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An Ask Meme I Just Made Up

I wanted to make one, so here you go. Drop a number in my askbox. Or reblog it and steal it for your own.

1. Are you a side, back, or front sleeper?

2. When you hum random music what song is it?

3. Explain your username

4: Explain my username

5: How did you fall into the tumblr hellpit?

6: What fan interest of yours would you least prefer to explain in your workplace?

7: What fan interest or yours would you most enjoy explaining in your workplace?

8: Last song you listened to?

9: Weirdest thing on your dash today?

10: In a perfect world, what animal would you most like to adopt?

11: What animal would you most like someone else to adopt?

12: What’s something trivial you have strong opinions about?

13: What would your super-villain finishing move be?

14: Explain your icon.

15: You meet your true love(s) today. Possibly again. Describe your ideal hilarious romcom meetcute. (can be aromantic)

16: Your comfort food, and why.

17: What type of mad science will you Show Them All with? (ex: mad chemical engineer, mad library scientist, mad linguist). Which of your creations will probably turn on you?

18: Favorite cheesy trope?

19: Favorite trope nobody writes enough of?

20: Rec me a book, comic, or anime, or other piece of media you wish there were more like.

21: Wierdest tumblr drama you’ve been a part of or stumbled across.

22: You know those things from a million years ago your brain suddenly reminds you to feel embarrased/guilty/bad about in full technicolor? Tell me one of them.

23: What is something you collect?

24: Pens. Do you know where the one closest to you came from? Would you be distressed if someone took it?

25: The last game you played is crossed with the zombie apocalypse and now going down outside your window. How boned are you?

26: What was the last thing that made you cry?

27: Most embarrassing/weird/personal body thing you’re willing to talk about.

28: Your icon is now the voice of your inner therapist. How is this gonna go?

29: Name a kink you only like hypothetically.

30: Name a kink you find bewildering.

31: You have acquired: a mouse, a lizard, a rabbit, a spider, a domestic fox. Name them! Who gets to sleep on the bed?

32: What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?

33: Hit “shuffle” on your media player and tell me your favorite lyric from the song that comes up.

34: What fan media (of yours or someone else’s) would you most like to see art/fic for?

35: What do you ship that you think would be hard to explain convincingly to other people? Attempt an explanation.

36: What meme gets on your nerves?

37: Showers or baths?

38: Who was your biggest childhood nemesis and why?

39: First writing prompt that comes to your head.

40: Least favorite color.

41: What was the last thing you got really obsessed with?

42: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a mind-altering substance? (prescription, recreational, otc, or food)

43: Shuffle up a random song on your media player. Now tell me what ship/story goes with it.

44: What’s making you happiest recently? :)

45: What’s scaring you these days? :(

46: Post a funny video for me.

47: Did you ever have a dream/nightmare that stuck with you for years?

48: What’s a movie you thought you’d hate but you turned out to love?

49: Tell me a really obscure fact you know.

50: Hot or cold?

51: How did your parent(s) punish you as a kid? What do you think of that?

52: What’s something you thought was true about yourself that your feelings have changed on over the years?

53: Write a story in seven words.

54: What is your favorite curse word?

55: Favorite food for every color of the rainbow.

56: If you were a poltergeist where would you haunt and what would be your preferred style of prank?

57: What is an art style, craft, or skill that you can’t do, but you really admire in others?

58: What is a skill you have that people probably don’t know about?

59: Name a pet peeve you have, and something you do that is probably a pet peeve for others.

60: Dragons, dinosaurs, or aliens?

61: What was the last big fight you had with someone about?

62: Insult the asker of this question creatively.

63: In an ideal world, what would you like done with your body after you die?

64: Find me a weird stock photo and post it.

65: What was your bedtime ritual as a kid? Did you have one?

66: What are the three traits you value the most in others?

67: What are the three most interesting wild animals you’ve encountered in your life?

68: What is a word you really enjoy saying?

69: Answer number 60 like it was a “fuck, marry, kill” rhetorical.

70: Describe something that happened to you today as if you were a narrator in a film noir, nature documentary, or 50s teaching video.

