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Me playing post game Pokémon
  • International police cops: HEY KID we heard you're a Pokémon master, do you wanna help us mess with the space time continuum and catch inter-dimensional ultra beasts?
  • Me: I mean sure, that makes sense, I AM a Pokémon master...
  • International Crime COps: cool head on over to Aether foundation and talk to Wicke
  • Me: *goes there*
  • Wicke: btw this isn't about the ultra beasts but Lille wanted me to explain why she went to kanto with lusamine; since we didn't really put that dialogue in the unreasonably long finale cutscene of the game and I'm sure it's been bothering you Erica cause you're weirdly invested in the characters
  • Me: YES IT HAS!!! Thank you!! Please, go on
  • Wicke: but you don't wanna hear me talk about all that...
  • Wicke: here, have a large chunk of fried dough for your trouble
  • me: I CANT fuckin believe this game I have to make a tumblr post
  • Me: *does*
  • Me: *goes back to playing game*
  • Me: ARE YOU FCKING-----
coming of age

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“Come back soon!” Her mom says.

She is by the doorway, finishing tying her sport shoes.

She nods and then takes off.

“Are you Moon?”

“Yes,” she replies and smiles at the man behind the desk, not yet tired of this routine. She clutches a few Pokedollars in her hand, looking to buy some revives.

“Wow!” He says, breathless and hands shaking as he bends down to unlock the cabinet. “That means that you can purchase even more items. You’re the first ever Alola champion, after all!”

The smile doesn’t leave her face but something hurts a bit more.

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“Chris Evans/Steve Rogers + Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes + Education" a.k.a 5 High School/University AUs that could be born from these (pt. 1) (pt. 2) 

  1. “Hey, I’m sorry for what my team did to you. I really had no idea they could be such assholes. Here, let me help you with those books. Oh, you’re in the drama club? I loved last year’s act and looking at you, I’m sure it’s gonna be even better this time.” ~ Gentle Rugby Captain Fratboy/Shy Drama Club Nerd AU
  2. “Why are you so good looking anyway? You’re a teacher for fuck’s sake! You’re supposed to have a receding hairline and a sleazy appearance, not look like a freaking God straight out of a Greek Mythology book.” ~ Homeschool Teacher/ Bratty but surprisingly Educated Student
  3. “Let me guess, first years in class 5? I swear they were raised by demons and feed on the innocent’s blood. I barely handled them for ten minutes, you must be extraordinary to take them on for two hours.” ~ Veteran Teacher/Newbie Teacher AU
  4. “There’s nothing wrong with starting at such an age. Better late than never, right? Besides… it will be nice to have someone of the same age around. Maybe we could eat lunch together and I’ll help you out with the lesson?” ~ Lonely University Teacher/Awkward Older Student AU
  5. “So… you’re the only student left without a partner, huh? Well, I guess you only have one person who can model for your sculpture assignment. Me.” ~ Sculpture Teacher/ Artist Student AU

Dedicated to superanarchy. Happy Birthday, doll!!

all right but what if lillie is ash’s next female companion

there goes her “personal reasons” to stay with the professor and assist him

garrettshunk  asked:

okay so fun fact: when i first joined this fandom i saw a lot of really sweet klance posts from you and arbor and i remember they made me so happy and i would lowkey go on both ur blogs and look @ ur posts but i was scared to follow both of u and then i did and i'm so glad i did?? anyway ur posts made me rly happy and still do

me, sobbing: i would die for you lilly 

Sorry there hasn’t been much original content on here lately! I’m just super busy with school, it’s kinda consuming my life right now.

I’m so ready to have time to write and do fan art again…my second-to-last portfolio review is looming pretty close now and it’s taking up all of my time. 😬

Can summer get here already?

Ya so my close friend texted me tonight and said he has a crush on me. Gr8. Just what i wanted to have happen today.

I feel really bad for Selena Gomez, I really do.

The media, the paps, and the haters won’t leave her alone. She literally hangs out with one person whose a male, and the whole world thinks “OH MY GOD THEYRE DATING! LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN NEEDS TO MAKE A MOVE.”

Like no. Why isn’t the world talking about that Selena was the first ever female other then Taylor Swift to be #1 in Billboards Hot 100 in 2015? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that she recently turned 23?

Honestly, every single head line I see of Selena Gomez, has to be a rumor of her dating someone, or about the fact that she looks sexy in her new music video.

I just want to tell the world, the media especially, that Selena once said the words: “I would like to be remembered for my work oppose to whom I’m dating.”

Rant over.


Make Me Choose

Hermione Granger or Emma Swan (asked by irisallenwests)

I did a #MeetTheArtist thing!
It’d been ages since I’d drawn myself in any sort of detail, so I figured, why not! =u=

tagging bunlux, hopeanddoom, and voiidpriince! I’d tag more, but I also don’t wanna make anyone feel like they have to draw a thing!! Anyone who’s really feelin’ it can have a go though! c: