i literally cannot handle my emotions right now

How to Handle the Inevitable College Breakdowns

College can be rough. You and all your new friends have just gone from high school, where your main responsibilities were “All this reading Mrs. Johnson assigned,” “Maybe ten hours a week at Dairy Queen,” and “How many Oreos can I fit in my mouth and not choke?” Then college hits and you have 100 pages to read, ten hours at your work-study job, a ten minute speech to write and practice, a biology lab to prepare for, and four hours of rehearsals, PLUS your normal studying and practice time, PLUS your S.O. has been distant lately and your best friend hasn’t been able to sit and listen to you vent because she’s just as busy and her “free” time doesn’t line up with yours. So you just completely break down about something that is, in retrospect, not a huge deal.

Guess what! This happens to everyone. Like, literally everyone. I’ve been present for the college-stress breakdowns of at least three friends, and have had one or two of my own. They suck like a black hole sucks in light. So don’t panic (any more than you already are), don’t quit your job, don’t drop out or change your major or break up or anything just yet. Do these things first:

  • Delete whatever messages you feel like you NEED to send RIGHT NOW. I guarantee you that you will change your mind about quitting your job or saying those words to someone tomorrow once you’ve slept. If you think even for a moment that you’re a little emotionally compromised about the situation, then whatever messages you were about to send can wait.
  • Cry it out. When it gets to the “I literally cannot handle anything going on in my life right now and this email about an assignment due date is causing me to tear up/consider moving to Alaska” stage, then you’ve officially hit Emotional Overload and it’s time to just let it out. Find a quiet spot or an understanding friend, and bawl or rant or whatever you need to do.
  • Eat something healthy but tasty. An apple, some toast and jam, a couple slices of cheese - eat something to bring your energy back up that won’t make you feel worse about yourself.
  • HYDRATE. Especially if you’re a messy crier! Go drink an entire glass of water - slowly though, don’t make your headache worse.
  • Reevaluate your workload. Now comes the hard part. Once you’re feeling up to actually doing something about your life, figure out what HAS to be done, and by when. Then figure out which things can be safely ignored or forgotten. Don’t cut activities you enjoy and help you recharge, though. Those are just as necessary as downtime that you don’t have anything scheduled in for recharging your brain. Speaking of which…
  • Schedule in time off, and keep it come hell or high water. Breakdowns occur when there’s too little you to do too much stuff. Having time when you don’t HAVE to do anything is necessary, otherwise you will eventually pop. Don’t pop, please. Take a couple hours two or three times a week, and guard them from the world. They’re yours. Do with them what you wish.
  • Communicate. If you skipped classes or missed something you’d told someone you’d be there for, tell the people affected if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, apologize anyway. Email people for notes. Talk to your S.O. about why you’re sad. Talk to your best friend about scheduling time together. Talk to people, basically. Don’t just assume that you have to shoulder this burden on your own.
  • Consider seeing a counselor. If there’s some underlying issue beyond just general workload stress - or even if there isn’t! - go see a campus counselor. They’re super useful, they’ll listen, and they can give better advice for dealing with life stressors than I ever could. Probably 60% of my friends have gone at one point or another. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed anything.

It’s going to be okay eventually. Take however much time you need to get back on your feet.

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Oh my god I'm still reeling over Jaebum's letter to Youngjae. His VOOOOOOICE GETS SO FUCKING SOOOOOOFT AND YOU CAN HEAR HIS SMILE AS HE'S SPEAKING and at tHe end I literally had the I love you on repeat because his voice gets ESPECIALLY soft when he says that and you can like feel how heartfelt it is and honestly 2jae are something else. They really fucking are. There is something special about these two. Holy shit.