71: Create five new nicknames for yourself as quickly as you can.

72: Shorts, pants, skirts, or other?

73: What’s a song you hate and why?

74: If you were a superhero, what would be your one weakness?

75: Describe a weird encounter you had with a bug.

Game Grumps Ask Meme
  • Put that in, Barry!: What's your strangest habit?
  • Mycaruba: What's a word you always tend to misspell?
  • Mike Aruba: What are your favorite names?
  • My Car, Roomba: What kind of car do you drive? ((If you don't drive, what kind of car do you want to drive?))
  • Yes, Mr. President: What political party do you tend to lean towards?
  • Wolfjob: Do you laugh at immature jokes?
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG: What's your favorite social media site?
  • MOTHERFUCKING JESSE EISENBERG: What's the most trivial thing you've ever gotten angry about?
  • Come at me scrublord, I'm ripped: Which of the grumps would you fight? ((Arin, Danny, Ross, Suzy, Brian, Barry, Kevin))
  • The D Club: Have you ever been in any clubs/extracurricular groups?
  • Sexy Widdle Baby: What's the most interesting/weirdest nickname you've ever been given?
  • Knurttt: Do you play the Pokemon games? ((If yes, what's your favorite and least favorite game in the main series?))
  • Get the gems, Bentley Bear!: Do you collect anything?
  • We're playing the Feud!: What's your favorite game show?
  • Lose a Turn: How do you react to losing?
  • Batanrangs: What would be your weapon of choice if you had to fight someone?
  • A gentle handy: What's your weirdest talent?
  • NYEH HEH HEH: Can you do any interesting voices/impressions?
  • Hayley Westenra: What music do you listen to when you're trying to relax and unwind?
  • ARIN WINS: Are you competitive?
  • DANNY WINS: What game are you best at?
  • SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN: What is a language you don't currently know that you'd like to learn?
  • Just use Knuckles: Do you like to exploit game glitches?
  • Can't stop, won't stop: What food could you never give up?
  • You say tomato, I say "What are you doing in my house?": Do you have company over often?
  • Actually, it's pronounced _____: Do you intentionally pronounce things wrong?
  • HELENA!!!: Has anyone ever tried to befriend you, but you really don't like them?
  • Hard, Man: What was/is your most challenging subject in school?
  • Ash Man: Are you good at remembering peoples' names?
  • A fine day for mayoring: Do you like being in positions of leadership?
  • The fuck-it adjustment: Do you tend to give up or leave projects unfinished?
  • Come, come my lady: What's the cheesiest pick-up line you know?
  • Pokey Little Flab Biscuit: What are some silly insults you tend to use?
  • Ringo Starr Art: What's your favorite art style? ((It doesn't have to be something you can draw.))
  • WHAT HAPPENED: What confuses you?
  • WHAT IS THIS?: What riles you up?
  • That's some Snow White shit right there: What's something you believed as a kid that you later found out was untrue?
  • IT'S A PUMBLOOM: If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you choose?
  • SANIC DA HORDGEHEG: Do you like any games that others usually think are bad?
  • Rigged as shit: Have you ever been treated unfairly for something completely arbitrary?
  • PACKED with peanuts: Do you have any allergies?
  • Dinkles: What sort of clique or stereotype did you fit in middle school/high school?
Change Of Pace (Sal/Larry)

 “Ugh, it’s like I’m never going to beat this level,” Sal groaned, laying back on Larry’s bed, “it’s impossible.”

 “Have you tried seeing it from a new angle?” Larry asked, smiling down at his blue-haired friend. “Doing that has helped me with art. So I don’t see why it can’t help you with your game.”

 Sal stared at his friend, examining every detail. Every adorable freckle adorning Larry’s face, they looked like stars. Like you could connect them and see constellations. He was almost glad Larry couldn’t see the smile on his face, but at the same time he wanted him to see it. He wanted Larry to know how much he loved those freckles.

 “Hey, earth to Sally Face, you there?” Larry asked, waving a hand in front of Sal’s face. It snapped Sal out of his thoughts, back into the real world.

