i literally dont even care anymore

if y'all are hating on jang moonbok then just,, block me i dont even fucking care anymore moonbok is genuinely such a sweet guy, he’s had to put up with so much bullshit and he won’t even take legal action against those who are leaving malicious comments because he doesn’t want to inflict pain on them. he’s improved so much and he tries so hard yet y'all call him untalented, you say that he doesn’t deserve attention or a chance to achieve anything and even go as far as saying he should die??? how fucking disgusting can you get he’s done literally?? nothing?? wrong?? i don’t fucking care if you dislike his rapping or if you’re salty that your fave was eliminated, there’s literally no excuse for telling someone to die especially when he’s done nothing wrong and when he refuses to take legal action because he doesn’t want to hurt the people telling him this shit??? fuck this

i mean is it even possible to go back from “”“"they dont like you”“”“ like you literally are saying you don’t like your own friend ???? “i’m pissed” or “i dont wanna talk to her” or “i cb she did that” understandable …. but saying y'all dont like her anymore doesn’t make sense to me. like you’re talking abt someone who’s been there for you, defended you, took care of you….. your friend? last time i checked friends get mad at eachother and become friends again but saying u literally dont like them anymore ? how do you continue being friends after that ? i don’t think any redemption arc is gonna convince me lmao

I see all this controversy about IHQ and who it’s about and i’m not really gonna go there but i still want to talk about the song lol, because tbh this song is art: you can’t quite figure it out but it’s there and you feel a lot of things when you listen to it and it’s just something so beautiful yet heartbreaking and camila was able to touch our hearts and make us feel her pain with only her voice.

The whole song and lyrics are just magnificent, incredible. The song gets me every single time. But the lyrics that make me stop and break my heart so badly are: “Do you care? Do you care? Why don’t you care?”

Because she asks the person “Do you care?” and she’s waiting for a response, but there isn’t any. But again she asks “Do you care?”, in hopes for the person to hear her this time, but the person doesn’t answer again. And then she just gives up, she waited for that answer but there was nothing but silence, so she just assumes that the person doesn’t care, so then she’s so heartbroken and just asks “Why don’t you care?” and you can literally hear her breaking when she says that. Because that silence was lethal, that silence meant that the person didn’t even care to answer, that person isn’t even there anymore, that person is gone.

And idk, but if that doesn’t break your heart, i… like she just wanted to know if they cared and SHE DIDNT EVEN GET AN ANSWER, SHE DIDNT EVEN GET A “NO, I DONT”, ALL SHE GOT WAS SILENCE AND SHE JUST !!!!!!!

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why do you act like one direction aren't the reason for half your followers and friends

im so tired how do i act like that ever i literally jsut lost interest in 1d jesus i still even listen 2 their songs i just dont care about them as people anymore who fuckin cares it happens all of u act like i abandoned someone or s/t get over it unfollow me like its been over a year at this point i literally just lost interest in a boy band who cares lol

“why do you have a problem with Simon becoming a shadowhunter at the end?”

oh boy. oh man. let’s do this.

The Mortal Instruments book series has a variety of very interesting parallels that sort of portray real life problems in a fantasy world, which is a good way of educating people on subconscious level about how repulsing some of the discrimination nowadays is. 

Yes, I am talking about racism, I am talking about sexism, misogyny, homophobia, unhealthy parent/child relationship, rape and abuse, manipulation- all things wrong in our society.

Take the shadowhunters/downworlders concept. A privileged community, considering itself superior to a group of minorities: a blatant, clear example of racism, which is being called out and fought against.  

That sounds good and what’s even better, one of the main characters (armed with the privileges of being white, male, heterosexual) becomes a downworlder and suddenly, he is apart of a minority too, and it does nothing to change or lessen the values he represents. 

Why, do tell me, was it necessary to not only break every single working rule of the Shadowhunters Chronicles fantasy world and come up with half-assed excuses to not only stop him from being apart of a minority, but also make him apart of the privileged community?

What’s the point of representing the fight for equality 6 whole books if at the end of the day, it is going to be proved that you are not valid if you’re not a certain thing. What’s the point of saying “Downworlders are not less than Shadowhutners” if your’e going to make a downworlder into a shadowhunter so that he is as privileged as they come? What was wrong with Downworlder Simon? Why was he any less than Shadowhunter Simon, if equality is something you root for?

Magnus and Alec were denied their happy ending: their chance to grow old together because if Magnus gave up his immortality, he would die of old age. Following the same logic, Simon should have died without his immortality, because he’s technically a vampire, an undead creature. The author went to poorly explained lengths to keep him alive and make him a Shadowhunter. Why couldn’t Magnus become mortal and stay alive in the exact same sequence is still a mystery. This is not even the case. 

