneted replied to your post “The idea that AI could be granted…”

I know how neural nets work, that’s why I said “neural netty shit” as opposed to “neural nets, you know the literal things we have now that will work the same way as we use them now” I.E.. Technology we made that works, but that we don’t have a solid understanding of the internal models of. Your brain is just another thing in the world, it can be simulated, it behaves according to training data, outputs stuff to the rest of your body,broad AI is something that can exist.

@disjaneted You cant just handwave getting from neural nets to strong general AI. I dont really know how to try to engage with you here if you think that like “the human brain exists” implies that strong AI is possible. We cant build an AI we dont understand, that claim is just nonsensical. AI cant exist without a model of the world, a model of the world cant exist without us programming it, the AI cant access the world without us providing it with sensors and actuators. Everything about AI we determine and we build, it is simply not possible for us to create an AI that we dont understand.

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It's such a double standard. When Iman hugs cengiz for the yousana scene everyone goes on about how she can't do that because she's muslim. Like that's such a double standard! Cengiz is muslim and he literally made out with someone and no one commented on him doing that. I'm muslim and I'm not mad at him for doing that since I personally think it's his choice, however, it's so rude of people to hold Iman to different standards when they are both muslim

yeah it really is, as a muslim community we tend to hold women to a higher standard and i really don’t get the justification why either. funny thing is, we dont even know if it was iman hugging cengiz, we only saw cengiz’ face in the scene and yet no one commented on him?? 

no one should be ‘mad’ at either of them, we all have the free will and choice to do as we please, and we shouldn’t be judging either of them because of any actions they may take. i’m just mad that everyone was giving iman the third degree. 

I generally dislike focusing on the negative comments but literally wdym @dauntlesschanel “Guat no cal isn’t asian” ??? Idk if you were trolling me or anything but well… Cal is literally a fictional character, people can picture him as any ethnicity they want to, and as far as I know it’s never mentioned in the books that that he isn’t. There’s PLENTY non-asian fancasts out there if that’s what you want. Thank you for missing the entire point of why I made the edit. Have a nice day.

*Request: Imagine Juice doing a romantic dinner for your birthday.

“What you and your old lady doing for her birthday?” Tig asked Juice. “I want to do something special for her but I don’t know how to do any of that romantic shit.” Juice exclaimed. just as Juice and Tig were walking into the clubhouse talking about your birthday he spots Tara and Ima walking out. “Hey Tara! Hold up, I got a question.” Tara stopped dead in her tracks and said, “What’s up?” .. “Well Y\N birthday is in 3 days and I don’t know exactly what to do for her or get for her. You now she was very spoiled by her dad and shit growing up so I have some very big shoes to fill especially since I was in jail for her last 2 birthdays.” Juice said. “Maybe you should plan something different. take her out of what you two are used to doing on a regular.” Ima stated. “Yeah, take her on a trip or get her something only you know means close to her. women long for a man to pay close attention to details, so just think about something she told you from a long time ago and go from there.” Tara said. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tara and Ima, Juice thought about every detail he could to give you a bomb ass gift. You never asked him for much, when he offered you money. you would decline and that bothered him because he felt as if that was his duty to take care of you, his old lady. You were very independent and spoiled yourself often, so whenever he attempted to spoil you he would be at a dead end because you got everything you wanted by yourself. “Babe” You said walking into the apartment with groceries in hand. “Need help?” Juice asked you greeting you with a kiss. You smiled and said, “Yes please, what would I do without my big strong man to help me with the heavy stuff?” You both laughed. “I’m making enchiladas tonight baby.” “Sounds great babe, but uh I wanted to know what you wanted for your birthday?” Juice asked you. “Nothing baby. you’re all I need.” You smiled and kissed him going into the room to change clothes. “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.” He said under his breathe.


“She’s so hard to fucking figure out.” Juice said taking a sip from his beer. “Did you take the advice from the girls?” Opie asked. “I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is that she would like but she shuts down literally everything i bring to the table. It’s like she hates for me to do anything special for her.” Juice deeply hatred the fact that you never let him do anything or buy anything special for you. it made him feel like less of a man, at first he liked that you were independent but now it annoys the fuck out of him. “Why dont you propose to her?” A drunk Bobby said. “You know that’s not a bad idea.” Juice said. “Don’t listen to Bobby, what the hell.” Jax said. “No, she loves me and was there for me while I was in jail. She’s the perfect woman and I love her ALOT. We’ve talked about it and all but I’m just thinking of this now.” Juice said.

“If you’re going to marry her, think about it when you’re sober and make sure she wants it too.” Clay said. “What?! You’re finally gonna pop the question to Little Miss Prissy?” Gemma said. “Calm down babe.” Clay said. “I’m just playing baby, but it’s about time that woman may be a little stuck up but she’s a very good woman to you and loves you through all your bullshit. Get her the ring!.” Gemma said. Soon as the word ring was said again it finally popped into Juice’s head on what to get you. He had one more day left until your birthday was there. He went home that night happy as hell knowing you would love the gift he had in mind for you.


