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internet friends gc 💞🕊🌼✨🍊

hey all! i’m Makeda, a sixteen yr old girl from England, UK.

i’d love to make a group chat (not sure where just yet, either on snapchat or on WhatsApp, it’s up to you guys tbh). i love to make new friends and i’d love to make some from all around the world! i want to make a group where we can all become good/close/best friends and maybe, eventually meet up. we can be like our own little international squad lol! 

some quick facts about me you may like to know: 

- some of my fav shows are rick n morty, black mirror, orphan black, reign and game of thrones.

- i listen to all kinds of music, my music tastes varies from bands like Arctic Monkeys to SEVENTEEN to FKJ to SZA etc.. i just love music too much to have a favourite genre, if I’m listening to music i can basically do anything.

- some interests of mine are true crime/criminology, history, art (anything that involves being artistic), photography, badminton/rugby, reading + writing and learning languages!

- i speak English + some Italian and i’m currently learning Japanese, Russian, Estonian, Persian, Spanish and French!

I don’t care about sexuality/gender/race/religion when it comes to anything really, we are all the same; we’re all human. 

if you want to be a part of the groupchat, or just want to be friends even, then hmu! my snapchat is @sandytaboo and my twitter is @badgal669 – if you want to be in a WhatsApp gc then just msg me on twitter with your number, if you want to be in a snapchat gc then add me/msg me about it on snap! 

have a nice day,

makeda ꈍ

there already has to be like a reddit thread or at least something on here where people discuss the very very specific feelings they get when they listen to certain bands.
Like that last post I reblogged that talked about how VW weekend made them feel, and how for me it makes me feel like walking along a small east coast beach in a vintage swimsuit and parasol

Hozier always makes me feel like living in a cabin in the Irish countryside, raising a small garden and sheep and occasionally having strange interactions with fae.

 old Muse songs makes me feel like I’m in the middle of “V for Vendetta” 

a lot of gorillaz songs tend to make me feel like im sitting in a booth at a hole-in-the-wall chinese food/burger joint with bad fluorescent lighting at like midnight and no ones in there except the waitress at the counter

The Killers makes me feel like I’m driving an old beat up Chevy through rural Nevada while the radio comes and goes through static and its a clear night and you can see all the stars and the moon is almost full

johnny calling out mark for being a belieber on Live Radio was the BEST part of my day

Cool women cover songs by other women

(inspired by this great post)

Feel free to add some! :)

fun fact: the jonas brothers played bamboozle in 2006 and 2007 alongside these bands……

fall out boy, panic! at the disco, paramore, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, all-american rejects, motion city soundtrack, underoath, relient k, thirty seconds to mars, saves the day, say anything, linkin park, circa survive, plain white t’s, all time low, dashboard confessional, yellowcard, new found glory, and brand new…….. just to name a few.

basically, the jonas brothers were literally lumped in as just another rock/pop punk band at the time, sooo go ahead and jot that down.


My heart aches for you

This is a song for you,
I’m singing for you,
I’ll give you my everything ♡

the 5 stages of stanning day6 as explained by day6

1. casually and carefully dipping your toes into the fandom

2. ‘you know i think i actually like this band’ after listening to the title tracks 

3. full on stanning after hearing the whole albums

4. finding the covers

5. selling your soul to satan for day6 and ascending to the heavens because stanning day6 means stanning pure talent and you should go do it now

I can’t listen to instrumental music when I study I’m a band person I music I analyze the music while I listen to it what have you done to me band? It’s like WoAH nice crescendo trumpets I’m likin the Eb scales right there flutes keep it up barries you go mallets and those 8th note Sforzandos in the low brass are fucking amazing And there i am at midnight when i was supposed to be studying for biology 3 hours ago