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why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever


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↳ Joe Liebgott

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they say war is hell,
so peace should be holy
but darling, the only thing i ever held sacred
was your name in my mouth
they say do not take the lord’s name in vain,
so i muffle the sounds against your neck,
and hope the heavens are not listening
—  but if they could hear me, they would not begrudge me this

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Okay so my sister (who's been a fan of kpop for years) is saying I'm not a real fan of kpop cause I only listen to bts(lie, it's just that I'm obsessed with that group) and says that I'm also faking my fanatism for its, and I'm just like why can't you be happy that your sister started noticing kpop like every other sister would???!?!!

lol honestly i’m so sick of people who go “ure a fake fan!!!!!!!”? like it only deters them from exploring the genre of kpop further?? there’re lots of great kpop groups and songs but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to just bts either, so don’t take her words to heart and enjoy what you love my chinggu


i have been singing this like bette midler all day.

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What music do you think the foxes listen to like which artists?

oooh nonnie i’m so glad u asked okay i have thought about this:

  • so i know neil is canonically not a huge fan of music but i like to think he’s just picky, he doesn’t care about genre, he just likes what he likes (which is mainly bands with songs that remind him of andrew)
    • see: eden (this band is the official andreil sponsor i’m telling u), amber run, the neighbourhood, borns, sam tinnesz, jaymes young, crywolf, cigarettes after sex, vancouver sleep clinic
  • we know that andrew likes loud music that drowns out all his thoughts, mainly the dark heavy electronic stuff they play at eden’s twilight all the time
    • see: gasaffelstein, justice, iamx, royal blood
    • also his favourite album of all time is “i brought you my bullets you brought me your love” actually fight me on this
  • i think kevin would listen to a lot of edm while he works out but he’s also a nerd too and loves to listen to movie soundtracks (also i like the idea of lorde being his secret fave)
  • nicky hemmick is the biggest lana del rey stan alive let’s be real here, every time he does karaoke it’s to sing ‘young and beautiful’
  • dan is a hot mess and listens almost exclusively to top hits from the 90s and 00s (fight me on this too) i’m talking destiny’s child, nsync, kelly clarkson, natasha bedingfield all that good nostalgic shit
  • i feel like matt lives and breathes pop music tbh? i see his faves being rihanna and frank ocean 
  • allison would love pop music too but i also like to think she has a soft spot for female-led rock bands
    • see: wolf alice, joan jett and the blackhearts, pvris, stevie nicks, sonic youth
  • nora said renee likes instrumentals, i also think she listens to bands with really ethereal vocals
    • see: son lux, the japanese house, sigur ros, the xx, agnes obel
  • aaron is a twenty one pilots stan. do i need to go on.

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Have you ever listened to a band called PVRIS (pronounced Paris)? I was curious if you'd listen to them and give your two cents on their music. In my opinion it's best to listen in this order: St. Patrick, Holy, White Noise, My House, Smoke, Fire, Mirrors, Ghosts, Let Them In, Eyelids. You & I is from the deluxe version of their album, and the new song Heaven they just released from their upcoming album (by the way the lead singer, she's an awesome little gay bean with green eyes)

Do I kn…listen, if I could tattoo Lynn’s face on mine I would. Holy is one of my Top 50 most played songs on iTunes. You & I is not far behind neither are the rest of the albums. All my faves are releasing new music this year and I’m SO HAPPY. While we’re at it, the directing in this video is fucking stunning. 

Bloodstream (Layered)
Ed Sheeran
Bloodstream (Layered)

use headphones

slowed down for copyright reasons

hope you like!

a very big thank you to tumblr user x-peculiar-x for my first ever request! i am very unnecessarily happy haha