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why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever

they say war is hell,
so peace should be holy
but darling, the only thing i ever held sacred
was your name in my mouth
they say do not take the lord’s name in vain,
so i muffle the sounds against your neck,
and hope the heavens are not listening
—  but if they could hear me, they would not begrudge me this

@hsinlvegas asked → band of brothers + 16 (most likely to end up in jail)
↳ Joe Liebgott

+ @baeheffron ilysm bud

someone just legit sent me an ask bc they felt the need to let me know that theyre ‘so over MCR’ and ‘their music is cringeworthy’ and they listen to ‘real music’ now and im laughing so hard lmaooooo

like CONGRATS BINCH but no one here gives a flying shit fuck take your music elitism and pettiness and shove it up your rectum 

i just played just hold on for my parents and my dad said, “i’ve only heard it once and i already love it. this is a great song. this is a hit.” :’)

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Oh my good i need you to write a skater jungkook listening to all this bands ahahahagahashshdhdhs




What are you doing New Year’s Eve?- Miniminter Imagine

Title: What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Miniminter x Reader

Warnings: Swearing+ a ton of fluff + you could say slightly suggestive I guess

So I’m pretty new at writing these ,but I’ve been writing random shit for years and I always appreciate feedback. I roughly came up with this idea after listening to a band I like called The Head and The Heart’s cover of the song What are you doing New Year’s Eve? and then I just kind of based this off the lyrics a little bit and this is almost 1800 words it’s super long. So I hope you enjoy but if it sucks tell me ,I hope to write more in the future. ( Also I’m really annoyed the spacing is slightly off on this & if you are too I’m sorry tumblr hates the tab key) 

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Problems of listening to the bands I do and looking like a little dorky girl who likes to wear black clothes and vans
  • Person: so what music do you listen to?
  • Me: punk, rock, alternative
  • Person: really? You don't look like you do
  • Me: you probably wouldn't believe me if I said I listened to metal as well then
the signs as mountain goats songs

Aries: “The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton”

Taurus: “Last Man on Earth”

Gemini: “Up the Wolves”

Cancer: “Oceanographer’s Choice”

Leo: “Lion’s Teeth”

Virgo: “Never Quite Free”

Libra: “You Were Cool”

Scorpio: “Commandante”

Sagittarius: “See America Right”

Capricorn: “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”

Aquarius: “Tianchi Lake”

Pisces: “Steal Smoked Fish”

Sometimes I’ll be listening to Green Day like ah yea I love this inspirational band then I listen to a song about some chick named virginia hitchhiking then this other lady kills this one guy (who liquidized his assets or some shit and hates life) and then the killer goes and elopes with her lesbian lover (plot twist, it’s the Virginia gal) in vegas and everyone gets high

psa: just because you can’t afford merch doesn’t mean you aren’t a “good” or “real” fan 

I hate when people “listen” to bands only because they think the people in the bands are good looking. Not because they like the music or like what they stand for. Like yeah I listen to a lot of bands and write smut about them because I think there hot as fuck but I knew their music first, I found out that they were good looking afterward. It’s a plus!

Bloodstream (Layered)
  • Bloodstream (Layered)
  • Ed Sheeran

use headphones

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hope you like!

a very big thank you to tumblr user x-peculiar-x for my first ever request! i am very unnecessarily happy haha

Reblog or like if screaming in music isn't considered satanic

I’m trying to prove a point to my mum that listening to bands like twenty one pilots, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance and other kinds of bands that have screaming aren’t considered satanic.