i listened to this song on my way home from work

she’s my home

Paring: Bucky x fem! Reader

Summary: out to face the world, Bucky finds someone to help him. She fills him up of joy, love, compassion makes him a better person. She helps him love himself.

Author’s Note: the summary makes me cringe SO HARD. So, this is a song fic  based on work song by Hozier (LISTEN TO IT). I thought that Bucky could relate to this song a lot when he finds a good lover hence, I wrote it. It’s all fluff.the reader’s power is element manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and implied sex. (aint gonna say sexual act, get over it)

Word Count: 1389

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Boys workin’ on empty

Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?

I just think about my baby

I’m so full of love I could barely eat

There’s nothing sweeter than my baby

I’d never want once from the cherry tree

he was on his way back to you from a mission. You; his home

 ‘(y/n).’ he whispered to himself. The word like sweet nectar to his tongue.

You were the best thing that had happened to him. He was close to a very few people and you were the one he had opened up to the most. he was ‘the ladies’ man’ back then but when he first met you he was in a loss of words.


  He had been in the real world for just a few months when Steve had decided to take him along to your house for dinner.

‘come on buck, she’s an avenger you haven’t met. It’ll be fun.’

  He agreed after showing great reluctance.

‘if this doesn’t go well, you’re the one to blame punk.’ He muttered as he stood on your door with white roses in his right hand while his other one was shoved in the pocket of his jeans.

‘don’t worry buck, she’s a great person. She’ll be happy to see you.’ he faced him. ‘loosen up.’ He hit him lightly.

You opened the door and hugged Steve.

‘hey Steve! I’m so glad you could make it.’ You moved back and looked at Bucky. To his surprise your grin didn’t fade, it wasn’t something he was used to.

‘you must be James, right?’ you smiled at him.

‘yes, um, these are for you.’ he gave you the flowers and you took them gratefully.

‘thank you, James. They are perfect. Come on in.’ you welcomed them.

That day he laughed and smiled after a long time. He had the best time with you. You were the perfect mixture of everything. You were smart, funny, caring and everything one could ask for. And god, were you beautiful; long, shiny hair, perfect lips, great (y/e/c) eyes and a great smile.

‘you liked her?’ Steve asked on their way back when he saw his friend’s faint smile.

‘what?’ he broke out of his thoughts. ‘yeah,’ he looked down. ‘she’s great.’ He gave him a small smile.

‘I can tell that, she called you James and you were kinda enjoying it.’ He said with a teasing grin.

‘shut it.’ Bucky glared at him blushing and he chuckled.

  Boys, when my baby found me

I was three days on a drunken sin

I woke with her walls around me

Nothin’ in her room but an empty crib

And I was burnin’ up a fever

I didn’t care much how long I lived

But I swear I thought I dreamed her

She never asked me once about the wrong I did.

It had been a few weeks after when he had met you. You had met a few times and he had by know understood that he had developed feelings for you. He was walking to your apartment for you had convinced him to go to an amusement park with you. He was on his way until a man recognized him.

‘hey look he is the winter soldier.’ He whispered to a bunch of his friends and they looked at bucky with disgust. ‘why are they letting a monster like him roam around the streets.’ He whispered and bucky started walking faster.

‘mommy, who is that man with a metal arm?’ a little kid asked his mother.

‘a very bad man. Don’t look at him, honey.’ She replied.

Tears were pricking his eyes. All the wrong, the sins he had committed were now before his eyes again. He wanted to scream, to cry, but his brain wouldn’t allow it. He then spotted a liquor store, he had found the medicine to numb the pain.

You were getting anxious and decided to go find him. You opened the door only to find him already standing there. His eyes were blood shot and puffy, his cheeks were tear stained, his hair a mess and had liquor heavy on his breath. His lips were trembling and he looked away.

‘oh, Bucky…’ you cooed and wrapped an arm around him. ‘come in.’ he didn’t reply, he was trying to hold back tears. You sat him down on the couch and brought him a glass of water.

‘James, what happened?’ you asked in a soothing tone.

‘I’m a monster. I don’t deserve to live.’ He looked at you and a tear trickled down his cheek. It felt like someone had stabbed your heart.

‘oh buck…’ you pulled him in a tight embrace and rubbed his back. He couldn’t hold back and wrapped his arms around you as he let the tears fall.

