i literally cried about giant bears

parkolin  asked:

please tell us about the dogs!

Dallas’ dogs are all rescued dogs. But they’re also therapy dogs! Dallas loves all of them dearly.; They all cuddle up to him. They’re pretty old though. I imagine Sadie is a beagle, while Kiki and Crinkles are giant doggos. Maybe like? German shepherds or Siberian husky. Dallas tends to like bigger dogs that look like wolves or bears. Poppy’s dogs are the type that would go “boof”. I imagine Poppy would have a really fat newfoundland. Malek is always awkward around the dogs. Like he literally cried when he saw Poppy’s dog. “Poppy, he looks like a fucking sheep.”
I can’t tell who loves dogs more, Phoebus or Dallas or Poppy.

wgm with seungkwan
  • you meet in an auditorium.
  • you were guided in there and was completely clueless and after five minutes of confusion, spot lights shine at the center of the stage and the curtains rise to show a singing seungkwan, sitting on a chair.
  • he is singing 20.
  • before the went on stage he was sooooo nervous. he saw you walk in and he was ecstatic and got really conscious but because of his best quality personality, he took the stage confidently.
  • after the song, he introduces himself formally.
  • “hello i am seventeen’s boo seungkwan, your husband.”
  • his confident self doesn’t even give room to let there be any awkward feeling. everything is very natural when he’s talking.
  • he takes you to a food vendor he likes and get some fish cakes.
  • he laughs at how much you guys ate and tries to bargain for a lesser price but ends up losing. he doesn’t mind paying tho.
  • he’ll be front and ask you if you know seventeen.
  • you say yes and he asks you who in seventeen you think is the most good looking.
  • when he asked, he told you to exclude him because if he was in the choices, he knew all the other members would be at a disadvantage.
  • you tell him how you think vernon has really good visuals and stage charisma and he’s like “but he’s not the best quality like me” o k seungkwan it’s you okay you’re the best you’re the top bY E.
  • he would sing at random times like when he’s buying groceries, he’d make a song about lettuce.
  • lots of humming while in the kitchen.
  • you guys cook and he messes something up like he lets the water boil to the rim and he spills the soup.
  • he tosses the salad pretty well though and you’re quite surprised. his ego rises.
  • you guys take a trip to jeju and his mom picks you guys up from the airport and he literally leaves your side and runs up to his mother for a giant bear hug.
  • his mom embarrasses him but telling you childhood stories like how he fell off his bike on his first try and he cried for three days.
  • seungkwan complains to his mom about his image and his mom is like what image you’re my son i am obligated to tell embarrassing stories about you and she stuffs his mouth with a lettuce wrap to shut him up.
  • while in jeju, he takes you to his old school and the places he used to hang out at, he takes you to his home and shows you his room and when you guys leave the island he is pretty much in tears and you cry too bc you know how it feels like to be so far from your parents and man this brought you guys a lot closer to one another. TT-TT
  • you guys would try beauty/skin care products at home.
  • he puts on a face mask and runs to turn off the lights and uses his phone to shine a light on his face and pretends to be a ghost.
  • ends up getting really scared so he turns the light back on.
  • he holds your hand confidently because he is just a ball of confidence. like when you’re in the streets, he first grabs you by the wrist and make his way down to your hand until your hands are interlocked with each other and man he is smooth and natural af even if he doesn’t look like it. uGH I JUST GOT MASSIVE FEELS RN.
  • if he sees a bug, he runs to you to get it but you don’t want to so you guys just leave the room and never use it again because of that one smol bug.
  • you complain why he doesn’t introduce the members to you and so he calls a few of them over because introducing all of them would be too chaotic; he has sense because all of them at once would probably be too overwhelming.
  • he invites hoshi, dk, and dino over and regrets it because they’re all too crazy to handle.
  • hoshi and dk gang up on seungkwan and dino laughs along side with you.
  • seungkwan notices that you got close with dino and he shoves him away and hugs you tight. “she’s mine, dino. don’t even try.”
  • dino is confused af and you’re like “stop that seungkwan!” and he doesn’t let go.
  • he is exhausted when they finally leave and asks you for a massage and a face mask.
  • when you have to leave the show, he gets sulky but doesn’t want to show it.
  • he recreates the first day you guys met but instead on being in an auditorium, he’s on an outdoor stage with you being on the only chair in the audience. he sings a medley of love songs and ends with 20.
  • gives you a bouquet of sunflowers and says something cheesy like “you were my sunshine and i was a sunflower following you wherever you went” o m g b y e
  • he cringes 2 seconds later but gets serious when he has to say goodbye.
  • gives you the biggest hug ever and is soooooo sad on letting you go because it was so fun being with you.
  • he tells the pd-nims that he wished he could somehow promote their new song while being on the show without being tired because he doesn’t ever want to leave.
  • being with you on the show was something he got used to because he was always excited to see you and go on adventures with you but now that it’s done, he feels like there’s an empty feeling in him.
  • nevertheless he wishes you guys continue to be really good friends in the future!

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