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💋We Need To Talk [Part 2] (Grayson x Reader)

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Summary: imagine being pregnant with Grayson’s baby and you go to stay at your parents house since it’s Christmas and as you lay with Gray you get horny just looking at him and the hormones and you try to convince him for sex since he believes your parents would listen to you but eventually he does as what his wife wants

Warnings: Smut, fingering, nipple play, and daddy?

A/N: So this was requested so I felt it worked great as a part 2 for We Need To Talk so I hope you guys like it and remember requests are Open :) Like before Y/D/N-Your daughter’s name

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“How many more days until santa gets here?” Your four year old daughter, Y/D/N, asked as she helped nana and I put the tinsel on the Christmas tree.

“We have 5 more days until Santa comes sweetpea.” My mom says to Y/D/N as she untangles the tinsel.

“Why does Santa come so late?” She asks as grandpa and Grayson come from the kitchen.

“He has to make sure all the boys and girls stay good until close to the end of the year so he can reward them for being good all year.” Dad says and I laughed and looked at Grayson who was extremely sweaty. Dad and him have been outside working all day on repairing Ethan’s motorcycle and working on the family boat. He was wearing work jeans and a white muscle tank. His skin looked so golden against his tank. He looked incredibly sexy. I snap back into reality and I see Grayson is looking me in the eyes. He mouths ‘are you okay’ which I nod and give him a thumbs up. He returns the gesture smiling.

“My look at the time. Come on sweetpea I’ll read you a story and then we can go to bed. Tell mommy and daddy night night.” My mom says to Y/D/N. Grayson gets on his knees and opens his arms wide for our little girl to run into him for a hug. He wraps his large arms around her and holds her tight.

“Goodnight daddy. Goodnight mommy. I love you.” She says hugging Gray and I and she turns to walk down the hall with nana.

“Goodnight princess. We’ll see you in the morning.” Grayson said as he took my hand in his which made me blush.

“Yeah I think I’m going to hit the hay myself. I’ll see you two in the morning.” My dad said giving us a hug and going down the hall himself. Grayson turns his head to me with narrow eyes.

“Shall we?” He asks gesturing down the hall to go to bed. I nod and he leads the way down the hall to our room. I take off my shirt and pants and Grayson does the same. I throw on one of his hoodies since for some reason it’s always cold at my parents house. He was wearing his maroon boxers and he looked incredibly sexy. The way his jaw was structured like he could cut glass. His hair still styled so perfectly even though he has been outside all day in the hot sun. His skin looked so golden and he just looked so incredibly sexy without his shirt on. These hormones are absolute driving me crazy, but damn he just looks so good.

“Babe? You okay?” He asks as he caught me staring at him. I didn’t know what to say so I just kissed him. He kisses back soft and gentle. I loved soft and caring Grayson, but right now I wanted hard and aggressive Grayson. I want him to pin me down and kiss all over my neck. I wanted him to place gentle kisses from my neck down my stomach to my waist. I want him to kiss me in between my hips and then show me I’m his. I move over and straddle his lap. He pulls away from kissing. “Babe what are you doing?”

“I want you Gray. We haven’t done anything since we found out I was pregnant. My hormones are going crazy.” As I was talking I slowly started to grind myself against Grayson as I felt him getting harder. I lean in and gently kiss his neck.

“Y-Y-N d-don’t do that. What ab-about the b-baby?” Grayson asks as I feel him grinding back. I place my hand on the headboard as I grind harder into him earning a grunt from him.

“Sex won’t hurt the baby Gray. Sex actually rocks the baby to sleep. It’s quite relaxing for the baby.” I lean into his ear while arching my back “and the mommy too.” I whispered as my warm breath sent shivers down his spine. I felt his hands move from his sides to graze up my body and down just lightly resting on my butt. Our lips gently brush against each other before he pulls away again. I sighed in annoyance at him.

“What about your parents?” He asks. “The last thing I want them to hear is you screaming my name.” Grayson says cocking a side grin at me. His hands then slide up his hoodie over my bare breasts and he gently pinches my nipples and I throw my head back in pleasure as he pinches my nipples and squeezes my breasts.

“I’m 2-25 years old. They know w-we have needs.” I stuttered along with a moan. I grinded against his hardening dick and I moan again feeling the friction between the cloths of our underwear rubbing together. Grayson then peels the hoodie off the top half of my body leaving me in my underwear. I arched my back as Grayson’s hands pushed my back pushing my breasts towards him. He gently sucks and tugs on one nipple with his teeth ever so gently earning a moan from me. I rubbed myself harder against him as he buried his face between my breasts squeezing them and sucking on my nipples. I slid my hand down my underwear and started to finger myself at the thought of Grayson making me feel so good. I felt a strong grasp around my wrist and I look to Grayson who has one of my nipples in his mouth.

“Baby I want to make you feel good. You’re the one having our baby. Allow me.” With that he loops his finger through my underwear and he pulls them down in one swift motion. I arch my back more stretching my chest towards him and using his legs for support as I gripped them. I then feel Grayson slowly insert a finger inside me which made me suck in a sharp breath. His free hand was holding me steady on his lap while he fingered me and sucked on my chest which I knew would leave purplish bruises in the morning. “Damn baby girl you weren’t kidding. You’re so wet just for me.” Grayson says as he puts a second finger inside of me and curls upwards making me buck my hips. “Patience baby girl. Let daddy please you.” That was the first time Gray ever used daddy sexual in the bedroom and to be honest, kinda turned me on even more. Grayson spreads his legs and I fall in between his legs. He lies me down on my back and I knew he was getting so hard to the point that it hurt. He pulls his boxers down with one hand while he still fingers me.

“Grayson when did y-you get into daddy?” I asked as I rocked my hips to the movement of his fingers. I bit my lip as Grayson places himself above me. He then places his lips on mine kissing me roughly and his fingers deepen inside me. I pull away to moan and his face goes straight to the crook of my neck. “Fuck Grayson.” I moaned and he stops fingering me and looks me in the eyes. His typical hazel eyes were now clouded dark with lust.

“Call me daddy babygirl.” Grayson says as he starts to finger me again.

“Well damn daddy. What else do you have up your sleeve?” I asked and Grayson cocked his head. He then started to kiss from my neck, down the valley between my breasts, over my belly to right above my crotch. He looks up and smirks before placing his lips on my clit and sucking hard. “Fuck!” I screamed as I gripped the bedsheets harder. “Grayson stop. I’m gonna cum.” I said and he pulled away.

“Damn really?” He asked feeling satisfied. I nodded and I slowly sat up, but he pushed me back down. “Lie down baby. Now it’s time for your treat.” Grayson then slowly inserts himself inside of me causing me to throw my head back in pleasure. He slides in and out a few times and then he starts to speed up. He kissed my jaw and sucked on my collarbone which I knew again would show in the morning.

“Mmmm daddy.” I moaned as I dug my nails into his back as he slammed harder into me hitting my g-spot. “Fuck Grayson!” I screamed and Grayson’s lips latched to mine harshly which I knew he was trying to quiet me down. His hand went and kneaded my breast which drove me crazy. I arched my back and I felt Grayson twitch inside of me. “Cum for me daddy.” I moaned against his chest as he thrusted into me a few more times before he shot his cum inside of me. I shortly came afterwards. Grayson and I both lied there panting and we just laughed together and cuddled.

“Yeah your dad will be very confused when he wonders why you were screaming daddy at midnight.” Grayson says kissing my temple.

“Why do you have to ruin everything?” I asked causing us to laugh and cuddle closer together.


It was Christmas morning. Everyone hd already opened their gifts and we were all getting ready for Christmas dinner. My dad apparently had a talk with Grayson the next morning and since then Grayson won’t touch me. Which I understand, my dad can be a scary man. “We have some news for everyone!” I said clinking the glass. The whole family was here for Christmas so Gray and I decided now was the time to tell everyone we were having a baby. We have both known for a few months I was pregnant, but since Y/D/N wanted a sibling we decided it would be a good Christmas gift. Everyone quiets down as we all sit around the kitchen. Nana was holding Y/D/N. “As you guys are probably aware Grayson and I have an adorable 4 year old baby girl named Y/D/N.” We gestured towards nana and her and she covers her face while the family laughs. We wait for everyone to quiet down in the kitchen. I look to Grayson who was smiling at me. “We’re pregnant!” I announced and the room is silent but soon filled with cheers.

“What?” Y/D/N asks confused.

“Mommy and daddy are having another baby sweetpea. You’re going to be a big sister!” Nana says and she looks even more confused.

“Where do you get a baby?” She asks and Grayson’s eyes go wide.

“Yes nana I would love some Christmas ham.” He says attempting to change the subject causing everyone to laugh at him.

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You felt like it was back when Harry was touring for months and you could hardly talk to him, let alone know where he was. But this time around, you were running a business and you knew that while you were slaving over paperwork and getting paper cuts and paint on more of your clothes, Harry was probably just sitting around writing or swimming in the ocean or drinking and that made you a little mad and jealous but also made you focus more.

Savie was over the fucking moon, of course, because she and Beau were together and he was visiting her for a little while and sticking around as he worked on his next exhibit.

“Artists really can live anywhere as long as they have space to work,” Savie told you as you flipped through some design books. Your office had never been more messy and stocked in your life as you surrounded yourself with work and threw yourself into it to fill the void in Harry’s absence. 

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My Nirvana

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh
Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader
Words: 2299

A/N: This is sad. I am sad. Everything is sad.
Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language! Thanks a lot to my lifesaver @cynicallystiles💙 for proofreading, editing and for not letting me delete this, even though I thought it was shitty ✨ your support means a lot!

Please let me know what you think 💖


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Who would have thought that ‘forever’ sometimes means ‘until someone better comes along’.

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Markhyuck fluff:

Title: shy

Kind: shy af donghyuck× shy af mark, donghyuck is the only person who calls mark “minhyung” and mark finds it adorable, jaemin is a lil evil friend, renjun the child of god, chensung’s cuteness

Side ships: jaeno/chensung/renjun×his book

Original aff link of the fic: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1262971/shy-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck


Shy. That was what mark and donghyuck both were. But not shy to everyone. They were shy to each other. And only each other. They would get all blushy abd shy whenever they were together in the same place. They didn’t even had to sit next to each other, even just sitting in the same table would make them get all blushy. They had been crushing on each other for almost a year now and their friends’ teasings weren’t helping their feelings.

“So when will you confess him ?”

“You know i can’t” mark said and put his head on his hands.

“Dude you had been crushing on him for like what ? 1 year now ? I’m not even sure if i should call it just a crush anymore. You look at him like he is the most beautiful piece of art you had ever seen.”

“But he really is the most beautiful piece of art i had ever seen” mark said,looking at jaemin hopelessly.

Jaemin sighed “just go talk with him. You don’t have to confess yet. Just please go talk with him. You sitting here like a complete idiot makes me so mad. Just do something already.”

“Why are you getting so mad ? I don’t understand.”





“WHAT ??!!”


“U-uhmm m-minhyung”

Mark turned around so fast when he heard the soft familiar voice behind him that he almost broke his neck.

“Y-yeah d-donghyuck ?”

“J-jeno said he wanted to t-talk with jaemin” donghyuck said, keeping his eyes on the floor.

“O-oh…” mark said, streching the back of his neck while jaemin said a “bye idiots”

“S-so how are you d-donghyuck ?”

“I-i’m fine m-minhyung. Y-you ?”

“I-i’m fine too”


And the silence filled the air. Donghyuck’s eyes were still on the ground, looking at his shoelaces that were untied,lying on the ground carelessly while mark  was studying donghyuck’s face.

Oh dear god donghyuck was so, so beautiful. How was he even real ? Those deer like eyes, this adorable cute little nose, those now pink and probably warm cheeks, these pink plumb lips…if only mark could stop being shy and make a move finally.

“I-i guess imma go now. C-chenle and jisung are waiting for me”

“Oh…oh okay. S-see you later then ?”

“Y-yeah. Bye minhyung”

“Bye donghyuck”

Mark could swear his heart melted softly when donghyuck gave him a small smile before walking away fastly.


“You still haven’t told him you like him right ?”

Donghyuck shook his head.

“Good” said chenle and kept licking his ice cream, afraid that it will melt and stick to his fingers. Cause ewww that sucks.

“Wait what ?”

“Yeah. Cause you don’t like him. You are so damn in love with him”

Donghyuck sighed and took chenle’s ice cream from his hand and bit on it

“Hey that’s my ice cream!”

“Oh shut up chenle i paid for it anyway” donghyuck said and kept eating the ice cream

“Yeah you bought an ice cream for you dear friend and now you are eating that ice cream! Logic ?”

“I agree chenle. And this is also an inderect kiss.”

“First of all jisung you always agree chenle. He can say he poops pink and you would be like “oh i believe you chenle” and second of all i don’t count this as an indirect kiss. For god’s sake why people make up things like “oh its a direct kiss” just to be kissed ? Thats stupid. It’s not a kiss as long as i don’t press my lips right on chenle’s lips”

“Don’t do that tho!!!!”

Donghyuck laughed and ruffled chenle’s hair “i would never do that chenle don’t worry. You are my son.”

“I’m just one year younger than you!”

“Still. You are my son. So does jisung.”

“Fuck my luck i’m everyone’s son. Everyone calls me their son.”

Donghyuck laughed harder.

