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Gotham has this pattern of making Oswald suffer only to have him bounce back more powerful than ever. 

I think 2x17 was one of the most difficult episodes for me to watch because Grace and her children kill Elijah and then try to bully Oswald into killing himself. Which is why it’s so satisfying when Oswald snaps and returns to his usual self. The scene above is one of the most ruthless things Oswald has done up until this point. He doesn’t just kill Grace’s children, he feeds them to her! 

For me, episodes 3x12, 3x13 and 3x14 were hard to watch because it wasn’t a “war”. It was more like Oswald lying down and taking a beating without fighting back. But I have no doubt that after getting shot and tossed into the ocean, Penguin is going to come back stronger than ever. I know 3x16 is called “How the Penguin Lost His Power” and that’s ok, because I’m looking forward to him getting it back.

"Quick, kiss me." "Wait you want me to do what?"

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Request/Ask: 1 and 10 with Steve x reader for the prompts, and (can I give you a plot?) she sees her ex at a Stark party and her Steve are strangers but she dgaf and her ex is idk like attached and she wanted

him to know that she was over

  1. “Quick, kiss me!”

  2. “Wait you want me to do what?”

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

 Word Count : 344

A/N: Ughhhh………… Life sucks. Everything sucks = Mood

I’m trying super hard to like not reflect my mood onto this request, but I’m definitely writing angst after this. Angst + The Hunger Games/Iron Man 3 = A less aggravated Stephanie

I scanned the room and released a little groan. Jake, (Or whatever you want the ex’s name to be) my ex, was making his way toward me. I squeezed through people and made my way over to one of the couches. Checking over my shoulder I realized Jake was still following me. I sighed, aggravated, and walked somewhere else. This continued for quite a while before I finally decided on heading over to the bar, after I was sure I’d lost Jake.

“Hey is everything alright? I saw you running around for the past hour.”

I looked over at the man besides me and my heart skipped a beat. He was gorgeous. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect features. My eyes locked with his and I gave him a small smile.

“Hey. Yea I’m fine. I was just running from my ex boyfriend.”

The man raised an eyebrow at me in question, “Running from your ex boyfriend?”

I shrugged, “Yep. He’s super clingy. Doesn’t really know how to let go.”

The man laughed and held out his hand, “I’m Steve.”

I extended my hand to meet his, “I’m-”

“Y/N! Is that you?”

I widened my eyes in surprised. I could hear Jake approaching. I had to think fast.

“Quick, kiss me.”

Steve stared at me in surprise, “Wait, you want me to do what?”

I sighed and pressed my lips to Steve’s cupping his face as Jake’s approaching footsteps stopped. I heard Jake huff and then his retreating footsteps. I pulled away from Steve smirking, “It worked.”

He looked at me still stunned, “You just kissed me…”

I chuckled, “Yes.”


I shrugged, “Well for starters you are extremely attractive.”

He smirked, “So you just kiss randomly attractive strangers?”

I grinned, “No. But I made an exception for you. I mean I could always make one again?”

He sighed dramatically, “Would you really make not one but TWO exceptions in the same day?”

I smirked, leaning closer to him so our lips were only an inch apart, “I guess you’re just special.”

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Hold the fuckin phone, do you actually think kesha is better than the Beatles? This is a very important question

i think that they have totally different styles and aren’t really comparable.

that said, i listen to kesha far more. i have far more of a personal connection with her and her music. she is an artist like any other and i happen to believe she is a very good one, just like the beatles, but in very different ways.

i’m not assuming anything about you, anon, but i’m bitter tonight about a billion things and i feel like ranting about random shit ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

let’s just say i have a pet peeve for people who don’t respect modern musicians, especially pop, especially the ones popular primarily with the youth. you don’t have to like them but they, and all artists past present and future, legitimate artists. even screaming and banging trash cans together would be classy music if that’s what our society played on the radios.

snobs who glorify music of the past while scoffing at today’s music are so shallow to not see how they are behaving the way people have for centuries. the beatles were popular most among the youth, idolized by young women especially, scoffed at by people who felt they didn’t qualify as real music. REAL music was of course the jazz and swing of the 40s and 50s! crazy youth these days!

someone could argue their ass off and tell me all these supposedly objective reasons that artists of the past are superior. but people are gonna do that in 30 years. mark my words. history is always repeating.

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Birthday: [Redacted]
Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Taken
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Time right now: 3:59 OM
Lucky number: 16
Last Thing I Googled: Coco Chanel
Nicknames: Jinkies/Velma
Height: 5’ 4’’
Favorite color: don’t make me choose fuck
Pets: Dog 
Wake up and sleep times: 2 AM to 11 AM
Average hours of sleep: ??? Math ???
Love or Lust: both
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Day or Night: night
Text or Call: call
Make-up or Natural: makeup
Met a Celebrity: Meeting Kavi Ade was super cool

Smile or Eyes: Eyes
Light or Dark Hair: dark
Shorter or Taller: taller
Intelligence or Attraction: both
Chapstick or Lipstick: both
City or Country: city
Blankets I Sleep With: 2
Last Song I Listened To: Caroline

Favorite Band/Artist: Kesha
Dream Trip: iceland
Favorite Fictional Character: me with a good mental health

What I’m Wearing Right Now: black bear boxers and a backless pajama shirt
When I Made This Blog: May 2016??
How Many Blogs I Follow: ~500
Posts: ENough
What do I post about: how gay I am
When did your blog reach its peak?: what dat mean
Why did you choose your URL: It was available and made me laugh

BONUS: If you were transported to the world of the book you are reading now, where would you be? Haha I don’t read books


I was tagged by @coal000 (thank you ❤❤) to list 10 songs I’ve listened to recently 

1. BITE-Troye Sivan

2. Take it off-Kesha

3. Don’t leave-Snakehips

4. What I like-Con Bro Chill

5. Flesh-Simon Curtis

6. Party like a Russian-Robbie Williams

7. How to be a heart breaker-Marina and the Diamonds

8. Villian-Wild Fire

9. Mr Brightside-The Killers

10. Diablo-Simon Curtis

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HEY YOUNGBLOOD (seems you fucks will never learn, so sit back and watch me  b u r n)–A Yang Xiao Long fanmix. For a teenager who’s the literal embodiment of fire

Tracklisting: The Phoenix–Fall Out Boy | Burn–Ellie Goulding | My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark–Fall Out Boy | Bombshell Blonde–Owl City | Lights–Ellie Goulding | Hello–Martin Solveig | Blow–Kesha | I Love It–Icona Pop | I feel Like Dancin’–All Time Low | Timber–Kesha | I Burn–Jeff Williams

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i take music Very Seriously as you can tell