i literally cannot move on

i know john paul jones wrote black dog with the intention that it be a song that people cannot dance to but god dammit it goes too hard not to at least try


If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.

Friends Part 10 ( Final Part)

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1750

Thank you @amrita31199 you are the best this series couldn’t have been done without you.

credits to the gif owners

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You don’t know how much time you two spent kissing, the only thing you know is that you can feel the butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your skin. His metal hand is keeping you closer by your neck, making you shiver at the contact.

You don’t want this moment to ever end.

You rest your hands on his chest making sure that you aren’t touching any of the bruises on  his ribs, eventually you break the kiss needing to breathe “I love you, but it is late …you really should get upstairs eat something and get a good night of sleep.” He says worriedly caressing your face and kissing your forehead. You can feel that he doesn’t want to let you go at least not just yet and you feel the same way.

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strunkiin  asked:

Can you sell me on the Throne of Glass series? Cause your art makes it look like a phenomenal story but every time I look it up I see bad reviews, mostly criticizing the main character. Something about how she acts spoiled rather than a hardened assassin. Or that she's too boy crazy? I figured I'd get the scoop from a fan of the series I trust. Also it goes without saying your art is crazy good and got me looking up throne of glass to begin with!

Well. GOSH! Let me see what I can do here.

(I try not to get too wrapped up in reviews before I read a book. Some of my most beloved books will still get trash reviews (along with all the excellent ones) and it’s funny how we always find ourselves focusing on the bad ones?)

I guess I’m just saying try not to let that taint your opinion before you even start!

Straight off the bat: I fricken LOVE Throne of Glass, clearly. 

I wouldn’t say Celaena is spoiled (she earns her keep and spends it on whatever she likes god damn it)… although, she is absolutely aloof, outlandish, full of bravado and swag™

I once read a super great comment saying that if Celaena were a man, no one would bat at an eye at her cocky attitude. I personally find that refreshing as fuck. I think if you immediately dislike her upon starting the series… it probably won’t end well, but maybe give her a chance? She’s no wallflower.

I can never recommend this series without saying: keep reading. Keep reeeeeeeeading! Sarah started this series when she was SO young… and the story matures and matures as you work your way through the books, and eventually, you get to see underneath a lot of the bravado. 

Whenever I re-read this series I always start again from book 3: Heir of Fire. The first two books are really good fun, but I don’t think you get to the meat of who Celaena really is (hi everyone who’s read it, hi!) until this book. Heir of Fire is my favourite in the series (so closely followed by Queen of Shadows). It’s one of the most cathartic books I’ve ever read and I re-read it at any opportunity. I AM ALL ABOUT THE HEALING BOOKS, OKAY. I enjoyed the series, but didn’t fall head over heels for it until book 3.

Oh. And she’s not boy crazy, not to me. I think some readers literally cannot handle a pro tag moving on from their ship, that’s all. It’s something that comes up often with Throne of Glass but honestly, I love Sarah all the more for that. Give me all those protags doing what’s right for them!

All just my opinions of course :)

the constant changing state of us

5,176 words | A TRIFECTA (comedy/drama/romance)
featuring bff yoongi
warnings for language

notes: this was supposed to be a short drabble. oops. I hope you enjoy this plebeian way of writing, I can’t bring myself to wax poetic.

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To everyone, Hoseok smiles and out-shines the sun, his laughter more beautiful than a choir of angels, he carries that spark within, lifting the mood of all around him.

Except me.

To me, Hoseok smiles too easily, as if everything is a comedy show, his laughter shrill and sharp, a terrible cackle akin to nails on a chalkboard. His spark is more like firecrackers–annoying, loud, and not very pretty to look at.

Yeah, fuck that guy.

I spent most of my time avoiding his company like the plague, and the most unfortunate aspect of my life–and there were many of those–had to be the fact that we shared a best friend. How Min Yoongi, all round grumpy-guss and sleepy baby, got along with the human equivalent of microphone feedback, the world may never know.

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Can I request RFA + V and Saeran with MC who likes to keep things /meticulously/ clean and in order, please?

A/N: Well since you asked so nicely, of course you can ( ◞・౪・) ~Admin 404

(Also we answered a lot of inboxes yesterday and only posted once we’RE SORRY WE’RE WORKING ON WRITING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE I PROMISE)


           -He cleans up after himself every now and then

           -But let’s be honest, it’s messy enough that he’s afraid of mold under his bed and has seen cockroaches run around

           -So when you show up, you almost have a panic attack


           -DO YOU EVEN VACUUM?!?!

           -You immediately get to work cleaning up the house

           -Deep clean the sheets, couch, floor, everything

           -He’s so happy because!! He had no motivation to clean up before but now he does- to keep you happy!