“If you are our mom. We need a dad, hyung. Go get mark hyung fast. We want a dad.”

Donghyuck almost choked on his ice cream.

“W-what ?”

“Yeah we want a dad mooom”

“Why the hell i am the mom ???”

“Cause you are beautiful hyung.” Said chenle and jisung nodded and added “and mark hyung is more manly”



Mark watched how donghyuck was talking so excitedly with his friends. His hands were moving to all the ways in the air while probably scolding poor boys. Mark loved when donghyuck was angry, when he scold his friends. He admired how donghyuck’s voice would get even higher when he yells or how his face gets red with anger. He knew no matter how angry he gets donghyuck couldn’t even hurt a fly. He was too soft. Donghyuck had always showed his shy side to him so mark just loved seeing his other sides too even though he couldn’t see them directly. But why donghyuck was always shy towards him ? Maybe he liked him back ? Mark shook his head. Nah he was probably shy cause mark was a popular kid and his “fangirls” would threaten the poor boy if he get too close to mark. And at times like this mark hated being the popular kid one more time. He didn’t want to be the popular kid. He wanted to be the kid that donghyuck would talk comfortably.

“Just watching him from a far will not make you two date you know”

“Hi to you too eye smile”

“Mark hyung you gotta go talk with him.”

“Why ? He dosen’t like me back anyway.”

“I thought the same for jaemin right ? But it turned out that he was liking me back for a long time too. And we will celebrate our 5 months together tomorrow”

“Look jeno i’m happy for you. I really am. But not everyone is as lucky as you in love”

Jeno just sighed “your choice hyung. Oh by the way wanna come with us tomorrow ?”

“For your 5th months anniversary ? Why ?”

Jeno shrugged his shoulders “i don’t know. Jaemin said seeing you alone hurts his heart. He said it would be fun to go together. And tomorrow is also valentine’s day you know. We don’t want you to be alone.”

“So you pity me ? Did i get it right ?”

“Ah hyung come on. We don’t pity you. We love you, you know. We wanna spend our day with you”

“In valentine’s day ?”


Mark squinted his eyes and gave jeno a suspicious look “sound suspicious. But okay.”

“You will come with us ????”

“Yeah. I have nothing else to do anyway. So imma ruin your date” mark said and laughed

“Well you can ask donghyuck out”

“You know i won’t”

Jeno sighed again “whatever you want hyung. Imma go to jaemin now. See you later.”

“Yeah see you later eye smile”

Mark sighed. Yeah of course he was gonna spend this valentine’s day alone too. Cause he was too shy to confess to donghyuck…


“Na-fluffin-jaemin! Where are you guys ? I had been waiting for like seventeen minutes now.”

“Oh it had been that long ? Shoot sorry”

Mark wanted to choke jaemin when he heard his teasing tone.

“Just come here quick you asshole. I’m freezing.”

“We’ll come don’t worry. But we have a surprise for you before that hyung.”

“Surprise ? What surprise ?”

“Oh you’ll see” jaemin said and ended the call.

Mark could see that evil grin in his face even just by the tone of his voice.

“M-minhyung ?”

Mark felt like someone just shot him in the heart with butteflies. How donghyuck’s voice got even softer ? He turned around and saw donghyuck, standing there cutely, looking like a total cutie inside his fluffy clothes. His scarf was covering his chin but mark would still see his red cheeks shining on his beautiful tan skin. Oh god mark was gonna die. Mark was gonna die in the middle of that valentine’s day festival shit thanks to his adorable crush.

“D-d-donghyuck ??”

“U-uhmm jeno and jaemin said they will come as quick as they can. They said w-we can wait together.”

“O-oh…t-then let’s w-wait together.”


The silence was filling the air again like a thousand times before whenever they were together.

 "y-y-you" mark cleared his throat and talked again “you look g-good today donghyuck”

Donghyuck blushed and looked at the ground again. Wow the snow on the ground was so interesting. Wow. “t-thanks minhyung. y-you look good t-too.”

Mark blushed too but kept looking at donghyuck. “t-thanks”

“U-uhmm do you wanna eat something ? I think they will make us wait more” mark asked after 30 quiet af minutes.

“Y-yeah that would be nice to be honest. I haven’t eat dinner yet. J-jaemin said we will eat together so i gotta come hungry.”

“Oh…w-what do you wanna eat ?”

“D-dosen’t matter” donghyuck blushed more when they had an eye contact.

‘Dear god lemme live till the end of this night please’ mark prayed in his mind. Donghyuck was too much for his poor heart.


They ate in a cafe close to the festival place. The cafe was all decored special for the valentine’s day and all couples were annoyingly loud and kissy. Mark could count more than 7 couples that were making out and it was making both him and donghyuck blush cause the sounds that were coming from other couples…the sounds…

They both let out a deep breathe of relief after they got out of the cafe.

“W-what will we do now m-minhyung ?” Donghyuck asked, playing with the pompoms of his soft maroon beanie.

“A-ahhhh y-you wait here. I-i will come back quick.”


Donghyuck waited till mark came back. He was hiding something behind him and even the thought of mark bought something for him made donghyuck blush.

 "u-uhmm i-i got this…for you" said mark and gave donghyuck a red rose.

Donghyuck blushed even harder if it was possible “o-oh f-for me ?”

Mark nodded and looked at his hands. “y-yeah”

Donghyuck held the rose gently and played with it slowly “i-it’s really beautiful”

“n-not as beautiful as y-you”

Their cheeks could probably warm up the whole city cause of how much they were blushing.

“Marry-go-round!” Donghyuck said suddenly, looking at something behind mark

“E-eh ?” Mark turned around and saw what donghyuck was looking at with shiny eyes

“You wanna ride it ?”

Donghyuck nodded, the blush on his cheeks rising up again with excitement.

“Let’s go then” mark said and held donghyuck’s hand, pulling him towards the shiny machine.

They spent hours in the funfair riding marry go round a few times, riding ferris wheel while donghyuck is holding onto mark like a scared little kitten and mark wrapping his hands around him and saying soft little “it’s okay. I’m here"s to his ear, sharing a cotton candy, getting it all over their faces and laughing at their sillyness, donghyuck surprisingly winning against mark in the target game and lastly riding the scary home ride at the end of the funfair.

“IS THAT A SKULL ? OH MY GOD MINHYUNG ITS A SKULL!!!” donghyuck was holding onto mark’s arm like his life depends on it.

“It’s okay hyuckkie it’s just decoration.”

“BUT ITS SO SCARY!!” Donghyuck screamed, didnt even noticed mark just called him “hyuckkie”

“You gotta calm down a bit hyuck. I can literally feel your heart beat against my arm. It is beating so fast”

“IT ALWAYS BEATS THAT FAST WHENEVER IM WITH YOU THO!” Donghyuck yelled and didnt realize he just slightly confessed mark

“W-what ?” Mark’s eyes got wider and another skull flied in front, stopped right in front of donghyuck’s face, making the poor boy scream higher. He was so sure that he was gonna have a heart attack before this ride ends. So he thought why not confessing before dying ??


Donghyuck couldn’t continue his words when mark pulled him by his neck and slammed his lips into his open lips. Donghyuck held onto mark tighter and pulled him closer, literally eating mark’s lips. Mark could feel his head was spinning and he didn’t know if it was cause of the loud scary sounds of the ride or cause of donghyuck’s intoxicating kiss that was leaving him breatheless.

Mark pulled back when he felt like he was gonna die cause of lack of oxygen. And whispered an “i love you too” against donghyuck lips that was following his own for more kisses.

Donghyuck smiled and kissed mark more, making them both smile in the kiss.

“I will never forgive you for kissing me in this god damn ride. I can’t believe i lost my first kiss inside a scary ride.”

“Are you complaining ?” Mark asked and donghyuck got closer to his face again,staring at him intensely.

“No. No i am not at all.”

And mark smiled into kiss again. Cause he was so damn happy. His crush for so long was in his arms, kissing the life out of him, and dosen’t even care that the ride ended a long time ago and people were looking at them with shocked face. Donghyuck couldn’t give less shit about them people and mark smiled even harder at the kiss. Yeah. He couldn’t fall for someone better. Donghyuck was the best for him.


“Moooom when will dad come and buy us ice cream ??”


“But we want ice cream moooom. Call dad pleaseee”


“Yo hyuck where is your husband ??”


mark laughed, watching his boyfriend from a far. Yeah he was recording donghyuck scolding others cause he was just so adorable in mark’s eyes when he is angry. But donghyuck didn’t have to know that right ?


oh shit….

“U-uhmm no my one and only love”


“Hey! why it’s me who dies all the time whenever you wanna kill someone ?”

“Shut up!” was the last thing donghyuck said before mark pulled him into a kiss.

Jisung closed chenle’s eyes with his hands.


“Im protecting your innocent eyes”

“Im older than you!!”

“Believe me my eyes seen worse than that thanks to jeno and jaemin hyung”

“You all need holy water and jesus” renjun said and kept reading his book after shaking his head disapprovingly.

“Cause we are gay ??” Jaemin asked,judging renjun’s words

“No. Cause im tired of hearing the gross sounds you make when you kiss. I kept reading same part for like 5th times now. Please stop being so disgustingly in love. Be as gay as you want. But don’t smack your lips that hard when you kiss please. You are ruining my innocence and book.”

Jaemin just rolled his eyes “yeah whatever you say the pure child of god”

“Daaaaad will you buy us ice creaaam ??” Jisung asked to mark and donghyuck broke the kiss “PARK JISUNG I SWEAR TO GOD!”

but he couldn’t yell more when mark pulled him into another kiss.

“Awww look dad saved you”

“I love dad more than mom”

“Me too”

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Eight

I cant believe this is already on part eight. Thanks for the continuous support. Also HUGE shout out to @slapshotsandoneshots​ for always helping me out and supporting! Make sure to check her out she’s amazing!

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None?

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex POV*

I wake up from an announcement being made over the intercom of the plane. Jet lagged from the extremely long flight, and time change. At first, I was going to go back to Rochester, but my heart was broken from all the arguments I had faced. I decided to go see my family instead. I look out of the window seeing nothing but an empty sky. Y/N didn’t leave my mind once. All our memories being replayed in my head.

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Title: Daylight (aka, August listened to Daylight by Maroon 5 on repeat while writing this and they couldn’t think of a better title)

Warnings: Angst mother—FATHER

Pairing: Analogical 

Word Count: 904

A/N: Whaaaaat? My first analogical fic? That’s some crazy stuff—okay, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy the fic!

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Thalassophile - Merman AU

Chapter One

You’re almost home Skylar, then you can take a bubble bath while listening to Maroon 5 and eat the rest of the bag of Oreo's you have in the pantry.

“That sounds nice,” I groan as I peddle faster.

It’s a little after eight at night and I’m riding my bike home from work- which is at the local supermarket. It’s been a long day and I’m so done with it honestly.

Fifteen minutes later after riding I arrive home at my 500 square foot studio apartment. I greet Mrs. Jones and her granddaughter (my downstairs neighbors) as they walk out of the building. There is no one else to greet inside the building so I take my bike and walk up the stairs while trying not to lose my balance with every step I took.

Once I’m inside my apartment I sigh in relief and stretch my neck until it pops satisfyingly.

Did I mention it’s been a long day? Avoiding people makes me anxious and today was just as terrible as I thought it would be.

But I wouldn’t have been avoiding anyone if an asshole named Eric had just kept his dick in his pants and stayed faithful to me.

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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 7. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

     But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

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           You shoved Jimin off the seat and grabbed your dress underneath him, covering yourself hurriedly.

           "WHAT THE FUCK PARK JIMIN?!“ You screamed.

           He jolted awake from being thrown onto the floor of his car.

           "What the fuck Y/N? I was slee–” Then he spotted you, trying to hide your bare body while staring at him in utter horror.

           Then it hit him.

           "Oh shit.“ he breathed as he realized his mask had been removed. "Ummm…”

           "For fuck’s sake cover your dick up!“ You chucked him his boxers and massaged your temples. "Oh my god. What is happening?”

           You were dizzy. Then something lit up in your mind and you burst out into laughter. Jimin stared at you worriedly as he pulled his boxers on.


           "This is a joke, right?” You pointed, amused. “You’re pulling my leg. Good one, Chims.”

           Jimin scratched the back of his head, trying to figure out the best way to explain things. But you caught the way he was shying away from answering and you realized there had been no way he could’ve snuck into ANOTHER person’s car while you were lying on his chest all night.

           This was in no way a prank.

           "OH MY GOD.“

           The true realization hit you and you hurriedly started smacking Jimin.

           "WHAT. THE. FUCK. WHAT THE HELL!”

           Jimin winced from the sting of your hands.

           "Y/N, calm down!“

           He grabbed your wrists to stop you and you both stared at each other. You were trying to catch your breath from your rampage, and he was observing the way the sun reflected off of your features and his breathing stopped for a few seconds. Neither of you moved or broke the eye contact for a few seconds, both lost in your own thoughts and seeing each other in a new light.

           Jimin let go of your wrists first and turned around.

           "Get dressed.” He softly stated.

           Blushing, you hurried to throw on your dress and cursed yourself for not bringing underwear now.

           "Is this…the first time or have you been …the whole time?“ You mumbled, looking down at your hands. You wanted to hear that he had been neither, but that was only wishful thinking at this point.