‘it wasn’t you, sweetheart. You’re the most caring guy I’ve ever met…’ you assured him that he was a good person. You soothed him and let him sleep in your bed while you slept on the couch.

Things escalated quickly from then. He realized that he loved you. He asked you out in the dorkiest of ways and you instantly said yes. You could have given anything to see that grinning face of his every day.

My babe would never fret none

About what my hands and my body done

If the Lord don’t forgive me

I’d still have my baby and my babe would have me

When I was kissin’ on my baby And she put her love down soft and sweet

In the low lamp light I was free

Heaven and hell were words to me

You had been together for a month now and had only shared a few kisses or had a make out or two. You were lying together in the bed watching one of the rom-coms he had missed on. You looked at him and took in all his face’s details. You soon started to kiss him but he stopped you as you reached to his neck.

‘(y/n).’ he said and you avoided his gaze. He put two fingers under your chin and made you look in his eyes. ‘doll, I really want this to happen, trust me I do more than anything.’

‘then why not James? I just feel like I am pushing you or I am someone dying to sleep with you.’ you looked at him with moist eyes.

‘please don’t think that. I-I just don’t want to hurt you.’ he cupped your face. ‘this.’ he held up his metal arm. ‘it reminds me that I can only destroy.’

‘you are never going to hurt me James Buchanan Barnes, I trust you. I feared hurting others because of my powers too. I can understand. do you not trust me, babe?’ you caressed his cheek.

‘of course I do.’ he put his hand on yours.

‘then don’t be afraid of hurting me. I love you.’ you kissed him softly and he deepened it.

The movie was soon forgotten as the night was spent doing something else.

After that night, Bucky’s love for you only deepened for he now knew that you didn’t care about his past and his metal arm wasn’t something that sacred you. Every day you would push him a little into liking himself. Either it was doing charity work, being superheroes and saving the world or was it simply helping a kid by getting him the candy on the top shelf. And to his surprise it all worked. Whenever he would find himself feeling weak and avoiding mirrors, you would hold his hand and help him through it.


He finally reached the base and instantly took off to your shared apartment where you were waiting for him with a broken arm. You soon opened the gate.

‘did you miss me, sugar?’ you grinned.

‘the hell I did.’ He wrapped his arms around you and connected his lips with yours.

‘I love you,’ he said as he pulled back. ‘a lot.’ He brushed away a stray lock of your (y/h/c) hair from your face.

‘I love you too.’ You looked at him with adoration and you both lied tangled on the couch.

When my time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her.

hope you liked it!

It happens most of the time. When I was riding a bus on my way home. When I was listening to my favorite songs. When I stare at a couple of strangers and look closely at the slowly blurring images of my surroundings while I’m walking all alone. It happens when I lie awake in my bed for hours before I close my eyes to sleep. It suddenly hits me—you and our memories. And sometimes I think of such hopeful things. What if we’re still together? What if our relationship works out in the end? What if we never needed to say goodbye? What if our love was enough? Maybe I wouldn’t need to think of something like this. Something like those what ifs.
—  ma.c.a // Random Yet Hurtful Scenes
to build a home

‘She smiles, and he smiles, and it feels like something settles inside her, something she hadn’t even realized was out of place.’ CS. Adoption fic. 

Notes: So I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and have been working on it for a while, too. Title comes from the song of the same name by Cinematic Orchestra but the song itself in no way relates to this fic. Special thanks to @jadeddiva​ and @swallowedsong​ for listening to me drone on about this fic, and reading it over and such. Enjoy. 

            It starts simply, quietly. Some group gathering or other, seeing him with Roland, with her brother. Seeing the way he smiled at her son and ruffled his hair. Hearing the two of them up late in the kitchen, talking. It made something in her shift, want—want something she’s not sure she ever really wanted in the first place. But it grows stronger, the more time passes—the desire to see him like this with a kid that is theirs.

            She doesn’t tell him, of course, because that would be easy, because that would make sense, because why should they do this the easy way? Why should she tell her husband, the love of her life—her true love for God’s sake—that she wants to have a baby? Another baby, a baby with him. A baby she won’t be so afraid of and afraid for, whose movements will be welcome reminders rather than painful ones—whose birth will cause so much joy and not the feeling like her chest might cave in on itself for how much it hurts.

