i liked working with this album cover c:


Woooh!!!! I CAN FINALLY POST THE ART I DID FOR THE BEFORUS ALBUM! this was such fun and great experience, and oh my god, the tracks i got were so. awesome. in every. way. ;___;

i loved working on album art, and i’m really happy i got the chance to participate in this project! the music and other covers are great, so i reccommend checking out the whole project. c:

mituna drawing was made to accompany “7UN3″ by Princezz, and the kankri art is for  “March 9f the Insuffera6le”, that was composed by Toris Crow (it was actually my first allocation, but this fit better aesthetically).

i have no idea what else to say!!! i love fandom projects!!! I  HOPE TO WORK ON MORE FANDOM PROJECTS