 “Sally Face to Freckle Face, yes I’m here, I was just.. thinking,” Sal answered, almost missing the flash of hurt in Larry’s eyes from the nickname ‘Freckle Face’.

 “..oh, anyways, as I was saying, really you should try to look at the level from a new angle, try a different route. Lemme see it,” Larry said, holding out a hand. Sal handed him the game, sighing. He watched as Larry focused on the game. Within just a few minutes, at least two, Larry had beaten the level for him.

 “How did you..” Sal whispered, being handed back the game.

 “Like I said, new angle,” Larry said, smiling at Sal. He laid beside Sal, staring at the ceiling.

 “Hey, Freckles,” Sal says to Larry, “think you can do the next level too?”

 “Hell yeah,” Larry replies, taking the game again, “bet I can beat this whole game.”

 “That’s a bet,” Sal chuckles, he would be lying if he didn’t hear the hurt in his friend’s voice when he pointed out his freckles.

 “Ten dollars says I can beat this game,” Larry laughs, already speeding through the next level. Sal watched Larry play the game for hours, until they both realized what time it is.

 “Dude, shouldn’t you be getting back to your apartment now?” Larry asked, “It’s like ten thirty, I think.”

 “Oh is it really?” Sal replied, looking for a clock. He found the one on Larry’s nightstand, and it displayed 10:30 pm. “I should be getting home.”

 “Yeah,” Larry almost whispered, he gave Sal a small smile. Sal gathered his things, saying goodbye to Larry before going back to his own apartment. Almost the second Sal was out of sight, Larry sighed. He glanced around his room until his eyes locked onto a familiar sight— his own face. The freckles that he hated, the nose that was just too big, that looked weird, and the mole under his right eye.

 That night, he went to sleep with his own thoughts, ones he didn’t like. The ones that told him everything bad about his appearance. He wondered if Sal only played the part of his best friend out of pity. He almost believed it.


 The next morning when Sal returned, he noticed something off with Larry almost immediately. He noticed how the taller boy seemed to over think his actions, how he bounced his leg nervously. Larry had headphones plugged into some crappy mp3, but it wasn’t blasting a loud metal song. Instead, it sounded like something much calmer.

 That was the weirdest part. Larry was almost always listening to metal, it seemed to be the only genre of music he really liked. Larry also seemed to switch through the songs rapidly, seemingly trying to find the perfect one. Sal was about to ask him what was going on, why he was acting differently, until Larry seemed to randomly blurt out a question.

 “Hey, do you know how to dance?” Larry had asked, fidgeting with his fingers. “L-like, slow dance, I mean?”

 “No, not really,” Sal said, swearing he had heard Larry stutter. “Why?”

 “I-uh.. I could teach you i-if you wanted.” Larry answered. And he stuttered. And oh god, it was adorable.

 “Yeah, if you want to. I’m up for it.” Sal smiled. “Teach me.”

 Larry smiled back, standing and holding out his hand. Sal took it, being pulled up. Larry ran over to a speaker he owned, plugging his mp3 into it before playing the song he was listening to. It was much calmer than the usual songs Larry listened to, much, much calmer.

 As Larry showed Sal what to do, and as time passed, their movements seemed to mold into one. Everything got a lot more comfortable, even if Sal sometimes misstepped. Eventually, Sal was nearly as good as Larry. At least, that’s the way he’d put it.

 “This is surprisingly fun,” Sal whispered, just loud enough for Larry to hear.

 “I know,” Larry whispered back. “That’s why I wanted to show it to you.”

 “Hey, Larry,” Sal whispered, “I.. you’re my best friend, and I.. I think your freckles are beautiful. And your eyes, and just everything about you. I love you.”

 Larry froze, and Sal looked up almost reluctantly. What Sal saw almost surprised him. Larry was looking at him with a look of disbelief, before he whispered just four words.

 “I love you too.”

 Sal smiled under the mask, even though he knew Larry couldn’t see it. “C-can you close your eyes and lean down a bit?” Sal asked, feeling his face heat up beneath his mask. Larry did as asked, but he was still a bit surprised when he felt Sal’s scarred lips on his own. He kissed back.