           -ALSO SO GREATFUL BECAUSE NOW ALL OF HIS GAMES ARE IN ORDER! Not to mention, you’re so meticulous that you cleaned in between the keys on his keyboard and he’S SO IMPRESSED ON HOW MUCH EASIER IT IS TO PLAY LOLOL THANK YOU MC

           -Has absolutely no problem with it, he loves it so much. He tries to clean up after himself so you don’t have to worry about it!


           -He keeps his place pretty clean anyway

           -Likes to take care of his place as well as he takes care of his body

           -His body is a temple and so is his house

           -So it wouldn’t bother him too much

           -The only thing messy about him is that he’ll leave papers everywhere

           -Random little pieces of paper that he wrote on, pages from scripts, sometimes just blank sheets

           -You find every piece of paper and place them in separate folders

           -And he’s so grateful!!!!

           -The page of the script he’s been looking for? In the folder. Needs to find that message he scribbled down while he was on the phone the other day? In the folder!

           -Always very careful about placing everything back where you had it, because he doesn’t want you to stress! You worked so hard to organize it all, the least he can do is respect that


           -Love-hate relationship with it

           -Loves that you like things so clean!!

           -She loves a clean house, everything where it belongs

           -Yyeess MC, she’ll clean with you, organize all her DVD’s

           -What she doesn’t like, though, is that you organize EVERYTHING

           -By everything, that means her documents, reports, anything work related

           -She appreciates the gesture, but…. she has a method to her madness

           -Never gets mad at you though because she knows you’re trying to help!!!!

           -After a while, she learns to keep all her papers in order so they won’t bother you and she can find them without you helping

           -She can put things back exactly where they were before, down to a fraction of an angle, she’s that much like you and it just makes life easier between the two of you


           -Whatever MC wants to do, MC can do

           -No more maid, because she doesn’t clean like MC does and moves things around

           - jumin its okay you didnt need to fire the maid omg

           -He feels a little bad that as soon as you deep clean something, Elizabeth gets hair on it

           -But you tell him it’s okay! It’s not like she means to do it, she’s a cat!

           -He thinks it’s so cute that everything has to be a certain way?

           -You might not expect it, but he loves messing with you

           -The books you just organized? He switches two of them to see if you notice

           -You do and he hides in his home office from your wrath

           - once tried to blame Elizabeth for moving a vase to a different table but that obviously didn’t work


           -The moment you walk into his house you scream at the top of your lungs

           -Vanderwood used to clean his house but!!!! It hasn’t been cleaned in a while

           -You immediately start picking things up, and start organizing it all

           -He decides to join in and help

           - you won’t wear the maid costume so he does

           -Afterwards you vow to never let it get dirty again

           -He throws his pant onto the floor? You throw them over his head

           -Never gets the hint. Ever.

           -Sometimes he likes to place HBC on the floor just to see how you react

           -You just organized and set the furniture? He moves it two inches to the left and waits to see how long it takes you to notice (it doesn’t take long)


           -He’s used to having everything in order

           - dude was almost blind for the longest time come on

           - everything had to be clean and perfect so his ass didn’t run into anything or trip and fall

           -So sharing a home wasn’t too difficult

           -Since everything was always so clean and stayed in place

           -You did, however, have to help him organize his pictures

           -Unnamed pictures on his laptop, unmarked SD cards, lose photos strung about the house

           -He sat back and let you organize them however you wanted, whatever made you happy

           -Y'all are so extra, you put printed labels on things too

           -There’s even tape around certain items so you remember where to put it back saeyoung you see the tape outline right there? Yeah? thAT MEANS ITS NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE, PUT IT BACK


           -He’s not as messy as his brother but, he does leave a few things lying around here and there

           -Doesn’t understand why one paper out of order bothers you?

           -He won’t switch things around to bother you

           -He does, however, kind of act like a cat

           -Meaning, he stares you straight in the eyes and will knock something like a book off the table

           - whY SAERAN

           -He’s just trying to figure out why it all bugs you so much

           - mc we just vacuumed like yesterday why do you need to do it again today

           -He apologizes whenever he upsets you over it, and tries to remember to pick up his shirt off the floor

           -Otherwise, when he wants your attention, he leaves a trail of stuff out of order so you’ll come and talk to him

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Some shidan and garrack ;w; discussing, drinking, just more of them and maybe have shidan ACTUALLY kiss the lady. Uhh idk if you’ve incorporated them modern au but if not canon verse is good! :)


Garrack’s TA startles, and she stifles a laugh. He’s a high-strung kid, more limbs than sense at times, but a hard-worker nonetheless. He doesn’t have the natural aptitude of Ryuu, or the studious heart of Shirayuki, or even Obi’s gift of lateral thinking, but he’s the sort of kid that doesn’t give up. He’ll throw himself against a wall before he’ll walk away from it – or, she can’t help thinking a bit uncharitably, go around it.

