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Sam and Dean had just wrapped up a hunt and were on their way back to you. Dean couldn’t wait to get back to you, practically running to the car. Sam stopped and looked at him like he was crazy. How often did Dean run when a monster wasn’t chasing him? Never.

“Dude, what is going on with you?” Sam looked at his brother incredulously.

“I just - I’m happy, Sammy. For the first time in a long damn time, I’m actually happy. I’ve got a good job, I get to ride around the country with my brother, my best friend, and I’ve got an amazing girl waitin’ for me back home. Whaaaaat?!” He smiled as Sam scoffed.

“You really love her Dean.” Sam chuckled and shook his head.

“Yeah, I do.” Dean smiled, looking at his feet.

“Have you told her that yet?” Sam raised his eyebrows expectantly, knowingly.

“You know I haven’t… I can’t.” Shaking his head, Dean opened the door of the Impala and climbed inside.

Sam just shook his head and lowered himself into the passenger seat, both of them shutting the door simultaneously.

“Luuuucy, I’m hooome!” Dean called throughout the bunker.

“Dean!” You squealed and ran into his arms.

“Hey princess.” He smiled and bent to kiss you.

“Missed you.” You bit your lip and looked up at him.

“Missed you too. Hey, can we talk?” He wrapped his arms around your waist.

Furrowing your brow, you nodded and led him into another room, away from Sam.

“What’s going on, D?” You sat in one of the library chairs.

“Nothing, I just want to talk.” He rocked back and forth on his heels, his eyes not meeting yours.

“Dean.” You chided.

“I - I want to say something, but I can’t remember the last time I said it and actually meant it…” He trailed off.

“Just say it, Dean.” You stood and walked to him, hooking your thumbs into his belt loops and pulling him closer to you.

“I… You know I care about you so, so much.” He looked down at you.

“Yeah?” You looked at him suspiciously. 

“I love you.” He blurted, surprising both you and himself.

“Dean…” You teared up, but hesitated, curious as to if he actually meant it.

“I really love you.” He answered your unspoken question.

“I love you too.” You confessed, having wanted to say it for a long time, but never knowing the right time to do so.

“Good.” He smiled and kissed you triumphantly.

Dean Winchester had fallen in love.

Took him long enough.

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hey y’all so my friend just did this neat kingdom hearts cover medley and you should check it out!! :D

It still kind of blows my mind how nice Kuroo and Bokuto are. Like, when they meet Tsukishima he’s literally The Least Likable Person on Karasuno™, and he’s doing his little asshole shtick just to isolate himself at this point, and they’re just like:

“You know what we should do? Shower this bitter, unhappy little jerk in friendliness and encouragement and in the process help him rediscover his  passion for volleyball”

I mean

Human Beast (Adam's) Beast-like Qualities Head Cannon's that nobody asked for:

-sexy animalistic growls 👀👀
-he is Hairy™
-like literally all.the.body.hair.
-he can grow facial hair really fast too and has to trim it every day but he usually keeps it decently long because Belle likes it.
-he has to pluck his eyebrows too or he would have an adorable unibrow.
-he’s got that sixth sense that animals have like he knows when something is wrong or something is coming.
-he can talk to animals like every other Disney princess…
-he sometimes whimpers when he is sad or afraid like a little puppy.
-he’s very territorial. He doesn’t like strangers coming into his house so if Belle makes a new friend she usually plans out fun places for them to meet up the first few times instead of coming to the castle.
-he’s not rude about it or anything, but Belle can tell that it makes him uncomfortable seeing someone that he doesn’t know within his private space.
-and when they have balls people are given strict guidelines of where they can and cannot go.
-He likes to be scratched on the back of his neck and behind his ears.
-he doesn’t like thunder very much.
-he’s very physically strong and just all around athletically talented, he can run really fast and jump really far (not like superhumanly or anything just…better than most people.)
-he sleeps really late into the day during the winter months and Belle sometimes has a hard time getting him out of bed when it’s too cold outside.
-he’s thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

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Today was pretty meh, UNTIL I CAME HOME AND HOLY HECK



