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You guys have left some wonderful comments on the final chapter of Beasts Within and I don’t know if I want to die or just sleep until I can actually function properly again after reading them…

Thank you so much!! You are all wonderful and deserve all the hugs!!!

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“they could be 18!!!!” ok but why are u so hellbent on having them be a “legal” age to date a grown adult. shiro is a grown adult. he shouldn’t be interested in dating teens. insisting that teenagers can date a 25 y/o man as if turning a magic age automatically makes them mature enough is so creepy how do you not see that???


Tag yourself “Kiwi’s Gijinka forms of anthro cars” edition. 

I think i can see the other side. This image has 103 layers for some reason and its 2 am what happened. 

Stoked about starting to plan my road trip in june but desperately need a good backpacking buddy lmao hmu

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rules: tell us your favorite character from ten different fandoms and tag people.

mara dyer: like literally,…. mara dyer 
shadowhunters: magnus……i love magnus sm
harry potter: GINNY WEASLEY (but like… also harry)
captive prince: the guy who shouted “NOT UR UNCLES GRIVA!!!” or just all the underlying sexual tension through the first 2 books cus that was so palpable….it could be an actual human person
how to get away with murder: michaela and laurel. bless them
brookyn nine-nine: captain holt lmao
dc: wonder woman is amazing and im in love w her
sense8: KALA
PJO and HOO: its a long time since i read them last but?? percy and hazel/piper??

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Headcanon: Victor is a total "can dish it but can't take it" with physical affection. He'll cling to Yuuri, kiss him, hug him shamelessly and constantly, but the first time Yuuri reaches out first to hold his hand when they're walking together, Victor is a blushing mess.


oh gosh, this is wonderful


“And then Yakov yelled at-” Victor was saying. Suddenly he startled and looked down. 

Yuuri looked down too, confused. He did grab Victor’s hand as they walked, but he didn’t think Victor would be taken aback by it. When he glanced up at Victor’s face again, his eyes widened.

Victor was standing incredibly still, covering his face with his free hand, fiery hot blush spreading all over his cheeks and onto his ears peeking from under the silver bangs. 

“Victor, are you alright?” Yuuri asked, concerned. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Victor mumbled from behind his palm. He gripped Yuuri’s hand tighter. “You took my hand.”

Yuuri looked at him, bewildered. “You plant your lips on me whenever I’m in close enough vicinity and lean on me whenever we are standing together, and now you are blushing like a teenager because I grabbed your hand?”

Victor hid his eyes. He was grinning so much there were dimples in his cheeks.