           "Okay, Y/N. Listen to me.” He breathed and reached out for you, but you shrunk into the seat, away from him.

           "ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION JIMIN.“ You snapped.

           "It’s been me the whole time but you have to let me explain.” he gushed out and you shut your eyes, overwhelmed. You weren’t sure whether you wanted to cry, laugh, or punch him in the face. You couldn’t believe this was happening.

           He touched your knee gently, and it triggered your anger immediately, truly letting the lies from the beginning sink into your mind. You swatted his hand away and yelled.

           "No! The last time I listened to you, you told me to FUCK you. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe I let you TRICK me.“

           Jimin grabbed your hands. "Y/N. There’s a good reason. Hear me out.”

           "I don’t give a damn about your reason, Jimin. I trusted you this whole time and this is what you do? You treat me like every other one of your easy conquests?“

           "Y/N please.” Jimin frowned and squeezed your hands desperately. “You weren’t like that for me…”

           You pried your hands out of his, enraged. This was beyond unforgiveable. You felt foolish and toyed with, and to think it had been your own best friend who did this. It was unbelievably painful. He knew everything. You told him everything. And he had been playing you the entire time.

           "No, Jimin. Don’t talk to me. I can’t believe you! Just…just stay the fuck out of my life.“ You threw your coat on and stormed out of the car.

           "Damn it.” Jimin cursed as he slammed his fist against his car door angrily.  

           "Hoseok.“ Silver stormed into Hoseok’s house work room, her arms crossed.

           "Yes, my love.” Hoseok spun in his chair and smiled sweetly.

           "When were you going to tell me that Jimin was fucking Maroon mask?“ Silver snapped as she held up her phone, and Hoseok froze in his seat, proving his guilt.

           Silver scoffed. "So you did know the whole time. I can’t believe you! You condoned this and HID it from me??”

           "Silver – it’s not like…“ Hoseok stood up.

           "No, Hoseok.” Silver shook his head. “I’m infuriated at you. You sided with Jimin and you both hurt your best friend, who has been nothing but understanding to both of your fuckery. I’m spending the rest of this holiday in my own apartment.”

           "No, Silver, don’t be like this.“ Hoseok whined and followed her as she fumingly threw her clothes back into her bag. "Honey.”

           "Don’t ‘honey’ me. You kept something BIG like this from me. Every time I told you about the stories Y/N told me, you sat there pretending you didn’t know it was Jimin this whole time.“ Silver looked at him, exasperated. "If I feel this betrayed and I wasn’t even directly involved, can’t you imagine how Y/N is feeling?”

           Hoseok breathed. “I’m sorry. Truly. But Jimin told me it was only that once–”

           "No Hoseok.“ Silver frowned. "Y/N just told me they fucked two more times, including yesterday, and that’s when she found out it was Jimin. You need to figure out what to do about this.”

           "I really didn’t know about the other times. I swear.“ Hoseok breathed. "But I’ll try to work things out with Jimin. Do you really have to go?”

           "I’m mad at you Jung Hoseok, yes. And I also need to comfort my friend right now.“ Silver kissed him shortly. "I get why you did it but I don’t like how you hid it from me.”

           "I’m sorry.“ Hoseok caressed her cheek.

           "You’re in the dog house indefinitely.” Silver squinted and pointed at her boyfriend. “And because you clearly like Jimin better than me, I’m not telling you anything about Y/N as of this moment.”

           Hoseok sighed, accepting her anger. “Will you at least tell me about yourself then? I wanna know you’re safe and eating well.”

           Silver smiled, “Of course. You’d miss me too much if I didn’t.”

           Hoseok chuckled and spread out his arms. Silver embraced him and he kissed the top of her head.

           "I’m so sorry. I love you sooo much.“ he squeezed her tightly.

           "I love you too.” She muffled into his chest then pulled away, tapping his chest. “But now I need to go. Remember, I’m still mad at you though, so reflect on your sins.”

           Hoseok clutched his chest dramatically and nodded. “I will.”

           Then he grinned and waved, “Go, and be there for her.”

           After Silver left, Hoseok picked up his phone and proceeded to call Jimin.

           A few minutes later, Jimin was at his doorstep, disheveled and weary.

           "Hey.“ he sluggishly greeted.

           "Damn bro…what happened?” Hoseok frowned, not used to seeing his well-kept friend in such a state.

           "Well, I seriously fucked up.“ Jimin covered his face with his hands. "I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or you wouldn’t have called me.”

           "Yeah…“ Hoseok pulled a chair beside his friend. "I’m in the dog house 'cause I kept it from my girlfriend.”

           "Sorry dude.“

           "Jimin…” Hoseok breathed. “Why exactly did you continue?”

           Jimin lifted his head from his hands and glanced up at his best friend.

           "Would I be a dick if I said I’m not really sure?“

           Hoseok exhaled. "Yes, you would be. But you’ve never really thought about your actions before doing them…but Jimin, this is Y/N. Not just some random person that you could disappear from.”

           "I know.“ Jimin combed his hands through his hair. "I need to make this right.”

           Hoseok nodded and patted his friend’s back, knowing that he didn’t need to press any further for now.

           "Want some of my food for old time’s sake?“ he grinned.

           Jimin chuckled and nodded gratefully.

           Someone rang your bell in a happy tune and you wondered if it was Silver, since she had said she was going to come over and comfort you. You propped a towel over your hair, having just finished showering and opened the door, ready to welcome your dear friend. But you gasped when unexpectedly in front of you was none other than Kim Taehyung.

           "Surprise! I came home earlier!” he cheered. “Happy New Year!!”

           Your heart soared then deflated. You were happy Tae was back, but you also knew that you had to come clean with what had happened.

           "Aren’t I getting a hug?“ he grinned and you laughed as he pulled you into an embrace. "Oh man. I missed you so much ~ I never knew it sucked so much to have bad reception and wi-fi.”

           You closed your eyes and melted into his chest, taking in his familiar, comfortable scent. Tae smiled.

           "I got you all presents from Daegu!“ he giggled as he waltzed to your kitchen giddily. "I got one for you, Hoseok, Silver, and Jimin!”

           Your heart dropped at the mention of Jimin’s name but you tried to fake a smile. Tae was unpacking his little bag as he decorated your kitchen table with little snow globes he had gotten, recounting stories about how he found and bought them. But you weren’t listening, you were just watching him talk and laugh, happy that he was in front of you and that he had come back when you needed him the most.

           You walked over and wrapped your arms around him from behind, resting your face onto his back, hiding your frown. You were disappointed in yourself and you knew that you had to change; you wanted to change for Tae. You knew you could trust him wholeheartedly and right now, you weren’t sure who to believe anymore. But you believed in him.

           "Hey.“ he covered your hands with his. "What happened?”

           He tried to turn around but your hands gripped him tightly, preventing him from seeing you. You started crying at his question, letting out your frustrations.

           Over Jimin. Over yourself. Over the mess of your life.

           Why had you been so easily deceived? Why hadn’t you changed over the years? Even when you vowed never to trust so easily, you were hurt again. Why had you spent all those years never getting too attached, only to still end up being toyed with?

           You were ashamed and infuriated. You were vulnerable.

           And on top of that, you felt like you didn’t deserve the man in front of you at all.

           He was a refreshing ball of sunshine, an angel, while you were tainted and torn. Tae frowned as he heard you sniffling.

           "I missed you.“ You cried as he swiped his thumb gently over the back of your hand.

           "Did you see Maroon?” he asked, without a hint of anger or suspicion.

           You nodded.

           "Did he hurt you?“

           Your heart clenched at his genuine concern.

           "No…but…” You wept and you finally admitted. “Maroon was Jimin all along.”

           You felt him tense, and you dreaded his reaction.

           "When did you know?“ he whispered.

           "I just found out and Tae, it hurts. I’m so stupid.”

           Tae turned around and knelt down so he could look up and see your face clearly. Reaching out, he wiped your tears as they kept streaming down.

           "You’re not stupid.“

           "No I am. This always happens to me. People think I’m easy and then I get hurt.” You sobbed. “I just didn’t think Jimin…out of all people… I’m so sorry…”

           "Shhhh…“ Tae cooed softly. "I don’t think you’re stupid. I think Jimin is the stupid one.”

           "What?“ You looked at Tae through your tears.

           Tae smiled. "Jimin’s stupid. If I had been your friend for as long as he has, I would’ve snatched you up and never let you go.”

           You chuckled, “Jimin doesn’t do relationships.”

           "That’s why he’s stupid.“ Tae grinned. "You’re worth keeping. And the fact that he had to hide behind a mask to get with you is just sad.”

           "You’re not mad at me…?“ You sniffled.

           "I told you to try us both out didn’t I? Why would I be mad that you listened to me?” Tae giggled.

           "Seriously. What planet did you come from?“ You smiled gratefully, tears still in your eyes.

           Tae laughed. "You know people ask me that a lot.”

           You chuckled.

           "Y/N.“ Tae grabbed your hands as he stayed on his knees. "You know what I realized when I went away?”

           "What?“ You blinked.

           "I was also afraid to start something serious.” he smiled. “Because it’s such a risk. Will we stay together? Will we break up? No one has the answer. And I may be a happy-go-lucky guy, but I’m careful with my heart.”

           You nodded for him to continue.

           "But I realized that I want to take that risk…with you.“

           Your heart was ramming into your chest.


           Tae chuckled, “I know this is sudden, and I know that you’ve never been in a serious committed relationship before. So I’m not expecting an answer yet…I want you to really give it some good thought.”

            You inhaled sharply at his next statement.

           "Y/N, I’m going to be selfish from now on. I want you all to myself…so will you be my girlfriend?“

           Your mouth opened but you couldn’t answer. Taehyung grinned and stood up, planting a kiss on your forehead.

           "I told you to give it some thought first, silly. I don’t want to rush you and I’m not going anywhere.”

           He grabbed the largest snow globe on the table, and placed it into your hands.

           "I know you don’t like sleeping in the dark so it lights up.“ he giggled as he pressed a button on it. "Annnd –”

           He turned a knob and the inside of the globe began rotating as a lullaby played. “Ta-dah! It’s a musical snow globe night light!”

           You smiled, wondering how on Earth you had gotten so lucky that your path had crossed with Kim Taehyung’s.

           "I love it, Tae.“ You stated genuinely.

           He beamed, ecstatic that his present was a success. Suddenly, your doorbell rang and you remembered.

           "Oh Silver and I were going to have a girl’s day today… I’m so sorry!” You gushed, embarrassed. “You can stay if you want…”

           Tae chuckled and shook his head. “No worries. I came without a proper notice anyway.”

           "I’m sorry.“

           "Not at all.” Tae picked up his other snow globes. “I’m going to deliver this to the guys. I also brought my pets back so I have to drop them off my apartment first so I can’t stay long here.”

           He sweetly kissed you, and you both went to the door. Silver wore an astonished expression at finding Taehyung beside you.

           "Here! I got you a present!“ Tae greeted and handed her a carefully wrapped, smaller snow globe.

           "Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t know –” Silver started.

           "No, no. I came to surprise her and my mission was accomplished. I was just about to head out.“ Taehyung laughed. "Is Hoseok home?”

           "Yeah…he should be…“ Silver eyed you, trying to get a feel of what was happening.

           "Okay perfect. I’ll shoot him a text.”

           "You can totally just head over without letting him know.“ Silver’s lips curled up mischievously and you furrowed your brow.

           "Really? You sure?”

           "Yeah, totally.“ Silver waved her hand. "He loves surprises.”

           You stared at Silver, amused, knowing full-well that Hoseok actually didn’t like surprises, especially unexpected visitors. But you kept quiet.

           "Perfect, then I’ll head over after stopping by my place.“ Tae kissed your cheek. "I’ll call you later.”

           "Thanks for the present!“ Silver called out and Tae waved in return.

           Silver smirked as she stepped foot inside your house, well aware that she had sent Tae to where Jimin was.

           "Hey, get the door Jimin.” Hoseok called out as he was expertly shaking up the pan. “I’m expecting some packages and those might be it.”

           "Mhm.“ Jimin popped popcorn into his mouth and made his way to the door.

           He almost shut the door hurriedly out of instinct when he found Tae grinning brightly at Hoseok’s doorstep.

           "Oh Jimin!” Tae greeted. “Perfect! You’re here too! Happy New Year!”

           Jimin squinted at him skeptically while Tae blinked at him innocently, wondering his guilt was causing him to hallucinate now.

           "Can…I come in?“ Tae smiled, amused at his hesitancy.

           "Oh right.” Jimin flinched, finally convinced he was the real deal, and stepped back. “Please.”

           Tae giggled as he shook off his shoes nonchalantly. “Thanks. I came by cause I had presents for you and Hoseok!”

           "Who was it Jimin?“ Hoseok bellowed.

           "It’s meee!” Tae popped out from the hallway and Hoseok screamed, spazzing out in shock.

           "Holy crap, Tae!“

           Tae giggled. "I meant to surprise you, but I guess scaring you is funny too.”

           Hoseok glanced over worriedly at Jimin then to Tae, as if they were going to start brawling at any second, but Tae seemed relaxed and Jimin gestured for Hoseok to calm down, amused.

           "What’re you doing here?“ Hoseok breathed, sweating unconsciously.

           "I was at Y/N’s– ”

           Jimin tensed up.