The case is- I do understand that these are cassandra’s characters and she’s free to do to their fate whatever she pleases, but my point is that this plot twist is completely unnecessary and doesn’t really make sense. It literally went against everything she tried to make her books into. 

my nintendo 64 controller doesnt work

my gamecube constantly turns off by itself and the controller is wonky

there is a functioning xbox one but my brothers wife fucking smashed his controller and he wont pick up his spare from his friends house

the battery from my old secondhand dsi has literally expanded and wont fucking fit in it anymore so its unplayable

my laptop has been gone for a whole month and will probably still be out for another so i dont even have a shitty little snes/ds emulator

there is no playable gaming system in my house

im crying so hard im so desperate to just be able to play a videogame i want to play so bad i see so many ppl having fun with the swithc id legit resort to robbery for one i just want to play a videogame i dont fuxking care which. why does everything have to be so expensive? its not fucking fair

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didnt z say they were talking/texting now anyways (i think he said it on the radio when he was promoing idwlf, after he sent louis condolences) i dont even think they're mad at each other anymore and i can see why they were best friends, because clearly the others didnt fucking care about z at all

i mean regardless of how u personally feel about louis, z clearly felt v close to him and imo they were the closest in the band and literally best friends so i dont think there can ever be complete ill will there…. then again i thought the same about z*am so who knows 

i dont even know why im posting these vents anymore like literally nobody fucking cares and im making a fucking idiot out of myself

@dhontso omg yeah ive seen so many of those types they’re all hypocritical zionist hippies who only care about tibet bc its fashionable and really have the gall to try and be activists in bhoepa spaces and ignore their own countrys ruthless murder of palestinians??? its literally so disgusting considering tibet and palestine are really similar and are both stateless nations with huge refugee populations!!  

i mean dhasa is overrun with white israeli hippies w their ugly dreads who just love india and tibetan culture sooooo much…they kicked out the local indians who lived in dharamcott to make their weirdass vegan town like they dont even contribute to the tourist economy anymore all they do is smoke ganja in their ugly shacks and make things so difficult for locals…

ok, ive been thinking for like three seconds and like, MOST BOYS dont have periods, so like, its not very surprising they dont know much about it and what they learn from media is basically that girls are pretty and sexy and suddenly thyre like WHAT, GIRLS BLEED ONCE A MONTH??? HOW WHY WHT THIS IS DISGUSTING EWW *makes fun of periods bc thy’re uncomfortable with the whole thing* so i’m like, ok, I have a boyfriend and I am very insistent on EDUCATING him on stuff about girls, like the usual stuff–girls fart, burp, and BLEED once a month and if ur not careful a baby will pop out and stuff like that. my boyfriend is ofc not the worst fuckboy out there or else i literally wouldn’t have gotten into a relationship w him, so like being ‘gross’ (natural, relaxed) around him is not very hard, he doesnt really care, but the point im trying to make is that boys won’t accept periods and girls being natural girls until they’re fucking educated on the matter, so this is why SEX ED is VERY IMPORTANT and ALL PARENTS should also teach their kids about boys’ and girls’ bodies so we all KNOW from the START, so that there won’t be IGNORANT JUDGMENTAL ASSHOLES anymore. (and last: even boys dont know what their own penis is doing most of the time, and whos fault is that???? fucking grownup generation nowadays)

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if they are taking this along the denial route, then a picture with Liam doesn't make sense to me. Actually none of this makes sense anyway, but I'm going to prepare myself. Even though it's Radio1D and they've been known to lie

LOOK… im sorry to burst everyones babygate bubble but im SOOOO OVER TALKING ABOUT WAHT COULD EWKEHSKSDF HAPPEN… i dont actually CARE what happens anymore. we literally just found out that simon cowell is snaked zayn which was like, probable anyway, but all the people who believed that was true just got proven right… i have never been more convinced that this is just a big fucking stunt which involved everyoneeeeeee… so i dont careeeeeeeeeeee what happens with the baby… i dont careeeeeeee which one of the boys are pictured with it… i dont careeeeeeeeee… please prepare yourself because i guarantee you this IT’S NOT THE END but WE CAN MAKE IT YOU KNOW IT YOU KNOW!!!


hey u know how australian cigarette packets literally have the most disgusting photos of rotting feet and dying ppl and decaying body parts as a result of smoking on them, have you or anyone u know stopped smoking bc of them?? because all my friends that smoke literally dont care at all about the gross pictures they just ignore it. i think after a while u just get used to seeing the gross pictures and they dont even shock you anymore and you just kinda think’ w/e it wont happen to me’ but anyway still id much rather them have those gross pictures than pretty packaging 

literally just emailed a poem to my entire poetry class who doesnt like me for our 1st critique ever that im gonna have to read in front of the entire class thursday and it’s a 1st person poem about me sucking a random dude’s dick and then hating myself and being bored and basically fucking him and pretending to care even tho it’s boring and then hating my body and wanting to die…. nice… glad i’ve reached such a high level of desensitization and disassociation w the personal nature of my own work that i dont care about anything at all anymore… thanks tumblr dot com! 

