i liked this way too much than i should

Shinya: With you helmet-less and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh? (‘ω‘ )

Guren: Shut up and slow down ಠ_ಠ

I think you all know where this comes from

BTS REACTION: Their GF stole Armys’ love and attention

Jungkook: “But how can Y/N be your bias if she isn’t a BTS member?” he asks to a fan, confused.

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Namjoon: He would find it lovely when armys come to them asking about you, or asking to send you some gifts. Namjoon is one of your fans too then it’s like he had finally found your fandom.

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Jin: “You all should love me! I am cuter than her, she snores while sleeping!”

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Suga: “Shouldn’t they love me?” he asks, while seeing a fan with your name on their t-shirt.

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J-Hope: “Oh, another fan who is also a Y/N’s fan? I can bring her here, if you want to!” he would love the way his fans loves you as much they love him. 

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V: can’t contain his smile when he sees fans chanting your name at the fanmeeting and starting chanting it too.

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Jimin: “It’s really nice that you love Y/N! Isn’t she cute and beautiful and amazing?” Jimin says, starting to talk to a fan about movies, tv shows and songs you like.

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♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <


hEY TAYLOR!!!! lasT time we’ve ~interacted~ anD by that i mean that yo u liked a post of mine from last march of me leaving pictures of you holding awards on a phone in target™ ((((pS THANK YOU FOR THAT BTW)))) anYWAYS,,!,!, i just thought i should give you an updAte on my life. soOoO i chANGED MY USERBAME!!! i used to be @thinkingthatyoucouldbetrusted but then i decided that tHat was waY too long so i shortened it up:)))) aLSOOO YOu first followed me when i was in the middle of 7th grade, nO W IM A FRESHIE IN HIGHSCHOOOL WHOAHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anD i’ve made a lot of neW friend s (online and in real life:)))) aLSO i made a nEw instagram and its @couldbtrusted (iTS LIT w/ vIDEOS of me #awkwardly dancing)

The Overlong Shizaya Meta

Alright. Shizaya. I should begin this by saying a couple of things: first of all, in the interests of time, much of this will be freeform more than pulling up specific examples from canon or screenshots or quotes or the like. Shizaya is one of my very top OTPs and I’ve spent a lot (possibly too much) time thinking about their dynamic, so a lot of this is built upon conclusions built on conclusions built on conclusions. It’s meta all the way down, folks. Also please note that much of this will be heavily colored by my own perspective here; I’m not trying to be unbiased or objective as much as to ramble for some extended period about my own take on one of my favorite ships. So take several grains of salt with you before we embark on this. It’s also going to be a mess. I’ll try to break it out into more-or-less cohesive sections, but I have a lot to say and I’m not sure even where to start so I’m just going to give it to you all at once. Hopefully it’s more fun than overwhelming.

With that I’ll jump right in!

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reaction to when you have a hour glass figure and feeling ashamed of it and tell them that you don't know why they like you

Ayeee, I have an hour glass figure too but it’s only really because I have such a small waist. (If you don’t actually then ignore me. I was just trying to relate)

Jin: He’d be confused on why it was such a bad thing. He might even nag you about how you should love your body especially when he loves it so much

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Yoongi: He wouldn’t understand what the problem was about it. For one he’d start off by clarifying that he loves you way more than just your body in the first place and that you were fine the way you were to him.

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Namjoon: Leave it to him to show you just how much he loves your body with plenty of praises along the way…

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Hoseok: He already knew it must have been somewhat of a sensitive topic for you but he truly didn’t see what was the matter. You might even have to prepare yourself for the whole day he planned to cheer you up and make sure you feel loved!

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Jimin: The boy already knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about your body so he would never wish that sort of thing for you. He’d try to make you as comfortable as possible, hoping that you see yourself the way he sees you.

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Taehyung: When you confessed to him that you didn’t understand why he liked you so much he grew a bit quiet. He wasn’t used to your seriousness but he’d sit down with you all day if he had to, naming every single thing he loved about you (including how beautiful he thinks you are)

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Jungkook: He honestly had no idea you were self conscious about it but tried to convince you that it wasn’t a big deal. He’d try to come up with something cheesy to say so the both of you smile and move past it. He loved you regardless of your body type

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A gem fusion collab with the way too incredibly nice @sualne , where we both drew our own interpretations of what the fusion would look like.

I had so much fun doing the colours and design for this! And working with Sully was so great! 

Here is their half of the trade! Isn’t it cool!

P.S: If anyone else wants to do this kind of thing I am all for! Even if you don’t want to draw one side that’s totally cool! Just throw your gems at me and ill draw it!

Finished Rolf, this was never meant to be more than a doodle but I liked it too much to leave it at that.