           "And well, they’re having a girl’s day so I figured I’d come have a guy’s day with you! I’m glad Jimin’s here too, so it’ll be like a true bros night!“ Tae cheered then clapped. "Oh and I bought you guys presents from Daegu! I wanted to deliver them.”

           He pulled out his bag and took out some customized shot glasses.

           "I asked Y/N what you guys liked, so yeah.“

           Jimin smiled as he studied the glass fondly, swiping his thumbing across the red mask that was embellished at the center. It had music notes, a dancing figure as well as his signature work glasses. He chuckled then spotted Taehyung staring at him intently, as if waiting to hear from him.

           "Thanks, Tae. It suits me.”

           Tae grinned, “No problem! Y/N said you two drink often in your own houses so I figured they’d be put to good use.”

           "Yeah, no. This is perfect. Thanks a bunch, Tae.“ Hoseok laughed. "I made some food. Have you eaten?”

           "Nah, I went straight to Y/N’s house. I couldn’t wait to see her, you know?“

           "How was she?” Jimin blurted, before realizing what was coming out of his mouth.

           Tae glanced at him knowingly. “She’s good.”

           Jimin flinched at the sharpness of his words and then he realized that it was possible that Tae knew.

           But why then, was he here? Did he come to confront him? Did he actually know? Or was he just being paranoid?

           Then Tae turned and grinned at Hoseok happily, “I’d love some food.”

           "Coming right up!“

           While Hoseok was busy preparing their plates, Jimin and Tae were left awkwardly in silence in front of each other at the kitchen table. Jimin avoided eye contact and looked everywhere but at Tae, afraid of getting exposed– if he wasn’t already. Tae, on the other hand, hummed happily as he scrolled through his phone.

           "Umm…want a drink?” Jimin offered, breaking the insanely tense silence.

           "Sure.“ Tae smiled.

           "Alcohol?” Jimin questioned.

           Tae laughed, “Please. I’ve been dying for a drink.”

           Jimin’s lips curled up. “You and me both, dude.”

           "Oh right.“ Tae giggled as he pulled out a deck of cards. "How about we make things interesting?”

           Jimin’s eyes glistened with a hint of mischief. “You’re on, Kim Taehyung.”

           Your phone buzzed while you and Silver were laughing and sipping your wine glasses, lounging on your couch. Curiously, you opened up Tae’s message and burst out laughing as you found yourself staring at a triumphant selfie of himself with a plastered Hoseok and Jimin in the background.

           Tae: They didn’t expect me to be skilled at cards… and I didn’t expect them to be such light weights ;) hehehe

           Then another picture arrived– this time Taehyung had drawn on their unconscious faces with Sharpies.

           Tae: The real fools heehee ~

           You grinned widely, your body feeling completely lighter from earlier. Silver nudged you with her foot playfully.

           "I know that face. That’s Tae isn’t it?“

           You nodded and showed her the pictures. "I think he hussled your boyfriend then drew on his face.”

           "That’s okay. They both deserved it and more, if you ask me.“ Silver shrugged. "Tell Tae that I left some clothes there. Put it on them. I want some blackmail pictures to quell my anger.”

           You two cracked up and high fived each other.

           Taehyung always knew exactly what to do and say to make you feel better. You stared at the pictures, focusing on Jimin’s peaceful face as your heart sank at the dilemma you were now faced with.

           What was going to happen between you two now though? And what was your response to Tae’s question?

           "Hey.“ Jimin greeted you cautiously.

           You were both back to work so as always, he came to buy coffee from the cafe you worked at.

           "How can I help you?” You stated like you would to any customer, trying to remain as unemotional as possible, despite your heart hammering inside your chest.

           It was the first time either of you were seeing each other after…well after sleeping together.

           "The usual please. And make whatever you want for yourself.“ Jimin smiled gently and handed you his card.

           "So three coffees.” You repeated curtly, not taking his bait.

           He exhaled as you returned his card. “Y/N, can we talk?”

           "No.“ You gestured for your trainee to take over the register and you disappeared to the back to make some orders, wanting to avoid being pulled into a conversation with Jimin within earshot of other customers.

           "Y/N, come on.” he exhaled.

           "I distinctly told you to stay out of my life, Jimin. You’re not doing it.“ You hissed.

           "You know I never listen to you and come on, we’ve been in each other’s lives for so long. Don’t say that.”

           "Oh, well maybe you should’ve thought about our many years of friendship before you decided to bone me.“ You jabbed through gritted teeth.

           "Mr. Park!” a familiar voice greeted and Jimin exhaled, exasperated.

           This wasn’t the time for pleasantries and interruptions. You rolled your eyes and went about your business as he turned and smiled at his co-worker.

           "Good morning!“

           "I got here a bit earlier than you.” the woman giggled. “I was sitting over there.”

           "Ahh…“ Jimin nodded, not knowing how he should even respond to that. His eyes peripherally were watching to make sure you didn’t escape through the back door.

           "Here’s your coffee Miss.” You smiled, feigning kindness. “And please kindly tell your office that Mr. Park is officially single and available from now on.”

           Her eyes widened and Jimin groaned.

           "Y/N, don’t do this. We need to talk.“

           "Oh I’m sorry…I seem to be interrupting.” the woman was flustered.

           "No. The discussion is over.“ You stated firmly.

           "No, it’s not. Do you mind forgetting about what she said?” Jimin tenderly touched the woman’s arm and she practically melted at the slight touch.

           "Yes, of course. I’ll be on my way.“ she bowed and scurried out of the shop.

           You exhaled and angrily wrote on his coffee cup in giant, bold letters: "GO FUCK YOURSELF”.

           "Your coffees, Mr. Park.“ You glared at him as you shoved his order at him.

           "There’s a spill over here!” a customer called out.

           "I’m on it!“ You called to your co-workers and they returned to their tasks. Wanting to avoid Jimin, you grabbed a mop and bucket and hurried to your customers. But of course, he followed you regardless.

           "Y/N. Please, hear me out.” he begged. “There’s a really funny story behind all this.”

           You quickly cleaned the mess and brought the supplies back into the closet, where you finally let yourself answer him.

           "Yes, cause it’s HILARIOUS that you stuck your dick into my vagina multiple times. I’m sure I’ll be DYING of laughter.“ You snapped and began walking away.

           "I don’t know why you’re so upset, Y/N. I didn’t FORCE you to do anything. You mistook ME in the first place.”

           You spun around hastily, and he stumbled back in surprise. “Are you serious Jimin? How hard was it to take off your mask and say to me at the first ball 'It’s me! Surprise! What the hell happened to meeting V? Here’s a drink.’”

           "You were very forward and I was weak for your charms, I confess.“ Jimin admitted lightly.

           You were getting more heated with every passing minute. There was no hint of remorse in his voice. What exactly did he come here for?

           "You’re not here to apologize. You’re here to justify yourself and I don’t want to hear any of it.”

           "But I don’t understand why you’re so worked up about this, Y/N. It’s not like you wanted to DATE Maroon mask. It’s not like I dragged you to the Ball to have sex with me! Why’re you so mad about the whole thing?“

           You exhaled and stared at him, exhausted. "Please leave Jimin. We’re just going to go in circles and I don’t have time for your fuck boy bullshit right now.”

           "Y/N.“ he frowned.

           You gave a nod to some of your bigger male co-workers who were giving you a questioning look and they came to escort Jimin out of the cafe. Jimin spotted a big smirk on your trainee’s face as he was kicked out. The trainee took a piece of something out of your hair and made you laugh.

           He balled his hands up, annoyed.

           That asshole.  

           And although you made it clear you wanted him to leave you alone, Jimin attempted to talk to you during work at the Club and then swung by Burlesque for the next few days. But you continued pretending he was invisible.

           It was childish, you know. But you just didn’t have time to sort through your own emotions. You knew you were angry and you knew you just wanted him to stop bothering you for a bit. Everything was still fresh.

            You didn’t want to see him because it reminded you of the dreams, the kissing, the roaming hands, the sex. And you wanted to erase those memories. You wanted him to remain a masked stranger. It was better that way.

           Everyday, Tae watched curiously as Jimin followed you into Burlesque, only to be blocked from heading backstage. You would walk in with your head held high and you would greet everyone as if you didn’t have a man tailing you closely. Tae would smile amiably at Jimin and sometimes, Jimin would wave and walk out the door, disheartened. Other times, he would sit at a table and watch your show. Tae would observe silently and tend to him without a word about the obvious fighting happening between you two.

           Jimin wondered why Tae hadn’t confronted him. He was certain you had been honest him, but the guy never once got mad at him or even mentioned it. Tae treated him exactly the same, as if he didn’t know Jimin had slept with you or as if he didn’t realize you two weren’t on speaking terms at the moment. Jimin knew Tae wasn’t stupid, but if the roles were reversed, he was sure he would’ve thrown a punch or two out there.

           But then again, he was grateful that there was no violence for his own sake. He just wished he knew what was going on inside both of yours and Tae’s heads. You and him had gotten into arguments and fights before. Jimin had gotten your cold shoulder plenty of times, but this was the longest you had gone without talking to him. And it was the first time he didn’t quite understand why you were upset.

           Tae, on the other hand, simply just didn’t want to interfere. It was between you and Jimin, and although he knew what was happening, it wasn’t his place to insert himself. After all, you hadn’t answered his question yet, so at the moment you weren’t anybody’s, you weren’t his to protect.

           Finally, Jimin put his foot down and cornered you before you could lock up the Club completely.

           "Okay. Stop avoiding me and let’s talk it all out. Yell at me. Beat me. I don’t care.” he blocked the door, preventing you from escaping. “Just do something instead of ignoring me.”

           "Jimin.“ You exhaled. You wanted to avoid this confrontation…because well, frankly, you weren’t sure what to do with it.

           You wanted to sweep it under the rug and let some time pass, but Jimin was incessant and perseverant. You knew it meant nothing to either of you, but it still was awkward and you felt that you had had no choice regarding the whole situation. You were trying to cope with the reality that he had seen more of you than you ever wanted him to and vice versa.

           But would pretending it never happened make things go back to how they were between the two of you? How was this going to be fixed?

           You had no solution. You were still muddled and overwhelmed by it all. You hadn’t had much time to sift through your delicate thoughts.

           He breathed, "Don’t tell me that wasn’t fucking great. Everything that we did.”

           "Jimin, I don’t know why that matters.“ You crossed your arms.

           "Just forgive me, okay?” he pleaded.

           You exhaled. You knew Jimin really wasn’t going understand why you were so angry unless you told him upfront.

           "I’m not mad that we had sex Jimin.“

           "You’re not?” he raised an eyebrow.

           "I’m mad that you LIED to me.“ You groaned. "How can you be so dense? I wanted you to at least figure THAT out on your own, but I still had to tell you that.”

           "Well I’m sorry. Among all talents, being a mind reader is not one of them.“ Jimin snapped and stepped forward. "And in MY defense, you came to ME during New Year’s. I said nothing about finding Maroon mask. I stopped lying and I respected your decision when you said you wanted to work things out with Tae.”

           "But why did you even start this whole thing, Jimin? WHY were you even at the ball that first time? WHY did you approach me?“ You pointed out in a matter-of-fact tone. It may have come out confident, but these were the questions gnawing at you. You toyed with the possibilities, but every answer you imagined him saying either didn’t seem right or scared you.

           "Well it’s not like you’d say 'hell yeah!’ if I said 'Hey by the way, you make me feel kind of funny and I need to get over it by sleeping with you once!’” he argued.

           You stared at him hesitantly, contemplating on the scenario. He had stumped you. It would be dishonest to say you didn’t understand and empathize with what he felt, but what was your answer? If the roles were reversed, would you have done the same thing? If you knew he was under the mask, would things have panned out similarly?

           He daringly stepped even closer when you remained silent. For some reason, your hesitancy filled him with curiosity and hope.

           "…Would you have?“ he questioned, his heart racing.

           You glanced up at him worriedly while he looked at you expectantly. Would you have? You waved your hands, trying to swat away the question and all of your thoughts. "Ah, I don’t know Jimin.”

           "No, tell me honestly.“ he grabbed your hands and you were captured in his grip. "If I had said that to you up front, would you have slept with me?”

           You shook your head, trying not to act flustered. “P-probably not Jimin… I don’t know.”

           "If I said I wanted to sleep with you again, without the masks. Would you want to?“

           You tried to calm down your racing heart. What was he saying?!

           "N-no…Jimin. I’m happy with whatever I have with Tae.”

           "Is that why you still sought out Maroon mask?“ he jabbed firmly and leaned down, as if sensing the uncertainty in your quivering eyes. "Are you REALLY happy?”

           After a few seconds of staring at each other, you huffed and pulled your arms out of his grasp, avoiding his gaze.

           "You… are a certified asshole.“ You defiantly stated and threw the keys at him. "You close up.”

           Hurriedly, you waltzed out of the Club, flustered, your heart hammering incessantly inside your chest.

           Secretly, you knew you weren’t mad at him as much as you were infuriated at yourself. How could you not recognize him in the first place? No matter the disguise.

           As the Stephen King quote goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.”

           And you knew Jimin had a point. You had come looking for him on New Year’s. You wanted to put all the blame on him, but it was because deep down you knew you were as guilty.

           What were you going to do?