Listen, they’ll be hand-pouring gels for month to make up the cost of the boxes he went through only to realize he was using the wrong fucking ones. For fuck’s sake, they have a chart.

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Action And Reaction. Tenth Doctor.

Request:  10th doctor where he accidentally kisses the reader. He gets all embarrassed but she just pulls him back down for more but soon things turn heated and smut.

Triggers: Smut. Oral (FR). Edging. Rough sex.

Word Count: 2140 (Oops)

Graphic Writing Ahead. Enjoy ;D

Originally posted by heartbreakingtennant

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anonymous asked:

dad!alex? please?

ksadjfhsdalkhf THANK GOD!!! After I realized the Dad asks were gonna be a series I was praying someone would send in a Dad!Alex bc I GOT A LOT TO SAY!!!!!! Thank u boo~

A lot of these are ideas I had for the fanfic I’m writing for him lmao so I’m p much using my own farmer here, but I’m still writing it like an insert so y’alls can enjoy it more

Oh btw, since the first dad request asked for a fem farmer, or at least having the farmer be referred to as a wife, I’ve sort of just continued the trend without much thought. If y’alls want some double dad hcs as well shoot us an ask and I’ll throw some together for u!!

  • He was SO stoked to be a dad! After you two found out you were pregnant it was literally all he talked about for the next 8 months.
  • That being said he was also a huge helicopter husband. He’s so worried!
  • “Nah babe, that laundry basket is heavy lemme carry that you.” “Wait hon, the cat is pretty heavy pls be careful!! Do you want me to hold him for you?” “Sweetheart! That empty frying pan is heavy pls let let me get that for you!!!!!! Why don’t i make breakfast babe you look so tired! Don’t overdo it!” Alex honey. I love u, but get off my dick pls.
  • He bawls his eyes out the first time he feels the baby kick, it was too much for him. In a good way tho!
  • Oops okay its babies. Plural. Twin girls. He loses his G O D D A M N mind. He’s SO HAPPY!!!!!!
  • He’s just, so gentle and wonderful! The love of my life honestly.
  • He’s completely enamored the very first time he sees them when they’re born. Oh. He’s bawling again. Oh, honey.
  • He’s practically glued to both of them as well as you for the first few months. He’s just loves the three of you so much, he can’t handle it.
  • Since you have two babies there’s no room for any sort of debate on who gets up with them. You both have to, but even then he doesn’t really complain, he’s happy for the family moments, even half asleep with two babies screaming in his ears.
  • One night he gets a head start on putting the babies to sleep while you finish something up, and you walk into the nursery to see him sitting in one of the rocking chairs with both of them snuggled to his chest fast asleep while he hums the melody from his mother’s music box. Oh. Now you’re bawling. 
  • “What’s wrong babe, why are you crying?””Nothing’s wrong! You’re just so…wonderful.” great, now i’m crying
  • When they’re old enough to be taken out for more lengthy times and can be moved around more, i literally cannot stop imagining him wearing double baby harnesses with one daughter in the front and the other in the back while he goes for his morning run. (The cashiers are the nearest convenience store think it’s the cutest thing)
  • You can’t tell me that this boy wouldn’t dress his girls in tiny gridball jerseys on game night. Like you will not convince me otherwise.
  • The whole town dies whenever the four of you go out anywhere. Y’alls are just too cute, they can’t take it. 
  • He gets really good at doing their hair, and loves to decorate them with little ribbons.
  • The four of you make such a mess, goodness gracious. You gotta mop like every other day.
  • Like Sam, the little milestones also mess him up.
  • He’s very protective of them, but he tries really hard to make sure he doesn’t become too overprotective.
  • He and his daughters make the most competitive trio ever? Pls control your family before they pick a fight with that soccer mom. 
  •  He’s such a good dad!!!! Quite possibly the best dad. I love him so much and I may or may not have teared up a little writing this. 

I have so much more I could add to this!! Like I could make this be like 80 pages long! But I really gotta go to bed…LMAO I’ll probably end up making a second post for this eventually(probably sooner than later lmao).

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should I quit my night audit job because I hate my coworkers or just push through the two hours a day I see em before they leave

Well, first I’d ask the question: is the two hours I have to spend with them so bad that I literally cannot take it anymore? If it is, then yeah, move on to greener pastures. But if you think you can tough it out, and you like the work, try to stick with it. But always, always, always be on the lookout for new opportunities, regardless.