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Tbh I don’t think Mabel would be such a problem when it comes to bath time, Dipper on the other hand…


“Why are you scared? We sing to be happy and to entertain. We listen to songs to be happy


just want to say, I LOVE Killian’s reaction when David asks him for help with his dad. Like “yeah okay but are you sure you don’t want to ask my girlfriend, she’s the sheriff and the Savior and magical and awesome, she’s definitely better at this than I am” without a hint of embarrassment or swallowing of male ego or pride. If anything, he’s a bit hesitant to do the thing himself, because he knows Emma’s better suited to this than he is, and that’s just the truth. And he has no qualms admitting it or pointing it out.

apparently rough-sketching scenes from disney aus is my ~thing now, so here’s a snapshot of cinderella, based on the 2015 movie. maybe this will become a series, who knows!

(with proper capitalization for reading ease bc this got wayyy longer than i meant for it to, whoops)

The first time Isak meets the prince, he doesn’t know he’s meeting the prince.

This is probably for the better, seeing as he doesn’t so much meet the prince as nearly run the prince down with his horse. Which is mostly Isak’s fault, since he isn’t watching where he is riding as well as he should be, but there are—reasons, if he were pressed to give them. The morning had been crueler than usual and the ride to the market had been an all-too-appealing promise of escape, even just temporarily. And so Isak had left the breakfast dishes still dripping dry and bolted as fast as he was able, gratefully giving his thoughts and tears to the wind and trusting the horse to guide them both clear.

Maybe not the safest plan, but it has worked fairly well, up until he almost runs into another rider. It happens so quickly—a startled shout, the high cry of another horse, a blur of color suddenly veering to his left—that Isak has little time to do anything but shout “Sorry!” over his shoulder and hope the wind carries it back. He thinks that will be it, until he registers a voice calling behind him, and then a second rhythm of hoofbeats pounding into the forest floor and catching him up.

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I was watching the infamous mission in Osaka and it’s damn hilarious. If I think about how jimin was surprised and flustered by Jungkook’s compliments because JK didn’t usually act like that and how now Jungkook can’t live a minute without saying how jimin is beautiful, cool, handsome, talented, sexy, perfect.

I guess it’s what happen when two became boyfriends.

Headcanon that Wendy starts calling Stan “Grunkle Stan” at around the same time Soos starts calling him Dad