           The next day, you found yourself being more conscious about your appearance before entering the Club. Since you chucked your keys at Jimin, you knew he had to come early to open up. He was carrying boxes into the closet when you walked in. Immediately, the air thickened as you caught sight of each other.

           His sleeves were rolled up to expose his tensed forearms and he wore all black, knowing it was your weakness. But you too knew that your outfit was one of his favorites on you.

           This was no longer the cold shoulder, it was the Cold war.

           You were both testing each other, trying to prove and disprove his point, trying to see if there were remnant flames between you two without the deception of the masks.

           From that day on, he never came by your desk. He didn’t speak to you or follow you to your other job. He still grabbed coffee, but he didn’t chat, instead choosing to be preoccupied with his phone while you tended to the next customers at the register. You two would steal glances at each other from afar. Your outfits and actions became a bit bolder, trying to see if he would react or tease you again, but he didn’t. He also was a bit more openly frisky with customers when he came to pick them up or walk them out, knowing your desk was right in front of the door. He tried to see if you would roll your eyes or make a snarky comment, but you didn’t give him that satisfaction.

           So your stalemate continued.

           Taehyung came by often to visit and that was when you forgot about your little spat with Jimin for a bit. Tae would sit on your lap and recount the animals he had taken care of during the first half of the day or any funny stories he had seen or heard from the internet or other people. When he didn’t work at the animal hospital in the mornings, he always stopped by your cafe to take you out to lunch. You felt a bit bad that you hadn’t given him an answer yet, but you were seriously giving it thought. You didn’t want to rush into it, because you knew he deserved your wholehearted, genuine answer.

           But every time you were sure you wanted to say yes, the thought of your past “relationships” terrified you. Every time you were about to say yes, rejection of your true self haunted you. Taehyung was so sweet and so loving, seemingly so flawless, and that was a bit frightening to you, who had so many flaws. Would he continue to see you in a good light?

           On top of that, whatever was happening between you and Jimin remained unresolved. You were determined to clear all loose ends of your past before accepting a future with Taehyung.

           After a few more days of flaunting and taunting, the tension between you and Jimin was truly becoming palpable. The question Jimin had asked you still lingered in your thoughts, and Tae’s was also up in the air, unanswered.

           You knew what the right answer was to Jimin’s question, but why couldn’t you say it? Was the right answer your honest answer? And what about Tae? Were you ready for that next step with him? Did you want that?

           Finally, after days of pondering and agonizing over the two boys’ questions, you finally came to a decision. You grabbed your bag and hopped into your car, your heart beating wildly. This was your solution. This was the answer.

           And so, you found yourself knocking on Jimin’s door frantically.

           He opened the door and his eyes widened, not expecting you to appear in front of him, after your evident attempts to create distance.

           "Y/N?“  He scanned you to make sure you were okay.

           "The answer would be yes.” You stated, out of breath, because you practically booked it to his floor, praying he wasn’t currently preoccupied with someone else.


           "You had asked me… whether I wanted to sleep with you again, without the masks.”  You stepped forward boldly and you saw him inhale sharply. “My answer is yes.”

           Jimin stared at you in disbelief. Was he hearing properly?

           "We need to both get this out of our systems and move on, okay?“ You stared at him intently; he was still wearing a dazed expression, but you waited with bated breath for his answer. You prayed that the question was still open and the offer still on the table.

           Jimin nodded, still surprised at what was coming out of your mouth.

           "Just one night.” You stated firmly.

           "Okay.“ Jimin agreed softly.

           "Okay.” You repeated breathlessly.

           You were excited and nervous. Your palms were sweating the entire drive to his place and continued to do so. This was actually happening.

           You and Jimin.

           You reached out slowly, carefully to touch his face. There was no mask to hide behind anymore, for both of you. You were both well aware that this was crossing the line of friendship, the point of no return. There would be no excuses that you hadn’t known that it was Jimin this time. No excuses that it was the influence of alcohol since neither of you had had any.

           He shut his eyes at your touch, truly taking in your soft fingers on his skin. You stepped forward first, passing the line into his house. You were now in his care. You studied his face, the face you had looked at for years. The face you had woken up to a few times. The face that you could usually read so easily.

           You stared into his eyes once they opened again, looking into yours; the eyes that usually were filled with playfulness and mischief was now swimming with worries and curiosity, with wonder, as if he couldn’t believe you were in front of him yet frightened that you would disappear too soon.

           "Are you sure you want this?“ he whispered as you touched his lips.

           You nodded with certainty, now that you were finally in his presence. You both might’ve been destined to come to this point since the beginning, but had been defying the odds for years. Now, your pent up questions had taken form in the worst way possible, in the worst scenario. But maybe it was for the best.

           If you were going spend your last hoorah as a single, unattached, and adventurously sexual woman with someone, you were certain that you wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else but Park Jimin.

           "Yes. I want this.” You smiled gently.

           He cupped your face and tilted your head up as he leaned down to press his lips on top of yours chastely, as if waiting for you to change your mind or stop him. You swallowed, the uncharacteristically sweet kiss, taking your breath away.

           You stared at him expectantly, waiting for him to make another move, pleading for him to take the burden off of you. It had taken a lot for you to show up at his doorstep and agree, but you needed to clear the air. Now you needed him to meet you halfway. And as if understanding your expression, he smiled.

           "Okay.“ He responded before capturing your lips completely.

           Your bodies merged into each other, hungrily and easily, as you stumbled completely inside his apartment. Jimin shut the door with his free hand while he held you close with the other. You both kissed messily; the lust, the desire was too overwhelming to be careful and skillful. You were both aware of that your time was limited with each other, and you wanted to make the most out of this moment before it became only a memory.

           Your jacket and sweater hurriedly came off and Jimin pressed you against his kitchen counter. You panted as his hands climbed under your shirt. All the while, he nipped at the most sensitive spot on your neck as he traced your stomach gently. Your hand teasingly traced behind his waistband, knowing he was a sucker for it.

           "You know I hate that.” he whispered onto your skin.

           "I know you don’t.“ You smirked and he nibbled your earlobe tauntingly. Your knees buckled. "Fuck.”

           He giggled and jeered. “I know you don’t hate that either.”  

           You bit your lip as his hands cupped your bra. You locked eyes and there was completely tense silence as he pulled down your straps from underneath your shirt. Then his hand glided to your back, not breaking the eye contact, and expertly unclipped your bra with ease. You gasped as the cold air and the fabric of your shirt hit your sensitive nipples. Jimin smirked as his hands traced your body, everywhere but where you really needed him to touch.

           Two could play at this game.

           You pulled his waistband slightly and your hand traveled down his sweatpants. You hissed realizing he wasn’t wearing anything underneath so his cock was freely erect and peeking out from the fabric of his sweats. Taking a finger, you slid it along his inner thigh up to his hip bone sensually and you felt him twitch at the welcomed feeling.

           He scoffed, “You remembered what I told you.”

           You leaned into his ear, “I remember everything.”

           He shivered. Then as if to respond, he tugged at ends of your shirt so that the fabric was rubbing against your nipples and you gasped. You sifted through all the stories you and Jimin shared, trying to recollect all the preferences and turn-ons he had divulged to you from his past conquests.

           Not wanting to lose, you pushed your hand deeper into his pants and gripped his ass. His grin widened as your body had moved closer to do so. You furrowed your brows at his amusement, but he kissed you unexpectedly.

           And the fact that you were making out with him fully hit you. You weren’t Gold Mask and he wasn’t Maroon or Red or Chims…you were just simply yourselves.

           It was weird, but it also wasn’t at the same time.

           You smiled into the kiss as you placed both hands on his ass. He chuckled.

           "I know you’ve wanted to touch those for awhile.“

           "Shut up.” You squeezed his butt and pulled him forward, capturing his lips again.

           His hands roamed up, finally cupping your breasts over the thin barrier of the shirt fabric. But he knew you enjoyed the extra sensation it brought. He thumbed your nipples in slow circles and you started rubbing your thighs together, trying to prevent the growing heat and wetness between them.

           Your hands traveled under Jimin’s shirt, gliding over his deliciously toned abdomen and you tugged at his shirt. Knowingly, he let go of your breasts and allowed you to pull it off of him in one go.

           "I’m impressed.“ he chuckled.

           "I’ve taken off a few shirts in my day.” You jeered smugly.

           He grabbed your waist and pulled you into him. “So have I.”

           Without warning, he threw your shirt off of you and his lips latched onto your sensitive bud. You gasped and threw your head back as a wave of pleasure hit you. He sucked and flicked his tongue hastily. Your chest rising and falling heavily; you arched forward, wanting more of your breast in his mouth.

           "Couch. Now.“ you demanded.

           He hummed and wrapped his arms around your waist, his mouth still working at your boobs. You hooked your legs around him and pressed your chest into his face as he carefully found his way to his couch. You laughed as you warned him that he was about to hit a table or a vase a few times, but you two eventually reached it, unscathed. You pushed him down eagerly and straddled him.

           He smiled as he admired you on top of him, and you could feel a blush growing on your cheeks.

           "Don’t say anything.” You stated, embarrassed.

           "Hey, you’re hott. Don’t be ashamed.“ He laughed.

           You glared at him and he grabbed your arm to pull you down to him, making you forget your remark. You locked lips again, already falling into a languid rhythm, and you rolled your hips forward against him. He groaned into your mouth and you broke the kiss, climbing up so that your nipple was in front of his mouth. Understanding what you wanted, he flicked his tongue out and you moaned.

           "Don’t fucking tease me Jimin.” You growled.

           "I don’t know what you’re talking about.“ Jimin swirled his tongue at an insanely slow pace.

           Impatiently, you shoved your chest down into his mouth and he eagerly sucked you as you panted. Hurriedly, you shifted so he could pleasure the other, your more sensitive one. He sat up and you embraced his head, needing him closer to your chest than he already was. Your hips were already rocking into him with need.

           Fumbling, he unbuttoned your jeans.

           "Seriously? You choose TODAY to not wear a skirt?” he hissed as he struggled to pull them off.

           You laughed as you stood up and pulled off your skinny jeans.

           "Up.“ You commanded.


           "I want to be bottom.“ You stated and he cracked up, standing up and gesturing to the empty couch.

           "Be my guest.”

           You waltzed towards him and latched your mouth onto his neck moles. He gripped your waist as he exhaled in pleasure. Your hands traveled to his waistband and you pulled his sweats down violently, as if you were angry at them for still being on.

           "Condom?“ he breathed.

           "Oh I brought some.” You smirked as you took it out.

           Jimin groaned. “Seriously?”

           "Let’s see how fun you think a glowing dick is.“ You cackled as you kissed all the way down his body, until you fell to your knees.

           "Can you do that thing again?” Jimin requested.

           "Hm?“ You kissed his hip and he whined. It was another one of his weak spots you knew about.

           "Putting the condom in with your mouth.” He breathed. “Cause fuck that was such a turn on.”

           You chuckled. “Like this?”

           You pushed his length into your mouth and he winced at the sudden feeling.

           "Holy fuck. Okay, well maybe you could do a few more of that before you put it on though.“

           You hummed as you bobbed your head into him a few times, until he grabbed your arm and pushed you back onto the couch, knowing you were teasing him.

           "Let me.” You put the condom around your lips and rolled it into him.

           "Geez. Where did you learn that?“

           You smirked as you kissed his hip again before lying on your back. "Do you really care?”

           "Absolutely not.“ he chuckled as he climbed over your body and began giving you a black and blue right above your left breast, right over your heart. You writhed under him as you felt his hardness so close to your core. He traveled down your body, kissing your ribs, your waist, your hips, and your inner thighs as you squirmed. Then he stuck a finger inside of you, making a lewd squelching sound, evidence that you were soaking wet for him.

           "Guess you’re ready for me.” he licked his finger. “But I want another taste.”

           You inhaled sharply as he licked you eagerly. Your body was already on fire from everything before, but you were practically sweating and emanating intense heat. You were sure your face was a shade of red and you could see beads of sweat on Jimin’s forehead too as he ate you out.

           "Get the fuck inside me Jimin.“ You hissed.

           "So impatient.” he chuckled but obeyed.

           He slowly pushed into you and your throat tightened as he filled you up.

           Remembering, you clapped your hands twice and the lights shut. Jimin groaned as his dick lit up and your lower abdomen was faintly glowing as well.

           "No. I’m not doing this.“ Jimin clapped the lights back on as you laughed.

           "No, we should do this.” You clapped.

           "Y/N.“ he growled.

           "Jimin.” You matched his reprimanding tone, mockingly.

           "I am not fucking you with a glow-in-the dark dick.“

           "Too late.” You mused. “I had to put up with your gag gift so you should suffer the consequences.”

           He clapped then hurriedly pounded into you, not leaving you time to argue or shut the lights back off. You gripped at the couch and your hands found his desperately. He intertwined your fingers and gently worked the sensitive part of your neck as he slowed down his pace.

           "I want to see you.“ he whispered into your ear. "So don’t shut the lights.”

           Your heart flipped at his statement and you nodded understandably. He nibbled your earlobe again as you lifted your hip up, needing him deeper inside you. Getting your body language, he pushed in further and you gasped as he found your g-spot.

           "Shit.“ You cursed, not expecting him to find it so soon.

           "Right there?” he breathed and you nodded, your words failing you.

           And he fucked you unhurriedly. Hitting that spot repeatedly and languidly.