My precious anon,

I haven’t even been able to reblog the clip yet because every time I try to start tagging, I get so emotional and my tags turn into an essay and I HONESTLY CANNOT HANDLE THESE EMOTIONS. Mine are overwhelming enough, but then Jaebum!?! Oh goodness, anon. I’m honestly shaking right now because the softness and the emotions in his voice are too real and too powerful. I mean,

A video posted by Marshmallow Bum (@marshmallow0106) on Jul 15, 2016 at 7:01am PDT

You really, truly can hear it in his voice how real this is!! Like, if you’re familiar with the way he talks, you can hear when he starts smiling at “Our Youngjae.” (The first line!! And he’s already smiling!!) And then, THEN, when he mentions “Youngjae who shared a bed with me,” you can hear that little pinched thing in his voice that happens when he gets shy?? And you can tell that this fact, the fact that Youngjae shared a bed with him is so important to him??? I’m actually screaming inside. 

And then it just keeps getting more real, and I know that everything he mentions has significance because his voice is just too shy through the entire thing for it to just be casual!! And the other boys know it because they start trying to distract from it by making it a joke and making it more into fan service (I think it’s Bambam who’s like: “oohh!” and then Jinyoung making a joke about how loud Youngjae’s voice is to distract from all the emotion!!

But Jaebum’s voice is still so shy and happy and soft, and then gets even softer when he THANKS YOUNGJAE LIKE THREE TIMES FOR BEING WITH THEM!!! I have this video on repeat in the background while I write this and I’m a mess. And I’m still bad at listening comprehension, and I can’t read Jaebum’s handwriting here, but I’m nearly positive that one of his thank you phrases uses the word heart, and I just. There’s no attempt to even disguise his love for Youngjae even before his tone gets even more shy and soft and YOU CAN HEAR THAT SHY LITTLE SMILE HE DOES WHEN HE

I’m sobbing, my precious anon. His voice just is so soft and tender when he confesses his love, especially on Youngjae’s name, and the emotion is so real?? And can I just point out:

Do you see the way Jaebum is biting his lip while they listen??? And how emotional Youngjae looks??? With Bambam just sitting over there with that proud smile but even he looks a little overwhelmed?? Like, they all know that this is something real… And then when Youngjae turns to speak at the end, he looks really emotionally overwhelmed. Youngjae. The one who doesn’t like to show emotions. 

And we’re not even talking about how shy and soft and precious Youngjae’s voice and smile were when they both said “I love you” here:

I can’t tell if they were actually intentionally saying it to each other, but… YOUNGJAE LOOKS AT JAEBUM WHEN HE SAYS IT. And his voice is so soft, and his smile is so shy, and just look at how happy his eyes are!! It’s like… I’ve always felt that they take little moments to sneak their true affections into their stage behavior, but… my precious anon, these moments here are the most beautiful and overwhelming instances of doing so that I’ve seen in so long.

I’m… I don’t even have the right words for how emotional this all makes me. I apologize to all of you who are used to my formatted and thought out responses because this is just a keyboard smash of emotions I’M STILL SHAKING FROM HAPPINESS AS I TYPE, but this is just too beautiful and overwhelming. Because this is not only the visual evidence that we usually rely on for 2jae’s love for each other… this is in their own words. 

I am always reluctant to say that any ship is actually real, however much I talk about it and believe it, and I still stand by my claim that 2jae could just be friends, but… there is clearly SOMETHING between them (I mean, just contrast this with Jaebum’s letter to Mark??), and it’s something so special and real and powerful, and it makes me so happy to see. They love each other so incredibly much, regardless of the nature of that love, and their love fills me with so much joy and peace and happiness.


I have no idea what to say about this episode. 

Or, “I have so much to say and no idea where to start because shit.”

Let’s start small: I had no idea that Felicity was VP. I was shocked when I heard Ray introduce her as such. Am I proud of our little angel face? Absolutely! But it hurts me deeply that QC is no longer QC. 

Still on a slightly smaller scale: John. Diggle. I officially name you the patron saint of Olicity. This man and his truth bombs. I love that he went to Felicity - and I love that Felicity shut his ass down! I mean, she heard what he was saying. She saw his point and then promptly waved at it as it flew past her and out into oblivion, and I respect that. No one can dig Oliver and Felicity out of this situation except Oliver and Felicity, no matter who it is or how hard they try. But I do like that Digg tried. More than that, I like that Digg was pretty much after Oliver the whole episode. He knew that Oliver wasn’t okay and he knew why, and he did his best to get Oliver to understand and admit that as well. I’ve changed my mind, John Diggle is the patron saint of Olicity and patience. 