“Hey man, I need to get this ring fixed, cleaned, or whatever the fuck you guys do to dirty old rings.” Juice said to the guy at the counter in the pawn shop. The short Asian man said, “Come back in two hours and it will be ready.” “Alright how much?” Juice asked before exiting the store. “$100″ The clerk said and Juice nodded his head and made his way to Happy’s house. “Hey man, you ready? I got two hours to go get the ring.” Juice asked. “Yeah, I’m already set up in here.” Juice sat in the chair, took off his shirt ,and let Happy tatt him up… After 30 minutes Happy said, “All done. That”’s a nice ass tatt.” “Thanks, man.” Juice said. No problem brother.”.. While walking to the pawn shop Juice noticed a jacket in the window of a thrift store that stood out, he looked at it and just walked off. 

“Babe, Oh my God!” You said walking into the kitchen. There were two plates on the table with your favorite drink and foods. There was fried dish and shrimp and boiled crawfish and snow crab. then there was your favorite drink which was strawberry crush along with a small chocolate cake. You looked at Juice and said,” Baby thank you, this means so much to me. You got all my favorites.”  “That’s not all” He said showing you a face portrait of you on his upper back with your name on side of it. “Holy shit babe! That looks painful but so beautiful.” You said laughing, while you had your head turned he gave you a ring you knew from a long time ago. It was your grandfathers ring that he had given you from when you were a child and Juice also brought out a jacket that looked just like a jacket your grandpa had given you but you had lost. you were extremely close with him so you instantly started to cry. “You have no idea how much this mean to me Juan.” You said in a serious tone. “I thought I would never be able to wear this ring again.” You said to him. “Baby I do anything for you.” He said.

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HIII I have a sorta weird hc request lol. How would MC react to/take care of chibi!RFA? As in the RFA got shrunk (for a while) by a mysterious party guest or somethin lol i mean they're still the same but smol skdjfhsdfj (bc imagine a smol grumpy jumin) idk if this made sense tbh it was funnier in my head

honey i shrunk the RFA


  • “MC!”
  • MC just heard Yoosungs voice but where is Yoosung
  • “Yoosung? where are you?”
  • “down here!”
  • MC looks down and Yoosung is, in fact, down there
  • oh my god he’s so smol
  • like he’s always been smol but this is too much
  • MC leans down and lets Yoosung crawl into the palm of their hand, then brings him to their face
  • “why…why are you so tiny…?”
  • Yoosung is literally crying hysterically
  • “i dont know i was talking to a party guest and he pulled out this weird lazer thing and then everyone got really big and now im crying and-”
  • MC is trying so hard not to smile
  • Yoosung is clearly distressed but he’s just so…cute
  • “cheer up, Yoosung…”
  • MC uses their index finger to rub the top of his tiny head
  • he crosses his arms, pouting
  • “i’m hungry”
  • “alright i got this. just hold on a sec”
  • MC slips the small Yoosung into their pocket
  • they take a plate and put a small pile of rice on it
  • they sit at an empty table and take Yoosung out of their pocket
  • “bon appetit! tiny food for a tiny boy”
  • Yoosung complains that he’s a tiny man, then proceeds to grab a single grain of rice
  • he eats the whole thing in three bites
  • MC smiles at him
  • its just too cute
  • “see? i told you i’d take care of you no matter what”
  • Yoosung sits on top of the rice mound criss cross apple sauce
  • he grabs a few more grains, hoarding them in his miniature arms as he bites into one
  • “yknow what?”
  • he says, still chewing on half a grain of rice
  • “this aint half bad”


  • FUCK why is everyone so big
  • one second he’s charming and handsome, cutting a rug
  • the next thing he knows
  • oh thank god theres MC
  • “pssssst! babe!”
  • MC cant hear him, they’re too busy entertaining guests
  • alright, if they cant hear him they’ll just have to feel him
  • tiny Zen climbs onto MC’s shoe till he gets to their ankle
  • this better work…
  • he bites MC’s ankle as hard as he can with his small mouth
  • “ouch!”
  • MC looked down to see Zen waving his arms frantically at them from the top of their foot
  • they gasp and cover him up
  • “everything alright?”
  • “um yea i’m great i just think a big bit me. if you’ll excuse me, i think i need to go wash up for a moment”
  • MC rushes to the bathroom
  • they squat down on the bathroom floor (not touching it though cause that would be gross) and let Zen crawl into the palm of their hand
  • “Zenny, what happened to you?”
  • “not sure. all i know is that i’m too freaking small to do anything”
  • Zen crosses his arms
  • “hey, cheer up, Zen! you may be small but you’re still my handsome boyfriend”
  • his face turns bright red
  • “r-really?”
  • “of course! and to be honest, i’m kind of glad you’re like this cause not i can keep you all to myself”
  • “MC, you always know just what to say to me”
  • “i’d kiss you if i wasnt afraid you’re suffocate….”