           You both were panting heavily and moving to a rhythm of a slow dance with your hips clashing against each others. You clawed down his back as he painted your skin with colors of black and blue while rolling into you continuously.

           And when you came, waves of hot, white pleasure hit you. Your heart was racing audibly and you saw spots on the ceiling as you came down from your high. And after a few more thrusts, he finished too, groaning against your skin. He kissed your shoulder before getting off of you. He chucked the condom into his trash can and fell, exhausted into the adjacent couch.

           "Jimin.“ You called and his eyes wandered to you.


           "Why’re you over there?“

           He chuckled and waltzed back to you, tangling his body around yours. "Wasn’t sure if it’d be weird to cuddle you.”

           "I mean we’re gross and sweaty but I’m down for cuddling.“ You giggled as you buried your face into his chest. You were a bit shy too, so you would rather he was close to you than watching your nakedness from afar. He hugged you tightly and started rubbing your arm softly.  

           "How was it?” You whispered.

           "Fantastic.“ he grinned. "You?”


           Then there was an awkward silence.

           Was this over now?

           You hadn’t thought so far ahead, but it’s not like he was rushing you out. You let your hands roam against his chest, using this opportunity to study the parts of him that were usually hidden closely. He smiled into your hair as you did so. He didn’t want you to slip away so quickly again.

           "Wanna shower?” he mumbled.

           You smiled; your heart was tickled at the thought that he wanted you to stay longer.


           "Okay.” he breathed as he rolled off the couch.

           He outstretched his hand and you grabbed it without hesitation, letting him lead you to the bathroom. You sat on his sink counter as you watched him turn on the water, testing the temperature and letting it heat up a bit. Your eyes raked down his completely bare body; now in the bright lighting of his bathroom, you saw the crevices between his formed muscles and the firmness of his ass. You bit your lip as you checked him out fully.

           He turned to you, and you averted your eyes, which you scolded yourself was very painstakingly obvious.

           "Like what you see?“ he teased as placed his hands on the counter and leaned in front of you.

           You swung your legs innocently.


           "You just checked me out.“ he grinned.

           "I mean, I had nothing else to look at.” You tried to play it off.

           His hands traveled up your thighs dangerously, and you inhaled sharply. “Well, I like what I’m seeing.”

           You shivered as he gripped your thighs and spread your legs open.

           "Oh?“ You smirked, feeling delighted at the compliment.

           "And I want more.” Jimin whispered as he kissed you.

           You wrapped your arms around his neck as he settled between your legs. “You can have as much as you want.”

           Jimin bit your bottom lip and you two began fighting with your mouths, not caring that the entire bathroom was now surrounded by steam. The mirrors were fogged up except for the imprint your back had made from being pressed up against it. You two were sweating, as if you were in a sauna, but both of you were addicted to each other’s lips in the heat of the moment.

           "Let’s get in the shower.“ You breathed, trying not to lose yourself completely just yet.

           "Can you get down, shorty?” he teased and you glared at him as you jumped down triumphantly.

           He clapped sarcastically and you shoved him, heading to the shower first. Grabbing your hip, he pulled you back so he could check the water first. Sticking his tongue out, he jumped in first, sliding the glass door shut childishly. You rolled your eyes and joined him, letting the warm water relax your body.

           But it was short-lived because Jimin began pressing kisses down your neck onto your shoulders from behind. You melted into him, leaning your back into his chest, as he massaged your breasts. Then traveling with the droplets of water, his hands slid down and he inserted a finger inside you. You gasped as he dipped his finger in and out as he kissed your neck and shoulders. Throwing your head back into the crook of his neck, you moaned and gripped his other hand tightly, forcing him to be rougher with your breast.

           In no time, he pushed another finger inside you and you were growing needier. You pulled his hand out of you and pushed him against the wall, crashing your lip onto his senselessly. The warm water was rolling down your bodies as you made out and easily, he flipped you around so now he was pressing you against the wall. He cupped your face gently and you rubbed your eyes, the showerhead spraying water into you. Chuckling, he moved you over, away from the direct line of fire and wiped your eyes and cheek, sliding your damp hair out of your face. Carefully, he leaned down and captured your lips. You covered his hands with yours, enjoying the sensation of him cradling your face as he kissed you sweetly. Jimin deepened the kiss and you pulled him forward by his waist, needing him closer to you.

           As the kissing progressed, your lips and hands became more frantic, needy, and heated. Soon, Jimin was holding you up as you clung your legs and arms around him; the water added to the sensation of your bodies flushed together. He bucked into you as you gasped with each thrust. Before reaching his high, he pulled out and you quickly pumped him through his orgasm.

           You giggled as you ended up shampooing and scrubbing down his body while he recuperated. After a short break, he was combing through your hair and returning the favor while shaping your hair into weird shapes and making bubbles with the soap. You two washed up and afterwards, he bundled you up in a towel and carried you to his bed. Although he chucked you at the end, it was still a somewhat romantic gesture. You cracked up as he shuffled around his room naked, carelessly drying his hair by ruffling it with a towel.

           "Mmmm you could probably wear one of my tight boxers. And you love stealing my sweaters anyway …where is your favorite one…“ he hummed as he perused his closet.

           "Well…” You drawled as you unwrapped yourself from the towel and displayed yourself again. “I was thinking about another round.”

           Jimin blinked as he turned to find you tracing your body with your fingers seductively. He threw his head back and laughed, making his way to you.

           "You’re on.“ He bit his lip and climbed on top of you.

           You grinned widely as you placed your hands on his shoulders.

           "But I want top this time.”

           The night lasted long; the sounds of your voices and bodies creating a symphony that reverberated throughout the room, and most probably audibly throughout the entire apartment complex.

           You two exhaled, exhausted. You were already teetering into slumber, mumbling incoherent things as Jimin cleaned you up. He chuckled and made various hums of approval to egg on your nonsensical conversation. When he slipped beside you, he was surprised when you rested your head onto his chest and nuzzled into his arms. He blinked, stunned, but then he realized your breathing had slowed and your body visibly was rising and falling at a steady rhythm. You were already knocked out. He yawned, feeling a wave of tiredness hit him as well. Tightening his embrace around you, he let himself finally recollect the whirlwind that had just passed by. His thoughts crashed into him in the silence.

           Sex truly was different with an emotional connection.

           It was a thousand times more incredible than any of his past experiences.

           And this wasn’t just any emotional connection.

           Jimin stroked your hair gently as he watched you sleep soundly on his chest.

           The more minutes that ticked by with you in his arms, the more the dots began to connect. Why he had been stupid this whole time, why he had been drawn to you without reason.    But there was a reason.

           A reason that he didn’t think would ever in a million years surface inside him.

           He was in love with you.

           It was a strange feeling coming to the realization, but it wasn’t unfamiliar emotion. He had probably been in love with you for a long time now, but had suppressed it out of fear, and simply out of ignorance.

           He was absolutely stunned by his revelation. His heart was hammering so loudly against his chest; he prayed that you wouldn’t wake up from the sound. He kissed the top of your head and gently smoothed circles against your arm. Pulling you closer to him, he wanted to ingrain this moment inside his mind and onto his skin for as long as possible.

            A few hours later, you stirred. It took you a few seconds to figure out where you were and who was beside you, then all the events prior to you falling asleep flashed through your mind. You smiled sadly as you stared at Jimin sleeping peacefully in front of you.

           This was goodbye.

           You carefully slipped out of bed, easily escaping from his limp, slumber-stricken arms. Carefully, you pushed his hair out his face and pressed your lips against his forehead.

           "Thank you Jimin.“  

           You scurried out of the room, gathered your clothes outside, and left the apartment swiftly, without looking back.

           This was your decision.  

           The next day, you showed up at Tae’s apartment, feeling refreshed, light hearted, confident, and ready to take on a whole new world. You were ready to shed your old skin and jump into a new one, one that you would build with Tae beside you.

           You knocked on his door and his beaming face welcomed you. Your heart soared at the delight in his eyes at seeing you in front of him.

           "Y/N! I was just going to go pick you up. Why’re you here?”

           "I just couldn’t wait.“ You giggled.

           "For what?” he tilted his head cutely.

           "I wanted to tell you my answer right away.“

           "Your answer?”

           "My answer is yes, Tae. I would love to be your girlfriend.“


A Head, A Heart, & A Movie {Biadore} Chapter 1 -C*NT

A/N: I want to apologize to all of the mobile readers because this is a 7.5k monstrosity. But on the other hand, I know you guys love the long chapters so I hope you all like this! Sorry it’s been so long since I updated last, I’ve had a battle with writers block and it was winning for quite some time. For those who are just tuning in, this is the sequel story to A Head, A Heart, & A Crown, so it’s set in the same universe. Of course, this AU is about Bianca and Adore begining to film Hurricane Bianca 2, but there is going to be a more established side of Witney for this one(is it really one of my fics if there isnt a side of Witney?) as well. TW for alcohol, a panic attack and weed. And as always, a tad bit of angst. Enjoy!! 💕 PS: If I ever write a short A/N, something is seriously wrong lol.

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Hi! Can I make a request? What if Jumin officially introduces MC as his fiancee? To his peers, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. This happens after his announcement on the RFA Party.

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe/MystMes)

Pairing: Jumin x MC/Reader (YOU)

Summary: Jumin formally introduces you as his fiancée after his sudden announcement at the RFA Party.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Author’s Note: I tried my beesssst i hope you all like it!!!! thank you for this request omg!!

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[TRANS] 170727 10Asia's Interview with MXM (Donghyun)

10. I heard that you enjoy the acoustic genre. Your company, Brand New Music, is a hip-hop label, so how did you end up joining?

Donghyun: I enjoyed listening to San E and Hanhae seniors’ music and respected them. And at that time, my vocal teacher had a tie with Brand New Music, so I ended up auditioning. At first, I thought ‘Would this fit with my style?’. But after hearing what Rhymer CEO said, I thought ‘I’m someone who fits with Brand New Music’. He told me ‘Hip-hop is something that company, Brand New Music, does. You can just do the music that you have been doing. I respect your style and am here to just develop your skills.’ With that one phrase, I gained belief.

10. Are there company seniors that are cheering you on?

Donghyun: Whenever Kanto senior sees me at the practice studio, he tells me, ‘I’m watching you well’, ‘You need to work harder’, and although it feels like it’s something he says lightly, I can feel his sincerity. I gained strength from it. The company’s senior artists sincerely care about the trainees too, so I’m thankful.

10. When did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?

Donghyun: In my 3rd year of middle school, I was part of a band in school as a club. We stood on stage during festivals and while practicing as a band, I naturally formed the dream of becoming a singer. I officially thought ‘Let’s do this’ in my 1st year of high school.

10. Were there any oppositions in your family?

Donghyun: There isn’t any who pursued arts in my family. Maybe that’s why, but they opposed strongly at first. However, since their son continuously said he wanted to do it, my parents’ hearts weakened. With a good opportunity, I was able to join an entertainment for a bit during my 1st year of high school. Ever since then, my parents supported me too.

10. Do you remember what you sang during your audition for Brand New Music?

Donghyun: I sang it on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 as well, but I sang Jang Beomjun senior’s ‘Between Hongdae and Geondae’ along with Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’. I remember the person reviewing at the time was very fascinated. Something like ‘How could he sing something like this?’, I felt a very good fascination. (Laughter)

10. You’re 20 years old this year, but I heard you had a fantasy about university life?

Donghyun: I hear about campus stories from my twin brother. (Laughter) He told me that he would befriend upperclassmen and get along with his peers from all locations, and that he’s experiencing a lot of fun things. But I also experienced quite a meaningful experience through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 too! (Youngmin: With trainees from even more locations) (Everyone laughs) That’s true. I’m thankful that I was able to beginning my 20’s so fruitfully.

10. Since it was a survival program, you were probably burdened or anxious. Did trainees from your company give you strength?

Donghyun: I relied a lot on Youngmin hyung. Especially when learning the choreography? When we were learning the ‘나야 나 (Pick Me)’ choreography, we were in the same B class. Since it wasn’t the dance style I normally did, it was very hard. So I kept clinging on Hyung who dances well and asked him to teach me. Hyung probably had a hard time too, but he taught it to me till the middle of the night. I was so thankful.

10. During the position evaluation, you chose the rap position song, ‘Boys and Girls’. Aren’t vocals your main position?

Donghyun: I drew out a big picture. (Everyone laughs) At first, I wanted to choose ‘Playing With Fire’. But with Dongho hyung as the last, the team for ‘Playing With Fire’ was full. I felt like my world was crashing down. (Laughter) From then, I thought that I should be smart about this. Although ‘Boys and Girls’ is a rap song, there are many vocal parts. I thought I could show various sides through vocals and rap. I drew a big picture and went, but Youngmin hyung was in that team. (Laughter) Even the PD-nims on-scene asked us ‘You guys planned this out, right?’, but we really didn’t. (Laughter)

10. The performance you remember the most?

Donghyun: It would have to be our concept evaluation song, ‘I Know You Know’. I remember having a hard time while preparing for other stages, but I have more fun memories from ‘I Know You Know’. I felt that the concept suited me well too and I was able to happily prepare the performance.

10. I saw that you wanted to be the leader at that team?

Donghyun: During the member voting, I lacked in one vote, so I wasn’t able to. (Laughter) Hyunbin hyung did well as the leader. I took the role of helping Hyung from the back. After the performance was finished, I felt that Hyunbin hyung received good results as a leader, so I was quite proud. (Laughter)

10. You were regrettably unable to make it to the final competition. You watched the live broadcast on the scene, but how did you feel?