And now - Once more unto the breach, my friends.

One of Felicity’s greatest powers is her ability to make people believe through the sheer force of her own belief. That woman can change the world with nothing more than the strength of her will. That moment at dinner, where she talks that guy into selling Ray his mine? She was wonderful (and millions of kudos to EBR for her stellar delivery and acting in that scene).

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Do you think we'll see any emotional moments from lexa this season? And a chance to redeem the character (in regards to Clarke)

I am absolutely sure we will see emotional moments for her. Every critic who had the chance to watch the first 4 eps keeps saying that her scenes are epic, mind-blowing, badass and VULNERABLE. A bellarke fan journalist who admitted she pretty much HATED Lexa in s2, especially after the betrayal, says she now understands Lexa a lot more in s3, said we’re gonna be happy with how her character is explored, and pretty much implied that we’re gonna see a softer side of Lexa (x) (x)

I’d love to see her open up more, to Clarke possibly, but even if not with her, I’d like to see her POV, you know what I mean? She has never been a POV character in the show. I want to see that. What she thinks, what she feels. She is always so restrained and in control, and the one time we were ‘in her head’ so to speak, the one time we saw her not interacting with anyone else, she was trying not to cry.

Originally posted by makemysoulache

I want to see that vulnerability in season 3.

Also! It’s probably all in my head, but I’m pretty highkey about a particular shot in the last trailer, which only helped to feed my belief that we will seem more of how Lexa feels. A more raw, more vulnerable Lexa. Again, you know me, and you know my rants, but let me share this with you

Look at this shot, okay? Just look at it and bear with me. She is bleeding, so she is obviously injured. There is exhaustion written all over her face, and that fucking ray of sunshine that so many time in movies and shows is beautiful and ominous, like it’s there saying “Look at your favorite character in their last moment before death…” It’s almost like they are screaming at us that Lexa is ready to give up. Again, this is just my spec about this shot and the fight, but I think in this particular moment we will be in ‘Lexa’s head’, experiencing all her pain and exhaustion and desire to just give up. But she is looking at something here… maybe at someONE. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the show gave us Lexa’s POV during the fight, her POV of the moment she is thinks she’s gonna lose, her POV when she spots Clarke in the crowd, and instead of giving up she draws strength from the sky girl????  Right, I think I digressed again, but I literally cannot handle my emotions, and I cannot wait to see Lexa being, as the critics said, badass and vulnerable. I think we’re not gonna be disappointed :)

Now… I also think a part of her storyline will definitely be centered on her broken relationship with Clarke. I love Lexa with all my heart, but she did betray Clarke’s trust, and although our sky girl is forgiving, she also can hold a grudge like nobody else on the show (anyone remember her making Abby believe she was dead only to hurt her mother? She can be mean, if she wants to). So it’s gonna be very hard at first, and Clarke is not gonna just forgive and forget in the first ep they meet again, let’s be real. I could very well see her being mean to Lexa (again, she is the queen of grudges), maybe… I don’t know… using Costia against her, or telling her that the kiss meant nothing to her, that she never cared and only wanted to manipulate her… (don’t hate me, you know i love angst) And even if painful, I think it would definitely be interesting to see Lexa’s reaction to this. I’d LOVE to see her on the verge of breaking her always-so-strict control over her feelings. To see the Commander struggling to keep Lexa’s feelings in check.

Anyway… those who watched the episodes and everyone on the show said that Clarke and Lexa’s interactions are a wonder to watch and are just EPIC, so consider me very VERY excited to see whatever will happen :D

I think I ranted again, lol… I hope this made sense somehow :)

I am going to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep now. It is terrifying to know that someone I looked up to for overcoming his struggles is gone by his own hand. I am literally gutted by this because I saw myself in Robin Williams. It is just so devastating and I cannot handle my emotions right now.