i literally dont even care anymore


this bitching about r/eylo is more annoying than the ZERO r/eylo i USED to enjoy on my dash

me: makes posts trying to be nice and avoid fanwars “no more unnecessary hate let’s just focus on our faves” 

[they who must not be named]: *starts MASS reporting of all of EXO’s main fanbases such as EXOGlobal and EXOBaiduBar* 

“we only want ANTIS to apologize/shut down not specifically exo-ls” “makes a list blocking innocent exo-ls and the biggest fanbases responsible for things like album orders and streaming information” 

like literally guys im so fucking tired of this every time i go and say “ok lets just stop the hate” yall do some stupid shit like this and its not even “a FEW ppl” literally THOUSANDS of ppl are doing it bc the accounts have received an official message from twitter abt shutting down and thats honestly so nasty and wrong to do that to innocent ppl who are just stannning their faves? EXOGlobal and EXOBaiduBar are the only big accounts exols have left aftter our biggest fanbase was hacked and deleted by the same fandom last year. 

Seriously, if you’re reading this and you blocked them then please unblock them bc these ppl work hard to inform exols and get nothing in return but petty hate. i dont even care abt fanwars anymore just realize that there is a line you shouldnt cross and stay clear of it please

If you have an exo-l twitter account and this happens to you make sure to contact twitter abt it

Yknow I’m totally fine with ppl going “I’ll only like ge/ncy if it’s with concept mercy” if it’s bc of the white savior trope and the racism, but I s2g if it’s the same ppl who don’t like gen/cy bc of the “b-but she’s his doctor! It’s immoral!” I’m going to throw down because mercy being a black man would still be his doctor LMAO

zoloft, basically:
- man i dont give a flying fuck
- having an orgasm? in this economy?
- wow i CAN be a functional human being huh who would have thought!
- i literally havent done anything for fun since 1992
- is this shit even working?
- you do everything you have to do and then u spend ur free time sleeping
- wow im a motherfucking robot
- man this shit is so expensive
- do i even feel? do i even think?
- life is meaningless and not worth living but i kinda dont want to die anymore so whatever
- hey my friends are texting me! should i reply? nah
- time does not exist. you are just living your life and not thinking about the future.
- did i take my meds today?
- literally not caring about anything. ever.

if y'all are hating on jang moonbok then just,, block me i dont even fucking care anymore moonbok is genuinely such a sweet guy, he’s had to put up with so much bullshit and he won’t even take legal action against those who are leaving malicious comments because he doesn’t want to inflict pain on them. he’s improved so much and he tries so hard yet y'all call him untalented, you say that he doesn’t deserve attention or a chance to achieve anything and even go as far as saying he should die??? how fucking disgusting can you get he’s done literally?? nothing?? wrong?? i don’t fucking care if you dislike his rapping or if you’re salty that your fave was eliminated, there’s literally no excuse for telling someone to die especially when he’s done nothing wrong and when he refuses to take legal action because he doesn’t want to hurt the people telling him this shit??? fuck this

GOD  I just fucking love that the Overwatch team is INCAPABLE of saying they made a mistake

Mercy was fine before her rework and since then has been picked “consistently” in competitive 

Like I literally almost never heard people complain about her pre-rework. And now they give her a new nerf every few weeks and they’re essentially ruining a character who didn’t need a change in the first place

Just change her back or say you fucked up stop saying her “recent rework has been successful” because CLEARLY it hasn’t since you’ve been nerfing her every five seconds

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OMIGOD THERES SOMEONE ELSE WHO AGREES W ME ABT SHIRO BEING MEAN??? like u kno the group hug when keith said he wanted to leave?? Everyones like awwwh so sweet.. but five seconds before the whole team was literally spitting at keith and he looked so sad ??? Like god i get wHY but still??? Ahdhsjffb and then after bc the episodes r less we dont even see them MISSING keith ??? Its so sad

shiro doesnt even bother to ask how keith is doing HE CONSISTENTLY ASKED THAT LAST SEAON its like the characters dont care about each other anymore??like yea ofc they cried when keith left but did any of them ever talk about him or shit no one even sat coran down asked if he was doing ok when he was losing his fucking mind in that one episode what happened to the sweet caring team voltron??????my hearts broken

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Why u hate coral and mastermind?? Coral was grieving and mastermind was forced to do his experiments, that's not fair to them.

1) grieving is not an excuse to abuse your children. nothing is an excuse to abuse your children. nothing is an excuse to abuse /anyone/. coral sat on her ass writing fanfiction instead of doing her actual job, tied her only daughter (a literal child) to her waist for every waking second of her life, and literally has lost count of her sons. yes, her husband has been held ransom for a while, but there is 0 excuse to damage your irresponsible number of children, i dont care how you spin it. 

2) the nightwings carried blatant and copious amounts of nazi symbolism. Mastermind is an allusion to Josef Mengele, who is infamous for his disgusting experimentation on prisoners in auschwitz. i dont think i even have to explain anymore, but i do not condone the actions of mengele, nor his fictional dragon counterpart. i dont care if he “was forced to do them”, its called having an at least somewhat-functioning moral compass and just. not torturing innocent people/dragons. shrug emoji. 

im all for enjoying antagonists and that kind of thing, but there are certain characters that are meant to represent actual awful things, and you can enjoy those characters as well (scarlet, whirlpool, those two i mentioned above, etc..), but you can’t excuse or ignore the fact that they still, and always will, represent those awful things. 