 After a moment, Sal pulled away, readjusting his mask so his face was hidden again. Larry opened his eyes, and couldn’t stop a grin from slipping onto his face.

 “I love you,” Sal said once more, “and.. I know you don’t like me pointing out your freckles. I’m sorry for that, I was kinda a dick.”

 “I love you too,” Larry replied, “and it’s alright. I know you most likely didn’t mean anything by it. I.. I’m just insecure about them.”

 “They’re pretty. They’re.. beautiful. They look like stars, there’s no way to describe how beautiful they are with words.”

 “You think so?”

 “Yeah, I do.”

Shawn's Phoenix Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he has an unreleased song that is like A Little Too Much and Hold On
  • Q: If you got stung by a jellyfish who would you have pee on you?
  • A: Matt
  • Shawn said he feels confident when he knows he's doing a great job on stage and not confident when he messes up
  • Q: What do you do when you're sad?
  • A: I listen to country music
  • Q: What are you most proud of?
  • A: Ruin
  • Q: Weirdest fan experience?
  • A: A girl grabbed my leg once and didn't' let go! I said alright, you're coming with me
  • "She'll be the one is a song about how I haven't met this girl yet, but you can just tell that she'll be the first girl to break my heart"
  • "Honest" is about Shawn's ex girlfriend
  • Shawn said he feels less confident when he mess up on stage. He feels confident when he knows he's doing a great job on stage!
  • "What do you think about our president?
  • -Humm, well he's your president!"
  • Shawn said he would definitely get a tattoo for his kids
  • "Do you get nervous before a show?
  • -Every single time"
  • "What is your favorite song right now?
  • -There's this song called "Morning" by Marc E. Bassy"
  • "When did you know you were so talented?
  • -I really didn't know, you guys told me"
  • "What's your nervous habit?
  • -This...I grab my fingers"

anonymous asked:

What's the weirdest/most unusual classical pieces you can recommend me? I love the weird shit of the 20th centurey and I want more stuff to listen to ... thanks :D



