i literally cant


(∩˃ o ˂∩)



idk why inuyasha is trending, but it makes me proud and feel so nostalgic that this fandom is still alive. i first started watching the show when i was four, woke up at 1 and 5 just to watch it on adult swim (sometimes even with cousins), and this show is the reason why i even began drawing – this show is everything to me, and i’m grateful it exists.

익명 회원 질문:

It might have just been sent out randomly? I got letters about entering local pageants like every year (even tho it's also not my thing and I'm also. Not a girl,,,)

no, it specifically mentions that i was suggested by someone. plus i live out in the middle of fucking nowhere, i cant imagine how one would ever make it my way w/o somebody fucking w them, because NOTHING gets this far out into the hills

im also afab so it makes sense that anyone who im not out to would make the assumption

I can’t draw poses.
I can’t draw hands.
I can’t draw.

BUT HEY. This is me and jpattonart‘s gemsona’s fusion, that I had a dream about like a GIANT NERDDDDD.
She’s NO WHERE NEAR not done yet, but I’m pretty proud of her.
I think next I’ll actually draw out my Gemsona digitally.
Morganite + Galaxite = the lovely Rhodonite