            A baby she will hold when he’s born, whom she will look down on and smile at and love because she’s capable of it, now, knows she can do it, now, knows she can love and is loved and—

            Fuck. She wants that.

            Everything she missed with Henry and more.

            And she wants it with him, her husband with the smirk and the eyebrow and the leather jacket and terrible bed head, who makes the best pancakes and takes them out sailing and loves her more than she ever thought anyone would ever love her. She wants to share this with him, because she looks at him with the other people in their life and she knows he would be such a good dad.

            (He’s already been such a good father figure for Henry, and some nights she can barely bite back the tears that her son has this.)

            But she doesn’t tell him, of course not.

            That would be dumb.

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Feeling exceptionally homesick today. Cried a good bit of my way to work. I have a specific song I listen to when I get mopey about being away from my friends. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but it’s called Gold by Owl City and like the line that hits me the most is “shout out to the friends back home, shout out to the hearts you’ve known.”

Makes me weepy every time so I just put it on and let myself cry about it a little bit. I just miss all my buddies. I remember my last trip back, how hard it was to leave everyone. Especially like @foreveroneoftwo and @magyisadinosaur [who had a bday yesterday – I told you already but Happy bday again baby!!]]

I’m gonna need you two to just come visit me like tomorrow or something ok it’s not a very demanding request by any means you can totally do it. I expect ya’ll both here by 800am sharp tomorrow

CS Oneshot: Love Is A Battlefield

Out of my writing funk just in time for this to work with the Neverland Renaissance. Thanks to belovedcreation for being my beta. 

Emma learns sword fighting from Killian Jones: falling in love is what happens between their sparing sessions. A long one-shot. On ff.net

          Heartache to heartache we stand; No promises, no demands.

Emma Swan, mother, savior, leader, and lost girl, sits on a boulder in a small clearing and stares into the dirt. She has an empty basket beside her and a cutlass in her hand. Admitting who she really was–an orphan–had left her emotionally drained, and she fled the crowded camp with the excuse of picking berries. Now she is alone with her own thoughts, away from her parents’ concern, Hook’s prying, and Regina’s frustration.

She looks at the way her steel blade glints in the starlight. That this is her life—magic and swords and children’s stories brought to life—is still something of a marvel.

When she’d imagined Neverland as a child in a foster home, it had been a bright and happy place, not dark, dirty and oppressively hot. But then again, she had also thought Peter Pan to be a courageous hero and Captain Hook a curly-haired, villainous coward. In reality, Pan is an arrogant, murderous teenager, and Captain Hook—well, she isn’t sure exactly, but he isn’t quite a villain and he certainly isn’t a coward. The pirate had changed since he’d handed her that bean on the Storybrooke dock; his leers and innuendoes had slowly been replaced by earnest looks and supportive statements. The look of pride when she unlocked the map and the quiet insistence that he wants to know her better weren’t what she had come to expect. With a sigh, she closes her eyes.

“It’s unwise to stray from the group.” Hook’s deep voice sounds much too near and she jumps. Her adrenaline spikes and she covers her pounding heart with annoyance.

“Shit! Hook. Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

He gives her a small smirk and she rolls her eyes.

“I don’t need you to babysit me. I’m fine. Pan has had his fun and I have protection.” She lifts her sword and waves it for emphasis. “So just go drink your rum somewhere else.” It’s not the most charitable thing to say, but she wants to be alone and being rude has always been the quickest way to achieve that.

His jaw clenches but he transitions it quickly to a half smile.

“Pardon me, Savior.” He emphasizes the newly learned title and she colors. “I merely thought that given your limited ability with a sword, it would be best not to tempt fate.”

“Limited ability…are you saying I can’t fight?” she pushes off from the boulder in indignation.

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i think what i like most about “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2″ and BTS songs in general, is the way they just work. you might not speak korean and understand what they are saying, but your heart understands every word and lives by every beat. you don’t need to look up lyrics or meanings. subconsciously, you just know that when ‘Nevermind’ starts playing you feel like you can achieve and overcome anything, like you can be on the top of the world. when ‘Run’ plays you feel this need of living, of being in the moment. when it’s ‘Whalien52′ you feel this bitter-sweet taste of loneliness. and when it’s ‘Butterfly’ that’s playing, you feel your soul in the air, you actually feel so light, like you are flying but there’s still some kind of worry in your heart. BTS’ songs are lyrical and composition masterpieces, which make you know and feel without actually knowing. and that’s very hard to find in music.