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i havent watched any of the american interviews theyve done bc im too scared and i get secondhand embarrassment too bad to watch em

I mean, they’re just very annoying and repetitive. However, bts and their responses to those dumb questions will give you a good laugh

ppl are rlly in love?? like the person u like actually likes u back?? unrealistic

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do lams for the ship thing

Who’s the cuddler: both tbh

Who’s more clingy: Alexander

Who wakes up first: Alexander

Who tends to get more sick: Alexander lmao omg why are these all Alexander

Who’s the little spoon:… Honestly i think John

Who’s more productive: i think both equally

Who sings in the shower: JOHN

Who likes to embarrass the other: i think John gets a lil kick out of flustering Alexander in public

Who cries during movies: lmao John

Who kisses more roughly: both. depends

Who’s more dominate: Alexander dont @ me

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 10000000000000 i literally have a tattoo for them so

i mean is it even possible to go back from “”“"they dont like you”“”“ like you literally are saying you don’t like your own friend ???? “i’m pissed” or “i dont wanna talk to her” or “i cb she did that” understandable …. but saying y'all dont like her anymore doesn’t make sense to me. like you’re talking abt someone who’s been there for you, defended you, took care of you….. your friend? last time i checked friends get mad at eachother and become friends again but saying u literally dont like them anymore ? how do you continue being friends after that ? i don’t think any redemption arc is gonna convince me lmao

please read this

please read this its all im asking @fantaesy deleted her tumblr app and doesnt go on anymore but can you guys please send her anons or asks or message her telling her how much you appreciate her and love her shes planning on doing something awful and i want her to know people care about her please even if you dont know her give her reasons why she shouldnt listen to people who put her down im literally begging you


i literally cant even be bothered to give a shit about the rpc anymore…. this is my first time back in like 6 months and all that has changed is what rps are open. y'all have made no efforts to bring back what role playing really is. because i can tell you this fucking much, role playing is not just how pretty ur blog or twitter acct looks. that means litral shit to me. quality graphics dont equate quality writing, much fucking less quality muns. who tf cares if someone can’t photoshop their muses hair blonde like some photoshop god, what happened to DESCRIBING it and writing it out. like y'all spend all this money and time getting good and FAKING pictures, that that became ur standard for quality work…. bet u guys dont even care if a person can para anymore, that’s how lazy you’ve all gotten (eyes narrow at twitter rpc) whatever… i said my peace, not that anyone will care just look at my blog :): i just hope someone sees this and finds meaning and agrees, even if it’s just one person.

I see all this controversy about IHQ and who it’s about and i’m not really gonna go there but i still want to talk about the song lol, because tbh this song is art: you can’t quite figure it out but it’s there and you feel a lot of things when you listen to it and it’s just something so beautiful yet heartbreaking and camila was able to touch our hearts and make us feel her pain with only her voice.

The whole song and lyrics are just magnificent, incredible. The song gets me every single time. But the lyrics that make me stop and break my heart so badly are: “Do you care? Do you care? Why don’t you care?”

Because she asks the person “Do you care?” and she’s waiting for a response, but there isn’t any. But again she asks “Do you care?”, in hopes for the person to hear her this time, but the person doesn’t answer again. And then she just gives up, she waited for that answer but there was nothing but silence, so she just assumes that the person doesn’t care, so then she’s so heartbroken and just asks “Why don’t you care?” and you can literally hear her breaking when she says that. Because that silence was lethal, that silence meant that the person didn’t even care to answer, that person isn’t even there anymore, that person is gone.

And idk, but if that doesn’t break your heart, i… like she just wanted to know if they cared and SHE DIDNT EVEN GET AN ANSWER, SHE DIDNT EVEN GET A “NO, I DONT”, ALL SHE GOT WAS SILENCE AND SHE JUST !!!!!!!

“why do you have a problem with Simon becoming a shadowhunter at the end?”

oh boy. oh man. let’s do this.

The Mortal Instruments book series has a variety of very interesting parallels that sort of portray real life problems in a fantasy world, which is a good way of educating people on subconscious level about how repulsing some of the discrimination nowadays is. 

Yes, I am talking about racism, I am talking about sexism, misogyny, homophobia, unhealthy parent/child relationship, rape and abuse, manipulation- all things wrong in our society.

Take the shadowhunters/downworlders concept. A privileged community, considering itself superior to a group of minorities: a blatant, clear example of racism, which is being called out and fought against.  

That sounds good and what’s even better, one of the main characters (armed with the privileges of being white, male, heterosexual) becomes a downworlder and suddenly, he is apart of a minority too, and it does nothing to change or lessen the values he represents. 

Why, do tell me, was it necessary to not only break every single working rule of the Shadowhunters Chronicles fantasy world and come up with half-assed excuses to not only stop him from being apart of a minority, but also make him apart of the privileged community?

What’s the point of representing the fight for equality 6 whole books if at the end of the day, it is going to be proved that you are not valid if you’re not a certain thing. What’s the point of saying “Downworlders are not less than Shadowhutners” if your’e going to make a downworlder into a shadowhunter so that he is as privileged as they come? What was wrong with Downworlder Simon? Why was he any less than Shadowhunter Simon, if equality is something you root for?

Magnus and Alec were denied their happy ending: their chance to grow old together because if Magnus gave up his immortality, he would die of old age. Following the same logic, Simon should have died without his immortality, because he’s technically a vampire, an undead creature. The author went to poorly explained lengths to keep him alive and make him a Shadowhunter. Why couldn’t Magnus become mortal and stay alive in the exact same sequence is still a mystery. This is not even the case. 

The case is- I do understand that these are cassandra’s characters and she’s free to do to their fate whatever she pleases, but my point is that this plot twist is completely unnecessary and doesn’t really make sense. It literally went against everything she tried to make her books into.