i literally dont even care anymore

The description of an Intj feels more like honest to me like idk like maybe I was an infp but I think I really just WANTED to be an infp type of person and answered MBTI questions accordingly but really I’m not that kind of person. Idk if this makes sense but I feel like my personality has been disrupted and either changed or like I didn’t let certain things come through because I didn’t want to be that way because I’ve always wanted to be so like …carefree & cool & go with the flow type but I’m actually the opposite of that at all times I can assure you every waking moment I’m high-strung and I Care. Im taking the time to post this because I literally had been thinking about this before I even took the test again like. I don’t feel like the person I always thought I was anymore to some degree i dont know how else to put it. mostly see it happening at work, I like haircutting better specifically because it’s more methodical and I like being able to know 100% what I’m doing and what’s going to happen and why. On the same token I DONT like the more creative aspects of this job anymore, I’m not a natural visionary like some people. I need things broken down in front of me multiple times and until I understand it on paper I don’t really understand it on a head. Like I just don’t think I’ve ever TRULY been a creative person and I’m not saying that negatively because not everybody is? I was sure I was very artistíc at first going into it but like truthfullllly I’m just not. I’m still going through classes for color and when like I figure out how to make it into more of a strategic thing in my head I’ll be able to nail it down but for now i don’t like creative color I don’t Like hair painting I don’t like all that stuff because I’m scared of messing up and there’s so much more opportunity for that with it. there’s just too many different outcomes and I do feel like sort of a perfectionist now and that kills me to just like…not always KNOW…, I have to know…Idk I am big on orderliness and doing everything my way and doing it the right way and planning out literally everything I do down to the minute and it just makes life easier. Idk who knows maybe I’m making all this up too.I don’t really think personalities are set in stone I think everyone’s personalities change and can be adapted to whatever goes on in your life but anyways. Mood

have any actual autistics found any benefit from those Autism Cure ™ diets

obvs i dont mean like using food to cure yourself but has it helped at all with autism related Tum Problems

and if ur gonna post about how ur nephew is Hardly Even Autistic anymore i literally Dont Care i want to hear from autistic ppl not u


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Learn From A Story: Ivey Has A Bad Day

Yesterday, I got my first part time job. I’m excited because I literally have $1.36 in my bank account. In fact, I actually got a free burrito today at a restaurant because I realized I couldn’t pay for it (and the woman was nice and probably used to broke college students since it’s by my school) .

But anyway, yesterday I realized I needed my passport to file some paperwork (which I didn’t have). So I drove home to go get it. On my way, I got into a car accident. It was my fault. I was distracted trying to fix my seat, so I rammed into their bumper. The other car was fine….as for mine, not so much.

I broke my left headlight, car hood, and the thingamajigger that goes over the tire before the car door.

My car runs fine, it just looks like a piece of trash now. Insurance is useless since repairing it would cost 6 times the value of my whole car, so I’m just going to DIY it. I wanted to go to a junkyard, but my dad is insisting on new parts, so I’m getting the ugly parts that are that black matte color, like the ones that are on super beat cars. My car is silver, so finding a matching junkyard part would’ve been easy.

But it’s okay, that’s what first cars are for. I learned my lesson, my car still runs, and that’s all that really matters.

yesterday - 昨日 - きのう
Part Time Worker (or Salary Man) - バイト・サラリーマン
to excite - 沸く - わく
literally - 文字通り - もじどおり
bank account - 預金 - よきん
free - 無料 - むりょう
burrito - ブリート
restaurant - レストラン
to realize - 悟る - さとる
to pay - 支払う - じはらう
anyway - とにかく
to need - 必要(な)ひつよう
passport - パスポート
paperwork - 文書 - ぶんしょ
to drive - ドライブ(する)
car - 車 - くるま
car accident - 自動車事故 - じどうしゃじこ
(to be at) fault - 落ち度 - おちど
to distract - 気をそらす - きをそらす
fine/it’s okay - 大丈夫 - だいじょうぶ
piece of trash/garbage/rubbish - ごみ・ゴミ
insurance - 保険 - ほけん
useless - 無用 - むよう
to repair - 修繕(する)しゅうぜん
black - 黒 - くろ
silver - 銀色 - ぎんいろ
lesson - 授業 - じゅうぎょう

ok but the phandom accuses 99% of other youtubers to be unoriginal and not creative but you’re all just watching the wrong youtubers just shut up about phan being the last youtubers not to get sponsored by audible it’s fucking fine to get sponsors bro??? youtube is a fucking job for these people, not a fucking hobby anymore. i literally dont see why 99% of you have problems with people getting sponsors because even dan and phil have their own share of sponsors shut the fuck up.

before you spew shit about “well dan and phil are the only creative minds on youtube now” or “they still havent got fame to their head/they care about their subs and not about money” do you want to fucking fight me mate because i can name about 72937937 youtubers who fit the criteria and still havent gotten audible as a sponsor

you fuckheads are all just watching the wrong group of youtubers?? please stop acting like gleam / brit / american youtubers are the only yters to exist bc they arent??

i legitimately get so pissed when someone makes a post about how they’re the only original yt-ers about there that still care and they dont promote sponsors 24/7. doNT FUCKIG DO THAT bc thats when u know ur just watching shitty unoriginal youtubers.