TLDR: I suddenly have about a 10 year supply of art equipment and I AM VERY EXCITED.

but imagine tired and wrung out Harry getting home to you finally after all these months touring, hugging you almost painfully at the airport and quiet during the car ride home. he holds your hand and doesn’t let it go unless absolutely necessary, keeps gazing at you with his soft, sleepy eyes until you laugh and ask him if you have something on your face, and he smiles and shakes his head, telling you that he just can’t believe he’s really here, next to you and close enough to reach out and touch you. 

at home, he stays awake long enough to get something to eat (something you cooked special for his homecoming, an adaptation of a recipe from his childhood that he’s particularly fond of) and to talk to you at the kitchen table about random topics that pop up, happy to hear your voice straight from your mouth and watch the way your face scrunches up when you laugh or how you brush his hair back from his face for him. even with his eyes drooping and his body sagging in his chair, he would only agree to go to bed when you say you’ll go with him; you won’t give him the ego boost of knowing you cleared your entire schedule just to nap with him all the rest of the day, but you did. 

he already showered before his flight, so it’s only a matter of him undressing sluggishly down to his underwear, you giggling and having to help him when his shirt gets stuck on his necklace, and then he’s climbing (read: falling) into bed alongside you. tucked under the warm, downy covers and wrapped firmly around you, Harry would mumble against your skin as he gives you lazy but no less loving kisses on your collarbone and shoulder as he falls asleep. you’d only catch certain words, ‘love’ and 'thank you’ and your name, and you’d pet his hair and tell him it’s okay to sleep now, that you know how much he loves you and how important you are to him. you know there were countless nights curling up in this bed all alone, fighting the shadows and the cold and the emptiness with all he had, and you know that he can’t put into words how grateful he is to have you here to come home to. you’d kiss his brow and that’s how he would fall into slumber, wrapped up in you.

Harry would sleep straight through to late morning the next day, and you’d end up having to cancel a couple of plans, simply because his grip on you is too tight to combat. and really, even if you could pry yourself from his arms, it isn’t as if you’d want to anyway.

A Shocking Surprise

Summary: Phil discovers Dan’s more of a masochist than he thought.

Tags: Dom!phil, Daddy!phil, Pet!dan, electro shock, literally just smut with maybe a little plot if you look for it

Word Count: 1,112

A.N.: I don’t know how biology works, sorry if it’s not “medically correct.” 

“It’s your turn,” Dan sleepily sighs as he pokes his boyfriend’s side while motioning for him to get the door.  “But I didn’t order anything. It’s probably one of your weird cosplay outfits.”  Phil whines as he rolls over and ignores the postman who is now more aggressively ringing the doorbell. Dan scoffs and pulls all of the covers off of Phil while bundling himself in them. Phil groans as he’s forcibly removed from the bed.  He rolls his eyes at Dan, who’s now fast asleep again.  “You’re lucky you’re so damn cute Howell.”

Phil drags himself down the stairs and to the door before opening it and meeting the postman’s eyes whose are as sleepy as his. “Package for a Dan Howell, sign here.”  He says the rehearsed speech monotonously.  Phil quickly fakes Dan’s signature and takes the package that’s shoved into his hands.  

Phil sighs as he drops the package on the dining room table and squints at the package. Why the hell is Dan ordering a package from a dog’s collar web site? I swear to god if he got a dog, I’m going to kill him. Phil thinks to himself as his curiosity gets the better of him and he carefully rips the package open.

He furrows his eyebrows as he pulls out a black leather dog’s collar with spikes on the outside.  He runs his fingers over a weird box that has two more spikes but it’s on the inside of the collar.  “What the hell is this?” Phil mumbles to himself just as he hears a sleepy Dan enter the room

“What’s taking so long Phil- oh my god, shit you weren’t supposed to see that.”  Dan sputters as he runs to Phil and grabs the collar from his grip before holding it tightly to himself. Phil raises an eyebrow at Dan’s flustered composure and it finally clicks.  “Did you buy yourself a fucking shock collar? Jesus, Dan, I knew you were kinky but this a whole different level.”  He chuckles to himself as Dan’s cheeks darken.  “Don’t kink shame me, alright? I thought it’d be fun, I don’t know.”  He mumbles and Phil bites his lip.  “Yeah. I mean, I didn’t say I didn’t want to try it.”