Quatuor pour la fin du temps


Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano


Poème électronique


Verklärte Nacht
Pierrot Lunaire
Fünf Orchesterstücke


String Quartet


Concerto Grosso 1984


Zoom Tube
The Great Train Race


De Profundis


Of Sailors and Whales

Cuddling with Taeyong
  • hey lmao
  • look who has other ty track request
  • i don’t think there exists enough words to explain how much i love lee taeyong
  • he’s one of the most caring and sweet persons i know 
  • and, not to be dramatic or smth
  • but i would take a bullet for him
  • lmao someone please stop me
  • but yeah, two cuties requested this so <3
  • here u go~~
  • let’s start this !!
  • even if ty is not the clingiest person in public
  • forget about that when both of you are alone
  • he’s probably always have his hands over you
  • even if is just to hold your pinky or play with your hair
  • he just n e e d s to be always touching you
  • and, yeah, he would LOVE cuddles
  • yall would do it really often
  • you’re just so soft and warm and he loves snuggle with you and kiss you and omg
  • specially if you’re a lot smaller than him, you’re just so adorable
  • but let’s go to the story now
  • you were alone in the dorms that day
  • he doesn’t really like cuddling in the dorms, tbh even if it’s just the both of you
  • he knows perfectly that if he gets caught the members would never stop bothering him u know
  • but that day he was feeling really clingy, more than he normally is
  • he would constantly hug you and kiss your cheeks and lips and jesus christ i feel weAK ALREADY
  • “jagi~~ wanna cudle?”
  • “now? and here?”
  • “yeah, we’re alone and they promised to don’t comeback until a few hours”
  • and you were doubting a lot but his aegyo conviced you
  • “pretty pleeease~~”
  • “uhmm, okay babe”
  • and it was the weirdest thing for you but of course you said yes
  • i mean the most perfect human in the earth is asking you to cuddle duh
  • he grabbed your hand and guide you to his room
  • not always, but sometimes you would love to listen to some quiet music while cuddling
  • and let me tell you that listening his soft voice mumbling the lyrics of the songs in your ear was the most pleasing thing ever
  • the cuddle possicion would always change w him, but this time is him being the big spoon <3
  • so imagine his long arms around your waist
  • and his loving kisses in your neck <3
  • and yeah, why not some hickeys here and there
  • and you would interweave your fingers with his and sometimes place some kisses in his hands
  • “aren’t you even a little worried about the members?”
  • “not at all, i missed having you in my arms so much”
  • he’s so soft and adorable i’m in pain
  • “you’re the best boyfie ever, did you know that?”
  • he would laugh at your cuteness and kept kissing your skin
  • and you’re there suffering because this is just perfect
  • this is probably what being in heaven feels like
  • “say that again in my face so i have a good excuse to kiss you”
  • you turned around and cupped his face with the most beautiful smile in your face
  • “i don’t deserve you, y/n, you’re too precious”
  • “don’t say that, baby. i’m sure we’re made for each other”
  • you would hug him in silence and just think about how lucky you are
  • he always gets so soft while cuddling
  • he would constatly say the cheesiest things to you like
  • “i love you so much y/n”
  • “you’re so perfect, baby”
  • “you’re my entire world”
  • “i’ll do everything for you, y/n”
  • ew so cheesy
  • lmao, this was literally me in the beggining of the post
  • you would separate from his embrase and look at him one more time before kissing him
  • you peck his warm lips multiple times
  • and everytime the kisses would get more and more pationated
  • and when you were literally making out
  • “ok yeah, i understand you guys love each other a lot and that stuff but i don’t feel like it’s right to do that in the same place where other eIGHT PEOPLE LIVE”
  • ty track is shooketh
  • he would let you go and get soooooooooo nervous lmao
  • “j-johnny! h-hey, my, old friend, d-do you remeber all those times we spended together when we were traines? g-good times”
  • “wow, were you too cuddling? aw that’s cute, w-wait are those red marks in noona’s neck what i think it is? w-where you fuc-”
  • “but we are roomates”
  • lmao
  • the members kept teasing him and you for the rest of the month
  • so yeah, lol, what a fail
12x18 Coda: Superdad

Not so much of a coda as wishful thinking for the next episode.  Based on this ask sent to @bluestar86  Dadstiel, 1k

When it’s all said and done, Cas has a baby in his arms.

Nephilim, Dean reminds himself, but it’s difficult to think about the kid like that when he’d seen his very human mother bleed out, pleading with them to take care of him.  Dean’s seen a whole lot of awful in his time, but that ranked pretty high on the list.

She hadn’t even gotten a chance to name him.

The motel room somehow seems even more suffocating now than it had a few minutes ago.  Cas sits perched on the end of the bed where Kelly—yeah.  And he has a baby in his arms.  What are they supposed to do?

Dean breathes out through his nose, even the small puff of air loud in the otherwise dead silent room.  Sam leans over and shuts Kelly’s eyes, mouth thinned into a tight line.  There’s nothing left to do here.  So, without ever saying a word, the three of them—well, four of them—make their way out to the Impala.

The drive home isn’t even broken by driving music.  Dean can’t find it in himself to reach out and push a cassette into the player.  Outside, rain starts pelting the window.  In the backseat, Cas makes a soft hushing noise whenever the kid starts to get fussy.

Dean finds himself checking the rearview mirror to make sure they’re both all right more times than strictly necessary,

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ID #65053

Name: Celath
Age: 17
Country: Costa Rica

Hi there!
My name’s Celath (Yeah, pretty weird name) and I’m from Costa Rica. I’m looking for someone who can talk about anything and everything at once. I would like to have deep conversations then of all sudden just start talking about bees.
I’m a bookworn and coffee lover, also I can become a potato sitting on the couch all day binging on series. I have an extensive taste on music so I can listen whatever you want me to and I pretty much would enjoy it.
I’m a big fan of romance so please don’t kill me when I start to tell crappy stories of true love and that kind of stuff, I can’t help it.
Also, I considerate myself as a really… special(? person and I would appreciate that just don’t freak out when I pop out at midnight telling you a random story that I might created a while ago.