Donghyun: Youngmin hyung, Woojin, and Daehwi all stood on the final stage. Prior to the stage beginning, I told them at the waiting room, ‘You guys all worked hard and went through a lot, so it’s okay even if you don’t make it into WANNA ONE. Don’t feel burdened’, but I realized that I was actually thinking that they had to make it no matter what. Every time each of their faces were captured on screen, my heart started to beat. (Laughter)

10. A phrase that gives you strength?

Donghyun: Although I’m working hard and know that I have to work even harder in the future, there are times I feel tired since I am human after all. At those moments, I gain strength whenever fans would tell me, ‘You’re doing well as is right now’. When I heard ‘Don’t try to do too well, you just need to do the amount you like and the amount that you can do’, it was something very obvious, but gave me strength. (Laughter)

original post: tenasia
translation credits: @woojinprk

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maybe some headcanons for what kind of music the paladins listen to? also i went through your blog and your writing is amazing💗

 M/G: AHHh YES OF COURSE! I love this!! I put so much effort into picking out the right types of music/songs for them I s2g but I hope you like it~

& Thank you so much it means more to me than I can describe to hear you say that :,) Compliments on my writing always makes me so happy!


➤ Enjoys pop music! The type that has a good beat and can get you fired up, the type that you want to dance to

➤ Is of hispanic descent (I headcanon that he would be) and loves songs that use his native language, which is obviously Spanish!

➤ Also likes Justin Timberlake just because. He’s just always been a big fan of his music, although he’s embarrassed about it sometimes!

         ➣ Sings it loudly in the shower and nobody can tell me otherwise

➤ Doesn’t like music that is sad or too feelsy

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Bailando - Enrique Iglesias (en Español ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

         ➣ My Love - Justin Timberlake (no one can tell me he doesn’t sing this in the shower so often other Paladins get it stuck in their head)

         ➣ Into You - Ariana Grande

         ➣ Wrapped Up - Olly Murs (he honestly gets wrapped around a person’s finger so easily if they flirt w/him)

         ➣ Wipe Your Eyes - Maroon 5 


➤ Certainly likes the most angsty music of the bunch, lets be real here. It’s heavy rock for sure

➤ Enjoys the type of music that makes him fired up before kicking Galra ass

➤ Also dislikes sad stuff and the only emotional reaction he wants from music is to get a little pissed off ⋋_⋌

➤ Keith doesn’t listen to music other than when he’s training anyway, so it isn’t that level of intensity all of the time tbh

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Headstrong - Trapt (I mean he’ll take anyone on so…)

         ➣ One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Teen Angst™)

         ➣ 10 Miles Wide - Escape the Fate

         ➣ Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

         ➣ Last Resort - Papa Roach (an angst classic I mean who HASnT heard this??)


➤ More into electronic types of music, they don’t mind if it doesn’t have lyrics, since they use it as background noise a lot of the time

➤ Trance music is one of their favorite types because it’s not too distracting when they’re trying to work

➤ Pidge loves tracks with nice base drops because they’re just… So fantastic

➤ Their type of music:

         ➣ Technologic - Daft Punk (definitely is one of their favorite artists)

         ➣ Addicted To A Memory - Zedd, Bahari (a sick base drop and good lord it’s 10/10)

         ➣ Genesis - Justice (the base is so intense?? Wtf they love it)

         ➣ Satisfaction - Benny Benassi

         ➣ Fatality - Pep and Rash


➤ Appreciates softer rock, the type you could look at the sunset on an island and smile to

➤ Needs good vibes in his music, or he just can’t listen to it. Too much negativity is a turnoff for him

➤ A lot of times the songs are about love, which he doesn’t mind, even if he isn’t too into dating unless the right person comes along

➤ Almost always has this stuff playing in the background, whether he’s cooking or just hanging out in his room, and it helps calm down the team

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Daughters - John Mayer (doesn’t actually like him other than his music because he’s heard that John Mayer is an ass)

         ➣ Lucky - Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat (ok how can you not fucking smile to this song)

         ➣ Better Together - Jack Johnson 

         ➣ Bubbly - Colbie Calliat (everyone makes fun of him for liking this but they all secretly love it)

         ➣ Is This Love - Bob Marley & The Wailers (he loves the good vibes of Bob Marley tbh)


➤ Doesn’t listen to music as much as any of the others, but doesn’t mind if it’s on, as long as it isn’t Keith’s.

         ➣ He actually enjoys the good vibes of Hunk’s music a lot, but wouldn’t go out of his way to put it on 

➤ Likes ambient noise a lot more than anything, which seems sort of boring, but it reminds him of home and earth

➤ Forest sounds, bird calls, ocean noises, etc help him relax and take his mind off of things for a while, since he can close his eyes and feel like he’s not in a spaceship with the stressful task of saving the universe on his shoulders

         ➣ Also helps him stay away from the negative thoughts attached to his PTSD

➤ His type of sounds

         ➣ Peaceful forest river

         ➣ Lakeside campfire with nature night sounds (the nostalgia of camping)

         ➣ Rain on a tent

         ➣ Ocean waves (who doesn’t like a little slice of paradise?)

         ➣ Morning in the country (this is probably his favorite because it reminds him of being outside)

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Would you mind recommending some OTH music + scenes/episodes they are in?

sure, i’ll do a big masterpost of some of the best songs/music moments/songs that I really like that feature in the show here to make it easy!

season 1:

  • 1x01 // Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional (Peyton driving her car/Lucas running with the basketball, they are both listening to this song)
  • 1x07 // She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 (Lucas and Peyton kiss, Lucas says ‘I want everything with you’ and Peyton freaks out)
  • 1x08 // Dare You to Move - Switchfoot (Nathan throws rocks at Haley’s parents’ window and Nathan kisses her)
  • 1x15 // Come On - Ben Jelen (Lucas wakes from his coma and Peyton goes to visit him at his house) 
  • 1x15 // Elsewhere - Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley performs for Nathan for the first time)
  • 1x22 // More Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw (Nathan and Haley kiss in the rain; this is also Nathan and Haley’s wedding song, heard in 3x22)
  • 1x22 // Run - Snow Patrol (ending CODA, but most memorably Lucas finds out that Haley and Nathan had sex/got married)

seasons 2-9 under the cut!

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Learning the Lyrics (Jake x MC ending) (#ChoicesCreates Round 22)

P.S. This fic interprets the prompt “Animals” in at least 3 different ways.  Get ready. ;)

@ravenclawpokegirl25 @hollyashton

Summary- The fox, the pilot, and the college students decide to party in the nightclub, and it doesn’t take long for some “animals” to slip away for some fun of their own. (I don’t have a specific point on the ES timeline for this, so it just happened at some point. XD)

Word Count- 681

The party has just begun, the night is still young.  Everyone is surprisingly still sober, if only to a certain extent.  Furball is eagerly scampering all over the place, nicking garnishes from drinks glasses and whatever other tasty morsels he can get to.
Behind the bar, Zahra and Raj are busy whipping up drinks for everyone.  After sliding a piña colada to Estela and a martini to Michelle, Zahra turns to you.  "I’ll have the fruity one.“ You tell her.  "You always go for that one.”  "It’s not my fault you make it so well.“ She can’t help but crack a prideful smirk at that remark as she skillfully mixes up the requested drink, her back turned to you.  Seconds later you receive your colourful cocktail, but just before it meets your lips, Furball leaps onto the counter top and snatches your orange slice!  He sprints off but stops  short, sniffing the air.  He turns his attention to the fridge door, which is slightly ajar.  Before giving anyone a chance to stop him, he leaps to it and begins ransacking it for anything and everything edible.  "Well someone’s hungry today.”  Zahra comments, not even bothering to stop him.
“Yo, little blue dude!” Raj pipes in, peering over the now open fridge door, “What’s up?” Seemingly satisfied, Fuball snorts, blowing a few snowflakes into the fridge, before pushing it closed and turning to Raj.  He squeaks happily and hops onto Raj’s shoulder.  "There we go!“ Raj says, cracking a wide grin, "Hey buddy, wanna help me make some more ice cubes?”  "Mrrrrrmrph!“ comes Furball’s reply.  "Awwweee yeah!  Let’s do this!”  Raj does a little spin as he returns to his side of the bar, Furball now nestled in his hair.  "That’ll keep them both occupied for a bit.“  Zahra remarked as she picked up a glass to make herself a drink.  Halfway through mixing, she pauses and raises her head, as if she had heard something.  You focus for a second and recognise the song that has just began playing.  "Finally.”  Zahra says while she turns her attention back to her drink.  "A song I actually like.“ "I’m quite a fan of Maroon 5,” you add, “So I thought I’d squeeze it into tonight’s playlist.” “Hm.  Perhaps your music taste isn’t half bad, MC.” “Heh, thanks.” You grin, savouring the moment.  It isn’t everyday you get complimented by Zahra Yasmin Namazi.  As you glance around the nightclub, you spot your favourite face amidst the group.  "Well,“ you begin, "I might be back later for another drink.  Enjoy the song, I guess.” You flash a smirk at her.  "Get outta here, MC.“ She rolls her eyes, yet can’t suppress a small smile.
You get up and make your way to the sandy-haired man you couldn’t help but fall in love with.  He’s lounging on a purple couch with a glass of whiskey in one hand.  "Hey, (Princess/ Boy Scout).” “Hey, (Hotness/ Top Gun/ Aragorn/ Joker).”  You plop down next to him on the couch, then place a quick kiss on his lips, tasting the whiskey on them.  "You know, this song has a really interesting meaning when you think about it.“ Jake states after a second or two, shooting you a mischievous look.  "I… Uh… Don’t actually know the lyrics well.  I just like the song.  So PLEASE don’t ruin it for me!” “Oh come on, listen to this bit!” He starts singing along, “It’s like we can’t stop, we’re enemies, but we get along when I’m-” “I said DON’T!!” Your eyes widen as you begin to realise what Jake meant. “Alright, alright.  Fine.” He throws his hands up in surrender, “Though if you won’t let me tell you, I can show you.” Jake smirks and winks, and you raise an eyebrow at him.  "If you know what I mean.“  He nods towards the exit.  "I think I do.” You grin at him, and he grins back.  Without another word, the two of you sneak out of the nightclub, both knowing that your night is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

Gone - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Gone

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Surprise happy ending (Worth reading, trust me ;))

Prompt: can i get a song fic based maroon 5’s ‘hands all over’. really angsty (u know how u do) but then it gets resolved in the end with some implied smut. thank you. you’re my favorite writer ever

I can’t seem to find the pretty little face I left behind
Wandered out on the open road
Looking for a better place to call home

Dean rushed to turn the radio off angrily. One time he had let himself listen to Sam and let something play on the radio and it had to be that kind of song. It only seemed like everything had to remind him of you these days. And maybe he could pretend that it was a stupid coincidence and those lyrics meant nothing to him, maybe he could - although it would be really hard - and he’d just put on one of his cassettes and listen to the. But at the same time they too reminded him so much of you. It wasn’t fair. It had been close to a year and he still - still - couldn’t find it in himself to move on. And that was just not him.

Gave her a place to stay and she got up and ran away
Well now I’ve had enough
Her pretty little face has torn me up

But with you he had been so many things that were just not him. But not in the bad way. On the contrary. They were parts of Dean that he didn’t let out for anyone to see but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. In fact they always were. Dreams, hopes, wishes and things he longed for ever since he was a kid. Someone to love him unconditionally and to beready to put him in front of everything and everyone just like he did with the people he cared about.

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Fanfiction Master Post

Ok so I think I should make me one of these now. I think more than anything it’ll help me! Lol. But I’d love it if you could check out anything you haven’t read before. If you want to I mean.

I’ve written whether they’re a one shot or multi-chapters, which universe they’re set in (if it doesn’t say, it’s cos I guess it’ll fit anywhere), whether I’ve finished writing them and whether they’ve been uploaded yet, because I will upload them all, even my old crappy stuff I wrote when I was a teenager! It’s also arranged in alphabetical order, not chronological or written order or anything.

I also think this is beginning to reach the stage where it needs a cut because it’s getting kinda long.

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How Much Time Do You Have? *Stiles Stilinski*

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

*So guys this is a new fic I’m working on. It should be around 3-5 parts. Im not sure yet, but I hope you enjoy it and pleaseeeee tell me what you think. Also this part doesn’t have smut but the other parts will. The rating is for the overall series. Thanks!!! (:*

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (The reader has a name in this, btw)

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Kissing? None really

A special thanks to @obrosey-af for proofreading it for me :)

I couldn’t keep my mind off of her. She affected everything I did and every choice I made. But why? She wasn’t mine, not yet at least. Normally talking to females was an easy task for me. It didn’t take long before I had them completely smitten, but she was different. And all of a sudden I found myself actually wanting to get to know her. I wanted to have late night conversations about her fears, what she believes in, her family, her life, just everything. I wanted to know everything about her. She absorbed my thoughts, hell she was even in my dreams. Some more explicit than others. As I stared at my ceiling I couldn’t help but recall the first day we met.