This was also a nice breather from commissions. In theory they should be easier but I don’t wanna dissapoint people, so I’m spending way more time on them than other pieces of art xD

I think I might do more animal crossing stuff like this. I have ideas for Redd, reese and cyrus. so it’d be fun to do.

For a lot of people on here, this is their first real election. They were too young during the Bush years to be aware of what was going on or to remember much of it now. So they’re being way more optimistic than they should, because let me tell you, aside from good music coming out, those were nightmare fuckstick clown hell years, and this is so far beyond worse. I’ve been worried about elections before. I’ve never been existentially terrified. I’ve never felt like I woke up in a fever dream B-movie remake of 1930s Germany.

I’m not prepared for the next four to eight years. If you were never attacked by cops or stuck in a “free speech zone” during a protest in the Bush years, you’re definitely not.

This took way longer than it should have and I put 100% too much effort into it.

But, this is the DLC I want. Wedding dresses for the chocobros. Yup. It was inspired by Noctis and Prompto’s comments in battle: 

Prompto: So this is what being rescued by a prince feels like.

Noctis: Go back to sleep, beauty.

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For the Vday fic prompt! Maybe like Derek being tricked into a valentines date auction and Stiles bidding like WAY too much money (that he probably doesn't have) for him.

This ended up longer than I anticipated, so I hope you like it! Also on ao3!

Derek was going to kill Peter. Again.

And yes, he knew he said that a lot but this time he really, really meant it. Because somehow his mangy cur of an uncle had tricked him into volunteering for a Valentine’s Day date auction.

Looking back, he realized that he should have known something was amiss when Peter came to him a few months ago on behalf of the Beacon County Sheriff’s Department, asking for donations to help rebuild the station. It was desperately in need of reconstruction after half of the station was demolished by a crazed, rampaging wendigo with an insatiable taste for human flesh.

Fortunately, the pack had managed to take care of the wendigo, killing it before it could actually hurt anyone, the station completely empty when it had come crashing in. But the damage was already done and the station was absolutely wrecked.

It wasn’t due to the fact that Peter had taken it upon himself to help collect donations, Derek having known his entire life that regardless of his uncle’s more reprehensible actions, he had always been a philanthropist. Over the years he had donated so much money to various causes and charities that he had over a dozen hospital wings named after him in the Northwest Pacific area.

His uncle might be a complete and utter piece of shit, but he wasn’t totally evil.

But what should have tipped Derek off to his uncle’s much more devious intentions was the fact that he had done so without any acerbic comments or crude innuendos. He hadn’t even smirked once when he asked if Derek would like to donate some money, maintaining a staid, somber expression as he rattled off the estimated cost of repairs. It was a sure sign that he was up to something.

Admittedly, Derek had naturally been a bit suspicious of Peter’s sudden fervent support of the sheriff’s department, especially since his uncle had never been shy concerning his very strong opinions about the local police presence doing more harm than good when it came to the supernatural. But, with nothing else to go on except a hunch, Derek had just narrowed his eyes at his uncle while pulled out his wallet.

He had tossed a few hundred dollars in the plastic jar Peter had brandished at him, a sloppy sheriff’s badge painted on the side above the words sheriff’s department repair fund, shrugging while coming to the conclusion that it really was just a hunch. He was more than happy to help the sheriff’s department, willing to put aside any suspicions he had about his uncle having ulterior motives and shell out some money for the repairs.

Peter hadn’t made any mention whatsoever of the donations again, reverting right back to his old smarmy ways, creepy smirks and lewd sexual innuendos and all. And while the shift back to his usual demeanor was both a relief and a major pain in the ass, it was another indication that something nefarious was in the works.

Which is how Derek found himself standing up on stage at the local town hall in an unbearably itchy, size-too-tight tuxedo as people bid on him. Yeah, he really fucking hated his uncle.

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At this point, when (or should i say if???) the skam trailer is released i’ll feel relief more than anything, im so on edge like it’s even’s bday??? TRAILER IS GONNA DROP. we won the poll? TRAILER IS GONNA DROP. Henrik says “ready” in his insta story? TRAILER IS GONNA DROP. this is becoming way too much for my anxious ass to handle

Daily Spread

In case anyone is curious, this is the spread that I use everyday. I find it more helpful than just pulling one card for the day. Instead, this spread allows me some insight into what I should expect and what I can do to prepare.