Dan looks up hopefully and with a different kind of spark in his eye. Phil hungrily grabs the collar from Dan, “On the bed, naked, and displayed all nice for me in five minutes.”  Dan nods obediently and sprints off toward the bedroom.

Phil pushes the already ajar door open wider and licks his lips at the sight. Dan’s spread out on the bed with his legs open and three fingers already inside of himself. Phil clicks his tongue and Dan practically jumps off of the bed. “You’re such a slut for me aren’t you?”  Dan moans softly and nods enjoying the early dirty talk.

Phil pulls his shirt and pants off as he walks to the bed and sets himself between Dan’s legs. He hits one of Dan’s thighs causing him to spread his legs wider.  “Look at you, all needy for me.  Turned on by just the thought of being collared like a pet.” Dan whimpers in response and Phil quickly takes the collar in his hand and wraps it tightly around Dan’s neck.

“Is that alright, love?” Phil asks sweetly, breaking character for just a moment long enough for Dan to nod. “Ok, slut, we’re using the color system if the shock is too much say red. If it’s ok but almost too much to handle say yellow and if it feels good for my pet and he wants more say green. Understand?” Dan nods and Phil slaps his chest, “Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy. I understand.” Dan moans out and Phil smirks, “Good pet.” He picks up the remote that he had set on the side of the bed and observes it carefully. He slowly turns it to the first setting and watches Dan gasp out in surprise. Phil hums in gratitude as the boy takes the first few slow shocks well.  “You’re such a good pet for me.  My good pet, aren’t you?” Dan’s eyes remain closed as he continues to take in the pleasure and subsequently ignores Phil.  

Phil frowns and he turns the dial up two notches and watches as the boy’s back arches in pleasure and slight pain.  “I asked you a question slut.  Who do you fucking belong to?”  Dan pants as he furrows his eyebrows, “You daddy, I’m all yours.  Daddy, please fuck me.  I need your cock, please.  Need it, need you.”  Dan rambles on as Phil smiles and turns the collar up another notch.

“You’ve done well baby.  I think it’s time for an award.”  Dan moans at that and gasps and groans as Phil slides into him painfully slow. “Harder,” Dan whines needily and Phil messes with the remote sending two long shocks to Dan. Phil begins pushing in quickly and pushes a button that sends a long zap to Dan’s neck every time he makes a noise. Phil groans as Dan’s head lolls back from the intensity of everything.

“Such a greedy pain slut for me, aren’t you Dan.  Is that what you are, a pain slut?” Dan nods and whimpers out a pitiful, “Yes.”  Phil wraps a hand around Dan’s collared neck as best as he can but barely adds any pressure.  “Bet you could cum like this.  Just from me fucking and shocking you because you’re such a pain slut.”  Dan nods as Phil removes his hand from Dan’s throat.  Phil continues to slam into him before gritting his teeth and roughly whispering, “Cum, slut.” Dan gasps and arches his back all the way off of the bed and cums, allowing long streaks of white cum to cover his and Phil’s stomach.   

Phil follows quickly and cums inside of Dan before slowly pulling out and taking a moment to admire the way the cum slowly drips out of Dan. Phil isn’t snapped out of the trance until he hears a quiet and pained, “Phil.”  He looks up at Dan and watches as his face contorts into pain.  

“Oh, baby.  I’m sorry, let me get that.”  Phil quickly turns off the collar and removes it from Dan’s neck.  Two bright red spots are revealed from where the collar sat on his neck.  He winces and Phil looks at him sympathetically.  “I’m sorry, I was a little rough.” Dan bites his lip and furrows his eyebrows in a weird way.  Phil prepares himself for Dan to start crying, but he just starts laughing and opens his eyes brightly.  “Honestly, Phil, it could’ve been rougher.”