Harrison was talking on and on about something I couldn’t care less about. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to grab any food so as you could guess, I was starving. The only thing on my mind was food and how quickly I’d be able to get some. That was until someone stumbled through the door. I saw red hair and I sat up in my seat to get a better look at our new student. She wore simple black jeans and a maroon crewneck.

“M'sorry I’m so late, I got a bit lost on the way here” She mumbled, still struggling to hold her books together.

Harrison just nodded and ushered for her to find a seat. She looked around before her eyes landed on the seat next to me. She made her way over and gave me a small smile. I was happy that the only seat available was next to me, but it only made me more nervous knowing that she’s probably going to be sitting with me for the rest of the year. As she slid into the seat I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Her red hair was cut into layers, the shortest piece falling just above her shoulder, her lips were covered in this berry colored lipstick, and eyeliner adorned her eyelids. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach decided to make a dying whale sound, causing everyone to look back at me.

“Mr. Stilinski…. You may leave the class if you need to” Harrison said causing half of the class to erupt in a fit of giggles.

“I’m good” I mumbled and he continued his rant on chemicals or some shit. I focused on picking at my nails and avoiding eye contact with the new girl, whose name I had to learn. It wasn’t long before a granola bar was shoved in my face, literally poking me in the nose.

“Oh gosh I’m so sorry” She whispered and I smiled taking the granola bar from her. “I’m a bit of a klutz but I always have food so there” She made sure to keep her voice low so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. I gave her another smile and said thank you before I devoured the snack.

And every day since she would bring me a granola bar and coffee or something that I could eat. No matter how many times I told her that it wasn’t necessary, she wouldn’t listen. I learned that her name was Rhea, her mother was Indian and her father was Greek so the name fit both sides of her culture. In Sanskrit her name meant streaming/flowing and in Greek Mythology it was the name of Zeus’ mother. I learned a lot about her in the last week actually, but we only talked in school. I learned that she dyed her hair red because of father told her not too, she moved to California with her mother after she found out her dad was having an affair, she has a best friend who lives here named Erica, but she likes to be called Er, I think that’s the same Erica that Isaac is dating. We spent lunch together every day since she got here, and she quickly took a liking to Scott and Lydia. They’ve expressed their liking to her multiple times as well.  Isaac and his girl went on some vacation thing and they’ll be back at school tomorrow, I’ll have to introduce her just in case that is her best friend.


It’s been two weeks since Rhea’s been here, turns out Erica was her best friend, they’ve spent a lot of time together. She’s currently tucked under my arm, while we watched Star Wars. She’s never seen it and I can tell she’s bored, but she won’t say anything because of my love for the movie.

“Wanna play a game?” I asked turning to her, sitting crisscross on the couch. She mimicked my actions and nodded rapidly.

“20 Questions? I still want to know more about you, I promise I won’t overstep my boundaries” The softest giggle left her mouth and I swore my heart stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever had actual feelings for a girl. Then she comes along and everything I’ve ever believed is just thrown out the window. I’ve never even had a girl over at my place and for the past few days she’s always been here. I’m fucked, utterly fucked.

“It’s okay Stiles, you can ask what you want, I’m comfortable enough around you” I still wasn’t going to overdo it, I didn’t want her to think I only wanted one thing from her.

“Okay we’ll start off simple, Favorite TV show?”

“Law&Order: SVU, it’s so good Stiles!! You have to watch it. Olivia Benson is my Idol.” She squealed and I couldn’t stop the grin forming on my face. She was too cute, she always got this excited when she talked about things she loved.

“Okay my turn…. Why haven’t you tried anything with me yet?” What? Her question caught me off guard and I probably looked like a dear caught in headlights.

“W-What do you mean?” I stuttered out.

“I mean why haven’t you tried anything? I don’t wanna sound cocky or rude, it’s just that you’re pretty popular right….” She looked down and fiddled with her fingers before continuing.

“I know I’m not the best looking girl out there, so I shouldn’t expect you to try something, but I just, I mean. Nevermind.” She looked back up at me “You can ask now”

I shook my head and scooted up closer “No, ask what you were gonna ask….”

She took a deep breath and averted her eyes from mine. “Okay, fine. Why do you hang out with me? I’ve uh heard things. You’re a player, you sleep around, and um stuff like that. So why do you hang out with me if you haven’t tried anything?”  She paused taking a deep breath.

“All I do is sit here and ramble on and on about myself and you seem to enjoy it but why? You have so many girls throwing themselves at you, but you’re hanging out with a Virgin. Someone who doesn’t know anything of how to please you.” She paused again as if she was putting her words together.

“Like fore example you have much more exciting friends, for god’s sake you were supposed to go to Lydia’s party tonight but instead you’re here watching Star Wars with me….” Her voice got smaller as she finished speaking.

I had no idea she felt this way. Did she really think she was boring? All that crap she said earlier about not being the best looking girl and what not is complete bullshit because she’s breathtaking. Who told her I was a player? My face must’ve been contorted into some weird expression because she soon spoke up again.

“Look Stiles, don’t get angry. Forget I said anything, yeah?” I shook my head and scooted back into the corner of the chair making her scoot closer to me.

I wasn’t mad that people told her about my “ways”, I was mad that she was doubting herself. I should be happy that she’s comfortable enough to tell me this information, but I don’t want her thinking that way. Ever. Once again I was brought out of my thoughts by her. This time she climbed up onto my lap so that her legs were on either sides of my body.

“Stop thinking about it, let’s just watch Star Wars and forget I said anything” She pouted and while her actions were completely innocent, I couldn’t help the feeling that made its way to my crotch. My hands flew to her hips to softly push her off me but that never happened, my eyes kept flicking from her eyes to her lips and I wasn’t aware of how much I was inching towards her.

“Stiles…” She whispered and I stopped moving completely. “Should I stop….” I murmured.

When she didn’t say anything and slowly brushed my lips against hers, searching her eyes for any signs of rejection or doubt. When I didn’t find any, I fully pressed my lips onto hers. They were soft, just like I imagined and the moved perfectly against mine. I moved my hands up to cup her face because I didn’t want them roaming to places they shouldn’t go. I wanted to take my time with her, I wanted to prove that she actually meant something to me. Normally I’d use my words but she literally makes me speechless, every single time I look at her.

My teeth grazed against her bottom lip and she parted her mouth with a low moan. Her fingers tangle themselves in my hair as my tongue slips into her mouth. Not long after I pulled away because apparently my breathing and kissing skills don’t go hand in hand. I was breathing heavily looking up at her and I think she surprises both of us when her lips came in contact with my neck. The bulge in my khakis definitely became more prominent and if she only moved her hips the slightest bit she’d feel it too. I didn’t want her to believe it was only about sex, and I definitely didn’t want her to believe the things she’s heard about me. So I slowly push her off my and lay her on the couch.

“If we keep this up I don’t know If I’ll be able to stop myself” Her lips were swollen, and slightly more red than they normally are. She looked up at me with her Doe eyes and I decide then, that I’m going to call her Bambi.

“I’m s-sorry, do you not want to” She stuttered and I shook my head quickly.

“No no no, I want this. I really want this. But you haven’t done anything like this before. And I really want to take my time with you” I whispered, hovering over her to place a kiss on her lips.

“I promise, we’ll get there. Okay Bambi” She giggled at the nickname and nodded.

“Thanks Stiles” She kissed my cheek “But you never told me why you hang out with me”

I laughed and sat up properly, pulling her up after.

“How much time do you have?”

Based on one of those “secretly dating” AU post thingies I saw floating around. Enjoy 

It wasn’t that Beca Mitchell was embarrassed that she was dating Chloe Beale.

In fact, that was about as far from the truth as humanly possible, because Beca was tempted just about every damn day to wrench the mic at the radio station away from Luke’s post-burger greasy fingers and scream it across the airwaves. To all five of their listeners, of course. 

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To Emma, love Killian - listen here

I’ve been feeling quite inspired these days so I thought I’d put together a cheesy, sappy lovely mix with songs Killian would dedicate to Emma. The gorgeous cover pic up there is by my amazing friend skypeopleandswans​. Enjoy! (◕‿◕✿)

1. Light - Sleeping At Last - ‘Cause you are loved, you are loved more than you know. I hereby pledge all of my days to prove it so.
2. Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars - You’re like a mirror, reflecting me. Takes one to know one, so take it from me. You’ve been lonely, we’ve been lonely too long. Let me in the wall you’ve built around, we can light a match and burn it down.
3. Sea Of Lovers - Christina Perri - A certain type of darkness has stolen me, under a quiet mask of uncertainty, I wait for light like water from the sky and I am lost again. In the sea of lovers without ships and lovers without sight, you’re the only way out of the sea of lovers losing time, of lovers losing hope, will you let me follow you? Wherever you go, bring me home.
4. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran - I know you will still love me the same 'cause honey your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen. And baby your smile’s forever in my mind and memory. I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways, and maybe it’s all part of a plan.
5. Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer - And if you want love, we’ll make it, swim in a deep sea of blankets, take all your big plans and break them, this is bound to be a while.
6. Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson - If I could walk on water, if I could tell you what’s next. I’d make you believe, I’d make you forget. So come on get higher, loosen my lips, faith and desire in the swing of your hips. Just pull me down hard and drown me in love.
7. She Is - The Fray - This is going to break me close in two, this is going to bring me close to you. She is everything I need that I never knew that I wanted, she is everything I want that I never knew I needed.
8. I’ll Be (Your Crying Shoulder) - The Goo Goo Dolls - The strands in your eyes, that colour them wonderful, stop me and steal my breath. The emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky, never revealing their depth. I’ll be your crying shoulder, I’ll be love suicide. I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.
9. Like Ships In The Night - Mat Kearney - Like ships in the night you keep passing me by, just wasting time, trying to prove who’s right. And if it all goes crashing into the sea, if it’s just you and me, trying to find the light.
10. Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran - Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me, 'cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need, I’m so in love
11. Ever After - Marianas Trench - Don’t you move, can’t you stay where you are just for now? I could be your perfect disaster, you could be my ever after
12. You Make My Dreams - Hall and Oates - On a night when bad dreams become a screamer, well they’re messing with a dreamer, I can laugh them in the face, twist and shout my way out, 'cause I ain’t the way you found me and I’ll never be the same. Well, well you, you make my dreams come true
13. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 - I know where you hide alone in your car, know all of the things that make you who you are. I know that goodbye means nothing at all, comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls
14. You’re Beautiful - James Blunt - She caught my eye as we walked on by, she could see from my face that I was flying high. And I don’t think that I’ll see her again, but we shared a moment that will last 'til the end.
15. Somewhere Only We Know - Elizabeth Gillies and Max Schneider - Where have you gone? I’m getting old and I need something to rely on, so tell me when you’re gonna let me in, I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin
16. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Sleeping At Last - Every little thing she does is magic, everything she does just turns me on, even though my life before was tragic, now I know my love for her goes on
17. Wonderwall - Oasis - I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now. And all the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead us there are blinding. There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how. Because maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, you’re my wonderwall.
18. Crash - You Me At Six - We worked and changed our ways, just like wildfire, been burning now for days, tearing down those walls, nothing’s in our way / Just crash, fall down, I’ll wrap my arms around you now. Just crash, it’s our time now, to make this work second time around
19. Never Stop (wedding version) - SafetySuit - I will never stop trying, I will never stop watching as you leave, I will never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. I will never stop holding your hand, I will never stop opening your door, I will never stop choosing you babe, I will never get used to you. You still get my heart racing for you.
20. Fix You - Coldplay - But if you never try you’ll never know just what you’re worth. Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you
21. Halo - Beyonce - Hit me like a ray of sun, burning through my darkest night, you’re the only one that I want, think I’m addicted to your light / Everywhere I’m looking now I’m surrounded by your embrace, baby I can feel your halo, you know you’re my saving grace, you’re everything I need and more
22. I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys - Let me be the portable heater that you’ll get cold without. I wanna be your setting lotion, hold your hair in deep devotion, at least as deep as the Pacific Ocean I wanna be yours. Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours, I wanna be yours
23. Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford And Sons - So give me hope in the dark that I will see the light, 'cause oh that gave me such a fright, but I will hold as long as you like, just promise me we’ll be alright
24. I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz - And just like them old stars, I see that you’ve come so far to be right where you are, how old is your soul? Well, I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I’m giving you all my love, I’m still looking up
25. Same Mistake - James Blunt - Remember rights that I did wrong, so here I go. My mind is muddy but, my heart is heavy, does it show? And my reflection troubles me, so here I go. I’m not calling for a second chance, I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. Give me reason but don’t give me choice, 'cause I’ll just make the same mistake again
26. Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls - And I don’t want the world to see me, 'cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am
27. Je L'aime A Mourir - Francis Cabrel - Elle a dû faire toutes les guerres, pour être si fort aujourd'hui, elle a dû faire toutes les guerres de la vie e l'amour aussi
28. A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope - I was praying that you and me might end up together, it’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert. But I’m holding you closer than most, 'cause you are my heaven
29. What You Mean To Me - Sterling Knight - Our story is just beginning, we’ll let the truth break down these walls. And every time I think of you, I think of how you pushed me through, and showed me how much better I could be
30. Hero - Sterling Knight - ‘Cause I, I could be everything you need, if you’re the one for me, like gravity I’ll be unstoppable. I, yeah I believe in destiny. I may be an ordinary guy with heart and soul, but if you’re the one for me, then I’ll be your hero.