Scattered In the Heights thoughts: 

  • Somebody who actually knows hip-hop (/rap?) should tell me if LMM writes in a truly distinctive way, if it was normal for me from the very first song to be like, yup, LMM wrote this, or if that’s just how all hip-hop is and it just happens that my only exposure to hip-hop(/rap) is Hamilton. (And yes, I deliberately went into this with almost zero knowledge of the show. I’d listened to about two minutes of it, tops, before seeing it.) 
  • LMM named the love interest after his wife, before she was his wife.
  • During intermission, a stage manager actually comes on to PUT TRASH ON THE STAGE. AND THEN THE ACTORS PICK IT ALL UP DURING ACT TWO. WHAT KIND OF TWILIGHT ZONE. 
  • ((Lyrics are from the song Flesh by Simon Curtis))
  • Genos: * has a set of earbuds in his ears as he cleans around the villains' home, listening to music as he works. Humming a few lines of lyrics to himself as he swept.*
  • "This is not the way into my heart, into my head
  • Into my brain, into none of the above
  • This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me..."
  • *He passed by his reflection in a pane of glass, fluffing the longer section of his hair lightly as he sang the tune himself before returning to his cleaning.*
  • "This spark of black that I seem to love"
  • *genos carried a basket of laundry down the hall, still singing the tune under his breath as he worked, tossing the the laundry into the washer.*
  • "We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun
  • Don't even try to hold it back, just let go
  • Tie me up and take me over till you're done, 'til I'm done
  • You got me feening and I'm ready to blow"
  • *He bumped his hip into the washer door to close it, stepping in time to his music as he walked to his next chore. He dusted the corners of the living room, hips swinging as he continued with his tune. speaking along with the lyrics in his ears.*
  • "Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh
  • Bite into me harder, sink your teeth into my flesh
  • Hold me up against the wall
  • Give it 'til I beg, give me some more
  • Make me bleed, I like it rough
  • Like it rough, rough, rough
  • Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh"
  • Saitama: *Walks by the door, pauses and arches a brow as he peeks back in at the melodious cyborg.*
  • Genos: *getting a bit carried away with his music as he closed his eyes and continued.*
  • "Wanna wrestle with me baby, here's a sneak little peek
  • You can dominate the game 'cause I'm tough"
  • *Genos flexed after the last line, unaware that Saitama had walked in*
  • "I don't play around that often, when I do, I'm a freak
  • So you'd better believe I like it rough"
  • Saitama: *Standing directly behind Genos* "Oh really?"
  • Genos: " AHH!" *freezes and yanks the earphones from his ears as his vents hissed loudly*

Long way down is the song I’ll listen to when I’m feeling nostalgic

Never enough is the song I’ll listen to when I’m pumped up and ready to just dance

Am is the song I’ll just listen to on my way home from a long day at work and I just wanna jam but be relaxed

History is the song I’ll listen to when I miss the boys

Walking in the wind is the song I’ll listen to on repeat when I’m on the beach with a margarita

Hey angel is the song I’ll listen to on a road trip

If I could fly is the song I’ll listen to when I’m lonely and sad and missing someone

Olivia is the song I’ll listen to when I’m stressed out

Drag me down is the song I’ll listen to when I’m angry and I just wanna rock the fuck out

Perfect is the song I’ll Listen to when I’m thinking about someone

Infinity is the song I’ll listen to when I’m missing my boyfriend

Temporary fix is the song I’ll listen to when I’m horny

I wanna write you a song is the song I’ll listen to when I just wanna tell someone I love them

Wolves is the song I’ll Listen to when I haven’t had my coffee yet and I just need to wake up

End of the day is the song I’ll listen to when I just wanna jam the fuck out

Love you goodbye is the song I’ll listen to when I need to break up with someone

What a feeling is the song I’ll listen to when I’m tumblr and just need a good jam song to listen to

Mockingbird- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


I returned home after a long day at work, to an empty kitchen and living room. Usually my husband Nate would feed our baby daughter Grace right about this time. Then I realized I worked overtime so it was way past her feeding time.

Curious, I wandered the house looking for the two of them. As I made my way up the stairs I heard Nate’s muffled voice, it grew louder as I walked down the hall to Graces nursery. I realized Nate wasn’t talking, he was singing to Grace.

