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Request By; @arianaamaris

Request; Hello! I really love your Guardians of the Galaxy collection and I can’t wait to read the last one. (Literally read them in one day haha) anyway I wanted to see if you could make one of Y/N being kidnapped by Ronan (since he knows your Peters weakness) and Peter tries to rescue you. You can add more if you want. fluffy please. Thank you! :) Keep up the awesome work. 

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Warnings; None.

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could you let this happen to yourself Y/n?! You were the galaxies best spies and you got caught. By Ronan’s goons of all people! This was an embarrassment. What will the rest of the group think or say when they find out about this? You’ll never live this down, if you ever live to get out. The what can only be described as a DIY dungeon had deep green walls slick with mould and damp stains with some gloop dripping from the corners, you were chained to the only post in the room, arms and legs, skin being worn to bleeding and infection around your wrists and ankles, you refrained from moving as much as possible for the spikes around your neck would pierce your skin, releasing toxins into your blood stream, not enough to kill you but enough to paralyze you completely after a certain dosage, a life of being able to just see with your eyes and do nothing more.

This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t of met Peter in the first place. Peter Quill, he was the cause of most of your problems and the solution to little. Though you didn’t mind, for every time you came to get angry at him, he just had to show his charming smirk and emerald eyes and you’d practically melt. He was a heartthrob, one that you didn’t want to affect you but you had no chance. It had grown worse since he asked you to join him and his team to stop Ronan, and get the infinity stone, you’d share inside jokes, spend countless hours with each other laughing and enjoying one another’s company, little touches that would linger for one too many minutes making Rocket groan in annoyance and always say something along the lines of “get a room.” Which would cause your cheeks to burn bright red and Quill to watch you and smirk even more.

It was because of him that you’d gotten caught, now trapped in a disgusting place at the mercy of Ronan who would barge through the iron door and hammer at you for the fifth time today about the whereabouts of ‘Star-Lord’ whom you had no idea who this was and the infinity stone, which you had to deny before he’d beat you to a pulp and leave you to almost drown in your own blood filled spit. Occasionally you’d hear the scuffle of feet of the guards that stood before the door flew open and the beatings began but now it was silent. You hadn’t heard much of anything that wasn’t the drip from the liquid from the ceiling, it was eerily quiet, and you could almost hear the air particles around you.

The door flung open and Ronan stood, staring down at you like you were an insect, at this point in time you almost were. His arched body towered over you, black and blue blurring together apart from his dark eyes staring down at you. He silently crouched and you waited with baited breath, ready for your next beating, as if on cue your cuts and bruises started stinging. He cupped your face and smirked evilly, staring down at you like you were his prize, a slave to show off his power. He owned you now and there was nothing you could do about it.

“So when are you going to tell me Y/n?” His demanding voice echoed onto into your eardrums, sending shivers of fear down your spine. He pulled slightly on your neck chain causing the rusted, toxic spikes to pierce your skin once more, making fresh blood run down the old. You hissed and scrunched up your face, letting out a pained groan similar to that of a dying animal, that’s what you were now, dying. With the little breath you had you managed to reply.

“Never.” You stared into his eyes with your own force, you weren’t ready. Now was not your time. He merely grinned back at you and gripped your throat, being sure to miss your spiked brace so he could kill you with his bare hands, you struggled against him, angles and wrists bleeding more as you moved, desperate to escape. This was it. The end. A high pitched drone and a fiery red light knocked you unconscious, the last thing you heard were shouts and cries of agony and someone speaking.

“Star Lord, she’s in here!”

You didn’t want to open your eyes, body stinging all over, open cuts sending bolts of pain through your body at every touch of air. Your lungs felt heavy on your chest, taking as many breaths as you could muster for lack of oxygen, you creaked your eye lids open and green eyes met yours. A rugged face that smiled hopefully one you instantly recognised.

“Quill.” You spoke breathily and quietly and his smile grew as he placed a gentle hand to your cheek making you flinch slightly. He removed his hand the minute you did this and placed it back by his side.

“Hey, Y/n. It’s okay. You’re okay. You’re with me now, we found you.” His voice was soft though slick with worry. You gazed up at him, attempting to sit up in your new bed but your body not allowing you to, you cried out in pain and he panicked, running off and returning quickly with water, pills and bandages.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here for you, I’ll get you better. I promise, I’ll never leave you again.” You smiled, a single tear running down your cheek, you took a swig of the water and took the tablets and pushed yourself to sit up in bed, only groaning slightly. Peter’s eyes never left yours as you sat up and he cupped your face in his warm hands before gently pressing a soft kiss to your forehead and lingering there for a moment. It was quiet in the Milano.

“…Star Lord…?” You spoke out, a slight smirk creeping up your bruised face and he pulled back from you, cheeks flaring red and lowered his face to the ground in slight embarrassment before chuckling along with you.

“Yeah…it’s my superhero name…it was given to me by someone very special.” He looked into your eyes once more, his thumb gliding over your cheek as tears began to fill his eyes.

“Y/n, I am so, so sorry. This is my fault, I should never have let you out of my sight, and I’ll never leave your side again. Y/n I don’t know what I do without you. Please…don’t leave me again…I really…-“His mumbling was cut off by your lips embracing his in a loving kiss which he gently reciprocated as to not hurt you anymore. You parted from him and smiled nodding.

“I know. I really like you too Star Lord.” You giggled and he smiled, embracing you once more.


Happy birthday, Shadow!!! ❤🎊🎁🎂

Loved the idea of Pegasus rolling around in leaves lol

This is absolutely adorable and I couldn’t be more in love with it if I tried. Pegasus is definitely a little kid at heart and I love that even ten years later in GX, he doesn’t lose that sense of wonder and curiosity. 

I can totally see him piling a bunch of leaves up next to the swingset at a park and jumping into them with his arms spread out.

Seto’s just shaking his head and trying to disappear behind his hands.

“I do Not. know you.”

Thank you so much, you’ve all made this birthday incredibly memorable and special!