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BTS Reactions to Seeing Your Scars (but they are not from self-harm)

*May be a trigger warning* Scars can be a really sensitive topic. Whether they are from self-infliction or an accident, some people can feel really self-conscious about them. But just know, those scars, whether an accident, are symbols of a warrior. They mean you have been through tough times and have managed to get past them. I am not saying self-harm is okay, but if you can get past the pain that caused them, then you are a strong soul.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction<3

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Jin: When he noticed the faded marks on your wrist, he felt like his heart was shattering. He couldn’t help but leave his mouth wide open at the sight of them. If you saw him staring at you, you would look at him in confusion and he would quickly close his mouth and slowly he approach you. He took your hands in his and stared at you directly in the eyes. “Jagi, I know that you have been through a lot in the past, but I want you to know that I am here for you.” If you still weren’t catching on, he would carefully look down at the scars. “Oh my gosh! No! Jin, these are from my cats. They were being reckless this morning and scratched me. They weren’t deep but the marks have been lingering all day.” The moment he heard your explanation, he pulled you into a tight hug and continued to reassure you that he was there for you.

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Suga: He saw the scars on your legs for the first time when you wore shorts to come over to the dorm. It was hotter than you thought and you really hated wearing anything that showed your legs. Yoongi stared at the scars, not wanting to jump to conclusions when he saw the lines that scared your skin. He bit his lip, unsure exactly how to ask about them without seeming like he was assuming anything about you. “Um, jagiya, I was just wondering. What are these?” He asked as he lightly ran his fingertips over the marks. You placed your legs over his while the two of you listened to music in his room. You glanced down at the marks sadly. “When I was younger I got into an accident. My legs got cut kind of badly.” You explained to him. He kissed your forehead, reassuring you that you were still beautiful, even with the scars.

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J-Hope: The two of you were giggling, laughing and rolling around as you tickled each other. He started to tickle your sides and you inadvertently rose your arms, revealing your arms as they stretched upwards. He glanced up at them and his smile vanished when he saw the marks that were on your arm. They were long lines, going vertical and horizontal. He had never seen them before because you always wore long sleeves. You looked at them quickly when you noticed the shift in the mood. You pulled your sleeves back down to cover them, but he stopped you and stared at them longer. He looked into your eyes with tears in his own, but he clearly had no idea what to say. “I was in a car accident when I was younger…” You started to explain. He cut you off as he pulled you hard against his chest. “Jagi, you can tell me when you are ready.” He reassured you.

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Rapmon: He had noticed the scars on your sides a long time ago. He knew that the likelihood that they were self-inflicted were slim, but he couldn’t help but worry. He was staying up almost every night thinking about them; trying to figure out whether it would be a good idea to ask you about them or not. He reasoned that there would be no harm in asking, so long as he didn’t push the topic if you didn’t want to talk about it. The next time he saw you, he asked the other boys to leave the dorm so he could talk to you alone. “(Y/N), I want you to know that you don’t need to tell me anything if you don’t want to. But… I just… I couldn’t help but notice the marks on your sides. I was… How did you…” He let the questions hang in the air as he struggled for the words. You nonchalantly told him about the accident that gave you the marks. “Ah, I see. I figured it was something like that.” He said as he sighed in relief.

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Jimin: He couldn’t bear to look you in the eyes. Not because he was upset with your scars or assumed you were any different, but because he was sad. He couldn’t help but tear up or cry when he looked at you. You felt as though you had done something bad without even knowing, constantly feeling Jimin pulling away from you. You were the one who had to ask him about it. “Jagiya, can you… I am sorry but I saw the marks… on your legs…” He told you as he stared down at the ground. You chuckled a bit, mostly out of nervousness, and took his face in your hands. You forced him to look up at you and stared into his sad eyes. “Jimin, it is okay. They are from a long time ago when I was in an accident. They are nothing like what you probably think they are.” You explained in a calm voice. He could physically feel the world being lifted from his shoulders and almost collapsed into your arms in tears at just the thought that you had been hurt at all.

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V: He was smiling, dragging you everywhere the moment you got to the water park. You tried to stop him, telling him that he was hurting your wrist as he pulled on it. He stopped and looked down, noticing for the first time that day that you had bandages on your wrist. He looked up at you in shock and was mostly surprised by how nonchalant you seemed. He slowly removed the bandages and saw the fresh scars on your wrist. “Ja-jagi…” He hesitantly said as he looked at you with puppy eyes. You looked at him then at the marks and almost panicked. “No! Taehyung! It isn’t like that. Remember how I was watching my neighbor’s dog? I took him for a walk and he saw a squirrel and started running. I got dragged until I fell and my arm scrapped against a sharp rock.” You reassured hum. You had to tell him a few times as he still stared at him with concern.

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Jungkook: He practically ran the moment he saw the scars. He had no idea what to do. He ran straight to his hyungs, asking to talk to them about something serious. The second the boys saw his serious expression, they sat down with him and listened to what he needed. He explained to them what he saw and how worried he was that you were hurting yourself. He asked them for their advice, how to ask you, if he was over exaggerating, whether or not it would be best to even try and talk about it. Once he had come up with his decision, he called you to come over and sat you down on his bed while he sat across from you. “(Y/N), I didn’t know how to talk to you about this. But I decided that it would be best to just be straight forward. I saw the scars you have. I don’t know what they are from, and you don’t have to tell me. But I am right here whenever you do, and I will always be here.” He said in a sweet and quiet voice. You smiled, kissed him, and told him the long story of the accident that gave you the scars. After the story, he held you, telling you that he had been so worried and even crying a bit.

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