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Okay not an awesome cap but finally figured out what the last stage of the armiger chain looks like! So it’s:

First Attack:
Sword of the Wise - Prompto
Axe of the Conqueror - Gladio
Swords of the Wanderer - Ignis
Blade of the Mystic - Noctis

Second Attack:
Star of the Rogue - Prompto
Sword of the Tall - Gladio
Mace of the Fierce - Ignis
Bow of the Clever - Noctis

Third Attack:
Scepter of the Pious - Prompto
Shield of the Just - Gladio
Katana of the Warrior - Ignis
Trident of the Oracle - Noctis

Final Attack:
Sword of the Father - Noctis



“I knew we were right for each other, Danvers.”

just came across one of those parody song fanvids with the plot of taemin thinking minho is cheating on him but actually minho had just gone to buy onew chicken but a girl stole his chicken and also key is jealous because jonghyun thinks the girl is prettier than him

and in the video key says “diva key is here” and “i’m taemin’s umma”

like i looked at the upload date expecting to see 2010


anonymous asked:

So, I tried to watch София on russia(.)tv, but I don't know much Russian and am basically just using it to hear more, so idk why there's two voices speaking at once? It only starts a little bit into it, but I don't see why they've done that. It's the official website so I don't think it's a problem with the player, and it's done it every time I've tried to play it.

Unfortunately, more than one language is spoken at once. Sofia and some other people are speaking Italian at the beginning and the voiceover translates what she is saying into Russian, although it’s hard to hear either language. You can continue to watch the show if you like since there are often parts where the characters only speak Russian, but I don’t think it is the best for listening practice if the mouths don’t match the audio. 

Another historical drama is Eкатерина which I have started, as well as  Великая, both about Catherine the Great. There’s also  Романовы Пепел, and Черная кошка

For @sorethpid​ <3 my part in our art trade!! (finally ><”) here’s things getting a little intimate between late taotu Alex and his favourite prof Miles during a particular visit to his office X) the idea came from our discussion around her lovely fic, please check if out it you haven’t already I promise you’ll love it!! <3

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Sorry for bothering ya but you're the only one I've seen posting it on my dash but what is critical role? I tried googling it but I only get random forums...

OOOOOH BOI i can totally tell ya anon, this was my calling, please join me in CR hell.

Critical Role is a nerdy DnD show thats streamed on Geek and Sundry (you can find all the episodes here). It’s a bunch of famous voice actors that got together a couple years back to play and decided to finally stream their game so others could enjoy!!

They get together and play every Thursday night for at least three hours, so it’s got TONS of content. Personally, I’m only on episode 64 out of ~84. It’s a hell of a lot to go through, but its TOTALLY fucking worth it because of 1) the acting is top tier and 2) Matthew Mercer is such a goddamn gem of a DM. Like, seriously. There was an episode where he let the entire group fly in the sky looking like cows. You cannot go through an episode without either laughing your ass off or wanting to cry and adopt all the characters.

And if CR seems a bit too intensive to get into, I recommend listening to The Adventure Zone, a DnD podcast by the Mcelroy brothers. The episodes are shorter and there aren’t as many out, but it’s just as good and really just what you need to listen to if you’re feeling down. The brothers are there to make you feel happy. 

A small rant about art theft & using people’s stuff without their permission

I could give less of a flying fucking shit if a “friend” of yours linked something and you then used that as your icon for your YouTube Channel/Twitter/Tumblr/etc, give the artist some credit at least.  Right click that pic and google that shit.

If I can find the original artist of your icon in less than 2 minutes, you could have save the trouble and went through that time.  But no, a friend linked it, it as on facebook or twitter.  The artist won’t get recognition for their work.  

Oh and if you use someone’s fucking work as an icon for patreon, fucking delete your entire hard drive.