  • one second she’s greeting guests
  • the next she’s almost beING STEPPED ON MY GUESTS
  • she still has guests to greet and she has to make sure the catering is all in order and make an announcement to thank everyone for attending and
  • Jaehee has shit to do, alright
  • she starts running, dodging guests feet
  • gotta find MC gotta find MC gotta find MC
  • there they are
  • Jaehee climbs onto MC’s foot and starts screaming
  • “Jaehee, what the heck?! why are you small?”
  • they lift Jaehee up to their face
  • “no time to talk…”
  • Jaehee was panting from running to MC
  • “…we have an speech to give”
  • MC’s eyes widen
  • “speech?! no way! i send emails, not make announcements. i dont even have anything prepared”
  • “dont worry, i’ll help you. now put me on your shoulder and lets get on stage”
  • “c-cant Yoosung do it or something?”
  • “no. if i cant welcome the guests it should be you. you invited them all here, after all”
  • MC sighs, but admits Jaehee is right
  • they let Jaehee climb on their shoulder and take the stage
  • “i have the whole thing memorized so i’ll say something and you copy”
  • MC nods
  • “greetings, guests and friends. i am Jaehee Kang”
  • MC opens their mouth to speak
  • “greetings, guests and friends. i am the party coordinator for the RFA”
  • MC repeats Jaehee’s words into the microphone
  • “great, MC, you’re doing great….dont say that either”
  • MC smiles at the crowd
  • “i would firstly like to thank all of you for attending today”
  • MC repeats
  • by doing this Jaehee is still able to give her speech of welcoming even though she is very tiny


  • this is absolutely absurd and not even physically possible
  • he never wanted to leave MC’s side during the party
  • but that one sketchy guest pulled him away and now everyone is so big and nothing makes sense and the room is too warm
  • ugh
  • Jumin doesnt want to bother with searching the room for MC because he doesnt want to get stepped on
  • instead he finds the table they were sitting at earlier
  • Jumin uses all of his strength to climb into one of the chairs and sits
  • he hears MC and Yoosung talking over the other voices in the room
  • “Yoosung, have you seen Jumin recently?”
  • “no, but maybe he went back to your table. try checking there!”
  • “good idea. thanks”
  • good. MC was coming back.
  • he sees them walk to the table and look around
  • “hmm, not here”
  • “MC, i’m right here”
  • they look down and gasp when they see little Jumin sitting in the middle of the chair cushion
  • “Jumin, is that really you?”
  • “yes, it’s me”
  • his arms are crossed and he doesnt even look up at MC as he talks
  • MC lays their hand down in front of him
  • “Jumin, will you come onto my hand so it’s easier for us to talk?”
  • “no”
  • MC leans down
  • “Jumin, please let me take care of you. i dont know why you’re so small but you need someone to watch over you and make sure you’re safe
  • “please just act as if i am my normal self”
  • “alright, fine”
  • MC stands 
  • “will you accompany me to go entertain guests?”
  • “of course, dear”
  • Jumin walks to the edge of the chair and looks down
  • the ground is kind of far away….
  • wait! MC’s already walking away!
  • no!
  • “MC, wait!”
  • they turn around and lean back down
  • “yes, Jumin?”
  • “maybe…maybe i do need a little help….”
  • they smile and let Jumin climb into the palm of their hand
  • “can you put me on your shoulder? i want to be able to see everything…”
  • Jumin was feeling embarrassed to make such a ridiculous request
  • “of course! i’ll make sure to keep you close even if you’re tiny”
  • Jumin blushes, but still wishes he could wrap his arm around MC


  • THIS
  • IS
  • FAN
  • think of the possibilities!
  • think of the pranks he could play on Yoosung
  • tiny Seven doesnt find MC, MC finds tiny Seven
  • they were talking to Jaehee when something moving across a nearby table caught their eye
  • “one sec, Jaehee”
  • the walk over the the table to see a miniature Seven
  • they grab him gently and place him in the palm of their hand
  • “Seven? what the hell?”
  • “i dont know either but isnt this cool?? look how tiny i am!”
  • “Seven, this is not cool. i need you to be a normal-sized boy. and why didnt you come find me as soon as this happened?”
  • Seven rubs the back of his neck and laughs nervously
  • “well i, uh, had some other plans”
  • “other plans?”
  • “nothing too serious, i was just going to hide in Yoosungs food and pop out and scare him and see if he faints…”
  • “oh no you’re not”
  • MC grabs Seven and slips him into their pocket
  • “hey, what the hell? let me out of here! i gotta mess with Yoosung! this is kidnapping!!!!!”
  • “not at my party, you dont. i worked way too hard for you to make a scene at this party”
  • so for MC the entire party is spend keeping Seven in their pocket and chasing after him if he ran away
  • “HAH! found you again!”
  • thank god his tiny legs were slow