“Now hush little baby, don’t you cry. Everything’s gonna be alright…” he sang in that angelic voice of his. I realized he was singing excerpts from Eminem’s Mockingbird, one song I knew was a favorite of his.

I didn’t want to intrude on this, so I stood in the hallway listening to my husband singing our daughter to sleep. I wondered if this was something he always did when I wasn’t home, or this was a random occurrence.

“Daddy’s here to hold ya through the night. I know mommy’s not here right now.” He continued, making my heart melt even more.

I inched closer to the open nursery door, not wanting to reveal myself just yet, because this was priceless.

“And if you ask me to, daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird. Imma give you the world, imma buy a diamond ring for you, imma sing for you, I’ll do anything for you to see you smile.” Nate sang as I quietly crept into the nursey.

Grace was fast asleep in Nate’s arms as he cradled her. It was beyond the cutest thing I had ever seen. The way Nate looked at Grace was like she was his whole entire world, he was so fascinated by her.

Nate looked up, startled to see me there but smiled nonetheless.

He carefully stood up and placed Grace gently in her crib. We exited the nursery and waited until we were down the hall to talk.

“How much of that did you hear?” Nate asked turning red.

“Enough to make my heart melt.” I responded smiling up at Nate.

“Do you do this each time I’m not home? Sing to her?” I questioned.

“Actually yeah, it puts her to sleep. I think she likes it.” Nate said grinning.

“Well who wouldn’t?” I responded with a chuckle.

“You know I think Mockingbirds her favorite.” Nate continued.

“She takes after you in so many ways.” I smiled.

“She’s a daddy’s girl for sure.” Nate smiled back as we headed downstairs.

“Well she’s not the only one.” I said as I walked down the stairs in front of Nate.

“Oh trust me, I know.” I heard Nate say as I felt him squeeze my ass.

1. Depression doesn’t tell me “no” or “don’t do that.” Instead he whispers in my ear, his words soft like caresses, “why waste your time?” He says it like he’s looking out for me, like it’s so obviously pointless. So I believe him.

2. I listen to songs about people so in love that they would fight gods and ruin the earth. And my heart clenches while I wonder why no one has ever felt that way about me. And Depression, he says, “maybe you were just built unlovable.”

3. Driving home from work on a perfectly normal day when Depression hasn’t visited in weeks, and suddenly he’s in the passenger seat describing the gruesome way I could kill myself.

4. “No one will ever want you.”

5. Depression pins me like a moth to the couch, my wings splayed. Food is uneaten. Dishes are unwashed. I devolve. Become less and less a person and more and more a display.

A sad, lonely display that wants to beg for help but every time I raise my voice, Depression tells me to be quiet.

—  Things Depression tells me

so on the way home from work today i realized something about dan’s spotify playlist entitled ‘danny sexbang’s feel good happy time jams mix

here’s the playlist for those who have not seen:

but i was listening to it in my car and it played “something about you”, “you spin me round (like a record)”, and “africa” back to back to back and it occured to me….. all of those songs have been confirmed to be on under the covers 2.  and you can see proof of that with the help of the wonderful katie @thesacredchalasspost.

so maybe this playlist equates to utc2′s tracklist or at least contains some of them!

ps: maybe the choir that nsp had in the studio is for the longest time? 😏

I have some mixed CDs with Steven Universe songs and songs that remind me of Steven Universe characters that I listen to on my way to and from work. It’s really nice to drive home on a Friday all excited for the weekend with Sardonyx’s theme playing.


You are my 8am thoughts when I wake up hoping I woke up next to you.

You are my mid morning thoughts as I pause from my work to wonder what you’d be doing.

You are my lunch time thoughts in pockets of time that I’m not chatting with anyone.

You are my mid afternoon thoughts as this was the time you used to send cute texts when we were together.

You are my 6pm thoughts as I listen to songs that remind me of you on my way back home.

You are my 8pm thoughts as I wish it was with you I was having dinner with.

You are my 11pm thoughts as I try to fall asleep without your warm embrace.

You are my 2am dreams that jolt me awake from my sleep coz I miss you so much.

You are my 2am tears that roll down and scald my cheeks.

You are my 2am thoughts when I can’t fall asleep.

You are my 2am thoughts as I try to fall back asleep.