they keep saying bechloe ain’t happening and that jeca is the main focus, yet they emphasise more on beca and chloe, just like standing next to each other, dancing, etc lol im literally happy

plus the cast is aware of the ship and they keep trolling us

so its cool

but i will forever see jesse as beca’s best bro

but you know what i dont even care anymore if its jeca, then its jeca

but bechloe


ok but the phandom accuses 99% of other youtubers to be unoriginal and not creative but you’re all just watching the wrong youtubers just shut up about phan being the last youtubers not to get sponsored by audible it’s fucking fine to get sponsors bro??? youtube is a fucking job for these people, not a fucking hobby anymore. i literally dont see why 99% of you have problems with people getting sponsors because even dan and phil have their own share of sponsors shut the fuck up.

before you spew shit about “well dan and phil are the only creative minds on youtube now” or “they still havent got fame to their head/they care about their subs and not about money” do you want to fucking fight me mate because i can name about 72937937 youtubers who fit the criteria and still havent gotten audible as a sponsor

you fuckheads are all just watching the wrong group of youtubers?? please stop acting like gleam / brit / american youtubers are the only yters to exist bc they arent??

i legitimately get so pissed when someone makes a post about how they’re the only original yt-ers about there that still care and they dont promote sponsors 24/7. doNT FUCKIG DO THAT bc thats when u know ur just watching shitty unoriginal youtubers.

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I'm so freaking happy for the cover! I'm reading your posts, screaming xD IR heart has been fixed. Kubo is a troll though. Watch when some people buy it and open it up to read the horror lol

yall i literally dont even care about 686 anymore. I never once for a second believed that 686 was kubo’s original intention, but like after my initial bout of anger that he had the AUDACITY to do this to his fans (who deserved a proper ending with or without certain ships), i’ve been sorta like ‘eh whatever’ about the whole thing. honestly, i was split about 95%-5% on who was going to be on the cover, I thought it was about a 95% chance of solo ichigo and a 5% chance of ichiruki (bc kubo is that kind of a troll) AND I WAS FUCKING RIGHT. INCREDIBLE

i literally dgaf about anything any more, im staring at this cover like an idiot, i want to imprint it onto my retinas it’s so beautiful 

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why dont you like looking for alaska?

i know the reasons well enough in my head, but im not sure if ill be able to word them correctly…. ill try though, sorry if this gets long. 

first of all the characters are boring. its generic and actually the plot is really stupid. theres your nerdy white boy, the VERY HOT SEXY girl (love interest), sidekick, and the obligatory person-who-isnt-white (takumi). like every freaking chance he got, the narrator, or maybe this was just john green wanting to write it as many times as possible idk, HAD to mention how ABSOLUTELY SEXY alaska was. every time. its always like “her SIGNIFICANT curves and ROUND, PLUMP ASS, her thin thighs and perky boobs.” then, spoiler alert, so the main character is SUPPOSEDLY in love with alaska but after she dies all he does is call her a bitch and whine about not being able to make out with her anymore. thats it. he doesnt even care to find out anything about her death, like the rest of the characters in the book that knew her. he literally shoots down all their ideas at trying to figure out if it was suicide or a drinking accident. i cannot bring myself to like ANY of the characters, besides maybe takumi or lara. the rule and punishment system at culver creek or w/e is just bullshit. you get caught smoking/drinking/whatever you get sent home wtf. you dont get a freaking warning. the writing of the characters is so basic and im pretty sure john green was just writing himself into the book under different names. not EVERY teenager is going to have your massive vocabulary, john green, when you realize that maybe then you can write realistic teenagers. this isnt all i have to say about the book but it got long so im done. 

#tw alcohol #tw death #tw slurs

I’m so sorry I keep having to do this.

We are in a /really/ bad place financially. We have used all of my savings to pay for bills and food, and we have nothing left. The car insurance and car payments are due, and if those don’t get paid, we will lose the car, which means I won’t be able to go to school. I have a payment due on my back treatments, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for that. My grandma was going to try and pawn her mothers rings. I’m going to go through my things to sell stuff. Wendy’s hasn’t called me to tell me if they want me to come back in, so I don’t even know what’s happening with that job. My grandma is having a hard time finding work, too.

That being said, I’m opening up emergency commissions. I’ll literally draw anything. I dont even care anymore.

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