i literally can't with this rn

we’re only a week into january and

  • d*nielle cheated~ on louis
  • br*ana got hacked….
  • ….and then exposed herself as the hacker
  • d*uis breakup rumors were allowed to spread over 24hrs
  • louis was announced as an SJPR client
  • br*ana deactivated her ig for “privacy reasons”…..
  • …..but gave her fans her address
  • antis are more pressed than ever

let me reiterate…. it’s only been a week


Wowzers ! It’s been one whole year since I’ve been on this account. One whole year of memeing, having a good laugh and all around just having a wild experience. I literally remember the first time starting this account—- I didn’t know how it was gonna pan out. Booster Gold had always been a character who I’ve grown to love and see, er, somewhat evolve over the years. This was the character that brought me into the DC community. The first actual character that made me pick up a DC comic and read through. I love this character ( then hate him, then love him again—- It’s a complicated relationship ) and to just see so many people who do as well it’s !!! So mind blowing. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you’ve done. For the follows, for not following and just liking my things. For all the roleplay accounts and non who are here—-Thank you. Thank you so so much for everything. For making this year so wonderful. For welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to show you one of my favorite characters. Just, thank you.

Booster Gold’s Premium Membership ( Special Mention )

@thisguythisgardner : Ben ! Oh my godBen. My pal, my bud, my amiguy. I might go a bit sappy on you just giving you a heads up. ANYWAYS—-They say that your writing partners often make your roleplaying experience good or bad and that’s 100 % true. You’ve made this experience 10x more enjoyable for me thinking about our two losers. All because you jumped into my IM to ask how I feel about the two together. You’ve made me think, analyze Booster more closely, create headcanons that would fit his character ( which I should really put on here to make it #canon ) and just all the rad verses and plot ideas we’ve made with our boys. And the art oH BOY. Drawing our boys to improve my art style. It’s still insane how much the two are literally the same person2 green lanterns. Like whoa mama. You’re always here to talk to me about these two or just anything else and I love every moment of it. 💛💚

The JLI ( People who deal with my shenanigans )

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Thank you once again for a fantastic year !! Stay Boosteriffic !! – Cap.

im about to lose 47646 followers for this but octavia is truly not as bad as some of y'all play her up to be


Might as well post this page of my sketchbook that I dedicated to Eddsworld.
The count rn for how many times I’ve drawn them is at:
Tom: 17(11 of which is on this page alone)
Edd: 3
Matt: 5(4 on this page)
Tord: 4
Eduardo: 1
Tamara: 1
Ringo: 2

Guess who my favorite is.

(also, there’s captions)

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Okay guys, even though I’m tired, before I forget, I need to tell y’all why God has been so good in my life lately.

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honestly,,, i feel like i can’t enjoy things anymore??? bc someone on here is going to ruin it and point out how ‘problematic’ it is.. why can’t we enjoy it for what it has done well while ALSO realizing that it has flaws like everything else in existence?????? listen y'all,, i try my best to be #woke and educate myself on everything but,,,, smtimes i just feel like im walking on eggshells. im so Tired and my toes hurt from constantly tiptoeing around… i feel like I have to bottle everything up,,, and the whole reason I joined this place was bc I needed an outlet

Sherlock: The Six Whatever

To be honest, I was planning to write a very different meta today, because I really do love the show - a lot. And then last night I was so angry, I thought I wouldn’t write a meta at all. I went to bed literally seething with rage and righteous outrage. And now I’m awake again and I’ve got a couple anons in my inbox asking me what was wrong with that episode - an episode which, judging from the first page of my dash, some of you actually loved. So, well - I don’t want to ruin your morning: severe wank under the cut, proceed at your own risk.

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dinner at the table is cancelled for the rest of my life so as long as mom insists on watching the b*g b*ng theory turned up all the way while we eat because i’m bout literally ready to throw a vase into the FUCKING SCREEN

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 彡 彡 彡 ┻━┻

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seeing seventeen and BTS interact makes my heart so warm and fuzzy because i've met all of seventeen spoken to them/touched them so now i feel closer to my bias group BTS by association it makes me so excited!!

OMG YES I FEEL YOU! It’s like 4am but I’m sitting here melting into a puddle of feels and I feel so alive rn and I’m literally a mess and you’re so lucky for being able to meet them!!!

if someone has drawn art of any of the ff15 boys sleeping on each other in the backseat please hook me up