That’s it, I already told you about the weirdest parts of me, if you still want to contact me even though you read that above… Come my friend, we will get along good.

Preferences: No homophobes
Open minded people, please
Age between 15-25 but if you think we can be good friends the age doesn’t really matters
I’m open at any sort of social media such as Tumblr, Twitter, e-mail and Whatsapp since my snail mail is kind of crappy
I speak fluently spanish and english

Masterlist (because I figured it out)

Clean/ Fluff

Writing Prompts

Prompt List #1

Prompt List #2

Prompt List #3 (newest one)

Gang imagines

The Gang’s Girl pt. 1  Pt.2 



Jealous Johnny 

Johnny dating Dally’s sister 

Darry x Two-bit


Motherly Reader x Two-bit

Dating 18 year old Pony

Being Dally’s 15 year old sister

Cute Dally

Dating Ponyboy

Dating Sodapop



Pony’s perfect girl

Being a Curtis & dating Curly

Dating Two-bit

If the boys were girls with periods (one of the weirdest prompts I’ve been given)


Dally’s girlfriend moves away

Dally witnessing his girlfriend’s death

Fatherly Darry x reader

Darry runs into reader from the first time

What type of music they listen to

Soda with a crush

Pony’s first trip to the zoo

Coming out to the boys as lesbian

Favorite food

Greasers getting hugged

Being Steve’s little sister

Being Dally’s sister and dating Pony

Dally and Johnny fighting over you

Watching the boys reunite in the hospital

The boys’ daughter gets her first boyfriend

The boys meeting their newborns

Being fired and the boys reactions

The boys letting a girl like Allison (from the Breakfast Club) into their group

Making out with Soda at the DX and the gang visits

Favorite modern TV show

Dating Soda but being Steve’s sister

Boys react to their daughter being cheated on

What happened to the Greasers after the book

Johnny dating a girl with Celiac’s disease

(Not headcanons) The boys supernatural abilities

The gang playing sports

Steve and Two-bit stuck in detention

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis

Spending a night at Buck’s with Dallas

The gang going bowling

What the boys do while you’re on your period

Dallas finding a puppy

The gang goes shopping with Two-bit’s little sister

Dallas writes Johnny a letter

Reaction to the miscarriage of Dally’s kid



“Go then, see if I care”~Prompt List #1

“Why don’t they just kiss already”~Prompt List #1

“H-how long have you been standing there”~Prompt List #1

“When are you going to realize that I don’t care? & “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” ~Prompt List #1       Pt. 2

Pony watching Titanic


“Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”~Prompt List #1

“You braided his hair?”~Prompt List #1

“I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”~Prompt List #1




“I love you, you shithead!”~Prompt List #1

“I’ve moved on.” & “I don’t want to have a baby.”~Prompt List #1

I Think I’ll Stay

Daddy Wants A Kiss Too

She’s Gone

That Night

I’m Not Impressed


“Do you think if people heard our conversations, they’d lock us up?”~Prompt List #1

Two realizing he’s in love


“I just want to be alone right now.”, “Run, and don’t look back.”, “Don’t you ever do that again!” & “It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”~Prompt List #1 (Emily’s long ass request)

 “I’m not losing you again.” & “I’ve been in love with you my entire life” ~Prompt List #1


“Please, don’t give up on me.”~Prompt List #1

“I want my best friend back”~Prompt list #1

He’s Not Good For You


“What am I doing wrong?”~Prompt List #2

“That’s our baby?”~Prompt List #2

I Stayed Up All Night


“I can’t have kids! Hell I’m still a kid myself”~Prompt List #2

Curtis sister

It Wasn’t Me



Rough sex with Darry


the weirdest best thing about lorde’s music for me is that i feel like i’m experiencing these life things at the same time as her? maybe because she’s only a couple years older than me. like i was 15 when pure heroine came out and i already loved it, but there were some songs on it that i didn’t really understand/connect to, and when i went back and listened to them at 17, or 18, the lyrics that i’d glanced over back then suddenly hit me even harder. i feel the same way abt melodrama and i kind of can’t wait to listen to this album in a few yrs

anonymous asked:

I have one of the WEIRDEST KINKS I HAVE EVER HEARD OF! You know that feeling when you are listening to music in the car and the bass is so low you can feel it? I've always wanted to use that as a vibrator (I think if any of the guys shared this with me, it would be our litte green drummer boy)

-whispers- or Anti

on the subject of avenue q, the song “for now,” has to be like within the top 10 of weirdest musical finales because like when you listen to it it’s all about the morality of man and how your time on earth is only fleeting so you have to make the most of it, even if you never find your true purpose in life and like shit i just came to watch an adult version of sesame street not have an existential crisis 

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you think Stiles and Derek listen to?

I imagine Stiles’ taste in music would be all over the place, chaotic in a good way like a lot of things Stiles. I also think he’d totally find the weirdest kinds of music in languages he doesn’t know and roll with it! 

Derek I think has three sides: 1) heavy music when he’s trying to pretend he’s a bad boy and when he needs some angst 2) mainstream music from his teen years that remind him of being young and carefree when he needs it 3) classical music that represents a more mature, evolved and calm Derek that has finally found pleasure in lying back and relaxing to soft tunes 

Falsettos feels

so I only just recently watched & listened to Falsettos. it’s not my favourite type of musical (completely sung-through, lots of repetitions, repetitions, god we love the repetitions, aren’t you fond of repetitions?) but despite the flaws of the story, I really loved the cast and their performances.

obviously, I have some thoughts:

  • “Four Jews in a Room Bitching” is the weirdest opening number 
  • I love sassy Andrew Rannels so much omg
  • Christian Borle *hearteyes*
  • dear gods, Stephanie J. Block in “I’m breaking down” is utter perfection. I mean, she’s perfect throughout the whole show but this performance is a MASTERPIECE.
  • Anthony Rosenthal is really amazing for his age. his reactions to what’s happening really carry a lot of the musical.
  • Brandon Uranowitz took a character who was more than a little creepy and made him into a warm and awkward man
  • Tracie Thoms and Betsy Wolfe did what they could but there isn’t a lot of place for women in this musical except to react and sing about how they care about men and deal with men and gosh, even the life of a lesbian couple revolves around men.

and also, some lyrics kicked me right in the heart. like:

Love is crazy
Love is often boring
Love stinks
Love is pretty often debris
When you find
What you find. 
Then never, never, never, never, never do it over again
(”Love Is Blind)

“He loves another” “I agree”
“I love my mother” “Why not me?”
(”Marvin at the Psychatrist”)

How do I start not to love you
(”I Never Wanted To Love You”)

Why don’t we tell him
That we don’t have the answers
And that life can be grim
Life’s not all about him
And things rarely go according to plan
Tell him things happen
For no damn good reason
That his lack of control
Kills what’s best in his soul
And this is the start to his becoming a man
(”Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah”)

Let’s be scared together
Let’s pretend that nothing is awful
(”Unlikely Lovers”)

all of “You Gotta Die Sometime” really, though mostly due to Andrew Rannell’s wonderful performance, but especially one bit

Let’s get on with living while we can 

and these two bits

Once I was told
That all men get what they deserve
Who the hell then threw this curve

Once I was told
That good men get better with age
We’re just gonna skip this stage

(”What Would I Do?”)

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Imagine:  Okay I really liked"The Pact" and I’m craving more Peter smut. Can I request a fic where the reader and Peter are best friends and they like each other, and they’re listening to music together and like a steamy song (like Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars or something else) plays, leading to smut and confessed feelings? Thank you! ❤️❤️

Song for those who haven’t heard it. (you don’’t need to know the song to get the imagine though:) )

Warnings: Smut


You sat in your room, music spilling from your laptop as you flipped through some magazines. The doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of your friend Peter. You paused what you were listening to, hopping up and rushing to the door, eager to let him in. Peter was your best friend, but truthfully if it were up to you, the two of you would be so much more. Shortly after the two of you met, you developed feelings for him, but you were way to scared to tell him. The thought of ruining your friendship with him was enough to keep your mouth shut.

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