  1. Card of the day: This is the theme of the day, it’s what to expect, or something that could happen today
  2. Something good about today: This shows allows you to look at some positive things coming your way, or shows you in which ways you can grow
  3. Something to look out for: This is like a warning card. Don’t dwell too much on this card. Be wary of this card’s message
  4. Stop: This usually tells you what you need to stop doing today. Maybe you did this yesterday, but it won’t help you today
  5. Start: This is what you should do today. Allow yourself to do this theme today
  6. Continue: This is something that you did or you focused on yesterday (or maybe it’s something that you’ve always done) and you should keep doing this today
  7. Advice: When making this spread, I pulled this card at the last minute, and I’ve found that it can sometimes be the most powerful. This is the card that you should rely on today. Use the themes in this card to allow the best day to come

And that’s it! Feel free to use this spread, modify it, or share! Happy reading!

Thoughts on CC

Unpopular Opinion Inbound

I actually like the simplistic approach they took. The complexity of DAI and Fallout 4′s customization always gave me a headache because I had to get it juuuuuust right. Or wait, do I want the nose an inch up or half an inch lower? Maybe to the left? Should she have a broken nose? 

Okay, let me change the eyes. DAMN I like the eyes the way they are but now the nose looks too big in comparison. Let me try to shrink it to just the right size.

Repeat x10

Not only that, but it was sooooo much easier to make a bad looking character than a decent one. Every cupid’s bow was just pixels away from a clown smile. The simplicity is a bit more foolproof, IMO. 

Also, I think a huge problem with the original trilogy’s customization was that it often forced players to pick the prettiest of the uglies. The eye shapes were especially frustrating for me. With this new system, the options are much better and easier to pick from. 

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Sorry, I should have clarified, I meant Youtube videos, but just not posting them on Youtube alone. Like having longer text posts on Tumblr as well as some videos. I also don't like the idea of having lots of different social medias, for privacy reasons mainly and I find having more than a few social medias is just too much. Also is there a way to not have Youtube videos show up in Google results?

Yes, you can do that. If you don’t want your videos showing up in search results you can upload it as unlisted. If you do that, no one can see the video unless you share the link with them.

I will say this: I know you’re concerned about your privacy, but putting yourself on YouTube is a very un-private thing to do. Just be aware that it’s hard to build an audience and be super private at the same time. I’m speaking as someone who films videos about writing books yet somehow receives anonymous questions about my oral sex experience. 

OTP Idea #50

Your OTP sleeping next to each other, but the only way Person B will fall asleep is once they know that Person A is safe and sleeping peacefully. Bonus points if the the rising and falling of Person A’s chest while asleep calms Person B because they can tell that Person A is at peace.

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Hi. So I'm new to SLBP and I keep seeing things about consent and almost rape and whatnot being used as a plot device which I'd like to avoid. I don't know how many routes you've done but would you be able to tell me which ones don't have those in them so I don't have to worry about them or which ones use them way too much? So basically which ones do you recommend and why. Thanks :)


Don’t let that scares you anon. It happens more than once (or twice) yes, and that’s Voltage chronic problem, they really should put trigger warnings on their stories. But since they don’t I’ll put it after the break, yeah?

Also, MC never got raped in any of the stories, but that’s not to say that the near-rape situations that repeatedly happened to her weren’t problematic…. or worse, romanticised.  

Spoiler alert after the break:

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@americans who are young: 20% is the correct amount to tip your server or delivery person

i say this (and repeat it a lot. probably too much. sorry.) because i know a lot of younger people who are just starting to go places on their own do not know how much they should tip, and i know this because i have heard this dilemma come up sometimes w/ tables of teens i’ve waited on, cause they just don’t know. 

i’m here 4 u teens of america: it’s 20%, unless ur waiter is an asshole (like not bad day asshole but Premium Asshole Asshole) or creepy, in which case it is 15%, dropping appropriately to 10% as their Assholery or Creepiness climbs.

just multiply what your bill is by two and drop the second digit. for example: i spend 15 bux, 15x2 = 30, drop the second digit and the appropriate 20% tip is 3 bux.  or u spent 48 bux, thats like 96, that’s p close to 100 so just tip 10 bux to be Cool. 

if you stay at the table for a long time, also compensate accordingly – servers usually have a limited number of tables that they are given responsibility for (so these five or six tables in the corner are my section, anyone who sits there is my table to take care of) and if you camp out for a long time that can cut into yr servers ability to Make doll4rs and/or Leave Work.

if you know that you’re gonna be catching up w/ an old friend for two hours, you can, honestly, just go “hey i’m planning on chatting w/ my friend for a while, but I know we’re taking up this table, and I’m going to tip extra for your time” and that’ll work out for everyone in the long run. people like to know you’re trying to be respectful of their time + effort. everyone is nice, everyone has a nice good time. 


Hoo boy, these took way too long to do (no thanks to my art program crashing yesterday haha…)

But I figured that with refs of my Ho-Oh and Lugia, I should do ones of my Beast Trio!!

Even if I probably put too much effort into these than I should for just refs, I had a lot of fun working on these three. <3